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Post chuubas being abusive

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Do you think Gura would eat the flesh of Ame if given the chance?

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Reposting this classic for the sake of keeping it floating around

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Gura loves Ame every day of the month.

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I cant read taiwanese

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do girls really do this

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Mori drinks a little too much one weekend, so you try to get her cut off her intake for the night. She doesn't like this one bit. She flies into a rage and beats you, forces you down to the ground and kicks you while you're down. She rants at you all the while, berating you for trying to control her, trying to take away one of the few things which helps her to unwind after week upon week of nonstop work. You're sure you can feel a rib or two crack under the abuse. Blood flows freely from your nose and is smeared across your face. One of your eyes has swollen shut. You don't make a sound, you don't resist. All you can do is look up at her, at those beautiful eyes you fell in love with in a seemingly distant past. Eyes dulled by her drunkenness and bloodshot from both emotion and fatigue. And slowly, you watch those eyes widen, bit by bit, with realization. The flow of vitriol from her lips finally stops, and out come the apologies and the excuses. She drops down to her knees next to you and reaches out to you. She loves you, she says, and she never meant to hurt you. The drinking, the abuse that follows, she'll stop! And things will go back to how they were...
But they never do. She always says this, and she always goes back to the bottle, and cycle begins again.
And the worst part of it is, you believe her every single time. You believe that maybe, just maybe, this time will be the last. A part of you knows that she wants to change, that she hates what she's become... but another part knows that such a change may be beyond her ability entirely. And despite this, you stay by her side, knowing what might be waiting for you at the end of each week. Because whatever else might have changed, you look at those eyes, and remember that old love.

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Around clowns, watch out

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koronepastas must become /vt/ heritage
posting the ones i have collected

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>Will never be forcefully fucked by Polka at knife point while she forces you to reassure her that she's your favorite while you cum inside her for the third time

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>mr koro will never leave you locked in a chastity belt after beating the shit out of you

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I guess at least it's not hopeless. that +20% damage is nothing to sneeze at,

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Post the gura mod

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Why is she so insecure.

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Previous life abuse did something to her mental state.

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Clowns are meant to be the embodiment of entertainment. It's not uncommon to see them feel insecure about their craft; they are meant to be one of the most entertaining, fun, happy things around. You can't be that all the time. What if they do something that doesn't land as well as they hoped it would, humor wise? That can eat at them. Polka's expressed worry that she's not as funny as she hopes she is before. That seed can sprout and bloom into a carnation of carnage.

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Don't forget the video


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Wait, were we groomed by Mr Koro?

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Oh, shit, there's a Gura mod? Any others?

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i want to be groomed by a chuuba...

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Ame beats Gura if she ever steps out of line, so I doubt it.

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Saw that niur did on kemono party, but there were no files there.

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Korone has had a long history of being an abusive bitch. Remember the time she slapped someone in front of Yagoo.

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>somebody reposted my oc
feels nice
we need more love for abusive alcoholic mori

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can't get enough of this clown

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But how does that translate to her being controlling and possessive?

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Doubt creeps into her head. What may be something as simple as taking a bit too long to respond to a text or even just falling asleep explodes into her mind as you being sick of her, or spending time with another, more interesting girl. She starts to quiz you on small things that happened during her stream. She slowly becomes more and more territorial of you around others, threatening them behind the scenes to stay away from you, that you're spoken for, that SHE'S the one you're interested in and you're very much in love with one another.
Then she notices that you left your PC unlocked. She assures herself that she's fine, that she's confident; she's good enough for you. You're being a good boy, you aren't doing anything to hurt her. She's just being crazy. She works so, so hard to make everyone happy, you most of all; why would you need anyone else? But that nagging, sickening feeling of curiosity worms through her intestines. She concedes, and checks your history. The first result is that bogan bitch, Haato. Something inside of her cracks.

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The holos are so cute

So why do I want to see them in pain so badly?

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Girls like it when you hurt them, anon.

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Silly phonefag, get the superior version

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>huuman has small small turtle house

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>superior version
Half the text is unreadable.

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Illiterate abbo.

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This is why I love pekomiko.

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Why did the quality decline and where is he going with this?

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Daily reminder that this happens to aqua.

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Man, this is why I don't write any more. It comes in starts and burst and is never consistent. If I try to force it it's always shit.

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Im really glad this thread is back again let me post of my favorite kino

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I have a blood fetish. I wish more people tagged Blood so I could get that high of highs... It's more emotional than purely sexual these days anyway.

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this is almost as good as the boomer teacher mori greentext. sadly i didnt save it

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>Mori sees you talking to another girl
>You SEE her witnessing you talking to another girl, blood drains from your face as your heartbeat seizes for a moment
>She smiles at you
>You apologize to her later and inform her that she was just a coworker and it was work related talk
>She nods without saying anything
>Days pass with seemingly nothing wrong. But that's the problem.
>She's not even doing the usual stuff to you. No talking down to you, no threats. She's been completely polite.
>Polite to the point of it coming across as malicious.
>Anxiety begins to well up within as you begin to agonize over what exactly is going to happen to you. You know she's pissed. You know she's angry.
>Finally after days of agonizing you break down. You can't handle the waiting anymore. You've lost sleep and weight in equal measure from stress.
>You anxiously approach Mori, who regards you almost smugly, before begging her to just do whatever it is she wants to do to you and get it over with. You beg to the point of groveling at her feet like an animal.
>Mori just smiles at you again, although from your current position it's hard to see. Carefully, she reaches down to pet your head, the sensation of which causes you to jolt in a panic...before gripping a handful of hair, ripping you up to meet her gaze. A part of you relishes the feeling of pain, knowing that at the very least the pressure of unknowing is being abated somewhat.
>Another part of you is fucking terrified. This is more in line with the Mori you know. Your body's pain receptors kick in as your fight or flight instinct slams itself into 'flight' full force, but you've already been caught.
>"The bitch is already dead and gone -- not that you've been paying attention to anything, with all your worrying. I didn't even need to do anything to *you*. You took care of that for me. It's been a real nice show. But now that you're here, begging and all...I've been going over some things while you've been shaking like a leaf. Some ideas...some punishments. And now, we're going to go down the list real slow."
>She stands and effortlessly brings you up with her. She gives you another small smile that gradually unfurls into a malicious grin.

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wrong one

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>Mori sees you talking to another girl
>You SEE her witnessing you talking to another girl, blood drains from your face as your heartbeat seizes for a moment
>She smiles at you
>You apologize to her later and inform her that she was just a coworker and it was work related talk
>She nods without saying anything
>Days pass with seemingly nothing wrong. But that's the problem.
>She's not even doing the usual stuff to you. No talking down to you, no threats. She's been completely polite.
>Polite to the point of it coming across as malicious.
>Anxiety begins to well up within as you begin to agonize over what exactly is going to happen to you. You know she's pissed. You know she's angry.
>Finally after days of agonizing you break down. You can't handle the waiting anymore. You've lost sleep and weight in equal measure from stress.
>You anxiously approach Mori, who regards you almost smugly, before begging her to just do whatever it is she wants to do to you and get it over with. You beg to the point of groveling at her feet like an animal.
>Mori just smiles at you again, although from your current position it's hard to see. Carefully, she reaches down to pet your head, the sensation of which causes you to jolt in a panic...before gripping a handful of hair, ripping you up to meet her gaze. A part of you relishes the feeling of pain, knowing that at the very least the pressure of unknowing is being abated somewhat.
>Another part of you is fucking terrified. This is more in line with the Mori you know. Your body's pain receptors kick in as your fight or flight instinct slams itself into 'flight' full force, but you've already been caught.
>"The bitch is already dead and gone -- not that you've been paying attention to anything, with all your worrying. I didn't even need to do anything to *you*. You took care of that for me. It's been a real nice show. But now that you're here, begging and all...I've been going over some things while you've been shaking like a leaf. Some ideas...some punishments. And now, we're going to go down the list real slow."
>She stands and effortlessly brings you up with her. She gives you another small smile that gradually unfurls into a malicious grin.

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yes thank you
this is hilarious

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Does anyone have any content that's more psychological? I want to be gaslit.

>> No.1001100

im scared that i find this a pleasurable thought

>> No.1001345

Haha imagine A Holo en member doing that You Haha espically Gura

>> No.1002372

Tempted to write it but my brain is broken atm. Someone else take up the reigns.

>> No.1002456

I wonder which one would be best for this?

>> No.1004892


>> No.1005073

Matsuri, Shion, Okayu, Marine, Botan, Polka, Lamy, Reine.

>> No.1005853

Matsuri, Okayu, and Polka are the only ones I see actually pulling it off.

>> No.1006352

100% Polka or Matsuri.

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I feel like Polka is the stronger of the two, but Matsuri is a strong contender.

>> No.1009559

After being cucked for so long it wouldn't be hard to see her resorting to underhanded tactics to make sure whoever foolishly fell in love with her more stable facade stays with her.

>> No.1009974

hope writer-chama continues, its really good. where he goes with it doesnt matter, i just wanna read.

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Isn't Nene more into emotional/psychological abuse?

>> No.1010887

I honestly don't know. I believe when it was made it was because of the Nene/Ina/Polka collab where Nene was asking Ina to punch her.

>> No.1011416

Imagine Ina brutalizing Nene's tits out of sheer breast envy. "How dare you have such vulgar things! You don't deserve them!" All the while Nene is cumming so hard she's squirting.

>> No.1011453

Uh context for this image?

>> No.1013250

I deadass dont see okayu as am abuser of any kind she is just way too chill imagine if halfway during a abuse session she just falls asleep

>> No.1013315

It's true. She's the S and Korone is the M.

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i can imagine All-Rejecting Okayu to be an S act the abuser
>she will never sit on you and pin you in place while she painfully drags her claws up your erect penis, laughing at your suffering

>> No.1014535

>you must eat all of it

>> No.1016118

How good of an abuser is aqua?

>> No.1016210

Aqua is too much of a retard to abuse anyone.

>> No.1017507

She’s the one getting abused

>> No.1018068

Yeah Aqua would Somehow Abuse herself more than you when she is trying to beat you up.Imagine Aqua trying To punch you in the face for messing up dinner but she trips and falls down the stairs

>> No.1018115

And then people think you're abusing her when she tells them she fell.

>> No.1018949

"Gura...why are you doing this?"
"Your DNA test results came in, Ame. You're 15% negro. It's for your own good. Isn't it what you want?"

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Dare I say it?

>> No.1019371 [DELETED] 

>punch you in the face for messing up dinner
Why does this make me happy?

>> No.1019972

>tries to punch you
>can't reach you
>goes neeeeeee

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Amelia would be a good abuser. Especially with that psycho look she has.

>> No.1021100

If you forget to make dinner for botan would she just bite a piece of flesh out of your shoulder?

>> No.1021192

I find it easy to explain — I have a low opinion of myself and I've also been dumped more than once, so I feel like I deserve to be abused, but also find it endearing that someone would put effort into keeping me close to her, isolated, doubting myself constantly, trusting only her, going out of her way to show me affection whenever she goes too far.

I'll probably write something tomorrow.

>> No.1021480

gura already gaslights us though???

>> No.1022055

In what ways?

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She'd be a NTR overlord.

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>> No.1022592

Can Ame's time travel bullshit change events or only repeat those that have already happened? I forget.

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>> No.1027018

haha polka you did such a good job cutting the pie open! but sweetie you got cherries all over you!

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>> No.1028293

Anyone wants to write one where Kiara is insecure about her place in Hololive and guilt trips you into staying with her by threatening suicide?

>> No.1028461 [DELETED] 

she deserves to be treated with utmost respect i dare say maybe like some kind of divine being. in my ideal scenario i would become acquainted with her but without saying i know about her online activities i would use my very high levels of charisma and physical attractiveness to make her unable to go more than ten seconds without wondering what i'm doing. things would gradually escalate, not too quickly, i would want to keep her in suspense. treat em mean keep em keen ya dig? but one day i would invite her out to dinner of course your superchats are paying for the bill. i'd have a big starter maybe a steak for a main and she would have something similar. we'd chat she might go into depth about how she's struggling a bit with the streaming and i would lend a sympathetic ear. we finish up and i walk her home. at the door she asks me maybe if i want to come in for dessert. i do not refuse. i enter her apartment and she goes into the bathroom to freshen up. i go into the kitchen and am hit with the vision of dirty plates surrounding a filthy sink and a faint smell of rotting food. so this is how the hotshot hololive EN streamer lives. she doesn't even use washing up liquid. anyway there's a toolbox under the sink and within a hammer. as she comes back in i turn around and say in a cold but assertive manner "this is for subaru and all the trouble you have caused her. prepare to die." and before she has time to react i cave her skull in with a single swing. i leave the house and everyone forgets about her existence. the police don't even bother to investigate. the world is a better place.

>> No.1028523

delicious pasta, but not what I'm looking for

>> No.1029762

Jesus Kiara would be a perfect Guilt tripper Imagine her forcing you to cum in her and take responbility

>> No.1029805 [DELETED] 

imagine cooming on her hospital bed after she mindfucks you, only for it to make you fall deeper down the rabbithole

>> No.1029844 [DELETED] 

Look, all you faggots now have me stuck in this mindset. I need to relieve myself. Where can I go for this kind've domination online? Where can I find some (written) Erotica for this?
Not cuck shit, not autistic 100% abuse you see in doujinshi, but gaslighting, yandere, light abuse, etc.

>> No.1030959

Literally, unironically, 100% >>>/trash/ find an erp dft or ftt, say what you just said, and you'll have someone there in no time.

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"Wake up." You feel your shoulder being gently shaken. You slowly open your eyes — it used to be that you would jolt yourself awake, but you're still tired. You're tired most of the time, really. You ask what time it is.

"It's time to take your meds." Subaru shoots you a smile and taps the pillbox in her hand with her fingernail twice. Immaculately trimmed, as always. Perfection. Word that comes to your mind is perfection. Subaru does not overlook details. You love this about her the most. You love her in her entirety, but the thing that comes to mind first when anyone sees her is perfection, so it must be the thing. This little pun of hers is perfection as well, honed by repetition. She does it every time.

You do genuinely wonder what time it is. It's dark, because of the curtains, which you need because your eyes are photosensitive. There's no mechanical clock, because the loud ticking makes it harder for you to sleep and causes these horrible headaches. You sleep much of the time now, so that helped. There's no electronic clock, because the display's incessant blinking may cause seizures. You've had seizures before, you think, and they stopped.

Obviously you don't have a phone. The thought that you would is a bit alien to you now, but that was what drove you — not insane, we don't say "insane", Subaru says it's not a healthy way to look at things — to these strange behavior patterns. Endless theorizing about what goes in other people's lives to compensate for not having much going on in yours, pointless fighting when there's so much room for agreement, gradually freakier pornography (albeit with short relapses when you were disgusted at yourself), it was an endless loop, a circle of repetition, but repetition in the sense that you kept circling the drain. That is over now. You avoid toxic environments. You thought you'd get a simple phone with buttons on it, no internet capability, just a way of calling people you know, but toxic environments actually go surprisingly deeply if you think about it, Subaru said the doctor told her.

On the other hand, your internet connection is actually how you ended up meeting Subaru in the first place, falling in love with her before you've even learned you existed, which ended up being your lifeline. She cares about people a lot, that's the second thing you love about her the most. You needed help, and that's what she's happy to provide. Happy. She doesn't drop her cheerful demeanor, ever. You used to think it's all an act, but you don't remember ever hearing her be genuinely angry. You hear tinges of disappointment in her voice from time to time, and those seem to correlate with the times you disobey her, so you try not to.

>> No.1033000


There's actually a computer in the house, of course, and you're even allowed to use it, but only when Subaru is watching. She's also actually a bit clueless when it comes to technology, so you help her download movies and the like. You also get to watch her streams live, in high definition, though you miss out on the chat. You're obviously not allowed to talk during the streams and you won't ever get her in trouble like that. She said it breaks her heart that she can only help you with your problem instead of the others, and no one is ever allowed to know, since they would get jealous.

You think of all of this in succession because you don't want to think of the small pill that's lying on her hand. You hate those. You hate how they make you feel. Empty inside, and it's not a calm emptiness — it's a roaring void that keeps growing every time. The inside of your skull being scraped out with a spoon, replaced with white smoke. Weak, worthless, foggy. Subaru likes it, though. Not the bad parts, though. The medicine is making you healthier every time, slowly but steadily. You'll be cured in no time. Then you won't need her. No. No. No, that's not the way to look at it. You love her, and she loves you, she wants the best for you. She loves you at your worst and would love you at your best. Still, though, something feels wrong. You protest that you've taken them this morning already.

"No, silly, of course you haven't." She snickers a bit. "You actually forgot, and that was almost fourteen hours ago! I left it on your nightstand with a glass of water, and when I came back, the pill was still there." You feebly mention that it couldn't have been that long ago, and you took the pill with her still in the room, as you always do. Her face turns a bit grave, and, as for the voice, the disappointment you are so afraid of is not there, the cheer is almost entirely consumed by utter concern. "Oh. This is... Why? Why does the world hate us both so?" You think you can see tears welling up. "We try so hard to make you feel better, and you're having..." She sniffles. "You're having those delusions again! They were almost gone, and they're back!" She sits down on your bed and hugs you as tight as she can. "I'm going to have talk to the doctor again. We might have to increase the dosage. I won't risk increasing it for you myself now, though, I never disobey the doctor's direct orders. Take the meds, please." She shoves the pill into your hand. You swallow it dry before even reaching for water, and it scrapes your throat as it goes down. You stay like that for a while, enjoying the wonderful smell of her perfume, and feel like utter shit for taking advantage of the situation like that. Then you feel like shit because the meds kick in.

You kind of wish you could talk to the doctor himself for once, explain how all of this makes you feel, but you're feeling really weak all the time, and Subaru takes care of that for you anyway. She always comes from her visits to the doctor with a fresh supply for you and always treats you to a nice dinner and a dessert. And, speaking of desserts, her mood swings back to normal. Well, not normal. She ruffles your hair a little and traces a line with her immaculate fingernail down your chest, all the way down, hooking the waistband of your pajama pants on the way. You used to be excited about that sort of thing, but these days you're never in the mood. Still... You let her enjoy herself, as always. It makes her happy. You love making her happy. You think. You don't remember.

>> No.1033469


>> No.1033735

so well written i cant even tell where the gaslight begins

>> No.1033839

Sorry, I'll try harder next time. i always have issues writing unreliable protagonists (as well as everything else).

>> No.1033877

no i meant it was good. if subaru was doing this to me i couldnt be able to tell if i was being manipulated or not, which is hopefully what you were going for.

>> No.1034025

In a sense, yes. I thought it would be pretty fucked up if the biggest normie of the whole production was an unmedicated schizophrenic all along, combined with the concept of telling people to "take their meds" just because they said something you don't fully agree with.
I did some research into the effects of antipsychotics on a nominally mentally healthy person, and you know what's the difference?

None. They take you pliable, feeble, cause troubles concentrating, issues with memory. Malleable. Easy to manipulate, if someone feels like it.

>> No.1034115


Sharks generally hate the taste of humans and only bite them by accident. For Gura its like biting a chicken sandwich that turns out to be a curled up millipede (Assuming you arent West Taiwanese and into that shit)

>> No.1034159

>begging Mori to punish you
My dick

>> No.1034625

>Evening, on a silent stairway a lone girl stands gripping the doorknob to her apartment with a trembling hand
>the girl takes a breath and forces a smile before entering
>I'm back! says the girl, but she gets no response
>the lights are off in all rooms
>she makes her way to the room in the back, the room that has pungent smell coming from it
>upon entering the room, a man surrounded by trash, lit up by only the light coming from his computer screen looks at her
>"So, how did you do?" asked the man
>"It, was difficult, although the collab was fun, my jokes didn't really land" the girl said while shifting her gaze to the side
>"That's not what I care about, did you get any new fans" the man roared in angry voice
>"No, I still have the least fans out of my colleagues" the girl said apologetically
>"Worthless, how am I supposed to donate to my oshi if you don't bring home money?" the man shouted and threw a bottle towards the girl's face
>"I'm sorry, but I can't seem to reach the numbers other girls get" the girl said while covering her bleeding nose
>"how about you do something useful for once and go make money with that disgusting body of yours? the man proclaimed not even looking at the girl
>"but I- I can't" the girl tried to refuse, but..
>the girl's world went black for a second, a hit, the girl now layed on the floor, her hands on her abdomen
>"P-plea-eaaase, no more" the girl begged as she still tried to catch her breath from before
>"It seems like I need to remind you your place"
>the man gripped the girl's neck and started throwing punch after punch, not giving her a moment of rest
>the girl's face was bloodied from countless hits and her throat was filling up with blood
>although the girl was choking and her life was slowly slipping away, the man did not care, he simply delivered more punches until the girl was no more
>the man left for the bathroom to wash away the blood from his fists, and upon returning he saw the girl's burning body
>"So, will you keep on disobeying me?"
>"N-no" said the girl whose face now was clean, without injuries, as if a scene from before was a mere dream

>> No.1035537

Ah man this was gross in a good way. Good shit anon. Really enjoyed it.

>> No.1035681

That's the stuff

>> No.1036271

Do you have any other requests? I don't know if this thread will even be alive tomorrow, but this sort of thing pops up from time to time.

Abusive Korone is obvious, though I want to lean a bit on the stockholm syndrome aspect. I am just interested in the psychological aspect more. Something about mutual abuse patterns and codependency maybe?

>> No.1036560

How about... taking care of Aqua's retarded ass encompassing so much of your life that you'd have no reason for living if she didn't need you + her guilt tripping you (unintentionally, she's Aqua after all) so you'll never leave, otherwise she'd die because she can't function on her own.
I think it would fulfill the mutual abuse and codependency quota. Two people depending on each other completely, abusing each other mentally (I can't leave you, you can't leave me) without the intent to do so or even realizing it.

>> No.1036646 [SPOILER] 
File: 608 KB, 1335x750, 1614464833013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do one with Noel being psychologically and physically abusive. I’m surprised she hasn’t appeared here considering she’s the most likely to be abusive in real life.

>> No.1037302

Seconding this. That or Polka being so insecure she threatens herself with suicide whenever you bring up anything that causes her to go into a panic; though she's acutely aware of how manipulative she's being and relishes it.

>> No.1037403
File: 1.56 MB, 2894x4093, Eupi1SyVgAM024A.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Porker Hate

>> No.1037410

Better yet, she's aware of how manipulative she is and hates herself because of it, but can't stop doing it.
I'm the Aquafag, can you tell I have a thing for self-hate?

>> No.1037455
File: 16 KB, 750x359, predator-you-son-of-a-bitch-patch-6568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is even better actually. Good shit.

>> No.1039124

This is a good thread. /r/ing Ina squeezing the fuck out of you with her tentacles while passionately kissing you, reminding you that you're not supposed to talk to other girls.

>> No.1039152
File: 191 KB, 555x678, hinata.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want Ina to rip my dick off with her tentacles

>> No.1039505

Abusive Gura or Kanata would be Kino

>> No.1039618

I'm not sure how it would work, but I'd love an abusive Fubuki.

>> No.1040184

Uses her fame as an excuse to do whatever she wants to you, arguing that you should feel privileged.

>> No.1040347

The phrase "you walk into Aqua's room only to see water spilled over her keyboard, followed by her curled up in the corner, sobbing and cutting again" was somehow projected into my mind, and holy fuck, I don't want to continue.

>> No.1040432
File: 1.16 MB, 1200x769, bullet UOH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

instant diamonds

>> No.1040453

>will never forcibly indulge in Aqua's blood as she presses a cut to your mouth as she sinks her teeth into your neck, tearing into you as she stares blankly just out of view, assuring herself this is one of the many ways you will forcibly be intertwined forever that she will explore.

>> No.1040515

For extra tragic points; she cuts horizontally instead of vertically not out of a desire for attention, but because she doesn't understand how cutting works and legitimately believes that's how it's supposed to be done.
>I just don't understand why it's not working! I just want it to end already! PLEASE!

>> No.1040817

... but it's an abusive holos thread... i should not be writing an "aqua gets an oshioki for self-harm"... unless it's some other holo POV but I don't know who to pair her with...

>> No.1041064

The four posts above are anons' imagination going wild, you have abusive holos prompts right above them. Would go with >>1036560 or >>1037410

>> No.1041406

I'm the same anon they replied to.

>> No.1041438
File: 2.51 MB, 916x606, daifuku_disposal.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1042218

Fuck Shiina!

>> No.1042868
File: 1.42 MB, 1175x650, saku shiishii ball.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1043327

also just to clarify being abused isn't just limited to hololive other indies can be here as well imagine Pikamee as an abuser

>> No.1043837


>> No.1043856

>imagine Pikamee as an abuser

But I'm not a little girl. What would Pikamee even do to me?

>> No.1043863

Holofag here, who is this chick >implying and why does she get bullied so much?
More importantly are there more like this?

>> No.1044055
File: 250 KB, 1767x2523, ES3WQJYWoAAT-Vb-orig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the OP is pretty clear.

>> No.1044580
File: 223 KB, 1696x1500, EofJY0MUUAEaSc3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The metal of the cuffs continued to dig painfully into your wrists, but by this point you were over it. You had tried struggling with all your might, but all you did was end up hurting yourself further.
>Much to Polka's delight; the little of it she showed these days. What had happened to your sweet little funny fennec?
>Gone was her cheerful demeanor. Gone was almost...everything, honestly.
>Everything but a crippling obsession. With you.
>The latch of the door unlocks with a heavy click as you jolt in your seat, looking up as the doorway opens. A foolish mistake, you quickly surmise, as the light immediately blinds you as it floods into your dilated retinas, forcing you to look away. Before you do so, however, you can see her there, silhouetted against the light.
>You keep your head hung low as she steps inwards, not looking up at her. The light stings your eyes, and on top of that, you're not sure you can bring yourself to meet her eye. The thought aches.
>"You can't pretend to be asleep now, you know." Polka begins, still approaching you. "I already saw you looking up at me. Am I so disgusting to you now, though? Is looking at me that painful?"
>You grit your teeth in response. Somewhere, deep inside, that statement hurts. "Polka, please...I'm thirsty...please, let me out of these-"
>"I know you're thirsty." She interjects. You hear the distinct crinkling of a thin plastic bottle, which finally brings your head up just enough to look at what remains of the woman you married.
>She's a bit thinner, now. Her streaming has become more and more rare...and so has her putting effort into her appearance. She looks like she's been crying again, her eyes puffy yet also clearly indicating a lack of sleep. She smiles when you see her looking at her.
>"There...see? You didn't turn to stone...it's okay to look at me...so please, just..."
>Again, some part of you aches. You miss the days before Polka's insecurities bloomed into...this. Step by step, she slowly approaches you, and when she's right in front of you, she leans down, kissing your forehead. Slowly, she sets herself down upon your lap, straddling you as she wraps her arms around you, taking you close to her chest. Part of you wishes you could shove her off. Another part of you wants to reciprocate the embrace. You miss your wife.
>Pulling back just enough, she opens the bottle of water before you, and your dry mouth aches in anticipation. Carefully, she lifts it to your mouth, allowing the lip of it to reach yours. Bit by bit, water trickles in as you gulp it down, your dry throat finally given hydration. However, she pulls the bottle way, forcing out a whine of protest from you as she smirks.
>"Shh...it's okay. You'll get your water. But...let's incentivize you a bit. Okay?"
>You nod absentmindedly. Polka gives you a quick peck on the cheek before she takes a deep drink from the bottle, draining what remains inside of it. With slightly puffed cheeks, she presses her mouth to yours, gradually letting the liquid out in small amounts as she holds you once more, forcing you to drink from her mouth. You feel sickened by this...like she's paying you to kiss her. If things could just go back to the way they were, you would without question. But that seems almost impossible now.
>You drink what's provided as Polka eases into you, tongue occasionally flitting against yours playfully as she relaxes. Finally, when the liquid exchange ends, she stays there against you, holding you in a long kiss. When she finally pulls away, she seems just the slightest bit rejuvenated. It fades, however, when she sees your sullen expression.
>"Please, Polka." You begin. It's easier to talk now. "Please.I don't hate you. I just want to help you. I miss...I miss being able to hug you myself. To kiss you. To be with you without being like...this. Please. It's okay. I still love you."
>She regards you for a minute before she laughs softly, under her breath. She's not smiling.
>"I'm sorry. I'm...so, so sorry. But I can't. If I do that...I feel like something bad will happen. I need you here. I need you...I need you like this. I need you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but..."
>Her face contorts for a moment before she stands up. She begins to walk away, somewhat quickly. You can hear her crying.
>"Polka! Please! It's okay! I won't leave you! Polka!!"
>When she reaches the threshold of the door, she turns to you. Tears run down her face, ruining her make up even more so. With a sniffle, she smiles.
>"I know you won't. That's why I need you here. It helps me make sure...t-the stream will be starting soon. I...need to get ready. The monitor should come on, soon...please, keep watching me. Only me. I'll see you after."
>As you yell out to Polka once more, she quietly steps through the doorway, taking one last long, almost apologetic look at you, before the door closes, engulfing you in darkness and silence once more.

>> No.1044718


esl here, is
>Her streaming has become more and more rare...and so has her putting effort into her appearance.

wouldnt it be "so has her effort maintaining her appearance."?

>> No.1044821

Both work I think, though yours sounds a bit more proper. There's probably more errors in it, I just shat this out into the post box without looking at it too hard.

>> No.1044891

Not him. Nah, it's fine the way it is. Think of "putting effort into her appearance" as a thing that she possesses. "Her streaming" is her, possessive, act of streaming. Think about it removed from the context -- can YOU watch "a streaming"? Can "a streaming" exist by itself? No, it needs to be attached to an actor.
It's a weird rule where actions can be counted as nouns. Your sentence would work, as well, but since the framing was already set up by "her streaming" being treated as a noun, so to would "her putting effort", or more simply "her putting".

>> No.1045068


>> No.1045213
File: 44 KB, 450x450, fbk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just to break it down a bit easier with some examples, since I kinda started rambling:
>Thanos's snapping killed half the universe. *His snapping* was a massive event.
>Usain Bolt's running won him a bunch of medals. *His running* was perhaps the fastest humans have ever run.
>Rushia's screaming annoys a lot of people. *Her screaming* is a paypig-luring gimmick
Replace the words between asterisks ** with "it", as a replacement nonspecific noun, and they still work as sentences.
>*His snapping* was a massive event.
>*It* was a massive event.
>*His running* was perhaps the fastest humans have ever run.
>*It* was perhaps the fastest humans have ever run.
>*Her screaming* is a paypig-luring gimmick
>*It* is a paypig-luring gimmick

>> No.1045237

so its "she put less and less effort into it (her streaming)"

>> No.1045300

Stop teaching them English.

>> No.1045350

Mmm not really. Perhaps a better way to think of it is, can you replace a clause (piece of a sentence) with "it" and it still reads sensibly? Then that whole clause is a noun. To wit:
>*Her streaming* has become more and more rare...and so has *her putting effort into her appearance.*
Can be rendered into two independent sentences this:
>*Her streaming* has become more and more rare
>*Her putting effort into her appearance* has become more and more rare
Both of which break down to
>*It* has become more and more rare

>> No.1045390

My phone really doesn't like the word thus*
I'm teaching them overly stuffy technically-correct english, relax. It's not like anyone who is a native speaker actually gives a fuck about all these rules and structures.

>> No.1045468

This has given me happiness that Polka actually has nothing to worry about in reality, sadness that she can't see that, even more sadness by the fact that she hates herself for feeling the need to hold her love hostage, and a boner from the kissing.
Good stuff. You've successfully portrayed the best kind of yandere: the non-violent, loving, psychologically abusing kind. No need to beat down your lover physically so they never leave you when you can wear them down mentally; a far cleaner way that will give better results and depending on the type of person may be faster too.

>> No.1045676

Where does this writer post this story, i want to keep myself updated on it?

>> No.1045744

It was this or menhera bloodplay. Glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to make clear that Polka wasn't happy about the situation either, but felt compelled by horrific insecurity and fear to do what she was doing. Also the water shit sounded hot as fuck.

>> No.1045918
File: 1.37 MB, 2046x1447, 1613936709995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seconded for another Noel one. Here's one if you haven't read it

>tfw Noel will never guess my router admin password and set up hundreds of firewall rules that block me from searching or watching any other chuubas
>tfw I will never circumvent them by secretly using my 4g data to watch them on my phone instead
>tfw Noel will never catch me doing that, then throw me back on the bed, lay on top of me, and let the full weight of her torso down on my face while her boobs cut off my air, pin my arms down at my wrists, and lay there while I struggle desperately, but more feebly with time, noticing how my movements go from panicked to relaxed as my body slowly starts to accept suffocation, moving up for just a second to hear me involuntarily gasp as much air as I can, then repeating the process for an hour until I'm completely docile and don't resist at all, holding me against her and rolling over on her side, caressing my hair while I cling to her out of dependency and fear, cooing about how nice it is to know I'll never think about another girl except her

>> No.1046002

What made it really good was that I could feel love in the way she acted and the reasoning she was acting upon. You weren't treated like someone convenient to attach herself to, or like an item or commodity she didn't want to let go. It really felt like if you were to ever escape or if she let you go, she wouldn't throw a tantrum about how you belonged to her or something like that, rather she would consider her life meaningless and kill herself on the spot. Wouldn't even be a double suicide, she'd say you deserved better than her and take her life. At least that's how I interpreted it.
I get so fucking edgy when it comes to yanderes, holy shit.

>> No.1046086 [DELETED] 

Just means your passionate. That's the kind of passion I like. Well met, brother.

>> No.1046133

Just means you're passionate. That's the kind of passion I like. Well met, brother.
>actually used your at first like an idiot

>> No.1046206

Imagine if she were to later invite Flare over to show off how docile and well-behaved you've become, while also testing you.

>> No.1047300

you'll have to bookmark it and visit it from time to time. it auto-updates if the writer adds something to the doc.

>> No.1047538

haha I totally don't want a holo to find me when I'm at my worst in life adn take me in, then slowly make me herh househusband and berate and beat me when I don't fulfill her expectations and wishes hahaha

>> No.1047648

Imagine abusive gen 4 members

>> No.1047720
File: 2.53 MB, 4550x3200, 86361975_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thinking of "abusive fubuki" made me think of this stream
>neglects and laughs at your obvious misery
>likes to pull pranks, like completely ghosting you until you're desperately begging for her to come back
>gives you a 10 dollar allowance
>only gives you affection when you obey her demands

>> No.1048053

Is that allowance daily?

>> No.1048211

If one were to post a slightly longer story would pastebin be preferred or for the sake of the coomers would it be better to cut establishment out entirely and focus on the bad part

>> No.1048357

I wouldn't cut the establishment out, but it's your story so you do you. Pastebin is fine.

>> No.1048394

i'm interested in more aqua co-dependency copypasta, were can i read some?

>> No.1048511
File: 434 KB, 1488x2105, Et_e-dGU0AQ4CxX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1048641
File: 187 KB, 1032x1457, 1614421185367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Watame afraid of you leaving her side like all the rest of men in her life did.
This has potential.

>> No.1048767

i really don't get it

>> No.1048880
File: 1.59 MB, 1422x800, Fantastic.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A masterpiece. The author is a a fucking genius. A modern day Eugene O'Neill and a contemporary Long Day's Journey into Night. It grips your autism with gritty hyper-embellishment of the most negative traits of the girls and combines it with aspects of their themes and character identities and tasteful romantic tensiona and melodrama that leaves you aching for more.
10/10 must read for everyone of all waifu denominations and creeds will refresh the page every day until it's finished or I forget about it.

>> No.1049364

I like. You got more?

>> No.1049423

Go get an irreversible vasectomy. You're too stupid to breed.

>> No.1049465

no she doesnt

>> No.1049666

The implication is that Gura has been brutalized by Ina. Ina was not in control of her own actions at the time.

>> No.1049800
File: 170 KB, 342x352, THE FACE OF NETORI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One can only be spurned and cucked so many times. This mentions a rrat, so if you're touchy about that for whatever reason, skip.

>> No.1050274

good stuff, hope to see more

architect of what/

>> No.1050387


>> No.1050594

Architects are people into getting people fat.

>> No.1050681
File: 207 KB, 1080x1073, gura friend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she gaslights me with unrequited love by not returning my affection and love for her
none of you deserve her, only i do

>> No.1050727

ah that makes sense, ty

>> No.1050896

Abuser gura would be Kino

>> No.1050944
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>> No.1051524
File: 35 KB, 281x436, EqPh61fUUAEe-El.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1051799

no you don't

>> No.1051898
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>> No.1052222

You got more?

>> No.1053146

How would she work as an abuser

>> No.1054206

pretty sure she's a switch
anyone have that clip where she encourages a fan to masturbate live on stream?

>> No.1056460

>You are awoken by sunlight hitting your tired eyes
>You spend few minutes laying in bed, enjoying the warm feeling of your wife's arms wrapped around you
>You get out of bed, put on your clothes and go to the kitchen
>Once you finish preparing a meal, you call out to your wife
>Aqua, breakfast is ready!
>You turn around and see a young girl approaching, she yawns and greets you by saying "Good morning" in her soft lovely voice, as she rubs her eyes
>Together you sit at the table and begin eating your meal
>It's been a while since you got together, but due to her job, your relationship is still a secret
>You look across the table and see her stuffing her adorable face with food
>You smile, you find her dorky side cute and are reminded of the time you first met
>A seagull had snatched her crepe and she was attempting to catch it, when you spotted her, you let out a small chuckle. She noticed and her cheeks turned red from embarrassment. You offered to buy her a new one, which is when you began chatting and found that you have many common interests.
>After both of you leave the table, you go to the bedroom and after making the bed, you begin brushing her hair.
>Her soft, long purple hair giving off a faint smell of her shampoo. You help her braid her hair and get dressed yourself.
>After you put on your shoes and say "I'm off", you feel her soft hand wrapping around your waist, her chest pressing against your back.
>A few seconds pass with none of you saying a word, you feel her pressing her forehead against your back
>"Take care" she whispers. Before she had said that you should quit work because she already makes more than enough, but you don't want to feel like you're using her.
>"I will" you smile before leaving for work
>You work as a salesman in one off those cubicle offices, the work here feels monotonous and boring, but during breaks you enjoy chatting with your colleagues and hearing what they've been up to
>One of your colleagues is a beautiful young woman who in the past has asked you out on a date, since no one in the office knows about your relationship with Aqua. Back then you turned her down and thinking about it you don't really feel regret, you love your wife and are happy with your current life.
>After a long day at work you return home and upon opening the door you immediately notice the smell of something burnt
>You walk towards the kitchen and instantly notice burn marks on walls and on the ceiling
>You enter the studio where Aqua usually streams from, and you see her curled up in a blanket, sobbing
>You try to comfort her by embracing her in your arms and ask her what happened
>"I- I- tried I- *sniff* y-you take care of me and always are the one to cook food a-and I wanted to surprise you by cooking dinner, b-but *sniff* the pan caught on fire, so, so I poured water on it, but even more fire came out" the girl cried out, her voice trembling
>"It's okay, it's okay" you say while rubbing her back with your arm
>"Y-you won't leave me?" the girl once again cried out
>"No, you are all I need, all I care about" I say to reassure her
>After she stopped crying, we both went to the kitchen and cleaned up what we could, then I started preparing dinner
>While we ate dinner I could see that her mood was improving
>As I looked at her face who up until recently shed tears, I reaffirmed my feeling for her. Sure taking care of her might be tiring, but she's still the same girl I fell for. She may be a clutz and make mistakes, but she tries for my sake, and most importantly she makes me feel loved and needed and I couldn't ask for more.
>After we finished dinner, I washed the dishes and we went to bed
>Aqua wrapped her arms around me. She then put her head closer to my ear and began softly singing a lullaby. Her soft voice that I loved so much made my tired eyes feel heavier and heavier. Just before drifting to sleep I heard her whisper "I love you".

>> No.1056948

Look buddy, this is the chuubas being abusive thread, not the chuubas being fucking adorable. I love it. What a cute girl. Where's the evil glint in her eye

>> No.1057065

What this guy said.

>> No.1057672

i need moar

>> No.1058493

Don't really see any abuse from either character so it doesn't really fit the theme of the thread but good shit nonetheless, heartwarming.

>> No.1058916

yeah, was planning on making Aqua manipulative, but I can't imagine her being malicious or smart enough to manipulate someone

>> No.1058945

I hope you make more of those anon, i love them. Abuse or not.

>> No.1060071

The google doc story updated

>> No.1063012

Aqua abuse and co-dependence, as I promised. Will continue.

>> No.1063061
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Suisei hung her coat on a hook and picked up her grocery bags to ferry them off to the kitchen. Passing by Aqua's room, she decided to stop and check in, though, and set them beside the door, walking in without knocking, as usual. It was quiet outside, so she wasn't streaming, probably sleeping or —

Her chair was empty. The monitor was still on, asking if one'd like to keep spectating or requeue. Her relatively new keyboard, still shining with red neon light, smelled strongly of apple juice, the rest of which was splattered across the desk, beside a tall glass laying on its side. Her heart racing, Suisei heard a faint noise to the left — and there she was, curled up in a corner. Sobbing and cutting. Again.

Letting out a gasp, Sui got to Aqua in two jumps, hit her up the head and wrestled the awful thing from her hands. A folding pocket knife. Where did the stupid girl even get one? Suisei casually threw it against a wall, and it made a notch in the wallpaper. Aqua made an "uuuuu"-sounding noise and feebly reached for it, before bursting into tears. "G-give it back...", she mumbled. "I want... my... I want back..." Suisei hugged her tight and let her stay like that for a while, before standing up and pulling her by the wrist. "Come. You need help."

You could describe it as dragging, but Aqua was so physically frail that all resistance she could muster was trying to pull her arm out of Suisei's hand on their walk to the kitchen. Suisei shoved the dirty dishes out of the way, grabbed Aqua's hands from the back, and carefully washed the cuts under cold water. Dressing the wounds was next. The first aid kit was on the fridge, out of Aqua's reach but always at hand.

Cotton swabs to put on some iodine — of course there were better disinfectants, but iodine stung, and it needed to sting. Where a normal adult would suck air through their teeth, Aqua started crying like a baby when a drop of brown liquid touched her damaged flesh. Mmmmm. Best not to get distracted. Bandages were at hand, but scissors were in Suisei's bag, and she had to go grab them. That was a bit of a downside to living with Aqua, but Suisei treated it as just another challenge to consider. Nothing sharp where she could reach, nothing dangerous. No scissors, no needles, no forks. No razors — you don't know how much of an oxymoron the phrase "safety razor" is, until you see for yourself. Certainly no knives.

Where did she get the knife? Did Suisei forget one in her old bags? An old coat? Failed to triple-check, failed to account for Aqua ruffling through the clothes in the wardrobe, looking for a snack, finding something more... Stupid, stupid, stupid, worthless moron, murderer, imbecile, sadistic bastard, torturer, could have just handed her over the knife yourself and told her to have a go at it, same result, should have been you, should... Sidetracked again! She finished tying the bandages, still having her sit on her lap, and started idly playing with Aqua's twintail. "So. Tell me what happened, and I probably won't get mad."

Aqua has never been particularly eloquent, and definitely not when put on the spot like that after a nervous breakdown. This part didn't really have a goal other than making her more nervous — Sui already guessed the gist anyway. Went to the kitchen to pour a glass of apple juice, took it back to the room, forgot about it, knocked it over and fried her new keyboard in the middle of a match, felt so awful that she took out a knife and started cutting. Aqua never said "cutting" or "harming" or "hurting", it was always euphemistic, just "that" and "need". She has been stuttering and mumbling about the situation for a few minutes before Suisei angrily interrupted her. "Is that it? A keyboard? You did this to yourself over a fucking keyboard?"

No, obviously not. That was fairly obvious, but if Aqua ever had a spine to object here, she certainly has long since lost it, and Suisei made a point out of dismissing the valid underlying concern. The truth is, Aqua has always been clumsy, and it didn't help that her right forearm had the... thing. Vertical line. Along, not across like all the others. That one was a serious attempt. Nothing made Suisei more angry at herself than this gnarly reminder of failure as a caretaker. They almost lost each other! The very thought was not actually scary, it was more of a void. She knew what she would do if that were to ever happen, she didn't believe in beautiful suicides. She would be gone from this world immediately, as little of her body left as possible. Trains get ever swifter these days.


>> No.1065932

Go on.

>> No.1065974

Don't worry, I just went out to grab some food and meds.

>> No.1066011

Nice thread

>> No.1066666
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Based on that legendary among us collab.

>> No.1066697
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>> No.1066734
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>> No.1066772
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>> No.1066793
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Anyway. Aqua's right hand will never fully regain its mobility, which is not going to help if you're angry at yourself, angry at your own hands, trying to calm down... How do you explain this rationally? How can a fish explain water to you? Pain is calming, that's all there is to it. Apparently, for some people, this extends to feeling it and not causing. Sui was still not going to help Aqua get comfortable with that fact.

"A keyboard? You do this to yourself over, what, fifty thousand yen? Pocket change? You broke it and you thought, what, bleeding on it would help?"

"No, it's not.. I was... I felt bad... I thought that... It was..." Aqua was losing words at an alarming rate and probably needed some nudging in the right direction.

"You broke it and needed to feel pain?"

Aqua's face brightened. "Yes! No, w-wait. No, not really, yes."

"You're utterly helpless", Suisei said patronizingly. "You want someone to hurt you? (No, of course that's not what Aqua said.) Here, let me help you with that." She unceremoniously shoved her off her lap at first, then pulled her across. Bottom up, face down. She pulled up Aqua's skirt in one swift motion, then yanked her panties down with another. Last thing left was pulling off the fingerless glove off her right hand. She would never deny herself the pleasure of skin on skin contact. "There." She brought her palm down, enjoying the yelp and the red handprint, the first of today's evening.

Suisei was not on speaking terms on her mother, and her go-to way to explain the situation to others was "You can only tolerate someone you thought loved you hitting you so many times, you know." This was an intentionally misleading non-answer. In reality, her mother has never hit her. Not once. She didn't really care enough for that, but the indifference was not the key factor. Suisei had toys, from time to time, expensive American dolls, but she kept breaking them, her mother said, and so they went in the garbage, and she got bought new dolls like a proper girl her age. That's not how Suisei saw the situation, though. She didn't break anything, the toys came in wrong, and she changed them to better suit herself, yet her little creations got taken away from her, and every time a piece of her got lost with them.

If the prettiest toy, the most wonderful doll, her most beautiful creation were to ever get taken away from her, that would be it, there would be nothing left of her. Still, it was playtime for now. Aqua hated it, as always, bawling her eyes out, mumbling apologies. Suisei was kind of ranting automatically, scolding her while slapping her delicious, wonderfully soft behind. She was a bit envious of her doll, who ate whatever she wanted (though she generally ate very little) only for maintain this wonderfully soft chubbyness, while Suisei herself had to obey a strict diet regimen. "Why does it have to be like that every time? Why do I have to treat you like a baby? Are you a baby or an adult? Huh? A baby or an adult?"

"A-adult", Aqua quietly said in response.


"Adult, Sui-chan! Treat me like an adult... please... not baby!" She would never guess the right answer, because the answers will change. Sui smiled, unglued Aqua's sweaty thighs from her lap and stood up. "Well then. Come. Let's do some adult things, then."

>> No.1066816
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>> No.1066975

the whole idol, wholesome, big family thing og HL doesnt exist in Niji, they are basically just streamers with virtual avatars, so they act like normal people, and being dicks to eachother for shits and giggles is part of that.

>> No.1067081

Not even yandex could find your image, can you pls source?

>> No.1067572

>"Well then. Come. Let's do some adult things, then."
Anon, continue...

>> No.1068374

Together they walked to Suisei's room, hands interlocked, to her bed, where Suisei pushed her over and went to the wardrobe. She glanced over her neck and saw Aqua on her back spreading her legs. "And what is it that you think we're going to do on my bed, Aqua-chan?" she said condescendingly.

"Adult things? You said... I thought... my reward? May I have my reward?"

Suisei's eyes flashed with anger (fairly basic acting trick) and she did a sort of horizontal kabedon, both of her arms to the sides of Aqua's neck, one knee hear her wonderful soft hips. "And what exactly did you do today that made you think you deserve a reward? Don't piss me off any more than you already have."

"Sui-chan hit my butt for what I did, so I thought... Sui-chan... would... now..." The tiny shreds of confidence evaporated from Aqua's voice, replaced with fear. Suisei raised her right palm and put it right up to Aqua's face. "Sui-chan hit my butt!" she said in a mocking voice. "Not. What. Happened here. You hit me. Look how my hand looks like now! You did this! Do you have any idea how much it hurts?" This wasn't a lie, for once, it did genuinely hurt and turned bright red. It would be smarter to use a glove, but Sui loved the feel of Aqua's skin too much for her own good. "You did this to me! Why do you keep hurting me like that? Do you enjoy it so much? Do you enjoy the feeling of hurting other people? People that love you?" Aqua shut her eyes and shaked her head to the sides vigorously. "Then you should behave like an adult you said you were and volunteer to take an adult's punishment properly. Turn over."

Suisei stood up from the bed, went back to the wardrobe, and took out her belt from the top shelf. Nice, high quality soft leather. She didn't really wear clothing that needed one, it was bought for one specific purpose. She folded it over and pulled from both ends, making a nice whipcrack-like sound. An actual whip would be a bit too much, even if she did consider getting her hands on one once or twice.

When she turned back, Aqua was already in position. Her bottom was up in the air, and she buried her face in a pillow to muffle herself. She, once again, left the privilege of undressing the doll up to Suisei, which she appreciated and took advantage of immediately. The hors d'oeuvres in the kitchen was tasty, but this was the main course, and she was positively starving. The wardrobe had a large mirror on it, which she, the first few times, hoped would be useful to be able to see Aqua's facial expressions at the same time, but it didn't really work out — she did see her own face, though, and her eyes had a spark of genuine yellowish glee. "Bad girl." she said coldly.

She didn't bother with any actual scolding now, just focusing on laying down criss-crossing red stripes, sometimes putting them right on top of each other, getting genuine yells of pain that couldn't be muffled as easily. Aqua played her role very well, holding out like a little tin soldier, though she thrashed around so much that one of her fresh wounds reopened and the white bandage became crimson. You couldn't find a better cure for boredom if you tried. She didn't pause, only outright stopped when she went out of breath. Her work was beautiful. Blindingly-pale-turning-pink canvas, a palette of reds and some purples already, the sound, the smell... it was less of a painting and more of a multimedia installment, really. No one appreciates her talent. She tossed the belt aside, sat down on the bed and hugged Aqua tight. "There, there. I'm not mad at you any more. It's okay. It will all be alright." It was hard to tell whose heart was racing harder. She turned Aqua over on her back, which obviously resulted in yet another yelp and more whining — her butt would hurt to sit down on for at least another day, and the fact that she had a stream scheduled for tomorrow morning didn't escape her consideration.

>> No.1068400

Suisei purposefully maintained an odd, asymmetrical fingernail length, painting them different colors as well, claiming it was the latest Harajuku fashion, and some of the girls in her asylum of an idol group took up after her. In reality, it was an elaborate facade just so she could keep fingernails on some of the fingers short. Her hand traced the outline of Aqua's belly, made a circle around her navel and then went steadily downwards, right between her thighs. The girl was expecting a reward, and she earned it, all things considered.

Aqua wasn't that hard to get to the peak. She was quiet and timid, as always, but her hyperventilating breathing got shallower until she stopped breathing for a little, then exhaled and laid there for a while with a stupid grin on her face. All in all, they had a fairly happy existence together. "There, there.", said Sui. "See? Sorry I had to help you do this to yourself. You won't try to injure yourself ever again, right?" Aqua again shut her teary eyes and shaked her head from side to side. They both knew it was a lie and both wish it weren't. "You know how much I hate seeing you in pain." That, of course, was also a lie, like most thing Suisei said, as she lied basically out of habit nowadays. Of course she didn't hate it. Could you name a sight more wonderful than Aqua being hurt?

What she hated was letting anyone else do it.


>> No.1068536

it wasn't really what I was trying to write, and sadly I couldn't get the psychological abuse stuff down, leaning into physical instead, but here you go.

the concept of Aqua habitually self-harming because of clumsiness and anxiety grapped me too much.

>> No.1068635

Good shit anon, it really hurt my heart to read it, mission accomplished.
0/10 Suisei took my spot, how am I supposed to self-insert as her.

>> No.1068743

My dick is diamond

>> No.1068831

I was stumped for how to write a POV, but then the imagery of Suisei pulling off her fingerless glove to slap Aqua's butt popped in front of my eyes. She's also one of the more outwardly well-adjusted holos and is her sempai, so.

>> No.1069215

good shit

>> No.1069961

my dick is literal diamonds

based storybros always put out good stuff

>> No.1070245

Hoping the next one is a self-insertable. Though this one was pretty nice.
I think sui's a nice girl besides all of that SUICOPATH stuff she acts on, kinda didn't enjoy her abusing others.

>> No.1070507

she will revive

>> No.1071307

good shit but why did you use shaked instead of shook? I'm ESL but somehow I die a little inside everytime an irregular verb is used wrong

>> No.1071459

Shaked is a nonstandard dialectal variant. Irregular verbs are a fuck. I'll fix it in the pastebin.

>> No.1073229

What do you want me to write tomorrow?

>> No.1073407

This looks less like abuse and more like Ina discovered someone killed Kiara and Gura just got the news.

>and so the mystery begins
>For justice and closure HoloLiveEN will seek the truth of who killed Kiara!
>It was Veibae of VShojou

>> No.1073529

wrong O'riends there, buddy

>> No.1073779

Yep, and I also noticed the other pages above that gave full context. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more retarded in my life.

And as a Californian that’s saying something.

>> No.1073851

Idea: Being together with Haato, yet everytime you slightly imply that you're so much as thinking of leaving/doubting her, Haachama comes out and gets physically/mentally abusive, followed by Haato returning and feeling terrible about her split personality and being convinced you deserve better and you should leave her yet Haachama won't let you.

>> No.1074222

>tfw you will never be tied to a chair by Haachama and forced to eat her cooking

>> No.1074749

I'm not really into the Haato DID thing

>> No.1074910

Hmm, then how about something with Fubuki?
After doing this yandere act, she starts to get the urge to try it for real on you. It spirals out of control until she's left with an obsessive urge to monitor and control what you do and what you watch. Sort of a "big sister is watching you" only it's "because she loves you" and "it's for your own good".
TL;DR Fubuki controlling you and denying your freedom until you submit.

>> No.1075760
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Nihilistic, depressed Gura manipulating you into dropping your entire life for her because you're the only thing that's "really real". Nothing really violent. Just a lot of manipulation.

>> No.1075851
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She swam up from Atlantis, not just because it was "SO BORING LOL," but because she also struggled to find deeper meaning there. She hoped by coming here, she would be able to finally find something meaningful to pursue, something to finally drive her and ignite her passion once more. Alas, it was not meant to be.

>> No.1075927
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>> No.1076003

Can we get some Risu choking you with her tail content pls.

>> No.1076052

yes but you're only allowed to use it to buy her merch

>> No.1077518

Why did she stop?

>> No.1077585

She was scaring herself due to being able to be such a good yandere, and she was going to go even further if she kept at it, so she stopped.

>> No.1078446

What other holos made yandere stuffs? i know ollie did one recently

>> No.1078585

Rushia's whole shitck is being a yandere. Pretty much half the translated clips you can find of her include a yandere moment buried below all the flat jokes.
Polka did this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf7V_oqWkfg and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Jl8d1PMXk and apparently in her members-only streams she acts far clingier.
Mori has her moments, too: https://streamable.com/99k1n7

>> No.1078881

God I'm so fuckin tired of flat jokes.

>> No.1079049

>"Tsk Tsk tsk, I'll hurt you~"

>> No.1079715

Yeah, every single joke has a shelf life, including running gags. The problem is, with todays meme culture, originality isn't encouraged. Instead regurgitating the same joke a million times with tiny changes becomes the norm, because people lack creativity. It was a successfull joke once, so it must be successfull even for the tenth, hunfredth, thousandth time, right?
I know this sounds like >leddit bad, but reddit is one of the prime factors contributing to this shit, especially with how Karma works.

>> No.1081293

Make your own joke then.

>> No.1081537

Can't believe I have to become a Polka member now.

>> No.1082039
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You really do.

>> No.1083802

Can you write something darker? you know, in this manner. You have a talent.

>> No.1084918

>ame gets angry and makes an insincere smile at you
>suddenly you're bruised and crying for no apparent reason

>> No.1084930

Jesas, Kiara taking the abuse because she thinks she's worthless and it's what she deserves.
I can see Kiara attaching herself to someone abusive with the excuse "he's the only one who'll ever love me".

>> No.1085609

>Eat da cheese ear, Anon!
>And the tarantula!

>> No.1085893

Honestly, Ame has great potential for this stuff. Last night I was drifting in and out of sleep while drafting up an idea about getting stabbed with truth serum by her purely so she can find out if Anon jerked off or not after she specifically told them not to and going from there. Not to mention time travel abuse stuff.

>> No.1085931

>time travel abuse
I am intrigued

>> No.1086002

>Goes to sabotage your day if you piss her off
>Beats you over and over again and just resets to beat you in different ways to see what really hurts you so she can get in maximum pain
etc etc

>> No.1086025 [DELETED] 

haha what if she went back in time to your childhood and became your abusive adoptive mom haha?

>> No.1086316

nene probably came when this happened

>> No.1086961

Why am i know imaging ame as the reverse flash now because of this.Hey anon remember the Time you Burned your good and wasted Money it was me ANON I WAS THAT FOOD

>> No.1088087


>> No.1088253

Time traveling abuse is kino

>> No.1088401

>"Remember when you were fapping to your oshi and when you opened your eyes you found one of my grotesque pictures form halloween special while basked in the afterglow? IT WAS ME ANON, I CHANGED THE IMAGE!"

>> No.1089450

There's a "Ame gaslights you by changing events retroactively" thing here, lying on the ground, and no one is picking it up.

Honestly, self-harming and suicidal ideation are already fairly dark. Aqua is stuck in a toxic relationship with a caretaker that happily takes advantage of her, but... at least she's loved, I guess? Maybe she's going to live a few more years? Japanese mental hospitals are even worse.

>> No.1089558

I already feel like I tapped out my creative energies between Polka and Matsuri, someone else can do it. Ame time travel gaslighting sounds peak great.

>> No.1089655

Why does ame have so much potiental as an abuser

>> No.1089844

Actually, scratch this. Will work on something later.

>> No.1089925

>Noel, the one hololiver that is certain to be actually abusive if she enters a relationship is ignored.

>> No.1090019

She has that one breast suffocation greentext

>> No.1090093

She should at least have two or three minimum.

>> No.1090172

That's right! Noel is even abusive to chat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-4-lEjRJOE

>> No.1090197
File: 303 KB, 420x420, Hololive polka ogey eyes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fat in japan
>Probably has an outgoing personality irl as well like in her streams
>But because she looks weird nips take it as creepy or being a tryhard rather than her being genuine

>Probably thinks that happens in her streams as well
>Doesn't realize most people either don't know or care about her irl and sees a cute fox being cute.
>As such she doesn't truly believe the praise is genuine and has to keep asking and asking and thanking her fans over and over again in an endless cycle of demanding self-gratification not because she's selfish but because she simply can't get over people finally loving her en-mass

>> No.1090305

Wasn't there basically a creepypasta about subbing to Polka's Tier IV membership? I wish i could find it.

>> No.1090346

Yeah, I remember it. It was about her kidnapping you and brainwashing you.

>> No.1090396

it's 2021 and not 2011, and 4chan and not Livejournal, yet here we are, talking about shipping and writing fanfiction again.

>> No.1090466
File: 2.68 MB, 366x558, Hololive watame mage gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Year of our lord 2021
>Posting "get with the times" posts
We can go back to 2011 any damn time we want

>> No.1090505

Anon, I literally wrote several of these.

>> No.1090521

Lol I heard this during the stream and I was like...damn Gooruh, what darkness has fallen over your life??

>> No.1090534
File: 1017 KB, 1076x1470, 1612801575085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is still my favorite post

>> No.1090670

What kind of things would Ame even gaslight you over. Running dry on ideas.

>> No.1090712

Gaslighting isn't usually about anything specific, it's just making the target consider themselves insane and doubt their own memory and senses, be it "I've never hit you" or "the car keys were in front of your eyes all along".

>> No.1090786

You ever see the comic where Thanos ruins a random guy's life over the course of several decades for no reason at all but his own personal enjoyment?

It'd be a lot like that.

>> No.1090854

>Amelia looking a decade year older than you from the sheer amount of time she re-lived replaying every aspect of your life to her satisfaction

>> No.1091688
File: 1.12 MB, 1600x2032, imagine getting multitasking gaslit how does she do it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lately, you've been having strange dreams. It all feels incredibly...real. Less like they're dreams, more like frighteningly vivid memories, but you know they're dreams, because what happens in them never happened at all. Every time you try to recall them, though, your head just hurts. That's been a recurring issue, too. Bouts of dizziness, sudden headaches...loss of memory. Loss of memory is the biggest one. You shiver. Amelia worries it may be something serious, but with all the doctors booked up...you let out a heavy breath. You pour yourself a large glass of cold water and retrieve the bottle of ibuprofen left in the cabinet. You take a few of the white capsules out as a precautionary measure and make your way over to the couch, settling into it as you put your drink down onto the table next to you. Using a coaster, of course.

You've always been...well, forgetful. It's not uncommon to forget small things. But things have just gotten as of late. Hell, it goes beyond loss of memory. You're remembering things that never happened at all. Swearing you went to the store, only to discover you never actually left. That bought the blue shirt, only for her to hold up the red one with the price tag still attached. That you had an argument with Amelia...but she insists nothing like that happened. Why would you even argue with her, anyway? Amelia's always right. You huff as you sink back into your seat, shivering a bit uncomfortably again. She's working right now. Looking up a bit to see the TV more clearly, you see her there, playing A Child With A Clock with Ollie, and your shoulders relax. You weren't even aware they were tense.

Amelia is the one to catch all these little discrepancies. She was always the quick one between the two of you, so it doesn't surprise you much. You're very lucky to have her. She's been so helpful, lately, it almost makes you feel a little guilty. Finding your keys, which you swear you left in the bowl, practically right in front of you. Locking the door she says you left unlocked after you double checked. She's always the one to see it. To catch you fucking up, your lapses in concentration. She doesn't say flat out that you're going crazy - she'd never be that cruel - but it's not hard to tell that she's worrying about it.

Symptoms point to early onset dementia. You did some research on it. You count yourself lucky you can even remember that. No matter what, Amelia said she'd be with you, but...you don't want to put her through that. This is bad enough.

You curl up a bit into your knees. God, what more could you forget? You run through the important memories you have. Those feel relatively secure. Grounded, concrete. Childhood and parents, all that. They're still there. Then you remember meeting Amelia, and things feel...fuzzy. Conflicting thoughts, feelings. It was when you moved, right? But you have memories of her from before then. They're hazy, but there. A cold sweat breaks out on your forehead. That's impossible. The times and dates wouldn't match up at all. Amelia was never in the same state as you. You never met her before moving here...something in your brain burns. It was in college...or, no, high school? Late high school? Or...shit, no, before then...you've seen her before meeting her, but-

"Ah, senpai, are you okay?" Ollie's voice rings out, snapping you back to reality. Amelia failed a jump and died as a result.
"Y-Yeah, of course!" Ame cheerfully replies before clearing her throat. "Just zoned out for a minute, heh. Focusing on something for a minute..."
Slowly, Amelia turns just a bit. She looks at the camera head on, a soft smirk growing on her lips. It's creepy.
"You ever just like...forget when you met someone?" Amelia asks casually. "Like, you think you met them at one point, but it turns out to have been way before that? That kinda thing. Or maybe you saw someone a lot before ever really meeting them."
"Mm..." Ollie mutters, seemingly lost in as much thought as her undead brain can muster. "Yeah! Memory's really dumb sometimes."
"Mhm. Fickle. Was just thinking about that, is all."

You feel another headache coming on, and you grit your teeth. You met Amelia a year ago. You've been dating for three months. That's a fact. But, in that case, why?

Why do you feel like you've been seeing her before that? Out of the corner of your eye. Something just barely in the fringe of being perceptible. Almost a blur. The headache worsens. Snatches of memory feel like they're being horribly rearranged. She was at the store on the trip you never made. She wanted you to buy the red shirt. You grit your teeth as you look back at the TV, desperate for something that gets your attention away from the thoughts currently swirling around the drain in your head. For some reason, Amelia seems just the faintest touch out of focus. Almost shaky.

"Easy to mess with, too." She adds. Her voice has a hint of reverb.
"Ah? What was that, senpai?"

You reach for the glass. Half full.

>> No.1091928

>tfw Ame won't change the past to implant herself in your childhood memories
why live?

>> No.1092757

you wouldn't disobey a goddess, right?

>> No.1093145
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>> No.1093165

Being such a prominent figure, that story about Sora stealing you from Aqua is probably true. She could just snap her fingers and have the Cover Squad make you do whatever she wanted by force.

>> No.1093272


>> No.1093285


>> No.1093332


>> No.1093400


>> No.1093416

>Do you remember when you were growing up and you kept getting migraines every time you tried to masturbate? That was ME ANON! I HIT YOU WITH A MALLET!

>> No.1093462

>Ame will never go back in time to your most vulnerable points and ruin you
>Ame will never just so happen to pick you up off the streets and mold you however she likes
>ywn get an unpleasant feeling of rememberance whenever she gets angry
>ywn fight yourself to stay with, as she'd be the only person you have to turn to

>> No.1093512

Anyone wants to write one where Haachama has you locked in her basement feeding you her cooking and telling you how she AWAY'd the girls that dared to even look in your direction?

>> No.1093548

>"Here, Ay-non! Eat deh cheese pan!"
>"I make your mother go away! Away, because I don't like her!"

>> No.1093575

>Ame slowly molds you into her perfect lover through years and years of manipulating you in just the right ways for the desired outcome

>> No.1093611

>Ame will never quell your rebellious personality and make you her mild-mannered house husband through carefully setting you up throughout your life

>> No.1093657

>you discover her journal, where she describes how painful it was to dispose of your other "yous" in her failed storylines because of all the trial and error.

>> No.1093869

I always feel bad that these threads derail into chuubas being obsessive sometimes.

>> No.1094294

>Haachama actually feels bad that she had to lock you up, so she tries to cheer you up by giving you the part of pizza she loves the most, the peppeloni

>> No.1094611

>Remember that time you ate the last pizza slice and told me, "EarLY BiRd cAtcHES ThE wOrm", but then when you went to work later to ask that female coworker out, you suddenly shit yourself and your boss fired you? That was ME ANON! I WENT BACK IN TIME AND SLIPPED LAXATIVES INTO THE LAST PIZZA SLICE!!

>> No.1094774

Thread usually goes:
Chuuba being physically abusive - chuuba being obsessive - chuuba being mentally abusive

>> No.1094781

This is kind of terrifying and I love it

>> No.1095510

>dilated retinas

>> No.1095544

>Mixed retinas and pupils up in a state of exhaustion and didn't notice it
I fucking hate myself.

>> No.1095867

This is terrifying, in a good way.

>> No.1095985

Mental abuse doesn't leave visible scars.

>> No.1096242

I wanna read Aqua robbing a store from all it's seaweed with a gun or knife threatening killing herself if the shop refuse to comply. Maybe I should write it down, I had this idea with a generic protag before, but Aqua may be good enough too.

>> No.1096403

If you mentally abuse someone enough they'll make their own scars

>> No.1098251

i can't imagine how dry your mouth would get from eating a bowl of lukewarm pepperoni slices every day

>> No.1098775


>> No.1100163

That sounds great.

>> No.1100223

>TL;DR: Noel gives you brain damage.

>> No.1100677


>> No.1104133

It was bound to happened one way or the other.

>> No.1104134

Yandere trope would work really well with Ollie.
>She stalks you for months until she finally breaks into your home
>You try to resist and accidentally kill her
>You get rid of her body, but she comes back
>You'll never get rid of her, she'll always return to you
Could also include body horror like she forcibly kisses you and you can feel maggots crawling on your tongue

>> No.1104256

fantastic thread, great job everyone

>> No.1106214

>she forcibly kisses you and you can feel maggots crawling on your tongue
Some people just ate food anon, don't make it gross

>> No.1106406

Haha hot. I love gross-out stuff like that. I once wrote something like that for something else and made sure to emphasis that every "breath" it took just poured the scent of corpse rot into your mouth and their tongue tasted of formaldehyde and copper.

>> No.1106426

Technically maggots are sterile. They're perfectly safe to eat ask any Chinaman.

>> No.1107585


>> No.1107634

Yeah ollie sounds horrifying as an Yandere imagine getting raped by a zombie

>> No.1107738

>imagine the smell

>> No.1107740

You can't bump a thread with over 300 replies you ding-dong.

>> No.1107952

Sorry my bad didnt know how that worked

>> No.1108343

New thread soon brothers. Save your stories in screencaps.

>> No.1108513

Haha oooohhh noooooo haha that'd be terrible! Getting raped by ollie? Yuck! haha I'd hate that so much!

>> No.1108655

She'd eat your meat like she's a botfly

>> No.1108731

>Ollie will never take bites (nonlethal) bites out of you on stream for attacked-by-a-zombie ASMR

>> No.1109044

She's rotten, so it would be lethal, just not immediately

>> No.1109120

It's alright. Cover's medical staff is second to none.
Even if you die, they can just bring you back.

>> No.1109206

Shame Rushia doesn't like sharing, imagine being killed and raised constantly.

>> No.1110175
File: 309 KB, 642x643, Screenshot_2021-03-01 (2) The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 6 (FULL ALBUM) - YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's actually fucking scary.

>> No.1110898

Oh man that album was fucking horrifying. Didn't think about that at first but now I am.

>> No.1111422

interesting, looking it up rn
everywhere at the end of time if you cant read filenames

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