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She's live

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>this mehnera
No one cares anymore.

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holy kusoge

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Her feet are erotic.

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What is this reverse trannyposting nonsense? The character being your fantasy shota doesn't matter, this is a woman and you will never be one faggots.

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Post pic

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>It's a woman, I sweat!
Trannies have the highest suicide rates. Get help.

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Nobody cares, stop shilling yourself you mentally ill vtweeter tranny

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He literally admitted being amab on twitter... Anyone who watched him for a while and went on his discord knows

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Mocca, stop doing this threads

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>and went on his discord

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So he nuked his twitter after all? Unfortunate

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What the fuck is a amab?

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as far as i can tell its all still there just a new twitter @. take your meds

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a massive androgynous bulge

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assigned male at birth

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I'm an amab (angry mad asshole boy)

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All Moccas are bastards

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all moccas are boypussy

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What is this travesty? Envtuber that doesn't sound like worn out squeaky toy for dogs? Is this even legal?

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instead he sounds like german elmo

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You're gonna make him sad again... he doesn't need your help for that

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Mocca is really smart and good about not looking up tweets and threads about himself

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Really miss watching him, sucks it's not possible anymore. Always love very blunt chuubas who don't pretend to be nice, feel like I can trust them more.

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Wrong, he used to egosearch on /trash/ months ago and even said he wondered why he did that and if it was some kind of self harm. Apparently he did stop ego-searching now however, I hope it's true. And sometimes people who don't know better link him posts next to those, happened a few times.

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I was being ironic bro?

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You promised to finish Umineko first chapter Mocca, don't think I forgot that. I'm waiting.

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Ah sorry, too used to people here only having surface level knowledge about mocca

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>Really miss watching him, sucks it's not possible anymore.
he streams every monday and thursday now
>Always love very blunt chuubas who don't pretend to be nice, feel like I can trust them more.
true. Its fun seeing him shit on people in chat who are used to vtubers putting up with their stupidity and bullshit.

I'm not Mocca

I'm not Mocca

I'm not Mocca

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>he streams every monday and thursday now
I can't watch him for other reasons, still love him but let's say I'm not allowed. I hope he's doing well even if I know it's unlikely he'll ever be really happy.

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Post the Egodance one
Or Toasty

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how bout you? fucking faggot

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fuck off ziassan.

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I hope you're taking care of Mocca at least

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who is ziassan and what did xhe do?

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please don't derail this thread, just some /wvt/ drama not worth bringing here

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Tell me faggot

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i am. now go back to the bear.

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some frog pedophile faggot

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>Delusional fags who want to pretend they aren't watching a woman perform.
>Still seething about one guy after so long.

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who? what happen

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*clears throat


*leaves thread

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It's okay Pomu, we know he's your boyfriend.

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You cant no longer be a vtuber after shitting on hololive mocca. Your career is over

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You fucking bet. She'll never be able to collab with anyone, not even indies and surely not even Pomu.

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Mocca doesn't like collabs anyway, he barely ever does them,

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Nobody will watch you anymore mocca. I'll make your holoniggers go after your ass!

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His collab with lily was gold honestly, too bad he was so anxious, also his watchalong with alker

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Lily still shows up in his chat, she'd probably collab again. She uploaded a video on her Youtube channel featuring him recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxAyTX5bhAg

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>collab with Pomu
Imagine the seethe

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are we being raided?

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>shat on both hololive and nijisanji
>thinking there's a chance he could collab with Pomu
This tranny would unite the two tribes under one banner and this newly formed group would make the Veibae campaign look like a fucking joke.

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whats the veibae campaign spoonfeed PLEASE NOW

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Umm... based?

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He never shit on nijisanji and he was friends with pomu in her past life

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He's a diehard nijisanji fan, the only time he said something negative was when people where getting super hyped and already becomign fans of niji when there was just a design public and nothing else. Also he said he liked Holo chuubas (Korone is his favourite) but just didn't like the company and some of the fanbase.

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Every Mocca thread is like this. OP is just a troll trying to invite it, fueling the hate machine until something happens.

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youre talking to /v/tard refugees, they can only think in binary terms

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>also he said he liked Holo chuubas but just didn't like the company and some of the fanbase
that sounds familiar

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I'll give him some credit, between his menhera attacks and based takes on vtuber culture his twitter was kind of interesting.

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mocca did nothing wrong
pomu love
korone love
If you stream classic doom, you are fucking based

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>pomu love
>korone love
idgi what do they haveto do with mocca? just more retards taking stuff out of context or something?

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Korone is mocca's favorite vtuber he looks up to the most
Pomu previous life was a friend and mutual of Mocca

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also mocca attended previous life pomu's graduation

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They're probably still friends behind the scenes. Mint only had good things to say about Mocca all the time.

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Some insane groomer is really angry Mocca didn't respond to his Discord DM or something so he feels the need to make a scene every time Mocca is mentioned. I'm pretty sure he just replies to himself if no one responds

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>just didn't like the company
why tho
why simp for one corpo but not another

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That 3px font is really bothering me.

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What if it's actually a she but is playing the rle of a he to stand out among vtubers? after all it's a bit saturated out there with everyone jumping in on the bandwagon.

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Does it matter when they've already imploded once from a case of sadbrains? Standing out is a bit pointless when you're just going to nuke yourself after a month or two.

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>Does it matter when they've already imploded once from a case of sadbrains?
I'm not talking about trannies, i'm talking about capitalizing on a trend . Kind of like that writer was rejected by publishers until he started using a female pen name for his novels.

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He literally said he was born as a male in real life.

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I'm merely proposing a scenario, a rrat if you will.

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Mocca is the new Chris-ch*n.

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I'd like to see you try to do anything remotely close you brain-damaged freak

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All trannys are a bit like chris chan. It takes a considerable amount of brain damage trying to force othet people to think you are a woman. Mocca is no exception. Hes a mentally ill attention whore.

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ogey back to /pol/ with you

>> No.9376196

Just think of him as a shota femboy

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Mocca has self-awareness and intelligence, unlike you. Maybe you're the new Christine...

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>shits on hololive and only hololive
>wondering why not nijisanji or other agency
>he's a nijinigger
Color me surprised

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>believes everything that is said on 4chan
He has said nothing about Nijisanji for months now, probably because his friend is Pomu. Of course he's not going to shit on a company that employs his friend.

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mocca's takes are generally controversial but right. He was the first to call out vtweeters, for example.

In this case he's completely right on calling out people for being "fans" of vtubers already when there was nothing but the designs revealed. You didn't know anything about them yet, but you flocked to them like normalfags to a new iphone reveal. Nothing wrong with speculation and expectations but being a fan of nothing but an ad is fucking retarded.
This makes people who are under the "wonder spell" of everything named Hololive angry for breaking the magic, but he's right.

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