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How do Nijifags cope with how much Nijien openly hates them

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i will rape you

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I will insert foreign objects into you without consent

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You can rape me after “the video finishes rendering” in six years anon :)

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What kind of bizarre reach is this. Honestly OP, this is the best you could come up with?

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Stop replying to shitty bait then idiot.

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I don't see how you got they hate you because of that tweet

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They clearly think you’re retarded anon. Pomu said the same thing, except she said it 3 days ago and the video still hasn’t been uploaded…

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What was the YAB that you have to edit a watch-along?

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Pomu is busy editing finana out

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It's rendering.

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Fish calls pomu a retard for paying anime service when you can get it for free

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Does anyone actually have the part they cut out?

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She's just like me...

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She's a strong Christian girl. That's why her edited video is still rendering.

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Finana talked about piracy sites for hentai

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I'm glad you have finally admitted by omission you are the niggers here, Holonigger.

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They're editing out when Finana mentions pirate websites.

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Don't share membership content fag

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Pomu's video went back up early this morning.

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The full video is on Nyaa you faggy mcfaggerson.

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Which sites, does she know how to get passed the panda?

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Hanime and I think the other one started with an N.

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Remember. Vshojo are the bad guys. NijisanjiEN is based even though Finana openly retweets porn of herself

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probably the same way (you) cope with how much /vt/ openly hates (you).

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Don’t you guys have multiple chuckholes to worry about?

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Don’t you guys have multiple cuckholds to worry about?

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The moment a member of nijisanji en collabs with anyone from trash taste is the moment they all get dropped like a sack of shit. Their numbers will become inversely proportional to my opinion of them.

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I have nothing against nijien specifically, but here's a related story.

I used to follow this good hentai artist. Well published in a few comikets.
He streamed sometimes, and accidentally revealed his IP while hosting fighting game multiplayer. Viewers put this in iknowwhatyoudownload and saw michiking torrents.
He promptly got cancelled to hell and never appeared online again. Just so you know how sensitive japs are about this.
チロリアン is the name, you'll find some stuff if you look him up.

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japs should really prioritize fixing their birthrate instead of who pirates super mario world

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Pomu VOD
Finana VOD
I’m normally autistic about sharing members only content but the aftermath of this stream has been such a mess that I think it’s fair to give people who weren’t there a chance to see what they missed out on

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when does the yab start?

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In Pomu’s vod:
Watchalong ends at 2:16:09
Yab starts at ~2:17:15 and continues for the rest of the stream

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Fish is the actual retard for implying on stream that she pirates anime

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its ironic she talks about herself pirating but would probably hate that i pirated her membership stream. streamers hating their viewer base isnt even a new concept. how i see it is that they are probably constantly playing an "act" on stream while knowing their viewer base are absolute fucking retards. falling for obvious jokes and reacting to shit theyve already seen before for clippers. dont get me wrong i love watching streamers but at the end of day its majorly a parasocial relationship. if finana ended her stream and said "fuck them kids" i would not be surprised one bit. i tune in for the entertainment and authentic moments.

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It isn't news that membership stuff is leaked.

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Doubt they give a shit if you pirate it, the streams are just a plus for most members, they just want the badge/give some support to the streamer.

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I don't know about streamers but porn game devs really hate it if you upload their Patreon only version to a pirate site

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And these aren't game devs these are fucking streamers everyone knows their words are transcribed/vods are downloaded. Still won't stop people from membering.

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Neck yourself white knight

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the only thing worse than newfags are edgy little faggot ones who try to act hard to fit in

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I don't think they will like it if you spread their member streams around the internet. They know they can't stop it but that doesn't mean they like it.
It's the same with game dev and pirate site like f95

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But it isn't the same, a streamer will simply say "pls tell down repost" yet continue to release membership shit, meanwhile a game dev will nuke their work and run away

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So what hentai was it?

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Little Monica

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looks pretty based

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Finana bullied her for being a boomer with vanilla taste

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Finana seems to like Ugly bastards NTR so it figures.

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Pomu had to think hard to pick that one out, she didn't want to say one that was too weird.

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>When Finana was pressuring Pomu to say it but got startled when Pomu just blurted out "FUCKING LITTLE MONICA" and had to take a step back

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Finana slapped the entirety of hololive in front of yagoo.

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>edited watchalong

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