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Guys, I can't breathe. I can't live without pink cat for so long. I'm suffocating. Help.

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>I can't breathe
you're gonna attract /pol/fags with that one. or even without it. fuck you.

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Why is she depressed again?

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She burned too many bridges and now nobody likes her.

>> No.9287672

I like her

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4chan isn't everyone. She gets more average viewers than most of HoloEN

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Pink cat's back tomorrow, and will stream on her normal schedule
Not sure I know the answer to that exactly, but she's missed so many days primarily because of the situation with the Otikata's Curse campaign and her former DM (and has been wanting to take a break for a while anyway).

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Don’t say that. The truth will make people who make pink cat cry, cry.

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that new model looks fucking horrible. Is /vt/ to blame? The only reason to change from her decent old one is because it looks young and attracts loli shitposting.

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When are people going to realize she's the best vtuber of our era?

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>when the fanart is cuter than the actual model

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Disagree. Her summer outfit is top tier.

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pink cat good!

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She's depressed from the whole "Arcadum grooming" fiasco.

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Her model is fucking fantastic. It did have a long-neck problem at first, but she shitposting about it actually made her get a neck reduction and now it's perfect.

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Is it "fan"art when she drew it herself?

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Fag, there is no way you've seen all her VODs. Go watch her Until Dawn or Detroit playthroughs, those were really good.

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yes, otherwise it'd be a selfie, you fucking knob.

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Nyanners is a whore.

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My whore.

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