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Tell me about your Goslinging experiences in this thread. Which moments have caused you to go Gosling, and with which vtuber?

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>Which moments have caused you to go Gosling, and with which vtuber?
i liked her before, but ames first singing of "Kiss Me" made me turn

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I've always loved haachama, she's been my oshi ever since I found out about hololive about a year and a half ago or so, but I felt the full gosling experience during her real talk stream a couple of days ago after she came back from her one week break

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I was having a rough time when Gura did her ASMR stream. When I listened to the vod I had an intense reaction to her humming. She's not even my oshi but I don't think I'll ever forget the time I was alone in bed hearing her soothing voice

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Selen bento stream
It hits me like a truck

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Marine's home 3D was what made me go full Gosling. The way she kept rocking back and forth on her chair while talking felt like a void in my soul was being fulfilled.
More recently, her watchalong streams are pure happiness. The way my screens are set up even make it so our eyes cross when I happen to look at her screen to check for her reaction and she's also looking at chat at the same time. She made the movie even better than it already was. This is what happiness feels like.

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I had a light Gosling moment when Gura started a tangent about Shrek the musical from my lonely message and I was really touched she read my message over the possibly thousands.
I gave her a membership month on the spot and then I realised that I liked a more calm chat experience and left.
Been Gosling to Noel ever since.

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I don't think I know what you're talking about. Do you have a link to the stream?

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Sometimes I feel like Gura is actually trying to cheer me up as an individual and that she cares about me. Then I remember it's a fucking vtuber.

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Lumi's travel date stream...

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I use my real name as my youtube handle so the first time I watched a smaller chuuba that reads and responds to every chat I was gone. Hearing my name come from the sweetest broken English followed by how hard she was trying at English to talk with me.... It's been a slippery slope since then

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> The way she kept rocking back and forth on her chair
I love that video.

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I cant gosling, i lack some kind of self delusion gene. 3DPD forever.

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I'm not usually into the gosling shit but for some reason mumei triggers my parental senses. I wanna protect her

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Selen in her bento box stream

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I feel you, I didnt see the response but it was too real

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Nothing, i'm not mentally ill

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Kronii's debut was the first time I ever regretted being married. If I wasn't, I would dump everything I own into her supas and membership.
I've never told anyone that and I never will.

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The home 3d ones? This was the first one:
But the effect is more pronounced in drunk home 3d streams, like this one:
But the full Gosling experience is when she combines home 3d with that calmer BGM, like in this one:
Marine talking with this BGM playing is pure melancholy kino. This BGM always makes me think about all of the regrets I have, and at the same time how grateful I am for what I do have, and how all of my bad choices ended up leading me to Senchou. I love her.
The BGM itself:

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Based, quite a comprehensive guide

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Calliope Mori, I liked her before but I saw a selfie of her roommate and I fell hard but last night's ASMR sealed the deal for good.

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retard here, what does goslinging mean?

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this bitch

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It means you have to go back

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You have to watch Bladerunner 2049 to fully understand

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let me ask you Anon would you flip a turtle over if you saw it on it's back?

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i've always liked her music, but i've never tuned in to any of her streams. Then one day i decided to give it a try, i tuned in to her karaoke stream. And man, the small talks she make after a song, or her laughs when she's reading the chat, so cute. I thought gosling was just a meme until i found her

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>I liked her before but I saw a selfie of her roommate
What are you talking about? her roommate's photos is what put all her DD antis on their knees The reason why deadcucks and normalfags tolerate her music is because of her roommate

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it was a specific one

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I’ve never Goslinged and chuubas who lean into gfe too much make me uncomfortable

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Towa's 3D debut after all she went through really made me realize I really just want to see her succeed in her endeavors

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Depends if it can get back to it's feet on it's own
If not, I would flip the lil fella

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Im assuming its a selfie you found on this site. Because every pic of DD is showing her in a good light

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newfag here. so when you say you saw a picture of her roommate do you actually mean her roommate or is that code for the vtubber herself?

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It means you have to go back

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We get it Ame, you hate your chat. Go lurk in the comments section.

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For your own good, learn to lurk more.

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we all start the bottom nigger

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As much as a basic bitch answer it is, ame's BR2049 watchalong was what captured me. She seemed to have a good time watching the movie and despite not really understanding it her bants and reactions were quite cute, and the threads back then where absolute fucking KINO. But where I completely lost was when she did the "you look lonely" speech at the end of the stream, stole my heart. As time went on she dipped her toes more into gfe, especially after her new outfit which only made things worse/better (but she's never gone all the way like rushia, more like a gentle tease here and there, cute comments throughout the stream, a kiss at the end and such)
Any oldfag teamates remember when she first started doing shit like that? From what I recall at the beginning she wasn't into that at all and was actually kind of sassy to her chat

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I dont want to form parasocial relationships since that is a route I do not want to go down but when it happens unexpectedly it really does fuck you. Like this is what I want but it doesnt exist which is the downward spiral/tilt. Knowing what you want but cant have it.

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My goslinging stopped at Katawa Shoujo like 10 years ago

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Ame struggling with Super Mario Sunshine, and specifically her beating the pachinko level with the rocket nozzle.

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Roommate is the super secret codeword to refer to their real identity, yes. Enjoy your stay.

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No way it's been 10 years since Katawa Shoujo was released.

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literally every kiara stream. if I don't watch her for a few days I get really sad. my mood is instantly better when her streams start

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His voice is amazing, he's tied #1 with Kanae for pretty boy in my view, and his ASMR has at times had the opposite effect and and sent shivers down my back. But the moments I truly gosling for Kaida is when he shows his kindness. From the big moments that get clipped, to the small things he does unprompted. The most recent one being the little message Kaida sent Kanae before VSaikyo, letting him know that he felt confident because he had Kanae leading them.
Probably didn't help that he completely derailed supachat reading when he half read mine out with a big loud and sudden UOOOOOHHH and then laughed cutly when he read the rest.

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I don't hold any delusions about getting with any of them, but I think a girl like Ame would be a sweet catch. Does that make me a goslingfag?

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>All those DO IT FOR HER posts
>10 years later, what have I accomplished


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>if I don't watch her for a few days I get really sad. my mood is instantly better when her streams start
See, that's the exact thing that scares me off from taking the plunge and going full gosling over my oshi.
If things are already that bad while they are still here streaming, I really don't wanna know how bad it would be once they graduate.

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I don't think it's necessarily gosling for her, but I got teary eye'd watching Nadeshiko's debut and her recent open of donations. She was completely overwhelmed by the support and it really hit me right in the heart. Not usual gosling, but it caused some feelings. I just want to see her grow and reach greater heights.

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>if I don't watch her for a few days I get really sad. my mood is instantly better when her streams start
See, that's the exact thing that scares me off from taking the plunge and going full gosling over my oshi.
If things are already that bad while they are still here streaming, I really don't wanna know how bad it will get once they graduate.

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No I think it released officially in 2012 but I'm sure anons played the beta or whatever before then

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she activates my neurons in a very carnal way but deep down i feel like i can save her. i want her to be mine but it feels so bad to think this way sometimes.

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Did you save her anon?

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Anya singing while delivering stuff in Death Stranding. The BTs began to show up and she kept on singing, despite rising nervousness.

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I really started to feel something during one of his ASMR streams and I haven't watched him since. He's a kimoota for our protection

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Every fucking time she sings.
One of the more recent ones, doing different voices while singing:
She's so dorky and adorable. I love my dragon.

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Nene Amano. I always scuffed at those who showed so much attachment to chuubas until I started watching her.
Some notable moments:
and this
this hit the hardest

A lot of her streams contain moments like these sprinkled all over, they're really heartfelt and never miss piercing my heart. It's shitty to say, but im so happy i was doing bad at the time that i was and was able to find her then. I feel so much happier these days, and it's all thanks to her.

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Any time Selen starts talking about Medabots, Beyblade, etc. It's that combination of sharing the same good memories with someone and the surrounding "fun" of the stream itself (just feels like shooting the shit with someone, no sense of pandering that a lot of chuubas have) that becomes a powerful combination.

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What is the term for gosling but you wish the chuuba was your child

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>Superchat tangents stream ends

>Thank you, i appreciate it Dragoons... it means a lot
>I really love spending my time with you guys and i hope you guys laughed a lot with me
>I could not make these kind of stream if it wasn't for the fact that i enjoy spending my time with all of you, laughing and saying dumb shit together
>Thank you Dragoons, i see you guys in the next stream

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Developed a painful infatuation with Fubuki for a few months when I first got into Hololive and hated myself for it. I don't think there was any specific moment that brought it out. After spending some time with her it just gradually grew until it was unbearable. Her voice was just so soothing, I especially lived for her ASMR. As usual, I talked myself out of my infatuation and can watch her normally now but fuck, those first few months were dreadful.

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I used to make fun of goslings until I watched one of my oshi's roommate guitar playing streams for the first time. The confused noise they made after forgetting the lyrics to a song hit me way too fucking hard despite how simple that moment was.

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>makes fun of goslings
>is schizo enough to watch roommates

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mori, like half of her discography. music just connects with me on a ridiculous level
as for actual stream moments this part in her asmr yesterday where she was humming bully did permanent psychological harm to me i think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUOuCbS0_Ww&t=3717s

always thought goslings were dumb and embarrassing but that girls music....

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>obscuring the gender
Just say it's a guy. Also stop looking at roommates

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Not proud to admit Mori put me into this state with the Happy Gilmore / Billy Madison watch-alongs. Something about her shared Millennial lived experience and reaction to these movies clicked with me in a way that was both nostalgic and deeply endearing.

That was the most intense (hence worst) parasocial fixation I've ever felt, and have made it a point to distance myself emotionally from all Vtubers, no matter how much I like them or want to support them.

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Yeah that was one of the best watchalongs I've seen. Was very comfy even though those movies are before my time

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>Also stop looking at roommates
That's what I've been trying lately. I thought about taking a break from my oshi for a while or chuubas in general and hopefully it works.

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Haachama's 3rd anniversary membership stream was for me literally haatons giving her a pat and cheering her, also I felt that something was wrong at this moment (It was days before her indefinite hiatus announcement)

>> No.9518013

Levi Elipha 2nd anniversary was the moment I was an avid watcher beforehand but when I supa her a small amount she read it aloud and try to understand it (it was in English) I fell more for her also now that she has home 3D she bobs her head when singing or makes hand signs I love it

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His ASMR is really good. His heartbeat/breathing combo is my favourite. It's like your sleeping on his chest. If you add in the soft little taps he does then it's like...I should stop and keep it to the Nijimale threads.

>> No.9518814

For me it's her spaghetti dropping when singing that did it. She excused herself from a big singing relay last month just because of how nervous she gets. GOXLR meme karaokes are just a front for her stage fright.

Even if Finana has some bitchy moments here and there, I really wish her all the best in life.

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I didn't really Gosling over Ame specifically but this video made me realize how much of life I've missed out on and will most likely never get a chance to experience again. I used to brood about it a lot during high school and middle school but I kinda got over it eventually. But after watching this video for the first time the emotions came crashing down again.
I never experienced love and I will die alone. All I can do about it at this point is find ways to keep my mind occupied so I don't think about that fact

>> No.9519001

>I never experienced love and I will die alone. All I can do about it at this point is find ways to keep my mind occupied so I don't think about that fact
Take the delusion pill, I had this feeling for so long I start to feel disgusted and nauseous at the thought of holding someone's hand

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December - February with Ame

Intimate moments with a indie I've been supporting and watching when it's just me and a couple other chads still watching till the end....post stream zatsudans

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When Reine started running down pedestrians and ramming cars off the road in bus simulator, that's when I knew she was a keeper.

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Gura and literally every stream of hers.

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Goslinging has to be the most shortest word that I have ever seen Congrats and this movie still isn't good.

>> No.9524246

Almost goslinged for lamy, ame and fubuki, good thing the rrats and the schizos in this board somehow gave me something equivalent of taking meds and I now watch them in moderation now

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coco aug 2020 funnily enough it was before i got a girlfriend (still going strong) (no she doesnt know about my obsession of vtubers) i just imagined coco as the perfect girlfriend and i was depressed for a weak and got over it

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at least three times every Irys stream not including the secret ending, this woman is a monster

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Shit film and fake word

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Selen's unarchived stream where she voiced out her frustrations
Selen's bento box stream

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when the day comes I'll just jump over to her roommate

>> No.9527510

I've never Gosling'd. I don't know if it's because I'm too autistic to or not autistic enough. I do feel like I'm missing out though.

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I tough goslings were retarded until my oshi had that one stream were she was just so relatable that i felt like i was not alone. Watching her stream since then have been really wierd because i know its not healthy.

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I had a really elaborate dream about Mori being my high school gf and I was trying to throw a surprise festival for her new EP. I wish I could be asleep forever.

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When Fubuki and Matsuri was playing Phasmo and I saw how scared Matsuri was it just triggered male instincts to console and protect the weaker sex.

This was before I found out she was an omega Menhera glad I'm out of her hold

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What in the actual fuck? It has already been that long? Tell me you are shitting me anon

>> No.9530323

Kizuna AI in 2016

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Does goslinging for fun count or does it have to be legitimate?
I was gosling while the hopium threads were going on with owl, because it was genuinely entertaining.
Sadly I can't genuinely gosling for these girls cause I'm incapable of being delusional enough to think I'd ever have a shot with them, which kind of kills it for me before I go too deep.

>> No.9530898

Ame was my first. After some time learned how hardworking Kiara(and her roommate) is and i am in love ever since

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EN had just debuted and I wasn't too interested. Friends said we should all watch Calliope's first karaoke together. I fell. So hard. I've been madly in love with my darling Mori ever since.

>> No.9531038

I respect.

>> No.9531314

Gura, just... Gura.

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a little something for a fellow gosling

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For me it's Reiny. Once she told that schizo in Nia's chat to leave after he was shitting it up. I knew she was the one. I love Reiny so much bros it hurts. I love Ojiki too. But Reiny Love!!! Reiny is cute!!!!

>> No.9531507 [DELETED] 

I goslinged hard for Pekora until I learned she was going out with that Kato Junichi guy. Kind of broke the illusion to me from there on out.

>> No.9531842

This anon has refined tastes

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Hoarse voiced, laughing, shit talker shows her feminine side making "cute" rice bears and a bento box making little squids as well. Also utterly toned down cursing from what she normally does while playing games. That stream destroyed the typical Selen watcher.

>> No.9532664 [DELETED] 

Kureiji Ollie. I only watched her for her fun attitude at first, nothing real deep about it, but she was cute and fun, so I even bought membership the first day it was available. Then her first membership stream came along, an ASMR stream. I wasn't ready for a menhera Ollie letting out so many of her deepest feelings on the table. I fell hopelessly in love. I do tend to have a thing for menhera girls. Such is life I suppose.

>> No.9532698


Soras dating stream and Guras oceanside chat obliterated me.

But I'll always be loyal to Fubuki. She has me firmly in her grasp. There isn't a clearcut reason or explicit moment, If I'm honest with myself. Fubuki is my oshi and I am one of her sukons. It's just the way it is.
I am content with that as an identity.

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Kureiji Ollie. I only watched her for her fun attitude at first, nothing real deep about it, but she was cute and fun, so I even bought membership the first day it was available. Then her first membership stream came along, an ASMR stream. I wasn't ready for a menhera Ollie letting out so many of her deepest feelings on the table. I fell hopelessly in love. I do tend to have a thing for menhera girls. Such is life I suppose.

>> No.9533206

Fucking everything Kaneko Lumi does makes me gosling

And then I go fap to Choco lewds and reset to factory state

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I know she will do another stream like this in the future... i wont survive

>> No.9533373

I went full gosling when she cut back on ARK streams

>> No.9533519

I goslinged hard when gura first did karaoke. Way over it now, but fuck me I wanna feel that way again about something

>> No.9533563

How terrible must your marriage be if a vtuber debut made you regret being married? If you don't have children, I think you should tell your wife how you really feel about her, bring up the topic of divorce, both of you will end up happier in the long run if you find other people that you truly love.

>> No.9533991

I started to gosling for Temma during his first asmr stream, then I started auntieposting as a joke and now it's not a joke anymore, if he ordered me to invade a country this very moment I would in a heartbeat. I want nothing but happiness for this man and its making me regret being poor and lonely. I would sell the world and my left nut just to see him living happily for a few minutes, even if it's without me.

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based, but I love Nia more

>> No.9542003

>Which moments have caused you to go Gosling, and with which vtuber?

>> No.9542391

I feel like auntie is the perfect description and I thank the auntie who started it all because I get far more pleasure imagining petting and spoiling him than anything else in the world. Anything to make him happy. I miss morning streams because he'd have morning voice and just >imagining gets me worked up

>> No.9545869

Nice quints.

>> No.9546511

Same here aunties, I haven't gone full gosling but after the english streams I got a lot more attached. If Temma asked me to capture and enslave hundreds of people for his breeding experiments I might just do it.

>> No.9546592

I'll never be schizo enough to think I have a chance but I guess I've gotten to the point with my oshi where she can have a pretty noticeable emotional effect on me. I dont desire her specifically but she represents some ideal to me I guess so in that sense I'm a gosling.

That said I mostly just find it enjoyable to post about how much I love her and also share that experience with other likeminded anons.

>> No.9546674


To be serious gosling means to realize that even though you love a Vtuber, you will never actually have a relationship with them.

>> No.9547748

Isn't that a given though?

>> No.9548767

Going Gosling does not mean that you think you actually have a shot at ever being with your oshi. To me it's mostly the state of being heartbroken BECAUSE of the fact that you'll never be together.

>> No.9548866

Is it bad if I prefer Gura's version of this better?

>> No.9548923
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It is, but healthy people tend to use that as a reminder to not form parasocial relationships. Goslings just live with the pain.
I know it's not healthy, but she still makes me so happy that the pain is a small price to pay.

>> No.9549695

I'm already free but it was Kaguya Luna. Vtubers nowadays don't even compare to the amount of gravitas to the ones that came before.

>> No.9549761

Also realizing that a woman like that exists.

>> No.9553363

it means you should kills yourself faggot

>> No.9553460

I hardly even watch her but Sana's laugh and sunny personality make my heart melt.

>> No.9553544
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Amelia's superliminal streams right after she debuted broke me man. Probably the most comfy stream series I've ever watched.

>> No.9553624
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