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Elira LOVE

Major clip channel:
Nijisanji EN channel:

No link yet.
What do you expect from Elira's first membership stream?
Any predictions?

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Funny twitter interaction with Petra because she was liking some fanfic after saying she didn't like fanfics in last nights stream.

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I wish this could be a thing OP but your best bet is to try to make a Lazulight thread.

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Don't know if anyone else received it, but I got my custom voicepack today!

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I got mine, its great.

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Not OP but Pomudachi don't seem too interested since they can keep a general themselves, I made an offer to some fishfriends for a duo thread if they wanted, though

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Just passing by, wanted to let you guys know that your oshi is a very lovable dork. And that tonight’s member stream is hella fun (from a fellow Ryuguard)

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Famelira seem to do a lot of lurking instead of posting whenever Elira's not streaming so these threads never seem to last long

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Fuck you

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Look, we would be happy to make one with you but you never offered.

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Cool drawing!

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I wouldn't mind a Lazulight thread but they interact with Obsydia often enough as is that I don't really see a point to do so right now.

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It's mainly just because the general has been so shit and it gets worse and worse every week, and it's gonna take another nosedive after wave 3 debuts, so different fanbases have been seeing if they can get split threads going. Sadly only Pomudachi and Dragoons can seem to keep 'em up, Rosebuds probably could too but they're fine with just staying in the general and spamming warped rosemi shit
On topic, though, I really love Elira!

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I will continue making this threads whenever I can. At the end of the day, I just want to put some Elira art in the catalog for everyone to see.

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I still can't listen to my custom voice pack.
I need to work myself up to it.

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Ganbare! Elira would want you to!

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I figured you guys would just be content with threads you've got going already

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I've listened to mine at least 10 times. She's so cute I love her too much. Couldn't be happier with what I got.

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Based art appreciator. Elira sure gets some good ones

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man, this moment was so cute, how she got all flustered and pysched herself into it.
member stream's gonna be amazing.

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Oh I agree. I don't mind split threads though, especially if people are testing things out to see what sticks. I imagine by the time the next two waves debut a Lazulight thread will be more than warranted.
Since it's the first membership stream I imagine more people will try to tune in. It'll probably feel like any of her previous talking segments, which isn't a bad thing at all.

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I just want to talk about nijis and elira with my bros. Even a month ago things were better. Outside of rare comfy hours I'm very sad about the general

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>Outside of rare comfy hours I'm very sad about the general
This is so true...

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Eh... This thread had a good run.

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Membersheeeesh stream in 80 min. Let's go!!!

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Nervous Elira! I wonder what she'll talk about..

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Elira LOVE

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this cutie. she will be okay
i guess other sites dont have membership streams so the unfamiliarity must be throwing her
but the audience will be smaller and closer

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No everyone is Pomu and we move Pomu, including Elira!

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I'm still here bro... I'll mostly be in the main niji thread but I hope EN friends can come and enjoy Rin!'s live this weekend with me :)
Until then though, I'm looking forward to seeing how the membersheesh stream will go.

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If anya can maintain a general, anyone can.

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It's time

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Elira LOVE

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She's so cute...

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Elira's sweaty overalls!

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Sweaty dragon love!

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bros i am in love with this dragon...

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Anyone got the streamable of Elira singing Jojo songs?

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I'm concerned she is reclining bros...
She used to be number one and now selen, finana and pomu all mog her. Will she ever make a comeback?

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I-I'm gonna gosling...

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I'm already gone. I love her.

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Same, she's just so adorable and lovable

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She inspires me to be more racist in my daily life

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What a great stream. I have the best oshi.
Good night, dragonlovers

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Elira LOVE

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Time for Undertale today hopefully she can clear that boss.

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I love her

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She’s been sleeping better (probably)
Any predictions on how long it’ll take for her to beat Undyne?

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You say that but she was up until just now playing Genshin waiting for Inui's new song to drop looking at twitter.

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Kek this dumb dragon, never change Elira

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What would she think if she read this?

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How are you going to use it?

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as you should

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Sweaty lovable dragon

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Stinky fuckable dragon

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This silly, cuddly dork is so cute and loves her fans so much. 34 hours streamed in the past few days, over double the next member, she's so amazing and never runs out of energy!

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I want her to stream again, already...

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4hrs, dragonbro
its crazy how much my life revolves around her streams. its not a bad feeling. im using her to tide me over as i get my own life in order. her passion keeps me going

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JWU anyone can recommend a good cover/original?

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For Elira? She only has the one solo cover so far:
More are on the way, one maybe this month

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Her membership stream was really fun, she got over her nervousness pretty quickly, I'm excited for future streams as she opens up more and more

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Elira LOVE

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I think it's because she also didn't have to worry about the usual tourists as well, so that eased her into it.

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Looks like a stream switch with tomorrow

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She be cute

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Incredibly so

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think she was being a bit ambitious with her redstone plan

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I'm watching the membership broadcast from last night and 23 minutes in she's already so cute.

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Elira LOVE

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she only gets more so anon. brace yourself.

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I love this girl so much.

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Based. She's a keeper.
I find it funny how a 4 hour stream feels like a short one though kek
I love my endurance dragon.

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samefagging to say that she's a cute dork. I hope she does a book club with members that'd be fun.

>> No.9515326

I'd actually be kind of interested in that if they have audiobook versions. I used to love listening to them at the office but now I just watch youtube all day because at home.

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Might get Elira playing Poker soon. That could be fun, I am bad at mahjong so I am too scared to join the games when she hosts.

>> No.9516764

I can't wait for all the kinds of membership streams she'll do. She's so amazing

>> No.9516805

Yeah I'm trash at mahjong
I'm trash at poker as well, but at least I fully understand the rules.

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