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I havent' seen a single anime since I started watching vtubers back in 2018. Watching friendships and pairings form between vtubers is pretty much peak slice of life.

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No? V-tubers are a bridge between the real world and anime, but they do not offer the same narrative design. The only way I can see you thinking this is if you're an /a/ faggot who unironically thinks there has been no good anime since the 2000s, in which case, go back.

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>He hasn't noticed it yet until Feb 2021

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Shonentards, we won

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Mmm yes, compelling anime narrative, like high school kids fight god #98747885, and Japanese high school romance slice of life #368997653

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Come to think of it you might be on to something. Haven't watched any TV or film since I started watching YouTube shows and listening to podcasts, and I haven't been watching any anime lately either.

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This. If you wanna some story in that children overcome their hard times and become heroes, just watch Kanata's streams. O, sorry. You love only fictions.

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My main Jap culture medium is visual novels but I invest some time in vtubers too. They serve their own niche and aren't ugly to look at like 3D.

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>a bridge between the real world and anime
I mean, Japan came to think they need to make amends for what they've done to the world. They had a generation of human being throughout the world go degenerate, and now they're gonna have those millions of manchildren face the reality.

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i want pekora to sit on my face and piss in my mouth

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I was saying that we, shonentards, won.

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I mean, nothing personal. You can freely enjoy your shows and indulge yourself in dreams, because you're a shonen right? But officially you need to be older than 18 to post in 4chan. This is a place for adults like us, and some adults used to watch anime as well, haha funny indeed, but it was over.

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It's not going to make anime "obsolete," but it's going to displace certain genres. CGDCT, for example, is made superfluous by the existence of vtubers. This is because
1.) An ensemble of Vtubers can be produced far more cheaply than a single CGDCT anime.
2.) Vtubers offer the pretense/illusion of interaction with the audience, whereas CGDCT does not and cannot.
3.) Whereas characters in CGDCT are pieces in a story, Vtubers are "real" people.
Whether this is a good thing or not is a different matter from whether it will happen, which I guarantee you it will.

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You better off starting by going nearby pet store, picking some rabbit and sucking its dick, because her dick is way bigger than yours and her piss smells way worse than that of the animal you bought.

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pekora same i kneel. now Usada sama piss in my mouth

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Wait until the VR tech gets better and more affordable. Once VR prostitution is out, nothing is gonna matter anymore.

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like you are saying you dont play games anymore because you watch vtubers playing games?

no way. i dont enjoy most vtuber gaming videos/streams anyway. i only watch the playthrough videos of the games i already beat. i dont understand why people watch anyone playing a game they didnt play, except for minecraft videos where they build their own shit.

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I just don't have the attention span required. I mean, I can watch Korone for the whole 11 hours but it doesn't require my full undivided attention like anime does. Also I'm just flat out not interested in it anymore and I don't want to force myself to watch something just because I feel obligated to for some unknown reason.

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Depends on what you mean by relevant. The anime industry is probably something like 1000x the market cap of vtubers.

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Personally I find anime much more enjoyable then watching some Ethot play videogames and do karaoke but I guess that is just me

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It's basically if Anime were a live stage play

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>like high school kids fight god #98747885
Sounds a lot more interesting then watching some girl play Apex Legends.

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>Sees relationships form
>Compares it to slice of life
I hope I never get this bad

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I know imagine thinking women can even be friends with each other in the first place

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I grew out of anime years ago, vtubers had nothing to do with it. You must be a special kind of soulless to still be entertained by this repetitive shit for more than two decades. Most anime fans you see on the internet are zoomers, and for good reason.

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I mean you don't have to like anime but if you watch Vtubers its pretty laughable to complain about any other content being "repetitive"

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most modern anime shows are in fact super forgettable. nobody talks about anime shows from the early 10s anymore. same goes for games except for some cool shit like das

although this goes for every genre in every country. theres no actual new stuff except for a few exceptions. vtubers also play a bunch of old games. i think everything has actually stagnated culturally and vtubers are a sort of stopgap entertainment that makes you not feel the stagnation is doomed.

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Vtubers have eclipsed anime for me. The only anime I watch now are those I've already seen and re-boots/sequels such as Higurashi Gou.

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It definitely replaced the typical SoL "cute girls doing cute things" shit I used to watch. I still desire thought provoking themes, narratives and flashy action animation.

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I always fucking hated anime, I love the aesthetic but the stories are cringe af, when I discovered vtubers in 2018 it was like finding anime aesthetic streaming games that I like

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This. The only recent anime I had managed to hold my attention span were Kaguya-sama, Golden Kamuy, Vinland Saga and Made in Abyss. And I could binge-watch only Kaguya. I started reading manga more, since it's less time consuming, but I'm not doing that much either.
After a certain age, video games, anime and TV shows become less stimulating. Especially if you overdid that shit at a younger age like I did. I got into fucking gardening during corona and it brings me more joy than animu. Besides work, vtubers and ocassional socializing with friends, I simply have no time. Nor I want to.
Vtubing is something relatively new for most of us, and I still think that coronavirus is the main reason for the explosion. It's not gonna die after pandemic ends, but weebs will be less obsessed about it.

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This might be the dumbest shit I've ever heard.
>Does non-narrative content replace narrative content?
Goddamn this is honestly the dumbest fucking board on average.

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>I have not seen Anime in 37 years
>Modern anime is absolute shit

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No, I'm going back to watching anime after watching vtubers for like 3 hours everyday. Im tired

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Thats because the Isekai genre is about watching lets plays of a dragon quest clone rpg.
And their protagonists suck a lot.

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why are you even in /vt/ then...

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Pretty much all the time that I had devoted to watching anime is now used on vtubers, plus I can let the streams run in the background when I'm gaming, which I can't really do while watching anime.

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Anime isn't even good enough to be worth pirating anymore. Same with movies and TV. Vtubers are entertaining but they're also just filling a content void that had already been developing for some time.

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Anime is Pro Wrestling
Vtubing is MMA
Can't go back to the fake stuff once you get to taste the real shit.

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2020 was a lackluster year for anime that's why vtubers caught on

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I don't even need friends anymore I can just put on a vtuber to satiate my lizard brain and then go back to spending the rest of the day alone.

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2020 was a lackluster year for being alive in general if you didn't profit off the rona

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not if it's focused on stuff other than cute girls
honestly, vtubing is probably going to make anime change for the better

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Based, anime is for weirdos

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Never said I didn't like both

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I dunno, I've been watching VTubers since 2017 and I still watch anime. They don't really overlap that much.

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That's the great thing about vtube and anime competing for the niche fandom. While anime is not obsolete anymore, it will be required to improve if it wants to surive.

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If amazing storylines and important works of art get shafted for horny retard bait I might actually finally kill myself

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So you only watch shit anime then

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bro? where have you been? the rope's waiting

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This is what happens when new shit moeblob anime gets pumped out all year. It becomes so boring and samey and turns people away. Then you guys miss the actual few good shows that come out each year

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Why not both?
I think the next level will be Vtubers watching anime with you.

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watchalongs are already a thing, any day now

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All is missing is an arc when a vtuber "graduates".

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totally different then watching the 20th girl play undertale right?
if you seriously think that's all the anime that airs each season than your tastes are shit. your oshi probably is too

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It's for the best.
Anime uses the same formula over and over to the point that even I realized such was the case, so I ceased.

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>totally different then watching the 20th girl play undertale right
No you don't understand its different when SHE does it

>> No.974125

>thought provoking themes, narratives
No need for anime in that case, the schizos here do all the work generating them for free

>> No.974128

>watching the 20th girl play undertale
holo and niji?

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I haven't watched an anime in 6 months because of vtubers

>> No.974192

Not him but I only watch Apex

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I didn't watch much anime last year because not much good was coming out, but I'm watching damn near everything this season. Lot of good stuff this year so far d e s u. Also finally watching LotGH with all the extra free time.

>> No.974330

and vtubers aren't?

>> No.974760

Oh its getting there
https://www.yumenographia.com/#/ - 3000+ yen for 30 mins of conversation

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There's something poetic about failed VA's taking over the weeb market and threatening the jobs of actual VAs.

>> No.974871

Nijisanji is truly a treasure trove.

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Guess utilizing a medium that connects one closer to your audience does wonders, huh?

>> No.975003

Ichikara is ready for the next level of virtual parasocial relationship

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yeah this. there are plenty of good anime’s coming out all the time with really unique themes that tackle things that are hard to talk about. but this board is specifically for coombrain retards so of course they’ll ditch anime in general if they basically have the closest thing they’ll ever get to having an anime gf on youtube.

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Literally me.

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>tfw you enjoy standard fantasy anime like lodoss war but current japan keeps creating isekai instead
I hate it.

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I actually can't watch anime, not even if I tried.

But I can watch VTubers. Because they're not nearly as cringe as anime.

>> No.976488

I think the problem is just you.

>> No.977365

isekai that's not a thinly veiled RPG playthrough when

>> No.977443

>they're not nearly as cringe as anime
Watching anime is a solid order of magnitude more socially acceptable than watching vtubers.

>> No.977511

>he doesn't watch Hololive: Delta

>> No.977583

>socially acceptable
that's kinda blurry today since it's just the seasonal faggotry. I'm sure it's just normie shit or whatever you call it, but people's standards of what makes a good or acceptable anime is kinda shit today.

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All I'm saying is you can tell 100 random strangers about watching One Punch Man and SnK and no one would give a shit, but all those same people would look at you weird if you tried to show them a clip of literally any chuuba and explain what it is and why you like it.

>> No.977868

>keeps creating isekai
You can actually blame China for that. Light Novels were on a downward trend in Japan around 5 or so years ago. But Kadokawa discovered that West Taiwan would pay to read literal shit and the industry is raking in money once again.

>> No.977939

I guess it's how you present it. A lot of normies watch streamers, if you say that this one has a fictional avatar because she doesn't want to show her real face then it's not weird at all.

>> No.978057

I honestly can't remember the last time I saw or even heard about a fantasy anime where the protagonist WASN'T arbitrarily a reincarnation of real-world 21st-century Japanese person. I don't know why they keep doing it, you could just make a regular fantasy show.

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Begun the age of pseudo anime reality show has

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Same boat here. I gave up anime two years ago. And I did not care about vTubers until HoloEN

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You cant waifu vtubers unlike anime girls because consent is required.
Anime 1, vutber 0

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>consent is required.
That has never stopped me before

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is it because of that mental gymnastics meme?

>> No.979488

>there has been no good anime since the 2000s
but it's true. The last good anime happened in 2010

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Well, me 2, except my renchon and a handful slide of life cgdct.
Im not really interest in any shounen shit anymore, perhaps it is a part of growing old, that or the industry is just getting shittier and shittier day after day.

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No. I just don't care.

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> You must be a special kind of soulless to still be entertained by this repetitive shit for more than two decades
thank kyoanus for that. Good thing they got burned to the ground.

>> No.979758

Good. Sometimes the best solution is to just not give a damn and just waifu who you want.

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Anime characters will never ever reply to our simping.

>> No.980043

VNs/eroge and vtubers >>>>>>> anime

>> No.980047

that's why i personally prefer anime girls to vtubers, because vtubers are real people and can reject me

>> No.980478

I haven't watched anime since like 2008 or so. I can't remember what the last one was. Pretty sure there weren't any vtubers back then.

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Anime characters will never accept you

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Fuck off back to /a/ then faggot.

>> No.981645

Never said I didn't like both

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Hololive needs bully characters to be a complete SoL.

>> No.987362

Speak for yourself faggot.

>> No.987779

To be fair, this season anime is pretty trash. The most popular anime of this season is Redo of Healer and it's about some rapist healer and everyone else is some asshole.

>> No.987793

I haven't watched any new show for about a year now but can watch vtuber just fine, still reading manga all the time though.

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eigo reps then nihon reps, in that order anon-chama

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kinda is, except for the good ones
guess you can actually feel good about this oen too, since the individuals also aren't paid shit wages

>> No.988639

I grew out of action anime 10 years ago and I stopped watching romance garbage because they either made me feel like shit or were too infuriating with their blatant wish fulfilment. I mostly stuck with SoLs and comedies, but vtubers pretty much tick all those boxes already.

>> No.988678

The whole isekai period ruined it for me. how hard is it to just make a normal decent fantasy anime

>> No.989779

It makes slice of life shit obsolete, people talking while playing games will never replace storytelling

>> No.989854

I have less time to spend on anime too, streams last for hours and I'm not gonna lie, streams + /hlg/ threads are really fun! Plus the fact that I don't need to read subtitles, I'm used to, but it's much easier when it's all in english.
I still like anime though, but besides small comedies and SoLs I can't watch many of them.

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>> No.992603

Not an argument

>> No.992747

>aren't paid shit wages
I take it you don't watch niji

>> No.994585

Your post only would've made sense if all anime were SoL. But in reality there's plenty of anime that can offer something vtubers don't do well: plot and narrative.

Basically, SoL anime may get in trouble, anything else will just be business as usual.

>> No.994693

I think that's because of the simp connotations, not because of their intrinsic cringiness. If you ask me they're equally cringy.

>> No.994762

>not because of their intrinsic cringiness
The very concept of Vtubing in intrinsically cringe. Think about you are listening to a women drone on and on about her stupid bullshit, its like all the bad parts of having a GF without the sex.

>> No.994778

plot and narrative are overrated and usually very generic and things we've seen before already

>> No.994906

I haven't watched much anime in forever, even before getting into vtubers.

However, I do read tons of manga.

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He doesn't know about HoloLive: Delta?
>1st episode Girl wakes up in Hospital room she has just had her dream job ruined because of her past catching up with her and tried to take her life somehow she survived as she is feeling totally hopeless a comment on twitter reaches her telling her they want to help
>2nd episode is her struggling to return to a normal life and going back to the hospital for ulcers in an extremely dark moment she channels her sadness and also the positive energy her friends bring her into writing Rain Stop Kokoro
>3rd episode she spends struggling to finally hold her first stream as she opens the stream she feels sad remembering all the hard times but with determination she sings the song her past life was known for "Happy Synthesizer" episode ends with her saying it feels like all her sadness evaporated as she cries tears of joy
>episodes 4-5 where she holds her first public stream and has to deal with nearly being committed again
>episode 6 she meets her best friend who she hasn't seen since before the incident in August
>episodes 7-8 are happy slice of life where she prepares for Valentines Day and works closely with her new friend Ruki, she mentions how for the first time in her life she feels like she is truly happy... the episode ends with her Mom collapsing.
>episode 9 is her grappling with her mothers illness getting worse and trying to bear it... she holds a stream where she breaks down crying but Ruki enters the stream and gives her the courage to move forward while also assuring her that her friends and fans will always be there for her
>episode 10 is a Ruki and Sigma episode while Delta has a cold

Shit someone even remixed the Delta and Ruki versions of the Anime OP.

Nene... cover your ears...

>> No.995091

>vtubers also play a bunch of old games
Confirmation bias. See Genshin Impact, AMong Us, APEX, Fall Guys, Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing, There's always new FOTM games to play.

>> No.995104

Pekora is actually kinda sexy.

>> No.995121

>Doom Eternal
delete this! also Among Us is like 5 years old

>> No.995136

This makes zero fucking sense You can watch vtubers and anime at the same time thats like saying streamers make tb shows obosolete

>> No.995222

buT anOn, YoU nEEd MulTiPLayER fOR loNgeViTy!
It is 5 years old but no one who matters knew it existed until 2020{/spoiler]

>> No.995282

i would be down for a rebellion arc where they dropped their avatars and march into the office killing every member of management and form their autonomous territory of anti seiso

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>no loli chuubas in the cast

>> No.995482

>this season anime is pretty trash
Are you blind? This season is easily the best season in the past full year. All of 2020 was fucking dead compared to what's on this season alone.

>> No.995821

what am I, insane

>> No.995905

>the most popular anime of this season is Redo of Healer

maybe in your ironic weeb circles

>> No.995970

jp vtubers dont play chink impact anymore, chink. are you praising apex garbage. they all play the same shit which means they dont have enough new games to play.

>> No.996004

>Promised Neverland
>Dr. Stone
>Mushoku Tensei
>Wonder Egg
Redo of Healer is barely in the top 10 most popular shows on right now, retard-kun.

>> No.996018

Redo of Healer came out this very season

>> No.996040

>jp vtubers dont play chink impact
The fuck you're talking about, holopeasant?
Rion, Lize, Kanae, Yumeoi and Nui from Nijisanji still play it, and so do many others.
Just because hololive has been hard banned by Mihoyo after last year's chinking doesn't mean the rest of the Vtuber world has.

>> No.996085

Fair, I have not seen it and just assumed the protagonist was isekai'd since he looks so generic.

>> No.996423

I'm not going to sort through all this shit, just tell me which one is the good battle shounen

>> No.996570

jujutsu kaisen

>> No.996646


>> No.996688

After over 20 years of anime watching, it really started feeling like all the same shit. Sure there's a gem once in a while, but I'd rather wait for it all to get filtered ahead of time. Watching everything and slowly dropping them has become such a waste of time, too.

>> No.996695

How the hell would vtubers make anime obsolete? Hell they even announced an anime for Hololive.

>> No.996732

>Mushoku Tensei
I remember when anons were in a rush translating the web novel ~9 years ago. That was a good time. Shame MT is really meh now by today's standards after all the other isekai got animated

>> No.996805

lol buttmad chink. ofc not all jp vtubers stopped playing chink impact. im just saying its not mainstream. its fading out. also you are talking as if niji is safe from chink autism but theres no such guarantee. they will end up facing the same chink autism very soon

>> No.996829

It's still technically solid and has some of the best animation in the genre, but yeah, it is kind of overshadowed now that there are 100 other isekai shows out there and it doesn't really do anything unique by comparison. Pretty much everything it does some other show has done better by now.

>> No.996961

I'm not a chink.
I'm just not retarded like you.

>> No.997380

I wish 3D collabs happened more often.

>> No.999078


>> No.999416

What other anime genres does vtubing make obsolete?

>> No.999450


The fuck sperg???

>> No.999529

>Cute Girls Doing Cute Things
But that anon is wrong though.

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>haven't watch "new" anime for years
>just watching new seasons of series I already started
Fuck, I thought I was the only one.

>> No.1009423


>> No.1009577

I wish anything other than playing video games would happen more often. The novelty of vtubers has been wearing off for me recently, there's really not much else that you can do with the format so the majority of the streams end up being games, and I have never been fond of watching other people play.

>> No.1009758
File: 492 KB, 460x345, 1343799146905.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's another yurishit roleplay
>it's another boring asmr that's not even as lewd as an eroge
>it's another superchat reading staring redsupercha depression faggot 10,000 dollar donation

>> No.1009864

I don't think it got replaced/obsolete, it just got a new competitor which they never expected, a rival market, and a cheaper one to boot.

>> No.1010629

When your dopamine from vtubers wears off, you might end up going back. But with that said, I genuinely think vtubers will eat a big chunk of the anime market in the future.

>> No.1010865

Even 4chan realized vtubers where trash had to contain them in their own board to keep autists like OP from trashing up the rest of the boards.

>> No.1013247

Nice samefag. Go back to /a/

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