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Award winning Vtuber edition

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VShojo fuck

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Did she get the award for horniest autist on twitch?

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cute feets

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Where's the VTuber feet thread?

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No, but she did get the award for most innovative whore.

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VShojo and company, needs more feet art.

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Great job, OP.
Source: https://twitter.com/kuppa_s4n/status/1354972253369331712

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>versus jojo general

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I'm honestly amazed she lost any of her nominations. I figured she'd sweep thanks to her massive fanbase.

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Maybe it was one of those things where the voters only had a weighed percentage of the total and there was a committee that decided the rest. I don't know tho, and I'm not really all that inclined to go look up the rules for CB awards.

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Projekt Melody is now live!

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They wouldn't let Melody sweep. It would cause too much of a shitstorm.

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Being popular with coomer degens isn't much to write home about.

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Still preferable to being popular with idolfag autists

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Does anyone have a recording of her acceptance speech? I missed it and I wanted to see her reaction.

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it sure makes money

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Thank you for stopping by a Vshojo thread! Tell all your friends!

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When will mouse get a season 3 avatar update?

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999649 is a fucklord
what a fucking bizzare sentiment to claim in this place,

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Probably not for a while, but her full devil "OAV" form is on the way.

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Mel's chat is bullying her with dad jokes again.

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Good. Keep going.

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Projekt Melody is going to do yoga on Twitch.tv. This is probably the closest you're going to get to a Mel Chaturbate stream on places other than CB or PornHub so GET IN HERE.

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Anon, Pornhub is kill. She has a free OnlyFans now.

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Guys, which Vshojo girl do you suggest I should watch? I'm a soldier and I just came back from Afghanistan to my loving fiancée. I really like Froot's design and she sounds like a lovely girl.

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PornHub isn't dead, or do you mean her content got kicked off there, which would be weird because she'd be a verified content creator since she's associated with CB? I didn't know that she'd made the switch.

Also if anybody ever wants to know why people love Melody this stream is exhibit A. She's gone from being grateful and gracious about her award being won, grooving with her raver-girl type movements, to being bullied by dad jokes. to attempting to show off Yoga but getting sidetracked by doing the Time Warp and talking about Tim Curry, then lamenting not being a guy because then she'd be taller and have a p-word inside her body.

Melody is a fucking joy to watch.

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You guys aren't even trying anymore.

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Pornhub is dying ever since they purged 90% of their content. Her stuff is still there, but they've stopped her from posting anything new. Allegedly because because of "non-consent and incapacitation". Pornhub seems to have a problem with anything besides flesh and blood, professional porn stars now since they've also been fucking over animators like Skudd.

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I'm trying harder than certain girls are trying to be faithful to their spouses.

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She probably made the right business decision, just surprising that PH went that far.

You should be watching Melody right now. She is doing her affirmations with a soft, soothing voice and it feels like you're being brainwashed ASMR style. Come learn to love yourself.

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There were a handful of videos I found when I was just a little kid, now gone forever from PH

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Fuck off twitter tourist.

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I love how this video is not only fun for the fans who will get every reference but that it is 99% of what most people who hate her voice will find annoying in one cute little short video package. Every time someone says shit about her voice we should just spam them with this video until their brains explode like in Mars Attacks!

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Yeah, the PH purge... I get it from their own business survival risk management kind of level... but it is sad that along with the stuff they'd get trouble with based on a targeted lawsuit being purged is the stuff that wasn't illegal also getting purged. Maybe they'd have gotten in trouble for some of that stuff later but it was not an immediate concern but they took the time to clean the servers. I wonder how much money they're saving now in unused storage space.

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Mel has absolutely been on point waxing philosophical for the last hour. I don't remember the last time we saw her really being this openly giving us her real thoughts on stuff.

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Mel wants to call people who watch all of VShojo "VShotas".

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most of the twitch streams i see of her she is not in this format which clearly she's more comfortable ala CB streams. she really does seem to suffer finding her footing in a group setting.

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Oh no she does these chatting streams quite often but usually she stays goofy and keeps things light before playing a game. Today she was supposed to do Yoga but bailed on that when "chat started laughing at" her so she decided to do instead her meditating affirmations with chat and ever since she started that she's just been kind of somber and serious, though right now she's back to goofy.

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the bandaid over her nose is retarded

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Your face is retarded!

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Where's the band-aid?

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Ironmouse is live! 400k celebration stream!


I didn't draw it. I just assume that's a cat face bandaid.

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Ironmouse dropping a possibly minor bomb of hype, claiming that Lewdcast when it resumes (which will be recorded from now on rather than be live) has a guest coming up that even she can't believe they got. Let the speculation run rampant.

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It is definitely someone not in their immediate friendship circle for sure. I doubt Mousey would just say that as bait, so it must be someone she legit thinks is a huge surprise. Jerma would be interesting if it was part of his Catboi lost bet, but he's more of a thing with Nyanners who isn't on Lewdcast regularly.

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What awards?

>> No.1008457

Steve Blum or Shigeru Miyamoto or Fujisaki Yua

>> No.1009251

An Oscar, or a Tony, whichever thing she's calling it to avoid Twitch TOS violations. It was a Chaturbate annual award show last night and she won Most Innovative / Creative streamer.

If Blum is done voice acting he should totally take on vtubing because not only is he a known person but his voice would be absolutely amazing to listen to. Like a radio DJ of old. But on Twitch.

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annoying orange

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Honestly surprised it's not Sydsnap/Hime

>> No.1009682

Unironically that would be fascinating. I think they've all mentioned at some point that they think AO is the first vtuber.

There'd be no reason to keep Hime a secret, though Sydsnap would be so meta.

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No, I mean I'm surprised that they're not bringing her on the show. You'd think they'd want to show off their latest member, and bring her into the family properly.

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They probably do want to do that, but during the time she debuted she got a Youtube strike which she had to deal with, a Twitch ban she had to deal with, then took a week off and I don't think has really established her schedule yet. During all that Lewdcast was on break because they're trying to figure out their new schedule with that. So, once they get back to filming they'll probably have her on relatively quickly.

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Mouey just claimed not to be ticklish anymore possibly due to nerve damage. Is there NOTHING happy about this poor Puerto Rican!

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I think snuffy said she'd have adult recordings in her discord or something like that, goddamn

>> No.1011043

Well now that she's let out her true voice and people seem to really like it in that husky sexy kind of way, not surprising.

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Is veibae vshojo?

>> No.1011273

>Bullied by chat with dad jokes
>Does 1 and 1/2 yoga stances
>gets ASMR philosophical
Sounds about right for a Mel stream. I wish she did the calm talking stuff more often, it's nice.

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Nope. She's really good friends with Silvervale (and they're married in FF14) and the other VShojo girls plus Momo, Bunny, and Snuffy, and others. So a lot of VShojo fans overflow into her and the other girls even if they're not official. Vei actually had over 3k viewers today which is not usual for her streams (she usually sits somewhere between 1.5-2k viewers) tho that could have been just because she was playing Valheim which is a relatively new hot game.

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Now I want to fuck a tanuki

>> No.1012226

i see

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...I'm somewhat disappointed that this is legit or passable enough that I wouldn't think twice about it.
I was almost hoping for a joke.

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>tho that could have been just because she was playing Valheim which is a relatively new hot game.
Most likely. She still has a sizable JP fanbase, and that game is super popular with JP streamers right now.

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Melody and Mousey are done and now time for Hime!


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>That Silvervale one
Holy fuck that's mean and hot.

>> No.1013681

keep us updated on the sexy vocaroos bois

>> No.1014065

Aren't they both Silvervale?

>> No.1014101

Are these real or just very good impersonations?

>> No.1014181

If that first one in >>1013038 isn't actually Silvervae then whomever it is is really fucking good at impressions. She even has Silver's slight lisp.

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>Hime fucking up at every possible opportunity making takoyaki
I'm not surprised in the least.

>> No.1015133

Nor am I and I think this is what she expected as well. Would be kind of boring if she cooked them really well right away with no problems, especially since she's a vtuber and we can't see shit. As it is it isn't a thrilling stream, but it is a niche she can fill as a western girl trying to figure out Japanese shit. It could be an entertaining gimmick for her that few other Vtubers can fill.

However it should not be the full stream. She needs some fall back plans or to do a better job of just talking about random shit while doing other things. Or have a game to play after she's done with whatever Japanese culture thing she's exploring. Something. It's a start, but like most vtubers she needs to work on her craft and find her actual stride.

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The Gunrun is trying to get all merch deals closed for the Vshojo talents and have them contracted through him instead so he can get a cut of the money.

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That's what I heard originally when vshojo was announced. The girls would retain all sub/dono revenue and vshojo would primarily make money on merch sales.

>> No.1015454

Makes some sense. I don't know how much the girls make on merch to begin with, tho some make more than others. Probably does not apply to certain special appliances Melody has in her merch store. Also, remember that VShojo helps pay for other things for them such as tech support, model and rigging support, legal support and such. Probably about the time Gunrun makes a warchest for expansion.

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From Taka's screen. He's literally being forced off the view screen by booba.

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What is this from? Some collab?

>> No.1016553

So is Hime going to be in collabs now?

>> No.1016562

It's going on right now. I'm not 100% sure how this started because I came in late. All I know is that Bao, Haruka, and Hime have taken over the bar and Takahata is off somewhere crying.

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I've released my 3D model of Hime Hajime:

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My 3D model of Hime can be downloaded here:

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Bumping in case someone missed it and wants the 3D model of Hime

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How did an EOP possibly win an award?

>> No.1028184

Still no confirmation on those vocaroo recordings?

>> No.1033298

Zentreya is live!

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Snom has to eat al the eggs.

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Zentreya is done for the day. Announced a collab with Terry Crews' son Isaiah coming soon. I'm not sure how those two became friends but it's a fun story regardless! Also, earlier this week Zen gambled with the chat who wanted her to adopt Russian Vtuber Piwo and lost, so now she has to adopt Piwo. Later today schedules:

Ironmouse "Playdate" (the who is not known and the time is still TBA)
Projekt Melody has a CB stream at 4pm and Twitch at 6pm (may or may not be involved in Mouse's playdate)
Silvervale is having a Patreon supporters only VRChat meetup tonight (not streamed).
Nyanners is off.
Froot is off (still moving).
Hime is unknown (schedule not posted).

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>Ironmouse "Playdate"
I'm guessing you pulled this from her schedule that was posted earlier this week, but it seems she's going to finish Little Nightmares tonight instead.

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What if we expand the general from VShojo to the whole of Cream π? There's a lot of vtubers who aren't a part of Vshojo but are still closely affiliated with them and frequently collab and raid.

>> No.1041854

I did. I wonder if that playdate was supposed to be with Hime originally, because Hime mentioned a playdate for this week that hasn't happened.

>> No.1042235

Most of the time we do. Veibae, Snuffy, and Bunny often get mentioned in here along with the others. We should probably include other people close to the VShojo clique like Momo, Haruka Karibu, Wulfychu, and Bao, too.

>> No.1042678

It was gonna be a group thing since Mouse said they cancelled because a few of the girls were still sick. Maybe that Valheim collab she mentioned last week.

>> No.1042697

How is anyone getting sick right now? None of them should be leaving their houses.

>> No.1043616

The common cold didn't take a vacation just because COVID arrived.

>> No.1044078

Seems like the Flu did, lol

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Mousey is having a fun time with Little NIghtmares 2.

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>nyanners isn't a hypocrit-

>> No.1044213

She's playing the first one, probably since she's never touched the series before. Hope she gets into the DLC and the sequel afterwards since she's enjoying it so far.

>> No.1044322

>the sequel
She said she wants to play it since she saw others streaming it, but wanted to first play the original. This was also one of her punishment games from the no cursing stream.

>> No.1044768

Oh right! Silvervale and Zentreya were both doing LN2. That explains why this ending was so different from what I saw Silver get. But this was still very different from what I saw when Silvervale was playing LN1, which means maybe I caught her when she was doing the DLC.

>> No.1044935

Okay so which one has you end up as one of the gnomes? The LN1 DLC?

>> No.1045010 [DELETED] 

AKA Melody and the dead weights

>> No.1045352

But how do you get sick while taking Covid precautions and not leaving the damn house? Mouse I understanding feeling sick cuz she's always sick, but the others should be fine.

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congrats on your (You)

>> No.1045702

I'm sure they don't stay home all the time and they also get things like Door Dash or Uber Eats delivered. All it takes is for one of those guys to have a bit of a cold and blammo. It is interesting how many of them got sick at the same time considering they're nowhere close to each other.

>> No.1045840

They've obviously been fucking.

>> No.1045869

Yes... and?

>> No.1045906

They need to let us in on it!

>> No.1046099

Could be partly due to stress after lots of events taking place around the same time, either shared or coincidental (holiday streams, sponsorships, collabs, birthday streams, etc.). Thinking of the 'let-down' effect that comes after stressful events have passed.

>> No.1046672

Has anything in history ever been so perfectly timed?

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Cute Mousey.

>> No.1049596

Worst redesign of all time.

>> No.1050524

I fucking can't stand this dumb bitch.

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>> No.1054394

This one looks better than the actual model

>> No.1054449

I wish Melody had more self confidence. She and Froot are my favorite ones out of this mess, and the mouse seems pretty fine too

>> No.1066738

oh its the crackhead looking girl

>> No.1070908

Anti commentary is starting to get hilarious.

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Zentreya, Silveravle, and Veibae are playing with Terry Crews' son Iseaiah at 3pm CST! They're supposed to be playing a "scary" game but what? Come find out!

>> No.1074478

Look if Suisei can be a Shotacon so can mel

>> No.1074488

I prefer "V-generates".

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>> No.1077261

came here to post this

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Don't have any feets for you but here's a present anyway.

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VShojo second gen WHEN?

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File: 732 KB, 1268x688, mel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1082344

Calliope Mori

>> No.1082461

considering that his son watches Zen, it could be Terry Crews

>> No.1083522

Never. They've said they won't do "generations" and will just add people if they feel like it.

Mousey was excited but not that excited. Plus I doubt she'd be allowed to even hint at this because of how anal Cover is about stuff. Even when Mori appeared on Trash Taste they had to do so with a Cover overlord lurking around.

I doubt it. Isaiah Crews is the one involved with the girls right now, not Terry. Besides there'd be about zero to talk to him about and TC has been rather anti-porn mostly to help him recover from his own porn addition. Being on a podcast with Melody is asking for criticism.

>> No.1083585

>considering that his son watches Zen
And there goes my perfect image of Terry Crews. God dammit.

>> No.1083745

His SON watches Zen, not TC himself. Tho Terry is well aware of his son's involvement with vtubers.

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froot...stream onegai...i don't care about the rrats

>> No.1084326

Still moving and we haven't heard any word. Last anybody thought was that she'd have internet by Friday but that seems to have not happened.

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