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If the NijiEN management is here please listen to what I have to say: this branch was a failure so far because it tried to be too much like hololive. Vshojo is successful in comparison because they have their own audience independent from them and are on twitch instead of youtube. If you want the next wave and the males to be successful advise them to stream on twitch instead of youtube and to not try to grab the holobrony tourist audience, because those people are fickle and will abandon you the moment a new shiny toy comes out. We can already see the effects that holocouncil is having on them and everyone on NijiEN is getting a lower amount of viewers than usual, so don't make the same mistake twice.

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>this branch was a failure
It's not, didn't read the rest, also kys

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Oh sweet a schizo thread!

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Dear Nijisanji EN management
Please hire Rosemi's mama to do the males.

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My dad works at Nijisanji. I'll be sure to pass on the message to the Troons they hired for the male EN branch.

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holy fucking sex

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KYS falseflagging holobrony.
Also, fbpb

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literally the most successful overseas branch, cope

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It's always funny to me when I see people on English language messaging boards saying they are too much like hololive. Because when I look at JP kurinuki on youtube or niconico clips of the NijiEN girls they are often commenting about how they are so like NijiJP despite being overseas. It makes me wonder if foreign listeners think the gap between Nijisanji and Hololive content is much bigger than it actually is.

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NijiEN management pls send me the Pomu

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even baiting has gone downhill on this board

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People who say that don't actually watch Nijisanji EN, don't mind them

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HoloEn, NijiEn, and all western tubers are a mistake. Hope you like your SJW chuubas because that’s what they all are.

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shut the fuck up autist

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Why don't you watch Anya then, you fucking indog?

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I thought vshojo's thing was to be the opposite of hololive

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I actually want this, imagine a male avatar like that which could sing like mashiro does

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If the NijiEN management is here please listen to what I have to say: don't hire a single faggot that might have come from this gateway board.

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>dont copy hololive
>copy vshojo instead
good luck with that

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HoloID, especially ID2, pander a lot to EOPs, they really are no better than HoloEN at this point.

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Too late, /asp/ had a bunch of people get accepted into the interview stage. I hope you're excited for a wave of mumbling self conscious maleheras

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Whats it like being petras married sister?

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I kind of feel like the Niji position is to be firmly wedged between the two extremes to begin wit. Could you behave like vshojo in Nijisanji and get away with it? Sure, besides maybe the complete disrespect of copyright. But at the same time it seems like they have enough management direction that they wont just end up that way without experiencing some kind of pushback. Kind of the best of both worlds.

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You are clearly incorrect.

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This is the stupidest post I've ever read on this website.

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On the upside if they really are tremendous faggots I hope the retards on this board can do their one job and bully the fuck them the fuck into retirement, because if they're from here they will definitely lurk.

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If your behavior as a company is defined relative to the position of two bigger ones, then you clearly have already lost the struggle for cultural identity. NijiJP is its own powerhouse, but NijiEN must either hololarp or gravitate to Vshojo.

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Please define how NijiEN larps as Hololive.
inb4 a bunch of normal traits for vtubers because you think HoloEN defined vtubing

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If anything its the other way around. All other corporations have defined themselves relative to Nijisanji while Nijisanji has just kept doing its own thing. Hololive was the small company trying to differentiate itself with a far smaller fanbase not too long ago you know.

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this is eopchad board, go back to your gay nihonjin circlejerk thread, you self-hatred weeb

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Anon, I... that's a man

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Seethe harder EOP.

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I know what I said.
I know what my dick said.

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don't you have to tweet about how much you love trannies and blm? what are you doing here?

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the branch was a failure because 2 of the 3 """""""EN"""""" livers do nothing but try to speak Japanese

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>Anon, I...
This is more gay than the femboys that were posted

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so true

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NijiEN management please let me marry Elira!

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Listen to this Man, Noor!

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>Manjisanji trannies cooming over males
Of fucking course

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Don't talk when /hlgg/ is more gay than the Nijisanji male thread

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holy based

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Don't insult me, I'm perfectly fine with being a man.
I, however, also like to look at a handsome (or cute) man.
I'm okay with liking both pussy and cock.
I'm not insecure like (You).
Your oshi is most likely bisexual aswell, why can't I be?

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Nijisanji doesnt appeal to the west
They would have 0 reasons to post here

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All women are bisexual out of the necessity, men are not.

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>All women are bisexual out of the necessity
(citation needed)

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>change name to ANYCOLOR
>seemingly only ever hire more and more dykes even without the idol excuse homolive has
>Doesn't appeal to the west
I'll be surprised if theres a single Japanese national left on their board by the end of next year at this rate.

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you do realize that in the grand scheme of things as content creators, every single nijiEN member is successful? having thousands of people consistency watching your streams and sending superchats is nothing short of success. obviously they hardly rival hololive's numbers, but hololive is not the standard. just because nijis haven't overtaken the biggest vtuber corporation on the market doesn't make them failures.

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On this board if you aren't getting 15k live viewers you should be graduated

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Noor please stream again. Manager-chuuba isn't that uncommon.

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>do 0 marketing for nijien2
>only buy ads on hololive streams for nijien1 just for the debut and nothing else they do
>english site still doesnt exist
>dont support your streamers in any way, only look how to instantly replace them
>1 streamer speaks more JP than EN
>appealing to the west

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EN2 got Twitter ads and Youtube ads like EN1 did

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lord almighty

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This, I expected so much more from Niji since NijiJP was so good and unique. Yet NijiEN feels just like another branch of Hololive, they took 0 risk, the safest choices just the typical hololive formula. Not even a single male in their first 2 waves, only the usual nice weeb girl gamers without much else going on.
Really disappointed honestly.

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By which metric?

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What if Rosemi is also a femboy and we just didn't know?

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The guys will debut on youtube and we're pairing them with the gals, wether you like it or not. I heard burgers are into dating shows.

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You keep posting this same exact image and saying this with different file names

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Seethe Vshojo faggot, no one likes you, holofans and nijifans both think that you are pathetic and even unity threads are about Niji+Holo, not even them want you there, dilate and go to /trash/ where you belong

>> No.9249184

It's not exactly a unique sentiment. But there's plenty of time to grow.

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>talk to males
>talk to vtubers outside their company
>are allowed to play different games with SC turned off
>no 1 month collab ban
>in each others streams and chats regularly
>don't have to jump through hoops or do the senpai kouhai shit when getting collaborations with people like Elira and Hada
How are they like Hololive again?

>> No.9249217

we need BFE

>> No.9249226

Growth and views.

>> No.9249283

They stream on YouTube. That's it.

>> No.9249432

they sing once in a while and play minecraft and apex

>> No.9249471

Maybe NijiJP/NijiID + HoloJP/ID, but not NijiEN + HoloEN. Those two the most tribialist groups on this retarded board.dsrpv

>> No.9249509

But HoloEN 1 had a better growth, even EN2 despite the sub removal, and views too, not sure I get what you meant. I'm not even talking about quality but there are no numbers to back up NijIEN being "most successful oversea branch"

>> No.9249514

Their streams are basically exactly like Holo EN streams. There are some superficial differences in company policies but when everything filters down to the actual streams they're the same 90-95% of the time. It's not like Vshoujo where there's an appreciable stylistic and content difference between them and vtubers based on Japanese companies.

>> No.9249549

>Take risks
>Branch flops
>Everyone laughs and Anykara doesn't get a footing in the west.
>Go with something that works and set up a base so you can afford to try different things later
>People complain that you weren't making bets with money that you didn't have from the start.
Nevermind that they're freely interacting with males and even having collabs with some of them. Are they being called a discount HL just because it's girls?

>> No.9249574

NijiEN is HoloEN if they had good chemistry

>> No.9249633

Anon, you do realize he meant most successful overseas branch for Nijisanji right?

>> No.9249718

Wouldn't make much sense, of course the english branch would be the most successful oversea, the audience is insanely bigger, seems even dumber if that was the meaning.

>> No.9249837

Pomu and Elira have good chemistry, because they're friends. It would have been like if MilkyQueen was in EN1 with Mori. The rest of them have varying levels of chemistry that can best be described as "ok". Mostly because they aren't socially autistic.

>> No.9249871

How is it dumber? Anykara is measuring the success of a branch by the comparing it to the other branches in its own company. It'd be dumb to measure yourself against an obvious outlier like HoloEN.

>> No.9249944

>Their streams are basically exactly like Holo EN streams
Meds aren't enough for whatever you're suffering from.

>> No.9250036

he's right tho, it's really nothing really different, same style, similar games, really nothing much

>> No.9250123

I watch both, it's very obvious. In fact that's why most Niji EN fans are just Hololive fans that were looking for other stuff to watch (other than Petras fanbase and some of Selen's Apex fans).

>> No.9250135

cope and seethe

>> No.9250137

You do know Vshoujo also does zatsu and game streams all fucking day right? That's what streaming is nowadays. You isolated retards don't even know what you're talking about

>> No.9250179

ok , i knowed op meaning
if some chuubas were cute route , they must be mock holo, isn't right ?

>> No.9250202

Doesn't that apply to the majority of EN vtubers then? Such a massive sweeping generalization? Might as well say everyone is doing the same kind of stream.

>> No.9250267

if you branched out you would understand almost every single streamer is the same
>free chat
>song cover
even noraneko does this mostly, and she's someone who gets posted a lot as the strangest vtuber

>> No.9250324

Not really, Ina or Mori typically have a pretty different style. Also vtubers who have creative talents can make streams using those and NijiEN have a limited amount of those.

>> No.9250470

We got Ame's nature review on one side and Pomu's tour stream on another. Nobody from HoloEN streams APEX as much and nobody from NijiEN does art streams as much as Ina. Unless you want to say since they do chatting and vidya streams then they do the same thing, which would be retarded, they stream different stuff.

>> No.9250483

Yes, they never do zatsu or play games or sing.

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>it's a failure despite having the most entertaining EN vtubers by far, Selen and Pomu
that's your opinion, man.

>> No.9250542

Ina plays video games, therefore she streams the same just like any other EN chuuba.

>> No.9250572

Another thread of faggots being mad about no NijiEN males yet

>> No.9250657

I may not know Japanese or have watched a single JP stream but based on the clips I've seen I know that every single stream they do is unique and exciting and they never just play games.

>> No.9250675

>entertainment value is dictated by a view count
>he'd rather watch a boring clock do meme voices instead of actual entertaining indies
holotard logic.

>> No.9250721

indiebeggars have found this thread
warning: vacate this thread immediately

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I expect this kind of thing from Niji creative freedom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efsZL19pcRE&t=3128s but got 0 "outside the box" in NijiEN, not a single one.

>> No.9250782

The Pomura stream was pretty creative

>> No.9250826

Dream is better than Pekora, he gets more viewers for Minecraft. This is your retard logic, OP.

>> No.9250890

Unless NijiEN starts doing welding streams or whatever they are exactly the same as hololive

>> No.9250911
File: 260 KB, 1077x228, Np1Qapj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes this is the creativity in every single stream that NijiEN should be striving for.

>> No.9250948

We're getting males and you're gonna like it

>> No.9250951

Hey man, same but EN2. They all hired professional vtubers or big number YT channels. I wanted a single literal who diamond in a rough among them.

>> No.9251124

holoEN2 is all boring as fuck, except people are in denial on this board to find things to praise where there is nothing to praise.

>> No.9251159

Roha is KR gen 3 though, EN only has 2 so far. It'd be more fair to wait one or two more gens

>> No.9251161

How many super creative streams have NijiKr done? Are the rest just holoEN but kr? How many super creative streams have nijiID done? Are the rest just holoEN but ID? Out of all Nijisanji livers you are picking anfew streams out of a few livers, are the rest just holoEN but nijisanji? And you are comparing all of those livers with many many months of streaming. How many super special streams had Roha done after one month?

>> No.9251200

I'm not going to anti HoloEN2 and I'm certainly not going to start threads over it, but yeah. Mumei seems to be a wild card and I'm observing her intently if she goes something great for her first original song.

>> No.9251216

Because of the talent mix, nothing inherently different about the companies or their content style. Holo JP has plenty of people that constantly play Apex, presumably Niji JP has an artist or two in their 100+ person roster?

>> No.9251293

millions of 2 view indies can sing well. that doesn't replace having no personality or entertainment value.

>> No.9251302

Literally everything stated in this post is wrong

>> No.9251326

You think har arguing in good faith? He is just mad that there is no EN Fuwa and he will keep shitting on NijiEN until the males come

>> No.9251433

That's the thing, million of indies want to do original songs but do not have the opportunity, leeway, or support to do it. Wilingness does not equate to talent, but it's still a step toward actual creation. Plus she wasn't a chuuba, so that' definitely a step up to a generation filled with professional vtubers.

>> No.9251444

ESL or are you having a stroke?

>> No.9251508

I want another Pekora or Marine. Actual charismatic entertainers. holoEN has none of that. But since they are supported by a brand and get viewers for it, no one will say "oh, they are boring".

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File: 11 KB, 231x177, 1617422830546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want more creatives. If streaming is a second priority, so be it.

>> No.9251704

Look at her channel.

>> No.9251709

she just has average 1k audience in usual
make hard work to streaming, but not enough to returns

if you can simply act cute to get numbers or money easily , noone will do a hard work , actually most of pop chuuba that were cutecute type

>> No.9251742

the sad thing is, Cover thinks "most subs = best" when Pekora was a literal who on NND.

>> No.9251941

You can't name a single vtuber who is always bringing a unique experience because her channel will ALWAYS have one of the following
And you think this is what Hololive has created? lol

>> No.9252011

It wasn't the case for EN1. Mori's old channel was a 10-20k YT channel, and I wished they found more gems like her instead of hiring more vtubers. If anything, this hobby needs more wildcards who didn't cut their chops in vtubing. Whoever the fuck Omega is, he's playing too safe. Too safe to be interesting.

I'd rather watch small startups than EN2, honestly. And these small startups are great.

>> No.9252106

Recruiting based on past life subs is a mistake. There could easily be an EN Usada Pekora out there right now, streaming to 80 people.

>> No.9252168

mistakes like this are how we ended up with a talentless gen2

>> No.9252235

It's too safe, they will get viewers based on brand loyalty anyways, take a chance on a charismatic talent not just a boring "established" one.

Pekora is THE BEST (to me) and her and Aqua were literal nobodies till they blew up.

>> No.9252254

Wgich is why NijiEN is going to more sustainable than HoloEN, Niji are taking the smaller, but talented streamers vs Holo which takes friends of other Holo's for their EN market.

>> No.9252328

Go lower to 20-80. The western vtuber scene is tiny. and there's plenty of gems out there in that range. 200-400 ones "have already made it" and 1k is already considered huge.

>> No.9252420

Why hire only streamers?

>> No.9252435

Niji EN is just taking whoever shows up at the audition. Some of them are decent streamers, some aren't, calling any of them especially talented vs the general run of indie and small company vtubers is a bit of a stretch.

>> No.9252441

This, Nijisanji got away with hiring a nearly homeless guy and now he's performing better than 75% of the JP branch

>> No.9252516

To be fair, performing better than 75% of the JP branch isn't that hard. Check on him in 6 months and see if he's still doin ok.

>> No.9252538

lmao shut up holofag

>> No.9252571

That's the mistake both HoloEN2 and NijiEN made. Limiting talent to only from the streaming sphere doesn't really infuse the scene with fresh blood and perspective. But again, I don't believe Mumei was a streamer.

>> No.9252597

Selen would be praised as the second coming in Hololive, I can't figure out how she wasn't scouted ahead of these 5 EN2 girls, same with Pomu.

talent is subjective but come on, both are easily worth a slot.

>> No.9252634

I watch both but I prefer the Niji's its nice to see girls just being themselves instead of being forced to pretend to be idols.

>> No.9252730

I doubt either applied for Holo EN 2, having already secured their spot in Niji. I do agree they could have beat out say Bae or Mumei most likely.

>> No.9252763

Damn, if only you were in charge of hiring so you could tell your brilliant idea of hiring some vague notion of good people instead of picking experienced streamers. Who needs a profile of work to judge or a proven track record, just pick someone based on your gut.

>> No.9252764

it's wasted potential. take a nobody and they'll forever be associated with hololive. take a popular content creator and they'll just be known for their past life.

>> No.9252802

even if less viewers, people can be themselves more as indies/in Nijisanji, for example Finana would have to dial it back from 11 to a 4 in Hololive. That's not a knock on the girls, it's more how Cover run their business.

>> No.9252818

Worked for Pekora.

>> No.9253003

Pekora actually knew a bunch of people from the prior generations. She's not just some rando. Subaru is a much better example.

>> No.9253009

That's not a criteria to pick someone based on. "Find the next Pekora" provides zero framework for judging applications and interviews.

>> No.9253352

you can be an experienced streamer without being famous. tons of talented people stream for months with no audience at all. also, people with less notoriety would probably have more passion for the job if they got it as opposed to someone who's already popular.

>> No.9253428

It's impossible to fail with any of the 5. Even if they are boring, people will watch. So why not take a chance on an obscure, real talent?

>> No.9253493

It doesn't have to be a successful vtuber. It could be another person from another field with a small following and a track record to be consistent. Talent is found in not just streaming, you know.

>> No.9253752

You have no argument besides "small good, big bad" and have given no way to find these fabled talented people streaming to no one, unless you think the companies should just arbitrarily pick people with smaller numbers specifically because they have smaller numbers.

What the fuck does "an obscure, real talent" mean? All they have to judge applicants on is their application, interview, and previous works. You've given no criteria for how they're supposed to magically find these supposed gems in the rough out of all applicants.

>> No.9253851

only niggers watch twitch.

>> No.9254121

I never said "small good, big bad." it's just that there are a million fish in the sea, and a ton of talent out there, and a lot of them aren't hotshots. yet they always seem to pick people with an audience.

>> No.9254185

Maybe because they can't afford to gamble with literal whos right now? This isn't some small company that throws huge celebrations when their talents reach 1k live viewers anymore.

>> No.9254269

Yes, because they are a company and get money from people attracting an audience, and someone who has independently attracted an audience has clearly demonstrated they can make money for the company. I'm sure there are tons of talented no-names out there, but a company has no reason to pick them over someone also talented but with a proven track record, beyond helping people on /vt/ jerk off.

>> No.9254294

it's hardly a gamble. they can throw hot shit out there and it'll get views. (see: holoen 2)
so they may as well dig a little deeper

>> No.9254388

Nijisanji is not at that level yet, stop acting retarded. Everyone knows Hololive fans will watch a bouncing DVD logo and throw money at it

>> No.9254876

NTA, but I'm a holofan and I ain't watching EN2. HoloEN can definitely afford it but they didn't. Imagine having the money to throw around yet they decided to play safe.

>> No.9255015

Hololive will never innovate or invest money in anything big for their talents because pandering to the drooling masses is easy. Why improve when a girl saying Pogchamp will get her 40k+ and have her contend with the biggest JP streamers, nearly top 10 of all time for most superchatted first SC stream.

>> No.9255140

sorry if that's unclear but i'm a nijifag. it's hololive i'm shitting on. I think nijiEN is doing great. wouldn't have clicked this thread if I didn't want to start shit with OP

>> No.9255309

by "real talent" I mean something new or exciting, not boring generic artist or boring generic voice actor.

>> No.9255396

My oshi pays for her own shit to produce music and it's a necessary evil. Watame, Marine, and Suisei have the same roadblocks but nothing makes a content creator happy than to see their works experienced by many. And don't conflate Kronii's action with Hololive. Don't let tribalfaggotry get in the way of discussion on what the future of the western scene ought to be.

>> No.9255568


>> No.9255774

>Nyanners was featured in a concert with AI
>Melody just did a interview with the CEO of Softbank
>Vei and Froot were interviewed on the BBC
yeah not successful at all

>> No.9255797

I watch both and I still think Nijisanji EN is not at the comfortable level to gamble and hire someone that has the chance to be amazing or the chance to be a boring person, or worse, a yab machine. The JP branch can get away with it because if someone is a total dud, there's 100 other people to watch. Whoever is debuting under EN THIS YEAR has the burden of being the face of the entire branch to a newcomer, because someone who doesn't know Nijisanji and wants to watch streams will not be sitting in a Kuzuha Apex stream or attending a Mito zatsudan. So, they'll hire people who have already established fanbases, have you seen the EN application form? It's numberfag heaven.
Not being a tribalfag but my words might be harsh. Hard workers deserve their numbers. Someone paying and creating MVs for their music is not comparable to someone like Kronii. But it's not news that Cover won't deviate from this hiring process and will keep hiring clippable girls, just look at the fanfare they got when they were simply designs with no voice or name attached.

>> No.9256791

This pains me the most about HoloEN2. There are absolutely zero cinderella stories among those five girls. People won't have that opportunity to see a girl's life be saved and completely turned around like 4/5 of the girls in EN1. People will have their favorites, but I doubt there will be many that have a deep emotional connection like some may have with Watson or Mori.
Rosemi does a fairly creative stream almost once a week. She's had cooking streams, roleplaying, story-telling, and geoguesser. And when it comes to playing games, the only other person in NijiEN with as wide of a variety of games played so far is Selen.

>> No.9256925

While I'm not impressed at all with HoloEN2 they literally just debuted so how would they have a cinderella story? Plus, I only feel like that term can apply to Kiara and Ame

>> No.9257103

Gura had a huge channel but couldn't capitalize that to real money.
Mori was stuck as a JET wagie and couldn't pursue her ambitions just as much.
Ina isn't exactly a Cinderella story, but she's much happier now.

>> No.9257446

she's not, I've seen

>> No.9257549
File: 593 KB, 1149x625, 1630810511507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9257685

Rat was basically a nobody.

>> No.9257698

I guess I can add Mori because despite getting noticed by her favorite artists it wasn't like her music was getting the recognition it is now. Ina was successful but if she's happy that's fine. And the way Gura talks about her life I don't even know if the money is affecting her as much as I think it does
But, there's still time to see if HoloEN2 will ever find that kind of turn around story

>> No.9257757

That was hardly the first time Vei has been on the BBC.

>> No.9257859
File: 179 KB, 735x704, elira thumbs up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rent free

>> No.9258496

>Nyanners was featured in a concert with AI
More of a knock on the absolute state of Kizuna than anything else.
>Melody just did a interview with the CEO of Softbank
She their sole grace, despite being a literal whore.
>Vei and Froot were interviewed on the BBC
Might as well have starred in a backyard rumble, given the status of modern media.

>> No.9258543

shitty bait. you get a (you) but that's it.

>> No.9258779

Mori was an orbiter and does MVs for cheap to her favorite artists. The only one who actually paid attention to her was Mr. K back then. I have no idea why are you downplaying someone who was barely above water.

>> No.9259810

I need this.

>> No.9260035

Yeah nope, I don't watch her because her sassiness and her asshole personality makes me wanna punch her
t.other indog

>> No.9260182

You can't even articulate what "horrible" means. Nice buzzwords.

>> No.9260323

lmao well deserved, this bitch sees no problem collabing with literally who males

>> No.9260883

Dear NijiEN management, I love Selen, give her all the perms or I will kill your dog.

>> No.9261176

why do you think her numbers are so low anon?

>> No.9261437

PLS anycolor Im begging you for a femboy

>> No.9267403

Nyanners has imposter syndrome right now
and you never saw the very end of that interview, did you? absolute MOGGED
im glad they got the attention but now they look like fools for trying

>> No.9267520

The NijiEN thread is slow as hell in comparison to before and Elira, Selen, Pomu and Finana got some very pathetic numbers today yet delusional idiots ITT will still deny that their audience is/was a bunch of fickle holobronies. Meanwhile, Vshojo is completely unaffected, they even inclined a little. Stop trying to be discount hololive already before it's too late. Tell your streamers to start streaming on twitch and be less like hololive.

>> No.9267709

Neck yourself niggerfaggot trannykike normalfag so'yboy furfaggot xcuck so'ychugging chud cumbrain coomer vermin.

>> No.9267772
File: 45 KB, 428x400, 1623982152608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I check the vshojo thread from time to time and they're surprisingly civil and level-headed folks. My only two complaints is >5e and their refusal to use distorted ogeys. But then again, they lacked artfags to make it happen.

>> No.9267780


>> No.9267887

we need more male collabs and a boyfriend reveal from all of them to get rid of holobronies for good

>> No.9269076

Are you retarded?

>Oh hooo the only vtuber that can be lewd shitpost is VSHOJO boohoo anyone acting like that copying them

Kys anon

>> No.9269159

>On this board if you aren't getting 15k live viewers you should be graduated
Not suprising, this board is full of retard

>> No.9269315


>> No.9269496

>I want more creatives. If streaming is a second priority, so be it.
And then when they did have this, they flop, because that kind of creative shit is not everyone cup of tea on western plus nijisanji debuff, and then they declining, then graduated

>> No.9269525

kys numberfaggot

>> No.9269602

Its Japan dude, you ain't gonna recruit some nobody on western cuz you can't be sure if they some Criminal or an SJW that like to bring problem, if you live here you should know what kind of people living there

>> No.9269997

>cover only accepts girls with a lot of subs
explain the rrat and time booba then

>> No.9270200

However, cover can afford to experiment. Yet they have not.

>> No.9271237

I agree that they would have had a lot more growth on twitch, where they could get raided by other vtubers instead of being isolated in their youtube bubble

>> No.9271485

>This pains me the most about HoloEN2. There are absolutely zero cinderella stories among those five girls. People won't have that opportunity to see a girl's life be saved and completely turned around like 4/5 of the girls in EN1. People will have their favorites, but I doubt there will be many that have a deep emotional connection like some may have with Watson or Mori.
Are you idolfag by any chance? if not, kudos to Cover for turning westernfag into mindless idolfag and selling idol culture to the west which was very frown upon before

>> No.9271531

you mean bait?

>> No.9271601

If they want their males to be as successful as vshojos they should make them all use text to speech and get themselves female dominatrix bodies with big booba or something Westerners are into this shit apparently, you can just re-use DOLA model.

>> No.9271914

there wouldn't be vshojo if not for hololive it's really some Western Vtubers larping as holos althoug gunrun said he got inspired while on a trip to Japan so who knows it might been niji or some other companies he didn't specify but it seems like dude contacted project Melody and she brought her friends on the project, not too different to how hololive started really.

>> No.9272031

Good. I’ll chordle their balls for hours

>> No.9272110
File: 47 KB, 541x468, 1625700254145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9272175

What is vshojos thing other than ignoring copyrights because Western company + twitch and "reacting" to youtube clips including those of chuubas from hololive, nijisanji or whatever? Hololive have Marine and quite a few ASMRtists, niji have even more lewd members as well as pure and seiso ones and everything in between with 200+ chuubas.

>> No.9272466
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah but nyanners turned into a microwave

>> No.9272626

>Western Vtubers larping as holos
more than half of vshojo girls were vTubing regularly before holo even started.

>> No.9272668

>What is vshojos thing
making money, stealing your waifu, making you cry

>> No.9272934

I'll take your bait anon just so you can get that rush
>rrat may have been scouted or knows Ollie and may have been an ID2 reject
>Time booba is also Ina friend

>> No.9273091

you mean before 2017? Anyway I was talking about the whole idea with all female chuuba agency Ame was one of the first Western chuubas and got Silvervale into it but it's not really relevant here.

>> No.9275977

watch moe then,
shes a hard right wing vtuber

>> No.9276013

Why are you bumping every single bait thread shilling old vtubers you salty cunt

>> No.9276154

?? which thread are you talking about? i literally just got up.

please link them so i can bump them

>> No.9276299
File: 125 KB, 758x768, pull the trigger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.9282753

I'm pretty sure its mostly just fags and females complaining that they are like hololive because of no males yet, depsite them being very definitely NijiJP like in their behaviour. They're just salty they haven't gotten the only part they care about yet.

>> No.9282865

Cute shotas. Fuck every retard calling them femboys.

>> No.9283496

They look too old to even be called shotas and yes they are 100% femboys. You just don't know what either of these words actually mean

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