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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>enjoyment instantly gone
i'm not the only one right? i just can't watch someone who's old enough to be my mom trying to act like an anime girl. it's so fucking cringe

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>find out she's a hag
So you just believe everything you read on the internet?

Anyone unironically using that word is retarded.

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There's far more damning info about her than the hag thing.

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2x retarded

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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's not a hag
>enjoyment instantly gone
I'm not the only one right?

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What's the appeal of hags? Do you all just have mommy issues?

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I lack a maternal figure in my life and I love hags. Im not exactly sure if thats mommy issues.

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I want a woman my age. Anyone near 25 is almost guaranteed to feel immature to me.

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That's exactly what mommy issues are.

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When the beginning of old age hits zoomers I'm going to encourage the next generation to brutally make fun of you.

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>enjoy watching a vtuber
>find out she’s a hag
>I immediately gain an erection

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Ur right, If my mom did that I would disown her
ur cringe

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As a child I got along with girls my own age fine. Ever since being a teenager, I got along with girls around 5 years older best. Hasn't changed as an adult.

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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>instantly get a painful erection

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>old enough to be my mom
How old are you?

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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>cock instantly hard
i'm not the only one right?

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kek Fauna a hag. What are you 12? Neck yaself

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Most of the women /vt/ calls hags are around early 30's
And a lot of us are around that age as well or older

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Yeah, I can't imagine any of the holos being older than me.

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Pure sweaty sex and without yabs for the most part.

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You have to be 18 to post here

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Every fucking time. It also happens when ever a holomom shows up on stream. Mamatori... please marry me.

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A lot of you media you consume probably has "hags" in them. No one stays 21 forever, anon

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hags stay hags forever

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What de FUCK is Vtuber?

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fuck off from /vt/

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Did Miosha forget her thong today?

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I think that the "real" Holohags are Botan, Mio and Aki-Rose. Many saying that Botan is like 39.

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How can you be so retarded

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Don't worry, I'm the replacement. I'm catching whatever fluids drip out.

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Isn't it the opposite? I find them less cringe when I think they aren't zoomers

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>Botan is 39
Big if true.

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Nah. Well maybe. Is more likely to be under 35 still.

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Anon I don't know how to break this to you but old woman exist in anime too.

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>find out she's a whore*

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Damn, how young are you? I'll gladly fuck your mom OP.

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mio, please fuck me already and stop adopting cats...

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Botan is definitely not 39, but you're right on the fact that Mio, Botan, and Aki Rose are one of the older holo members. I'm not complaining tho I fucking love hags

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Wish there was a group of dads and moms, older than 38 or so, that became their own group of Vtubers. Even older than that, would be fun to see what they stream and talk about, granted they're not manchildren or trying too hard to be relevant, some confusion about modern trends can be charming. Their avatars should also reflect their ages, too.

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Holobasan when?

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>What's the appeal of hags? Do you all just have mommy issues?
Women past their prime either turn into bitter karens/cat ladies or learn how to be interesting.
The latter is extremely rare but when it happens it's legitimately great.
You're not the only one but personally I'm the opposite.

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No I'm just almost 30

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Hags are great, they give the good head and know how to squeeze to make your pp feel good during the sex. Plus they're less drama.

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I'm 28 and I watch vtubers, so I can't really agree.

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hags are better vtubers, I wish my oshi stream past her 30s

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If you aren't a Zoomer, those so called hags are actually around our age. And it's not like they're actually old, the oldest known Holo is 36. The likes of Mio are early 30's, and a lot of them are in their late 20's.

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She's actually younger than you and me both despite this dumbass thread
Shit. Does that make us hags too?

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Fuck your shit, I'd watch Mamavale all fucking day if she did anything on her own.

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I'm with you bro. I can't believe Finana and Rosemi are zoomers...

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>If you aren't a Zoomer, those so called hags are actually around our age. And it's not like they're actually old, the oldest known Holo is 36. The likes of Mio are early 30's, and a lot of them are in their late 20's.

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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>enjoyment instantly skyrockets
i'm not the only one right? i just can't watch someone who's young enough to be my sister trying to act like an anime girl. it's so fucking cringe

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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>enjoyment instantly gone

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I think there are at least 10 confirmed hags (30+) in the holo JP branch. Plus 2 more in the next year. One of them is turning 30 this month even.
Hags have more to offer than surface level bullshit. They have to. They're hags.

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>be 30+ anon (you are here forever)
>don't care about such petty shit, as most of them are younger than me

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>t. OP

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Why is Fauna so incredibly unintelligent as a person?

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What retardation has led you to that conclusion?

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Don't reply to them, chama.

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She's fumbling hopelessly with every game i have seen her play

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shoot self doxniggers

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Some of us are grown ass man that prefer woman in our age group.

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I actually feel like the young ones are too young to take seriously sexually. My oshi for instance is just cute. I want to see her keep growing and doing well in life.

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>I actually feel like the young ones are too young to take seriously sexually. My oshi for instance is just cute. I want to see her keep growing and doing well in life.

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botan is literally 40+ lmao

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Here's an asian woman at the ripe old age of 50.

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Half of the women /vt/ calls hags are just christmas cakes.

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Ojisans like watching someone that's closer to their own age

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Sagging breasts and dense pubic hair

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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>enjoyment instantly tripled
Hags are the best

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she's mommy and you're the baby
back to your crib little one

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Give me some hags anons, Holo, Niji, Indie, I don't care, as long as they are certified hags.

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aren't all of holojp a bunch of hags except for shion, haachama and matsuri? maybe sora as well?

>> No.9840659

Not literally though, since almost none of the girls of that generation have put their ages on the internet.

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Botan is from 87, she’s almost there tho

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I love hag threads. They always backfire and also show me that I'm not the only old geezer looking chuubas close to their own age.

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these hags are ~10 years older than me
you're among babies and old geezers with the same taste

>> No.9841454

Yes, well OK, I guess. But are you at least over 10 or something, so you could write somewhat understandable english?

>> No.9841510

I think it's fucking hot

>> No.9841644

trying too hard old man

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>the oldest known Holo

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>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>cum buckets on the spot due to my bodys desire to breed

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Some women age better than others it's true

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Was about to say "that's probably a good angle"
Should've posted something like this, anon
I know she's probably a lot less attractive IRL, and she's got a shitton of makeup, surgery and photo edit fuckery, but it's still very impressive, makes my pp hard

>> No.9844396

Like, if she actually looks like this, I'd knock her up
Not that she'd let me
Well, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself, I'm pretty good looking
Anyway, very breedable

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So you're 5 years old? Fuck off

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Anon won’t say, so I will.
Long story short, she fucked over a friend on her roommate account so she could get into Hololive

>> No.9844828

Confirmed self-confessed retard

>> No.9844909

Yes. I'm sure that was how she got the job.

>> No.9845106

On the contrary, I feel like less of a dirty old man when I find out they're not some barely legal 20 something

>> No.9845490

>20 something
>barely legal
why are americans like this

>> No.9845650

Nice bait-n-hate thread, there are better things to do than this anon.

>> No.9848509

>"hag" re old enough to be my mom
shouldn't you be in school?
what will your actual mother say if she sees you posting here?

>> No.9848948

Me except when I find out their roommate is unattractive.

>> No.9849345

Yes brother. all our wives should be 9.As-salamu alaykum

>> No.9849611

>claiming that 20 year olds aren't 'barely legal' is the same as wanting to fuck 9 year olds
why are americans like this

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Brother I am on your side. The prophet agrees.

>> No.9849751

No, no one knows Botan's real age. But she's either that or older. Talking about Korone there.

>> No.9849862

I see. Well then alhamdulillah, brother.

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How old is she?

>> No.9851487

Young, mid-twenties. You need to be 12 to think she's a hag.

>> No.9851856

Uhhh... based?

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>Anyone unironically using that word is retarded
same thing with b*sed
grow up

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>He hasn't taken the hag pill
Hags are the best because
>they're sexually frustrated (peak libido for women is later than it is for men)
>they're much more open for wild/interesting/fetishistic play in the bedroom
>you can spoil them and make them melt but also be on the receiving end of being spoiled if you want
>a woman who's hot even as a hag is always going to be hot
>you might be able to actually have an interesting conversation with them versus someone younger

I would personally take a hag GF over a teenager any day.

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Keyed, anon

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I unironically only watch HAGs, I don't watch any vtuber under 30 years old

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Holy fucking based. Listen to this chad, young ones.

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This is true. I banged a 35 year old once and she was literally slamming her ass on my dick like they do in fucking porn instead of making me do all the work. I had never experienced something like this. Also she had the hotest body I had ever seen because she worked out and all the fat seemed to have went to her ass. Women that age are incredibly horny.

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i unironically prefer hag vtubers to zoomers.

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File: 1.99 MB, 2480x3329, __inugami_korone_hololive_drawn_by_tajyador__0dd2ae7d3eae68c3a79b35cc91ac435e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>enjoying watching a vtuber
>find out she's a hag
>get so hard my underwear gets soaked in precum
I'm not the only one right?

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>I'd knock up a 50 year-old woman.
Underage anon, I have some unfortunate news...

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>enjoying watching a vtubber
>find out she's a hag
>love her even more
idk, you might be gay

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>who's old enough to be my mom
Get out youngfag. If you're not 30+ you're only allowed to post on /lgbt/ and /soc/.

>> No.9868289

I'd still knock her up mayne

>> No.9868367

OP how old are you?

>> No.9868432

You are the only one

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>be SEAnigger clip watcher phoneposter
>find out that vtuber is 28, making her older than my mother when she was sold to the ugliest bastard in the village
>ah Mahdiosbuddha! how this be sir?! I go watch Dragon Ball Z
Your misbegotten kind is a plague on this website.

>> No.9868496

>those pixels
Are you retarded by chance?

>> No.9868858

Bless you anon

>> No.9868868

Ah yes, the literal schizo was pissed beacuse one of her internet friends made it big.

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Why are you gay?

>> No.9869041

Or she rightfully ghosted a schizo that would potentially fuck up her future, either out of spite or stupidity. The schizo is flipping out just because they stopped being friends, there was no backstabbing. Someone got a new job and realized she was hanging out with a petty negative loser, that couldn’t even pretend to be happy for her “friend”.

>> No.9869099

Where is the proof that she 'fucked over a friend'? All I ever saw was someone in her old circle getting mad that she made it big.

>> No.9869381

Seething 2view

>> No.9869780

With whose eggs?

>> No.9869931

Why does this happen to me?

>> No.9870048

It's ok to be gay bro

>> No.9870134

With yours. Now bend over, femboy, daddy needs a warm hole to cum.

>> No.9870173

Finding a woman who is interested in games and technology and has a fun personality when they are 30 years old sounds like heaven.

Some girls can pretend to like games and act cheerful for you, but when hags act more natural and relaxed while enjoying themselves, it makes me happy (and horny).

>> No.9870399

Why are SEAniggers like this?
>old enough to be my mom
Are you literally 12 or is your mom just a whore? Either way, leave

>> No.9870547

bro, please
he's 5 years old, pls andastand

>> No.9870976

You gotta understand anon, they can't go for older women because they think anyone over 50 will have died of overworking in the sweatshop!

>> No.9872102

I'm fucking 30 so to me the only real hags are Marine and Korone, and even for them it's a drastic exaggeration

>> No.9872439

> Mother Nature
> Dota2 is still one of her most played games by hours and she havent played it for years.
> Play Spore
And you fucking expect her to be of party girls age? Anon you enjoyed Faunas stream compared to others exactly because she is an old(er) woman.

>> No.9872766

>the only real hags are Marine and Korone
Marine will isn't even 30 yet (and won't be for another year), even Fubuki is now 30+

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>>enjoying watching a vtuber
>>find out she's a FAT hag
>>get so hard my underwear gets soaked in precum

>> No.9874400

Marine is younger than your wizard ass, she's 29.

>> No.9874471

>Still in worse shape than me
This concerns me

>> No.9874497

I'm cultured and i enjoy cougars.

Be like me.

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