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What are some examples of an Oshi redeeming herself after having backlash?

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Reine started off as the unpopular ID2. People thought she was a stuck up bitch. It turned out she was just an awkward, mildly autistic, closed off heiress who was having trouble conveying her feelings in English. She wound up becoming the most likeable ID2 around these parts after opening up, collabing around with other holos, and proving that she does well in a collab with pretty much anyone. People had a much better opinion of her after getting to know her better, and the second costume was spot on. Her awkwardness and sad attempts at humor became adorable and endearing. Since then, she's enjoyed a position as one of /vt/'s favorite EN holos

In contrast, Ollie was the most hype ID2 holo and widely considered to be a better kiara. Then she made herself into a hate sink by yabbing constantly, getting all her vods privated for hours during her debut week, and doing the sex on stream while her Gen mates sat there helplessly in justifiable horror.

As for Anya, she just went from being relevant to irrelevant.

Redemption ultimately comes down to grinding, collabs, and seisou.

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What a quality post

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Yeah, people were cold to Reine because she wanted to build herself as the ID focused member of the trio, compared to EN Ollie and JP Anya.

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Nearly all of them with the slightest bit of controversy that gets blown out of proportion. People who fall for false flags and drama need to fuck off.

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there was no backlash against Ame though. /vt/ doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things

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>doing the sex on stream while her Gen mates
That was based though.

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It was so painfully uncomfortable for everyone watching I had to take off my pants just to feel at ease.

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Not my oshi but Gwelu used to get flamed for being a troll who took pranks too far and now he's a host for Nijisanji events and an upstanding father

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>doing the sex on stream while her Gen mates sat there helplessly in justifiable horror.

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there are none. vtuber fans hold grudges.

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>doing the sex on stream while her Gen mates sat there helplessly in justifiable horror
That was hilarious. Never watched her again afterwards though.

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Matul- Ah no wait, she didn't redeemed herself

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It's a lie based on a bunch of bored SEA teenagers getting their rocks off spreading misinformation. There's a misogynistic element to it as well, seeking to shame and control the sexuality of a woman they will probably never even meet by lying about her actions and denigrating the friends she makes, but that's pretty obvious.

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Ok I'm not normally one to care about newfags, but seriously if you don't know this one, how fucking new?

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I gave Reine a chance well after debut right before membership came out and thought she was great. Very EOP friendly and a class act. I didn't realize she was disliked in the beginning but I think she'll do great in the long run vs her genmates.

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It's more foreplay than actual sex


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December stream.

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I remember Towa having a really hard time when she started off. She seemed to constantly be distracted with other things, didn't chat much with her gen mates, ended up facing backlash for her roommate's boyfriend, and was honestly just not that popular for a very long time. She had a very dedicated fanbase who constantly shilled for her voice and her shooter skills and eventually she put out a hit song and everything started to look up from there.

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she did a weird moany sigh thing because she was frustrated or annoyed at the game they were playing (phasmo) and so the running joke is that she was masturbating or whatever. The clip isn't hard to find but it's definitely oversold here

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>she did a weird moany sigh thing because she was frustrated or annoyed at the game
Schizos can go both ways, anon.

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While you’re being an autist on someone missing one event over one girl, I’m gonna be sitting here waiting for an answer from an anon with brain cells.

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Still funny, heh

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That video is really all there was? I never looked into it in detail, always figured it was something more. Take your meds anons

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Hard to argue with any of this. It was a rocky start but Reine's streams are worlds apart from debut. She's so much more comfortable with chat and has been coming out of her shell as a streamer. I'm not sure it's a redemption from backlash exactly, but it's a good transformation story nonetheless. Quality post.

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First stream I saw of Reine was that keyboard asmr so I did not have any idea what to think of her. When she made a cover with my oshi Nenechi, she became the top HoloID in my list.

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It's the entire stream, feel free to watch it and form your own opinion

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Damage control harder you deluded twat.

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>muh misogonee

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Do SEAsisters really?

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Nene was imprisoned by the Oozura police twice but is once again out on parole and seems to be completely reformed

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>his oshi feels the need to redeem herself

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Goslings please

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>Tweeted a brap video before her debut that triggered the fuck out of all the EN-only Hololive fans checking out Nijisanji EN.
>Missed her own debut stream and had to reschedule for the next day because her OBS crashed.
>Talked about pirating the Demon Slayer movie leak on her rescheduled debut stream. Demon Slayer is licensed by Aniplex which is owned by Sony, one of Anykara's largest investors.
>Never streamed over 2 hours making people think she was just doing it out of obligations from managers and hated streaming.
>Never did superchat reading and would only read the names instead of messages on superchats
>Doxxed her location during her first keyboard review stream during debut week, forcing her to private the vod.
>Had an issue during her first Undertale stream that forced her to abandon the playthrough entirely.
>Doxxed her real name during her Friday Night Funkin stream.
>Kept forgetting to monetize her Minecraft streams and playing games that couldn't be monetized like GTAV.
>Had the lowest SC numbers of her gen by far, like she was getting maybe $100-150 per monetized stream or something while Pomu was regularly getting thousands.
>Is the antithesis of seiso, not a single stream goes by where she isn't talking about hentai or sex or her poop or talking about pirating media and triggering Japanese drawfags.
>Has displayed a complete disinterest in her own company's Japanese talents and prefers collabing with VShojo and other Twitch people.
>Forced Pomu and Elira into a horrible collab with a bunch of Twitchers that traumatized Elira and humiliated Pomu along with having fucking copyrighted music in all the maps forcing them to immediately and permanently private the vods, wasting their time.
>Leaked the Obsydia debuts and guaranteed managers will never tell her anything ever again.
>Her genmates are terrified of collabing with her as she often gets them in trouble with managers from her conversation topics or risks getting their channels shadowbanned by Youtube for too much sexual content.
>Didn't even sell half her custom voicepacks while Pomu's were completely sold out and Elira sold most of them.

>Turned out to have a really SEEEX oneesan voice
>Is actually a good singer even though she's too shy to do karaoke streams
>Became a vtuber because she was too poor to afford college and had lots of jobs before vtubing to try to save up money
>Spends literally all day on Twitter replying to her drawfags and random people who tweet at her showing she really cares about her fans and loves her work. She has fucking 55,600 likes on her twitter account while her genmates don't even break 10,000.
>Revealed the reason she didn't stream over 2 hours for the first couple weeks was because she was too shy and talking for that long made her exhausted.
>Regularly does 4-5 hour streams now and 2+ hour superchat readings where she just chills with her viewers.
>Started building friendships with others in her company, even those that don't speak any English often interact with her on Twitter.
>Japanese fans actually really like her and the livers find her hilarious because they respect her for being a complete degenerate they didn't think westerners were capable of.
>Has now largely caught up to her genmates in superchats/memberships and has a lot of dedicated paypigs that throw lots of money at her every stream.
>Ironically her genmates were constantly plagued with scheduling or tech or internet issues for the last month or so while her streams have been pretty much flawless on the technical side after her first first 2 weeks or so of failed debuts and self-doxxing.
>Somehow was the least yab in the most recent full NijiEN collab and actually behaved herself.
>Still regularly talks about hentai but her viewers love it and recommend her stuff to read while streaming.
>Has by far the most drawfags of NijiEN and her R18 tag has tons of content because she actually acknowledges her lewd artists and appreciates every single fanart.

I wouldn't even say she's my favorite but she's definitely the "most improved" and has a genuinely loyal and dedicated fanbase.

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>an Oshi
Nonsense grammar.

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The whole "I'll stream in Indonesian" thing from her debut was just an unfortunate fuckup, since she never actually did that, even at the very start. Not sure what her or management was thinking, other than to try to pre-emptively placate Indos before they inevitably starting getting mad she wasn't streaming for them. Probably set her back with EOP fans for a long time, giving Ollie the chance to run away with the ##1 position easily.

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this slut fish is the only niji im subbed to

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She's still an idiot, they had to take down/edit two recent videos because she doesn't know when to stop talking about piracy.

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>doing the sex on stream while her Gen mates sat there helplessly in justifiable horror
clip? so i can hate it of course... haha...

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>>Forced Pomu and Elira into a horrible collab with a bunch of Twitchers that traumatized Elira and humiliated Pomu along with having fucking copyrighted music in all the maps forcing them to immediately and permanently private the vods, wasting their time.
can i get details?

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>i dont want to
>can we stop
is ollie the first vtuber to be raped on stream?

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>inb4 a lot of zomcucks reply with insults and not a single argument

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She is an idiot and it really upset Pomu that she did that.

She's developing her own identity as a streamer though. The degenerate stuff is fine as long as she learns to stop talking about piracy. Maybe Nijisanji will let her get a sponsorship with Tenga or some shit for her own custom feesh onahole.

It was a garry's mod Prop Hunt collab organized by Zentreya from VShojo. For some reason the retarded tts dragon decided to play some other game instead of Prop Hunt that Elira and Pomu didn't know how to play and no one explained it to them. They just sat there confused waiting for the game they came for. Some of the maps had copyrighted music like all those old source game maps with meme songs looping in the background like some sorta YTMD. Then some autistic moose mentioned Pomu's surgery and forced everyone to acknowledge it when she really wasn't comfortable talking about it and made her feel like shit. The vod ended up privated from all perspectives including Pikamee who was also there because of the copyrighted music. They didn't bother editing it out and just promised to release a highlight video that never materialized. To be honest it wasn't really Finana's fault, like 99% of the fault was on Zentreya and 1% on Haruka Karibou the moose girl. Finana should've at least showed them how to play instead of doing her own thing the whole stream though.

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dont forget those long ass times of silent while the tranny was tipying into the voicespeak programm

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I muted the Selen Apex collab w/ Zen and Froot because of that it was unwatchable. How the fuck can anyone tolerate it?

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>It's a lie based on a bunch of bored SEA teenagers getting their rocks off spreading misinformation.
nothing is confirmed so rrat will stay
>There's a misogynistic element to it as well, seeking to shame and control the sexuality of a woman they will probably never even meet by lying about her actions and denigrating the friends she makes, but that's pretty obvious
lmao wtf happened here

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>make a completely logical take for the first paragraph
>go full rrat on the second
Now THIS is true bait. It lures you in for a bit, THEN hits you with the schizo punch

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I never liked Ollie to begin with. Something about her looks just gave me bad vibes. It's funny seeing that my schizophrenia paid off.
That said, I do like Reine. Anya is cute but she's just kind of meh.

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>The vod ended up privated from all perspectives
Every twitch stream of it is still up
At least 6 total

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This board is full of newfags so no one will remember, but Moona was utterly despised originally for being absolutely horrible in every non-ID collab and also doing stupid Muslim shit like getting management to ban R-18 fanart of her and also covering up her model on screen because it was too revealing. Things sure have changed.

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What was /vt/'s issue with Ame?
Her last minute rescheduling?

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Judging a company vtuber by their model is the most retarded thing you can do.

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>kronii has an S-tier voice
>hate looking at her model

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she's always been pretty rude eh, i think it's funny personally but i dont think i could blame anyone for hating it

>> No.9980540

How is that even possible?
It's like a smug dork saberface.
Do you just have a irrational hate for fate or something?

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>ban R-18 fanart of he
ban how?

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i dont know anything about fate, but: i dont like her hair or her eyes, i dont like her outfit and i dont like the clock thing, im not the biggest fan of her colors either but that's a nitpick i could get over that
the hair, face shape, and eyes all together it the main thing though. and the clock, i hate the clock but she doesnt usually wear it

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Anon I hate top break it to you but it sounds like you got a bad case of clock envy.

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idk what you're talking about man i just dont like her design and it's a shame
i'll probably like her a lot more when she gets a new outfit

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> hate sink
And yet she has the highest peak CCV avg in 2021, SC earnings, twitter followers and 2nd highest yt subs in HoloID. I guess getting hated by /vt/ isnt as bad as it seems.

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Can you really blame her for not wanting to get stoned to death?

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This was before /vt/‘s time but

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>I guess getting hated by /vt/ isnt as bad as it seems.
It's certainly bad enough to where multiple Vtubers (Ollie, Kiara, Risu, etc.) have complained about receiving hate from here. Negative words stick a lot harder than positive ones, and when all that negativity comes from exactly one place, it stays in your mind a lot longer than the copy-paste compliments you get from everywhere else.

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This is a good summary desu. I disliked the fish in the beginning, but have turned around and genuinely enjoy her now

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Kiara x Nyanners collab

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Go back to whatever shithole website you came from and then kill yourselves.

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Does Risu even get much hate besides people bitching that she should do more karaoke?

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I love the mental gymnastics and coping zomcucks go through pretending they moan like a hentai girl filled with cum whenever they're scared. "Y-yeah that's a totally normal scream guys!"

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pretty hot, i choose to believe

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I don't understand the hate for Ollie desu

>> No.9986727

We watch Vtubers because they're Vtubers, somehow fucking Ollie is trying to normalize e-celeb faggotry collabs, there was an instance where she said she wanted to change the culture of Hololive, she's like a child that's ego is boosted by being popular

If i was management, i would've banished that fucking indognesian to the shithole that she came from

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what a retarded post

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Mori was getting shit on after her Shadowverse collab with Kiara and the failed Cuphead collab with Gura. She had a better stream right after with Gigguk and people accused her of only being enthused when collabing with her friends. When she collabed with Ollie and Coco, they said she was faking it. She's been having great streams since and the only one I can say wasn't that great was the Ender Dragon collab. Even the scuffed TTRPG session was salvaged with Unity and gartic phone.

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incels mad, same as ever

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What a way to admit you are a schizo, now take your meds.

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Fuck off faggot

>> No.9988707

good thing you're not management so all you can do is share your impotent rage with us

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obvious troll is obvious

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I fucking love this degenelate fishe

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make me nigger

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>and doing the sex on stream

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Backyard Bottomslash

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Keep coping faggot, anitubers are here. Just accept that one day every one of your girls will be a part of Cannur's 93%

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I love ahegao watame

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