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Based Ame putting /vt/ "muh constructive criticism" faggots in their place.
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all.

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sasuga condomates, trying their best to cope as the yesmen they are

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She should take the same advice instead of being a passive aggressive bitch

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Is Ame the most reddit holo in en branch, it can't be kiara as she is too much of a Stacy for redditors

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holy shit I love Ame

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Ame hates criticism and is easily offended, which is why she censors her chat.

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Imagine posting a wall of text that's gonna get laughed at by the vtuber you meant it for, her coworkers via Discord and people online instead of just enjoying Ame's deterioration in silence.

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How do you break two 3090s then refuse to send them in for warranty replacement?
I'm incredibly wealthy, but would never burn money like that.

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He's eventually gonna have the last laugh, HoloEN in general is reclining hard. The hololive buff is nonexistent nowadays

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my guy how do you read shit in darkmode without the letters burning into your retina? the moment i stopped reading and closed the image i still saw the paragraph on my screen

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Just think Teamates, you too can work overtime to support her lifestyle, isn't that swell?

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What's going on with Ame? What is this drama about her graphics card and why isn't she fixing it?

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>Goodluck ni-

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HoloEN has grown complacent. They got too used pulling big numbers without effort. At this rate they'll be overtaken by VShojo in a couple of months and by NijiEN sometime next year.

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A..Anon, your astigmatism reps...

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It's declining not reclining retard. Don't you got a another bait thread to make?

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how new are you?

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funny you say this as i was just reading about this. havent seen the eye doctor in years, probably should get checked up

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Fucking SEAniggers I'm not even mad she responded like this, I expected it cause I know Ame but did my wall of text anyways cause I just wanted to give my thoughts towards a lot of the things she's holding back on. I know she might not listen and laugh at me but she still read it at least and probably the other comments regarding the current issues she has, I just wish her the best of luck and hope the mold in her house doesn't kill her

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Ame is wealthy in the same way as an nba player. It’s different, and leads to different things ultimately.

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mental illness

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She'd change her tone real quick if she found out he's an active donor

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Is this the same comment she kinda backpedalled on when she realized the poster was one of her paypigs?

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I’m laughing at you just like Ame did

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Kiara posts a lot in reddit. Ame did once to promote her charity stream

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OP is a faggot yet again. same old same old

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Honestly still not sure whether Ame is annoying or based. That guy should feel embarrassed either way.

I don't think this is true yet, but NijiEN might start actually eating at them if things continue as they are. I like the chemistry in that group a whole lot more.

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I'm a fucking landlord that owns multiple buildings.
I can't believe anyone would be this wasteful with money and would just decide to buy a third fucking 3090 at ridiculous scalper prices instead of just sending one of the broken ones back.

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tummy hort

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Imagine getting a reply from your oshi and its her laughing about your autismo. It’s about time some chubas make an effort to teach their cringeworthy fans a lesson.

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Newfags are so easy to spot holy shit.

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Kek, pathetic. Management probably made her do it. I've noticed /v/fags and /g/fags are the most obnoxious people when it comes to "giving advice"

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It's actually undiagnosed uterine cancer

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Most companies are just sending a partial refund for the gpu is broken or a full refund for the pc because they can't even get gpus. even if ame had returned it or even the whole pc, getting a refund doesn't fix the problem and would likely make the situation worse.
t. someone who works for a company who does pre-builds.

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>That guy should feel embarrassed either way.
Absolutely, this is just the vtuber equivalent of 'guy that makes a public spectacle out of confessing his love to a girl that doesn't know he exists.'

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This is Amelia "doesn't care about the money" Watson? Whoa

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That guy needs to learn to be concise.

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>I'm a fucking landlord that owns multiple buildings.
Why are you posting here then? Don't you have some tenants to rip off? Some building repairs to ignore? Fuck off, slumlord leech.

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How do you even break two 3090s in such a short timespan.

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Family curse unironically

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Kiara is literally the most active HoloEN on Reddit, maybe even all of Hololive. You can't just say "thing I don't like = Reddit", that's not how words work.

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Like clockwork.

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The right way, the wrong way, the #AmeWay

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DONT take their words for it retards, rule nr.1 when dealing with e celebs
just admit to yourselves she doesnt want to play the games she promised to play

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Don't be a bitch, the majority of what I say isn't nice but it's true from my perception so I'll say it.

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i love how passive aggressive she is

>> No.9437574

>renting property
ngmi wagie

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Nah, it's a normal phenomenon

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Those NZXT prebuilts she bought are badly built pieces of shit. First 3090 was dead on arrival.
She just bought a second one and that ones PCIe port was completely bent which probably caused the 3090 to have a short after a while. She posted a picture of the slot.

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Yeah the new craze is Nijiniggers and 2views, get it right!

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You can tell she’s mad though to even respond retard

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bad GPU sag destroying the board's PCI-e slot. she should get one of these braces to avoid killing her GPU's

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passive aggressive is lame. beatani is superior with her bluntness

>> No.9437680

A vertical gpu mount costs less than 50 dollars as well

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>writing a fucking essay about some shit like you're someone of importance to someone who probably gets hundreds of samey DMs/emails/comments each day and has literally no time to deal with them all

Why do people do this?

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Needs more GOXLR and screaming.

>> No.9437732

It clearly bothered enough that she needed to comment kek. Why can't they be smart and just ignore the cringe?

>> No.9437764

He IS an active donor, you'd know this if you actually watched Ame streams, retard

>> No.9437775

Just enjoy.

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This isnt even that cringy or annoying as YT comments (outside of the random concern fagging at the end); why did it set her off?

>> No.9437855

because she's becoming irrelevant

>> No.9437863

Hope you live in a state with guns the commies are gunna be comin after you soon

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She's one of those people that interpret any form of criticism as a personal attack. She probably read multiple comments telling her she was being an idiot and just replied to this specific comment.

>> No.9437869

See the other comments, it regards the GPU and some members saying they're surprised she even quit that quickly

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This except unironically. So many people who find their way into wealth and popularity end up burning it up because they have absolutely no ability to filter themselves or know when to shut up. ECelebs are particularly horrible at this. Your ONE job is to smile and wave. Don't fuck up the magic or else everything you have will vanish. You can find sarcastic, passive aggressive people anywhere, it has no value. But kindness and humility, even feigned, are nearly impossible to find so people will pay out of their ass for it.

Don't say stupid shit on twitter. Don't say stupid shit on stream. Don't make passive aggressive comments. Pretend to be thankful and grateful no matter how much the person does or doesn't deserve it. That's how you make money and keep it.

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Because its true and she knows it

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doesn't gura have the same pre-built? how the heck is ame so unlucky..

>> No.9438039

Nah, I posted a different comment. It was less nice though so she'd never respond to it.

>> No.9438063

It's funny how unused American women are to someone having expectations from them

>> No.9438092

This should be engraved on a fucking plaque. Certain vtubers will end up thrown aside and forgotten because they act just as entitled and cunty as the vacant-headed twitch e-girls now getting left behind.

>> No.9438102

just buy a couple of houses you utter poorfag

>> No.9438142

Gura's shit got fucked up too, just a few weeks ago she had to take a break to fix it.

>> No.9438165

>All these incels seething ITT
Lmao she's so based

>> No.9438187

Could of sworn it was just her power cable was loose.

>> No.9438206

She skipped one stream to discover that her psu wasn't plugged in all the way. It's retarded on another, unrelated level

>> No.9438211

It's fucked too. Multiple tech publications have reported on NZXT prebuilts being incredibly shoddily assembled.

>> No.9438226

That's what Gura initially said yeah...but then it sounded like she was having more issues and didn't elaborate on them, and then it got fixed

>> No.9438241

She failed the shit test.

>> No.9438258

Majority of this thread is agreeing tho. Doesn't that mean she's unbased?

>> No.9438300

Okay, guess I missed that stream. No surprises from Gura there.

>> No.9438309

>got a reply
that's why

>> No.9438312

And yet she saltily responded.

>> No.9438315

Oh hey a holo that actually reads VOD comments

>> No.9438317

>can't be bothered to fill out an RMA form
Yeah nah Ame's just a lazy fuck.

>> No.9438320

What's worse? Taking apart your entire PC just to find the PSU cable was loose, or having a friend come by to diagnose why your computer won't start just to find you weren't pressing the button hard enough?

>> No.9438351

ame is so fucking based

>> No.9438411

She'll calm herself down by eating some tasty bread later

>> No.9438445

It's an epidemic at this point. Even genuine, non-autistic concerns for an American woman's health or safety is seen as "mansplaining" or chauvinist. The internet has gotten them accustomed to hugboxes like reddit and tumblr where nothing is supposed to make them feel bad.

>> No.9438449

>American Commies


>> No.9438452

Do you think he'll touch his peepee now because she replied to him?

>> No.9438505

ame and drama can't believe it

>> No.9438525

Vermont, bro

>> No.9438538

Nearly all prebuilts from big companies have issues. But issues are usually little things like the cables not plugged in all the way or maybe dislodged from travel that are easy to fix. You should go into the prebuilt and check all the wired connections when you get it.
Compare this to shitty prebuilt companies like Walmart etc where the system doesn't boot because they have put in two different chips of ram or the cheap chinese PSU has fried itself.
In comparison NZXT prebuilds aren't that bad but you should expect to check all internals on any prebuild you buy as a matter of course.

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>When this was the response

>> No.9438579


I ain't reading all that shit

>> No.9438582

Is she the most openly hostile to her fans of any vtuber? Seems like she legitimately hates most of them, cracking jokes about them being her walking piggy banks or intentionally delaying streams and laughing at their distress with her discord friends.

>> No.9438590

If Ame replies to a literal who's attempt at criticism I'd imagine she falls for obvious baits on /vt/ every time kek

>> No.9438611

Probably not. But imagine taking the time to write a long list of suggestions to someone you've spent a lot of money on and just getting a 'yeah sure whatever lol' as a response. I think I'd be pissed.

>> No.9438630

Ame has a big ego, she takes any form of criticism towards her seriously

>> No.9438635

if you don't like being hated don't interact with women, it's simple

>> No.9438636

Based but also stop shitting up the catalogue.

>> No.9438643

Ame did

>> No.9438645

>Taking the high ground this much
What an absolute chad... She definitely feels bad now

>> No.9438695

Based if true. But she didn't. She shits on us as much as we shit on her. Simple as

>> No.9438709

She's trying to act nonchalant but you know it gets to her

>> No.9438721 [DELETED] 

Teacucks apparently like that kind of treatment, so it's all right.

>> No.9438724

>I've noticed /v/fags and /g/fags are the most obnoxious people when it comes to "giving advice"
there is nothing worse
cept for obvious shills in /biz/ advising you where you should invest but that's a different matter

>> No.9438748

the walking piggie banks love it

>> No.9438753

Ames tech problems have been such a shitshow that she deserves the obnoxious back seating

>> No.9438765

It gets to her because despite it being an autistic wall of text, all the points on it are valid.

>> No.9438828

hang yourself commie scum

>> No.9438842

Don't care still giving her an akasupa and buying her anniversary merch

>> No.9438847

I used to think Gundou is the bitchiest vtuber but I watched a couple of her stream and she seems quite nice even when bantering with chat but Ame is really passive aggressive with chat at times

>> No.9438848


>> No.9438880

He's right, you know.

>> No.9438950

You're a pretty shitty landlord if you let all these people live rent free.

>> No.9438984

Why is "thanks for the feedback lol" bad?
Maybe i'm too autistic and ESL, but is seems like a "okay, i'm listening" response and "lol" because it was long and harsh, but true. idk. You're making drama over nothing

>> No.9439003

Didn't have to do an autistic wall text tho, the concernfagging at the end made everything invalid

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>spent a lot of money on

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Lost to a 1 page form

>> No.9439016

Because the lol turns it into "thanks for the wall of text faggot"

>> No.9439038

But anon the pc tower is too heavy for her...

>> No.9439042

seems like youre just retard

>> No.9439059

Really now?
Is that really a thing?

>> No.9439090

lol makes it passive aggressive when nothing amusing is being said and it's a bitchy way to respond

>> No.9439114

Anon the lol at the end is the reason why this response is even causing this drama

>> No.9439152

Thank for the input lol

>> No.9439166

>autistic tourists shitposting

>> No.9439171

Ah, an insurmountable obstacle. I give up.

>> No.9439188

If she had said "thanks for the feedback", there'd be no issue. Nothing in the post was meant to be funny, so laughing at the end implies passive aggression.

>> No.9439228

>pissing off your oshi so much that she bothered to passive agressively respond at you
I would take it as a win desu

>> No.9439245

Holy shit now i love ame. Pretty fucking based.

>> No.9439253

>Pissing off
>With feedback
Uh something doesn't seem right

>> No.9439257

We're talking about the Ame who literally dropped Witcher because people were "backseating" in chat. It's something that exist in every JP Vtuber chat who plays RPGs and somehow only this particular white woman found it to be enough reason for not finishing a game. If you lower you expectations of her and just think of her as another Twitchthot(just with a Japanese anime avatar instead of Western Vshojo) you wouldn't get mad at drama anymore.

>> No.9439260

You missed my point.

>> No.9439261

Hey anon sorry you’re autistic lol

>> No.9439264

I mean, I hear his name all the goddamn time in supa readings so I assume he spends a noticeable amount. At least more than the $5 a month for the membership.

>> No.9439320

Amelia always adds "lol", emojis or some silly thing at the end of every sentence she writes.
ITT autistic tourists. Go read her answers or member post

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File: 1.46 MB, 210x221, 1630374524363.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>willfully gives money to streamer no strings attached
>surprised when he has no strings to pull

>> No.9439337

>I'm a fucking landlord that owns multiple buildings.
In other words you're not close to the wealth top streamers make. Stop being retarded and thinking you're on the same level senpai.

>> No.9439362

Can Ame RMA graphics cards that she got through pre-builts?
I mean either way she should have tried to be compensated for being given lemons if she hasn't.

>> No.9439385

I don't think I've ever seen any holo pissed off at insults or false criticism, they generally just ignore it since it's easy to dismiss, but they always get mad at actual fans making small criticisms or giving feedback and they can't dismiss it since it's mostly true coming from fans. So if you want to piss off your oshi the best way is to give them feedback

>> No.9439419

Management probably did it.

>> No.9439425

JP Holos like Korone or Watame have taken false criticism as legit before and apologized to literal trolls

>> No.9439458

She used to need to get on her knees in a past life to be able to afford her next meal, you think she doesn't care about money?

>> No.9439463

Incredibly based

>> No.9439470

Great post anon lol

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File: 434 KB, 800x800, vt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9439490

Thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9439507

Does he actually give a lot of money? Emailing yago about it might get a response lmao. She might get a talking to, yagoo doesnt want them fucking qith the gachi money.

>> No.9439521

Ame is such a whiny bitch and her fanbase easily has the most reddit mentality of shitting their pants at anyone who criticizes her.

>> No.9439561

Emojis and silly things, yes, but not "lol".
t. Looking through her member post where she answered questions a few days back.

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>ame types three fucking letters
>multiple bump-limit threads are made on /vt/ in response, chock full of passionate rage
vtubers are fucking powerful holy shit

>> No.9439605

All of the seethe this thread has generated so far is proof positive that Ame is the GOAT.

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>> No.9439626

based. passive-agressive fag got what he deserved

>> No.9439635

>the absolute state of /vt/sisters
i kneel...

>> No.9439646

I teally dont see whats wrong with being passionate, i thrown like 4000 dollars at her between supas and merchandise, some common courtesy to her fanbase would be nice.

>> No.9439654

Based fuck kikey bastards, get a real fucking career and contribute something you leech.

>> No.9439658


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ame likes shark cunny

>> No.9439678

As long as you realize you're contributing to Ame's condom fund, have fun with that

>> No.9439693

1st one was a iBuypower prebuilt that got dropped
2nd one was a NZXT prebuilt that got dropped

>> No.9439705

Just because you give her money doesn't mean she has to listen to what her fanbase wants, this is unironically how Ame is and this guy wasted everyone's time with this wall text

>> No.9439713
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>> No.9439718

dangerously based

>> No.9439724

>ame can't help but respond to attention seeking retards
Fanbase really does reflect the oshi doesn't it

>> No.9439743

Was a whore, past tense. Hololive money made that part of her life no longer necessary which makes it weirder that she isn't more gratefull for it and treats her fanbase like that. You think having to stream videogames for thousand of dollars would be more comfortable for her than being on her knees swallowing man made protein, in a shitty motel room for 80 dollars a pop.

>> No.9439745

>and this guy wasted everyone's time
He got a response, how is that more of a waste of time than spending hours schizo posting on here?

>> No.9439780

on most days I shitpost about chudbuds being the most thinskinned fanbase but teacucks might be even easier

>> No.9439782


>> No.9439789

there's nothing cool or funny about passive-aggressive coping

>> No.9439793

>you ordered a burger but got soup instead, why are you complaining shitlord.

>> No.9439810

> she definitely feels bad now ha ha.... right?

>> No.9439817

Well that was her fault for even reading that autism with concern fagging at the end, should have ignored it rather than give a response that fags get autistic about

>> No.9439857

Vtubers aren't restaurants, that logic doesn't apply here and you're just being an entitled faggot

>> No.9439876

When did Ame ever imply that she needed to do that for money? Strange rrat.

>> No.9439900

What the fuck, she was not literally a prostitute. Also no shit she doesn't care about money, she just wasted multiple thousands by not fixing her gpu correctly or getting the warranty

>> No.9439903

Put down the bread and RMA the card already, Ame.

>> No.9439906

>autistic about
He is fine with her response though. Ame always read her YT comment section.

>> No.9439932

She is a western women anon, she isn't capable of remorse. They would cheat on their husband on their wedding night and would be confused if anyone complained about it.

>> No.9439952

Whore is just as much a state of mind. That's also why financial planning is important, don't want to have to return to sucking cock after you graduate

>> No.9439968

Never, obviously. It's just a schizo.

>> No.9440032
File: 41 KB, 403x409, 1630237843325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So let me get this straight.
People complain about her GPU, in a Papers Please stream? And Amelia should respond to it seriously?

>> No.9440034

Hololive IS. They're basically Virtual Cabaret. They stopped interacting with males totally because a handful of people bitched about it hard enough

>> No.9440055

To be fair this chicks are pretty much online geishas for gachis, neets and general losers. If it wasnt for male desperation and the rising 30%, they wouldn't be making so much money.

>> No.9440107

Where would they complain about it? In the streams about games she won't play because she broke her gpu twice?

>> No.9440142

What games anon? No one gives a fuck about apex

>> No.9440149

I dont think she doesn't care about money as much as she is just bad at managing it.

>> No.9440157

It's more like, a small group of people are complaining about the many things she has promised to do/fix over the past months that have yet to be done. Don't know why it was brought up in this stream in particular, but it was probably a supa that kicked off that discussion

>> No.9440159

In a zatsudan stream where she literally culled her number down so you can talk with her with the free chat?

>> No.9440193

>Where would they complain about it?
You don't. It's that simple.

>> No.9440200

Unironically literary me. Rrats are based.

>> No.9440235

yeah, it's ame's fault
she should be grateful she's not working at mc'donalds right now

>> No.9440248

Landlord hate psyops are perpetuated and created by massive institutional lenders. They would rather you not even rent, but live in a pod. You don’t have to like landlords but factually they are a drop in the bucket, and not even close to being the 1% that landlords are actually beholden to

>> No.9440252

>Don't give legitimate feedback, just enjoy your oshi sabotaging herself
Damn what a nice fan you are

>> No.9440258

And those many things, including The Fish Tank, aren't dropped & Ame is really honest when she cancel a project. You should know if you actually watch her stream.

>> No.9440263

Can I get a quick run down on this, ame used to be a prostitute rrat

>> No.9440277

>Just shut up and take whatever shit gets dropped on your plate!

>> No.9440281

Faggot this is Hololive, if you're going to be autistic and give feedback that bothers your oshi you're no better than a schizo anti

>> No.9440295

Yeah like people don't sperg out over them here that much right?

>> No.9440299

>just enjoy your oshi sabotaging herself
I enjoy that

>> No.9440316

Gura shits on her chat a lot too.

>> No.9440332

>give feedback that bothers your oshi
If the truth bothers her then she's the one in the wrong.

>> No.9440335

Ames past is lets say.......rough. Any more info than that gets you a vacation.

>> No.9440344

Listen bitch take Lara's name out of your stanky mouth and point your criticism at that bitch Poko, she has like three boyfriends

>> No.9440352

She's the only holo that manages to turn down multiple sponsorships.
Money isn't really a problem with her.

>> No.9440378

Sounds like she is bad at managing money then.

>> No.9440381


>> No.9440391

No she isn't, fuck off smashfart you're better off in the teamate discord than being here

>> No.9440400

Gura teases her chat and ghosts them when they want her to change something. It's different than OP

>> No.9440407

This is not /hlgg/ anon, you can post it assuming it exists in the first place.

>> No.9440421

>just enjoy

>> No.9440433

You're trying a bit too hard with your 'blindly defend Ame' act, anon. I know you're eager to fan these flames but its not believable.

>> No.9440455

I would never take shit, that's nasty as fuck but on other hand if Ame pissed on me i wouldn't mind.

>> No.9440462

>You can't just say "thing I don't like = Reddit", that's not how words work.
You are new here, right? You must be from reddit...

>> No.9440466

Or she doesn't need them because she has no gacha addiction or creating multiple songs just because this is an idol company.

>> No.9440495

Literally how do holosimps put up with this shit?

>> No.9440506

She isn't gonna fuck you anon, dont try to defend her retarded money decision, or do, idk, i don't care.

>> No.9440508

Thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9440532


>> No.9440542

We don't really owe the vtubers we watch anything. If people want to donate, they can, but trying to protect and save your oshi from herself is pointless. I'm here for the entertainment.

>> No.9440545
File: 113 KB, 1080x1350, 98F29109-8B8D-4D9F-A00E-99F65E628178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9440564


>> No.9440582
File: 1.53 MB, 335x974, 1629257485411.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy FUCKING SHIT. Teammates might be the most based fanbase in vtubing. This nigger T-posing after making Ame read his dumb Essay. Absolute Chad. Literally Dunked on this latinks hoe. Teammates, I Fucking KNEEL.

>> No.9440604

I don't give a fuck, anon, but as far as I know, the girl is still swimming in money & bought a laser cuter that she used, twice.

>> No.9440645

anon get your money back. Its not worth it.....

>> No.9440648

Unironically should have posted this over the wall text

>> No.9440668
File: 864 KB, 2400x1440, hololive weekly median ccv 2021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>HoloEN in general is reclining hard
no it is not, 2view schizochama. Its been keeping basically the same numbers through the whole year. Kys already.

>> No.9440679 [DELETED] 

>mucho texto
He btfo'd that spic whore

>> No.9440689

I haven't watched Ame in months and hold no particular opinion towards her - she seems to be doing a good variety of content, but it's nothing I hold particular interest in - but the way these posts are phrased are just WORDS WORDS WORDS and retarded concernfagging so I can't really fault her or anyone else for not taking it seriously.

At least, well.
Use line breaks.
That enter button isn't just there for sending chat messages.

The ending of >>9437022 in particular felt excessively tryhard and >>9437301 doesn't get to the point either and comes across as questioning her intelligence.

Again, not a teammate, pretty much quit her content within months of debut, but I can't fault the people calling it obnoxious.
What I can fault with is simply editing the reply rather than acknowledging that while the tone might've been off it was still helpful in terms of content.

With that out of the way.
What, exactly, were her tech issues?

>> No.9440699

-> >>9438558
Same interpretation. You're just bored and want to shitpost and create narratives at the first thing that could be bad. Keep it up though, it's funny

>> No.9440734

thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9440735

*can find fault with, rather

>> No.9440750

She broke 2 3090s and can't stream intensive games

>> No.9440755

Fuck off. Ame doesn't deserve this shit. Why do people think that all their opinions need to said or heard? What's wrong with you ungrateful blokes. Watch the content and enjoy the content. If you don't enjoy the content then kindly unsub, unmember and block. No one cares that your underwear is digging deep in your ass crack. Ame doesn't care and she definitely doesn't deserve this shit.

>> No.9440760


>> No.9440768

>be me
>a clipfag
>doesn't care about your oishi
>doesn't simp a single cuckbuck to fund her condoms
>use money that worth for something else
>browse /vt/ for schizo drama and entertainment

>> No.9440779

Pretty much this is the thread and we're here to laugh at an autist from HERE getting btfo'd by Ame not willing to fill out an RMA forum

>> No.9440794 [DELETED] 
File: 33 KB, 516x595, 47919358292(&78192)&94.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Holy FUCKING SHIT. Teammates might be the most based fanbase in vtubing. This nigger T-posing after making Ame read his dumb Essay. Absolute Chad. Literally Dunked on this latinks hoe. Teammates, I Fucking KNEEL.

>> No.9440819

Okay pal, your oshi above criticism, we get it. Try not to have a stroke

>> No.9440824

Aight thread is shit, abort the "thanks for the feedback lol" shitposts

>> No.9440834

>What, exactly, were her tech issues?
Bad luck with GPU's. And the most turboautistic retards (/v/) sperging

>> No.9440839


The feedback


>> No.9440891

Should have add "nigger" at the end to spice things up, come on Ame.

>> No.9440892

>And the most turboautistic retards (/v/) sperging
Over what? Being too lazy to fill out a one-page form?

She deserves to get shit on for that.

>> No.9440926

thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9440932

She's a white woman anon, plz understand

>> No.9440935

Can't wait until she pisses one condomate off so hard he starts to publicly expose her and get her cancelled. Mildly surprised it hasn't happened yet.

>> No.9440951

thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9440958
File: 2.78 MB, 498x496, 16288619204226.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fuck off. Ame doesn't deserve this shit. Why do people think that all their opinions need to said or heard? What's wrong with you ungrateful blokes. Watch the content and enjoy the content. If you don't enjoy the content then kindly unsub, unmember and block. No one cares that your underwear is digging deep in your ass crack. Ame doesn't care and she definitely doesn't deserve this shit.

Absolute King response, King behavior even.

>> No.9440969

I would be pretty pissed myself if somebody just lol'd at my sincere message. Dunno about you though, condomates

>> No.9441011

thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9441018

holosimps are mentally ill. You can't expect rational behaviour from them.

>> No.9441041

Is this really still funny to you the fifth time? Okay.

>> No.9441044 [DELETED] 
File: 178 KB, 300x420, 1458160005334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Amelia, your opinion will never matter.
you are a retarded ugly spic woman. once you lose this job you are done.
eat your bread, fuck your dog and shut up you worthless future meth hooker.

>> No.9441045

For what? Getting a 3090 to stream Boomerang X?

>> No.9441056

And you're posting on this website. Go back

>> No.9441069


>> No.9441083

I feel bad for the teamates who pay her. I mean, how long has she been saying she’s going to do stuff but keeps putting it off? does she even have an official diagnosis of her celiac disease or is that also one of the things she’ll do later (never)?

>> No.9441097

threadreader spotted

>> No.9441099
File: 7 KB, 387x102, lole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright which one of you niggers broke containment

>> No.9441108

Simps should understand that their chuuba never care about them in the first place, they're entertainer, they not going to hug, sex and kiss you pathetic losers, they only care about money and fame, HoloChuds.

>> No.9441118

All me

>> No.9441121

shit topic deserves shit responses

>> No.9441125

What a fag. Reading is fucking gay

>> No.9441127

I'm struggling to understand what you meant with this post.

>> No.9441156

Both are at fault. She needs to follow up with her promises, but the people donating need to stop giving her money if she's putting out subpar, lazy content. If they continue to throw money at her despite no improvement, that's on them.

>> No.9441173

Holy gigabased

>> No.9441181


>> No.9441192

Thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9441208

thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9441212
File: 40 KB, 320x320, 1B6C238C-8D13-44F1-8040-67FD69A1E13E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9441214

-> >>9441097

>> No.9441217

Thanks for the feedback nigger, lol

>> No.9441253

Something like
>The simp didn't get upset at the lol so obviously Amelia did nothing wrong, you're all fags

>> No.9441264


>> No.9441272

>any response is salty
holy shit meds. that goes for the rest of you fags in this thread, too.

>> No.9441285
File: 45 KB, 1089x342, 1628539637904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm laughing a lot. Thank you guys
thanks for your feedback lol

>> No.9441289

Normally I hate faggots that use the word chud but that was pretty funny to me

>> No.9441290

>The simp didn't get upset
maybe cause they don't actually want to piss of Ame, think about it

>> No.9441291

Ame if you're /here/ please take our feedback at heart and have fun yourself on bed tonight, love you <3 <3 <3**chu**

>> No.9441295

based autistic anon not making useless drama

>> No.9441306

>and leads to different things ultimately
I don't think so. Just like an NBA player, Ame is going to end her career flat broke doing whatever the vtuber equivalent of an auto insurance commercial is.

>> No.9441328

thanks for your feedback lol

>> No.9441336

God I can only hope

>> No.9441343

>just enjoy, thanks for the feedback lol - Ame

>> No.9441386

>For what?
To get what she paid for?
To ensure she doesn't have to cancel streams like she did with Doom Eternal?
To have a quality streams?

>> No.9441417

>be "based"
>lose principles that very same comments section

>> No.9441422

wtf, i didn't think she actually use nigger in her member-only chat, pretty based

>> No.9441461

PogChamp real

>> No.9441462
File: 94 KB, 311x343, 1623073537118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people sperg over "lol" but not "dramanigger"

>> No.9441484

So she can play more Apex?
Despite she already said her 1060 can run DOOM Eternal?

>> No.9441497

Vtubers aren't broadly popular enough to sell out for ad purposes, so the only path left open is camwhoring. Works for Melody I suppose

>> No.9441503

What the fuck, hivemind confirmed what are the odds?

>> No.9441520

i think is fake

>> No.9441551

All bait aside what do teamates think they will get over belittling even tame and constructive criticism?
Shouldn't you prefer if your chuuba has a basic desire to listen to feedback?
Is it just gut reaction white knighting?

>> No.9441563

remember streaming and playing things at the same time are different things, especially when she used this cope for a game like Titanfall 2 that just needed medium settings rather than her starting this bullshit GPU drama

>> No.9441592

lol yeah much better to have Blackrock or some other permanent capital hebrews own all the property right? Because you know that’s the only likely alternative. It’s already begun. Seething because someone else has more than you is the ultimate sign of loser mentality

>> No.9441594

>Is it just gut reaction white knighting?
Teamates have the highest percentage of virgins among HoloEN fanbases, so yes. They will bend over backwards to defend her honor, because they don't know any better.

>> No.9441608

Concernfags deserve the rope.

>> No.9441614

Do holos do their own tech support or does their company have people who do it for them?

>> No.9441626

Are they too retarded to get their shit from better companies or something? It's really not that hard

>> No.9441639

Same faggots who spew shit like her body her choice and think that women should be immune to criticism for their choices. Pencil necked fucking subhumans who are so pathetic they grovel to women just to hopefully get laid, so fucking weak, dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

>> No.9441644

they do their own tech support work

>> No.9441677

I know someone who is an executive at black rock actually, he gets drunk constantly on mumble.

>> No.9441683

I think the belittling of the criticism, especially in this thread, is mostly people just shitflinging for the sake of it.

>> No.9441690


>> No.9441696

>what do teamates think they will get over belittling even tame and constructive criticism

Teammates are against it because Amelia herself has been adverse to criticism since the very beginning. Her default response is to take everything personally and rarely tries to improve.

>> No.9441704
File: 71 KB, 940x500, 1615332646074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any teamates already know Ame reads all the comments & even encouraged them. The thanks are sincere, so does the lol.
The rest are either newfags or falseflaggers. Look at the dedicated split, most of them give no fuck.

>> No.9441717

Thanks for the thread lol

>> No.9441725

redditors and discordfags are so fucking annoying, go suck off your whore back from whence you came.

>> No.9441729

If people watched streams, they would know that she always pays attention to the comments. The only thing is that sometimes, like with the GPU thing, she's wrong and we laugh at her. In the same way many times we are wrong and she laughs at us.
I guess many would prefer kisses and hugs, but I particularly like this dynamic. It's like a good friend, you laugh at him because he's retarded and vice versa, but there are always good intentions behind it.

>> No.9441742
File: 114 KB, 797x828, 158094328903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9441769
File: 22 KB, 701x156, unknown (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck is wrong with this guy

>> No.9441770
File: 22 KB, 828x186, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9441784

Many streamers use 1060 for streaming DOOM Eternal, no problem.
And Ame uses a dual PC setup.

>> No.9441800

Holosimps are mentally ill what the fuck.

>> No.9441804

t. threadreader

>> No.9441820


>> No.9441823

Based Teamate putting a faggot /vt/ard breaking containment in his place. Whoever wrote that comment, neck yourself.

>> No.9441829

unironically mentally ill, look at this simp willing to take shit just cause it's a female vtuber

>> No.9441844

teacucks are just completely insecure in their taste so they lash out at the least bit of criticism or conflict towards their oshi. There is no bigger insecure fanbase in the entirety of vtubers and threads like these constantly prove it.

>> No.9441869
File: 274 KB, 1140x597, 1602461982051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9442002

all me

>> No.9442031

all me btw

>> No.9442044
File: 597 KB, 1493x922, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget to use promo code "BUBBA1" when signing up

>> No.9442071
File: 25 KB, 446x539, 1619679959153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will defend my oshi

>> No.9442085

We know.

>> No.9442086

I'd argue there are more cucked fanbases, but Ame's is up there.

>> No.9442181

She's gonna snap soon.

>> No.9442185
File: 459 KB, 1007x1167, 965E69C5-4E3B-4DCB-A98C-336DE20C1688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shitposting aside, I don’t know much about what’s the issue with this comment and response. I just see it as this thread blowing it out of proportion for the sake of shitposting
Maybe Amelia thought it was quite obnoxious but at least she read it and some teamates are supporting the guy. Someone made a similar comment and it also got support
I haven’t watched Ame in a long time, but if her current problems are that bad it would be good she listens to feedback

>> No.9442224


>> No.9442229

>She broke 2 3090s and can't stream intensive games
Broke how?

>> No.9442230

did she even read it though?

>> No.9442240

Deadbeats only hate other deadbeats.

>> No.9442267

Yes. She reads all the comments.

>> No.9442276

when someone says fuck off faggot you should fuck off

>> No.9442300

I'll let you on a secret 90% of all content creators actually look through their comments

>> No.9442345

Sat on them with her thiccc ass

>> No.9442347
File: 43 KB, 721x339, Capture 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao what the fuck, what drama

>> No.9442378

Illiterate retard

>> No.9442385

>I haven’t watched Ame in a long time
Ame always reads comments and receive feedback. And she asks for it. ITT no one watch Ame kek. Those are actual teamates, or at least they watch Ame
And there is no drama really

>> No.9442389


>> No.9442393
File: 911 KB, 1122x1400, iu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the virgin Ame breaking 3090s trying to play modern games
>the chad Ko'one using her top-of-the-line PC just to emulate retro games

>> No.9442445

schizos transcend 4chan

>> No.9442470

>Not using your 3090s as paperweights.
Keep it up, old dog.

>> No.9442582
File: 1.93 MB, 2698x3832, 1622876350024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh, i though deadbeats were the only people who wrote essays when their oshi fucked up.

>> No.9442656

Fucking everyone's focusing on the 3090s because that's actually a true point, and it's kind of a sad situation, but if you read beyond the first fucking sentence the dude was progressively more douchey as the paragraph goes on, by the end he sounds like he thinks he's her manager or something going "please cancel if you need to because we need you in good shape for anniversary week" etc.

>> No.9442685

t. ame

>> No.9442697

Both of those were obvious jokes to anyone who isn't a schizo

>> No.9442705

They are still the worse, what Ame gets is very mild, honestly.
Especially since teamates are numerous enough to overwhelm antis.

>> No.9442808

No anon. you can't use your brain here. Ame must be wrong
The guy was an asshole, but people want to shit on Ame, not in some autistic who in the comments

>> No.9442861

Smashfart here, going to become Ame's biggest anti now for DISRESPECTING ME, and now my oshi is Kiara cause she's a bitch that actually cares about this job and her fanbase

>> No.9442901

Mori deserves it more if we’re being honest

>> No.9442902

That will be 500 dollars.

>> No.9442963

>Mori deserves it more
t. deadbeat

Ame's fucking up more tho bro, soon her biggest paypigs will become her antis and make Mori's autistic walltexts look like nothing

>> No.9442996

>teamates are numerous enough to overwhelm antis
spoken like pure cancer

>> No.9443006

Ame has paypigs?

>> No.9443025

Only when needed.

>> No.9443040

Aside from one prominent dude, not really. That post is a bit hilarious.

>> No.9443043

t. deadbeat

>> No.9443059

Now post the T2 vod comment

>> No.9443180
File: 82 KB, 1300x405, 1631127310502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deadbeats are on another level

>> No.9443207

How long until HEREmates reach this level?

>> No.9443247

>account joined: Sept 8 2021

>> No.9443266

No, this is the shadowverse collab with gigguk, not the T2 raid

>> No.9443287

They already did

>> No.9443507

Far from it. The greymates created an account just to incite drama.
Investigators are mostly supportive.

>> No.9443595
File: 243 KB, 1292x1785, 1622998135271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never. Deadbeats are on whole other level

>> No.9443873

Deadbraps are mentally ill.

>> No.9443911

[EN]: deadbraps are an EN fanbase

>> No.9444019

The absolute state

>> No.9444098

Just watch Pomu instead retard, jesus christ Smashkart and the rest of you retards are wasting your time on someone that doesn't care about what you say

>> No.9444148

Most of her retro stuff is using real hardware though.

>> No.9444284

Why did she add the lol at the end though? what's funny about it?

>> No.9444287

I feel like no one actually read the dude's comment.

He's completely in the right and what he's saying clearly resonates with both her and Teamates.

This is genuinely bad optics and makes me kinda lose respect for Ame.

>> No.9444355

Nice try nijifag

>> No.9444356

it's a wall of text telling her shit she already knows "lol"

>> No.9444742

Thanks for the feedback lol

>> No.9444766

she said thanks for the feedback (lol) to a well meaning comment. I don't see any animosity from Ame.

>> No.9444817

It turns out it's just a deadbeat seething all along.

>> No.9445068


>> No.9445253

Thanks for your input, lol. :)

>> No.9445546
File: 32 KB, 1095x251, image_2021-09-08_231111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The comment under the same VOD, lol.

>> No.9445755

Holy shit. I feel bad for Mori

>> No.9445888

She doesn't hate her fans. Just the ones that complain about her bullshit.

>> No.9445933

To be fair she did waaay more to earn those comments than Ame has done here. Her fans could clearly see she felt collabs with her genmates were obligations while collabs with e-celebs were opportunities, and she did that to them multiple times.

>> No.9446166

yes, she didn't deserve it in any means

>> No.9446276

You play New World.

>> No.9446572

KEK someone posted that on her last video

>> No.9446879

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, teamate.

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