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no. tribalfags get the rope

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The image literally shows the opposite, Vtuber fans coming together to hate the one thing truly despicable, Vshojo.

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Pretty good edit

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Everything you can say about VShojo you can say about Finana. And worse about Ollie.

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that's still tribalfagging. and you still get the rope.

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This is a tribalfaggot hate-mongering thread, just let them be anon.

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No, Ollie doesn't have a giant weird chin

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For once a good thread on /vt/.

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Vshojo unironically has more worthwhile talent than nijisanji. Turns out that’s what you get when you prioritise quantity over quality.

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nijifag hands wrote this post

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>prioritise quantity over quality
>this is what retards actually believe

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I judge on a person by person basis.

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Yes, without a doubt. Although tribalfaggotry is gay in general and you should never suck a companies dick

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Stop using mineral hurl even as a joke. Especially this one, for fucks sake. You poltards are losing your influence.

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I rarely defend Nijisanji, but come the fuck on anon..

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>You poltards are losing your influence.

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Is that why the NijiENs were forced to delete the collab VOD and even had Pomu apologize for the absolute shitfest?

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Are you really such a thin-skinned bitch that a comic offends you?

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Learn to recognize obvious falseflagging

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Holo is okay, but the idolfaggotry is dumb.

Niji is okay, but their EN fans are retarded and fun to tease.

VShojo has trash talents and trash fans. So yes, you're absolutely right.

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You are losing your influence, poltard. Now run back to your containment board. Shoo Shoo. All the Holos are vaxxed and are leftists btw.

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Only this time, nijiniggers

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What is this in reference to? I dont watch EN normally

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I like stonetoss

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What have vshojo fans ever done to you other than taking shit and staying in their general

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No. I like all three and numerous indies.

Perhaps you just don't like vtubers?

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You are mentally ill and you have to go back

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I take that as a "yes".

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>dislike vshojo in particular
>perhaps you just don't like vtubers?
what train of thought lead you to make this retarded comment?

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Liking VShojo.

They're basically Twitch thots using 3D models and their fans are exactly the same kind of thirsty, pathetic simps.

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you don't watch vshojo

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You’re unbelievably gay and unfunny

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This is just generic antishit that retards will say about every VTuber on the planet, anon. There's reasons to dislike them but this isn't one of them and shows you haven't actually given them a fair shot.

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Show us something that makes them worth watching.

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Back to pol samefag. Nobody is putting up with your shit anymore. This board is, and has always been, primarily leftist.

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NTA but that was a collab organized by the shittest member of vshojo tbf.

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nobody is going to give your shitty company a chance when every clip posted of them is like this

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Jesus, what the fuck are you, some kind of reasonable adult?

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>Imagine being such a thin-skinned bitch that you cannot conceive people not shitting on an artist as some sort of political statement.

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>The polchud watched a video tutorial on how to use "inspect element"
Bravo, polchud, bravo. More than I would usually give you credit for. Now head on back to your containment board for me, won't you please?

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Hearing you bitch and moan about pol or rather people you think are pol without evidence is entertaining.

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Doesn't matter how good mousey and co are, as long as Nyanners is in there, Vshojo is a stain in the community.

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The only one talking politics here is you.
You are too far gone to even enjoy a hobby, just go back leftiepol fag.

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I especially enjoy that basically every tuber is a leftist.

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Being a whore isn't talent

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There's a small bunch of right-leaning chuubas, but they're a really small minority obviously.

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Salty she called you a pedo after she stopped doing edgy pedo humor? Damn that extremely successful hypocrite to hell.

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Every poltifaggot, left or right, should be rounded up in a concentration board and the shoah'd.

Let us watch the fucking anime girls in peace.

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You nothing about or whoring or talent or the English language.

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no, I don’t think I will.

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what in the fuck are you attempting to say

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Every politifaggot, left or right, should be rounded up in a concentration board and then shoah'd.

Let us watch the fucking anime girls in peace.

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based clips

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I think he's saying that sex work is skilled labor and that you're an ESL.

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commit an hero

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Melody is kind of cute

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You just made the whole board dumber. Get the fuck out.

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There was a big collab between Vshoujo, Twitch Indies, NijiEN, and Pikamee, organized by Zen. It was very poorly executed - nobody explaining the rules for certain gameplay types, people not inviting others to some rooms, connection issues, and playing maps/audio with DMCA content (which is a big issue for NijiEN and Pikamee, because JP).

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Why did you link Girl_DM_ who is not part of VShojo but Seiso Girls?
BuffPup should be removed from Seiso Girls btw

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I wanted to link a Nyanners bit instead but I haven't done enough of my reps to find one I liked. DM is VSJ+ anyways. Sage, retard.

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Nope, they all love each other.

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Go back

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just admit you don't watch vtubers and just get it in for memes

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What do people call this? When someone is obviously baiting just so he will get replies calling him bad shit?
Is it just baiting? Normally you bait to make people mad, not to act retarded so people will say things you want to hear, which is typically what certain people have been doing here.

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Vshojo is better than both those shitty Japanese companies in certain aspects. The senseless hate here for them is getting tiring.

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vshojo somehow manages to go even lower than i'd expect them to, sugoi.

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>I like very corporate thing and other very corporate thing but do not care for less corporate thing.
It's basically like saying you love Friends but think Arrested Development sucks. You might be in the majority, but don't kid yourself about having superior taste.

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Agreed, fuck tribalism, all vtubers are good except the ones the ones we don't.

In which we can just literally look away and not be a fucking schizo about them unless they wish death on pets or some shit

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You like the Big Bang Theory and your taste is shit

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How new?

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based. Tiptoeing around permissions is some pussy shit. I have yet to see any vtuber play a game on release date and the western ones might be the closest to it

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disagree, any gaming vtuber is bad

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Big Bang Theory is just Friends for the geek chic gadgets and MCU generation.

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>any gaming vtuber is bad
why are you here

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Exactly. I think Veibae even played Conkers BFD on stream.

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The holostars were playing monster hunter rise the night it released.

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VShojo is nothing but vulgar whores and their fans are some of the vilest simp faggots you'll ever see in a chat.

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Not new just tired, people say to ignore the trolls but then the troll pretends to be a person feeding the troll and then trolls himself.

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Yeah you sound pretty new tbqh

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Yea after Hololive profusely sucked off Capcom to apologize for Mio.

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I like Ironmouse, but otherwise, yes.

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She's also the designated Binding of Isaac chuuba which is immensely based.

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I have been here since like 2012 ;-;

>> No.9721131

You only like her because you want to "save" her.

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God damn, why is Veibae just so vile? Like every time I see her content, I feel like I somehow got a venereal disease by just watching.

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I mean if you want to talk games that permissions would probably never let you play there's an even better option.

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Newness is a state of mind.

>> No.9721232

Other way around, actually.
Remember the big Capcom ransomware hack a while back? We got a few documents covering their marketing strategy. Capcom wanted Rise shilled by as many "mid-tier streamers" as possible, and they extended an olive branch to Cover in the form of a bunch of free press and merch for Mio. Mio and Cover didn't pay shit for that merch; it was all Capcom footing the bill.
Capcom sucked off Hololive so that Rise would get shilled.

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NTA, but Ironmouse won me over by doing that marathon Sentai opening karaoke.

>> No.9721288

Fuck off, snowflake.

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A great example.

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Honestly the only VS girl who really rubs me the wrong way is Nyanners. It isn't even because of the "hypocrite" thing. She just comes off as very unstable and sounds like she's on the razor's edge of a breakdown all the time. It's uncomfortable to see.

>> No.9721412

>their EN fans are retarded and fun to tease.
HoloEN fans are so defensive that I used to jump into global back in /jp/ sometimes because a basic bait is guaranteed five (You)s. At least Pomufags just reply with I'm Pomu and be done with it.

>> No.9721442

Mio got a copyright strike on her channel after streaming Ghost trick, possibly because she was using an emulator as capturing a Nintendo DS(?) is difficult. This was the start of the permissions arc where everybody was playing Minecraft and getting over it.

>> No.9721462

That's just her natural voice anon. Someone once described it as sounding like she's crying and cumming at the same time

>> No.9721474

I was asking source on this
>Hololive profusely sucked off Capcom

>> No.9721514

100% yes.

>> No.9721521

>implying she isn't

>> No.9721523

This is only because fair-use is enforced in the USA only. It hardly exists elsewhere in the world.
You fags never wonder why there are no brit vtubers?

>> No.9721538

It might not be your intent, but this really made me LMAO.

>> No.9721539

Veibae and Froot are both Brits

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Hey it's an advantage they have, might as well make full use.

>> No.9721650

She does pitch it up a bit and make it a bit breathier when she's "in character." I think her PC master race bit is closer to her natural voice.

>> No.9721911

shes like a childless 30+ year old sjw menhara
4 cats incoming

>> No.9722365

I wouldn't mind them if they didn't take shots at Holos to brand themselves the anti-corp warriors that "support creative freedom"when they started out. Niji co-exists with Hololive better.

>> No.9722389

>didn't take shots at Holos
The only thing you're referring to is a Veibae clip from months before she was officially in VShojo which she later regretted.

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>> No.9722468

Regretted because she said it or regretted because it hurt her bottom line?

>> No.9722491

Didn’t she start pandering to the Chinese on bilibili?

>> No.9722498

Only in exchange for Pomu

>> No.9722549

China doesn't want degens like her tainting its people.

>> No.9722604

Fuck off bunkertrannies

>> No.9722607

But they like Mea?

>> No.9722630

I've seen them talk well of hololive and especially holomems more than the opposite. Their audience are the ones who hate hololive. Even Veibae was shitting on Cover and the corporate side of things, not the talent themselves.

>> No.9722710

Veibae also shat on the talents for letting management get away with whatever she was accusing them of and called them fake.

>> No.9722753

stonetoss comics were posted on that board frequently, tho usually edited for commie purposes
sperging out about pebbleyeet is more a reddit thing - you're replying to blatant bait so you might be one yourself

>> No.9722794

>later regretted
Yeah after it cost her a collab when she refused to apologize for blatantly lying about her collab partner's company.
I'd be mad too if my actions had consequences.

>> No.9722796

No, see >>5178835

>> No.9722849

No. I only watch Hololive and have never seen either of the other ones. If I had to pick one however it would be Vshojo. Fuck Nijishitty.

>> No.9722852

This didn't happen, she was talking about the corporate side of Hololive not the talents themselves, and she didn't apologize. But please talk about how good Cover is when they had no part in yesterday's kino anniversary stream

>> No.9722916

Melody is really comfy to watch but I honestly can't understand the appeal of anyone else in vshojo

>> No.9722943

She was making shit up and backing her claims up by saying she talked to a former Hololive member. The only one who had graduated was Aloe (this was before Taiwan) and she doesn’t speak English.

>> No.9723009

Confirmed racist chuubas:
Wosemi (browses /pol/)
Gura (confederate)
Ame (gamer)
Kiara (descendant of hitler)
Ayame (japanese supremacist)
Pekora (japanese supremacist)

Possible racist chuubas:
Mori (used to hate blacks)
Pomu (gay)

>> No.9723023

>Denying something that we have clips of
>Lying about what she said when she explicitly said it was the talents being forced to act in certain ways and the talents agreeing to it.
>Trying to strawman by claiming that somebody that calls you out for bullshit must be a Cover bootlicker
>Trying to deflect to an unrelated event that makes Cover look bad as if that justifies Veibae outright lying about having a source that literally could not exist.

Aloe hadn't even graduated when she said that. Aloe was still on suspension at the time.
The source was completely made up.

>> No.9723075

She could have talked to Chris. No one knows anything about her though.

I wonder if Chris is seething somewhere right now about the boom.

>> No.9723106

Half of the "racist" ones are blm-supporting types.
Yes, the ones you're thinking about. Those ones.

>> No.9723114

Ironmouse is a whore too

>> No.9723133


>> No.9723148

t. falseflagging kike

>> No.9723193

>It actually this because she framed it so later
In the original rant she said stuff that didn't actually happened in the company and said the talents are faking with their streams. And of course the girls would want the company to fail so they can be unemployed, just look at .evil, so great that 5 of their talents that did nothing wrong graduated right? Congrats on freeing them. Also management did help with the live show

>> No.9723383

Confirmed based chuuba: Veibae (goes on angry rants about SJW snowflakes being retards every other day)

>> No.9723399

Chris is probably in jail. What got her kicked out of Hololive is a crime.

>> No.9723430

Does she hate nyanners then?

>> No.9723601

attention whoring. If we were on a board that wasn't full of redditors, people would just ignore it. It's probably the same nijisanji shill that started the thread baiting for yous anyway.

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No, she redpills her. They've got a great dynamic actually.

>> No.9723909

No. You're fucking lying to get her support.

>> No.9723955

Retard. Currently clipping her most recent stream where she went on an anti-SJW rant, watch this in the meantime.

>> No.9724089

All tribalfagging is retarded. You're retarded OP.

>> No.9724137

What's wrong with Vshojo?

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File: 81 KB, 1200x636, Ezl7BI5XsAIiwBx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, from 5 days ago: https://files.catbox.moe/97rcs5.mp4
>everything is racist nowadays
>there's too many snowflakes
>cancel culture killed comedy
>literally start angrily grunting thinking about retards on twitter

They house the most prominent racist and ableist chuuba and must be stopped for the sake of our SJW overlords.

>> No.9724746

Susus amogus

>> No.9724798

>literally the only example is Kiara posting meaningless empty platitudes on her roommate's twitter when St George Fentanyl nigged out and croaked

>> No.9725153

The clips you posted are the polar opposite of what I want to watch. Good job.

>> No.9725298

nijiEN and holoEn fans scared by how much vshojo is inclining compared to niji regular growth and holo en declining. the thread

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File: 2.08 MB, 4093x2894, 1629317780350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Nyan-worship is wrong, I don't want to be right.

>> No.9725404

Luv me shark.
Luv me ground pounder.
Luv me brapfish.
Luv me wosemi-sama.
'Ate vhoejou.
Simple as.
tl;dr today OP was not a faggot.

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File: 192 KB, 890x1280, 1604049838099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just me and my adorable dork wife against hordes of r*tarded anituber parrot /vt/norms who will never understand us

You will never break our spirits, freaks. This is true romance.

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>> No.9725869

But Ironmouse

>> No.9726140

Gura is one

>> No.9726221

Again, Veibae is the biggest one

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veibae votes labor, sorry chuds

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File: 137 KB, 1319x1085, 1626561805940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

major cope.
I've got sources on my side.

>> No.9726538

You think she votes?
She'd have to go outside for that

>> No.9726649

Isn't Finana just a horny femcel, not a whore?

>> No.9726661

>this shit again
It's like everyone who heard her comment can't fucking understand English. She never once said she talked to a Hololive member herself. She probably read something online like literally everyone was at the time. The narrative going on with Aloe was that she had gotten doxxed then fired for it. There's literally posts all over the internet repeating that until the truth was more widespread.

>> No.9726735

You quite literally just described Veibae.

>> No.9726789

No, she's used goods stop coping cuck

>> No.9726819

That's what she wants you to believe.
Thanks for helping her.

>> No.9726870

Bro look at her roommate, does she look like a virgin weeb to you?

>> No.9726886

>mineral hurl
go back

>> No.9726940


>> No.9726955

Everyone also tries to point exclusively to Aloe but the Mel situation had been made public by that time too. And shortly after she said that the Taiwan shit happened. Enjoy the streamers all you like but acting like Cover had done nothing worth criticizing is pure cuck shit.

>> No.9727283

Point to me what part of that post made you conclude that we think Cover can do no wrong?
She clearly wasn't talking about Mel maybe she should criticized it for what it is rather than talking out of her ass

>> No.9728098

Ebi ebi eeebi

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I have never seen a person that uses the word 'chud' in person that hasn't looked like a deranged freak. If you're gonna try to makeup a new insult at least don't look like a leper off the internet.

>> No.9728720

its sexually arousing. She also invented a new type of performing entertainment called sing-crying where she cries while she sings (not like sad emotional songs, but like nervously sobs through happy songs--it's amazing).
I'm sorry you are asexual.

>> No.9728802

she doesn't go outside? but sHe'S aN aCtUaL wHoRe!!!
I guess you can be an in-call only whore. But what would her immigrant parents think of that?

>> No.9728818

Sounds pretty gay

>> No.9728836

thinks Chuubas are literally his girlfriend.

>> No.9728864

Nyanners is one of the gayest streamers there is. Not sure what happened to that so-called boyfriend of hers.

>> No.9728900

if getting extremely erect at the sound of women crying, or almost about to cry, is gay, I don't want to be straight.

>> No.9729809

i hope you get raped

>> No.9729872

Hoping doesn't get you anywhere. Go out and make it happen. Lazy slob. You are the master of your own destiny.

>> No.9729896

literally who the fuck acknowledges v-shitjo

>> No.9730072


>> No.9730085

>invented sing-crying
That's just fucking enka music, you ironic weeb.

>> No.9730185

Thats why they tried to cancel HoloEN after debut? kek
You are not welcome here tranny, go back.

>> No.9730195

thank you anon. I'll take your advice.

>> No.9730435

Vshojo is full of sluts, being a slut is not a talent.

>> No.9730474

Oh yeah? You try being a slut then, anon. I bet you can't!

>> No.9730551

There are hundreds of slut vtubers with 0-2 viewers on twitch that will never make it big. The vshojo girls must be doing something right to make thousands of viewers come to each of their streams.

>> No.9730808

someday the world will notice your genius. but not anytime soon.

>> No.9730875

They started early, way before the vtuber boom.

>> No.9731027

that's because they all have fucking big brains, and in the case of Silvervale, big knockers and Zentreya, a giant penis.

>> No.9732294

Is this a hypocrisy general?

>> No.9732334

>The whore
>The egirl whore
>Iron lung
>The great betrayer

>> No.9732439

this is the hypocrisy board

>> No.9732596
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Clever way to boost their numbers anon.
It worked for Melody.

>> No.9733117
File: 166 KB, 600x652, 1624823087533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the hypocrisy imageboard

>> No.9733246

>Women tend to lean more towards an ideology that runs on emotions rather than logic and thought.
Well no fucking shit.

>> No.9734401
File: 83 KB, 1000x500, 7d9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's amazing how stonetoss makes these people sneed

>> No.9734569

Literally who?

>> No.9734783 [DELETED] 

She's a tradcuck female supremacist.

>women should be able to say and do whatever they want wherever they want to whoever they want and sexually objectify themselves however they want in order to exploit lonely men for the entire contents of their bank, credit and personal loan cards
>like omg you incel losers how dare you escape the cuckshed and offend the sensibilities of women
>how dare you try to control those female employees who work for you
>oh wow you're malding so hard over what an anime girl does
>how dare you not want everything you consider sacred to be defiled with degeneracy
>every space should be a sexual hierarchy dominated by strong sexually powerful women

Just because she hates the faggots who want everyone to bend the knee, that doesn't mean her interests aren't diametrically opposed to my own. I'd rather women be using their sexuality for the pleasure and enrichment of men rather than themselves, such as with many Japanese companies. Not that I have anything personally against companies like NoriPro, but I've been alive too long to believe that matriarchy and the depression of male motivation are beneficial to society.

>> No.9734863


>> No.9734928

You will never be Japanese

>> No.9735027 [DELETED] 
File: 450 KB, 1536x2210, deple5d-c8360766-d729-4660-8dbe-0495bb6fa5c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It appears your post has tested positive for the rona. Please report to your nearest quarantine camp for indefinite containment.

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File: 43 KB, 150x150, Pomu_copter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree

>> No.9735678

Rent Free

>> No.9735742

I like that Ironmouse is an Arurandeis fan. Aside from that I don't really enjoy most Vshojo content so I don't watch it. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

>> No.9736673

Dont you have another Mel collab to setup to leech off vshojo again just like everyone in NijiEN?

>> No.9736768

Which one is Zen?

>> No.9736846

>The dude

>> No.9736944

Mel said it herself that she reached out to Pomu for the collab.

>> No.9736971


>> No.9737085

>hi i am an incel i like being an incel are you also an incel?

>> No.9737248

Melody requested that collab because she wanted to meet Pomu. She thought they would get along and she was right.
Don't create false narratives to belittle the girl's friends. (unless you're shitposting, then go right ahead)

>> No.9737531
File: 101 KB, 795x649, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never thought I'd die fighting side by side with a Nijinigger...

>> No.9739494


>> No.9739668

This is not reddit tranny. Hating /pol/ nonsense polluting the threads doesn't make us supporters of American left wing politics. Leave.

>> No.9739672

I don't get it

>> No.9739743

That goblin is the reason the whole fad is shit.

>> No.9739858

What about fighting side by side with a fellow seething tribalfaggot?

>> No.9739937

>mineral hurl
get out

>> No.9739994

What did Silvervale say that was wrong though

>> No.9742804

i agree

>> No.9745988

What about fighting side by side with a fellow Vshojo hater?

>> No.9746276

>gets called a nijinigger
>still stands by willingly
absolute cuck mentality

>> No.9746501


>> No.9746916

Who is this cute green-haired girl?

>> No.9746995

Ummm sorry but f*g is offensive and not allowed, your shillbux will not be deposited into your account

>> No.9747114

You are a minority

>> No.9747180

Not sure why she was posted there but that's GirlDM, a twitch indie
Here's her recent bad advice stream if you want to check her out

>> No.9747482
File: 1.20 MB, 1049x763, 1600487732366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's friends with the girls and has done chat assets like emotes for some of them.

>unironically disliking VShojo
how new

>> No.9748084

No. I don't like some Vshoujo members and I don't watch any of them regularly, but they're fine as a group. There's space for all kinds of chuubas, even kinds I find annoying or boring.
t. Nijifag, but a unityfag at heart

>> No.9748617

They hated him because he spoke the truth. A good whore contributes more to society in one night than most of the shitposters on this board will in their lives.
It's the oldest profession for a reason and people should learn to respect their elders here.

>> No.9754062

>unironically liking Vshojo
Twitter is that way.

>> No.9758641
File: 1.50 MB, 850x1214, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Can we at least agree on this much?

the funny thing is the reason youre bothered is because they are popular

>> No.9758763

>bringing back this thread from page 10
Yeah I'm sure you're a vshojo fan retard

>> No.9758791

Unrelated, but call her Melody. For a moment there I wondered wtf does Mel has to do with NijiEN or VShojo

>> No.9758909

Agree, Vshojo should burn.

>> No.9759198

sorry anon but melody is the much more notable chuuba with the nickname mel

>> No.9759346


>> No.9759392

Cringe reddit meme

>> No.9759446

I'm glad the chuubas I love can unite /vt/ over dumb trivial shit for no real reason other than scapegoating. At least it's a positive influence in a way.

>> No.9760221

The only alliance that has potential

>> No.9760316

They all browse reddit. That’s the place that discusses vshojo the most after all.

>> No.9760355

Have you run the numbers or are you talking out of your ass?

>> No.9762900

Ja, ich bin ein Nazi. Jetz ins gas mit dir.

>> No.9762985

Holy fuck stop redditposting

>> No.9763201

>Unironically liking vsluts
Tumblr might be more your speed, champ

>> No.9763275

tard wrangling chat when they got out of line is fucking based

>> No.9763317

Agreed. This is the one thing we all agree on

>> No.9763400
File: 133 KB, 1242x1196, necoarcnyquil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i for one hate every english-speaking vtuber and wish they would all go back to normal 3dpd streaming

>> No.9763412

>blm-supporting types
>not racist
are you deaf and stupid

>> No.9764844

Back to discord trannyfaggot
STONETOSS is based

>> No.9764898

based Jeriboomer

>> No.9764942

I want to see her talking against BLM and faggots, then she will be considered based

>> No.9764978

Its a LOTR reference, ya dumb Vkekold

>> No.9765011

>>unironically disliking VShojo
>how new
You're trying too hard to fit in, Nyanners

>> No.9765038


>> No.9765061

Vshojo is better because they have more freedom about what they play and react to. Being restricted to Apex and Minecraft has turned Hololive into a stagnating corpse.

>> No.9765125

Holy BASED, picked up, i will support any chiuba who dislikes these subhumans, we need to redpill weebs and normalfags who watch

>> No.9765158
File: 255 KB, 1000x590, E4rmJfjVUAEIUDo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pink cat is the second largest vtuber in the west, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Seethe, Cope, Dilate.

>> No.9765593

ESL here, why is her english so hard to understand?

>> No.9765757

Children are a huge market after all.

>> No.9765857
File: 251 KB, 850x850, 45678996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep seething

>> No.9765938
File: 197 KB, 393x473, 1618404638252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope, seethe and dilate

>> No.9770514

That is why Gura is the biggest, yes.

>> No.9770607

Polish accent

>> No.9770942

Haven't really watched Vshojo so I probably shouldn't judge... but the clips of them that pop up on YouTube are downright repugnant, so that seems about right.

>> No.9771054

Stonetoss is based
Vshojo is shit
That is all

>> No.9771078

Usually I'd call someone out for being a clipfaggot but if you're using terms like 'downright repugnant' you should probably stay the fuck away from vshojo, 4chan and the internet in general

>> No.9771287

Don't have to tell me twice but during the stone age to stay away from vshitjo

>> No.9772424

Forgot to keep it to buzzwords and third grade language, my bad; Vshojo yucky.

>> No.9772533

>Mineral hurl
Get the fuck out

>> No.9772656
File: 1.17 MB, 1272x1067, 1634543030241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9772723

do holobronies really?

>> No.9772766

as nijifan, i respect vshoujo bros more than holobronies

>> No.9772897

Blue boards were a mistake.

>> No.9772999

based, pink boards are unfunny and low quality
blue boards are better in every way

>> No.9773020


>> No.9773488

I'll say this as someone who watches all vtubers. VShojo is the worst Vtuber group, it all boils down to the talent, all of them are unstable. None of them can take criticism without going on half hour rants. Half of them are drunk on stream and the other half act PC despite saying offensive shit 24/7. And one of them isn't even really a vtuber she's basically just an anitubers avatar. Just a cluster fuck of an organization. But on the other hand they have raised more money for charity than I've ever seen Hololive or Nijisanji raise.

>> No.9774615
File: 795 KB, 1600x1067, 1628771627961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That just makes them the underdogs. Like the best sports movie of all time.

>> No.9774685

Did you forget that Ame raised 200k+ from one charity drive?
Or did vshojo raise more than that?

>> No.9774746

In total, yeah, not in one stream
Has anyone else done one?

>> No.9774800

I like at least one girl from all three.

>> No.9775058
File: 111 KB, 1008x851, 1613682842354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And for more dependable charities

>> No.9775217

Yeah, i know the charity Ame raised money for was shit, was just wondering if she's still the only holo to do one

>> No.9776143

Finana is, Ollie isn’t. Ollie doesn’t openly talk about masturbation aids, pirating anime, and reads Emergence live on stream.

>> No.9779224

She pretty based

>> No.9783762


>> No.9784927

False. Finana is lewd and funny. Vhoejou is lewd and unfunny.
lewd and funny = pure sex
lewd and unfunny = bores and snores (unless you're a virgin incel I guess)

>> No.9786418
File: 853 KB, 1928x1157, the absolute state of vt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9786957

I can't even bring myself to open this. The secondhand embarrassment is too much.
Can I get a quick rundown?

>> No.9786991

>Really freaky. Business coming up.

>> No.9787295

Where is it? I don't see it

>> No.9788223

Swap Vshojo and Nijisanji, then we can agree. Fuck Nijicucks.

>> No.9798166

garrys mod

>> No.9798749

like facebook and fox?

>> No.9799032

It simple anon hololive good vshoujo bad no amount of cope posting will change that

>> No.9799280

I will always suppirt /pol/ specifically because it makes people like you seeth

>> No.9799710

Hot pic aside from the meme text, I was able to find the original. Thanks for posting it.

>> No.9800221

anon, none of the vtubers you watch will ever support your politics and most of them think you're disgusting

imagine unironically being a chud and thinking anyone wants anything to do with you

>> No.9800443

I'd sooner shake hands with a nijinigger

>> No.9800637

Is this supposed to be an own
Of course not lmao

>> No.9800951

She's in the same company as Nyanners though
Then again they're all just trend chasers who don't actually believe in anything

>> No.9801141

Yes, agreed

>> No.9802864

The only Nijisanji I watch is Selen and I love Snuffy and ________Vei too much

>> No.9809389


>> No.9809524

>they have raised more money for charity
>Fag charity in the ''pride'' month
It's basically nothing

>> No.9809656

Problem is then most Vshojofags wouldn't agree either anon. Tribalism in any direction is shunned in /vsj/.

>> No.9809697



>> No.9811020

Take your meds and indie pill

>> No.9811655

Stonetoss will live forever, tranny. UNLIKE YOU AHAHAHA

>> No.9811970

Very yes.

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