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Tales of Arise part 2: https://youtu.be/NZiWi9a3US8

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1437440994266566658

Art by: https://twitter.com/CrManzana/status/1418330535210987520

Previous thread: >>9781762

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Can't wait till she meets Kisara and finds out she is full mommy mode.

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Kiara you just buy the things and get them....

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I really wish Kiara had the balls to retweet this stuff. We already know she loves the lewd pics she gets

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>I really wish Kiara was Vshoujo

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you have to go back

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out

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I really appreciate Christina’s art and how happy it makes Kiara but I hate the emotes. The CalArts style is fucking ugly.

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>Ya phoenix isn't good at platformers, guys

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>I don't support torrents
Uh oh skyward sword bros

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The inclusion of the emojis was probably a gesture of good will, or else Christina would've seethed about not being thanked

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You really think so? Also, I kinda like the chicken one.

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>did my vods reps at work for the superchat reading
>the cringey couple coming up several times
>can practically hear the menhera in Kiara asking them to shut up and stop shoving their cringe relationship in her face

I feel your pain tenchou. I would honestly just have read the superchat and not acknowledged it beyond that because weird online couples are always weird and possible grooming.

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She whipped them into shape a bit. Maybe it helps.

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Did she almost call him a retard?

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Was she wrong though?

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That was so cringe, and I think the girlfriend is underage...

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:_ohoho: and gura's ohoho equivalent are the best chat emotes in hololive, maybe youtube.

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What the fuck am I missing? Is this retarded enough that she would maybe cut it out of the VoD?

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Nah, she probably doesn't care enough to cut it

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Finally, fridgemode bloatmaxxing fat fuck representation.

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post VOD link

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Is she on easy mode? Don't blame her as dying to the lords 50 times like she would is not great.

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Normal I believe, she plays everythnig on normal if she can.

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does the ps4 not have an easy screenshot key?

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When's the streamable of her Demise meltdown?

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If we’re talking about underage, isn’t Asami literally an autistic 13yo? And someone is larping as her “husband” in prechat?

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you can set up the share key to take screenshots with double tap or long press.

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Sounds pretty based to me.

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>another Minecraft improptu collab kino
>5-10AM EU time
Will ever Kiara be able to be part of something like this?

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Not until she moves herself back to Tokyo.

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who? i was asleep.
after they connect the jp and en servers and the council collab ban ends I'm sure there will be more opportunities our bird.

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I’m going to laugh my ass off when motion’s child grooming gang is exposed to the media

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I haven't been keeping up with the council MC stuff since it's always at shit times. Other than some cute interaction screenshots it doesn't seem like she's missing out on much. She'll have more interactions with the JPs when they connect the server anyway since they don't all stream at meme times for EU

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Kronii, IRyS, Ina and Baelz

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>You will never wake up next to tenchou and hear her say, "handsome" as she wakes up next to you

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I don't think anyone cares about literal who discord drama. This shit happens all the time but people only care when e-celebs are involved in it

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>ywn be a handsome twinkish anime boy
why even live what the actual fuck

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Is that what the KFPCord has been reduced to? Last time I checked, none of the old guard were around except Yagaru. Seems like most either post here or on Twitter now

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The ID girls usually also stream at the same time as Kiara so maybe she could meat up with Reine or Moona

>> No.9831284

no, that is about exactly the time she sleeps

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Just because it's impromptu doesn't automatically mean kino
And besides, I'm so fucking tired of Minecraft holy shit

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>Rinwell is racist
>Kiara is racist

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You think shionne electrocutes the guy when she orgasms?

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LMAO is this real? Hilarious if true

>> No.9832175

I cant take the Rando and Serodin cringe its too much

>> No.9832325

As soon as the portal stands she can visit the JP server. Watame streams usually deep into the night which is afternoon/evening EU time.

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Hope my two wives get along.

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>yearn for phoenix
>settle for chicken not even a month after
I didn't know gooselings were so flaky

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Oh my god I did not know that he was the one who sent that

>> No.9832544

Looks like he didn't even mean any of it

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Never trust people who send poetry in superchats.

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I Want To Cum Inside Rimwell Daily

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Lord, I didn't realize he was the one we were talking about like 5 threads back.
What a weak goslingfag. On chicken feather tail and he abandons his love.

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Nice as Kiwawa

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Wtf is up with youtube suddenly, it keeps crashing the stream again, same as yesterday

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At least it's not only me...

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What is it about this drawing that looks like is from the 90s?

>> No.9834897

Give me context on this

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Same, getting really tilted by it

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Just 6 more hours till the shift is over

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You’re legally obligated to watch the Zelda re-upload once it goes live.

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Good lord

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With her internet it will probably take hours to upload that thing anyways.

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I wish Kiara could get an outfit she truly loves.

>> No.9837401

I wish Kiara could get an outfit she can take off

>> No.9837442

I listen little of this, but she's kind of iffy about the outfit?

>> No.9837449

She likes this one a lot and it really turned out a lot better than some of the other EN outfits imo. It'll probably look great but I think Kiara prefers more casual looking outfits in general

>> No.9837479

She talked about the new outfits and said she truely loves Ame's, Ina's, Gura's and Mori's.
But she also was critical of her current outfit and it's pure sex.

>> No.9837484

What did she say about the outfit?

>> No.9837492

themes based outfits are meh for me, just look Aki being TOO produced

>> No.9837537

She would never talk down on one of her genmates. It's a lot easier to be publicly critical of something that's yours than it is to be of someone elses. Literally anyone can see the issues with Gura's rigging and while the simplicity of it is cute, there's too many flaws that are easily noticeable.

>> No.9837540

I wish Kiara would, FOR ONCE, feel grateful about what she has
She always finds something to complain about. It's a very, very negative attitude and it also helps explain why >we are so negative all the time compared to other fanbase

>> No.9837545

I think current one is amazing, one of the best, maybe she's too harsh on herself again, just look how shit Gura's outfit is.

>> No.9837563

Oh ignore me, I'm retarded. I thought you were talking about the summer outfits.

>> No.9837585

She's that's why we're here reading it but you're a new Ip so fuck you

>> No.9837586

Its partly her bluntness and clumsy praise of the other girls look. But implication were there and hard to exactly read. The jist I got was she likes her new one but it probably isn't what she would have done.

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What is a game you guys wished Kiara played, but you're sure she is never going to play it? Mine would The House In Fata Morgana. I think she would love it, but she would never read a visual novel on stream.

>> No.9837662

It had been dead yo.
Just look at the idols that grew up in the same age range that she loved as a teen. They're all moved on to acting/modeling/raising kids.
I want to make Kiara a mother.

>> No.9837668

more like she finally realized the possibilities of being a digital idol and increased the reach it enables

>> No.9837755

She's old as dirt for that kind of thing now. You can't fight time

>> No.9837774

No shit, she is eternal after all.

>> No.9837787

The way the face was drawn looks alot like how 90s anime we're made

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>> No.9837879

this would be absolute kino

>> No.9837919

some kind of sim that produces character stories
stuff like Rimworld or FTL where she gets to open her brain for us with all the weird leaps in logic and tangents
sadly the graphics will filter her

>> No.9837964

Yeah, FTL would be pretty great. Just imagining her investing herself in all the crewmates would be fun to watch given how she tries to do similar things with chickens and her weird in-character roleplay with the chat.

>> No.9837966

I want her to try out Spore because I think she'd like the customization part but she'd be filtered by the RTS elements

>> No.9838019

Did she say anything about playing TLoU before, the good one ? I played that game so much back in the day, the grounded dificulty and multiplayer were amazing.

>> No.9838057

Kiara is the best

>> No.9838083

Pretty sure it's too scary and shooter-y for her.

>> No.9838740

Will we get more minecraft phoenixton stuff soon? I wanna see what the other districts are gonna look like

>> No.9838804

She wants to squeeze in another Mamatori collab before they build the portal.

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Very nice

>> No.9838926

Someone really needs to tell Kiara to stop pushing for collabs on stream because it just puts pressure on other holos. Plan this shit in private

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>> No.9839015

already gave up in hlgg huh? and not even a new IP, fo shame

>> No.9839065

I would love to see a chuuba play FTL but I'm pretty sure her brain would absolutely melt from the stress and the number of things happening at once.

>> No.9839131

the duality of kfp

>> No.9839273

Ace Combat

>> No.9839286

Guys with problems earlier, is the stream still crashing frequently?
I have Ina on the side for the last half an hour and it didnt crash once

t. euro as well, wtf yt

>> No.9839326

It stopped a bit ago for me. But before that it was really bad, crashing multiple times a minute.

>> No.9839360

Based on what people in KFPcord are saying it really seems to be an EU problem

>> No.9839393

Susan decided to fuck EU and JP

>> No.9839445

Lastly eggs are trying TOO hard since they got BTFO in the last 3 weeks, they even decided to falseflag as Anti-Inafags

>> No.9839706

I want to see her take 90% shots and miss...

>> No.9840008

Cruelty Squad
I could be just any vtuber for that matter idc

>> No.9840749

The whole skyward sword thing made me quite fucking pissed at her, the whole thing at the end was retarded with the self imposed time limit and how she delt with the vod.

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Controversial opinion but I like Kiara.

>> No.9840998

then, frankly, you're a fucking mongoloid

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he's just being "reasonable"

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>> No.9841464

Kiara is cool and all, but have you ever noticed she literally ONLY retweets images with her in them?
Does she hate the other HoloENs or something?

>> No.9841590

been a while since i've seen this bait

>> No.9841598

https://twitter.com/oriinte/status/1437995799984541699?s=20 Look what Kiara retweet it, UNITY TIME KFP!

>> No.9841621

nice argument anon, deflecting with a buzzword just make you look like a white knight of all things. I hope she learns to at least owns her retarded moments and avoid putting herself in awkward situtations with self imposed counstraints again.

>> No.9841646

Now I'm a fine upstanding reasonable KFP, but have you ever noticed how Kiara only masturbates anally? Can an anal queen really be an idol?

>> No.9841654

i don't think he was trying to argue with you. he was just calling you a mongoloid.

>> No.9841907

I sure hope not. Anal is so boring, I immediately go flaccid

>> No.9842153

It's actually really common to go flaccid during anal. You're not supposed to get the pleasure from your dick anyway

>> No.9842266

just lol

>> No.9844138

Do you think she may show up in Mori's Minecraft stream when she wakes up? It ends 1 hour before her next stream

>> No.9844251

I could see her popping in just to check up on her and to make sure she doesn't fuck up Phoenixton again

>> No.9844334

She did it twice with Ina (iirc) and she also popped her head in for Gura and Mumei once, and once when the bone bros were in Phoenixton.
I don't feel like it's all that likely but I dunno.

>> No.9844967

Talked about that a while back when she was first talking about fps's. The ridiculous asthetics of the game being totally anti-Kiara would make for one hell of a commentary if she had to play through it.

>> No.9845061

The numbers don’t lie. Mumei is the newest best birb

>> No.9845113

off topic, sorry

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>> No.9846463

>Change Tales of Arise to subs
>"the problem is now I have to actually read instead of just being able to listen"
Who is this fraud? She can't understand Japanese anymore? Not watching if it's subbed btw, letters are too small.

When that happens, Kiara usually just says "ignore me".

>> No.9846631

Hell yeah

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File: 1.26 MB, 1548x1414, _hoot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Confess, you saw it too.

>> No.9847225

I didn't at first but now I can't unsee it fuck you

>> No.9847511

Only if the 5% brapper breaks something Kiara built again

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>I want you guys to do one thing. Whenever you have time in your busy schedules, whenever you feel like you want some joy and entertainment, then come to us, and we are more than happy to give it to you, because that is our purpose.
I love this bird

>> No.9850852

Kronii mentioned playing MC offstream and seeing Kiara also. Doesn't look like she did anything in Phoenixton, she's probably prepping for the Pekora tour right now.

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>> No.9851296

>Not watching if it's subbed btw, letters are too small.
tragically many game devs are still hack frauds who haven't figured out how to make text bigger than 14pt.

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File: 376 KB, 800x800, E9DgXTLVIAMwhLo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9855616

Gura doing some fake duos with Kiara in her karaoke right now

>> No.9855781

>only Vshoujo likes and retweets lewds of themselves

>> No.9856107

i love how she slipped "oh Fuck" into her beautiful singing

>> No.9856338

Missed it, what songs did they sing?

>> No.9856432

Because of you

>> No.9857282

Kiara has got to knock out some more pop covers, both Ame and Gura commented positively on that one

>> No.9858064

No but if what you want out of Kiara is for her to "retweet more borderline porn", then there are vtubing agencies that meet that demand already

>> No.9858529

convince me not to be doompilled about kiara's music career. i love her songs, cover or original, and she sounds thoroughly discouraged lately. i know she said she'll be making more already but i want that to be fun or at least rewarding for her.

>> No.9858796

Kiara should play Tokyo mirage sessions I feel like she would love it

>> No.9858817

Assuming her PC isn't dead, the upload must still be going now.
She's been running it for about 4 hours at least by now.

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File: 227 KB, 1080x1587, calliope wants big shark dick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can Kiara even compete?

>> No.9859315

who? also what does this have to do with Kiara?

>> No.9859486

Just a joke that Mori likes big shark dicks. Blah blah, I know TakaMori is dead/not real.

>> No.9859936

I'm definitely down for more Kiara covers even if not all of them are my speed.

>> No.9859967

>If only Holos could use crowdfunding to support these kinds of projects...
I think she is just not willing to pay for work and still have her personal projects being negatively affected by top management interests. Well, give her time, I'm sure that when she feels more financially stable she will think again about releasing more original songs.

>> No.9860094

Kiara said a while back that she might pop in for an hour if she’s not busy.

>> No.9860133
File: 419 KB, 2048x2560, 1631065381611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, that was really good. I would love for a karaoke of them just singing white girl music lol

>> No.9860196

I was doompilled after heart challenger got fucked because of her shadow ban.

At the moment, I would be heartbroken if she stopped originals all together but would understand why.

I'd be less bitter though if she released a CD or vinyl like Mori did.

>> No.9860256

Sparks was just handled really poorly on the management end.
Overlapped by IRyS debut countdown.
The music video got put in the wrong category, changing the category resulted in it becoming shadow banned for days.
The song got listed under the wrong name, you had to search up Kiara's name in Japanese to find it.
If I recall she implied that management got in the way when it came to producing the song.

>> No.9860452

>>Not watching if it's subbed btw, letters are too small.
>tragically many game devs are still hack frauds who haven't figured out how to make text bigger than 14pt.

Case in point: Square Enix WTF handling of those pixel remasters of the Final Fantasy games

>> No.9861395

While there's no nudity, this is definitely more yabai than Kiara retweeting Waterring's stuff

>> No.9862475
File: 346 KB, 1333x2048, E_UrbEgVUAI7BV1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New outfit hype!

>> No.9862567

My rrat:
Cover blocked HoloMyth from releasing music close to the vsinger's debut, Kiara went ahead with her personal schedule ( release a song on your birthday) but was belittled by upper management.

>> No.9862643

It was honestly an accident on Mori's part. The 4 pics from the preview don't show anything too bad and the 4th is a picture of her. The shark one that everyone's freaking out over, you only see Gura's head and chest + some guys in the background. Gotta click to get the dick.

>> No.9862950 [DELETED] 

Me and my dead pets voted for Ina.

>> No.9863122


>> No.9863263

>edited out the sufferkino
i guess it's for the best but i'm still sad

>> No.9863409

>VOD ends before demise attempts were even made
Pretty genius kek almost like a cliffhanger

>> No.9863455

Reminds me of cliffhangers let's players loved to do back in the day.

>> No.9864022

Clips of Kiara singing with Gura in the unarchived karaoke:

>> No.9864114

*Gura doing fake duos with Kiara, my bad

>> No.9864889

Is the sufferkino anywhere available to watch? Don't wanna download the entire VOD just for it.

>> No.9865107

I wonder how many people used Henchou's Arise affiliate link

>> No.9865164

Probably a lot.

>> No.9866198

Reupload of Skyward Sword Finale is up.

Don’t watch Kiara too often so I have to ask…why was it taken down? Copyright? Did Kiara say something bad? Audio/Video issues?

>> No.9866502

The end stream sufferkino was removed.

>> No.9866562

Stop saying sufferkino, there was nothing Kino about the Demise fight

>> No.9866674

In a nutshell, she brought rl stress into Zelda and had a bad time against final boss under a self imposed time limit. Ultimately decided to edit out the unflattering segment to avoid less than scrupulous clipping.

>> No.9866676

people have different opinions, deal with it

>> No.9866739

Basically she was in a time crunch because she wanted to beat the game before Ina's Anniversary stream, and she was at the final boss. As time went on she became more stressed because she didn't want to overlap, but the more stressed she got, the worse she fought. She was crying a bit too, and she ended the stream without saying anything.

>> No.9866848

Funny enough, i think she may have done it if she had not delayed the stream for half an hour for Nenechi
Not saying she should have overlapped with her Outfit reveal, just another thing that added up to the time pressure

>> No.9868190

Perhaps but Nenechi and Ina are two people she considers her “angels”. She would’ve felt the pressure either way.

>> No.9868245
File: 2.09 MB, 1700x2400, 92764978_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9869113

>Mori built a KFP

>> No.9869638


All me

>> No.9869790

>duo with kiawa
>stops multiple times during because of you to listen to her sing instead
Cute! It's really cool to see Gura and Ame just admire Kiara's singing.

>> No.9870478

gg - tales series was declining, bandai went all out on marketing for this one

>> No.9870485

She built a blind me on top too!

>> No.9870551

To be fair they also re-did the game pretty heavily, the combat system in particular is the most fun its ever been.

>> No.9871402

Stuff like that is all I'm asking for. I know Mori is bad at communication but just some actions that show she cares and are not as cryptic as liking TakaMori art on twitter.
Good going, Moririn.

>> No.9871969


>> No.9873925
File: 114 KB, 1104x1230, 1627169487262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9874018
File: 388 KB, 1544x2048, E_LdW0CVcAQJNHw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9874247
File: 587 KB, 1000x577, 1613609517291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That looks like drag queen Kiara

>> No.9874277

I'd still tap that

>> No.9874713

JWU. I love Kiara

>> No.9874783

I love her more

>> No.9876369
File: 214 KB, 1640x2000, Pegganon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9878410

Kiara having minecraft sex with Mori and Gura right now

>> No.9880136

How was it?

>> No.9880620

Not nearly as attentionwhoring as usual, which was really refreshing to see. She even helped them out

>> No.9880823

She logged in to baby them, but nothing special, much like how the stream was generally.

>> No.9880827

Was fine, she didn't join voicechat though.

>> No.9880891

she just helped them out for a bit with mats. mori actually built some cool stuff it seems, surprised me.

>> No.9881143

I wonder how she felt being called "The Gamer of EN"

>> No.9881418

So I like rewatching Kiara's mini 3D SPARKS concert from the group anniversary stream, I really love the "Aw yeah~" she does at the very end of the lyrics in that rendition

>> No.9881528

Happy but i doubt she agrees with it. She's just more competitive and capable when she focuses on something than her genmates, also she have the power of chat at her side.

>> No.9881593

Ame is legit the worst at games in EN. I laugh to this day that she was ever “the gamer” of this branch.

>> No.9881674

>also she have the power of chat at her side.
Mori and Kiara start playing MC at the same time. One tries to get better and lets chat backseat her and the other doesnt care much and doesnt want to be backseated. Look at the difference of growth after one year.

>> No.9881710


>> No.9881885

She either thought "wow what's with Gura saying that all of a sudden" or "I guess Gura doesn't watch my streams after all"

>> No.9881950

Mori and Gura being shit at 3d terraria. Kiara comes in and tells them how stuff works. Gives them a load of material. Gura sucks Kiara's tiddies

>> No.9882041

Hot. I wonder if there's any art of this? I'd like to see that.

>> No.9882359

Here's the context in timestamp form.

>> No.9882788

i would absolutely flip my shit for a physical release, any format at all. I'd buy a stack of cassettes.

>> No.9882903

Kiara is very cute today

>> No.9882948

Someone on twitter made a cassette mixtape of her songs around her birthday

>> No.9883521

Very cute, adorable even.

>> No.9883587

Shes cute everyday.

>> No.9883656


>> No.9883699

sorry kiara I'm not listening the dub VAs even if you want to support them

>> No.9883949

get fucked.

>> No.9884028

A rrat???

>> No.9884160

Can wait for INDIGNATION. Would Kiara's DLC save her this time?

>> No.9884444

>Phantasia remake
Kiara is very based today

>> No.9884499

it's trash. fuck you for not having standards.

>> No.9884592


>> No.9885017

at first I was displeased with the dub, but actually I realize now this is better because it means when I play with JP my experience will feel different

>> No.9885035
File: 212 KB, 1079x310, Screenshot_20210916-095601_Snapchat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kiara looks so sad here...

>> No.9885094

I also noticed that. Wonder why she chose that expression.

>> No.9885134

I will make her happy...

>> No.9885385

>forgot about Kiara's autism for JRPGs
>she's not more than 3 hours ahead of me not including side missions she did offstream

Be honest with me, is spoilering myself by continuing to watch her stream gonna ruin the game's experience?

>> No.9885599

Why would it? The story is pretty straight forward for now so it doesn't matter if you see the cutscenes a bit earlier.
And the meat of the game is in the fighting anyways. Fights will still be hard especially if you don't have the OP DLC.

>> No.9886392

Missed a bit of the beginning of the stream cause sleep, why does she have the english voices on?

I barely pay attention to the story, but thats a me thing; but when I do pay attention to it, its a pretty generic story. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

>> No.9886456

So that people who have her open in the background can follow the story.
She tried for JP subtitles but doesn't have the option. But even her JP viewers told her English is fine.

>> No.9886488

For the people who multitask watching her streams and also for herself since she apparently has a hard time processing Japanese late into a long stream.

>> No.9886580

Just got home. How's Arise been?

>> No.9886629

Kiara was very into it. Combat gets harder but she is having fun. Story ramped up but has a lot of JRPG problems that Kaira can't see.
Good stream so far.

>> No.9886636

Cool, just wondering, and I think it is a decent idea; I usually listen to her while working, so this has improved with knowing whats going on especially when she wants to listen to the cut scenes and not talk over them.

>> No.9886640

I want more Kiara Awoos!

>> No.9886999

fat bird

>> No.9887173

Huke papa....your daughter needs time spent on her outfits....you can't keep putting her last....

>> No.9887276

I remember seeing some people confused at why Ina wouldn't be a mama unless she retired but when I look at Huke I get it. The guys working on the new Steins;Gate, there's some new BRS stuff, and he also regularly has to try and fit in outfits for Kiara. I suppose it'd be less of an issue with a lower profile vtuber who's less likely to get outfits but with Hololive it's pretty much a given.

>> No.9887403

I feel like Huke didn't quite realise what he was getting himself into, so his daughter has to bully him into shape. It's like a 90s family movie where the kids try to fix their workaholic single dads life.

>> No.9887673


>> No.9888002

See the drama with Nacho and Kana. There's really nothing wrong with just providing art on a contract but once you get involved in their sphere there's an expectation for regular outfits, accessories, etc and it all has to be at a very high level, which can take weeks or even months even for pros.

>> No.9888200

This boss fucked me up

>> No.9888388
File: 13 KB, 242x242, 1631811352759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9888826

>no resting
>almost no more potion
>bamco crashing the chat
>dlc barely saving Kiara's ass

That was a good fight.

>> No.9888885
File: 2.51 MB, 3000x2500, E_a8ZqDVQAEe7mX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9888928


>> No.9888955

>My chat is broken!
Is she going to notice that it's just people not interacting with her when she plays JRPGs?

>> No.9888977

Yeah, people were commenting about it here last stream and everyone was getting up-in-arms. My guess is some people ended up commenting on twitter under the video link last time and she decided to change it.

>> No.9888989

I wonder what she thought it was.

>> No.9889038

It has been fairly active and 2,500 isn't an odd number for her so steady interaction is expected.

>> No.9889061

I wanna know her unfiltered thoughts after she did a google search to try and figure it out.

>> No.9889106

Ganabelt's Indignation hurts like a bitch but damn is it beautiful and hype

>> No.9889332
File: 43 KB, 746x120, 1631812929787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She really has an in with bamco. Can't wait for Tekken 8 shill stream, that is all dress up.

>> No.9889538

Nice youtube is absolute garbage again

>> No.9889651

Yup. Started giving me errors again after being smooth for so long. Fuck this site

>> No.9889790

Cant even go 5 mins without error

>> No.9890182

>Deletes subs for no reason
>bans and shadowbans for no reason
>Randomly disconnects certain regions in short intervals
Sasuga, small indie company

>> No.9890344

Did something happened? Why did kiara scream while changing her characters outfit?

>> No.9890394

There is an idol master outfit in there she is not supposed to show. Japanese permission madness.

>> No.9890641

>Make DLC outfit
>Sell it globally
>Freak out when someone shows it on camera

>> No.9890797

>can't be assed to prepare anything for Pekora's EN tour because of "MUH HAVE NO TIME" meme
Maybe stop going shoe shopping with your mom every fucking week.
It's not like Pekora did an entire stream prepping for your visit or anything, right?

>> No.9890894

kek he posted in global too. Keep seething friend

>> No.9890905

I love the shoe shopping rrat so much, its such a fun returning bit

>> No.9890948
File: 2.69 MB, 309x333, 1625343159775.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9890954

mamatori's used shoes
imagine the smell

>> No.9891052

Sorry for eating her shoes guys...

>> No.9891086


>> No.9891196

Can't wait for "Kiara goes shoe shopping with Mamatori" prompt to show up in a members only Gartic Phone stream(if one happens)

>> No.9891272

Can you imagine how hard he would hatefuck his shoes if that happened?

>> No.9891286

What's goin on, just woke up. Still wants to beat yakuza no matter what next week?

>> No.9891316

She thought about doing something for the Pekora collab tomorrow but as always little time and no idea.

>> No.9891539

Dont know how you guys feel, but I think pekora collabs are so rare, that she should have prepared and planned more to make it worth while. She shouldnt stuff her schedule with 3 long jrpg + SC streams, Sora holotalk and peko collab.

>> No.9891596

She may be able to prepare a prank for her. But making a map of the EN server like Pekora did of the JP server is not really worth it.

>> No.9891764

Kiara doesn't really give a shit about collabs anymore, barely does them to begin with. Ever since this "le busy" meme started a couple weeks ago she's only been focused on her solo content.


>> No.9891808

>if she's not doing at least one collab per week, it means she doesn't care

>> No.9891820

Guys lets be reasonable, Kiara has been farting too much lately

>> No.9891888


>> No.9891902

Another day, another poll where Kiara is the most hated holo...

>> No.9891987

Little Kiara roleplaying tales characters, CUTE!

>> No.9891994

Why would I care about the opinions of people that use this board

>> No.9892025

Kinda wish I saved that wojack poal shitpost pic now

>> No.9892035
File: 208 KB, 1555x1595, average kfp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based king

>> No.9892595
File: 213 KB, 503x711, Screenshot_20210916-140914_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I really want to know where to buy this.

>> No.9892652

>Hololive Indonesia

>> No.9893570

why does this game get such low numbers

>> No.9893685

a lot of people dont care about it in the west and the ones who do care want to avoid spoilers

>> No.9893709

JRPG outside of Japan.
Also Youtube crashing every few seconds for Yuros won't help either.

>> No.9893906

I missed the start of the stream so I have to wait till the archive is available

>> No.9894212

wait, is she seriously doing no preparation for the collab tomorrow?
And Phoenixton still unfinished? She should really think about her priorities. Who cares about another 6 hours of Tales of when Pekora is visiting the EN server?

>> No.9894232

Kiara is the personification of the "quantity > quality" mindset, unfortunately.

>> No.9894240

I do not care about the number rabbit past me wishing her well because Kiara likes her.

>> No.9894254

That was a cute voice

>> No.9894285

i didn't know we had sensitive nutsackis lurking here. welcome.

>> No.9894316

Even Yakuza 7 didn't do much in terms of live >numbers, peaking around 4k in the later episodes. But since Kiara doesn't mind, I don't either. Some KFP straight up don't watch JRPG streams

>> No.9894365

No amount of effort in the time remaining could get the EN server into a presentable state to meet Pecor's standards so I think she made the right call here.

>> No.9894432

She already got some Elytra for Pegora but there is not really much else she could do. A map is useless and she is not good enough to build a funny trap.

>> No.9894526

She literally asked chat if there's anything she should show Pekora that she doesn't know about yet, so it seems she hasn't even bothered doing 5 minutes of research for the EN server content nor has she made a structure for her tour guide.

>> No.9894579

sure, but Kiara knows the state the server is in. Why did she invite Pekora (before the merging of the servers even) for a tour then and go "whatever" a day before?
Seems like she didn't really think that one through.

>> No.9894580

Tomorrow's egg seethe will be beautiful

>> No.9894592

And Tales isn't even as popular as something like Yakuza.

>> No.9894601

what the fuck is going on in this game

>> No.9894668

That cutscene was fucking retarded lol

>> No.9894671

It's a server tour not a coronation.

>> No.9894689

it's not that important, get over it

>> No.9894704

What the fuck was that

>> No.9894835

I'm happy that Kiara is happy!

>> No.9895026

Oh god I need to play even more to make sure I stay ahead of Kiara after her 12-15 hour stream

>> No.9895063

22 hours in and I'm sweating bullets now.

>> No.9895136

She doesn't care about collabs anymore. Tales shill money is more important

>> No.9895295

I work at KFP so have some leaks
>Kiara is only collabing with Pekora after she begged to be on Kiara's stream
>The tales streams are faked, a mixture of stop motion and drug induced hallucinations
>The Sora holotalks is Gura in a wig, pretending to be Kiara
>Mamatori is actually Dennis Rodman
>Kiara has already graduated and this is just a time packet

>> No.9895542

I hope someone timestamped when she did her bawk bawks

>> No.9895886

>Mamatori is actually Dennis Rodman
I FUCKING KNEW IT! it's so obvious

>> No.9896248

>she reads my grey message
>my heart skips a beat
>I'm a deadbeat
oh no....

>> No.9896299

I really love it when she reads/responds to my messages too...

>> No.9896354

not anymore you are, she just restarted your heart, time to get your uniform on anon

>> No.9896357

Seems like you got some feathers on your bones there.

>> No.9896427

What did she say about taking vacations? my YT died for a bit

>> No.9896472

She will take a three day vacation at the start of next month but that's old knowledge. She invited her best friend and stuff and will stay in Austria.
The thing she said was that she will rebroadcast the German karaoke during that time.

>> No.9896510

ah nice, loved that karaoke

>> No.9896918


>> No.9896945

She is!

>> No.9896981

does anyone know what the kanjis were?

>> No.9897031

nvm she wrote them: 飴地形ん

>> No.9897191

It used to be on GeekJack but it sold out, you can still preorder it on this site: https://shop.hololivepro.com/

>> No.9897392 [DELETED] 

>her cats are obese

>> No.9897456

no i'm not

>> No.9897468

Chonkers is just fluffy, ok?

>> No.9897569

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.9897687

I’d buy so much more merch if shipping and customs weren’t a bitch.

>> No.9897896

New thread up:

>> No.9903013 [SPOILER] 
File: 481 KB, 610x646, 1610601697671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am thoughts

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