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I don't understand why El Goblina is so popular. She was introduced in a throwaway generation and given a half-assed model for no reason other than to tide people over who were anticipating EN Gen 2... but she's more popular than most of them. Hell, she's more popular than a good chunk of the JP crew. What is this unfunny wastrel doing better than, say, Hakos Baelz?

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She's better than every other HoloEN by a mile

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She's cute and charming. And bilingual that's based.

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Neither of you will ever be Japanese.

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Best EN member.

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No but I can still speak Japanese

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op is proof why we should cure homosexuality by electroshocks

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Part of the reason I like her is how stupid she is.
Other girls might try to play dumb to act cute, but Irys is an honest to god moron and it's adorable.

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Anonchama do your roomate reps

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Nijiniggers coping again. Yes Hololive got the girl that had the 113 million views video on a Renai Circulation cover. Reminder that they thought they were getting her in the 1st nijiEN wave.

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But she is japanese.

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She's actually pretty good as a streamer and relaxing to listen to. I'm still hoping she gets a design upgrade.

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She's cute, always positive, has a nice voice and audio setup, gets along well with anyone she collabs with, brings something unique to HoloEN, has a good work ethic and is competent enough at games for someone who's not really a gamer. She deserves it.

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>brings something unique to HoloEN
And what exactly is that

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Good weekly singing streams.

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IRyS cute

I actually enjoy her a lot more than any of the EN2 girls

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lolno. I know nothing about the personal lives of any vtuber and I never will. I'd rather enjoy them for their characters. I'd say try it yourself but... well... look where we are.

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I am actually more attracted to her model than the normal ones. It's a weird acquired taste where once you watch it in action and listen to her talking about random dorky shit you can only see the old models as basically being anime masks on stilts. Her model is a lot more expressive than the normal ones and you're getting a dose of uncanny valley, but once you get past it it's the only truly 'good' model.

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She streams like a pro and more talented compare to council. You like sassy competitive girl you pick her

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Well that's fine, but then don't make baseless statements kek

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Irys cute.
But she's having a lot of issues with Spacial awareness.

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It's not baseless. You're not Japanese and neither is IRyS. She's a Nephilim.

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A dork.

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I wasn't too sure about her at first and thought she was a mistake but she's really grown on me lately. I think she's great on collabs.

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She's absolutely drama-free so I can enjoy her without any faggot here having anything bad to say about her other than their own shitty opinions.

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She reminds us of America
Don't shit up a thread about our hermana my latinx brother.

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A forced senpai-kouhai dynamic

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I ignored her because of the goblin model and because I don’t care about vsingers. But after watching her mk/portal collabs with Reine and her minecraft streams it turns out she’s actually pretty fun to watch.
Also I’m not sure what she did with her model but it somehow looks substantially better in her recent streams compared to her debut. Either that or it grows on you.

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Comerse una polla Twitter.

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Yep, I believe hololive made the en "vsinger" branch to grab her before nijiEn after her debut on her old channel. She was almost flawless on her debut as a streamer that Hololive probably called her right after. Its just comfy to listen to her.

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They didn't do anything with her model. You have Stockholm's Syndrome.

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Is this dude for real?

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The brightness filter she has in most of her recent streams makes her look better. I was never filtered by her model though.

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Cover know that give her a good model would make her too powerful.

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>She's a Nephilim
And a DAMN cute one at that!!!

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IRys is peak :D

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her old model that got used once will forever be remembered in the recorded history of wasted top tier models along side shartamis ...........

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she is pretty cute
i like her hag energy
i actually don't like her singing however, good thing she's just like a normal streamer unlike azkek

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Cute dork mommy gf

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I can think of at least ten others in hololive who match that description and have been doing it longer than IRyS.

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She has a cute and pleasant personality.

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Saying some double entendre every other sentence

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To be fair, Reine goes well with anyone. Her presence even made kiara slightly more bearable.

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Disgusting. That mongrel accent makes me want to stab myself in the ears.

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She's the only holo that makes me want to put a baby in her belly and start a happy family

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First clip

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Understandable but we have enough Kiara hate threads at the moment, no need to turn this into another one.

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She is so innocent she just doesnt even notice.

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because Irys cute, CUTE!

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Oh bullshit. Do you think the "YabaIRyS" meme sprang up accidentally? She knows exactly what she's doing.

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a good vtuber

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Then in that case I am your dad.

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Sometimes, but chat exaggerates and takes things out of context a lot too.

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She is very funny and sweet.

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Secret endings

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She's objectively the best en member, and that's coming from someone who doesn't care about the en group at all unless they're collabing with my oshi or some shit

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Sure, but she plays it up for laughs too. Her two most popular clips at the moment are her terrorizing Ollie and Kronii.

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before HoloEN2 she was the only tolerable HoloEN other than maybe Ina if watching paint dry was your thing. i would go further than that and say that she was even a good holomen overall. now that EN2 is out she remains the best HoloEN by far but joined by Kronii and Sana as the HoloENs that are worth watching if youre not just a normalfag ironic weeb like the entirety of HoloEN1

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She has her own charm.
Also a one thot meme machine when she's in the mood.
Walking up to ollie and eating zombie flesh in front of her to assert dominance?
Pure sigma energy

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Oh that side of her sure. I thought you meant things like saying "Wanna come inside my tum tum again?" and the like.

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>Funny, possibly without meaning to
>Says lewd things or makes lewd sounds on accident
>Exhudes hag energy with some of the references at time
>Gets along with everyone
>Has enough extrovertness to collab with anyone or ask for them
>Not a gamer but has a willingness to learn unlike the rest of EN and you see her slowly improve
>Actually pays attention to the story in games
>Weekly karaokes
>Has no problems assertive dominance
I wish all of EN was like her.

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for me it's a mix of never stopping talking about something, being weirdly always immersed in the game and having both intentional and unintentional good humor
you can argue that she had good "collab partners" in minecraft but you need to give her some credit on how she handled ollie and kronii and created two memorable moments out of nowhere

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she's actually a pretty decent streamer. she's chill but still talkative and entertaining. sort of ina-like. the model debuff is enough to turn me off from watching her, but she seems pretty nice, especially when compared to the en2 dumpster fire.

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>She's a Nephilim.
so a walking anathema? in the name of the Lord she needs to be purged!

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I'll exorcise her with my dick, it's the only way

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>What is this unfunny wastrel doing better than, say, Hakos Baelz?
She's either best or 2nd best EN no question.

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She's super sweet and adorable. Gives me the same vibes as Watame and Lulu.
If she had a proper anime model (I don't hate it but it's objectively a debuff) and debuted along the other 1st gen she would have easily double the viewers she has now.

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Top3 I love watching when they're:
*Gaming (Kronii, IRyS, Ina)
*Karaoke (Gura, IRyS, Ina)
*Covers/OG (Mori, Gura, Ina)
*Drawing (Ina, Mumei, Sana)

Top3 on how beautiful their:
*OG Models (Kronii, Ame, Mori)
*Costumes (Ina, Ame, Mori)

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Nice false flag to get us to discuss IRyS…idiot…

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She does dorky secret endings to her streams. I love her.

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Non sequitor.

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I like IRyS' voice, singing, and demeanor a lot. Not going to give the faggot OP a (you).

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>hits 300k subs before even debuting
>mogs everyones singing, humble about it
>positive personality charms everyone
>somehow brings kino moments out of everyone she collabs with
>only rrat out there of her is that shes a christian and a virgin
She’s literally perfect.

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Truly the last good HoloEN

>> No.9957569

She's genuinely a good streamer.

>> No.9958726

People were afraid she'd be EN AzKi with a nonexistant streaming consistency, she turned out to be EN Suisei minus the extreme tryhard mentality

>> No.9958843

This. She's a natural.

>> No.9959074

You must have a weak libido then cause I want to make a good dozen holos pregnant

>> No.9959075

She’s been out longer. People will warm up to en2 eventually

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Irys is secretly based and redpilled. She's good at hiding it

>> No.9959168

Hag and a good pair for both Reine and Ina.

>> No.9959191

Almost calling a baby the N word

>> No.9959259

I'll never warm up to Sana and Balls until they learn how to enunciate properly.

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Her model is weird yeah but her voice and personality is very good, better than most of EN2 (if not everyone there to me personally besides maaaybe Sana).

Her just being pleasant and cute to watch carries her through, she is like a very dainty girly-girl type and actually, that is not a strongly filled niche in EN. In Myth, Ina is arguably dainty and girly, but is also a pretty thorough otaku, heavy FF player and being an excellent artist means it is like 99% likely she has drawn porn for herself if not FF RP stuff. In Council, you could maybe say Fauna is kind of the type but she is not as clean as Irys (in fact we know she isn't very innocent from roommate). Hakos is like a dainty girl trying to act zany and wild, so it is covered up and awkward. Mumei is just plain 'tarded by design, Kronii is kuudere and Sana feels close-ish to Irys but more "genki and zany" type like Nene than "dainty and girly." So Irys arguably has a niche to herself. Being half nip she just culturally and linguistically is inclined to be extremely polite and demure. Not all Japanese take to that feel, but she totally does. People like that.

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it was kind of funny that I called it even before the vsinger auditions got announced. It's either a faggot intern from Cover was lurking on /hlgg/ or that it was just a pure cohencidence

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>She's objectively the best en member, and that's coming from someone who doesn't care about the en group at all
That's pretty much the only type of person that opinion would come from, yeah.

>> No.9959958

Case in point, in that improv Phasmo collab, when a ghost killed Irys? Her first comment was that the ghost's hands look dirty and she wants to go wash his hands. Not that she died, or being scared - no, mommy says go wash your hands. Irys is such a girly-girl, way beyond the other ENs. She would be the type to insist you fold your napkins properly when you eat, elbows off the table and probably carefully makes her bed every day.

>> No.9960557

I've never seen so many words to say simply, "I don't watch streams"

>> No.9960848

I like her, cute, dorky, streams a lot, good voice. There's not too much negative about her aside from the model debuff. I know this is a bait thread but it's not hard to see why people are warming up to her.

>> No.9961078

I felt a horny energy reading this

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Clips are superior. Why watch a six hour stream with over five hours of it being dead air when I can enjoy highlights that last no more than a minute?

>> No.9966671

name 14

>> No.9966861

It looks brighter than before

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She almost said ni- I love her <3<3<3

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Speak English you latanx faggot

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She's popular because you idiots will never learn
Stop memeing and trolling shit 24/7 trying to get in on some massive hivemind "fun" and this shit would stop happening.

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Goes to show model doesn't mean shit if the talent behind it cannot back it up (see petra gurin)

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Now I know what she said to Mori during those tea parties of theirs.

>> No.9967349

Tiny IRyS and amazon Mori having tea together...imagine. I hope they do offcollab karaoke someday, even if its super scuffed.

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She is a social climber who knew people in hololive and got them to make a special generation and model just for her. Pure nepotism. At this point there are lots of talented girls who aren't part of hololive that are worth your time.

>> No.9967569

Every moment she is on stream, she makes it clear she wants to be impregnated. Not just her words, it comes from her body language and the intonation of her voice.

It oozes from her being, like some kind of breeding aura that transcends time and space. It's like the Marker from Dead Space, except she's gathering men into some kind of sex moon.

>> No.9967684

Pretty based if true.

>> No.9967845

Yeah that's why they held auditions and she even debuted and started streaming with her own live2d as an indie AFTER Vsinger auditions. If she was specifically singled out and selected she wouldn't have set out on her own after the auditions were over. She also mentioned that she thought she was rejected after auditions due to their response to her.

>> No.9967873

you can watch shitty nepotish hires like El Goblino or Sana. Or you can watch actual talented entertainers which aren't part of hololive. There are many

>> No.9968021

Point me to one that does similar content to IRyS (gaming and singing streams) and I'll watch some of her content. I doubt she'll measure up though.

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Don't care, I'll post more sekushi IRyS

>> No.9968407

Why do smoothbrains have such kneejerk reactions towards the idea of learning languages?

>> No.9968437

yeah but do any of those girls refer to babies as nigga

>> No.9968607

That's not an apt comparisson since the most common complaint about IRyS is her model.

Virtual Gorrila is better as he has a low quality basically JPEG with almost no animation model but it one of the most popular indies because he himself the SOVL is great.

IRyS is so good that even with a model that splits people they can't deny she is a good streamer.

>> No.9968610

Pomu's doing karaoke right now


>> No.9968686

Somehow I just knew this level of salt could only come from a pomudachi

>> No.9968750

She's a retard and retarded girls are cute

>> No.9968769

God I love her

>> No.9968832

Have you tried watching her?

>> No.9968871

I thought you were going to post some diamond in the rough indie or something, not a Holo reject

>> No.9968893

She embraces her heterosexuality unlike everyone else

>> No.9968900

I'm sure she's a fine streamer but you can't say she's better than IRyS. This is also only her 3rd karaoke stream and she's been streaming 3 times as long as IRyS.

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IRyS is amazing you faggot. It's really a shame that they couldn't have repurposed yogurts old model or given her something similar, though I don't dislike IRyS' current model anymore.

>> No.9968986

She was one of the good ones. It would be disrespectful to reuse that model.

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I started watching her because I simply could not believe the stupid shit I was reading about her minecraft streams and the general chaos her existence brought to any collaborations. I wanted to see for myself if it was an act or not. Fell in love almost immediately. With a month of watching her, I can say that she absolutely plays up certain things and is a great improv performer, but that retardation aura that follows her around is Hyper Mega Nenechi Deluxe Gunbuster tier - the real thing.

>> No.9969075

Honestly for how pure, dorky and cute she is Nene is a good comparison.

>> No.9969105

Pomu's alright. I watched the collab yesterday and she was funny.
Hey cool

>> No.9969386

Go look up who she was before idiot. I bet none of your 2view chuubas already had a few singing cover videos with over millions of views especially not one with 170+ million. Even her avatar she used once on her old channel is better than 99.9% of vtubers out there.

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I remember my immediate reaction was "Oh no, she's Nene with hag energy, I'm fucked." and...honestly hasn't been disproved. Now I get up at 5am to watch unarchived karaoke with autistic storyline playlists, secret endings (even when we're told no secret endings), listen to her loading BGM on loop for hours, and became super-duper cool. Also, the IRyStocrats are really nice people.

>> No.9969525

Yeah, and Sh4rt3mis is a gay woman.

>> No.9969615

Damn bro get another hobby

>> No.9969866

Oh no Pomu is mogging herself with that song right now.

>> No.9972001

Here it's the most common complaint. No where else cares.

>> No.9972050

The only enjoyable niji

>> No.9980157

She took out the wind for EN's sails.

>> No.9984402

Right? Sometimes when she is speaking normally, she goes into a whisper/ASMR voice out of nowhere. It's friggin ridiculous how good it sounds, I don't know if she is doing this intentionally or what but it's sexy as hell!

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Its the right opinion because that's as unbiased as you can get, keep seething cumbud

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