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Guys, I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure I'm NOT Pomu.

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wtf is wrong with you

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This is really triggering my autism because there is a chance you are Pomu and I can never know

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Pomu ruin this board more than Holobronies.

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You will be soon

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but if you arent Pomu then I am not Pomu, then who is Pomu?

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I am Pomu

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Why did Pomu start crying tho, is the cancer back?

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Seethe nousagi. Pomu is the new mascot of /vt/

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it never left

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have you tried being pomu

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I'm still not sure if all those Selen and Pomuposters are falseflaggers or not

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They are. They push the only marginally palatable nijinigs in a desperate attempt to make their trash company relevant.

It isn't working.

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I'm 107% certain that Pomu is unironically the OP and is lying to us in a desperate bid to maintain her relevance.

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