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Previous thread >>9967485

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ccv + sc



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There are 5k people waiting for the UmiSea collab song....
That's quite a bit, and I expect it to hit 15-20k by the time the premiere hits.

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>the day so far
Missing: RatGirl Karaoke at 12k and VSPO debut at 22k

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Uto's team won the Apex tournament. Do you think this will boost her viewership by any significant amount?
Looks like Selen's team (Actual Gold Players) got 0-3'd in qualifiers.

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Imo..not by much if she doesn't start streaming regularly again. She really fell off once she stopped streaming on the regular.

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>Do you think this will boost her viewership by any significant amount?
Doubt it, for two reasons

1) you can EITHER be a cute anime girl doing cute anime girl stuff OR you can be an APEX streamer but never both and if you are not very competent at APEX you can't the later either
2) the way the numbers game is played if you don't have AT VERY LEAST 15 streams a month you're not going to incline both because people won't create an habit around watching your streams and because the algo won't pick you up

>kek at the "swastika Xx cross TROLL BROTHERS cross xX swastika" team name

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>you can EITHER be a cute anime girl doing cute anime girl stuff OR you can be an APEX streamer but never both

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Pretty slow day for a saturday night

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Board is pretty slow too come to think of it.

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They're FPS streamers first and foremost, that's the whole concept behind their company.
You won't catch them having any extended period doing variety or talking streams without doing their main thing, that's for sure.

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Nothing really 'bait worthy' except for UmiSea song (which is gonna get shitposted to high hell in 30 minutes), and Gura isnt streaming until Sunday at the soonest, Tuesday at the latest. Numbers are also not particularly extraordinary except for the (flop) Minecraft, but that's already been used to bait, so not much else really bait/post worthy atm.

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You say that like that's stopped anyone from trying

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Gen 3 collab with a major announcement.
Any predictions?

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>Something as niche as denpa
>Aiming at Gura's audience
You can't be more wrong. And don't you dare bad mouth Camellia's lyrics it's intended to be cringekino

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it's comfy while waiting for Sana unarchived karaoke and drawing stream
but right now i think flare and shion collab has good number with both nearing 10k

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It's Pekora's new outfit, isn't it?

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A full gen song?
I don't think gen 3 has one, and it's about time they did right?

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Yeah, Sana karaoke and drawing is the most anticipated ones after umisea song. Tomorrow is a long day, gotta check out the girls for day 2 on minecraft and mayhaps, shitpost on minecraftjp twitter on usaken numbers

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>biggest official minecraft JP collab
>inviting the biggest JP vtuber corpo along with big JP youtubers like hikakin
>these numbers
What went wrong?

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There's a whole thread of it in the catalog, don't bring it here. It's been discussed already in previous thread.

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its not about Pekora, shed want to make it at her channel. I think it is some sponsorship event

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Perhaps FPS players + e-celebs don't mix that well with MC? None of them are super popular in term of MC content, if I'm not wrong

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>someone took an image from /numbers/ and turns it into a bait thread, and then someone else takes that bait and puts it into numbers
This is like some ouroboros of baitposting

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Going back to see usaken numbers and saw this kek

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Simple as

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How about Marine?

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goddamn, these three are pretty tied rn

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Each of them getting about or slightly above their median

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coomerbait contents

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Marine is the Jack of all trades. Sing, draw, zatsudan, VA and gaming. She's also that rare leader in Hololive that is friendly to everyone and can break ice really fast like Coco.

If I recall only gen 2 doesn't have a real leader and gen 4 lost one. EN 1 is Ame, EN 2 is tied between Sana/Hakos. Sana can be the next marine, she could do all the stuff marine can do, aside from singing, we'll see that later but her numbers doesn't reflect that. She needs time and also, the will to numberfag/stream like Marine.

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>How about Marine?
Variety streams. Singing, drawing, collabs

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Just wait till it forms an infinity symbol

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I just noticed that Sana's essentially gonna be having 3 streams tomorrow, including the host for the Council collab, and they all look fairly interesting besides the Fall Flat but the other Council being there should provide entertainment. Makes me wonder if now she's finally making a move to try to gain more viewers.

Though I also imagine this'll be the lowest views for a Council collab since its in her channel, prepare for a lot of threads and posts tomorrow about how the Council is a failure.

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This Youtube "tab in tab out" retardation will NEVER cease to wonder me.

Three streams, more or less the same size of audience. One of them has a retarded rollercoast of a chart

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inb4 Sana is the actual lex luthor and Mumei is confirmed retarded

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Sana is gonna take a near 1 week break due to some medical procedure though. So shed lose any new viewers she gained to the rest of council. Shes just doing this to compensate for the coming break.

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Yeah only 3 streams over 20k

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>Sana's essentially gonna be having 3 streams
It's because she's going to take a break afterwards ( 2-3 days break iirc ) for the jab

>> No.9995409

>due to some medical procedure though
The jab?

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3rd gen song and concert like with 1st gen. I guess 2nd gen haven't managed to work things out yet since they were considered to be the most disjointed gen, though with the potential feud between Matsuri and Haachama as well as 4th gen having no full gen collab since Coco left makes me wonder which gen is really the most disjointed now.

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Dude, the anon literally just copied the whole text of that thread that I made.

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Aqua did concerts for the whole gen so they've caught up

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> 19k watching UMISEA premier
This is lower than Gura's premiers. Guaranteed 1M within a week at least.

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>with the potential feud between Matsuri and Haachama
There is no feud but yeah, 1st gen is the most disjointed for another reason
>Mel is AWOL most of the time
>Fubuki is more a Gamers than 1st gen
>Haachama is a lone wolf and always have been
>Aki is the same Mel, except she tries harder
>Matsuri is, well, Matsuri

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Collabjisanji boost is ogre.

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With the couple of songs she released on other channels, i think Fubuki's actually colalbed more with Nijisanji than Gamers these last 2 months.
Hard to track all the off channel videos though.

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>19k watching UMISEA premier
>25k Views after it ends

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Gen 3 concert would sell like crazy.

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Give me your predictions

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>Matsuri is, well, Matsuri
Eh I find this kinda unfair point to make, Matsuri can be weird and all but if there's one who has the most connection among the gen, it would be her. Heck the whole 1st gen song and concert was her idea and she even went forward to having her 3D birthday event to be just 1st gen until Haachama put a damper on it by ghosting her.

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Go Toya, go Toya, go

But he actually lost 500 viewers when he revealed it was a game stream and not a zatsudan

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>most connection among the gen
saying this while she's at the same gen as fubuki while blaming chama for her drama.. matsurisu you're better than this

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cute strong rabbit

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Agreed, since Gen 1 is made up of:
>The Matsuri - Fubuki dui
>Matsuri - Haachama rivalry
>Matsuri - Aki - Mel yeb trio
Without Matsuri there would be little to no connective tissue.
Aki would basically be honorary 4th Gen
Fubuki sticks to Gamers
Mel - Choco
and Haachama would split between 4th Gen, EN and 'promoting' all the new kids.

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>The Matsuri - Fubuki duo

>> No.9996467

Too close to Coco's free chat ending

>> No.9996502

It's already past 12pm JST. He'll have to take Sunday's chart.

>> No.9996540

Yea, pretty sure, she just didn't want to say it because Americans make such a big deal of it I'm sure. Pretty sure she said there's be gurellia streams of she's feeling fine so we'll see how the week looks for her.
That's hilarious, but then again a lot of his fans just wanna be there for Zatsudan after all.

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Also, think Fubuki's the first to put up the frame.
Used the Flare space cat image

Any predictions?

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As the chain reply already tells, Fubuki is barely connected with 1st gen nowadays besides Matsuri.

>> No.9996603

Suisei and Fubuki for 1st/2nd on viewers due to competence,17-20k range. More if they dominate.

>> No.9996631

Isn't that Noel expression kinda yab?

>> No.9996716

She's being fingered by the two next to her. Look at their faces.

>> No.9996720

No S-tier so no huge numbers. But I think the hierarchy will go:
Suisei > Rushia > Botan > Fbk > Towa > Mio > Watame > Noel > Lamy > Flare > Luna > Rbc

>> No.9996773

FBK and Suisei can breach 20k. Botan, Mio, Rushia, noel and towa can breach 10k. The others, above 4k. Thankfully, Pekora won't be streaming at this time since she'll be playing GTA in the afternoon.

>> No.9996898

Id like to point out that a Matsuri and Fubuki clip is the most popular pairing than any other pairings ive seen. The clip from the spots fest which seems to be considered on the fandom as them reuniting again is the most ive seen, even more than of Luna or Hoshikawa. clips that are older then this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkLKmbqkwfc

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You've missed Gatchman too.

>> No.9996978

The server issues killed the hype (no scrims, changed to far less popular format). She also didn't stream her perspective. Of course some people will check her out and might become fans, but I wouldn't expect a significant boost.

You can focus on Apex while still doing some variety stuff on the side. VSPO girls play MC, do karaoke etc. as well.

>> No.9996993

Botan is actually terrible in Mariokart, unless she did her reps I guess, her position should be lower. I'd say Towa should be 2nd as she's the organizer and the next best after Suisei.

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Oh and this kinda counts I guess.

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File: 1.03 MB, 1001x2088, 2021-09-18 Top.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With the big surprise being that VSPO debut at #4

>31,832: Pekora (hololive)
>26,897: Kuzuha (nijisanji)
>24,675: Kuzuha (nijisanji)
>22,171: Aizawa Ema (VSPO)
>18,391: Marine (hololive)
>18,351: Miko (hololive)
>17,603: Subaru (hololive)
>13,774: Shion (hololive)
>13,557: Flare (hololive)
>12,897: Rushia (hololive)
>12,673: Lize Helesta (nijisanji)
>12,635: hololive (hololive)
>12,568: Kiara (hololive)
>12,172: Baelz (hololive)
>12,073: Botan (hololive)
>11,895: Subaru (hololive)
>11,743: Korone (hololive)
>10,942: Kanae (nijisanji)
>10,702: Ibrahim (nijisanji)
>10,586: Calli (hololive)
>10,452: Haachama (hololive)

>> No.9997150


>> No.9997205

Being the organizer doesn't really give you a boost unless there is something special about your pov like commentator or score board or something, FBK's sucorn and Rushia's fandead fundamentally outnumbers kenzokus.

>> No.9997227

Botan always does her reps. That rank order was made for their numbers, not racing prowess. But I do think some will get a boost for their skill, like Towa, Suisei, Fubuki perhaps.

>> No.9997245

You'll have to fill me in on those two because for the life of it I never heard of either

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File: 273 KB, 1200x630, 8a1a95f706d903d60fb234765ab6913d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gatchman is a popular let's player which turned vtuber a while ago and has pretty much considered a real deal these days (enough to be featured in Vtuber Chips).

>> No.9997353

>not a vtuber channel, most guests are not vtubers

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Duel Masters is doing a second collaboration with Nijisanji and three members will be included in game. From the look of the thumbnail that was a stream to commemorate that and it featured Kagami Hayato.

>> No.9997463

So where did that guy who claimed that the Nijis would have even better numbers for this Minecraft collab and mog the Holos due to all the hype and personalities they put out?

>> No.9997536

That one I think shouldn't be counted in the rank because the channel is not really related to vTubers.
This one: >>9997351 maybe (I don't know yet, depends on how long the vtuber account is used for vtubing) but redoing the list to include it would be more trouble than worth given the low position in the rank.

>> No.9997563

he was trolling like over half the posts on this fucking board, now pack it up

>> No.9997632

Nah gatchman is okay. DM channel isn't. You won't see them here again in the future.

>> No.9997757

He has also collabed with Fubuki, Sora, Roberu and Arurandeisu

>> No.9997770

Real quiet now
Let's all laugh him next time when he shows up

>> No.9997849

Probably the same guy who posts the pomu image, so he's most likely sleeping right now

>> No.9997878

Which, incidentally, is the same guy as the "slow and steady"

>> No.9997902

I checked their channel. Highest viewed vods is always Kagami in the thumbnails kek. If anything, Kagami probably has a good relationship with them and went on to do more "sponsorships" when in fact it's probably him helping out the game itself. No way a TCG company is gonna make a special card for a streamer. They just want to bank in on the peeps trying to roll for him.

>> No.9997943

>A little less than two hours to >>9999999 and <span class="deadlink">>>10000000</span>

I say Cirno freezes some frog to establish her dominance, maybe, and also Kiara gets the big get for the seethe and the lulz

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As I've already said it's their second collab with Nijisanji.

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>This is tourney king without tourney
Thought on those numbers?

>> No.9998448

Well yeah, I get that. I went to see DM's channel just to see the channel's popularity and if niji had done any significant growth to it.

>> No.9998455

Nothing unusual for 1 A.M stream.

>> No.9998467

We all have off days.

>> No.9998566

I didn't know a game more boring than Tarkov was possible, might as well rename it as crawling simulator

>> No.9998567

Anyone who actually pays attention to what's going on knows that VSPO is inclining massively, a new member debut getting 22k isn't really surprising and is around what I expected

>> No.9998619

His Valorant arc was around 13k, and he only got 9k for that mobile app promo stream.
I think until APEX is fixed, his number will be a roulette wheel.

>> No.9998685

Why doesn't he start his mk8 reps for the tourney

>> No.9998689

>Saturday night in japan
>Japs don't need to work tomorrow
Pathetic numbers
He really can't compare with Pekora or Marine without tourney

>> No.9998728

C'mon now, normal Apex can grant him numbers too, but Apex is shitting the bed rn.

>> No.9998748

I told the thread there's no way it'd get numbers due to being the worst version of MC and games that no one wanted to watch like last time it happened and as usual I was ignored, just goes to show the only time people listen to Nijisanji posts is when it's tribalist shitflinging. Is there even a point to correcting anyone anymore.

>> No.9998853

I mean...the problem is that the people responding just want to respond to bait, not get correct information. Keep putting the info out there, at least someone may stumble along and see the correct info.

>> No.9998878

Kazuha is definitely a collab baby. He gets his high views when the management forces his partners to act like ornaments for him. His solo streams ain't too shabby though and is on par with the mid-tier Holos.

>> No.9998948

I can't confidently say they can or can't get numbers. It's the full male vtuber squad with hikakin, shaka and stylish.

I can say for certain that Day 2 will suck and minecraftjp would need to think about their life decisions after getting berated by their boss.

>> No.9999674

Full male vtuber squad means jack shit when its
>held at the same time as an IRL Niji event
>MC Bedrock which no one present plays
>MC minigames, no one present plays them and neither do these games even exist in Java
>hosted by MinecraftJP, a who when it comes to streamed events (you can tell since they grabbed FPS people and mixed them with random people who don't even main Minecraft)
>no main JP channel, tweet didn't even link to anyone's channels either
And you can point at Hikakin who's supposed to bring noombers all you want, his own stream numbers were always below the Nijimales present, he is not a streamer he is a Youtuber and his child audience won't turn up to streams. Couple that with every Niji mostly performing like shit, it's a freebie collab for whoever wants to see the guys play shit together (they're all playing a worse game right now even) but event fans won't care about this the same way they care about competitive outside collabs or inter-company tournaments.

>> No.10000273 [DELETED] 


>> No.10000285


>> No.10000293

Welp, here we go

>> No.10000388

Of course it's a goddamn deadbeat who got it.
Then there's this one
Perfectly encapsulates the state of the board, these two images do.

>> No.10000574
File: 50 KB, 700x593, 1631983661408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deadbeats win again

>> No.10000642


>> No.10000717

Deadbeats can't stop winning

>> No.10000718

probably crying like the bitch he is

>> No.10001109
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Dunno looks like the franchise is popular enough without his involvement since they have anime series running since it's inception.

>> No.10001428

it fking had to be in hlgg suck a waste

>> No.10001578

Duel Masters is very successful in Japan. Flopped very hard in America at least.

>> No.10001806

So um there are 8k people listening to Sana Soulful singing and I'm ashamed to say that it's too much soul for me.

>> No.10001988

Nah, this is very SOVL. It's...better than Ame desu, but that's not saying much.
She's owning it though, and thats really all you need, that and have fun.

>> No.10002288


>> No.10002376


>> No.10002385
File: 120 KB, 1240x775, 1629665593315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hell Let Loose
I might actually have to watch him now

>> No.10002629

Well, Sana managed to pull 10k on her SOUL karaoke. I did expect her to get 10k, and I wasn't expecting her to be a great singer either, but it is good news that people are sticking around at least.

>> No.10002652

10k now.

>> No.10003677

Damn, only 350 more and she would've broken 11k.

>> No.10003874

Now can she gets higher numbers with drawing stream since it's her thing.

>> No.10003940

Probs a bit ambitious with her skill level in singing.
Let's see what her drawing stream pulls though. I suspect not more than 10k, but it IS her first stream and its in a good timeslot with no competition, so who knows.

>> No.10004318

Definitely less shitflinging, keep on using these type of images in the OP.

>> No.10004449

Might be too far but may I suggest leaving out the word numbers in the OP. If shitposters are too retarded to not know how to click a thread without a chart let's make it harder for them

>> No.10004492

kek, HoloEN got all of them one way or another

>> No.10004711
File: 55 KB, 587x522, images.jpeg-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In game cards or IRL cards?

>> No.10005186

>I suggest leaving out the word numbers in the OP.
kek, I second that. I was skeptic about the OP format but there is no arguing with these results.

The title could easily be just

>> No.10005296

Yeah, I don't think I'm comofrtable with going that far, using unorthodox ops seem to function well enough in keeping out the undesirables, I'd rather not go down the same path that hlg did where they eventually start naming their threads in hiragana

>> No.10006178

IRyS' unarchived karaoke in 9 hours. Not a bad time timeslot. Maybe she can hit 15k.

>> No.10006241

Fair enough we don't need to name it in hiragana or anything.

>> No.10006392

Gatchman' the real deal. He has a separate channel just for Vtubing,
Just this one, as he doesn't use the model on his main 1.5 mil subs lets player channel

>> No.10006438

why is this thread more peaceful than usual kek

>> No.10006461

isn't that just her usual time slot? but yes 15k is achievable since her archived ones get consistently at 12k I'm also happy the new EN girls started doing karaoke now waiting for the owl karaoke...

>> No.10006470

It's his vtuber channel it doesn't matter if he has a seperate channel. His vtuber channel has always been included in these rankings as well as sites that omit half vtubers.

>> No.10006544

the troll op images started filtering people

Also, Saturday night, turns out american anons go out on the weekends.

>> No.10007354

he literally links his vtuber channel on his bigger one, and vice versa. Hes a vwhore.

>> No.10008388

Yeah .I'll remember that next time.

>> No.10008433

That explains why Pekora general is in kana

>> No.10008539

When I went to bed people were talking about Miko's recline since she was at 9k. Turns out she ended up getting over 18k and would have probably hit 20k had she gone longer. That is the power of a member of the royalty I guess.

>> No.10008637

People underestimate the power of "the outflow", or, as some anons call it
Miko picked up some 4k from Pekora outflow for obvious reasons
> people watching Pekora playing GTA may have some affinity with Miko's regular audience

>> No.10008643

Yeah, she shot up a huge amount once Pekora ended. Despite Miko and Pekora having their personal differences lately it seems that their fanbases still very much overlap quite a bit.

>> No.10008833
File: 552 KB, 780x1060, fbkgun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>something something royalty

>> No.10010182

Wow VSPO's after debut already has more subs than Sena who debuted over a year ago.
>56k vs 50k
I think it definitely shows that VSPO has a lot more tourists than before.

>> No.10012110
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If you were to poll /vt/ or any other western community of vtuber fans, what kind of questions would you ask them?
Definitely not thinking about making a survey.

>> No.10012190
File: 146 KB, 1052x310, nice site.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From a member stream just now.

>> No.10012338

When did you unsubscribe from Sana?
(a) When I heard her voice
(b) When I saw her interest in astrology
(c) When she didn't draw Coco before she graduated
(d) When she told us she was vaxpilled
(e) I never subscribed to Sana

>> No.10012477

Can we make this the theme song for numberfags?

>> No.10012887

>(c) When she didn't draw Coco before she graduated
Wut? That's not Ina?

>> No.10013209

I will unsub
(f) If in next week, she doesn't put a Live Hot Sex with Kronii Stream

>> No.10013483

>Not the one with more than 200M views
>The Numbers Song

>> No.10013512

It flopped cause Wizards didn't want it to compete with MTG since they are like almost copies of each other.

>> No.10013756

Because Nijifags got BTFO, if the Minecraft event was doing great numbers you bet they would be gloating around here.

>> No.10014820

How hard did their event flopped that these fuckers don't even have energy to falseflag and make chumbuds and nousagi fight each other (isn't this their usual tactic whenever kuzuha fails)

>> No.10016276

This video is interesting even though it for indie livestreamers in general. Big streamers are usually not numberfag is surprising but make sense

>> No.10016918

How much did Sana make so far on drawing stream?

>> No.10016965

At least 3.6k

>> No.10016993

$2.2k from playboard

>> No.10017218

453,306円 right now

>> No.10017336

500k+ currently. chat is just spamming SC's currently its crazy

>> No.10017488

damn people told me she's not EN flare while this suggest otherwise.. (low subs high sc)

>> No.10017549

>everything that VTubers aren't doing

>> No.10017611

never doubted it for a second. she was second highest behind Kronii and it wasn't just for the SC party, but she seems to outearn most of her gen mates even if they're overlapping.
she might not have a lot of people watching but they have a lot of money to spend on her.

>> No.10017639

and black

>> No.10017694

devin nash has some nice info about twitch vs youtube. i recommend it if you like numbers or if you want to bea streamer.
something that he mentioned before is that the most important thing about a streamer is the journey, Which hololive had a lot of also last year and i also atribute it to their success.

>> No.10017762

24 min vid condensed into 7 key points so others don't need to watch if they don't want to (give it a listen. Imo, it's interesting enough to warrant it)
1. Consistency in timeslot (6am-12pm underserved timeslot mention)
2. Don't overthink 'quality' to the detriment of actually streaming
3. Post on YT(this video is twitch-centric, but the idea is to preserve the best content for others to go back to watch in the future since Twitch VODs are....)
4. Don't let views/CCV get to you shortterm(doing so easily causes bad mental/burnout, numberfag long-term instead)
5. Watch your own VODs, aka review your own goddamn content
6. Maximize revenue sources, don't leave money on the table. (Asking people to sub (member on Twitch), sub benefits, merch etc, do it all
7. They see themselves as a Brand

>> No.10017810

i didnt even know youtube lets you put merch on your youtube page

>> No.10018338

>didn't dip bellow 5k viewers for the entirety of the stream
>4.8k USD

>> No.10018464

First one is very obvious. There is the reason that Pekora, Kuzuha or even Ina has good number.
Second is good advice.
Third is the reason why clippers are important for Hololive
Fourth is obvious. There are so many vtubers that hard to grow because too anxious to number. It remind me of Coco's advice to Watame
Fifth is good self introspection. I'm curious if some vtubers do that
Sixth is more relevant to companies rather than vtubers for corporate vtubers one
Seventh is why Ai Kizuna still happy even she has small numbers for her livestraming because she is big as brand

>> No.10018564

She was hovering around 2.2k in Supers about an hour ago. Wtf happened?

>> No.10018629

Superchat bullying and the stream got completely derailed, was quite fun

>> No.10018643

>Fifth is good self introspection. I'm curious if some vtubers do that

I bet a lot do. A Holo mentioned recently in a stream (Kiara or IRyS?) that they were grateful to the people who comment with timestamps on their VOD for when they go back and rewatch.

>> No.10018701

How many views did sana get in her karaoke though 5k too?

>> No.10018759


>> No.10019272

i just realized even that home sweet home poster can't find this thread kek

>> No.10019619

Irrelevant. She doesn't have more dead subs who neithr SC nor watch. People who subed and stoped giving a shit are the only important number

>> No.10019645
File: 1.15 MB, 360x360, numbers[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fqre2tw.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10020578

>Fifth is good self introspection. I'm curious if some vtubers do that
Does watching clips of themselves count?

>> No.10020617
File: 229 KB, 875x1310, 0918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's superchats

>> No.10020800

Sort of, but I'd argue that watching the actual stream itself is also important. You need to determine if you're not speaking enough, speaking too much, if your tone/manner of speaking is off-putting or pleasing, etc, and clips alone are not enough to do a proper review of that.
Jeez, Lamy and Rushia farming up those SCs as usual. Also, what was Rion doing to end up with 5.6k today?

>> No.10020856

She hit 400k

>> No.10020995

I will never understand how just changing the OP pic filters out many of the retards.
Nice to see Aki in the chart for once.

>> No.10021118

>I will never understand how just changing the OP pic filters out many of the retards.
Probably because those people are likely just baiters and trolls scrounging the catalogue for anything that looks like would be a shitposting spree.

>> No.10021134

Aki was sick for a while and went on medical leave. She just came back to stream and was still sick.

>> No.10021164

Ah, indeed, milk those milestones baby. I really fucking wish some of the EN gals would do so, but honest to gods the sub growth on all of Gen1 rendered celebrating most milestones kind of a bit silly when they would blow past them so fast...
The worst of the worst just find interesting OPs to shitpost in, and some of them are also ESL so a retarded image meme also throws them off a bit I guess?
Aki also has been having health issues with her throat, hence why she hasn't really been streaming as of late.

>> No.10021271

Money Mori never disappoints. 4.6k for playing Jump King for a few hours.

>> No.10021320

Woah Aki in SC rankings? nice

>> No.10021464

Has Mori already taken back her position as EN SC queen from Kronii? Even after draining 30k from her fan's wallets last week she's ahead of Kronii again this week.

>> No.10021962

Kronii didn't stream yesterday, heck this very week she had several breaks.

>> No.10022066

Just going by monetized streams, she and Mori both have 3, so it's not too bad of a comparison. And one of Mori's monetized streams was an hour long Core promotion.

>> No.10022102

Reminder that Gooruh was supposed to buy a shark plushie every 100k milestone...

>> No.10022180

The answer is yes.
One anon brought up the fact that Mori is known to be funding her own music, so many people SCing her are definitely doing so because they know that the money is going somewhere where it'll produce tangible results.
Who knows what the future holds though, game choices and membership contents will definitely affect how Kronii's SC looks going forward.

>> No.10022260

Sana 4th. Nice

>> No.10022725

Council collab soon, what numbers do you guys think it will reach? Note that its on Sana's channel.

>> No.10022794

Pretty much uncontested time slot this evening; 18k?

>> No.10022806


>> No.10022860


>> No.10022984


>> No.10023046

I'm not baiting, but saying 20k like it's some sort of collab achievement says more about Sana's predicament than anything. 20k should be the bare minimum for these kinds of thing barring the earlier JP generations, and even they get to clear this hurdle fairly easily.

>> No.10023052

0 because no one likes council and nigger debuff

>> No.10023063

Most girls fund their own music.
I think a big part of it being that Mori writes her own lyrics. Add to this how she pumps out music is why even the JP Holo singers look up to her.

>> No.10023102

>I'm not baiting
opinion discarded

>> No.10023295

Didn't some of Myth collabs like fall under 20k?

>> No.10023323

I know I did not say that its an achievement for this kind of collab, myth even reach 40-50k on this in the past and even 70k on their scuffed anniversary, its just council doesn't have a good appeal to the audience besides they're already getting along on stream

>> No.10023406


>> No.10023522

Kronii is only doing 3 streams per week

>> No.10023585

>3 monetized Mori streams this week
>3 monetized Kronii streams this week
I'm not really seeing the issue here

>> No.10023637

Not only that but her fans have successful status in life like in her normal or just chatting streams she earns 4-5k, unlike gura having the biggest viewers but just below to kiara's sc record

>> No.10023787

Wow so she is only doing the bare minimum, she's really not into this it seem

>> No.10023919

I'd say SC rankings among the Myth girls has more to do with streamer approach to SCs than demographics. Mori and Kiara encourage SCs in various ways (full, long readings with in-depth responses), Gura does readings after many streams but misses them sometimes and doesn't emphasize SCs overall, whereas Ame keeps SCs turned off for half of her streams and Ina discourages them entirely. If any of these approaches were swapped around to other channels, I think the rankings would reflect that.

>> No.10024054

I had to say it like that because this godforsaken thread gets shitposters that follow this line of posting to farm (You)s from retards that can't help themselves.

TTRPG at least has the excuse of being super niche and multi-series, which auto filters just about everyone that falls behind. Sana's (and to a lesser extent, Baelz) viewership/audience woes are more serious than that due to her permanent state of debuff due to the many known reasons on this board.

That's my point though. It shouldn't have been like this, but it somehow is and here we are.

>> No.10024249
File: 702 KB, 1080x1529, 12-18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5 streams if your week starts at Sunday

>> No.10024362

I'm going by how Playboard counts weeks, which is from Monday. Also it's difficult to count that SC reading stream, since she didn't actually have SC on during it (only in the waiting room).

>> No.10024369

She's working on non-stream stuff but related to hololive, so either her song or membership stuff.

>> No.10024667

And also how many times they streamed, Gura being the one that streams the least also relates to her low SC number.

She sometimes even kills her own SC buff, like Calli and Kiara likes to have small celebration for something special (return from long break, new song, karaoke, and subs milestone) to encourage fans to SC while Gura just shrug it off and kill the hype.

>> No.10025233

17.5k on Council meeting 38 mins in, with number falling a little. They've been stuck in the same room for the whole collab so I think viewers are getting bored. Unless things get more exciting soon, I'd say 20k a reach.

>> No.10026099

These girls...oh gods it hurts so much to watch, but why can't I stop watching?

>> No.10026909

My ears are ringing because of that shitty audio

>> No.10027097

C'mon guys, let's all put our efforts into watching NijiEN more. As all of us are fans of Niji and we don't like Holo, we can push NijiEN's median to at least 8-9k

>> No.10027177

Thats like 4x more than their current one

>> No.10027271

Hey you're back NijiENxEN2 nefarious poster. Too bad it's a slow day today, don't expect a lot of (You)'s.

>> No.10027343
File: 1.35 MB, 1920x1080, you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10027450

what do you guys think of this? will Ai do it even though she has Chinese ties? this could be her ticket back into relevancy if the collab is a sucess.

>> No.10027615

Ai currently has too much tied up in the Chinese market, even if she genuinely wants to collab with Lamy, unless things get more dire in China WRT them cracking down on entertainment I don't see this happening .

>> No.10027866

>even if she genuinely wants
im pretty much sure her black corp doesnt care what she wants

>> No.10027904

She is so tied up with China and Chinese companies that her collabing with Hololive in a one on one fashion could end up being the death of her.

>> No.10027918
File: 311 KB, 1624x1928, joysound.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hololive Joysound karaoke age and gender demographics

>> No.10028001

Washed up leech should fuck off to their hole. Or maybe she should collab with Niji instead, Holofags like Abadango and Shiromanta can do that so Ai should follow their examples.

>> No.10028016

>azki has 0 females

>> No.10028206

Vspo literally does both.

>> No.10028269

I recognize Suisei, but who are the others? My moonrune reps are shoddy.

>> No.10028292

all those 30 - 50 ojisans/hags kek

>> No.10028335

I mean, just looking at the top draws of Vspo (Nose, Sumire and Noah) that's clearly not true. Nose does loads of zatsudan content, Sumire releases song covers, Noah releases covers as well, and they all often play variety collab games or even Minecraft.

>> No.10028370

Translated version

>> No.10028437

Fubuki skipped people in their 50's and got people in their 60's.
I'm surprised Rushia has more females than Sora.

>> No.10028568

>Okayu appeals to Catladies

>> No.10028758

Jeez, that Deadbeat/Ichimen female demo...whew.
Also, that Ojisan demo for Watame...
Man, these numbers sure are interesting, some of these match what you would think, but the female% being as high as they are for Mori and Marine is a bit surprising.
I wonder how high Coco would have been had she released more songs and been a part of this....

>> No.10028871

Is it really that surprising that Mori and Marine have a strong female demographic? Especially for karaoke. Part of me expected a stronger female audience for Suisei though.

Also, what the fuck is that age demographic for Watame?

>> No.10028964

>Is it really that surprising that Mori and Marine have a strong female demographic?
yes for Marine
>expected a stronger female audience for Suisei though.
same, at leas 20-25%

>> No.10029041

Prime salarymen age.

>> No.10029046
File: 717 KB, 1563x1009, councilnumbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christ, Sana has barely grow at since debut, seriously only 10k subs in like 25 fucking days? What the hell, is Anya finally going to be have someone with even less sub than her?

>> No.10029183

Anything for homos?

>> No.10029264
File: 55 KB, 967x379, 1603323903248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only 10k subs in like 25 fucking days
7 days

>> No.10029276

good q

>> No.10029351
File: 83 KB, 800x980, joysound 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some more that I somehow forgot to include

>> No.10029406

Was ~160k her final number after Youtube decided to stop fucking her over with sub purges at the beginning?

>> No.10029515

Pekora and Nene having a lot of women huh.
Flare only having women in their 30's singing Smile & Go.

>> No.10030205
File: 53 KB, 730x540, mpovs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't mind me, just comparing most popular original vtuber songs.

>> No.10030222
File: 78 KB, 237x272, en2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sad for a 5 person collab

>> No.10030432

C'mon man, don't make us timeloop the issues with YT and Vod views right after the stream ends.
I get that you probably have no issues with moonrunes, but please, have mercy on us poor EOP and give us some english names for songs/chubbas that aren't plainly obvious who they are.

>> No.10030553

Carnivorous Plant - RIM
Please RIP - Mori

>> No.10030647

Dang, that age split though, that's a lot of 20-30s for RIP and a lot of Teens for Carnivorous Plant. Did it get popular on tiktok or something iirc?

>> No.10030781

Exactly. It got a huge boost thanks to becoming a buzz song at tiktok.

>> No.10030788

>Carnivorous Plant - RIM
damn this1 sounds Boring

>> No.10030821

Zoomers don't watch Hololive.

>> No.10031000

I mean, do zoomers watch anime anymore?20s/30s is accurate range of people that grew up with anime

>> No.10031020

That makes perfect sense then.

Also, IRyS already at 14k, likely to get 15k+, no competition in the slot tonight.

>> No.10031069

Zoomers are ayaya haters they would rather watch dream, xqc, drdisrestpect

>> No.10031903
File: 389 KB, 740x2500, vtuberartists.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By the way I've discovered way more important metric - song popularity ranking for an artist. If they actually have anything listed on the page it means that there's enough data to analyze the results. If there's not enough data - well you got it.
The address is https://www.joysound.com/web/search/artist/(ID)/ranking

>> No.10032473

She would have 33 of them now

>> No.10032658
File: 149 KB, 740x890, holoidol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And you forgot the most important one.

>> No.10032867


>> No.10032975

Imagine going to karaoke with bros and jerking off together to Shiny Smily Story(Summer MV Ver.)

>> No.10033052

>Adtruck first

>> No.10033351

Damn looks like youtube still cutting their subs.

>> No.10033419

I want to imagine the 50 year old woman is singing her lungs out to Blue Clapper.

>> No.10033445

The date anon...

>> No.10033467

I've been losing sleep

>> No.10033608

Wrong thread. Go back to global
Well at least they can milk out the milestone since its going to be harder to gain

>> No.10033663
File: 220 KB, 1300x975, syusei-joysound1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anons please note this is Karaoke statistics. Zoomers won't show up because zoomers are not going to Karaoke as much as adults in Japan.
And if any Holomem released viewer statistics, viewers under 18 would not show up due to Youtube's data collection rules that omit zoomers.

>> No.10033742

Oh no a nigger police

>> No.10034048

But zoomers are the majority of Nijisanji demography though? Could someone grab the joysound chart? I saw one two/three months ago.

>> No.10034052

adtruck, these people have pretty good taste

>> No.10034099

If you mean the age chart that wasn't Joysound that was a magazine poll targeted towards JP highschoolers asking what Youtube channels they've picked up recently.

>> No.10034257

No, it was a joysound chart.

>> No.10034341

>Zoomers won't show up because zoomers are not going to Karaoke
huh? what aboit mid/high schoolers?

>> No.10034476

>But zoomers are the majority of Nijisanji demography though
what about recent poll in wich hololive was top1?

>> No.10034533

Zoomers actually do go to Karaokes, sometimes more than adults. Hanging out at a Karaoke bar after school is a common pastime amongst high schoolers there, it's cheap enough that the average highschooler can afford to visit there semi regularly and it also has a bit of class that tickles a teenager's fancy.
At least that was the case six years ago when I was there, no idea how things are with the wuflu going on right now.

>> No.10034644

Hoshikawa streaming apex at 6.3k viewers

Can someone explain why apex is a buff game for Hoshikawa? If I recall her last Apex also had much higher numbers than her usual streams.
Its not like shes a strong player or even a popular figure in the apex community.

>> No.10034750

didnt she win some Apex tourny?

>> No.10034760

Um bro, she won Vsaikyou 3 after being coached by VGorilla and Hal personally, and she wasn't carried either. There's a clip in the FPS thread archive of her getting champ after her team got scattered literally clicking heads
She's no pred but she isn't shit and that win gave her a boost to her Apesex numbers.

>> No.10034886

More like banged

>> No.10034977
File: 30 KB, 781x344, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got it wrong. Niji has more zoomers than Holo, but millennials still make up the most of the audience.

>> No.10035300

Yeah but that was over 3 weeks ago. I guess there's a sizeable amount of apex watchers who enjoy watching cute girls play apex and will watch as long as shes not complete shit. I am so used to watching Matsuri get debuffed hard by apex but I guess any gain Matsuri might get is canceled by her regular viewers being so turned off by apex.

Also Hoshikawa just got a champion so everyone tabbed back in she just hit 8.3k. Just more proof that alt tab fucks with views.

>> No.10035454
File: 221 KB, 989x682, 1605879121619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty good numbers for Irys.

>> No.10035488
File: 2.19 MB, 2896x4096, E_adkIBVkBAcXY2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there's a sizeable amount of apex watchers who enjoy watching cute girls play apex and will watch as long as shes not complete shit.

>> No.10035544

Yea, Matusri's issue is her fanbase HATES apex, and she basically told them to get bent by screwing her other streams over for MORE APEX.

Also yes, there's definitely enough evidence between all the various streams/events that tab-in is definitely one of the major factors for YT's view culling. Ugh. Fuck, I wonder how bad Karaoke streams have gotten fucked over by tab out culling....

>> No.10035589

>for Irys.
last 3-4 her Karaokes were stable 12k

>> No.10035759

That's her karaoke baseline, anon. Unarchived karaokes are buff streams most of the time.

>> No.10035771

It just means streamers need to give a reason for people to tab in if they care about this number.
Apex does it naturally when people arrive at final circles. Endurance games do it at checkpoints. Story games do it at big cutscenes.
Chances are highest CCV are still pretty accurate since most types of streams will have moments that call the viewer to all view at the same time.

>> No.10035789

She's been getting a warmer reception since her antics on MC with EN2.
Also these being English songs is a buff as well, ended off with baka mitai.

>> No.10035823

I guess this is her first unarchived karaoke?

>> No.10035886

2nd outside of membership

>> No.10036010

It's her second non-members unarchived karaoke, she had one really early on that was unarchived as well, but I think holostats was shitting the bed that day.

>> No.10036183

Yes, still i wonder how long until she reach current Suisei karaoke number, IRyS is already at Mio's and Flare number I think

>> No.10036268

she'll need a pretty big song release to incline like that, probably

that or a very successful live

>> No.10036318

Honestly her numbers are great for the timeslot. She does have a big overseas fanbase but she started at midnight EST, not really primeimte, or 1PM JST for overseas bros

>> No.10036345

Anon, it's been like 2 months and she already gave 3 OG songs whereas Suisei had been in Hololive for 3 years and only reached 30k+ regularly after May this year. The best case is her getting 15k+ regularly on karaokes by the end of this year. After her 3D debut, her karaokes would boost her numbers to 20k.

>> No.10036525

She will likely not have as many song releases as Mori and Suisei. With how slow they are to put her EP on her channel and refusing to let her premiere her covers, it seems she is completely beholden to Cover for music. She will likely only be able to put out music that Cover sets up for her, unlike the others who can reach out to writers and producers on their own.

>> No.10036696

Streams during US primetime never come close to the numbers streams get during JP primetime. Americans don't watch streams live, they watch VODs, meaning it's much more efficient to stream at a good JP time for the CCV then let the Americans catch up once they wake up since they wouldn't have tuned in live anyway.

>> No.10036804

Even ENs with sizeable JP fanbase flounder in Japanese primetime, because they end up head to head with actual JP streamers. See IRyS, Baelz, and Kiara's streams at those times. They struggle to hit 5k live viewers(outside Kiaras special event streams)

>> No.10037227
File: 212 KB, 1492x517, promotion_nijisanji_audience.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

from their website

>> No.10037575

that's pretty young compared to holos, subaru recently said most of her channel's audience are 25-34 and 35-44

>> No.10037765

I NEED to know what Nijis 65 year olds watch. Aki-kun seems the hag friendliest.

>> No.10037855

It’s been peaceful lately. What happened? I’m starting to miss the schizos.

>> No.10037871

>schizos search the catalog for /#/
>see an OP without numbers
>brain breaks

>> No.10037881
File: 95 KB, 433x874, THERESHEIS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There she is again!!!!

>> No.10037905

This is the beauty of using a non number op

>> No.10038080


Weekly Hololive cover rankings

>> No.10038157

holocovers time

>> No.10038276

Considering the hours Watame typically streams in it's understandable.

>> No.10038410

>3k viewers
It never ceases to amaze me how many people a simple ranking list like this attracts.

>> No.10038431

People freak out about sometimes it on other thread around here, but numbers are fun

>> No.10038432

There was a reason stuff like Top of the Pops was incredibly popular.

>> No.10038495

I'm interested in the data, but I feel like the videos themselves lead to some inter-Hololive tribalism that drags everyone down a bit since retards skip over good music so their oshi "wins" it.

>> No.10038498

All humans have an inherent numberfag streak that runs through them, this comes as no surprise.

>> No.10038583
File: 16 KB, 464x165, 1622974818677.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10038665

>Numberfagging numberfagging

>> No.10038686

>Chammers in #2
S-sasuga strongest idol

>> No.10038699

10th: Suisei (Cry Baby)
9th: Suisei (KING)
8th: Hololive (Ochame Kinou)
7th: Shion (Front Memory)
6th: Mori (Roki)
5th: Suisei/Toko (Honeycomb Summer)
4th: Suisei/Mori (Getcha)
3rd: Ayame (Goodbye Sengen)
2nd: Haachama's shitpost
1st: Gura/Mori (KING)

>> No.10038732

You should have seen the amount of people those Vocaloid rankings on NND pulled

>> No.10038739

Eh, one of the things that helps against that is the whole box-push, there is some rivalry for sure but it's muted significantly thanks to it. Friends, coworkers and rivals is how one Holomem mentioned they vemiew each other, though I can't remember who.
It's not just numbers though, the dude puts in some work on nailing transitions between songs so they feel smooth.

>> No.10038743

Hey it beats doing the shitposting ouroboros

>> No.10038747

i didn't even realize that... thing was a cover lmao

>> No.10038780

>Lauren getting thousands of dollars of USD in streams for no reason
>killed all momentum spamming ARK

>> No.10038834

Is that so? Well, RIP Niji numbers for the forseeable future outside of big events then.

>> No.10039023

Before Gura/Mori KING got 4.7 million on this list the record for most views in one week was Ayame's Goodbye Sengen at 1.7 million on its first week......................Gura/Mori KING almost got that on its second week. Insane....

>> No.10039129

It probably shouldn't be counted. I guess it is a "dance" cover., but most likely it is a fanmade song that Haachama just slapped some MMD on.
Whatever, they can count whatever they want.

>> No.10039454

What do you mean by this? Did you mean his birthday rage game that affected their momentum on Ark?

Also, when's Day 2 for minecraftjp event gonna happen?

>> No.10039554

Anyone here have the channel that clips Gura singing in JP/TW/KR ? Am curious about her clip views.

>> No.10039585

JP - Toki EN clips
KR - Origolgi

>> No.10039695
File: 418 KB, 828x585, 663C083A-1B9B-4CB2-84CB-2000AA35250D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It probably shouldn't be counted
It’s a cover for VEAH nonetheless. Haachama special spice shouldn’t disqualify it.
Should reach 1M Monday JST

That bloody video is STUCK in my suggested lists, I already watched it some three times and it just doesn’t go away.

>> No.10039756
File: 328 KB, 828x598, F420FA2A-496A-4221-A8B5-E18F8B860A41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is Kizuna’s version. Getting a decent viewership but doesn’t come even close to the speed

>> No.10039821

6pm jst

>> No.10039834

i feel like haachama's does a way better job of being pretty creepy even compared to the original, which takes an inexplicable break to look at cute dogs

>> No.10040011

>a way better job of being pretty creepy
She’s always better at doing horror. Compare the attention.her MMD modeled Celeron rendered shitpost version of lore gets in comparison with the official lore videos like the ones for Hololive’s Error.

>> No.10040041

Yeah the videos are pretty quality, no doubt. I think for me it just boils down to Hololive members are still small fish in the music industry. They'd benefit from Youtube pushing more people to their music which doesn't really happen when people skip over it to win their number games. It just means less people checking out the group on the whole really.

>> No.10040137

Ah it is some sort of recreation of a meme. Ok. Thought Haachama just made up her own thing.
Yeah it def counts.

>> No.10040175

>which doesn't really happen when people skip over it to win their number games.
The great majority of Hololive audience doesn’t even know about the numbers, let alone the comparison. They just watch what they watch.
The share of numberfags in the audience will be a tiny fraction, smaller even than the share of people that watch the streamers without even knowing they’re part of a company and have other steamers as coworkers

>> No.10040218
File: 244 KB, 828x616, A58C77E3-5769-4B1C-B46F-6C6F190C0D45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ah it is some sort of recreation of a meme
Yep. Haachama is a smart numberfag and trendhopper. She saw what the JO scene was doing and jumped right into it.
Hikakin did too, not as funny as Haachama’s but his numbers are just through the roof given the size of his audience

>> No.10040232

That's a very optimistic look you've got there.

>> No.10040375

It’s a realistic one. “Numberfag wars” aren’t silent ones, 90% of the goal is the rubbing it in.
For better or for worse the sorry display by Gura audience in the early days with her getting 1M and them pouring on FBK chat to a point FBK had to react all but killed numberfaggotry on Hololive.

>> No.10040451

10 min until 2nd day of Minecraft jp event, obviously none will make it to the chart so does anyone still have the full usaken summer fes number image?

>> No.10040517

So you're going to ignore comment spam in chat when the stream reaches big number (like 100k/10万) or comments under cover ranking vids praising their favourites (like お嬢 for グッバイ宣言)?

>> No.10040658

Where's the anon who usually posts about today's state of nijien's viewership?

>> No.10040690

Isn't the best Hololive Minecraft numbers for the spots fes?

>> No.10040724

Minecraftjp numbers (15 minutes)
VSPO <1.5k
NIji <1.7k

>> No.10040756

Sports fest only split into 5 POVs if I remember correctly. So we might need to add them all up to compare it to summer fest.

>> No.10040774

It exists but it’s the absolute minority. Think of that Haachama’s VEAH cover, out of those 900k+ views how many you think care so deeply about her position in that rank that they would actively avoid watching videos by other streamers?

I can put a hard ceiling on it: no more than 10k, across all girls, based on the audience of that rank.
The videos were talking about have million plus views, even if you account for 100k retarded nunberfags behaving as you say it doesn’t move the decimal point after the (let’s say) 2.1M views

>> No.10040809

iirc it was pretty huge, even though Gura was also playing something else while it was happening.

>> No.10040820

There is no comparison possible. Just compare the highest peak of the MCJP with, let’s say, Aki, Mel or Roboco POV to make the point.

>> No.10040854

Can't compare sports fes, because its before the spamviewer change that happened last December.

>> No.10040891

The different is pretty abyssimal. Both teams have only two members with over 1k viewers.

>> No.10040962

Oh my good lord that is just absolutely pathetic to look at.

>> No.10041076

I meant his Apex weeks before his birthday even happened

>> No.10041096

Well that might make you appreciate more that a whole lot of 3 Nijisanji members were able to get over 10k during that yesterday.

>> No.10041171

Yea, These numbers are just sad to look at though, and it really, really, REALLY makes me wanna pick the brain of whoever set this up to figure out what exactly they were trying to do, choosing this version of MC, in this setup, with these specific chosen streamers.

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