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why does reddit get so many vtubers but we get nothing?

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>mori is here
>ame is here
>gura is here

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We got Risu though.

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You get the best one.

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shut the fuck up retard

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risu is nothing

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Watch phase connect's Pippa. Her chat is just the unfunny cunts from this place.

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4chan has too many vtubers to count

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>chat = vtuber

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Who we? /vt/ is a Reddit general on 4chan

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so absolutely desperate in denial

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>kiara is here
>ina is here
And kiara ironically visits the least among EN1

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Anon, you're forgetting Risu...

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Anon Kiara references things she reads on this place on the daily.
She may get the most heat but she's not getting interesting talking points from fucking Reddit.

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what the fuck is this

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>why does reddit get so many vtubers but we get nothing?
Despite the fact that plebbit has had a near non-stop line of pedophiles and sex offenders get outed, 4th chainz is still widely seen as the "bad place" because no one fucking took the time to understand blue boards and such
Therefor it's far easier to gravitate to "The face of the internet" for free press and attention, while hiding and lurking in here, than being upfront and calling reddit shit and openly visiting here, to which no real gain is made and you are near instantly considered a degenerate

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>not loving her for who she is
You don't deserve to be with her

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you have mumei

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pure fucking KINO

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Did I stutter?

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you got one, the owl, and look at what you guys are doing, making like 20 anti threads per day

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This board is just Reddit but with the negative opinion, it's just that upvotes are (You)s here

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huh since when is owl here?

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Now imagine this in her voice

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Shiki is here

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But we have VShojo??

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Getting nothing is more than faggots here deserve

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Tried to but her mic is filtering me.

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Imagine a Hololive vtuber recommending 4chan
>watch my oshi Ollie
>she mentions a board called "vt" on "4chan"
>let's visit that site!

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why thank you, kind stranger

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You have one but /vt/ is too busy hating her.

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To be fair, the catalog outside of generals are just full of dramatards looking to score (You)s or content for clipfaggotry. Indies would have a better chance at gaining some following here, but corporate vtubers would rather avoid acknowledging a place that's neighbors with /pol/ or where Discord anti rejects come to when they get banned at their circlejerk.

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Breaking news Anon. Reddit is banned on Indonesia. Therefore when the girls want to discuss with the fans they have to come either here or to Facebook.

Which is why all of ID, not just Risu and Mooner, are here.

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Willing to bet hard cash that Ollie enjoys her fans desiring her.

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gura almost certainly browsed /mlp/

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See anon you're wrong. People don't come on here because even if blue boards exist, nothing is stopping me from calling a dirty fucking nigger. See? This alone is too much for the average drooling reddit visitor to behold.

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You got that turtle bitch isn't that good enough?

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Indonesia is based.

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Do your archive reps

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which ones? redddit don't have that many since coco graduated
Marine, Fubuki, Haachama maybe? Kanata sometimes I guess, but not much else

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in the application process they drop 4chan memes at you but if you respond as someone who uses 4chan you don’t get hired
t. high level insider (on the investment panel of both hololive and nijisanji and vshojo)

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>both hololive and nijisanji and vshojo

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Hiding your power level is the default state. Throwing crumbs is the mark of a true veteran

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everyone's lurking here one way or another. Even the JPs do. Towa definitely reads the Hololive Thread on /jp/ from time to time

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it's not that hard to whitelist plebbit if you know what you're doing. But yeah, there's too many indogs on /int/, more than Flips really

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because we're schizophrenic assholes and only some mental mascochist like Rosemi would browse this place

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4chan approved hololivers:
Watame, Gura, Sora, Shion, Polka, Okayu

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femceldom is weird. Literally the current zeitgeist is heavily preferring them over men but they still can find something to complain about

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Because this place fucking sucks and you're all the dregs of humanity. No one likes you or wants you as their fans. There is nothing to gain by even throwing a bone to you shitheads and lots to lose. /here/ posting is also awful, if I find out a chuuba visits here even when egosa I drop them.

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why are you even here then?

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I fucking hate it here and I'm not the one getting roasted ever two threads, why the fuck would they ever want to be anywhere near here?

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She's not wrong though. Picking a good man is hard. Yeah they can get easy dick but getting a good partner? Yeah that's hard.

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I have no where else to go.

>> No.9250374

>lowtax would be a perfect manager
what the fuck

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Guess fucking what it's equally as hard for men to find a good woman, if not harder. Pro tip: having a vagina doesn't instantly make you a good woman, contrary to what many "men" will say.

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There's a lot of good men out there. You can't find them on 4chan or the Internet though

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learn japanese fucking faggot

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Because this shithole isn't marketable and in all honestly why would any chuuba or vtuber corporation set up base here when they have Reddit?
Can you imagine if someone like Ollie or Kiara actually did a AMA here? Or even just a ''Hello /vt/!" post? Or how about a chuuba whose mere presence would send /vt/ into an bitchfit? At best /vt/ would get a 2view who has decided to commit career suicide by being here.

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W-we got Pippa!!

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I don't know how they feel and never will. Almost every woman is appealing to me and then I nut. Once that happens none of them are appealing in any capacity. I stopped wanking since jacking off makes me turn off streams and I read books or play games instead.

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Based, men can't be trusted. That's why hololive keep them away from the talents.

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>I stopped wanking
You are weak and your bloodline will die with you.

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What a shit take. It only matters of you're top ten holo? You do realize 4chan isnt even close to top 100 websites right?

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Shes all we need bros.

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i hope you're not implying JP chuubas come here

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Pippa is the quintessential reddit rabbit though

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>says the w*man who hates the nice guy types
you whores would rather fuck Ted Bundy than a religious person anyway.

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All chuubas have unironically been /here/. /vt/ threads regularly breach containment. And despite how much they virtue signal about how even one utterance of nigger is a crime against humanity, nobody actually, truly feels that way.

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You selfish retards don't understand that pandering specifically to 4chan is the worst possible choice for one to make. A chuuba would never grow in content nor success if she was pulled down to the dregs of what the demographic here wants. Why can't you accept that this is a medium for faceless communication instead of a market to monkey dance for? Why can't you be normal and immerse yourself in them while disconnecting the necessity for this place's influence?

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Because everyone here is terrible

>> No.9252069

Make a thread about SPARKS if you wan't to summon some.

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that's because we live in a society

>> No.9252176

No, SEA schizo lurkers break containment. Very few have been here and I don't blame them considering how bad you people are. Stop trying and looking for signs. We have this thread every single fucking day and all it amounts to is wishful thinking that your imaginary friend is like you.

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Because this thread is from a redditor falseflagger with the intent to fellate his own cock.

>> No.9252252

Pandering specifically to 4chan literally includes having a loli avatar. That’s it

>> No.9252272

>We have this thread every single fucking day
We don't. Go back.

>> No.9252275

>you people
They got scared of your faggotry.

>> No.9252290

>gura design

>> No.9252410

Good, I don't want them here and if I'm the reason none come here I can feel proud of that.

Yes we do. We have "Who's /here/" threads every single day. It's just schizo wank that people you obsess over are giving you special signals the chuuba is aware of this place at all.

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Tree Rat never streams though...

>> No.9252471

To laugh at you

>> No.9252593

/pol/, but that's a good thing. Even now this place is inundated with retards and cucks, can you imagine how bad it would be if we weren't based department HQ?

>> No.9252672

let me guess, your ISP is indiekek, get a better ISP faggot

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>to laugh at you

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this entire site would become a reddit colony, and the tranny jannies would gain all the power

>> No.9252759

why would they want the place that doxxes and anti posts them on the daily

>> No.9252831

ut they use discord

>> No.9252849

But discord raids here.

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She’s constantly riding Hololive members dicks, she would jump ship if she could

>> No.9252948

But I hate lolis.

>> No.9252955

And Towa

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Unfunny you mean

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