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How can they afford even more ID chuubas? They even had a special program in Indonesia and had Mito invited. Where does the branch even make money

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Next question.

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You think she regrets not holding out and joining EN instead of ID?

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they don't have a salary, they just get a cut from merch and superchat/donations
none of them are doing this as their primary job anyway

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not enough good male chuuba
they're trying to make another kuzuha
even the competitor's males are limpdicked as hell

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They provide tech and shit to the chuubas and then take a cut from merch and SCs, simple as

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You don't really need to be that big to be able to make a living out of streaming in ID, if they will be someone to actually give a fuck about is another thing entirely.

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NijiID has a lot of passion for the branch it seems and puts in a lot of effort in promoting the branch and establishing a solid local foundation and audience for the branch which seems to have been paying off for them significantly, prettt nice to see honestly.

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I doubt that considering that she spergs out and does her best to torpedo her viewership every time she starts getting more than 500 concurrents.

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>/vt/ still believes that one tweet caused her to lose viewers
you niggers are irrelevant you didn't even manage to hit 1k dislikes on a Nyanners collab with Kiara without using bots

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4.5k cut by susan btw.

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Don't worry, I pay all of their bills.

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You could pay them 2500 USD a year and they'd be happy to have it.

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This, didn't Bon get like 3 months rent from SCs during his Collab with Selen?

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>special program
What was that?

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lmao how

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you can buy mansion on a hill with a great view for less than 10k dollars here. not rent, you actually own the land and everything.
indonesia is insanely cheap.

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Vtubers don't cost money

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you can argue that for the Indonesians but what about KR and EN?

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Indonesian here, can confirm this is actually serious. It's also why a lot of balding white guys in their 50s come here when they become desperate.

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They are actually making money from sponsorships, so yes they can.

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Who the fuck sponsors streamers with 50 viewers?

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I don't actually know, but people familiar with NijiID says this. If it wasn't sustainable, they wouldn't make a new wave.

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Indonesia is such a cheap place to live that Anya is making more than a doctor in SC.

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Merch is where its at

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i thought they strictly came for the cunny?

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It’s cheap because it’s Indonesia you fucking dolt

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Oh shit, Mario games make more money than Pokémon games?! Makes sense I guess considering how hard pkmn games fell off after gen 2

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But they don't pay them?

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>Mario's merch that low

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>Allowing foreigners to buy land in a densely populated country
Are you insane

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They sponsored by a phone company. Although it was only the 3 digit numbers ppl. Zea and Hana

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Pokemon, in just the first goddamn gen, had 151 DIFFERENT POKEMON to make merch, cards and other assorted bits for.
There's just been more since then, whereas Mario is stuck to their core cast + the few they've added over the years.

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But we did make Ollie cry

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I maintain that buyfags are mentally ill
My only merch purchase was a daki of my oshi
I just don't see the appeal of stuff, people wanting physical representations of their interests is as retarded as people taking selfies
I don't even have a picture of me past the age of like 16 because it's retarded
People really need to stop focusing on getting pleasure out of inanimate objects and focus on the pleasure of manipulating other people to get control over their emotions and bodies instead

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>Densely populated country
Indo has too much land & island. If you only look on the capital of course it is but on the less developed areas its so cheap.
Hell, you can eat 5 times a day with literally 1 USD.

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Was about to say that I did the math for her and even after youtube and a 50% cover cut, she's making enough to live in Jakarta in a upper middle class apartment and still has a decent amount left over.

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*10 USD

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Sure, I don't doubt the numbers of Pokemon, what looks weird to me is how low Mario is even though he's pretty much anywhere. I guess that's why they went ahead with the theme park and whatnot, they could grow their merchandise business.

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How the fuck is fist of the north star anywhere near thar list? Do the japs really love it more than something like DQ or Naruto?

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I swill never understand why cover and nijisanji even targeted ID in the first place. We can't SC and it's no secret that we have a lot of poor people here who can't afford SC or buying merch. I mean there's a fuckton of weebs here but what's the point if most of them won't even give money to the vtubers/company

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>sub 100 viewership
Yeah, really paying off. Just shut it down already.

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Pokemon hasn't been good in forever. Who is buying this stuff?

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They did a sponsorship with POCO that launched their new smartphone back in July https://twitter.com/NIJISANJI_ID/status/1418891207338463233

Their staff also gets sponsorship broadcasts for their members too.

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She was bringing more views than current NijiEN on her dad streams. She was one of the first popular "western" pandering chuubas yet Hana shot herself in the foot.

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Good, now repeat that again

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>even make money

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Not hard considering just how autistic Ollie is

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It's because it's a country that the Japanese regularly do business with. You have a higher population than the Philippines and Malaysia, and the cost to start a business there is cheaper than Korea.

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>Where does the branch even make money
it doesn't, why do you think their company's yearly profit was so low

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>why do you think their company's yearly profit was so low
Last time I checked, they never released their finance statement in public. How do you know about their yearly profit? The voice in your head told you?

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>Hana shot herself in the foot
do you even watch her? she never want to be popular more than her genmate

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lol. okay, that's a good one.

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>Open audition
in reality, how "open" it is.
Hololive is notorious for hiring friends of friends, is nijisanji the same?

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Retardchama look at the chart and note how the pokémon games make up only a part of the overall profit, around half of what the mario games do. People will always love pokémon designs, plushies, shirts, toys etc

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you're either a newfag or have alzheimer lol.

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Just a few days ago, thanks for asking

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>and its sad that you actually believe that

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make it daily if you can

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no, i can't

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Ita useless unless their brand name get a massive BOOM, even after all this promo they Will still be overshadow by holoID

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Nijisanji is bleeding money from their ID and KR branch, it's not surprising that their last available finance report showed them barely making a profit.

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Unlike Cover, Anycolor uses its earnings and invests them into several things. Meanwhile Cover is sitting on stacks of cash and cancellinng live concerts and forcing them to be online to save MORE money

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Oh yeah? Please tell us what the return is on their "investments" since you know so much about them. I'm asking because there is such a thing as bad investments (NijiIN) that only make them lose money and not gain anything back.

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People buy that merch because it's associated with some property they like. Who's buying merch of Indonesian streamers with 10k subs and sub 100-views? How much of it would you have to sell while also paying out 50% or whatever to the streamer so they can live to break even on buying the model and rigging for them?

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ID branch is supported by a mane-san who gets them good sponsorships and hosts nice events for them as well as commissioning viddos and working with other youtubers. A branch is nothing without their manager

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All of EN have over 50k in SCs, nevermind VOD rev, memberships, merch ect. They take a 3rd of that it's $15k in a few months. Unless their prior job was relatively lucrative that's enough money to quit and stream fulltime comfortably. KR I don't know, I imagine they just don't stream fulltime and keep normal jobs.

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Kids who don't know how good Pokemon used to be and adults buying Kanto shit because of nostalaga

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Nijisanji has good management and fanbases, but hololive is the out of control dumpster fire everyone loves roasting marshmallows over while deranged anime women yell at their own shadows. Niji is good, but not good enough to be greater than something so esoteric it's hilarious. Hololive is the one you party with, while Niji is the one you go home to and game with. They both have their niches. It's just that /vt/ is a bunch of sensationalist dopamine junkies, which is why good old reliable Nijisanji isn't as relevant here.

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It's simply because of lack of clips compared to Hololive and lack of LiveTL culture not this delusional stereotype you're applying. If people can't understand wtf Sister Claire is talking about in her zatsu why would anons discuss her and the hundreds of Nijis, meanwhile Nene booting up a stream and talking about vegetables will always have at least someone relying information in ENG

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KR is pretty brutal, they have to compete for views with Kpop and their batshit crazy fans if they want to appeal to the home country. I think that's why they are usually bilingual, to attract from outside KR population.

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>nijisanji has good fanbases
Niji JP fanbases have done completely insane things

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Only thing I remember about Pokemon is the EN forums/boards full of pedophiles trying to arrange offline meetups. And Misty being forgotten, almost forgot about her.

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100%. Hana should have been an EN talent, she speaks jp and en natively and isn’t even Indonesian. She joined too early.

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