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What is /asp/?

A thread where we discuss our vtuber aspirations! Whether it's agency-based or independent, let's help each other grow and make it as entertainers. Indies are welcome to join, but shill responsibly. Share what knowledge, insights, what works/doesn't work for you. Remember to do your research before providing personally identifying information to companies online!

Do I need an expensive, fully rigged Live2D model to be a vtuber?
No! You can always start out as a pngtuber!

Where can I learn how to Live2D rig avatars?
Check out Brian Tsui's (of Iron Vertex) YouTube channel!

Where can I find artists/riggers?
Skeb.jp, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

Where can I find some good games to stream?

Twitch or Youtube?
Multistream to both.

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK (embed)
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/2mkc8x9P (embed)
List of Assets and other resources: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQHyRDZ3nxlIINfZz_wWCbgQ9gR4OgbTFhyGwq45DseUixkJJKbUmhPjnkWcmh7dOCDdxObAZXv_zti/pubhtml


Prism Project Generation 4 (deadline 9/20)

Phase Connect Generation 2 (deadline 10/31)

Cyberlive Generation 2 (deadline 9/17)

VSh*jo (deadline 9/30)

Stay grounded, stay hopeful. Don't kill yourself yet.

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You will never be successful

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What are the things i shouldn't do as an indie if i want to go corpo someday? aside from the obvious of not being racist. I really want to play postal 2 and hatred, should i not do that?

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Just play it and nuke the vods

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don't shit on companies and brands because you may be sucking their dick for sponsorships and nacho cheese fries sometime in the future

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Good news! I just hit affiliate! Bad news! I don't know how to do an affiliate party! Help!

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don't feel pressured to do one right off the bat. let your viewers know you want to celebrate it and ask for some feedback until you're confident you can put something together that everyone can enjoy and have fun with.

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Don't sweat it! Celebrate if you want to celebrate. What do you enjoy doing on stream? Do that, and make it festive somehow. Involve your viewers if you can, that's fun.

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Would people be interested in seeing content like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnUWutEPc1o

I've been experimented with some videos, and it seems like out of all the short videos I posted, this one went on the short feed (YT Algo). I'm not too sure if it's because of it being a niche topic.

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actually say something. if you're just gonna have a bunch of gifs scrolling move the fuck out of the way so the viewer can actually read them. you add nothing to the video by having a moving anime boy avatar on screen.

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I'll keep that in mind. Thanks !

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Sorry, buddy, but you gotta do two hours of Tom Jones karaoke. It's the law.

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There's sort of two options you can go for:

1 - "fuck you pay me". Have a subathon as the party. Set goals for multiple levels, bit dono rewards, and so on. Potentially, this could be good for getting a ton of money, but if you've only just hit affiliate, it might not work
2 - "fuck me". Do something cool for the viewers. Whether it's bow to demand and do two hours of Tom Jones karaoke, play through the entire Stanley Parable, or do a speedrun on Farcry ( should be doable in 15 minutes ). This will possibly be really boring, or really hard, for you.

Figure out which route to go down, then start figuring out what your chat wants.

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As far as I'm aware, as long ass you don't do shit bad shit often or more than once. Flashback to Ame's roommate saying Nigga

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Shotaaaaa T____T
But yeah, you should explain it more, it's kinda weird that way

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Retarded question, but I'mma ask it anyways, why is it better to stream on Twitch than YT? Is it because most people know Twitch as a streaming site? Is it because you don't have to compete with whole fully developed videos in someone's recommended?

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twitch is more popular and youtube streaming sucks dick for discoverability

with twitch all you have to do is to search by the vtuber tag then sort low to high if you want to see new indies, with youtube no one knows how to navigate it at all

youtube in its current form is not kind to new streamers

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twitch for streaming, put clips on youtube

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Oh that makes sense, thanks!

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Don't talk about your relationships. Even if you hate idolfagotry with a passion, your future self will definitely sell out if the opportunity arises.
Then again, you're on /vt/, so you probably don't have that problem.

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good to know im not the only one that puts the pen in my mouth like that

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I'll probably end up doing karaoke. How do I not get DMCA'd though?

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by not doing karaoke

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You pretty much don't need to worry about live DMCA (I mean, it could happen, but you're probably okay). Twitch mutes the VOD if it detects potential copyright infringment, but it won't alert the copyright holder, so don't worry there, especially if you're small. IF you upload to Youtube (don't), then YT will alert the copyright holder... Which will screw you massively.

Or just delete/unpublish/don't record the VOD/clips.

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Thank you!

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What % of superchats and memberships does Youtube take for their own cut? Would it be better to just leave q paypal link under a stream for donations?

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30% is youtube's cut. you can leave a paypal link but no one will click it. humans and viewers are retarded stupid and each additional click you require a viewer to exercise will drop engagement by 50%

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Only 50%?

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no one's your mother here, anon. go for it and see how well it works for you.

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What's the best etiquette in dealing with autists and retards in the chat who try to flirt with you and ruin the chat atmosphere?
Do you just ban them or talk to them about it?

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Is it worth doing a traditional 'debut stream' if I'm just going to start off as a PNGchuuba or am I better off just jumping straight into a game? Also am I better off starting with a single player story game or a multiplayer pvp game?

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why would you waste your time talking to retards, get that ass banned
singleplayer > multi in every way, don't debut since you have no streaming experience, save debut numbers for when you upgrade your model to something professional

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Try to ignore, if they keep going tell them straight up to tone it down

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>not flirting back like a chad/stacy
why are you throwing away free potential donations/subs anon?

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It's at the point where they're driving away people with their bullshit and even if it's free donations I worry about the health of the community and chat.

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if they're driving viewers away yeah thats too much. Try to tell them nicely to tone it down, if it doesn't work maybe a message if they keep going just ban them from donating then as a last effort a straight up ban from your community. Those parasocial viewers sometimes don't get the hint

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Debut streams work for corpos because they have an obscene backing. Irys had 300,000 youtube subs before starting. A debut there introduces everyone to her.

You're an indy. Gotta be honest, unless you do a solid GFE or have an existing fanbase you can convert, you'll be lucky to get any viewers in your first stream. Sorry.

I saved my 'debut' for after hitting affiliate, and shilled the fuck out of it for a week. Made sure every one I knew online was aware I'd be doing a debut stream on the Friday, and hit 20 viewer average. Dropped back down to an average of 6 afterwards though. I'm considering a redebut if I do a full upgrade to L2D, but can't realistically pull that off for several months, so might just go for a "fuck it, I exist, and that's your problem to deal with" approach.

I am tempted to do a subathon when I hit six months though. Again, aggressive shilling, and probably actually drop a link here, too.

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>they're driving away people

One autistic whale is not worth losing even 5 neurotypical regulars. If they can't read the mood you have to DM them and be as brutally blunt as possible:
"Yo, when you do this and say this I feel uncomfortable please stop it."
"Please stop trying to flirt, it makes me uncomfortable"
"No, that other guy isn't doing the same thing you are doing"
"Yes, that guy is doing the same thing and I am giving him the same warning"
"No I'm not asking you to leave stream forever"

If they keep trying to search you for loopholes or try to get closer to you or try to emotion dump on you for sympathy then ban them preemptively. You will save yourself 6 months of grief.

If you have anyone you actually trust, ask their opinions of the retards.

Personally I give them one warning and judge their response while I give the warning, to get a sense of their reading comprehension and cognitive function. If they do the thing again I will ban immediately.

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i do it on a per stream basis:
first offence gets a verbal warning
second offence gets a written warning in chat
third offence gets timed out, and next time they screw up they're banned.

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don't debut. ever. it's a waste of time and only used for vtweeter ego stroking.

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Not debuting is why they're vtweeters though?

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vtweeting is a mindset. it's not a black and white line. just because you've had a debut stream doesn't make you a vtuber if you stop streaming for months afterwards. save your debut stream for a 6 month milestone or twitch partner celebration. too many envtubers are caught up the in debut mindset and get discouraged when they only get 18 people tops on their debut date.

viewers are tired. it's an hour of some weeb talking about what anime or manga they like, and then an hour of shitty gameplay. everyone is burned out of debuts. don't debut. just start making content.

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Ah, I get you.

My debut was an eight hour game 'marathon' (my longest pre was four hours), with a five minute lore drop at the 1 hour mark. I felt it doesn't matter what my favourite colour is, or anything outside of gaming, streaming, and my technoliteracy

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>viewers are tired. it's an hour of some weeb talking about what anime or manga they like, and then an hour of shitty gameplay. everyone is burned out of debuts.
even the main envtuber discord server from twitter is flooded with so many debuts no one watches them anymore.

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Just start streaming, and do something you're comfortable doing and can talk about for hours, even if no one's there in your chat. It doesn't need to be games, either.

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/asp/ you say

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Any vtuber that was raped in the summer of 92?

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You can't call your thread /asp/
/asp/ is wrestling

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>What is /asp/?

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Look at the adjective: simp!

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it keeps happening

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Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with what they consider the "Worst promo of all time" but in reality we the masses have been too dumb to understand the level of kino that Jake was throwing down >Everyone over the years have attributed the "You wanna play 21? I've got 22" line as being a sign that Jake doesn't know the rules of Blackjack >In actuality what Mr. Roberts means is that he has a .22 Caliber gun, and that even if his opponent truly has the perfect hand he will not walk away the victor because Jake is vicious and will do anything to win. >The line "Do you wanna play blackjack? I got two of those too" is then him saying that he has two actual blackjacks, a type of crude club used to bash people >Finally the line "You wanna play Aces and Eights? I got too many of those" is probably the most kino of them all >Aces and Eights goes by another name. They are called "Dead Man's Hand" because it is said to be the cards that Wild Bill Hickok, a famous outlaw, was holding when he was shot dead >Jake is then implying that he has led a trail of men who thought they could best the snake only to wind up dead at his hand over the years. It's time to face the facts, that even while ballooned off his ass on enough drugs to kill a bull, Jake Roberts could still cut a more cerebral promo than anyone else in the history of the business

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>Snake pasta without the pic

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Jesus this thread was derailed fast

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KWAVRB (kek what a virtually raped bitch)

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It’s a thread about /asp/ - Alternative Sports & Wrestling

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how was it derailed? it's an /asp/ thread.

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Reminder to kill yourselves you roastie whore dykes

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>Jesus this thread was derailed fast
But OP booked this invasion angle!? Anyway, where is the catering?

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'sup /asp/

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what you guys think about iron vertex?

>> No.9836091

over priced shitty clique of rich social media influencers. they used to be the best riggers indies could get. but they've stopped accepting indies and exclusively clout chase by rigging for social media influences and industry professionals.

>> No.9836143

i see maybe i should search for something else

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there is any problem? or can i help you understanding something?

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Battler is a rigging bitch mascot

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Iron Vertex sold out and don't take rigging applications from indies anymore. that's all you need to know.

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I really want to sing What's New Pussycat seven times in a row and then sing It's Not Unusual. I will not have an audience left by the time I get to It's Not Unusual, but I want to do it so much.

>> No.9840221

Pomu did a stream where she sang Ikenai Borderline 100 times. just make it a shitpost karaoke stream. your viewers might start leaving after it gets boring so you mix it up with different singing styles and voices.

>> No.9840398

It's just for the John Mulaney bit. Maybe I'll make it an expensive channel points redeem if someone wants to ruin everyone's day.

>> No.9840800

She did the same with God Knows earlier

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How do I become successful male chuuba?

>> No.9842289

provide some form of value to your viewers. if you cannot sum up your stream's value to viewers in a single sentence, you need to go back to the drawing board.

>> No.9842705

Don't be an absolute dullard and hope to get picked up by a corpo

>> No.9843248

Look at what exiting successful males are doing. Can you do that? If not then don't bother

>> No.9843599

>exiting successful males are doing
>bungo taiga
actual pedo and pedobaiter
coasting off past community success
coasting off past community success
>corpse husband
coasting off once in a lifetime viral success thanks to covid and amogus
coasting off past community success
clipfaggotry, coasting off others success
clipfaggotry, coasting off others success

so either be successful already or leech off others?

>> No.9844105

Become a successful cam streamer first.
Alternatively, a own a successful clip channel.

>> No.9845072

Correct. It's an oversaturated market

>> No.9845427

Any entertainment-related job is fucking oversaturated, that shouldn’t stop you from trying or else you won’t be able to get anywhere in life

>> No.9845486

Post cock

>> No.9845494

This is also true. I work as a fucking software engineer and every god damned job posting has hundreds of applications. That didn't stop me from getting a job, and it shouldn't stop you from streaming either. Do what you wanna do, and have fun doing it. Success may or may not come, but at least you had fun

>> No.9845670

Be friendly and have a masculine non bara model.

>> No.9846068

What's successful to you guys? I watch a male indie and I think he's doing pretty great on his own.

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It's worse than you'd think.
If you average 6 viewers, you're in the top 6.7% of Twitch streamers. 11 viewers puts you in the top 3.1%. 51+ viewers is the top 1% of streamers

>> No.9846510

Of course, that data includes all accounts that might have only streamed once ever, thus significantly muddling the results. If you look at affiliates/partners only, then the numbers change to this:
>6+ viewers is top 30%
>11+ viewers is top 15%
>251+ viewers is top 1%

>> No.9846513

I define my own success as 'recoup initial investment'... And I had a sponsor reach out to me. If my stream next week gets ~double normal activity, I'll have covered costs. If each of my viewers does the sponsored activity three times raid shadow legends, I'll be entirely in profit. If they do it four times, I can get rigging for my model, and come out even once the Twitch payout comes through.

I'm averaging seven viewers, but I've had ten friends in a discord say they'll do the tutorial. If I can get each of them to do it a time or two, I'm making 'bank'.

>> No.9846567

Kromia, Cece, Joel, SciFri, assorted furries I keep seeing, Strykur, Omi, Kadu,

There's other males who I see pretty often with 50-100+ viewers that are just offline, these are the ones I spotted online is all. There's plenty of them though and I'm actually surprised every time I see another one. I numberfag hardcore because I'm a stats autist and most of the ones I see aside from the obvious trend hoppers like Taka just seem to have come out of nowhere, there's a handful of rando singers/instrument guys too that pull crazy numbers. I think they're mostly late night US/Early EU streamers

>> No.9847661

There's also Dot_lvl, ShiaBun, shxtou, PapiFubar, Frost, me2oon, this dude I see at like 3AM with a guitar, Randon, and plenty of other males that are doing fine.

>> No.9850873


>> No.9852674

Well, a sponsor is still a sponsor, I guess

>> No.9852775

Dot_lvl is great, but has been around for a very long time. No idea if VTubing had an impact on growth at all.

>> No.9853407

most of those vtubers got in early when vtubing was still new. the wave of hololive EN also helped bring them into the spotlight. no one starting out now will be able to recreate what they have.

it'd be like pointing to any of the youtube content creators like PewDiePie or Markilplier and saying they did it back in 2012, anyone can do it now. the field has changed and you're not going to make it just off being a consistent content creator anymore.

>> No.9854503

there is absolutely zero guarantee you will incline, no matter how much money you dump into an avatar, or who you get to make one for you.

People need to make up new ways to gain an audience, and outside of external marketing being essential, nobody is going to share their ideas.

In a sea of oversaturation on nearly every form of content, finding a niche is hard. Especially since you can gamble too hard and have very limited audience potential.

>> No.9855820

Do people care if they go into a stream with a female png to hear a male voice? I ask this only because I'm not an artist, and don't have money to commission, but I drew a simple girl that I really like and wanna stream with her as my png

>> No.9856734

you will filter some people but babis can still do numbers

>> No.9856840 [DELETED] 

99.9% of you aren't going to make it. most of you are talentless losers that nobody will ever care about. nobody wants to watch some loser stream. quit hoping that your gamer meme dreams will come true and get a real job
this goes for any males here btw

>> No.9856975

can't get a real job

>> No.9857082 [DELETED] 


>> No.9857240

nta, but businesses in my area have been putting up false hiring posters and failing to set up interviews for positions so they can go and bitch to our local government about how there's a """""labor shortage""""" and try to lobby to get rid of unemployment so they can go back to offering 39 hour a week minimum wage jobs with no insurance or healthcare. you try to apply and they'll ghost you for 2 months, schedule an interview out of the blue, refuse to reschedule then claim you never showed up.

>> No.9857541 [DELETED] 

do you not have any skills whatsoever? those are minimum wage jobs

>> No.9857660

>those are minimum wage jobs
minimum for what?

>> No.9857683 [DELETED] 

are you esl? minimum wage.

>> No.9857713

yeah, but what's that supposed to mean? minimum for what? minimum wage to live on your own? minimum to live and raise a family?

>> No.9857803

Yeah, I'm having a similar problem where I've applied to roughly 100 positions in my field and not received a single interview. Currently streaming and art are the only productive things that I can do.

>> No.9857848 [DELETED] 

google it eslchan. it's the lowest they can pay legally in most countries, minimum wage

>> No.9857873

but isn't that below the poverty line where no one is able to even pay rent and food, let alone the rest of the stuff humans need in a month?

>> No.9857918

a handful of them sure, but those are just the ones I'm able to name off the top of my head. Randon isn't oilder, neither is Papi who had maybe 15 viewers until he went vtuber. Looking at his stats, Strykur didn't incline until a few months ago, Omi debut in what seems like April. schrodingerLee is another I'm seeing who had no growth til a few months ago.

Yes, it's harder as a male but that's because the audience for males is so much lower and "hurr hurr do the fujo thing" won't work for most people who try it because they sound like awkward weirdos because they lack social skills. You actually need to be entertaining and have a sociable personality because you can't fall back on just being a cute girl. If you aren't already that, in all honesty you probably won't just suddenly learn it

People like to knock BungoTaiga and he's a complete dickhead even with the other accusations aside, but he succeeded where tons of males who started at the same time or even earlier failed and still to get views a year and a half later. Hell, think about all the successful male /here/ chuubas and where they'd be if /wvt/ wasn't carrying them.

>> No.9857919

It's """"enough"""" according to the law and that's the only thing they care about.

>> No.9858316 [DELETED] 

there should be a separate /asp/ for people who actually have a chance of becoming a chuuba aka females. the men should just get their own loser general for faggy wannabe fakers

>> No.9858807

you could have made one instead of being a whiney little bitch

>> No.9859409

its just a mikoposter that got lost on their way to /wvt/ just ignore em
i get that you said most of them but i do want to point out that randon only started mid-february, well after HoloEN
he just did his networking really well
krimbo also amassed a pretty big following too but he's also a really good artist

>> No.9860267

More like coasting off an eternal grift.

>Born a rich boy
>Family funds whatever interests he has
>Has an Ivy League Degree, with no debt
>Uses it to teach English in Japan
>Parents still pay for his housing overseas
>Takes extra time and money and hires translators
>Starts getting popular hentai scans translated, making bank of being the "middle man"
>Rolls that money into the same middle man scheme, but this time with funding new hentai
>Eventually gets a team to make custom hentai on the fly
>Taps into meme market in America and makes bank off of one off flavor of the week hentai/ecchi comic strips
>Re-translates them for other markets
>Does this for about a year, then automates the whole process
>Gets more hentai artists begging for piece of pie, which he low balls
>Pays Mr. Metokur, Chris Chan, and other e-celebs to podcast with him and his intern
>Gets exposed for being a creep by female artists
>He buries it, then pays Webtoons or whatever the shitty site is to promote his shit to front page
>Fellow hentai crew mates call him out on shit
>He buries their accounts and takes to Kiwi farms of all places to shill podcast episode with Chris Chan
>Gets called out by mods for sock puppeting
>Mods go one step further and find he sock puppets Webtoons and shit too
>Lets his "art company" run itself while he just shows up for appearances
>Gets accidently doxxed by Chris Chan
>Has lawyer parents help push paper work for name change
>Proceeds to start new game + with Vtubing, while still making bank off of art team's constant flow of meme pics and vids

I am impressed that such a specimen not only is still here but is thriving. No matter how many times he gets "exposed", he just uses connections to bury it and returns stronger. He may become the eventual king of male chuubas.

Long live King Merry(DAWG)Weatherly!

>> No.9860295

>but he's also a really good artist
I don't think that should count him out since tons of big vtubers are good artists. His networking reps are godtier.

>> No.9860485

>Gets exposed for being a creep by female artists

>Fellow hentai crew mates call him out on shit

If there was any proof of this it'd be enough to get him taken down right now, the rest of the shit really isn't a big deal.

>> No.9860523

>If there was any proof of this it'd be enough to get him taken down right now
cancel culture isn't real you fucking retard, go back to /pol/

>> No.9861740

>Gets exposed for calling streamers "pedophiles" when streamers in question never got charged with anything related to it
Has connections/clout. Still thrives

>Gets exposed for calling a cheating minor a "nigger" on livestream and paying immigrants below minimum wage to dance and shout "Subscribe to Keemstar" as they reveal a poster with his custom made statement "Death to all Jews".
Has connections/clout. Still thrives

>Upload edited video of you and your goons running around Japan, breaking laws and being absolute wastes of space, only to cap it off with you and the bois trespassing into Japan's Suicide Forest, as you point out hanging corpses and even record yourself with one, while still wearing your Toy Story Alien plush hat and monetize said video under collab with company that owns Toy Story
Has connections/clout. Still thrives

If you think that is all exclusive to YouTubers, here are some streamer examples

>Throw cats, record yourself getting humped by dogs while being in revealing positions, double down and force feed cats vodka all while getting caught using your ex for his green card and selling your used panties on the side
Has connections/clout. Still thrives

>Abuse the law to DMCA claim shit that does not belong to you hundreds of times and call fellow streamers "niggers and faggots" on 3,000+ viewer streams
Has connections/clout. Still thrives

Do you see a pattern here, anon? Someone in this very thread said it best. Paraphrasing them: "You will only get exposed if you let people hold it over you. Just keep streaming and it will have basically never happened."

Legit strategy. Unless you get caught in the court room, just stay in good graces with those in power and you will still be around and will even thrive.

>> No.9862413

It's not real, it just causes professional people to distance themselves from you if the reasons are bad enough and that can hurt people mentally, which is always more fun than hitting their wallet via viewership. Taiga still bitches in private to the few who still talk to him about not having friends any more.

>> No.9862461

>Taiga still bitches in private to the few who still talk to him about not having friends any more.
boo hoo, with the money he makes he can afford to buy friends. maybe he shouldn't have been a fucking pedo.

>> No.9862659

isn't that just business? would you take a chance on someone with absolutely no background in anything or someone with some content creation history to spread your brand?

>> No.9862718

it is, but for all intensive purposes, no anon here will ever be given the time of day with iron vertex. so there's no point in talking about it. it'd be like asking how much it would cost to get Huke papa to draw you model. it won't happen so there's no point in asking about it.

>> No.9862767

All of those people are significantly bigger than Merry is and likely ever will be, and are in much bigger mainstream audiences. There's plenty of people who didn't and likely never will recover, especially in the vtuber circle. a limitless supply of beta males sexually harassing desperate women (recently Jiinh), himepen who would've been huge now if she hadn't been outed, arcadum, the list goes on.

>> No.9862774

>intensive purposes

>> No.9862979

why would you blatantly lie? you can scroll through their twitter and see plenty of low view nobodies mixed in with the established creators. Even if it was true, what's wrong with grown your business and catering to larger clients? There's other Live2D riggers out there, and there's plenty of failures with pretty models as well.

>> No.9863045

He has the sexiest male avatar to be honest, i am sad the roomate is him because he's fucking boring and a sex pest attention whore. Truly the biggest waste of a model.

>> No.9863047

says who? they're constantly sharing models from literal nobodies they've worked on

>> No.9863112

What did himepen do?

>> No.9863324

theres pics of her with her shirt lifted while her 8 year old brother sits in her lap

>> No.9863797
File: 137 KB, 1407x848, 20210914173542_1_sundown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Debut stream tonight at 10 PM PST.

>> No.9868150
File: 306 KB, 600x600, sadina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just fucked up another chance at a collab because I was too nervous to reply
why am i like this

>> No.9868362

just reply anon, your indecisiveness can't be good for you, and unless they're a drama starter, or just dont click with you, there's not much to worry about

>> No.9869921

>Live in constant fear that I'll be outed or destroyed somehow
>Occasionally remember that I haven't touched a human being in years

damn having an online presence is so easy if you just don't rape people

>> No.9870116

I wish I started last year or in the first quarter of this year. Already doing good now. Can only imagine how different it would be if I started at the peak of things.

>> No.9870939

> don't rape people
i wish people told me this BEFORE I became a vtuber

>> No.9871070

Welp, imagining gets you nowhere, do just keep at the good work man

>> No.9871602

>don't rape people
oh fuck, THAT's what I've been doing wrong this whole time.

>> No.9871869

"twitch gives you better discoverability"y ass

>> No.9871892

Way better than YouTube's non existent discovery section

>> No.9871917

What about moon jelly?

>> No.9871966

I try my best anon :c
I just want to be loved and bring people joy

>> No.9871968

I want to fuck his model and accent so bad but everything else about him is either retarded or boring.
He should start making porn of his model

>> No.9872032

i knew merry was a giganigger just from the moment i saw his patreon years ago but these are completely unsurprising revelations to me

>> No.9872154

merry gives off huge "i can be ur angle or yur debil" vibes

>> No.9872209

I have a real Job and I still vtube, suck my dick.

>> No.9872732

I always feel kind of guilty when younger streamers dono for me. I'm 30s, established in my career, and make a decent living. vtubing is just living out a childhood dream of being an actor. I gave up when I had a medical thing, and figured the elephant man could be good for radio.

>> No.9872912

Sorry to hear that, man

>> No.9875552
File: 143 KB, 600x600, 24096_WGPtLJ6T.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello,aspies, hope you are doing well!!
There are more spic aspies chuubas here?
I'm thinking about opening an aspie discord only for people who speaks spanish, hang out and give us reciprocal support.
If there is a group like that already, let me now, I would be pleased to join

>> No.9875588
File: 337 KB, 768x520, 1570600669235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any vtubers that do youtube videos (outside of AI)? Not meme videos but scripted ones like real youtubers? I was thinking on making art videos from time to time, something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7qsX5RZ1vU

>> No.9876421

shitloads dude

>> No.9876666

can you link me some?

>> No.9876688

it feels like I'm finally getting out of the 2 viewers hole! now I have 3,5 average viewers, not really a lot tho but it's amazing anons! we are all gonna make it!

>> No.9876978

open one for latino america instead

>> No.9877196

Congrats anon! Zyzz would be proud

>> No.9877447

Thats the main purpose honestly n.n

>> No.9878425 [DELETED] 

ahhh my audition video jumped up views.. Spooky

>> No.9879121

Welp I've been sitting on my ass too long. I've had my model and rig ready for awhile now and I've run out of excuses. I've been thinking too hard about a lead up to a debut but that's dumb. Just gonna start next week. Can work on a debut of some kind while I actually start streaming

>> No.9880546

That's the spirit anonchama, unless you've got a network or something to pull people to your debut there's not much point to stressing over one. Good luck!

>> No.9881561 [DELETED] 

it got three views but the average view duration was only 25% of it. ngmi

>> No.9881625

pay absolutely no attention to the unsubstantiated rumour that bob saget raped and killed a vtuber in 1992

>> No.9882044

im probably a special case but i dont really care, i like women with masculine voices anyway.
i think thw issue you'll run into is that if you're just making the same content as every other chuuba then its going to be tough to drum up initial numbers because with a png youre not going to be as visually interesting as other models, so you need to offer something that is unique and interesting enough to watch

>> No.9882271 [DELETED] 

what does it mean if they only survived one minute into my video?

>> No.9882538

no idea of they exist (closest thing ive searched out has been vroidstudio tutorials and demos which are always made by vtubers) but they should
my plan is to do a similar thing by fulfilling my original hope of streaming my hobby stuff as motivation to do more of it but with a vtuber avatar as then i dont have to bother to wear makeup or make anything except my hands look nice
tl;dr ive seen similar stuff and i think you should go for it anon :)

>> No.9882673

Sort of, but it's not massively popular. Some ASMR stuff, some vtuber talking about the backend/technical side of things, and VODs, but not as much in the way of pre-recorded stuff, that I've found.

>> No.9882811

how long do you stream for anon?
viewers? probably bored and jumping around streams trying to find something to spark interest in thwir dull little brains.....
mwans you dont have the punchiness to attract people qho only see short clips of your stream id guess

>> No.9883343 [DELETED] 

For an audition I mean, the company viewed one minute of it

>> No.9883490

dunno anon :(
best of luck with audition tho

>> No.9883543 [DELETED] 

Eh I think it's a lost cause maybe. It was 4 mins so they watched 25%.. it's fine. I was just curious if anyone had any input from past experiences maybe

>> No.9883731

Is it wrong to steal another streamer idea? I really like vinny's videos on going through showelware and i would like to try it

>> No.9883787

go ahead, but you wont know if you actually enjoy it or not until you try

>> No.9884038

Speaking from experience average view time doesn't mean shit. Have hope as long as they keep coming back to view your video anon, I believe in you!

>> No.9884188 [DELETED] 

I don't wanna be too obvious but it's my first time auditioning and nobody really talks about the process so I'm not too sure what to expect. they checked out my other linked content and watched it fully. It's been a couple days since I sent it (two?). I was mostly just feeling insecure that maybe I did something really off putting and they clicked off

>> No.9884403

Don't exactly copy what other streamers have done, especially if it's the active content (your stream), rather than passive (overlays +)

As a very bad example - if someone else did a tour of the Netherlands, it'd a bit weird. But if they did a tour of their birth-city, that could be interesting, especially if they know all the little interesting places to go.

>> No.9884505

i had a challenge with chat this week, each time i lost i had to add a gift sub to the pot, but each time i winned i got to take one out of the pot. end of the week is coming up, so time to gift the subs out. would you click channel more if gift sub from channel owner, or from anonymous?
please thanks.

>> No.9884743

I don't think my audition is going anywhere unfortunately but in the mean time I've jumped to 40 average viewers so I'm just gonna keep working on growing
idk why it's so hard for me to represent myself well in the audition videos

>> No.9884862

Thanks i though about that too so i though to change it to be more weeby. I want to try flash too since i think Vinny hasn't done those in a long time.

Speaking about content, do you plan on trying new things or prefer to stick to the usual stuff?

>> No.9884978

In my opinion, an anonymous gift sub would look more appealing than one from the channel itself. If I didn't know this was because of a game you played with chat, I'd assume you were gifting subs to try and inflate your numbers/get more views or something

>> No.9885046

don't get into the habit of giving out gift subs to your own viewers. tell them it was a fun experiment but that you want to do something else and stop it.

>> No.9885199 [DELETED] 

What do you stream? Are you male or female?

>> No.9885244

many thanks. it is one time, because i want to someone make bet with me, and it work to help. gifting as anon means it goes to anyone so not just own viewers. also i have gosling (is correct?) who gives subs to all in chat so all to strangers

>> No.9885482

Your ESL is cute, anon. I wish you the best in your streaming career

>> No.9885608
File: 1 KB, 69x61, cc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even check the tab

>> No.9885614

Be prepared to wait at least a week. As long as the views keep consistently going up that's all that matters.

>> No.9886114

I'm female and I stream a variety of stuff rpgs, shooters, platformers, visual novels

>> No.9886989

Content wise, I'll mix it up a little. I mostly stream grand/strategy games, so I'll tend to have one stream a week as GSG or similar (CK, Civ, Pokemon), one stream as retro-ish game (skyrim, dungeon keeper, space invaders), and one as variety game (Stardew, Valorant, DbD). I'll add and take things from rotation depending on how good the reception is

>> No.9888923

Is there a place for a chuuba who plays lots of RPG maker games like Ib or Yume Nikki? Thinking about it!
(fem if it matters)

>> No.9888936

any dumpster divers here want to find some gems?

>> No.9889042

If you're starting out it might not be a good idea, do some casual known games and when you get a viewership then go for it (imo)

>> No.9889091

I have around 5-10 viewers per stream, 200 sub, I'm not sure if this will give me boost or kill it

>> No.9889101

if you're wondering whether there is a market for it, look for traditional face cam streamers and see if someone is already doing what you want. if they exist, there's a market. if they don't, it just means you've got more work to do by carving out a path yourself.

>> No.9889229

I think its really niche, so it might kill it.. depending on what you streamed before and what your viewers expect you to stream. Its kind of the struggle of starting out

>> No.9889719

I think the thing is that each person has an idea of who they want in an audition, and if you don't fit that you never stood a chance. I've made it to the third round for an audition, got dozens of views from multiple, but very little interviews.

>> No.9892542

>suck at singing
>no improvement from random singing advice
>vocal coach didnt help either
what do?

>> No.9892672

are you even trying to improve or are you just going through the motions?

>> No.9892863

well, the main problem i have right now is feeling like I'm gonna explode everytime i try and do the diaphrams stuff.

>> No.9892899

>feeling like I'm gonna explode everytime i try and do the diaphrams stuff.
sounds like your voice coach is shit if they're not helping you with that. get a new one.

>> No.9893186

Can you elaborate? Are you feeling physical discomfort, or are you just not used to it? Apart from your breathing, are you able to sing accurately in terms of pitch? Interval training?

>> No.9893368

>Are you feeling physical discomfort, or are you just not used to it?
there's a difference?
>Apart from your breathing, are you able to sing accurately in terms of pitch?
i was told to get breathing right first

>> No.9893609

Breathing is the foundation, I'm curious if when you say, sing along with a song on the radio, if you've got enough of an ear to match pitches correctly.

Are you saying it hurts you to try to breathe deeply? Please be more specific with what about the mechanics of diaphragmatic breathing you're finding difficult or painful.

>> No.9893724

You actually have to put in the reps in Anon. Chuubas who started from scratch and train every day make huge improvements.

>> No.9893989

>if you've got enough of an ear to match pitches correctly.
i think so? i'm never off key at least
>Please be more specific with what about the mechanics of diaphragmatic breathing you're finding difficult or painful
well, i feel like i'm about to explode, like the pressure is making my chest tight especially below my ribs when i try and hold back the air. it also creeps into my neck a lot.

>> No.9894184

>it feels like I'm about to explode
It sounds to me like the muscles for proper breathing are underdeveloped. It's just like lifting weights; you're going to be tired because you're exercising muscle groups you haven't worked before. You should also be focusing on having a wide open, unrestricted airway. If you feel tension creeping into your neck, let go of that consciously until you can do it unconsciously. I sing professionally, but I didn't get that way overnight. It's years of experience and diligent work.

How long ago did you start working with a vocal coach?

>> No.9894286

i guess i'll just keep at it
>How long ago did you start working with a vocal coach?
it was a long time ago and i sort of just gave up

>> No.9894341

>I sort of gave up
There's your answer, anon. Here are some simple breathing exercises you can do every day. I've used these with beginning singers and they help.


>> No.9894955

Anon, as someone taking signing lessons right now. Please know that learning how to use your diaphragm is something that's really hard to learn and it takes time. If you feel like you're about to explode, do you know if you're breathing correctly at all? A lot of people don't breathe the right way, as in, their shoulders rise when they breathe. Singers need to breathe using their belly.

You can try a fun exercise, lay on your bed and put one hand on your chest and another on your belly. Take a deep breath, if the hand on your chest moves, you're breathing wrong.

>> No.9895040

Is it truly hopeless for male vtubers to get a following in the West? I know that some Japanese Nijisanji livers like Kuzuha managed to make it but since it hasn't really happened in the west yet I'm wondering if that is because there is no demographic willing to watch male chuubas here.

>> No.9895201

A lot just want to see a cute anime girl with shaking boobas. From what I've seen/heard for male chuubas a lot prefer jp ones because of the way they sound, a lot of male chuubas in the west don't have appealing voices I guess..?

>> No.9895228

There are several male chuubas on an incline and the market is only continuing to grow. As female chuubas become increasingly mainstream the small niche for male chuubing will continue to grow in its shadow. We can only hope there's a breakout that really popularizes the male vtuber but I doubt it, Vtubing is too closely tied to the aesthetics of moe, and anime itself is a cheery expressive thing that favors traditional femininity. The underlying connection of "omg I wanna watch a REAL anime girl" that created VTubing's niche simply doesn't apply to dudes. Or, it does, but fujobucks funding entire franchises is a phenomenon limited to Japan that hasn't even spread to their Vtubing scene yet. Western anime fan girls are broke, woke, and thank fuck not actually that insane by comparison, and even then they are like 5% of your audience.

t. male chuuba

>> No.9895329

I still find it weird that male streamers are by far the most popular but the second you slap an anime avatar on a male, the interest is just lost. Would it work better if the avatars weren't that influenced by anime aesthetics?

>> No.9895400

I'm a male chuuba averaging around 20 viewers a stream, which I realize is small potatoes, but it feels pretty nice to have that many people watching and enjoying the content I want to share with others. I think there is an audience for male vtubers in the West, but I think it needs to expand beyond the traditional vtuber audience in the West.

I've managed to draw in some viewers who hadn't watched vtubers before, so I think the audience is out there, and it's up to us to find out how to reach them.

>> No.9895492

Yes, I think that since Hololive has popularized vrtubing worldwide, people expect to see chuubas acting cute and "idol-like", which doesn't really work for males. I think that we just need to find a way to gather interest without following the "hololive recipe".

>> No.9895499

Do you think someone with an uguu cute personality like sykkuno would do well as a vtuber

>> No.9895580

Not the anon, but I think so. Though he is handsome so there might be that as well. He managed to pull off something most males will never be able to pull off.

>> No.9895913

>I still find it weird that male streamers are by far the most popular but the second you slap an anime avatar on a male
popular male streamers and m*leheras who are socially outcast enough to want to put on a vtuber avatar are different groups entirely.

>> No.9896105

>Western anime fan girls are broke, woke, and thank fuck not actually that insane by comparison
The western paypig females are currently on the kpop wagon. I'm not sure if that is going to change anytime soon, but I imagine if you pander to that category, you could snag some.

>> No.9896156

You mean different in terms of confidence? That might be right, obviously nobody wants to watch some nerd with League of Legends with a dull voice.

>> No.9896222

>I imagine if you pander to that category, you could snag some.
implying some 24 year old weeb who rages in Apex Legends knows how to pander to kpop fans without resorting to insecure toxic masculinity. males here are scared of nail polish, you think they could pull off a model with eyeliner without feeling like they're being personally attacked?

>> No.9896230

Kuzuha is the biggest niji member with over a million subs and pretty standard anime avatar, he just happen to be really good at Apex and play it very consistently, if a Western dude with pro-gamer skills decides to stream as a chuuba he sure have a chance.

Hololive got popular due to clips of their members saying "nigger" in minecraft, Matsuri piss stories and Korone's endurance streams among othe things not their idol concerts although they sure made a bank with those. What really helped hololive is promoting them as a team and members constantly promoting each other, that's the aspect that newer agencies in the West try to imitate and it seems to be working pretty well.

>> No.9896302

I was thinking something a bit simpler, such as showing an interest in current boy groups and their music releases. Just being "in the know" about kpop.

>> No.9896367

I thought he'd already tried it out, but I don't think he would do as well as he's already doing. I actually used to watch a lot of his videos when he was on the smaller side just commenting over his League games.
The reason is this. Sykkuno is an actual heart throb and being an anime boy irl is more attractive than being a fake anime boy with a funny voice to a fairly large viewership. Easy enough, it's a lot harder to be born a hottie, which is not to say the guy hasn't put the fucking work in because he has. Does he control the entire available viewership though? Not at all, there's always more opportunity so long as there's a million new suckers born every day. If you're chasing the female coomer demographic though, it's pretty safe to say that in the west they like the goods to exist.
I really want to believe a piece of advice I saw posted on here months ago when I first started working on my chuuba: All the males who are successful right now would still be successful as a disembodied voice. I think that anon was referring to the fact that many of them brought a prior fanbase into their streaming gig, but I also think it refers to the quality of persona expected of a male streamer. Male streamers ARE by far the most popular, and I think the key difference between them and male vtubers right now is the synergy between character and presentation. There's way too many dapper suave ikemen bartender hoodie whatevers running around but do they fit their avatar at all? Fuck no. When I watch some 300 pound neckbeard gorilla plop his ass into a gamer chair to destroy some kids on whatever kuso BR is relevant this week, I know exactly what kind of beast I'm dealing with, he knows it too, and it's fun. Too many male tubers come off as disingenuous, tryhard, or just uncanny, and for all the trouble they put into design they're not pulling the numbers of some guy wearing a png of a snake. If I could add my own piece of advice to any male tuber about try it out, it's take it easy.

>> No.9896519

>Too many male tubers come off as disingenuous, tryhard, or just uncanny, and for all the trouble they put into design they're not pulling the numbers of some guy wearing a png of a snake.
honestly this is why your design should be very low on the list of priorities. Ace Fortune comes to mind who tries really hard and has spent the money to reflect that trying to be some smooth talking Tuxedo Mask type character but his streams are boring as hell and he doesn't have a personality at all, let alone one that matches his design.

>> No.9896663

For now, I only really care about doing this for fun, so I don't think it matters too much, but in case I do wanna do this seriously in the future, what is some kind of content you think would be interesting to pull in people, or at least you?

>> No.9897559

That actually makes a fuck ton of sense. Male streamers in the west aren't really expected to play a character. Just play a game and crack some jokes. I guess if you don't take yourself too seriously and keep the cringe anime tryhard voice and tropes out of the stream you might make it?

>> No.9897612

>I guess if you don't take yourself too seriously and keep the cringe anime tryhard voice and tropes out of the stream you might make it?
you kinda need to have a personality. male chuubas who dodge the try hard trope end up falling into the boring personality trope. you can load up all the vtubers live right now and see that most of 500+ who have less than 3 viewers are silent, never say anything, and just aren't entertaining to watch.

>> No.9897747

Sure I get that. What I meant is, don't try to act like you're your character? Or not to an extend where it's too intense? I feel like things can get real cringe if you try to act and sound like whatever character is supposed to look and act like. Find a model that suits your personality already, don't try to invent a personality to revolve around your character.

>> No.9898052

some of the best streamers put on a character. pewdiepie, jerma, markiplier, ninja, shroud, xQc, HasanAbi, Summit, all of them. Twitch or Youtube or otherwise, they all put on a character. the way they act on stream isn't the way they act irl. but they've figured out how to bring that personality out onto a stream even if it means overly exaggerating parts of it in order to convey it more effectively to viewers. males who want to become an anime character already have poorly conceived notions of what a character they want to act like despite having no idea how to actually act like it.

>Find a model that suits your personality already, don't try to invent a personality to revolve around your character.
exactly. your personality should be your personality just turned up to 11. that's what makes a good streamer. too many males forget that being a vtuber is no different from being a streamer with an avatar. i've seen too many /asp/ies fall into the trap of trying to play a cartoon character which doesn't work for streaming.

>> No.9898125

>pewdiepie, jerma, markiplier, ninja, shroud, xQc, HasanAbi, Summit
All of these are loudmouths that yell a lot.
I think rather than a personality, the key is to be loud and exaggerated.

>> No.9898170

>All of these are loudmouths that yell a lot.
if you think that you are mentally stuck in 2010 or only watch clipped highlights of them. update your brain's calendar anon. there's a reason they're still in the top leagues of content creators.

>> No.9898175

Right, honestly this is very good advice. These are also things that I feel popular Holos do as well. Kuzuha is also much more himself than whatever vampire character he is supposed to be. I just wonder why we haven't seen any male in the west manage to pull off numbers like he has?

>> No.9898313

>I just wonder why we haven't seen any male in the west manage to pull off numbers like he has?
because anime is much more accepted in japan as a cultural thing. not so much here in the west. in the west, the main pillars of content creations comes from traditional face cam streamers. which is what /asp/ has been saying as a thread for several months. any male who is good enough to succeed as a vtuber has the chops to do even better as a face cam streamer. you can be the ugliest son of a bitch with a webcam, but if you can make someone smile and have a good time you're gonna do well. anime avatars are already a huge filter for most viewers.

>> No.9898435

Yeah, for me I just really like the idea of vtubing as a genre. I feel like there’s still lots of cool things that you could do in a virtual world compared to just sitting in your room. Maybe if avatars looked more westernized people would be willing to give it a shot.

>> No.9898631

>Maybe if avatars looked more westernized people would be willing to give it a shot.
there's a few who have more westernized models, but most i see are just trendhoppers. face cam streamers who are just messing around with a vtuber model now and then when they feel too lazy to put on make up or get dressed for streaming. i doubt those types would count as a "vtuber" for /asp/

>> No.9899531

Is this the prime example of "popular because it's popular"?

>> No.9899622

wow anon, you've cracked the secret. most viewers are sheep and just flock to other popular things. you did it. good job.

>> No.9899752

I wish I could seethe over everything like you bro. What's the secret?

>> No.9900407

Throw ideas at me for male vtuber (pic refs would be nice) I know, I know.. male and all. I'm going for a high-school aged to college model. Are horny/animal ears overdone? Would it be okay if the clothing are just casual wear? This will be a png btw.

>> No.9900453

Are horns**** FUCK MY SHIT

>> No.9900503

doesn't matter. just pick a good artist who can draw actual males instead of bishies.

>> No.9900558

I found a good artist but I only a general idea of what the hair/face shape/eyes I want but nothing else, I got too excited when I saw their art on twitter

>> No.9900959

Try a theme or something
Mobster (i.e. al capone)

You could also combine the standard kemonomii thing with one like mobster + rat

>> No.9901199

>Try a theme or something
>Mobster (i.e. al capone)
don't do this.

>> No.9901690

I joined in for a collab a few days back, to celebrate the organizer's follower goal. It's a game I like, even if I'm not amazing at. There were four of us joining, and the organizer.
We all set up to host the O, everything ready, and then the other collabers haven't ever played the game. We did a short run through last week, getting everyone to grips with it, and making sure it worked... But they'd not loaded into it since. No ideas what each attack did, or how to manage inventory, or basic tile management.
I just... The O was clear what game we'd be playing from the start. Literally saying "hey, if you want to join in for a collab of this game, let me know, we'll get it set up". And the others just didn't try?
Kinda feel sorry for the gal.

>> No.9901827

I kinda want to watch the trainwreck

>> No.9901871

I'm assuming those others either never collabed before, or are super low view/following chuubas themselves. Because I can't imagine someone who could put so little effort into a collab being a good streamer when it comes to their own stuff

>> No.9901986

Are you in Hololive?

>> No.9902060

She unpublished the vod, and I wasn't saving it locally. But I never thought I'd actually need to check in advance "hey, you HAVE played the tutorial, right?"
I mean, I did a minecraft collab a while back, and had never played before. Asked O before stream "Yo, I've never played this, and I've got the day off from dayjob. You want me to spend a few hours getting to grips". And got back "Nah, it'll be funnier if you keep dying"

Not yet.

>> No.9902691

this is why i don't collab with western vtubers.

>> No.9903925

How much does a png cost, and do you aspies pirate or buy the games you stream?

>> No.9904088

Depends from artist to artist. I'm in the process of getting one in the $100 range but thats high quality, you can get something for $30. Games are already cheap on steam so why pirate

>> No.9904878

PNGs will usually be like $80-$200 depending on the artist quality and how big they are
I only pirate games that I have to emulate due to a lack of capture card but if something i want to stream is on steam i'll buy it

>> No.9905096

i use a cheap $3 one off Booth that was designed for visual novels

>> No.9905719
File: 192 KB, 1280x720, hq720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a manager at a soon to debut agency, can someone please recomend a vtuber news or info channel to promote my aspiring vtuber?

>> No.9905890

none exist. just spew your shit on twitter like everyone else, buy ads and promote yourself on youtube.

>> No.9906227

gotcha thanks, there are some tho but very low sub counts

>> No.9907554

i can unfortunately only speak for myself on that so a better idea is to look at normal male streamers on an incline and aee what sort of thing theyre doing to gauge whats hot and fresh.

>> No.9907593

Most of the startups are run by Vtubers who see interviewing larger talents as a stepping stone to fame. There are some Vtubers like Ollie and IronMouse that made a greater than normal interest in the Vtubing scene part of their identity, but nobody who already has a massive platform has dedicated themselves to being a news channel.

>> No.9907665

horns and animal ears are definitely overdone lol, if you want to do them please at least make interesting ears from an animal that people dont see used often - maybe give yourself elephant ears and tusks.

>> No.9907722

>dont see used often - maybe give yourself elephant ears and tusks.
don't do this. unique for unique's sake is a debuff.

>> No.9907935

it was a joke anon i dont think anyone could make elephant tusks and ears look good on a vtuber model

>> No.9907984

one day hololive or niji will make it

>> No.9908138

im going to stand by my statement that its impossible to do both together and look good

>> No.9908745

Things VTubers Say - Good for keeping up with major companies, new stuff, art sharing, and asset packs. Used to also do indies, but no longer.

IronMouse - On of the few big names that honestly promotes indies. Also a center for inter-tuber drama collection.

P.S. There's no need to lie. You're not starting up a company. You're not a manager. You just want to know where the news is it. It's fine.

>> No.9908835

ironmouse isn't gonna sell out to peddle some no name anon and his """"agency"""" though, so that probably wouldn't work for him

>> No.9909057

>but nobody who already has a massive platform has dedicated themselves to being a news channel
I've never seen an English /pol/ globohomo news vtuber channel yet but saw many Nips speaking out in their language. Will a dedicated EN vtuber channel survive or be kicked off Youtube for being too based?
Sorry am poor nigger living in a shithole barely past legal age living rent free for now with no source of income so cutting corner for the least noticeable thing is the logical thing to do as there's no argument acceptable presented.

>> No.9910397

you will be rightfully deplatformed like the mentally retarded faggots you are. go back to /pol/ and larp about your "freedumbs of speech" when making accounts on privately owned websites someplace else.

>> No.9910424

Thanks for the advice, will do

>> No.9912662

for /asp/ies, the graveyard of a jp 2view who passed away earlier today https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4ien8zLOLt9jmWqkgU7VQ/videos

>> No.9912864

>looks like a soft voiced shota
>has a deep otaku voice
I understand.

>> No.9912946

>last video says he died of terminal cancer
>wanted to become a vtuber and make others happy

>> No.9914800

This channel was onto something, and if they continued it they would've blown up. There is no other vtuber news or info channel as far as I'm aware.

>> No.9914801

>debating if just wanna babi/tranny it or go full male
>can only draw grills

>> No.9914824

it happened again…. tranny invaded my humble babiniku stream, and assume I was some kind of tranny too. I am about ready to post some BAD stuff in my bio, just to filter these people!!

>> No.9914971

>Things VTubers Say

>> No.9914989

I was in the same position but I just decided to draw an androgynous female and then call it a guy.

>> No.9915045

As a babi, I can tell you, either go full babi or go male. Being a tranny without being actually trans is just too fucking wild right now.

>> No.9915102

>can only draw grills
Just do what I did and draw a very feminine androgynous male. It's really jarring when you see a very cute female character have a deep voice.

>> No.9915311

I find androgynous much harder to pull off because it requires that nuance to it that people can still pick up the masculine parts. And my "style" is feminine childish looking characters which always gives a more feminine vibe. Might be able to make shotas work but I don't care for shotas.

and by style I mean I suck and also sameface.

>> No.9915371

just draw masculine clothes retard, some pants and a radical jacket are easy

>> No.9915558

Clothes are the hardest part of drawing you double fag. That's why skirts and dresses are such an easy cop out because they're basic fabric without the fuckery of focal points like pants and jackets.

>> No.9915616

no that just sounds like you're terminally retarded

>> No.9915734

What of it faggot?
I'll have you know I only recently discovered that Texas is actually it's own country that is only technically part of the US

>> No.9915769

>Clothes are the hardest part of drawing you double fag
am the original anon you replied to, but you might just want to get better at drawing as a whole if you're having difficulties with sameface and clothing. Those aspects are basically what make and break avatars.

>> No.9915845

People don't choose to draw dresses over jackets because they can't draw, please at least learn some art skills before you start talking about it

>> No.9916008

>beatani literally wears a jacket over a sundress
>is a super simple and cute design
>/asp/ies freaking out about meaningless design drama instead of working on their core content again

>> No.9916093

It's partly hyperbole.
But for the most part with anime art girls get away with simplified art styles obfuscation the more difficult parts of clothing, e.g. you don't need to have as fine of textures for most female drawings/models.
However for male models those textures and details are basically required because men need those minor details to stand out on account of needing to look more masculine.

Girls you can slap base colors on and call it a day while letting the general shape do the work. With men you need to go full Roberto or it looks dumb.

>> No.9916142

i think you just suck, post your work and we'll know for sure

>> No.9916319
File: 66 KB, 680x650, 25a8431959571cf19c7085f2867b4da7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean I said I suck. I'm just cheaping out for the start.

But my point stands, not my art but compare the two here. Mono has 10x the details and folds as six does.

>> No.9916393

if this is your example then i'm pretty sure you're retarded, the techniques and knowledge used in both those characters are the exact same

>> No.9916529

Technically sure but in practice no.
Naturally they have the same skill level because it's the same artist, but compare the clothes and that's the difference.
Six is 3 basic shapes with minimal folds or potential shading. It's a very simple and thus cute shape.

Mono is filled with textures and folds which complicate the clothing.

It's not rocket science, it's also not extraordinarily hard to do but it's a lot of extra work and every bit of extra work is an extra opportunity to fuck up.

>> No.9916577

you're retarded

>> No.9916792
File: 359 KB, 1280x1807, 22 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

K bro.
But there's a good reason yaoi is universal considered the hardest and most difficult of the anime genres while everyone and their mom can draw yuri.

>> No.9917068

I'm calling you retarded because you're overthinking basic shit since you don't even want to attempt drawing men under the belief that you actually need to have some extra cool advanced techniques to do it when the reality is that any of the extra shit you can do takes about 10 seconds to think about.

>> No.9917566

I'm having trouble putting it into words, but the anon calling you retarded isn't exactly helping explain it either. It's not as hard as you're making it out to be. Suits, trench coats, and masks are basically to cool what skirts, dresses, and knee-socks are to cute. Sure six has a one piece raincoat for her outfit, but you could easily make mono look pretty cool with nothing but a jumpsuit. Idk, there's a formula to these things, you just have to figure it out.

>> No.9920794
File: 420 KB, 1918x1080, Screenshot_20210621_211011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here know any names of a vtuber indie/corps that play battlefield titles in regular basis? and also planning to play BF2042?

yeah, I am that BFshill if you seen me here in /vt/

>> No.9921232

Considering that whenever a singer or group gets famous males proceed to call them faggot yeah, they are al ngmi. That's why dream and corpse are so famous, they throw away their dignity and pander to fujos by pretending to be fags.

>> No.9921666

Beatani's design is top tier

>> No.9922020

I have been working on my comedic style, and while it's worked quite well in discord servers, I wonder if it would work in a Vtuber format. In essence, I call it "extreme wrongness" where I confidently say things that I know are totally wrong and then defend them.

best one I ever did was about horses, where I claimed they were in fact "flesh death machines" that are waiting to crush our skulls with their hooves once you turn your back on them and that horseriders are the most bravest people in the universe for keeping the horse threat at bay.

This'd go further into deliberately getting huge basic facts wrong at all time and misunderstanding everything. That is at least, the character I'd play, but I don't know how much audience there'd be for an entertaining retard that does too little thinking?

what do you think, /asp/?

>> No.9922100

The whole "boke" / galaxy brain takes route has worked pretty well, if you ask me, though I'd heavily advise you to use it sparingly. Resorting to that all the time, especially in collabs, is an easy way to get on people's nerves. That aside, I can't estimate how well it'll work in a VTuber format; too much relies on general comedic timing.

>> No.9922106

i've literally never seen beatani's model below the head

>> No.9922152

yeah, it would be a thing that I'd pull out sometimes but thank you for the advice.

>> No.9922275

Speaking about comedy, who are some funny chuubas? I have been trying to distance myself from my regular shitty edgy humor and i want to try something new, but i need references. I like Korone's humor but it relies too much on the voice and i am not that good of a VA.

>> No.9922374

i think you have some really nice discord pals who are too afraid to tell you that your jokes aren't funny and really fucking dumb

>> No.9922424

>best one I ever did was about horses, where I claimed they were in fact "flesh death machines" that are waiting to crush our skulls with their hooves once you turn your back on them and that horseriders are the most bravest people in the universe for keeping the horse threat at bay.
this isnt funny, people are either laughing at the delivery of it or laughing at you for being so embarrassing

>> No.9922445
File: 113 KB, 209x521, beatani.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's cute and simple. jacket on top of a dress. bear ears. nothing else. her content is better than 99% of /asp/ies because she's worked at it for months already rather than bitching and moaning about whether she wanted cat ears or goat horns. just pick a fucking design and start making content. you're gonna realize that most viewers do not give a shit about your design because you're an indie.

>> No.9922587


I will definitly take that into consideration. Maybe it is the way i do it, i at least think I can entertain a crowd. I think I'm still going to try my hand at it, but if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. Simple as. Might be a fun experience.

>> No.9922759

Is USB mic + digital mixer fine?
Should i go for XLR mic and physical mixer instead?

>> No.9922831

Post your VOD, i'll watch 5 minutes of it and give you my biased opinion.
I can also judge your voice recording.
I'll try to give valid criticism.

>> No.9922864

either works, pick whichever is cheaper. no one will be able to tell and the type of viewers who go check out 0 view vtubers aren't the type to give a shit.

>> No.9922904

I need to go to work, but ill get back to this later. I appreciate your honesty and help very much, though.

>> No.9924214

Big if true

>> No.9924266

>extreme wrongness
Sounds like a worse version of bullshitting, which y'know, only works if you have someone to fuck with and bounce off of. I guess it would work well in vtuber format since you're not trying to fool anyone but make it seem like it's something you genuinely believe, so you could make a decent idiotic character. That being said it could come off as extremely annoying, I think Sheen is a character that has that "extreme wrongness" humor you laud yourself for and his spinoff was garbage since it lacked a proper straight man.

>> No.9925331

depends on your environment, USB mics typically will pick up much more background noise, so if you're streaming in a place with a lot of random sounds then I'd get an XLR dynamic mic.

>> No.9925552

being a babi is more fun if you just rock it, you'll lose viewers every raid regardless of what you have as a guy so just do what you think can be more entertaining
i'm a babi that has a lot of people that normally only watch females

>> No.9925928

I have a very similar type of humor and I agree, it works best in groups when you have a straight-man to play off of, without it you just look like a dumbass.

>> No.9927061

FKMT-like chuuba when?

>> No.9927462

Sorry to reply to an old post but Kuzuha is not popular only because of his FPS skill (which at times can be debatable as he plays like an ADHD kid after a missed dose of Ritalin), he was drafted by Nijisanji as an indie who used to be in a League esports team, and inclined alongside everyone else due to being entertaining and making friends. If people wanted Apex skill they'd watch VGorilla. The Nijisanji brand helped him a lot even if he entered with his indie fanbase, as Nijisanji = interacting with (You)r oshi and being featured in events, so he is not comparable to indies or even Western indies in the slightest. You shouldn't look at his numbers as an indicator of anything, as Niji males are popular yet an outlier because no vtuber outside them is finding that kind of (organic) success.
Western fans are loud but they do not make up a big portion of kpopfags, those are mostly underage, and the big non-Korean paypiggies are SEAgirls (no seriously, they just type in English, I've been in these circles)
And relying on fujobucks will get you nowhere. You can point to Chronoir all you want, but if they focused on fujopandering they would never find this kind of success. If you want to see real fujopandering success look at male idols. They coast on their majority female fanbase with singing/idol activities and teetee, like any boyband. No one here wants to be a male idol.

Seriously, don't think you can make it on the backs of fujos. Reject that notion, please. Not only would it be uncomfortable to force, they will not even care if you're obviously forcing it, and they won't care if you aren't already popular. If you really want to appeal to women with wallets just go the yume route, hiwever it's best to appeal to a broad audience rather than boxing yourself into a role imo

>> No.9928135

Who's your dream mama? For me it's Ui, i just love her style.

>> No.9930911

I just paid a jp artist $400 to design a male character (full body) and two pngs for PNGTubing with minimal details. I don't even know if I want to do this I'm too anxious, I just saw their art and really wanted to commission them.

>> No.9932427

Did you have any role in the creation, because that seems an awful lot, anon.

>> No.9932755

I gave them key points of what I want and told them that I like their designs so I'd leave the rest up to them. A lot of their OCs are mostly what I'm looking for, so yeah

>> No.9932861

Onineko, I wish they had comms open...

>> No.9932921
File: 2.69 MB, 1592x2252, E7iVz6JVoAAGTZ3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The god Mashu

>> No.9934307

thanks for the tip, I'm no liar tho but it's ok if you dont believe you will soon see

>> No.9935144
File: 129 KB, 512x720, 362B708A-570A-42F7-8F4D-F9BB394EA89F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Art anon here who sometimes posts fan art!

To the anon talking about the drawing differences between guys and girls, I will say that guys can be a little more unforgiving to draw simply because mistakes on a female form are like. Easier to hide.

For example! If you’re drawing a dress, the legs can be all disjointed under there and no one will really notice unless they’re really Looking for it. Pic related.
But on a guy that shit jumps out right away.

>> No.9939362

Isla and Levi have god tier desings and to be really honest all Mashu's mama daughters are really cute

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