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FUCKITY FUCKING FUCK I FUCKING HATE OLLIE but uh this was actually kind of insightful

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She's right, it really is hard to collab when taking my dick

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stay away from Mr Koro you yabaimachine

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The senpais really should reach out to the kouhais first.

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Why she can't put herself in Korone's place and think - "Hm, in what situation I can get annoyed or angery at a genmate who offered me to collab with them? Oh right, those situations are non-existant, why the fuck should I get angery at someone's friendly approach?"

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Being autistic is a prerequisite for joining Hololive

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I actually like Ollie. That is all.

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I love Ollie

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>Too shy to send her a DM to feel out possible collab
>Not shy enough to say she wants to in front of thousands of people (high likelihood she'll hear about it)
Am I dumb or is this autistic as fuck?

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some people are shy and have a hard time reaching out but would still like to collab.

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in this case, she's talking to her fans not 1 on 1 with Korone so she doesn't have to deal with the awkward introduction and maybe even a rejection

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So, she is constantly talking with e-celebs and outsiders, but now she is shy to ask her own senpai to do a collab? Something is wrong here

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She's not wrong. A lot of these girls are autistic to some degree and it takes a lot of nudging or certain circumstances to get them out of their comfort zone. Just because they're in Hololive that doesn't mean they all chat with one another.

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People like Gundou and Rene aren't on the same level as someone with over a million subs and has a much larger audience than Ollie.

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I mean, appear in chat a couple of times, see if yiu get aknowledged, reply to a few tweets, see if you get acknowledged, message on discord, see if you get acknowledged, "btw Mr Koro I loved your Metal Slug streams, would you like to do co-op one day?"

I get not being ackowledged at some point in that chain would hirt a little but you just wait a long time, do some streams and some projects that get you some attention, collab with some other holos, work your way up the ranks and try again.

The ID debuff probabky feels really heavy when it comes to collabing with the major IDs, but Korone has always said she's up for collabing with Risu again and also look at PekoMoona. Also at least time zones arent as bad.

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But isn't it kinda fucked up to put Korone (or anyone) on a spot like that? Now zombie cucks will start spamming Korone about this.

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A few zomcucks will just get lost in Korone's chat.

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>You have to work your way up just to collab with your senpais
Based JPs giving them the indie treatment

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You honestly have a good point there, for someone who made it all about simping her senpai's on debut she sure as shit isn't going after them half as much as every other schmuck outside of Hololive.

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She already simped Marine and Mori before and they are on the same level as Korone in popularity...

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Performative antitarding, jesas

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Don't collab with vshitshow then...

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>"setting up collabs is hard even within hololive!"
>don't collab with your friends outside hololive then
Logical connection doko

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Not all the JPs. Its obviously not that hard to score a Roboco / Mel / Aki collab. Just depends.

Also you gotta remember, Gen 5 wanted to be closer to EN originally, but only Ina and Kiara put in any effort, so its not just the JPs.

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Marine and mori were the one that asked ollie for collab, she talked about this in her member stream. She got invited for almost all of her collab except for astel collab and her recent chess collab with risu. Even the IDxStar collabs where she was supposed to be the organizer some of the invitations for the homos were dealt by iofi.

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I doubt it's easy to get a collab with Pekora and Korone of you've had zero interaction with them beforehand and they've shown no interest on their side. I mean, Kiara sorta forced a Pekora collab so it is possible. People like Marine and Fubuki are probably easier.

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Is she a Hololive fan at all? Every Holo is austic, especially Mr Koro, who need to ask at least 3 times in a row for a collab. That shit has been clipped for a long time.

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So I can assume that her outsider collabs were asked by them and not Ollie?

>> No.9719829

but, who is gonna ask collab to her
if she doesn't started first?

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you say that but no one's gonna ask a stranger to collab again after they decline you the first time

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Collabbing outside of your lane should be a graduatable offense.

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So even when you get into Hololive you still gotta jump through hoops to collab with some coworkers?

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Idk about every collab she had done, but She talked about some of them, like gundou collab where gundou followed ollie first on Twitter then ollie thanking her on DM for following her, gundou then asked ollie for a collab. She also talked about how the korean moon guy was the first person to asked for collab to ollie through her manager.

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collab with connor then
she gonna like it

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Who decides what the lanes are? Is it view count? Because if that was your metric, there would be a hell of a lot less collabs existing in Hololive.

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Now I have the sensation that everyone is taking advantage of her if is true what are you saying...

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There's also a general language-barrier between both talents and mangers.
No one wants to make a cultural faux pas due to the defects in DeepL and google translate.

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With Gundou it wouldn't be a surprise. She's the most hated Niji for a good reason. A manipulative, compulsive liar.

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That is 80% of it. People like connor especially.

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I can see it. Hololive is weirdly rigid and almost completely lost in senpai/kouhai autism. It plays into cute idol things but makes a lot of other stuff harder. Ollie isn't the only one who's said similar. And the anti-social ones like Pekora and Korone are basically in their own fortresses of autistic solitude

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I knew Rene was a leech

>> No.9720300

She definitely not lying when she told people that she is actually really awkward and cant start a conversation. Because in her recent member stream she told her chat her first DM she sent to kronii and it came up like she was some kind of creepy old man. She then asked her member to help her to come up with something that is less awkward.

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Maybe Pekora and Korone have the right idea though. And Ollie claims to be biggest Hololive simp alive, so she knew all this, right? Did she think that everything would be handed to her when she's in? Does she think she has done a good enough job to work with the big girls other than pity scraps?

>> No.9720436

So /vt/ schizos were blaming Ollie for being a slut when the reality was the opposite... I understand why she had that breakdown now

>> No.9720453

Oh no, talking to my senpai is hard. Better pester management to let me collab with male e-celebs and yabmachines from other companies!

>> No.9720472

I feel bad for Ollie now

>> No.9720485

Agree with that, Idol culture and senpai/kouhai autism is the best combination to keep you isolated to the rest of the world if you don't go out of your "room"

>> No.9720650

too awkward and flustered to say no, fuck she really is just like me

>> No.9720767

Eh, you honestly probably have a more direct line with management than you do another Holo in a different gen and branch. You've already got rapport with them, so I could see her being more comfortable asking for that from someone she's been talking to for a while.

>> No.9720781

Holos have talked about how they feel awkward/bad talking in other people's chats too. You can't win with holos. The autism is too strong

>> No.9720866

Maybe they're tired of her shit and she can't contain all of her simping.
She's too polite to force it on them, so she has to go outside the community to satiate her wild instinctual desires.
It makes sense actually.
Regardless of what is true regarding this, I love Ollie.

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Hell, pekomoon is one of the strongest collabs in holoJP, and they don't collab because each is too awkward to reach out to the other.

>> No.9720936

Remember when Gura said she wanted to play Apex with Ollie but never got a response back?
I'm almost certain she will play Apex with Connor or Iron Mouse before Gura.

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>The red woman is EVIL!

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Not only that, but Moona takes the leech comments seriously and doesn't want to be seen like that. I only saw a clip but hopefully her chat can help convince her to ignore schizos.

>> No.9720988

I think ollie is scared of gura.

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Do your best guys. I want to see another pekomoon. They were so inspiring.

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>> No.9721055

I think most of the Hololive outside of Myth is afraid of Gura. For one reason or other.

>> No.9721117

It's the manager's fault. If they actually tried setting up shit the girls said they wanted to do, and advised that faggot e-celebs do not have their best interests in mind, this could all be avoided.

>> No.9721132

Didn't he openly shit on vtubers before he realized he could get clout from them?

>> No.9721158

Moona really takes the schizo comments seriously, mostly to her detriment. I still remember during the somen noodle contest in minecraft where she got blasted the previous day for speaking over her sempais. She hardly spoke that stream but still carried her team to victory bulding a somen noodle slide in minecraft, though most of it was just towa and kiara dying to creepers over and over again.

>> No.9721209

Good. Fuck off.

>> No.9721211

He still does. There is a clip of him and Iron Mouse talking about Hololive and he suddenly starts talking about shit and Iron Mouse just fucking BTFO's him

>> No.9721313

she had worse, the ollie yab is just like a tip of moonas in the past, she is strong

>> No.9721449

JP members want to follow idol culture to the point of not collabing with any males, vshojo bad by association umpire whores. Avoid them so you don’t loose your views

>> No.9721485

Has anyone ever lost viewers following a Vshojo collab?

>> No.9721686

They have only collabed with ironmouse who is by all means bigger and not really associated with vshojo, when someone thinks about her they think "the girl streaming on a hospital bed" not "a member of vshojo"

>> No.9721777

Ask nijisansji EN.

>> No.9721796

>They have only collabed with ironmouse
Since you won't do your fucking reps newfag: NyannersxKiara, OlliexMousey, PikameexMousey, PomuxMelody, SelenxFrootxZen, BonniverxMousey...
And the answer to the question that was asked is no. No one has lost viewers due to collabing with VShojo.

>> No.9721962

Only this board cares about vshojo being a "bad influence" when in collabs they behave pretty well just the Garry's mod megacollab was a disaster but not for that reasons

>> No.9721984

>non-holo vtubers
Kiara is the lowest viewed EN btw

>> No.9722055

But that's not the question, is it?

>> No.9722311

Pekora isn't

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Pekora never even reached out to gura after the hololive summer festival.
She just wants a new reason to play minecraft for numbers, now gura gave her one.

>> No.9722443

Soi as fuck.
"Menh! I'M Going to make friends with themmm *wheeze wheeze* so I can BACKSTAB them! That will prove my greatness!"
How do they not see this?

>> No.9722479

And I, for one, can't wait to see it.

>> No.9722503

>holo thread
>other vtubers being relevant

>> No.9722534

I'm pretty confident in saying that a good majority of JP and a few EN want nothing to do with this annoying zoomer whore

>> No.9722576

Ina takes that title by a mile

>> No.9722587

chinese hands typed this

>> No.9722632

Ina is third place, you can actually check this data you know

>> No.9722743

Nigger what? Stop being a retarded SEAmonkey.

>> No.9723750

Hating Ollie has nothing to do with being Chinese

>> No.9723773

Is that why she has the fewest total views

>> No.9724959

i mean mikochi already asked to fuck Ollie (on DeepL-sensei's guidance), how much worse could it get?

>> No.9725411

ollie, still a teenager, thinks she's hot shit and everyone loves her

>> No.9728011

If she actually thought that then we wouldn't have the OP clip.

>> No.9728848

Socially anxious?
Just stop being anxious in social situations!

>> No.9728931

>We're all very shy
>Gets fingered on stream

>> No.9729066

does she talk about the "difficulty" where she ruined a collab by getting literally fucked and nakadashi'd and moaning the entire time while her bewildered idmates tried to cover for her?

>> No.9729102

I don't get that impression from her at all.
Do you actually watch her streams?

>> No.9729895

Stay away.

>> No.9730060

Doesnt matter what you do you will get called a leech no matter what
Also yeah, its full of autists that dont know how to start a convo. As much as people love to shit on Calli for doing "Shit" collabs at least she makes them happen

>> No.9730466

That's more because chat goes retarded any time they pop into another holo's stream and derails it while the person streaming has to hunt for the message before it gets spammed off the page

>> No.9730980

You're right, it's indogs mad she btfo'd them for not speaking english

>> No.9734189

Holos really should all have chat filters installed to have that stuff separated.

>> No.9735310 [DELETED] 

So what she's saying is that the way to collab with someone in hololive is to kabedon them first.

>> No.9737056

Also want source on this >>9721211

>> No.9737694

Anon... How do you think ANYTHING gets done in Japan with such passive people? There's a reason their shame culture works like it does...

>> No.9738225

Fuck off

>> No.9741081 [DELETED] 

Don't care, I decided I hated her after her debut and thus I will see everything she does or say in a negative light no matter the truth. Better luck next time.

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>> No.9741433

Why? Because of tradition? Tradition is why they all feel isolated and awkward collabing with their senpais.

>> No.9741540


>> No.9741973

This anon gets it.

>> No.9742163

Persona on stream not matching persona off stream. Streaming gives them the adrenaline to do shit, hence why this board thinks she's some sort of yab machine when all she does is speak her mind under pressure to a degree when most other vtubers are more guarded

>> No.9742211

Mental illness

>> No.9742470


>> No.9742736

Because they (should) have more confidence and be more experienced at hololive. It's one of the times being a "senior" at the job is ACTUALLY relevant.

>> No.9742779

what a slimy faggot
I thought it was fake with that url

>> No.9742799

>Look at timestamp
>18 days ago
So he collabed with Ollie like three times at this point, and he just turns around and says she's a talentless hack leeching off Hololive? Fuck this guy, where the shit does he get off on criticizing ANYONE in Hololive?

>> No.9742896

I'm suddenly realizing why she's jaded from collabing.

>> No.9742998

>So he collabed with Ollie like three times at this point
I only know chess,where are the others?

>> No.9743127

In his defense he also mocked mouse for being on life support

>> No.9743240 [DELETED] 

Playing devil's advocate here, it's not completely wrong that the hardest part is getting in Hololive which involves a lot of luck.
Once you're here thousands of people will check you out while you'd often be at 50 viewers doing the same thing without the holo brand. You can't really pretend girls like Ayame do much yet just being in Hololive ensures a big paycheck no matter what.
Ofc doesn't mean everyone is a hack or anything, but it's not completely wrong

>> No.9743322

Not reading all that connor.

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Twitch e-celebs are an absolute plague. What fucking fag thinks any fucker can just apply and get instant success and not have management breathing down your back. Fuck this slimy fag, and Im not even a fan of Ollie

>> No.9743616

And one other that I remember but vaguely forgot. I think it was a talk show segment.

>> No.9743883

are you talking about when they played offstream ?
>talk show segment

>> No.9743891

I am sure you as an authentic Japanese zombie cuck will educate me of all the intricacies.

>> No.9744162 [DELETED] 

Sounds based to me, zomcuck.

>> No.9744281

>Stabbing a slightly spergy high school girl in the back for twitch clout
nah that's cuck behavior.

>> No.9744374

fuck off connor

>> No.9744547

> he collabed with Ollie like three times
When ?

>> No.9745133

>its cuck behaviour
>i-it just is okay?!?!?!?
If anything it will help ollie wisen up a bit, get her to grow out of her dumb zoomer shell

>> No.9746085

Authentic Japanese zombie cuck? No.
Idiot boatfag stationed in sunrise land? Yes.

>> No.9746292

Oh, so you are one those connors. Damn, you sure are loved here /vt/. Enjoy your stay.

>> No.9746490


>> No.9746555

Fuck that clout chasing faggot and I hope that stupid mouse bitch gets the same treatment sliver was right with fucks like this

>> No.9746900

How old is this pic? Hasn't he gain a lot more weight?

>> No.9747168

Nah, I'm more of a Jodie. Connor is/are solid navy. Sub-faggot.
>You weren't about to call me ma'am were you, shitstain?

>> No.9747461

I hate ecelebs but what he said isn't wrong.
The worst holo is still gonna get 800 views a stream which is a success in this industry. There are many talented vtubers out there that can't even break 300 because there's no big name attached to them.

>> No.9747890

>There are many talented vtubers out there that can't even break 300
Make that 50 viewers, and I'm being generous. 300 is beyond incredible for an indie, not even 0.1% reach that.
So yeah, Hololive is indeed a free pass to the very top of the industry even if you do the minimum.

>> No.9748003

Its an act bruh. Got you lot to talk about her didn't she?

>> No.9748191

>its cuck behaviour
>i-it just is okay?!?!?!?
It's cuck behavior because he's selling out a former co-worker to earn some minor amounts of clout on fucking twitch. That's cuck Keemstar shit. Burning bridges to satisfy a bunch of stupid zoomers on twitch is a huge cuck move. It's letting thousands of little zoomers fuck your career while you sit in your cuck twitch (which isn't even your own, it's someone else's cuck twitch which makes it a double cuck move) that it's a good thing because it's gonna help your internet clout. Fuck that, he's a bitch.

>> No.9748279

Bastard i thought you lived mousse

>> No.9748537

he's wrong because cover filters ton of people and hire the best, that's why they get so much viewers
he seems jealous af, reminds me of anti-wallstreet hippie losers

>> No.9748662

>IDs cant collab with JPs unless JPs reach out
>Stars cant collab with IDs unless IDs reach out
>senpais and kouhais are all pussies
Why is everything so fucking cucked here

>> No.9749013

Kinda understand what happened here since there's this too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqo2hrLmEX8
But what about those that DO want to, didn't Kiara wanna do a Pomu collab but stuck at Cover's bureaucracy? Does that play a role too here?

>> No.9749900

I'm not even super schizo about the whole e-celeb thing, I don't really care who people collab with as long as they make it a good collab (I thought Calli and Ironmouse was adorable.)

But I never liked Connor, even when I was into watching anitubers a few years ago. He started off by leeching off of Joey/Grant when he wasn't even really into anime and he's just been an overall ass throughout his entire YouTube/Streaming career.

He was pretty shitty towards calli during the trash taste interview and tried to shit on Hololive in front of Ironmouse who has ties to some of the Holo girls, obviously putting her in an awkward situation.

Hell, he even shits on Hime a lot even though thats supposed to be one of his close friends.

>> No.9750045

>even though thats supposed to be one of his close friends
One of his close friends' wife, you mean?

>> No.9750266

True, it does seem like sometimes he doesn't like her very much but he still calls her a friend so he should have at least some respect.

>> No.9750381

That has nothing to do with being a cuck you spastic. If anything that just makes him a sociopath. The only one getting done in here is ollie, 'cuck' doesn't apply here.
And example of Connor getting cucked would be Ame blocking him. I understand you are an emotionally distressed zomkek but please maintain a modicum of composure for the sake of the thread. Thank

>> No.9750699

>That has nothing to do with being a cuck you spastic.
It has everything to do with being a cuck. He's shittalking because the little jealous faggot is still a nobody and has to stab popular streamers in the back to gain some clout, lmao. I know you're having a little meltdown because you're the same SEAnigger who always bitches about Zoombie but being a leech whining about someone else being popular is peak cuck behavior, because that other person still popular at the end of the day while he's jerking his shrimp dick on IronMouse's channel (who also didn't tolerate his sad cuck behavior LMAO)

And I don't even like Ollie, I think you SEAniggers are pathetic.

>> No.9750705

You can tell what kind of person Connor is just by looking at one picture. It's the one where he's looking up and left with a really pompous expression. No one could take a picture like that seriously unless they were an extreme narcissist. Any normal person would think they look ridiculous and post it as a joke, he doesn't. I don't have the picture, but knowing this board someone else does.

>> No.9750884

>going on another streamers channel to talk tough behind the backs of Hololive because you're too much of a little bitch to say it to their face
cmon man, this is sitting in the cuckshed telling yourself that you can totally stand up to jamal levels of cuckoldry. If he wasn't a cuck he would tell them to their face.

>> No.9751140

Are you talking about the Jojo suit picture? Because he really does look like an ass in that one.

I actually really like Garnt and tolerate Joey, but fuck Connor. The dude's a fujoshi-baiting asshole.

>> No.9751657

Not that one, but the word you're looking for is coward. Stop being a mouthbreather and open a dictionary.

>> No.9751670

>hire the best
Damn, I guess the talent pool really dried up before gen2 auditions

>> No.9751759

Maybe, I literally don't know anything else about the picture because his face is the only thing I can remember about it. I laughed when I saw it thinking it was a joke before I realized from the way the guy talks and acts that he actually took it seriously. Honestly, from how he shit talks hololive about leeching and having no talent he seems like he's just insecure about stuff. Gives off a really whiny-girl type vibe to me.

>> No.9751911

>obviously putting her in an awkward situation.
Considering she had a collab with Ollie two weeks later it must have been driving her nuts listening to the guy. That long silence before she shuts him down is not usual for the mouse.

>> No.9752189

Oh yeah I definitely think its projection. He would be a literal nobody without Garnt and Joey

Yeah I felt really bad for Mouse. She's actually really sweet and obviously didn't want to be an ass to him on stream but you could tell she was getting really uncomfortable during the conversation while Connor just continued to dig himself into a hole by talking about shit he knows nothing about.

>> No.9752623
File: 63 KB, 179x251, 1513729610074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's easier for EN get a Vshoujo collab than it is to get a collab with a company JP and ID ave collabed with multiple times and even have close friends on both sides

You're jesting, right?

>> No.9753373

It makes me sad Gen 5 put out the hand of friendship so early with that Among Us collab and EN were just waaaay too fucking autistic to actually appreciate it. Mori in particular didn't have any awareness or interest in bonding with them.

>> No.9753577

Ame and Gura do not speak Japanese, so any effective communication would be impossible, Mori has no excuse. See: Ame in her Mel or Roboco collabs versus her collabs with Haaachama.

>> No.9753721

based got poster

>> No.9753897

Every chance Mori has to get to know the other Holo mem better she avoids them. Makes me wonder why. Like the summer festival where she basically did her own thing the entire time and stayed in the EN discord

>> No.9753985

It's because she's not confident in her Japanese, and the other holo members treat Calli differently. I think they see her as this big hitter who is difficult to approach.

>> No.9754140

It's still Ollies fault for being a naive zoomer. It's not like there's any shortage of people telling her these people are just trying to take advantage of her.

>> No.9754233

No, cuck. Stop simping for some vtweeter loser and get some perspective.

>> No.9754287


>> No.9754315

>It's still Ollies fault
Okay, how. I can't wait to hear this.
> It's not like there's any shortage of people telling her these people are just trying to take advantage of her.
Okay so it's Ollie's job to listen to /vt/ of all fucking places who not only tell her to not collab with people in her own company but also tell her that she's a worthless leech and should go die.
Yeah great job there champ I'm sure she's warming up to listen to our life advice any day now.

>> No.9754465

>he unironically thinks /vt/ is the only place with criticism
You should see ID facebook groups, and those groups were the ones to cause her to breakdown. This place is nicer to her than actual ID schizo nests

>> No.9754738

> criticism

>> No.9754773

if they're too autistic to talk to each other to collab, why would they know about their personal relationships or feel comfortable enough to critique them???

>> No.9754858

if she had a good manager, they would have given her tips on interacting with fans and other people, especially ecelebs. I'm not even sure if ID has a manager, it has just been yabs nonstop for Ollie since before and after yubigate.

>> No.9755017

Post the one where he shat on holofans.

>> No.9755019

Or maybe just maybe that the only one that think of e-celebs are problem are just you guys. not cover, not her manager, not her, just you guys.

>> No.9755078

Less talking more fingering

>> No.9755091

whatever you say connor

>> No.9755121
File: 65 KB, 750x962, 8ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ollie if you're reading this because I know you watch this board here's what you do

-Message literally anybody in your company, anyone you want. Just pick someone.
-Then just ask "Hey, I have a gap in my schedule, do you want to collab?" in whatever language you share. That's it, don't even mention a game, let them pick one.

And finally if you're on one of these boards or facebook groups and you start seeing SEA starting shit you remind them that pinoys have the highest rate of toilet related accidents because it can't tell the difference them and their shit, and then you post this image to any responses.

>> No.9755140

> no argument andy

>> No.9755162

not that anon, im indog and dont use Facebook what ID Facebook groups you're talking about ? any link ? screenshoots ? you people keep saying
>it's the ID Facebook that makes her cry
>it's the SEAnig facebook group
literally I don't know what the fuck you are on about or you just keep blaming the indogs for everything ?

>> No.9755205

go back

>> No.9755238

> Still no argument

>> No.9755437

EN has banned all e-celebs, management clearly cares but ID doesn't have any managers

>> No.9755522

> source : my ass

There is difference between the girls doesnt want have anything to do with e-celeb and the management banned them.

>> No.9755542

Because it's a dumb strawman. The problem isn't all e-celebs, it's this particular one that's shit-talking her coworkers and friends behind her back after attempting to attach himself to the company in any way possible. She might not see it because she doesn't trawl the internet 24/7 and be aware of the clips but that doesn't make him any less of a cunt for shit-talking her friends or a leech for trying to cosy up to any holomem he could before settling one the one that struggles to say no.

>> No.9755627
File: 1006 KB, 177x133, 1605781525130.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kouhais can't initiate because honorobu work culture
>senpais won't reach out because social anxiety and/or perception of leeching
I hate this stupid cycle

>> No.9755760

Ollie has collabed with so many people already in only 8 months. She has collabed with multilpe HoloEN and JP senpai, with Gundou, Connor, fighting game people playing chess, Rene from 774, and others I'm forgetting. Hololive isn't for her to network and make friends. It's for her to entertain people.

Leeches love a willing host.

>> No.9756056

> that's shit-talking her coworkers and friends behind her back
Like this one? >>9742470 while i dont agree for what he is saying i also i dont necessarily see what he was saying as "shittalking". People interpret things differently. just because you disagree or got butt hurt over someone else opinion, doesnt mean everyone else need to go on board with how you feel.

>> No.9756146

wdym? the only drama those fb indogs does is when Moona took her SNS break thx to triggered sandniggers

>> No.9756166

> i dont necessarily see what he was saying as "shittalking". People interpret things differently. just because you disagree or got butt hurt over someone else opinion, doesnt mean everyone else need to go on board with how you feel.
He's literally saying that you can get into Hololive while being a literal no talent leech just on brand name alone.
Now picture you're Ollie or Moona and you're being told that you're a literal no talent leech almost every day and this guy you've collabed with is saying this behind your back. The guy is a fuckhead, this isn't about being 'butthurt' it's about being a catty little shitbrain talking shit about hololive talents he's worked with behind their back.

>> No.9756203

> Hololive isn't for her to network and make friends. It's for her to entertain people.

And what makes you think that her viewers arent entertained by what she is doing rn, those who dont already left long ago.

>> No.9756210

>just because you disagree or got butt hurt over someone else opinion, doesnt mean everyone else need to go on board with how you feel.
I know you're just trolling but imagine actually saying this on the clip where connor wants to convince ironmouse and her audience that hololive is shitty

>> No.9756464

I'd heard they didn't want Myth collabing with NijiEN because at the time Obsydia was about to debut and Cover was getting ready to debut Council so they wanted the new talents to have the hype instead of the previous Gen overshadowing them.
>Mori has no excuse
Yeah, she does. She cant' speak Japanese either. She is below Risu level in speaking ability. No joke.
Her reddit zoomers will accept anything she does. She literally feel asleep in a stream and her fans didn't complain. Ollie shit talked half her Indo audience and her channel only grew. This place is the only one that will give her honest advice and criticism.

>> No.9756530

i dont necessarily see what he was saying as "shittalking"
I mean, it absolutely was in every possible way. He just straight up said that you can join Hololive as a talentless leech and still get big which isn't even true. Cover is very rigorous with their talent scouting. It was such a horrible statement, it took Ironmouse several seconds to even respond, and she just quietly told Connor that he needs to drop the conversation. You can straight up tell Ironmouse is extremely pissed off about what he was saying.

>> No.9756640

They don't want HoloEN collabing with NijiEN because NijiEN has vshojo whores in it like Finana who are walking yab machines with no filter. Imagine Gura doing a collab with Finana and Finana goes on a yab filled spiel about NTR or how many sex toys she shoves up her pussy daily.

>> No.9756653

Your criticism is a bunch of shit, and you forget this board is also known for its infestation of schizos, which you may or may not be a part of yourself

>> No.9756704

>This place is the only one that will give her honest advice and criticism.
>honest advice

>> No.9756745


>> No.9756802

What is good criticism and where can I find it? Because in literally every single site you can find someone like you can't handle criticism

>> No.9756818

>This place is the only one that will give her honest advice and criticism
>This shithole
Yeah nothing screams honest advice and criticism like screaming at Ollie for apparently getting finger blasted on stream even though that clearly wasn't what happened. Or people telling Ollie she should die, or join Vshojo, or how she's the FINAL YAB. Like please explain how any of that is even remotely useful?

>> No.9756892

>Good criticism
>On /vt/
"Hey Ollie, why are you such a whore? How dare you get fingered live during a collab?! You know that thing that totally happened."

>> No.9756986
File: 33 KB, 480x360, 634127502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

top commenter is right
having other groupings helps

>> No.9756993

> He's literally saying that you can get into Hololive while being a literal no talent leech just on brand name alone.

No that just you putting words into his mouth. You dont have to be a good streamer you will get success because you are part of hololive =/= you can get into Hololive while being a literal no talent leech just on brand name alone.

> this isn't being 'butthurt'
Well it sure seems like it, again people interpret things differently, when people say "hey i think you are not a good streamer" To a streamer, some people may think "he hates me, he is talking shit about me, reeeee" Some will think "haha thats just your opinion man" Some will think "oh he thinks that i'm a bad streamer, what do i need to do to improve myself" And etc. You chose to be buthurt about it and maybe management only think of it as someone that has opinion on something.

>> No.9757057

Yeah that's totally why Ironmouse was extremely pissed off at what he said, so much so that she acted super out of character and took several seconds to even respond. She straight up told the faggot to drop the topic.

>> No.9757077

Anon what do you even get out of being this disingenuous? You want (You)s this badly? I can't believe that you would unironically write that first sentence and see nothing wrong with it

>> No.9757253

Do you really think everyone in hololive is a good streamer? I personally dont.
Some of them are good idols, some of them are good entertainers, some of them are good streamers. When people say "hey you're bad at something" Do you take it as "you're a talentless leech that cant do anying, you should kys" Now thats more like a (you) problem to me. Honestly from what i can see, you guys are just demonizing his opinion and get offended on hololive talent behalf.

>> No.9757424

Was she really pissed or was she affraid of getting angry comments from people like you? Who knows.

>> No.9757472

Anon you do know that everything you're saying applies to ironmouse right? His close friend that got visibly mad when he mentioned this?

>> No.9757478
File: 92 KB, 627x733, 1605523931433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this obvious
Hi Connor, please fuck off. Nobody likes you.

>> No.9757485

Probably both since she has friends in the company and wouldn't want to disparage them anyways.

>> No.9757496

Is ironmouse pissed off that connor is shittalking her idols and even some friends? Yes she is, because she's not a piece of shit like connor or you

>> No.9757520

>This pathetic
Dude even fucking Ironmouse who is friends with Connor got pissed off. She told him to fucking drop the topic after listening to his deranged hate rant.

>> No.9757565
File: 257 KB, 703x498, Wooooooow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit the absolute state of this guy

>> No.9757577

>connor shittalks on hololive
>vt shittalks on hololive
anons i think we should support connor

>> No.9757602

She's pissed because she didn't any drama.
Why is this board so easy to get triggered?
Do you seriously think that EVERYONE in Hololive is talented?

>> No.9757610

clearly that dude dont know what the fuck he's talking about he's just jerking off to his own hateboner

>> No.9757680

Does it matter? Even if I think that why would I say that in front of a big hololive fan who even has friends in there, and also in front of an audience of thousands. There are some opinions you keep to yourself

>> No.9757759

> visibly mad
In your schizo world sure
I like how all of you act like you know her so well and makes it like your assumptions of her being pissed off is a fact.
Not an argument

>> No.9757776

so you admitted that he said the truth.
Yes, it may be inappropriate in that situation but he didn't shit talk anyone.

>> No.9757823

I can't believe Ironmouse and Connor hate Hololive LOL

they are actual antis

>> No.9757842

>this level of inability at reading people
Anon please don't talk about this shit when you are clearly autistic. It's better that way.

>> No.9757850

Whoa you got me, this suddenly makes connor not a cunt that shouldn't even be given the time of the day by the company he "critizised" to put it on better terms since you're dead set on defending that. Now what were you even trying to prove with this?

>> No.9757865

Props to Mousey for avoiding that question. And Connor seemed to later realized he fucked up after her response.

But he's right that you don't have to be a "good streamer", it can later be improved anyway. He should be have added, that are you judged by your character and skill.

>> No.9757871

It's 2 faced though. If he said that and decided "fuck hololive, I'm not getting involved with them or covering them, I'm gonna stick with Vshojo", nobody would really care nearly as much - but to say that on stream to thousands of people when you're making content about them and trying to make collabs happen just smacks of hypocricy on top of the leeching.

>> No.9757885

Have you ever actually watched Ironmouse even once? It's very apparent when she's upset or bothered by something.

>> No.9757915

>connor is shittalking her idols
that's what you said.
Admit that you're wrong now?

>> No.9757926

Connor talks about Hololive like a 2view does and Ollie still wants to collab with him, I don't get it.

>> No.9757959

> pissed off
Sure anon sure, you totally can tell that she was steaming hot just because she told him to change the topic, there is literally no other reason for her wanting to change the topic.

> hate rant
Are you really that fucking fragile to call this a hate rant?

>> No.9757970

You're acting like his point was mainly about skill and was benevolent critique, when it was clearly about money. Guy has the audacity to leech off them by making his content about them then act like a jealous little bitch.

Also, I'd love to hear who he thinks is a bad streamer or entertainer.

>> No.9758005

Why did you change to subject to mouse when this entire thread has been about ollie? And even then how would either of them react to a statement like
>you get everything on a silver platter and you don't have to work or even be good to grow once you're in hololive
Just leave it at that or agree?

>> No.9758054

>Sure anon sure, you totally can tell that she was steaming hot just because she told him to change the topic
Yes anon, you might have autism if you don't notice it, it's literally basic human interaction 101

>> No.9758055

>Twitch e-celebs are an absolute plague
Well expect Jerma but he is an anomaly among twitch streamers.

>> No.9758075

I'm not op, I'm just saying that what you said
>connor is shittalking her idols
is wrong.
Just admit that and get over it

>> No.9758079

If the subject if about money, then you are right. But I was referring to passing the interviews.

>> No.9758100

> this level of schizophrenia that everything is a fact just because you think so

>> No.9758128

However, I agree to you all that that british cunt can go fuck himself. And Ollie should be banned from collabing with holoEN, such a disgrace.

>> No.9758157

Mouse is unironically a bigger fan of Hololive than most of this board. She was a tiny younow vtuber when they started and she's followed them ever since. She corresponds with Calli and Ollie quite a bit and has collabed with both.

So yes, I think she was genuinely upset about her idols and/or friends being talked down on her own stream.

>> No.9758169

Follow the reply chain retard

>> No.9758186

Let's trade Ollie for Mousey. That trash can go collab to whoever she wants after.

>> No.9758201

How many ironmouse streams have you seen? Maybe a clip or two?

>> No.9758212

Also Dunkey, though I don't see either of them ever touching the subject of chuuabs with a 10 foot pole.

>> No.9758221

She uses a fucking 2D model ffs, you are making an assumption based only by the fact that she told him to change the topic and went silent for some sec, stop acting like you are an expert in human emotion.

>> No.9758263

I think Dunkey would if one of them played nothing but Mario games.

>> No.9758264
File: 319 KB, 1357x2261, 1605630516764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sits there quietly while he rants about hololive
>Takes several seconds to even respond
>Quietly through a clearly bothered tone tells him to just drop the subject
Yeah man, Ironmouse was totally chill with what he was saying. Hell she even supports it I bet!

>> No.9758286

Anon you're unironically autistic, it's terminal. Can you even tell if someone is mad at you through the phone?

>> No.9758321

And you are honestly retarded that those reactions undoubtedly indicates she was mad

>> No.9758324

>one of my core arguments is false but nothing has changed

>> No.9758346

* to think

>> No.9758417

It's like if an indie musician getting picked by record label meant they had no actual talent and the label does all the work, which if the EN anniversary is anything to go by, Cover does fuck all for them

>> No.9758449

The conversation happened and there's a video of it, do you seriously think that ollie should continue to interact with him when he said that hololive, which includes her, can coast off the clout and fame you get from joining and you don't have to be talented or a good streamer once you're in? That's an insult to her and everyone she knows in hololive, Ironmouse is completely irrelevant to this situation, she's simply mentioned because she's in the fucking clip

>> No.9758453

The whole Connor shit is him being retarded and not really understanding what goes on with hololive

Its easy to think "Oh yeah, anyone can just put on this 2d avatar and be famous if they have the hololive brand behind them" To some extent, this is true.

However, you have to break down the assumptions you made. Why are people getting famous off the hololive brand? Its not the 2d avatars, there are a thousand 2views out there. Its because Cover built up a (pretty well earned) reputation for quality, especially in later gens as they built up their stable of talent.

So yes 'anyone' that joins hololive is probably going to get famous, but the part he's missing is not just anyone gets to join hololive because of the pedigree expected. Hololive has an interest in protecting its brand as and only picking up high quality talent, whether that talent is discovered or not.

Its like the looking at hollywood and going 'Well anyone can be famous if they're a main actor in a marvel move", its so braindead is just laughable ultimately.

Like how weird is your mind to have a deterministic view of reality like that.

>> No.9758477

Considering his feelings about anime, I imagine he isn't a huge fan of chuubas either, but is smart enough to keep his mouth shut about them and not get involved. Best I could see is maybe playing a Mario Maker map if someone made a particularly hard one.

>> No.9758505

You're right bro. Everyone in this thread is putting words in his mouth. Everyone is interesting it wrongly except for you of course. Honest to God, kill yourself. Please.

>> No.9758615

* to think
Just because you watch her stream daily you definitely how she really thinks right? She cant be faking her persona on stream, its all definitely genuine act right, you totally know someone inside out just watching their stream regularly right?
Those reactions can only mean she was mad right? Confused on how to respond, affraid of getting backslash, "if you think about it he was right, but lets just brush it off so i wont get hate comments" ," i dont care about your opinion, just dont bring me into this ", etc. But nooooo
She can only be mad from those reaction.

>> No.9758628

Where are you getting that he went back on that point eslchama? Even if something is true that doesn't mean you should bring it up. You wouldn't just bring up a recovering alcoholics past alcoholism and assume he's gonna be cool with it. Same thing here, even if it was objectively true that it takes no talent to get numbers in hololive that doesn't mean he's not shitting on them. Genuinely are you retarded?

>> No.9758664


>> No.9758685

> everyone think differently from me so i must be wrong

How about no. Go to reddit if you dont like people having different opinion than you

>> No.9758712

Not an argument

>> No.9758730

please don't take away the CCV cope from the takos, that's the only thing they've got

>> No.9758736

Keep coping fag

>> No.9758740

Still no argument

>> No.9758750

Are you gonna say that she's faking being on her death bed next?

>> No.9758765

>Literal reddit spacing
Whether you like it or not, if a majority of people can look at something and all come to the same conclusion, but one guy doesn't. Then in all likelihood the one retard who doesn't see what everyone else is seeing is probably the one who's wrong. It's basic math really

>> No.9758768

Who's the one calling schizo to everyone who disagrees with him?

>> No.9758782

>arguing over e-celeb
Damn even reddit wouldn't sink this low.

>> No.9758802

No need to argue with someone hell bent on coping

>> No.9758820

I love the zombie!
The naivete will go away and she will mature into beautiful person

>> No.9758862

Look at the filename you illiterate

>> No.9758866

>" i dont care about your opinion, just dont bring me into this "
It's probably this one and i don't blame her. She has friends on Hololive and is big fan in general so of course she wants to maintain that.

>> No.9758911


>> No.9758930

Well he called me autistic first, so i just used the same formula.
There is a reason its called probability, also you have to consider the variable that most people here are used to rrats and gossip, also that its an anonymous board which mean i could probably been arguing with 1 person

>> No.9758959

> still no argument so far.
I dont even know is it worth giving you (you) at this point.

>> No.9758973

>if a majority of people
yeah, people on this board which is full of schizos.
By the same logic I could argue that the covid vaccine is a Jewish hoax since /pol/ would agree with me on that

>> No.9758977

Fuck me, I misread that as "semen noodle slide"

>> No.9759040

>mouse, a close friend of his, doesn't agree with him and dislikes that opinion
I already know that you will pretend to be autistic and pretend to not understand human emotions but just admit that he's wrong on this one

>> No.9759060

He also doesn't realize that collabing with Holo doesn't work the way it works with normal twitch streamers. You can't just assume that just because you have interacted with Holo on twitter it means you are free to collab with them anytime without going to management about it first.

>> No.9759296

Oh wow, from the start i never argued that he was wrong or not. I was arguing whether he was actually just a guy that has opinion on something or he was "shitting" On hololive like the first post i replied. You guys made his opinion like he said something so controversial like "jews deserve to get massacred" Or something. I personally think it was nothing. people has bad opinion all the time but calling that clip of him "shitting" Or "having a hate rant" Is just being fragile little bitch. I mean sure you can think it that way but dont get mad if management/cover think it as nothing and still letting the guy to collab with holo girls.

>> No.9759388

From the perspective of ollie, he's shitting on her and her friends, you're just evading the subject of ollie because you know you're wrong if you actually think about her

>> No.9759486

Are you actually still coping? Jesus get a life man

>> No.9759529

>I'd heard they didn't want Myth collabing with NijiEN because at the time Obsydia was about to debut and Cover was getting ready to debut Council so they wanted the new talents to have the hype instead of the previous Gen overshadowing them.
I mean if that's true then we can expect them by the end of Council's collab ban? There's no way we're getting another holoEN debuts this year, right?

>> No.9759588

No.. Thats really come down to each person, if you really see that clip of him as shitting on hololive then thats on you. For me at least there is difference between calling "hey, he is bad at math" With "hey, he is so damn stupid, even a grade schooler would do better at math than him" One is just telling people your opinion, and the other is shitting on people. Both basically have the same purpose of telling that the guy is bad at math, but it come up differently.

>> No.9759618

Idk maybe i will stop if you come up with something new

>> No.9759627

>hey ollie, you and everyone in hololive are talentless and you don't even have to do nothing to grow, you have everything thrown to you in a silver platter
Whoa I wonder if someone would take offense at this

>> No.9759747

Holy shit you really love putting words into other people mouth, you know what you reminds me of? That one female interviewer that went famous with her "so what you're saying is... " But change it to "so what he is saying is... " . I honestly really impressed on how you can interpret it that way.

>> No.9759755

>he just called them talentless leeches in a roundabout way, he didn't literally shit on them
Who would even defend connor this much on a vtuber board? Are you just baiting?

>> No.9759779

Anon there's a fucking video on the thread, why are you even pretending that isn't what he said?

>> No.9759781

Again with "so what he is saying is.. "

>> No.9759810

>if you get in hololive you don't need talent and you don't need to be a good streamer

>> No.9759832

Yeah did he really say "hey ollie, you and everyone in hololive are talentless and you don't even have to do nothing to grow, you have everything thrown to you in a silver platter." Or is that how you want him saying.

>> No.9759863

Holy shit anon you're actually autistic, and also an ESL

>> No.9759912

Sure Keep calling me autistic, maybe it will make your argument better. Also congrats for pointing out my esl-ness. Anything else?

>> No.9759934

Pick one or the other retard.
>also and
Pot calling the kettle black here.

>> No.9759961

He called you autistic because you are

>> No.9759973

> you dont have to be a good streamer to make money in hololive
So what you're saying is that
> everyone in hololive is a talentless leech

>> No.9759985

If you're too much of an autist to be able to infer very simple things from what he's saying then that's on you man

>> No.9760001

>Yes she is, because she's not a piece of shit like connor or you
They why is she collabing with him almost everyday?

>> No.9760023

Daring today aren't we?
Are you going to tell me cope next?

>> No.9760034

Yes. That is clearly what he's implying for those of us who's social skills developed past elementary school

>> No.9760064

There's no point discussing anything with you when you just close your eyes and plug your ears to everyone who has told you that you're wrong

>> No.9760071

She knows connor is more retarded than her so she has no choice but to forgive him

>> No.9760093

If you're too much of a schizo hyperbole his simple statement then that's on you man

>> No.9760102

Why is no one mentioning how she plays pokemon unite with tectone and other men in her offtime?

>> No.9760143

His simple statement is still offensive as fuck to anyone who's in hololive even if you don't want to infer the deeper meaning, what are you trying to prove? Can you post a transcript and really defend him with a straight face?

>> No.9760201

Yeah instead of social skill of elementary schooler, you guys have a social skill of gossiping old woman who likes to get offended on other people behalf.

>> No.9760225

Again stop getting offended on other people behalf, who are you to decide what is offensive what is not for those girls.

>> No.9760270

She's legitimately one of the best streamers in hololive. She managed to get close to Moona's level using her talent alone instead of getting a boost from one of the big names. If she was in EN, she would probably not be too far behind Mori right now in terms of subs.

>> No.9760294

If you actually watched the clip, you would know that the issue is all the holos are hopelessly autistic.

>> No.9760304

Anon you're keeping a thread alive by yourself just because you're offended on connor's behalf, take your own advice

>> No.9760376

> Offended
Kek see what im saying? Stop assuming things, i just love having argument with people online.

>> No.9760404

>I think most of the Hololive outside of Myth is afraid of Gura.
Its always super funny to me how they act like she's some untouchable celebrity when chat is constantly calling her a moron.

>> No.9760420

>admitting that he was just shitposting
Well at least this thread can die now

>> No.9760530

>As much as people love to shit on Calli for doing "Shit" collabs at least she makes them happen
Calli's collabs are usually pretty good. That's why people were so surprised when here collab with Coco was bad.

>> No.9760550

>anituber apologist

>> No.9760551

HoloID have bad HR, that's for sure.
>Ollie, the yab machine
>Reine, rich girl who want to vtuber
>Anya, rude bitch

>> No.9760630

>Reine, rich girl who want to vtuber
but she's a good streamer

>> No.9760654

>Reine, rich girl who want to vtuber
Explain to me what's wrong with that, you fucking commie.

>> No.9760689

>>Reine, rich girl who want to vtuber
Reine is easily the best ID and it's not even close

>> No.9760691

>As much as people love to shit on Calli for doing "Shit" collabs at least she makes them happen
What? Hasn't she had a grand total of one (1) collab with JP? Mori pushes way harder to collab with Gigguk than anyone else

>> No.9760798


>> No.9760882

>Hasn't she had a grand total of one (1) collab with JP?
Is this your first day here? She's had two collabs become very well known. The disastrous Coco colab, and the "I am die thank you forever" collab with Korone that got clipped all over the place.

>> No.9760903

nta, the issue isn't that he said "you don't need to be a good streamer" because to some degree, it is possible and even necessary to grow into your role through the first few, potentially awkward, streams and the debut as you try out different streaming formats.
His entire argument there is that there is no effort required once you got into a successful company - you know, like Vshojo is? It's really a position of ignorance to what being a corporate vtuber entails. There are a couple of things he could phrase better but the overarching issue is believing anyone ever lives happily ever after just because you have a good job, especially since he probably knows better in the position he is in.

>> No.9760936

Oh yeah I mentally blocked out the Coco one because of how cringe it was. Regardless it seems ridiculous to claim Mori "makes collabs happen" when she barely interacts with anyone outside her own gen.

>> No.9760956

Then there is the amon9us collab, and I am pretty sure she played Mario Party with some senpais, and then there are her song collaborations with WTM and Comet...

>> No.9760996

This is something people who fail job interviews often don't seem to get - you shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Cover is not hiring for 'the best singer', 'the best ASMRtist', or even 'the best vtuber'. They are hiring for the people who are 'the best at being Holos'.

If you seem like you'll quit once the numbers go down, if you seem like you will jump ship to greener pastures once you're big enough, if you don't seem like you would work well with managers and would argue often with them...the list goes on and on. I seriously think Cover is looking for some fundamental need in their talents other than money, to make sure they stay with them as long as possible. There are tons of reasons why your favorite indie might have applied and gotten rejected, and one of those might really be something as simple as being 'too well-balanced for the job."

>> No.9761042

>Getcha is one of the most popular song covers and even here on /vt/ it us liked by people who consider her rap to be pure cringe.
>It was mentioned repeatedly by several JP and Mori that they are talking to each other in private.
Maybe this is what she meant by you only noticing 5% of what she is doing...

>> No.9761055

>I'm so shy uwu
>gets fingered on stream
I swear this bitch...

So she doesn't get to collab with Koro-san? Good. The hag has enough common sense to stay away from that yabgenerator who doxxed her own genmate. Hell JP in general, aside from the menhera slut matuli, are doing good by avoiding ID and EN, who for the most part have no intention of being Idol-like, with only a few exceptions.

>> No.9761195


>> No.9761243

Pretty sure we're just talking about streams here. Talking about songs is cope since the talents don't even interact to create them, they sing their individual parts and they get mixed together later.

>> No.9761406

How is this the best post in this thread so far?

>> No.9761791

>talking about an anituber instead of the topic of senpai-kouhai collabs

Anyway, this is why totsumachis are a thing, and they act as an incentive for either party to initiate contact, find common ground, and also open up collabs in the future.

>> No.9762155

They really should force random collabs. Pull names out of a hat and give them a game to play.

>> No.9762856

You will never be Japanese. You have no ancestry, you have no citizenship, you have no skills that would make Japan ever want you. You are a shut-in self-hating white man twisted by delusions of mythical Japanese superiority and exposure to Japanese media into a disgusting mockery of nature’s perfection. All 'validation' you get from other people in this position couldn't be worse in making you believe that spending years of your life learning a globally useless language to a first-grader's level was a worthwhile use of your time, but one can't expect that an individual as pathetic as you will ever know the value of the youth you threw away in doing that. Actual Japanese are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of linguistic evolution have allowed natives to identify frauds from mannerisms and vocabulary alone. Even if your written text of self-hatred and attention begging akin to a stray dog's somehow passes as normal (it won't), any Japanese person will immediately cut all ties when they hear the voice and accent of someone who is not only a basic Japanese speaker at best, but worth no more than garbage in skills, accomplishments, and likeability. You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile and laugh to yourself believing that watching a content creator that you understand 20% of at best is somehow superior than watching your own kind, as you project your disgusting traits onto your entire kind. However, deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight, and you know that. You know that all you do now is have an entirely new linguistic medium in which to be ignored, and not even the exotic trait of being foreign makes up for just how uninteresting of a person you are. Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a Western man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably Caucasian. This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back. Hate yourself and apologize for being white to some Japanese entity that exists only in your mind while actual Japanese people put in effort to learn English for the valid reason of it being the global language.

>> No.9764168

>be Ollie
>get fingered on stream during a collab
>fight for e-whore pandering from hololive
>act surprised when decent holomen dont wanna collab with u

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