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>See you in 9 months
C'mon now was that really necessary? You just had a nice collab with your oshi why would you decide to take a stab at her like that in the last few seconds

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Do something about it. Dislike bomb her. The Japs can do that much at least. Can't you?

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Already a thread for this schizo

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She is such a dumb whore, it's a shame she has AIDS because otherwise I'd be maximum boner

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>yet another orange woman thread
C'mon now was that really necessary? You just had a nice pic with better bait why would you decide to take a stab at her like that an hour later

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Didn't get enough (You)'s in /kiarag/? Do you really need attention that bad?

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what the hell happened now?

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Kiara made jork

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Do germanoids really ?

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I know it sucks! I wanna see more Kiara x Pekora too!

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Based, fuck Pekobitch.

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Cunt move. She probably felt the need to collab with Kiara since fans pushed Pekora to collab again with Moona. I bet Kiara has asked multiple times and Pekora declined because she doesn't want Kiara leech seeding her.
I'd clip this and translate it to JP and blast it out on twitter if I knew JP.

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Pekora only does collabs if she thinks the collab idea will be very entertaining. If she wants more colllabs she needs to come up with better pitches.

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>I'd clip this and translate it to JP
She said it in Japanese beforehand.

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I love chicken

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I can't believe Pekora is pregnant and will take 9 months off for maternity leave

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Suck it, KFPussy.
Timestamp. I listened to the previous minute and didn't hear it.

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The sad part is that kfp are already in full damage control now and are trying to argue that Kiara making that shitty passive aggressive comment about the length of time since their last collab is actually a really good thing. They're incapable of just admitting their chicken is a tactless cunt who put her foot in her mouth yet again.

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plz call me a kfphaggot next anonchama

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Nigger it's just literally a 5 words sentence, I'm sure you're competent enough to find a translation for that, right?
Fine I'll do it myself

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She already said it in Japanese.

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She is ungrateful for everything:
Being a streamer in Hololive is hard work. She is not happy with her model because she cried about not having any input. Her management does not support her enough with songs. Her songs need more numbers.
So of course having a collab with her oshi once per year is a reason to complain instead of being grateful.
She will never stop being a bitch and feed the antis some fresh milk.

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>the 66mins
>the 5%
>see you in 9 months

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i dont nearly hate kiara as much as most people in this board but come on kiara, what the fuck

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Okay, it's still Kiara being salty.
I didn't want to hear her grating voice.

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Oh she said it in Japanese and on English moments later. She planned on saying this all along.

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Shes such a fucking whore

>inb4 autists type the word egg

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Gigastacy Bird establishing dominance over the numberfag Rabbit

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I have achieved peak comedy

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What the fuck, Pekora is pregnant?

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I'm starting to lose track of all the times I've started to get over my dislike of the chicken, only to have her do something to renew my disdain for her.

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I don't even watch her/care much but dropped by to read some schizos in this thread and damn, that jab was fucking perfect, reminded me how Coco made fun of Mori's japanese, same energy.

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Uhhh I don't get it , do they have to wait 9 months to collab again?

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The last time they collabed was 9 months ago. It was a passive aggressive joke from Kiara about Pekora not collabing with her for a long time.

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Kiara last minute jab for having to wait 9 months for another 1 on 1 collab with Pekora.

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Uh oh, Schizo is making a stinky

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Kiara really makes my experience on /vt/ special.

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Holy kek

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Pekora fake laughed and moved on.

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typical schizo, it's because Pegora is Pregora with Kiara's baby

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lol, they're seething that the collab didn't give them much material to work with. I guess these scraps are better than nothing, huh?

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The kikkericock...

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kek based

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Sounds like a really shitty joke with drops of salt, I don't know if I should take it as an insult or as banter

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Kiara is based.

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lmao you can hear the seethe in her voice

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>Why yes, Kiara's tinsel voice and passive aggressive attitude DOES filter me. How could you tell?

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>the 66mins

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Fucking based yeah it was
Maybe now she can over rrat and work on her own stuff
She's a fucking stacy get fucked egg

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>Cunt move.
I thought that was 'See You Next Tuesday'?

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I swear, every time I see one of these threads bitching about Kiara doing something I only kneel harder when I find out what she did.

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holy fucking shit

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If I were Pekora I'd never collab with her again, fuck passive-aggressive people.

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keep kneeling pathetic beta cuck
kiss her feet while you are at it

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See you in 9 months!

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Man, all the nousagis are in complete salty mode because someone dared to take a jab at their queen.
You people are pathetic, grow a spine.

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JESAS you can see the disbelief on pecker's face through the live2d. she just sit there and said nothing KEK.

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Ngl kinda based and true.

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I wonder if that's just how Peko does things I mean look how long it's been for Miko and Moona collabs. Chicken is 3rd string partner duo wise for Peko.

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moona-coco collab

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Kiara really learned from the best and tapped not her inner German savagery. Teasing, making fun of to outright shitting on fellow holo member colleagues was Coco's strongest suit. I miss this Chad energy.

Kiara I KNEEL.

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what's the 5%??

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*Tapped into

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Ina admitted that 5% of her daily caloric intake comes in the form of cum

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More like she was on the verge of tears, she's got the crybaby part of coco down I'll agree on that

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Anon, she had no idea what she was saying

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You just summarized what I've been missing ever since Coco graduated. Wtf. Coco's give no fuck attitude is sorely missing in hololive but I'm glad Kiara is continuing the tradition.

Kiara= Savagery, potty mouth

Amelia= Pure Enginuity and creativity

Mori= Effort and leadership qualities

Gura= Luck ando memes

Ina= Comfy attitude

I've just solved the equation as to why in the fuck EN was so popular. Coco was the blueprint all along. You love to see it.

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That's not much compared to OP's 50%

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Negro of Nihon.

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You get what you fucking deserve.

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I’ll fix it for you:
Kiara= Unfiltered extrovert, selfish, gives good banter
Amelia= Somewhat creative but clearly overrated, boring and untalented. Survived off Gen1 popularity.
Mori= Works hard, inner shyness with a dominate exterior.
Gura= Somewhat funny, chatty, good singer, meme reliant.
Ina= Good Art, boring but very cute laugh, survived off Gen1 popularity.

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I knew she was bitter but this is a whole new level of seethe. She literally represents everything i hate in women; annoying fake voice, passive aggressive, holds a grudge for a fucking year, rude, no social discipline, emotional, acts like a whore etc. I hate orange woman. I hate her so much.

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She really did it kek
5ch do your job

>> No.9948895

Absolutely savage.

Pekora's widely known to be a degenerate numberfag who rarely collabs except when she brings people along to help with HER minecraft autism, which is why it's funny that numbers rabbit got ripped to her face in a language she can't understand by a fellow numberfag who took the opposite approach, collabed with everyone she could, and still couldn't incline as hard as she'd hoped.

With that said, Pekora does seem to have some problems socializing. She's more outgoing and comedic in solo streams, just like sober senzawa prior to her HAVE CONFIDENCE arc. It's sad because everyone actually likes her schtick and wants to do meme shenangins with her, but she's supposedly too humble and/or insecure to accept how universally popular her character's become.

Just when you thought she was getting better with the Pekomoon arc, she fell right back into her old habits. Truly a shame.

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People take jabs at Pekora all the fucking time. Have you ever seen her collab with Okayu, Korone, Matsuri or even Marine? No, of course you haven't.

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kek based kiara

>> No.9949117

You never watched pekora

>> No.9949570

>in a language she can't understand
she said it earlier in JP too

>> No.9950646

Taking jabs at Pekora is funny when Pekora is doing something silly or when she's proud of something. You knock her down a peg and then she reacts to it. This comment (that she said twice) stands out from regular banter because it was spoken at the end of the stream after thanking someone for collabing with you. It just makes her seem bitter.

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By me.

>> No.9950923

Do your rep faggot

>> No.9951019

Very based

>> No.9951147

Every time I witness for myself something that makes eggs crack, it only makes me kneel to Kiara even more

>> No.9951158

What an insufferable bitch I hope they just ban her from doing JP collabs if she's going to be this ungrateful

>> No.9951270

See you in the next Jp collab!

>> No.9951452

You will just not in ones with Kiara in it, Umisea is better anyways, orange woman can keep seething and you KFPfucks can keep coping that shes based when shes just a bitch, that won't change.

>> No.9951528

holy shit, that was so uncalled for lmao

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>collab is ending and no drama has occured in the entire 1.5 hr duration
>"i wonder what the reaction to my collab is"
>open /vt/
>no orange threads
>realizes she needs to stir the pot so kfp falseflaggers have bait to flood the board
>"See you in 9 months, I guess!"
Holy shit, this manipulative bitch... now people won't stop talking about this for months.

>> No.9951627

wait who's coping now? remember all the "people" who said pekora would NEVER collab with kiara again?

>> No.9951629

Based beyond belief. I love Kiara now

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>> No.9951748

>See you in 9 months
Fucking based. Finally somebody is calling Pekora out for being an inkya shut in bitch.

>> No.9951767

Sora is her next jp collab kek. Seethe again.

>> No.9952050

>fuck passive-aggressive people.
That would be the most underwhelming angry sex ever.

>> No.9952194

No, she did, collabing with Moon train her eigo pretty good

>> No.9952231

/vt/ only likes Kiara if she behaves just like them and they hate anything Japanese so everything she does that stuns another (especially in the out of context realm) is le based and redpilled. Otherwise anyone saying "based" will go back to antiposting the next time she collabs with an Anituber or VShitshow whore.

>> No.9952256

I bet Pekora is pissed!!! She is going to tell Miko to rape Kiara.

>> No.9952272

You can see it in her model. Peko actually took offense. It's okay though, since Kiara's gonna pass that stuck up rabbit in a few months.

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Based. Even Pekora can't keep up with this supremacist chicken.

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I don't even hate Kiara, I just wish she could stop being so fucking passive aggresive, she could have just ended this nicely and held it in, but no she had to say some extra shit before stream ended, and then /vt/ turns into a cope war from both sides.

>> No.9952704

Sorry anon, she's just frustrated since we haven't had sex today yet

>> No.9953052

I fucking called it. Over the last couple days there was a thread about a twitter spat between 2 NijiEN talents (I don't remember who since NijiEN is irrelevant). A bunch of the Nijiniggers were brushing it off as "playful bantz" and I proceeded to tell them they were full of shit. I said "If Kiara did this you faggots would be freaking out".

Fast forward to today and Kiara makes a humorous statement alluding to the fact that the girls are so busy that its hard to organize collabs. Now the board is in full melt down mode just as I predicted. Nijiniggers are all disingenuous pricks.

>> No.9953320

To be fair there's a huge difference between
>OMG how do you not know this game!
>Haha fuck you for not collabing with me more often. how long has it been agian? oh right 9 months

>> No.9953573


>> No.9954866

She'll say it's a joke about how long it's taking to set up the portals between the JP and EN servers.

>> No.9955429

There's also a huge difference between
>Haha fuck you for not collabing with me more often. how long has it been agian? oh right 9 months
>see you in nine months
I've literally made the same joke with friends who it's been years since we see each other, where we say bye at the airport and joke how long we last saw each other.

>> No.9955542

>since we've seen each other
is very different that saying that's when you'll see each other again

>> No.9955546

When people are defending pekora who ignores her own friends on discord is actually appalling.

>> No.9955915

>friends you've known for quite some time
>coworkers you've barely interacted with
see the difference here?

>> No.9956028

Holy shit, the immediate change in tone of Kiara's voice when she says it. She just doesn't give a fuck what other people think of her at this point.

>> No.9956070

>lol what you cant take bantz? faggot
lmao grow some balls you little bitch.

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>> No.9956195

Kiara is based

>> No.9956203

The whole stream is just her boasting about first in everything.
>first trident
>first elytra

>> No.9960814

>saying "see you later" with the implication that schedules are a bitch to make line up (as evidenced by how long it'd been since the last time you'd been able to work with them) is "taking a stab" at someone
>i-it's p-passive aggression!
wishing something does not make it true.
>things that are not true
do you ever get bored with being retarded, or is this you trying and failing at creative writing projects?
>it's passive aggressive because I said so! totally an attack! get mad and hate her because I told you too!
m e d s.
except that no such thing happened. neck yourself, falsefagger-kun.
oh nooooo anon, EOP egg-kun can't understand japanese, so it didn't happen, don't you know that? /s
shame it wasn't a jab and you're just a retard, eggman.
>I wish she'd stop being something she isn't!
well then, maybe if you weren't living in a delusion where everyone hates everyone you wouldn't have a problem, faggot.
the difference is clear, but you're talking to retards whose only joy is projecting their hate of everyone onto chuubas and pretending that miss social actually hates everyone for no reason.
and you're the one presuming that the derpy birb is explicitly indicating that no further encounters will occur for that time length, retard.
>I don't see them talk on stream that must mean they never ever talk! on-camera is the only time anything ever happens!
you're as retarded as the doxfaggots. kindly kill yourself. there's no fucking difference beyond your being retarded.
>things that don't happen
>I managed to do two things first!
take. your. meds.

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Based Kiara, exposing how much Pekora will just ghost others even her friends like Miko.

>> No.9961802

Snarky remark about how the previous collab ws 9 months ago.

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>> No.9962011

>Tells people to take their meds
>mass replies being ass blasted to hell and back
Anon YOUR meds, not even worth giving a (you)

>> No.9962047

I'll do it then, faggot :^)

>> No.9962167

Are you challenging me?

Hey shut the fuck up and go take your damn medicine so you can stop seeing the spooky voices in your head that wanna harrass your chicken girlfriend, you fucking loser.

>> No.9962192

>literally praising Kiara for being that insensitive.
I don't necessarily have anything against Kiara being a bitch as usual, but holy shit her fans are next level garbage.

>> No.9962255

>Are you challenging me?
You're an actual internet-borne retard.

>> No.9962289

>Internet-borne retard
That would be you, I'm just a challenger

>> No.9962332

Being her usual German self.

>> No.9962336

I don't even like Kiara but Pekora deserves it.

>> No.9962344

God you replyfags are fucking scum

>> No.9962373

They are by far the most deluded fanbase in Hololive. Full of trannies too.

>> No.9962438

Just like her antis.

>> No.9962443

I feel like Kiara of all people doesn’t have a right to backhand Pekora since she literally stole her laugh and is trying to leech off of her. You can’t steal someone’s gimmick and act entitled when they start avoiding you.

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>> No.9962491

Someone alert /x/ I've found a demonic entity that spreads despair wherever it goes.

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Cope some more KFPussy

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>> No.9963096

Anon, if anyone on this entire cesspit of a board needs meds here it's most certainly you. Enjoy the (you) I guess.

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File: 24 KB, 250x248, 1F12BB5D-FBD2-42C5-9510-48FA0D074558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bitch should be kissing the ground pekora walks on to get a collab with her. And by going off her recent nijinigger numbers she needs it. No need for pettiness. What a cunt. I bet Pekora couldn’t even understand what she was saying thankfully

>> No.9963230

Anon she uh....she said it in japanese too

>> No.9963359

One more thing: Peko doesn't do many collabs, and even if she were to, look at the size of the Holo roster. Kiara should probably be at the bottom of the priority list; so it's just plain egotistical she thinks she's that important to be at the top of everyone's collab list.

>> No.9963366

See you in 9 months!

>> No.9963433

Oh sorry I wasn’t paying attention. It’s k*a*a we are talking about here.

>> No.9963553
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She's a fucking bitch and everything has to be about her
It's remarkable, actually

>> No.9963593

based as fuck

>> No.9963662

The rabbit deserved the call out, she ghosts even her genmates.

>> No.9963848

So? Pekora doesn't have any obligation to collab and has built her own brand that gets her 20k viewers every stream.

>> No.9963862

Kiara truly is an orange woman. What a savage. Based.

>> No.9963932

Yes, she doesn't have the obligation, but that doesn't make her less of a cunt.

>> No.9964044

She doesn't really control her mouth, she says everything.
She reveals streams that are surprises and among other things, she never shuts up.

>> No.9965580

>All these responses saying "Wow it's based that Kiara is a tactless cunt"
ENfags really are the worst. You don't need to like Pekora but you should at least respect her as one of the few Holos who actually takes streaming seriously as a job.

>> No.9965809

>orange woman bad
cry more, she's absolutely based

>> No.9966550

>one of the few Holos who actually takes streaming seriously as a job
You don't even watch hololive. Shut the fuck up.

>> No.9966683

There's nothing about that that's wrong. Pekora scrutinizes her analytics and plans streams for maximum engagement and CCV. Most Holos just play whatever random shit they want at unpredictable times. The Holos who actually want to optimize their streaming are:


The rest are busy doing real idol shit (Nene, Aqua) rely on GFE gachikois (Rushia) or just don't give a fuck (All of EN, Ayame)

>> No.9966880

Holy mother of BASED

>> No.9967041

>If it's japanese it's better.
So you're just a dogfucker. Opinion discarded, have a nice day.

>> No.9967155

KFP...I kneel

>> No.9967666

>gives no fucks and is assertive enough to be respectful
I love pekora,but as weeks pass, kiara continues her redemption in my eyes, even if she continues her pandering to anyone.

>> No.9967779

>Seething globalfag
Still mad you got booted out for being reddit cancer?

>> No.9968010

Why Lamy and Subaru? I'm curious.

>> No.9968486

Subaru puts a lot of effort into increasing her engagement. Off the top of my head the best example would be when her duck meme got used by the spanish KFC twitter she used her original costume for the next few streams so people would associate the hat with her when the "Subaru reacts to KFC using her meme" reaction clips start getting shared. She egosurfs a lot and is pretty quick to jump on anything that's trending.

She's generally just very shrewd at using any opportunity where she goes viral to increase her viewership and she's one of the most viewed Holos because of it. She started the whole "shuba" thing because she saw how "peko" caught on for example.

>> No.9968990

Cool. Very impressive for someone who didn't know what she was doing when she was hired.

>> No.9969864

Why you didn't include Miko

>> No.9969929


What about fubuki? I thought she was serious about her numbers.

>> No.9970010

Timestamp link doesn't work for me, what time does it happen?

>> No.9970084 [DELETED] 

No? Fubuki throws away her numbers to saviofag. She collabs with the Homos who are numbers poison and does a lot of random watchalong streams, doesn't play buff games like Minecraft, etc. Fubuki is more focused on sponsorships than streaming

>> No.9970133

Right at the end 1:29:55

>> No.9971519

wouldn't be the opposite from what I recall she was asking people to stop comparing her's, korone's, and I think pekora's sub-counts when they were all getting close to hitting 1 mil

>> No.9972088
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That's fucking funny honestly. That change in the tone of her voice lmao

>> No.9975263

What an absolute fucking cunt

>> No.9978435

How did JP Peko fans react to Kiara's passive aggressiveness?

Just ignore the chicken clucking and move on with their lives?
Surely they haven't spent hours coping and seething over chicken, right?

>> No.9978505

JP nousagi already hate Kiara so they just took it as an affirmation they're correct and moved on

>> No.9978601

Maybe she means she's planning on going to Japan in 9 months?

>> No.9978605
File: 2.97 MB, 2594x4568, 1631921638794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See you in 9 months

>> No.9978608

Truly the Japanese are the superior race.

>> No.9978663

If she ever do this to Nenechi, I will join the egg alliance. How are the Nousagis coping with this.

>> No.9978727

Based, fuck Pekorrat

>> No.9978850

That's what I thought too, I figured it was a joke about them fucking or something

>> No.9979052

Don't worry. Nene is not a cunt and Kiara won't need to call her out.

>> No.9979129

>He gets it
Anon, you're way too mentally sane to be here.

>> No.9979163

Nene actually likes Kiara though and vice versa.

>> No.9979225

Shhh he doesn't know.

>> No.9979308

Well I wouldn't go that far. I do have a basic knowledge of female anatomy though which most posters here seem to lack. I swear I have to explain like every single day that women don't pee out of their vagina. I guess they don't teach that shit in Indonesian schools.

>> No.9979449

From being her oshi to now most hated enemy

>> No.9979496

Dangerously based.

>> No.9979532

>Shitting on other Holos to cope with Chicken acting like a cunt
Truly KFP are the cancer of Hololive. Defend your retarded oshi if you must but why attack Pekora

>> No.9979542

I mean, they slept together in the collab. Kiara pretty much cheated on Calli there. That's why Calli's playing Jump King to channel her stress onto the game for it.

>> No.9979675
File: 12 KB, 256x165, 1608546735025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9979732


>> No.9979841

All me.

>> No.9979929

niggas will hate on anything the orange bitch say or do.

>> No.9980715

Calli admitted her effort is only 5%

>> No.9980807

>9 months
Is she pregnant

>> No.9980903

Kiara raped pegora

>> No.9981009

she's about to be *unzips dick*

>> No.9981069

I hate Coco too

>> No.9981195

>engagement and CCV
And then she pops off a hahaha, and chat throws money at her. At some level, you either have it or don't, and she has it.

>> No.9981299

would you guys even want Kiara to get graduated?
what would you even do to achieve that?
too much talk, so little actions

>> No.9981777

When she's not being a bitch I do think that Kiara can genuinely be fun to watch.
I don't think she needs to graduate, I just think she needs to fix that shitty self-entitled attitude or hers that tends to come out from time to time like that.

That, or she should just move over to twitch and let her inner bitch permanently take control over herself to become the twitch#whore#784608.

>> No.9981914

Kiara is well liked by JP fans and the collab was very well received, so I don't know where you're getting that from.

>> No.9981986


>> No.9982050

she just recently collab with Botan and Towa, you dumb nigger

>> No.9982071
File: 395 KB, 594x446, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9982075
File: 78 KB, 514x519, 1631364757495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

german humor
t. german

>> No.9982099

meant to quote >>9981986

>> No.9982114

>Posts random tweet

>> No.9982164

Yes? There are many others like that one, it's easy to search. Would you have preferred a cherrypicked 5ch post hating Kiara to confirm your beliefs?

>> No.9983099
File: 71 KB, 247x248, 1631057167172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get it
doesn't chicken live the numberabbit? or was that all a lie?

>> No.9983162

I do though. Only reason I don't hate her is that she's close with Nenechi but you never know. She was fangirling Pekora when she started but look at it now.

>> No.9983172
File: 25 KB, 463x453, 20210426_203721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all holos EN included should be kneeling to Peko

>> No.9983176

Kiara went sour on Pekora after Peko refused to let her leech more after their first collab. Chicken has been seething for months and she knew that was the last chance she had to put the boot into Peko to her face on stream for a while.

>> No.9983208

>Chicken has been seething for months and she knew that was the last chance she had to put the boot into Peko to her face on stream for a while.

>> No.9983222

That was funny as fuck and anybody who gets offended is a snowflake little pussy, based as FUCK

>> No.9983224

Kiara streams

>> No.9983260

Can you at least post a timestamp or a clip?

>> No.9983281


>> No.9983321

What? You said she had been "seething for months", which means there would be instances of her doing so before this collab. That's what I'm asking for.

>> No.9983401

It didn't seem like it was funny to Pekora or anyone else besides delusional KFP

>> No.9983439

I don't think anyone got offended other than the resident Kiara antis who are constantly looking to get angry at the orange woman.

>> No.9983448

Very based of Kiara to autistically make a passive aggressive closing remark that will ensure Pekora never collabs with her again. As a nousagi I appreciate that she's willing to burn her bridges like that so I never have to watch her

>> No.9983458

Because Japanese people are often pussies about that kind of thing, and apparently, so are you, seethe harder little snowflake

>> No.9983462

this but unironically

>> No.9983477

Anyone who can tolerate Kiara in the first place has impaired judgement since she's so obviously a nasty person that anyone who defends her simply isn't capable of rational thought.

>> No.9983484

If thats burning a bridge, then good for Kiara, people like that are no fun, looks like we all win

>> No.9983493

>Japanese people are often pussies about that kind of thing
In Nihon it's called being polite, bit not like EOP would understand this

>> No.9983523

I guess all of Hololive has impaired judgement then.

>> No.9983530

Being polite is boring, fuck that noise, if you cant take friendly banter, you're a pussy

>> No.9983555

Based on what was seen in the collab, they're comfortable ribbing each other, so I'd hardly call that burning bridges.

>> No.9983572

what kind of crap sense of humor do you have anon? that wasn't neither offensive nor funny, just cringy.

>> No.9983583

when Kiara asked Pekora in japanese if their next collab will be in 9 months again, Pekora just laughed. No "Let's collab again soon!" or anything like that, just a laughter and ignoring it.
This seems like a matter-of-fact resignation that she'll most likely be ghosted again.

>> No.9983601 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 502x451, 1629554272085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would recommend for you to stick with vshoujo

>> No.9983610

The JP girls are polite but deliberately distant to Kiara. Even Subaru doesn't invite her to collabs anymore.

>> No.9983637

Ever been with a group of friends and you make fun of the one dude whos talking about how he finally got laid and you mock him saying something like "cant wait to have this convo again in two years" or some shit like that? Its fun to rib other people, because thats what friends do.

>> No.9983653

What? Didn't they have a Gartic Phone collab just recently? What about the even more recent Among Us collab? Wasn't she personally invited by Miko for that one?

>> No.9983660

meds and Big Kirt Cock

>> No.9983687

I thought I made it clear I dont like watching boring vtubers

>> No.9983693

do you realize that the example you used implies a party outside the group while what kiara did is about her, right? that's the difference between it being funny and it being cringy

>> No.9983749

You're missing the point, the point of ribbing is to make it about them. Ever said "see you in a year" after meeting a friend you haven't seen in a while? Has nobody here been with a group of friends? They make fun of each other.

>> No.9983778

>Has nobody here been with a group of friends?
Ding Ding Ding

>> No.9983791

>being this fucking thin-skinned that you feel slighted at a tiny little dig at the fact they dont collab much

does /vt/ really? sounds like the kind of little bitch that would be offended if I said "see you when I see you" when parting ways

>> No.9983810

Kiara and Pekora aren't friends

>> No.9983829
File: 274 KB, 608x608, 1631742836398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Orange man based
>Orange woman based

How do I make myself orange?

>> No.9983847

are you chinese? seems like the overreacting, super sensitive behavior of chinese netizens

>> No.9983848

Anon, I have friends, we poke fun at each other all the time, again, what she did was cringy.
I could use a better example.
friend a has a girlfriend, friend b steals said girlfriend, after sometime friend a gets another girlfriend and in an outing says friend a says to friend b "I hope you don't steal this one!" sounds more like salt than humor because the joke involves an incident between both friends which clearly bothered one of the two.

>> No.9983852

well after this stream they definitely aren't

>> No.9983860

I doubt they are, but they seem to be in good terms and comfortable around each other. Enough that this won't somehow offend Pekora, anyway.

>> No.9983888

rent free

this would be considered shitty behaviour in any country Japan included bect they are autistic about theses things

>> No.9983940

I have yet to see a single negative opinion about the collab, much less that comment, outside of /vt/.

>> No.9983971

>One example ribs at not seeing each other for 9 months
>Other is about stealing a friends girlfriend
I think there's some differences here.

>> No.9983975

>I have yet to see a single negative comment in carefully curated social media spaces where negative opinions are hidden, deleted or banned
Imagine my shock

>> No.9984009

You really fucking think it's Nazi Germany outside this board?

>> No.9984031

no, because one thing is not meeting with your friend in 9 months and the other one is about someone being ghosted for 9 months by their oshi.

>> No.9984042

Try saying the vaxx doesn't work on twitter or reddit and see what happens

>> No.9984096

Are you actually implying that there are a large amount of people who have expressed a negative opinion and were silenced on Twitter and Youtube? Besides, there have been many many instances of poor reception to an event outside of here, and they were not suppressed. Remember the whole doujin controversy with Marine and Miko?

>> No.9984126

Nothing it's still up in Twitter and Reddit. You just got shitted on by people. I follow notable right wing personalities and never got banned for saying vaxx doesnt twork

>> No.9984213

you do get the difference between talking/meeting with friends and collabing, right anon? she could be talking with pekora behind the scenes, but what she wanted to do was to collab.
Again, it wasn't offensive, it wasn't funny, it was pure cringe. "why you don't collab with me more often, lol"

>> No.9984308

God KFP you might actually be the worst fanbase. Even matsuri's Fans don't defend her shit this fucking reactively. You can admit the faults of your Oshi while still keeping her as your Oshi

>> No.9984346


>> No.9984416

I don't understand why you're getting angry at people for having a discussion.

>> No.9984498

God, I love her

>> No.9984538

I don't know man, I don't' get how people can defend something so petty and passive aggressive and I fucking adore Luna who is intentionally annoying but I can't see her pulling something petty like this especially in a language that the other Holo doesn't understand

>> No.9984542

>being polite
Yeah, like not raising your voice when you're molested in public, we know. Good old Nippon

>> No.9984569

>3 KFPs keep samefagging replies

>> No.9984595

She said in Japanese too

>> No.9984679

This impression seems to be the result of the anti-Kiara bias from some people here. That's why I've been using external opinions to argue that it wasn't really an offensive comment.

>> No.9984717

offensive and passive agressive are different things though.

>> No.9984725

>especially in a language that the other Holo doesn't understand
but Kiara said/asked the same thing to her in japanese a minute earlier, and was ignored, Pekora just laughed it off. Which was pretty much already an admission she's not too eager about another collab. Otherwise the normal reaction to a banter like that would've been to say "No, let's do this again soon" (even if you don't mean it), but Pekora isn't even sugarcoating that. Hence Kiara's resignation and comment in english.

>> No.9984756

I meant offensive as "causing harm", not as "direct"

>> No.9984804

Ah so she did and Peko took it in good humour . My bad for being retarded. I still dislike the way she did it but I'll stop getting offended on Pekora's behalf is she took it in good humour

>> No.9984860

You are smarter than the majority of this board. May good fortune smile upon you

>> No.9984892

no yeah, I get that, only a few schizos seem to believe it was truly bridge burning and what not, passive agressive as in kiara sounding salty. you can be salty without really doing harm, however it can be an awkward situation, that's what I mean with they being different.

>> No.9985078

>You are smarter than the majority of this board
I know unfortunately . I'm a fucking deadbeat so I hate this place but I also really hate deadbeats outside off it.

>> No.9985103

Can't be offended by someone she literally doesn't care about. Pekora's main objective was to get permission to enter the EN server. But in order to do so she had to do this corporate mandate tour.

>> No.9985128

Pekora definitely would've picked up the passive aggressive tone. Any doubts she had over whether Kiara really is THAT bad after their first collab would be cemented now.

>> No.9985169

Does anything actually come out of these drama threads? From the countless Mori, Ollie and now another Kiara thread nothing was impacted outside of this shithole's flinging, just another loud commotion with no results.

>> No.9985230

>t. deadbeat
How could you betray me like that

>> No.9985280

tides people over while their oshi sleeps

>> No.9985289

What makes you think the goal is to accomplish anything and not simply just to discuss what a cunt Kiara is?

>> No.9985318

Joke or not, Kiara only got this much heat because she said it right at the end note, otherwise the stream was pretty cute and fun, maybe a bit uneventful but server tour tends to go dull if they're just going in around and look at builds that we're all too familiar with.
This will die down fast like most recent "Kiara said things" but will pop up again when Kiara inevitably schedule a MC stream that just happens to overlap Pekora's stream for first build on EN soil.

>> No.9985327

I'm sorry KFP, i'm also a lunatio if that makes things better. A Lunatbeat or Deadknight if you want to get chunni about it

>> No.9985385
File: 243 KB, 500x500, 1605670971042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its like you lot have no friends to banter with from time to time, and why do people like you treat as if vtubers stop existing when they stop streaming? they're friends irl
>inb4 you think they stop talking after collabing

>> No.9985392

>Pekora schedules a stream to do something on the EN server once they're connected
>Kiara "coincidentally" logs on and tries to force an impromptu collab
Oh fuck, this is going to happen isn't it

>> No.9985420

I honestly don't understand how people feel comfortable making these statements about others like they're literally inside their heads. You're not even saying "I think".

>> No.9985437

>He thinks Pekora the notorious autist is friends with Kiara

>> No.9985458
File: 458 KB, 1543x1401, 1608013416604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's one of those retards who thinks all the Holos are BFFs behind the scenes

>> No.9985684

Nah she has showed a little bit of tact when it comes to actually popping up in someone else's stream, see Mori's MC Marathon, she will just happen to schedule a MC stream that starts 1 hour into Pekora's own stream.
You hear that Nousagis? You get to watch one whole hour of Pekora.

>> No.9985699
File: 33 KB, 202x141, 1619701652066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they're friends irl
I honestly don't understand how people feel comfortable making these statements about others like they're literally inside their heads. You're not even saying "I think".

>> No.9985765

That was ULTRA BASED kiara respect

>> No.9986430
File: 49 KB, 513x449, 1622857692675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw ME ME ME wasn't a shitpost after all

>> No.9986485

Fucking hell. She even said it in english so Pekora wouldn't understand. Hahahahaha.

>> No.9986512

She also said it in Japanese.

>> No.9987051

Friend is still one of the few Holo's who will collab with literal nobody's. She doesn't care about numbers.

>> No.9987082

The source is his ass anon, Kiara just said that she views Pekora differently now because they're both employees for the same company and that changes the oshi dynamic a little.
She still considers Pekora her oshi and loves her a lot.

>> No.9987181
File: 80 KB, 1005x665, 1616007083635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KEK, based.

>> No.9987391
File: 1.96 MB, 400x225, 1407005704488.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to force yourself as pekora's #1 fan
>she hates your guts because you're an annoying whore
>refuses to collab with you any more
>gets forced by cover to throw peanuts at you
>get buttblasted when she hates every minute of it
>throw a fit and cry like the little kraut bitch you are
>your retarded fans come in and samefag in order to make you look good
>fail miserably
loving every second of it

>> No.9987431

Not sure if you anons are retarded or just pretending to be Japanese/Americans.

>> No.9987432

on this board you will learn a lot about autism

>> No.9987928
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, seethe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Noooo I'm not samefagging. They're the samefags.

>> No.9987962 [SPOILER] 
File: 693 KB, 1040x1208, 1624452201434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See you in another collab

>> No.9987967

>loves her a lot
for the leech factor

>> No.9988032

You make it too obvious KFP, it's easy to tell when one of you runs back and alerts your tranny discord to raid a thread

>> No.9988142
File: 1.03 MB, 1280x720, 1630445957915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try harder KFPhaggot

>> No.9989474
File: 3.26 MB, 640x266, 1565724969036.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based Kiara.

>> No.9989513
File: 406 KB, 658x643, kangaroo rrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This bitch is unbelievable.
"Muh germoid autism" can only work as an excuse for so long. She's just a bitch.

>> No.9989625
File: 74 KB, 1280x720, question-louise-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw not sure if too autistic to understand what the problem is or not autistic enough to understand the rrat

>> No.9989665

Oh God I wish.

>> No.9989687
File: 463 KB, 686x531, 1611943499759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this confirms she just wants to use Pekora to boost her n*mbers right?

>> No.9989769

If it does, then it also confirms that Pekora is dumb for letting Kiara do it

>> No.9989798

Go back you discord tranny fag

>> No.9989921

>You're not even saying "I think".
You don't have to say that when you speak. Everything you say is something that you think, even if you're listing facts. "I think the Earth is round."

>> No.9990047

>>get buttblasted when she hates every minute of it

>> No.9990054

Don't worry, it's literally nothing. Only tards saying based/whore are the ones who didn't watch the stream.

>> No.9990121

Jap cucks likes to cope anon, just ignore them.

>> No.9990365

Kiara is built differently

>> No.9992227

christ this board is just reddit but you can call people nigger.

>> No.9993858

>See you in 9 months

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