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Who is making better hiring decisions?

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both are good

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In any thumbnail featuring Kronii's default pose I think she has an axe in her head

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Am I off my meds, or do the NijiENs all look younger than the Council? I wanted to swap out Petra for Kronii or Fauna, but it just made me realize how much their designs stand out compared to the other girls. All the Niji girls look like teenagers, while all the Council members except for Rrat (and MAYBE Mumei) all look like young adults.

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why does the Niji art style seem more consistent

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i like selen so niji

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>inb4 someone points out all of hololive has different artists for each character and rees at you for imply they should maintain some level of consistency

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EN2 is made from different JP artists while Anykara has their own artist in-house. That's why you see there's a lot of similarities in design when you compare the male chuubas and the female ones especially mito or kaede.

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Well fuck I walked into that one before updating

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honestly I think NijiEN2 mogs HoloEN2 to oblivion

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not op considering this thread exists.

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the nijis are closer up, which makes their face look bigger, which makes them seem younger

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Don't fucking care. I'm not sure why you're trying to do console war shit.

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Strong picks:

Weak picks:

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Yea, no. Hololive is better at scouting talents.
And worse at getting good designs

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Beat ya by 00:00:02 loser. Get wrecked <3

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over 1/3rd of these girls are canadian. leafs run this biz

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Niji. The only standout Holo in that picture is IRyS, who is doing the best she can with one of the worst 2D models in the history of vtubing.

You could take any HoloCouncil member and switch out the person behind the avatar with somebody else and it would be hard to tell that anything had occurred at all; especially Fauna and the black one. NijiEN's chemistry is unmatched and every member brings something unique to the dynamic.

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It's the lack of tits and bigger heads doing it.

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Fuck you
Now i can't unsee

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fauna is the best of gen 2

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His axe wound is beteeen legs

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NijiEN by far. I will admit though some of HoloEN’s avatars are way better. Niji’s are pretty underwhelming

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Anon, you've cursed my vision

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This. I wish she was in NijiEN instead.

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Left has IRyS so that's better than all of left and right apart from maybe Kronii.

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>I will admit though some of HoloEN’s avatars are way better
what? They're all bad except the rrat

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>leafs run this biz
They run everything. The eternal leaf.

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Luv' Mumei more than any other EN chuuba
Luv' Pomu
Luv' Wosemi
'Ate most of the rest of these bitches
Simple As

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Also, more interestingly, the majority of these girls are ethnically asian and/or hafu. (whereas HoloEN1 only had one ethnically asian girl, the increase is noticeable)
We need to talk about the yellow menace in "english" vtubing, and if having less white wimmenz is an improvement or not.

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>That overdesigned trash
>Not bad

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>while Anykara has their own artist in-house
except they don't. only their rigging is done in house

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The one who ended up getting namarin amd sachi

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No, Anykara only does their rigging in-house. The artists are not part of Anykara. Elira and Selen share the same artist, but the others are all different artists. (so 5 artists total)

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They all look like gacha characters except the owl who could probably pass for a console RPG.

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Where do you know that? All en girl mama is a different artist (for now oy selen and elira had same mama), the only artist anykara own Is the puchisanji artist, some of nijisanji liver also have sama mama as hololive

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>fish has a community that openly mentions things like “bbc” and “cuckholdry” and that it’s okay to like it
idk anon, I prefer my fanbases retard mutt free.

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Finana is strong pick.... She cute and funny, her voice is the cutes shit i hear by far

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Wait for Shannon to debut in NijiEN wave 3.
She auditioned for Irys' position, so it'll be a direct comparison.

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We refuses to dance to your tribalwar tune shitposter.

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Hololive, but that's to be expected considering Hololive is obviously gonna be the first choice for talents wanting to become vtubers.

The Niji picks are good as well though.

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With how Council turned out, "Holoreject" isn't much of an insult anymore.
It's like
>Woow get a load of this loser he couldn't even win the special olympics

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in the end settling in being a 2 view Niji instead of Hololive is just cope since they'll never achieve the same success and popularity as hololive.

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We can debate about the ceiling of either until the cows come home, but I'd say Niji has a somewhat higher floor.
How good either are at their best comes down to taste, but Niji's worst is better than Holo's worst.
Not by much but if you watch both for a while you notice.

Not that it's really a fair comparison to make to begin with; EN2 hasn't been around long enough to give management the finger yet or extricate themselves from the constraints of their lore.
>Am I off my meds, or do the NijiENs all look younger than the Council?
Aside from Mumei and Bae they're all very obviously meant to look late teens to early twenties (i.e 14 - 16 in Idolmaster yeasts, looking at you Shiny Colours girls), yes.
NijiENs are all going for the teenager look with Petra gunning for T o T rather overtly.

>We refuses to dance to your tribalwar tune shitposter.
When I talked with some people about this the conclusion we came to is that it effectively comes down to speaking patterns. It's kind of a meme but one with a basis in reality that Canadians speak softer and with somewhat more melody, which is going to make scouts far more inclined to hire them. Asians are also going to have a different approach to anime that is going to feel far different from more white-dominanted fanbase culture, and from what I've seen I can understand why scouts would not be overly impressed by that attitude.

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>it effectively comes down to speaking patterns
YES! Thank you for not being deaf. Americans talk like orcs. Even if they learn another language, they don't learn the "rhythm".

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Who the fuck is Manshon?

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Hololive. Almost every single one of Niji get less views than the least popular Holo

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Why does my dick only get hard when I imagine my oshi with a giant dick destroying my ass? I swear I'm not gay but gura breaking me is half is the only way I can fap

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>in the end settling in being a 2 view Holo instead of Nijisanji is just cope since they'll never achieve the same success and popularity as nijisanji.
-Nijifags in 2019, probably

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>Mumei, Fauna
>strong picks
>he doesn't know

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Uhh Cover because their talents aren't basic streamers and functionally interchangeable

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Holo picks are better, though some of the nijis aren't bad

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You're a cumbutt now.

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Niji’s are actually entertaining. holo EN all feel like frauds and have no chemistry
>inb4 shitty embarassing example of two hologirls barely acknowledging each other and calling it friendship

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Mumei alone wins it

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They're both good at hiring talents but Cover refuse to hire decent artists and riggers.

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Sorry, if I want a generically cute retard, I can get that plus creativity and ASMR from Rosemi.

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nijiEN chemistry and their characters feel more like actual holoJP than holoEN
holoEN recruits mostly unique people (read retards, aspies and bipolars) except from like 2 actually good chuubas

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>t.doesn’t watch streams

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The Holo picks are better.

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Her design filters me and her timeslot is ass, but IRyS has more talents than the other 11 combined.

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>The ones that chose nijiEN doesn't actually watch nijiEN

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nice projection, holoshit i even watch fucking PETRA and she's better than some of Holo's casting decisions

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I think Holo EN focuses too much on the resume and skillset that doesn't matter that much in the end (drawing/singing/voice acting) - stuff like that is nice to have but won't make streams interesting by default if the person sucks at streaming. Niji seems to focus more on past accomplishments as streamers and seems to hire people who work/will work well together. Overall I think Niji's approach is better and I legit have hard time coming up with someone I outright dislike, even Petra has good moments and fun collabs (especially with other obsydia girls)

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this time niji fr

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So true brother, so true. IRySoBased

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IRyS is more talented than the other 11 combined so I gotta give the edge to Hololive. They really nailed it when they hired her and they should count their blessings every day that she didn't go to the competition.

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The Meltdown Collab for the official Nijisanji EN channel sold me on NijiEN. Gimme something like that from the HoloEN side and I'll also watch them but right now NijiEN came out fucking swinging and took both my ribs and heart with it

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Please post pictures of Shiki.

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I think the other way around is the better approach. Streaming is streaming and eventually people are going to get tired of watching hours long streams everyday. When you hire like Hololive does you can keep your core audience engaged despite that.

"Oh, I haven't watched a Calli stream in a while but she just dropped this fire new song? Let me listen to it. Boom, Calli is at the top of my mind again. Oh check out this sick art from Ina. OMG IRyS' Karaoke stream was so good so I'll always tune into those even if I don't watch daily gaming streams."

Those kind of examples. Having a diverse portfolio is always good and the periodic drops of non streaming content wrangles the casuals back into the fold at timed intervals. There is a reason Gura's songs get so many views so quickly. Its the casuals who don't necessarily watch every single stream being brought back into the fold and watching the song.

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I watched the Meltdown collab for Petra and the only one who caught my attention was Pomu. Selen was great, but I ain't fucking watching Apex. Elira is a great collab partner but she's a bit boring by herself.

>> No.9986925

Aren't 4 of Council's members among the chuubas with the highest live viewers?

>> No.9986969

HoloEN does Jackbox too, where the fuck were you

>> No.9987072

I don't think he's talking about Jackbox games.

>> No.9987084

that only breeds a viewerbase that only tunes in for special events etc, which is why calli has below 5k ccv streams sometimes despite nearing 2mln subs. Idk about her but personally I'd find that pretty discouraging. If you focus on streaming quality and not gimmicks, you get an audience that follows you regardless of where you go and give you more consistent viewcount etc, non-chuba streamers like atp/elajjaz/lobos/asmongold/sodapoppin etc are good examples of that approach and those are only a few I've followed/am aware of.

>> No.9987346

Popular gacha games have the best designs ever and it reflects on the popularity of the characters in doujin sites.

>> No.9987603

>If you focus on streaming quality and not gimmicks
Ever see a non-apex stream from Selen or a non genshin stream from Finana

>> No.9987674

yea i watch 90% of her stuff, she's a good streamer. I think only shovel knight was a bit too annoying to watch mostly cause I'm platformer fag and couldn't get over her trying to bruteforce it

>> No.9987708

samefagging cause I accidentally cut Finana part - I don't watch her much but all streams I tuned into happened to be non genshin ones too

>> No.9987766

Finana is making crazy SC for a while now.

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Because Hololive hired a deviantart nigger

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based on the order in OP's pic:

Elira >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mumei
Pomu = Kronii
Sana >>>>>>>>>>>> FInana
Selen >>>>>>>>>>x10 Baelz
Rosemi >>> Fauna
IRyS >>>>>>Petra

Mathematically NijiEN beats out Council+IRyS by a good margin

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>m-muh chemistry
>not wanting to see two total strangers become friends and the progression of their relationship
Might as well drop romance movies and open pornhub instead if that's what you want

>> No.9987974

I love that NijiEN fans are retarded that they don't even know how math works. Truly made for each other.

>> No.9987993

Miko posters continue to be the best posters on this board. 35p have nailed it once again. What a great post.

>> No.9988016

Selen is the only good nijien outside of collabs. Irys beats all of them and Fauna is pretty good too. Holo wins I guess

>> No.9988022

I don't really watch either except Not Miki, but i felt HoloEN2 to be more boring, don't know if that's just the Cover nerf tho

>> No.9988030

>Pomu = Kronii
Nigger what? I ain't even a Nijinigger but come on. Pomu's a class for her own.

>> No.9988034

IRyS > Baelz > Kronii > Mumei > Fauna > Sana > Finana > Elira > Pomu > Petra > Selen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a pile of dog shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> actual dried vomit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rosemi

>> No.9988046

Irys > everyone else.

>> No.9988047

Pekora started boring too, now look how she is today

>> No.9988090

kek Kuzuha, Pekora and Marine didn't start with 10k ccv right off the bat. But even then, most nijiEN won't ever reach a ceiling of 10k on their own even if they streamed for years

>> No.9988107

Mori cares way more about her music than anything else though. She would rather get a lot of views on her music and not very many on her streams than the other way around.

>> No.9988139

Bigger eyes. Makes your brain think they're younger looking.

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hey alright slugma, did you see her sc earnings? must be painful to see she earned more than your entire company in a year

>> No.9988185

Did she break $30k yet after 2 months yet. Oh wait she didn't.

>> No.9988187

97 68
88 69
58 46
Hololive wins.

>> No.9988216

Cover's approach is the better one, we've already seen how successful Myth was and this time around, they're going with the same strategy of getting talents that have a unique skillset. Their goal is to expand their audience, not just pull viewers from the vtuber fandom. I feel like Niji is at a disadvantage here since they picked all generalist streamers, aside from Selen.

>> No.9988224

>voice packs sales and streamlab donos don't count
oh wait she did, stay mad slugma

>> No.9988263

Tribalism is a bitch. Let's play a roulette. If your last ID No, is 1,3,5,7,9, it counts 1 point for HoloEN. If your last No, is 2,4,6,8,0. It counts 1 point for NijiEN. The winner is decided before page 11.

>> No.9988284

Holo v.s. Niji Round: 9000. Fight!

>> No.9988331

That isn't actually how maths works, the total value of one set can exceed the other even if the other set wins a higher proportion of some ordered comparisons. For a simple example consider the set (100,1,1) and (2,2,2), the latter wins 2 out of 3 comparisons but totals 6 whilst the former only wins 1 but totals 102.

Regardless, you put Elira over Mumei and like Rosemi so your post is trash regardless of mathematics.

>> No.9988339

Everything is relative. They are a month in and Council's heavy hitter Kronii has worse CCV than Ame and Mori had in November last year. Everyone except Kronii is doing worse than Kiara at the same point after debut. That's live viewers, subs don't even come close to Myth. I doubt that any of them will hit a million before 1 year anniversary. They are still doing better than every other EN vtuber out there but it's entirely their Hololive head start. Other chuubas don't get to debut with 100k live viewers on no merit other than making it in.

>> No.9988386

That literally can be said of anyone learning a second language. Hell that can be said of native speakers going to other areas that may use a different dialect than them.

>> No.9988394

This is an incredibly stupid post for numerous reasons. Disregard.

>> No.9988414

She's at 8k+ average ccv for the last 15 streams, her most recent stream under 5k was a super chat reading.... Not sure why you would use Calli as an expample, considering how successful she is. She has a hardcore following that follows her everywhere. The only Niji that beats her in Superchats is Kuzuha, and Calli has only been active for a year, lmao. Guess having a "gimmick" paid off?

>> No.9988430

Any vtuber group that has Rosemi automatically loses. So yeah, I'm going with Hololive here since they didn't hire Rosemi.

>> No.9988435

Have you checked out vshojo? They have the same humor and have Bad Pink Cat too!

>> No.9988443

Well yeah, myth hit at the peak of the hype train, council after things had calmed down to a new (still higher) baseline.

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File: 76 KB, 768x512, chemistry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But do they have the chemistry™?

>> No.9988490

I only watch mousey because I watch Gigguk and by extension Trash Taste. I don't know anyone else from Vshojo

>> No.9988501

Yeah, now that I think about it, the whole "chemistry" thing seems to be appealing to only current fans. Non fans don't give a shit.

"Hey, can you recommend any good vtubers for me to watch?"
"Yeah hey, watch these two, they got some good chemistry when they collab."

>> No.9988526

She's OK, kinda boring on her own though to be honest.

>> No.9988528

Its ok not to watch holoEN gen 2 streams anon, just dont make It too obvious.

>> No.9988562

So what can you say about HoloJP? Pls don't be a hypcrite.

>> No.9988564

9/14 Core game at 3-4k ccv
9/12 Doom at 5k average ccv
8/27 MK8 5k average, 7k tops ccv despite people like ina having 10k+ average
8/18 - shadowverse at 3-4k ccv
all bloodstained streams - 3-5k ccv

she might be getting good numbers on challenge runs/asmr/minecraft (gimmicks/buff games) but her normal streams get shit numbers, below 10k and sometimes even 5k. and that's a 1.6 mln sub streamer. that's the reason I used her as an example.

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File: 681 KB, 800x1202, lol[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Ftyq7yt.ogg].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9988610

want to remind you niggers that Kronii is IRyS nepotism hire
Kronii>Selen>IRyS>Pomu=Finna>rest are all dogshit

>> No.9988627

All shit except for Irys

>> No.9988649


>> No.9988655

unironically yes

>> No.9988703

not true, I went into niji en blind because someone recommended me their collabs (I remember being interested in GTFO and wanted to see someone play it), ended up snowballing from there. It is important if you want to watch people actually having fun

>> No.9988708

Really now? It's not hard to look up her recent streams on Holostats dude, don't go cherry pick her worse streams to fit your narrative.

9/17 10k Jump King
9/15 16.7k Minecraft
9/12 20k Debut rewatch
9/11 7k Doom
9/10 7.2k 12 minutes
9/8 8.8k Sunset ASMR
9/2 9.3k (matrix watchalong), 16.6k(small ame game)
8/28 18.1k Teaching Hacham bad words

>> No.9988740

>"She has a hardcore following that follows her everywhere."
>examples of streams that show it's not true
>"you're cherrypicking!"
can you follow a convo for more than 1 message?

>> No.9988754

no shit sherlock their entire market is pandering to coomers

>> No.9988769

Hey good for you, but like I said, the majority of non fans dun care about the chemistry, otherwise you would see a lot more people watching them or a lot more new fans joining in.

>> No.9988782

Your point? The whole Hololive is mostly nepotism hire, Irys is AZKi hire for example. I see that Kroniifags are already appealing to be one of the most insufferable fanbases.

>> No.9988788

NijiEN is the blandest group of vtubers ever. Its like they are trying to be some weird mix of Hololive and Vshojo without understanding why those groups are popular to begin with.

>> No.9988805

Not a single one of HoloEN members ever reached numbers they had during the month after debut. I guess they are just not good enough for new people to start joining in...

>> No.9988807

Prism is stealing all the best talent from Niji and Hololive

>> No.9988826

Fuck chemistry. I watch vtubers for the history

>> No.9988836

>9/17 10k Jump King
Pekora hype
>9/15 16.7k Minecraft
Micra buff+endurance buff
>9/12 20k Debut rewatch
9/11 7k Doom
9/10 7.2k 12 minutes
9/8 8.8k Sunset ASMR
>9/2 9.3k (matrix watchalong), 16.6k(small ame game)
Amesame buff
>8/28 18.1k Teaching Hacham bad words
Haachama buff

>> No.9988909

Chemistry is the new SOVL. Just a buzzword that idiots use to justify their terrible choice of chuubas. It doesn't mean anything either. Half of NijiEN was hired out of Artemis' sex dungeon so no shit they have chemistry. That doesn't mean they are talented or entertaining though. They are all associates of Artemis after all.

>> No.9988936

Is that why they have no viewers? I don't understand though, why keep pushing this "chemistry" bullshit, it's becoming a meme now.

>> No.9988938

I won't be surprised if domo gets hired for wave 4

>> No.9988950

Clearly Phase Connect

>> No.9988951

I want to see a PRISM incline so badly. They stomp all over NijiEN and should be getting higher viewership.

>> No.9988970

Redpill me on Holo council. I don't watch much EN chuubas and only occasionally watch an Ina drawing stream or Calli karaoke stream.

>> No.9989049

Just watch one of their full-group collabs and have a look at whoever appealed to you the most. That said, the HoloEN2 full-collabs have been pretty mediocre so watch at your own risk.

>> No.9989053

I want Wave 3 so bad

>> No.9989059

Watch HoloID instead

>> No.9989072

Is it really that hard to find a western girl without a bf? You think it would be a requirement for a job like this

>> No.9989087

Most of them are beat by JP chuubas, wait for a couple of months for them to get into their swing.

>> No.9989113

Fuck futagura. FutaSelen is where it's at

>> No.9989140

t. seething virgin

>> No.9989143

Probably not, but still far ahead of the competition.

>> No.9989171

I'll watch some clips and a vod.
I do sometimes but I mainly watch Holosanji JP.

>> No.9989186

Best post

>> No.9989195

>"Yeah hey, watch these two, they got some good chemistry when they collab."
but unironically

>> No.9989302

This cope again? Been waiting for over a year, and HoloEN still act like total strangers around one another.

>> No.9989316

Kronii, Sana and Irys are all good. So are Elira, Pomu, Finana and Selen.

This being said, yet another Apex player in Holo isn't particularly interesting (even if she's the only one who could consistently and routinely beat Aqua), and Holo EN already has Calliope and Kronii as straight man characters, so Elira would be superfluous.

Gen composition matters. It's possible to make the right hiring decisions and still leave the competition with plenty of legit picks.

All of this being said, a Marine/NSFW feesh collab would be amazing.

>> No.9989383

>Niji's worst is better than Holo's worst.

That's a really bad joke because Petra is garbage and her only good trait is being a punching bag for literally everyone else and not taking it badly. But she is not entertaining alone. Full stop. None of the HoloEns are like this. I can argue at worse they're the exact opposite where they're bad at collabs.

>> No.9989420

Canadian Asians are being hired because Holo & Niji still think having a bilingual chuuba is the ticket to success. Bae and Petra buried that meme, but these two companies will keep trying by hiring Pikamee wannabes.

>> No.9989460

Yeah but Captain needs to up his merch game.

>> No.9989492

>YES! Thank you for not being deaf.
Learning languages used to be my hobby so it gets really noticeable.
I used to think that but lately she's been growing on me, whereas some council members filter me really badly with some really ? streams.

>> No.9989493

Asians are being hired because white weebs are mostly cringe and only a few weirdos are into "cringekino".

>> No.9989497

EN1 is 100% seiso, Kiara has Pekora's laugh
Kronii - her deep voice, self-hate and great visual design = most subs. Also "ara ara"
Mumei - fake high pitched voice, seems wholesome at first until you watch her more, bland
Fauna - fake high pitched voice, GFE, ASMR, artist
Baelz - Australian accent, batshit insane, still trying too hard instead of relying on being genuine
Sana - Australian accent, bad hours, mostly bland
Actually a good singer

>> No.9989524

>t. doesn't watch streams

>> No.9989602

And yet HoloEN 1 will be the most successful english gen for the foreseeable future. Won’t stop Niji/Holo from chasing the JP collab meme.

>> No.9989606

Anykara did use in-house artists for some JPs, most of ID up until the latest waves, and the Indians, but it seems like they're not gonna be doing that anymore considering the latest ID wave was all outside artists and next wave has them confirmed

>> No.9989666
File: 303 KB, 480x401, 1613153465931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IRyS is a blessing, but Fauna could fit in with the nijishitters no problem.
She has the fake american dub voice down pat.

>> No.9989721

you were so close to being based

Kronii is trash and so is your taste

>> No.9989762
File: 3.59 MB, 2111x1454, new.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A bit of a toss up but hololive has a slight edge I'd say

>> No.9989778

Strong picks, weak opsec. Simple as.

>> No.9989838

Why has "chemistry" been perfectly fine to use in the context of sankisei, gokisei, Gamers, etc., but all of a sudden in mid 2021 it has become a banned word to use around here?
Just because some new EN groups have come around that have vtubers that work very well together (more than just NijiEN, small companies also have vtubers that are great together onstream) doesn't mean we have to stop using a word outright.

And if you're going to hate on SOUL, then I better not see you around another Ame karaoke session.

>> No.9989870

Got any good art for a bro?

>> No.9989877

because if it applies to someone I don't like, it's just a buzzword and should be banned, classic holodrone mindset

>> No.9989927

>Watching romance movies
Excuse me?

>> No.9989964

>Petra lower than Rosemi
I mean if tard wrangling your autistic sister seems appealing then Rosemi would appeal to you.

>> No.9989994

It'll be hard to break because I do think they want to make a bridge between EN and JP vtubers since EN wouldn't be a thing without JP.

>> No.9990179

>if tard wrangling your autistic sister seems appealing
Not even that anon or a nijinigger but that does sound appealing. I doubt that she is actually autistic autistic and not internet "autistic".

>> No.9990203

Rosemi is the worst hire in the history of vtubing.

>> No.9990299

She's someone I'd be surprised if they weren't on the spectrum or have some sort of deviant mental functions. She is radically different than not just people I interact with, but vtubers I've seen so far.

>> No.9990405

They both made good hiring decisions. But your parents made a bad decision by not aborting you.

>> No.9990446

They hired Rosemi, the worst hire in the history of vtubing. That is not making good hiring decisions.

>> No.9990471

samefag, get over your loss slugma

>> No.9990515

From what I've seen, all of them are meh. Couldn't make an entire stream entertaining. There will be funny moments, but just watch clips and save your time. The only ones that are truly entertaining are Ironmouse and Gura, at least from the 3 top agency

>> No.9990773

Agreed for the most part. Nia, Shiki, and Pina are far and away better than anyone in Holo/Niji, Nia being probably the best EN streamer of the current generation.

>> No.9990812

I find HoloEN2 to be incredibly boring, people told me they just debut and they need time to get better and it's been a month and they're still not any better. Why waste time watching them when I can just watch HoloEN1 more instead?

>> No.9990874
File: 146 KB, 1010x270, SmartSelect_20210918-054647_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's been a month

>> No.9991237
File: 1.81 MB, 1736x2456, fuckyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holocope is real.

Some of the JP holos I see the appeals of, after a few months I put my tribalism aside and watched all the original HoloEN girls (a month or so ago) just to give them a fair chance and tear god they're terrible.
literally forgettable but cutest model
just a loli voice trying to be cute but not doing or saying anything interesting.
literally is silent 99% of the stream, and not in the fun way. If you wanted a chill streamer watch the former streamer known as Lulu for how to do it right, Lulu's silences built up to what she says next and to the game. Ina just has literally nothing to say so she sits there in silence, its really notable in streams like minecraft or drawing when its literally nothing.
her voice is terrible, but she's at least somewhat entertaining and tries, she's clearly the heart of HoloEN
fucking cringe. everything about her is pure cringe.

not even putting aside tribalism will get me to watch that gremlin model.

i watched their debuts and they all looked terrible, I tried giving mumei another shot because i liked her design but it was still terrible.
one of these days i might try kronii again but i'm 99% sure its just holofags coping pretending that literally anything with the slightest bit of interesting content is "amazing"

Niji in general has far more talented streamers, Pomu and Selen are carrying hard but Elira and Rosemi are both carrying their own weight at the very least. Finana and Petra are shit

>> No.9991299


>> No.9991413
File: 127 KB, 343x440, bernkringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delusional holobrony

>> No.9991486

Finana is walmart vshojo

>> No.9991533
File: 1.11 MB, 1123x1296, 1630293560081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ina and Mumei streams are unintentional ASMR

>> No.9991601

Ina is the only good HoloEN, I really appreciate how much she cares about the games she plays, down to actually paying attention to the plot and lore and getting emotionally involved with the characters and story, it's that careful and methodical method of gaming that appeals to me. She's also one of the few ENtubers who is brave enough to tard wrangle chat and tell goslings to shut up.

Aside from that NijiEN steamrolls everyone else.

>> No.9991624

that's not what ASMR means.
also its still shit.

>> No.9991797

Being bilingual (or, to be more precise, able to speak some nihongo, since that is what's mostly actually about, no one cares if you can speak some third language besides en and jp) IS a plus... but the issue is that it doesn't help you (viewer-wise) if that's your only quality. You also have to be entertaining in general, that's the more important basis for any streamer. If you aren't, speaking jp doesn't add anything of value, because instead of just a "boring person" being a "boring person...who can also speak jp" isn't a tangible improvement.

>> No.9993013
File: 18 KB, 365x315, smugwtm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It makes me sleep

>> No.9993098
File: 219 KB, 725x550, finnaKEK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

manshon this dick

>> No.9993247

>I put my tribalism aside and watched all the original HoloEN girls (a month or so ago) just to give them a fair chance and tear god they're terrible.
And yet your """talents""" can't beat them in... anything? lol If women who are not interesting shit on the entirety of your company there must be something extremely wrong. But feel free to go with the classic schizo cope with "p-popularity doesn't mean being good!".

>> No.9993279

You IRyS recruited the highest earning EN2 member? She is even more powerful than I imagined.

>> No.9993372

>b-but they have big numbers so that means they're better!
they beat them in streaming, they beat them in video game skills, they beat them in having interesting zatsudans.

black out is better thank sparks.

>> No.9993512

>And yet your """talents""" can't beat them in... anything?
Viewer retention and engagement rates :^)

>> No.9993517

Holos can barely do anything they want to, Nijis can do whatever the fuck they want.
I get that it's easier to like what's popular, but Hololive is soulless as fuck.

>> No.9993519

I'm sure that matters when holoen2 girls can do this FULL TIME and the nijiEN girls can't survive on what they make.

This is like Major League Baseball vs the amateur league that plays in the park every month

>> No.9993570

>b-but numbers

>> No.9993572

>muh creative freedom

>> No.9993664

At the end of the day it depends how you look at vtubing. Hololive is a legit career. Nijisanji is a hobby at best.

>> No.9993720

>This is like Major League Baseball vs the amateur league that plays in the park every month
Somewhat true, but more like Holo has a Major League money, but amateur league talents, while Niji has amateur league money, but Major League talents.

>> No.9993742

You realize hololive has only been "big" for around a year right? They're still clearly in fad territory and there's no indication they can or will have staying power that even rivals the previous big vtubers like AI or .LIVE had, both of which still failed.

Nijisanji has shown to branch out and is moving beyond just the streaming realm which gives them more staying power and consistency, though how that will go is still in the air. Cover has consistently showed they have no clue what to do and it shows, and their quality has consistently been on the decline over the past year as well.

>> No.9993761

You don't know what either these words mean. Because if you did you'd know it's not true.
>they beat them in streaming
Clearly not, since nobody but you and your band of copers cares about them.
>they beat them in video game skills
Cool. Completely irrelevant streaming wise, specially because you wouldn't watch a girl playing games well, wouldn't you? You're clearly better than them at videogames, right? You're not that pathetic, right?
>they beat them in having interesting zatsudans
Clearly not, or they would be more popular. Seems like they're as plain as your average whore you can meet IRL.
You realize that "popular = bad" is a misconception, right? Of course it's not always the truth but guaranteed you're always wrong on what you consider unpopular but good and not something extremely niche catered for your extremely weird and bad tastes.
But seems like there's a magic spell that prevents people from enjoying actually "good vtubers", that's what you're saying right? lmao. People tune in for Nijis and get bored, that's the real answer retard. Except you, who pretend obviously to watch the better content just to be le epic contrarian and feel special.

>> No.9993788

>Nijisanji has shown to branch out and is moving beyond just the streaming realm which gives them more staying power and consistenc
>they have a 20% graduation rate
lol nice try SEAnigger

>> No.9993846

Nijisanji EN are all unique and fun and have great chemistry with eachother.
Holo EN are...Irys and Sana and a bunch of talentless normalfags.

>> No.9993852

>China branch
>male branch
pretty sure percentage wise hololive still has a higher ratio of graduations.

though i don't know what you're trying to prove there. people move on.

>> No.9993855

>nijiEN girls can't survive on what they make
lol what? Pomu is quitting her job to stream fulltime and Rosemi is the only one working as an intern to gain some work experience for future. at least get your facts straight before you talk

>> No.9993879

>I'm sure that matters when holoen2 girls can do this FULL TIME
5% reaper and 3 streams per week shark send their regards.
>and the nijiEN girls can't survive on what they make.
I'm sure they wouldn't be quitting their day jobs if it was that bad.

>> No.9993889

This. It doesn't seems like Holo had grown from their peak last year. At least in terms of superchats and average viewers, which imo are the most important factors. On the other hand, Niji has almost constant growth in superchats from month to month, getting to a new peaks almost every month.

>> No.9993895

Fish, Selen, and Elira are NEETs living with their parents
Petra is in school

>> No.9993922

Selen is not a neet, she's an artist doing drawing comissions. again, stop talking shit about stuff you have no idea about

>> No.9993975

Bruh, stop being retarded and pretending that you don't know that Holo's popularity comes only from they lucking up with YT algorithm.

>> No.9993995

idk man, i was a hololive tribalist before nijien dropped, but for the past months i find myself mostly watching nijiEN and a bit of ina

>> No.9994029
File: 603 KB, 1280x1444, en jp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>holo EN all feel like frauds and have no chemistry
They have NO chemistry at all, as evidenced by:
1. Holofags are the ones who cry the most about 'forced' collabs and 'muh' language barrier.
2. Selen, Qu, and Kanae Apex collab stream vs. the Umisea collab streams.

>> No.9994047

I've been watching more Niji.

Rosemi is a treasure.

>> No.9994049

>the other half of the grand cope coin

>> No.9994149

Except its true, hololive went viral at an extremely lucky time (covid shutdowns) and that was basically the sole reason for their success.

It becomes extremely obvious when you start hearing any holofag talking about singing ability, not realizing literally everyone in hololive is terrible at singing. They try to bring that shit into the vsinger threads too, not realizing how shit they are in comparison to actual singing focused groups.
Hell, even Mea's shitty karaoke is more entertaining than most the holos.

>> No.9994174

You don't know what that means. If you are to retarded to go and check the progression of their numbers, then the one copeing is you.

>> No.9994181

They're continuing to incline though. Meanwhile NijiEN is pretty stagnant

>> No.9994227

>implying the Holofags that cry about shit and posting garbage here actually watches streams and are actually Holofags
You should take a look outside this board. Also it must feel good for your small chuubas to have less bait threads on this board cause they're not popular enough to warrant dramafags stirring shit up for everything they do
Now please, >>9983897

>> No.9994235

>You don't know what that means.
Yes, it's what you're feeling right now.
Using "muh algorithm", "muh pandering to whatever site I don't like", "muh X retarded schizo theory or narrative"...
The truth is: Nijis are boring bitches.

>> No.9994306

Incline in what? Sub numbers? That's the most retarded indication of incline.
On the other hand, they recline on:
Average viewers
Monthly superchats
Even fucking reddit activity (the main source of holofags)
Niji is doing much better in those regards.

>> No.9994369

both are pretty stagnant.
>t. #fag

>> No.9994401

> "muh algorithm"
> schizo theory
It's not muh algorithm, it's youtube's algorithm. If you don't believe that it's real, you are a complete moron.
>The truth is: Nijis are boring bitches.
Now THIS is a real cope - completely subjective and coming straight from someone's ass.

>> No.9994447

Not really. Holo is stagnant-reclining. Niji is slowly inclining. Do your reps, please.

>> No.9994453

>invokes numbers
>refuses to look at the actual numbers

>> No.9994463

>holo subreddit has 7k users on right now
>niji subreddit has 200 users online

>> No.9994475

>Burgers wake up
>Tribalnogging ramps up
Was blaming SEA's a ruse from real big rat?

>> No.9994483

Cover rejected Pomu.

Therefore, Anycolor wins.

>> No.9994549

>Pomu sperges out on Kiara on a daily basis
>anycolor wins
lol...she is trying to be in hololive despite being in nijisanji

>> No.9994560

>actual numbers
Which ones?
I've seen a table of monthly superchats - Holo never beat their peak from 2020, Niji beats their own peak nearly every month.
I've seen reddit stats - Holo reclines, Niji inclines.
Average viewers - holo constantly reclines.
What numbers should I look at?

>> No.9994613
File: 2.53 MB, 518x474, 1624798084578.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make the best group of 5 possible with these 12 girls. What would the group name be regardless of group affiliation?

>> No.9994635

The only "decision" Cover made in that picture was IRyS. Most of Council are just Ina's friends who wanted to cash in on the vtuber trend.

>> No.9994653

>holo subreddit has 7k users on right now
It's had average of 9k-12k early this year. Just look at a reddit stat website.
>niji subreddit has 200 users online
Same goes for them, they had lower average numbers before.

>> No.9994694

Selen, Pomu, Elira, Petra, Rosemi
I'd call it nijiEN without the baggage.

>> No.9994747

>without the baggage

>> No.9994816

More like Cakequeen doesn't limit herself to leeching off within the same company and recognizes the loyal following Pomu has garnered.

>> No.9994844

not like there's much of a difference between white american women and NA-born asians.

>> No.9995150

>Who is making better hiring decisions?

>Overall Talent
HoloEN2 management
NijiEN management
>Team Synergy
NijiEN management

>> No.9995196

>>>Overall Talent
>HoloEN2 management
who's talented?

>> No.9995305

I'm always curious whether people who have this type of art style blindness are also faceblind.

>> No.9995416

>not even putting aside tribalism will get me to watch that gremlin model.
She's the best one, but I don't blame you for not watching her. Streaming is visual medium and her model is fucking terrible.

>> No.9995418

I'll give the edge to NijiEN for hiring someone that can actually play videogames somewhat competently in an industry where you're mostly watching someone play videogames.

>> No.9995579

You're confusing talent with entertaining

>> No.9995653

Anon you clearly didnt put your tribalism aside.

>> No.9995821

Mumei, Sana, Selen, Irys and Pomu

>> No.9996408
File: 89 KB, 900x658, superchat comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Finana is making crazy superchat money, what does that say about the entire council?

>> No.9997046

EN 2 is entertaining?

>> No.9997146

Gura and Ame are the only entertaining holos on EN, Ina and Calli are definitely the talented category. Kiara and the rest of EN2 are garbage

>> No.9997278

I watched Nijis this week and for the first time on an EN vtuber, I managed to tune in from beginning to the end. Aside from maybe a few Kronii streams or Irys, I don't really get that with Holo council and I don't understand why. I had a fucking blast during Rosemi's birthday stream with her being a retard and on that Meltdown collab on the official channel.

>> No.9997586

Viewer retention is really fucking difficult if you're not entertaining. All NijiENs have their moments but they not particularly strong on their own

>> No.9998248

while it helps pika. people watch pika for herself mostly. So you definitely need more

>> No.9998525

I don't watch any of them but the only one that repulses me is irys.

>> No.9998798
File: 240 KB, 2560x1556, chemistry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Team Synergy
That's a new one

>> No.9998903

Me, i want to fuck all of them

>> No.9998913

Which one of these is a lesbian/bisexual?

>> No.9999504

Every single one. The last straight woman died last year

>> No.9999907

>I had a fucking blast during Rosemi's birthday stream
really? i ignore her because she seems too sheltered for me. Guess I'll watch the archives

>> No.10000367

-is cute!

>> No.10000429

I think anyone will enjoy the niji ens calling her, the convos were great, especially the one with Elira and group convo later

>> No.10000453

he's a retard pls understand

>> No.10000493

>nijibronie coping already
actually sad

>> No.10000559

Move Sana and Finana up while moving Mumei and Irys down and you've got a great list.

>> No.10001418

She's a dumbass who had two of her streams crash on her back to back. One on her membership opening stream and one on her birthday stream. She's honestly the queen of incompetence and it's hilarious. I recommend you at least watch the Lasagna cooking vod.

>> No.10002284

>Every single one. The last straight woman died last year

>> No.10002437

your oshi, she's been replaced with a gay clone

>> No.10002644

>>Team Synergy
Im rooting for them in the next regionals, bro.

>> No.10003686

They're the internationals bro and they're gonna get crushed by Team JP

>> No.10003902


>> No.10003930

Both are good.

>> No.10004035

Niji has Selen so they are way smarter

>> No.10004239


Top Tier Pros
Solid Picks with Potential
Interchangeable With Most Decent Indies/Small Company Vtubers
In Over Their Heads

>> No.10004285

Some of the recent Minecraft streams and the retard collab have been absolutely kino

>> No.10004455

They take a while to flesh out. I barely watch EN, usually is because they're the only ones streaming during dead hours, but I don't expect to see EN2 full potential until several months in.

>> No.10004463

>Team Synergy
Ok, but are they leveraging their core competencies to execute stronger deliverables?

>> No.10004770

They each have 3 good designs and 3 not so good designs. However, Irys tips the scale in favor of Niji. Their artfags are just better hires, definitely.

In terms of talent and just based on those pictured, Niji mogs them completely. Kronii and brrat carry council as far as charisma goes, while the nijis have solid performance and synergy.

>> No.10004865

Based. Sana only got hired because she was a popular artist. People say she's taking the Kaira route but even Kiara is getting more viewers playing fucking jrpgs

>> No.10004944

Elira and Pomu come as a pair and are the best pure streamers in that group.
Selen for the Apex buff and bratty personality.
Irys for being the best singer in the group, but I'd give her Petra's model cause it fits her personality better (never forgiving Cover for what they stole from us)
Last slot was kinda dicey for me between Finana, Fauna, Baelz, and Sana, but I'd settle for Sana with a non-shit model (maybe Baelz' model but flat) and make her fucking draw on stream.
As for the name, I'll just call them HololiveEN Gen 2 for the brand awareness.

>> No.10004996

This is very true, Vshojo at least uses some tact, even Veibae can keep a steady 7k viewers, I believe she is one of the most watched chuubas on the twitch platform.

>> No.10005062

Holo has the stronger picks here. Might change with wave 3 though.

>> No.10005101

>In Over Their Heads
Clearly speaking as someone who hasn't watched her stream any of Va11halla, Hitman, Papers Please, Nekopara, GTA, Little Nightmares 2, or Astral Chain for solo streams, and any of her horror collabs with Pomu, her Metal Slug collab with Selen, or her GG Strive collab with Rosemi.

>> No.10005198

Vei, Ironmouse, and Nyanners are the top 3.

>> No.10005303
File: 43 KB, 500x500, 16207612390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anons call them shit when they have the top 3 chuubas on twitch
Anon is coping

>> No.10005349

Well, to be fair nijis and holos don't really stream on Twitch.

>> No.10005383

Being top 3k means you get like...8k average. It's nice but keep it in context. Also keep in mind...they went out and recruited all the top vtubers on twitch for their company so having the top vtubers on twitch isn't really an accomplishment per say.

>> No.10005424

Finana is not fit to be a corporate vtuber is what he's saying. She really isn't. I'm still curious why they even hired her, she has no talent and can't even break up dead air in streaming. Maybe her family has ties to Nijisanji/Sony.

>> No.10005507

It's still much better than Nijisanji does and close to Hololive numbers, sometimes surpassing.

>> No.10005519

Who makes the arbitrary rules on being fit to be a vtuber an-non?

>> No.10005562


>not fit to be a corporate vtuber
Nijisanji isn't a soulless company, so this is fine

>she has no talent and can't even break up dead air in streaming
Again, watch any of those streams, especially Va11halla, Finana is great. She was too in her shell early on, but she has blossomed into one of the best ENvtubers I have seen and her ability to really get into games is extremely engaging to watch.

>> No.10005578

tierlist posting /vt/niggers of course

>> No.10005659

Same with Kronii, yet she's doing the best out of everyone in council.

>> No.10005837

Anykara or rather Ichikara when they first made Nijisanji was beyond dogshit. It took a while for them to become better in their management from their own talents shitting on how fucked their management have been so they were forced to become an actually decent company. If it weren't for Nijisanji Resistance and Sasaki's graduation slap on the face, they would be shit.

>> No.10005880

No way fishfag.

>> No.10006090

I need more impromptu collabs and group meltdowns from HoloEN. And I want NijiEN to go buff their singing, Pomu and Elira are great singers but the rest suck. Rosemi feels like she can be great at singing, but I don't really know how she sings since I'm not a member and didn't watch her Karaoke stream

>> No.10006302

She sucks at singing most of the time but she's got potential since her opera voice is nice

>> No.10006497

Not a Nijinigger and I really dont watch any of them at all but Pomu is better than every other one of them put together and Selen is better than everyone of them put together minus Pomu.

I love hololive with a fiery passion but anyone who things Gen2 was a good hire is brain dead.

>> No.10006630

They're fine but they're not as charming if I had to be honest.

>> No.10006731

>not strong
How does it feel to be so delusional?

>> No.10007048

>5% repeated narcissism jokes
>5% repeated self-deprecating jokes
>10% dry humour
>80% dry conversations
she's only strong in numbers

>> No.10007168
File: 149 KB, 613x484, 1631830077106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Top Tier Pros
This is the only correct classification of those two

>> No.10007248

Her dry "personality" is boring and she is carried by her design. Plus she sounds extremely fake

>> No.10007273

Holochads have Sana
Nijikeks do not have Sana
Seems like an easy win Holochads

>> No.10007606

dry personality is a love or hate it type of thing, and there's clearly an audience of people who like it. What's actually bad is how terrible she is at filling dead space in conversations.

>> No.10007736

All the NijiEN hires are solid except for Petra. HoloEN only half of them are. NijiEN has the better track record for hiring.

>> No.10009192

Calli's music sucks, and I feel like I'm taking crazy pills hearing her get so much praise. I like her genres too. I listen to lots of electronic music and hip hop.

>> No.10009462

I know Selen definitely wasn't hired for her singing voice, but she's so incredibly tone deaf that it's kind of endearing. Even putting singing aside, she's so, so bad at parroting back phrases in Japanese and other languages. Pronunciation, emphasis it's all bad. Maybe something's up with her hearing lol.

>> No.10009552

>she has no talent
Singin, music mixing, drawing, graphic design, incredible voice range and engaging streams where she actually has fun and gets into the games she play to an infectious degree
Actually watch people before you talk about them

>> No.10009708

t. willful cuck

>> No.10009777

The Holo hires are the more talented hires here, probably a good choice if they want to pull non vtuber fans into the loop. Holo wins this.

>> No.10012700

>she has no talent
Maybe actually try watching her streams?

>> No.10013929

I'd rather watch vshojo than that trash

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