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did she really say nigger

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It's okay she's an honorary

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No, almost is the correct word. Gura on the other hand referenced "Spic"

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>I moved to Japan to get away from all those concrete monkey niggers. Next jigaboo I see walking through Tokyo is getting my boot in the back of their head.

Can't believe she said it bros...

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Good thing blacks don't watch vtubers

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What makes you think that?

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Yes I do.

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Wow. I'm a deadbeat for life now.

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Most of the vtuber content I get on my twitter feed is courtesy of a black gentleman's RTs.

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>Hope I'll soon have my 3D debut so I can finally do the Roman salute for you deadbeats 8}. White supremacy is sasuga, right Kusotori?
>Hey Kusotori, what was that awesome German phrase again? An folg...
>Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!
>Yes! An folg, an raik, an fuhrer! YEET!
What did they mean by this?

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No that was Miko

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Miko needs to work on her Rs.

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I wonder how Etika would feel about vtubers

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dis nigga

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He would absolutely lose his shit at all of them saying Nigga, and it would have been great. Nah but for real, I think he would have been cool with them. RIP

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I'd love a stream where she does nothing but berate the black for hours on end

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Calli is responsible for several moonman songs from 2016-2018. This has been confirmed. Not a rrat I swear.

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Probably kill himself idk

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damn. he would lose his shit over so many thing that smash add up untill now. rip

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>5 trillion weeablacks reacting to every song she puts out
ummm sweetie...

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Why are niggers so obsessed with doing anime skits?

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i gave her the N-word pass

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because a nigger watching anime is unexpected

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if you like anime you're not really black.

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They are bigger weebs than white people.
Whiteys had to deal with decades of bullying and "eww nerd shit" sentiments, niggers don't give a fuck.

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You'll still be a nigger even if you stop being black.

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post hand nigger

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Yes but on another account.. put two and two together anon. If it wasn’t against the rules I’d post it.

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They're the biggest weebs next to Latin America and the French. White Am*ricans are the only people to have actual hang ups about anime and it's unironically because of WW2-era propaganda, it's why they cling so desperately to their awful modern day western games. They're always the pearl clutching whitoid mystery meat with no culture or history that insists "two nukes weren't enough"

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yes, they fuck vtubers

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