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What on earth?

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The baby sun from teletubbies
desu possibly copyright yab.

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The Patrick was, there are already uppity Nijifags on JP twitter pushing for a yab, but the video isn't monetized yet so at most it will get privated

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Even if it is, they can just cut it out of the VOD. No need to private the whole thing. I doubt there's a copyright on drawing babies, though.

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What did she mean by this?

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she named it "mood" too. Is she the center face or the smiley? Does she see the chat as the predator or the prey

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she drew the main face first, smiling and drooling
then she added the schizo wrinkle lines around the eyes
then she hastily added a smiley face
so, happy -> FREAKOUT -> im happy i swear

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owls a good artist

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Almost all her drawings were cursed >>9207989

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Do other artist holos really just draw in the same old style over and over?
How often do they do completely different stuff like what this girl's doing?

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Looks like the sketchbook of a normal artist

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Proof? Literally, any proof?
inb4 screencaps of a single twitter literal who

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She's probably the best artist in Hololive by far. I think this is what made me realize I can completely ignore narratives once and for all. People kept saying "What is her talent, she isn't good at anything" because they had no idea she's such a great artist. If they don't even know that simple thing, why would they know jack shit about anything else? Michael Crichton wrote about this phenomenon once and I just now realized it applies to VTubers as well. So that's it. I'm done paying attention to narratives. Not a single one of them is actually true.

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>How often do they do completely different stuff like what this girl's doing?
Most artists don't, it's a big part of why plateauing is so common. It's easy to get stuck on a style and not work on anything outside your comfort zone.

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I felt more enlightened from this stream than all of Ina's sameface lectures combined

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This thread is garbage, she hates Japanese culture and draws like a western whore. Art whores who don’t draw in anime style are all completely ran through roasties. Liberal scum trash tier shit. Ruined her.

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A holo that went to art school, wow.

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Most western art schools don't teach traditional art anymore. If she was a ran through roastie, she'd be drawing CalArts.

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Okay/10 bait made me reply.

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You're taking a post about a VTuber drawing and trying to hamfist in some narrative about Star Wars, the culture war, milk, whatever other dumb bullshit you've spent the last four years getting mad at only to have it dissipate and now you're struggling for something new. You thought you finally found an escape in VTubers and yet you still can't stop ranting and raving about it. I don't know how you stumbled into this place but this hobby clearly is not for you.

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>he got a couple serious replies

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Alright owlfags, your oshi has one skill I like.

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It's a Bojack Horseman reference, I think.

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How so?

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It’s her dark soul

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here you go

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Might have something to do with this

Which was posted several times yesterday actually. Maybe mumei is /here/ and saw it and thought it was funny..

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no way

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Who is this? Her design is great? And yes, I can tell she's Chinese, I don't care.

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>not recognizing yogiri

Holo did used to have a Chinese branch you know. Most of them sucked in the end actually but chowa was literally the only good one who didn't shittalk the company after the Coco yab. yogurt..

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It really does feel like it was only yestetday, huh?

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I'm not seeing the correlation.

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That song she's singing features the baby sun thing mumei drew. You got any better ideas for why she'd draw the fucking teletubbies baby-sun?

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Maybe someone in the chat said "You should draw the Teletubbies baby sun" and she was like "Oh hell yeah I loved that show."

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>the fucking teletubbies baby-sun
I didn't even know that was a thing.

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It's a pretty old show so it's possible you weren't alive at the time it aired. Shows you Mumei's a pretty old boomer like me.

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Well if you can find a stamp that makes sense, although I didn't notice that and she seemed to draw whatever came to mind.

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meds pls

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Anime is gay

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>it's possible you weren't alive at the time it aired
Oh my sweet summer child, you're talking to a wizard.

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Now this is a retarded post. Do you understand that the animation department at CalArts, and all other art schools, is completely separate from the traditional art department and teaches entirely different principles with regards to stylization?

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Mentioning on that my brother goes to what i think the rival artschool to Calarts and from what I know they all hate that school or at least every school that isnt calarts hates that school and its teachings. also i do think they still teach traditional art too on top of new age art and shit.

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Give me that thing...

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>Baby is Jessica Grace Smith
>Jessica Smith was born in England
>England's national animal is a lion
>Baby has rays similar to the mane of a lion
> The baby will be a sacrificial offering to the lion, in exchange for sparing the owl's life and allowing it to nourish and prosper
>The baby's identity is revealed to be the baby she has with her boyfriend, while the lion is Yagoo himself, representing the one who gives life to the VTubers

This is the price she will pay for being a VTuber under a major corporation. She's merely paying tribute to both the

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Hang on. A "dark soul" is an actual item you can get in the game Dark Souls? It's not just a cool title?

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Theres the "Blood of the Dark Soul"
dropped by Slave Night Gael in DS3, picrel
But really I was just referencing this line

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Oh really?

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what the fuck are you talking about? the real best artists is by far either sana or ina.

>> No.9217585

>Employed to draw sameface anime girls for corporation
>Real artists

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>implying she isn't sameface
there is nothing wrong with her art, but calling her the best is absolute retardation

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not the same artist, let this rrat die already

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>mumei can draw a semi-realistic bird and baby face
>this means she's a better artist than two famous illustrators with years in the industry

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cope cope cope cope

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Why are people who post this Pekora images always buzzword-spouting trolls? Watch as the reply also utilizes buzzwords, at which point I will say "As predicted."

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why is /vt/ the only place online that's still debating this fact

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Mumei has drawn in different styles. I guess she's not even herself then.

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Kid just rages for a while.

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I get Korone vibes from this art

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So how are the SEAnigs coping with her style of drawing being completely different? She's clearly coming from a western art school.

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she's a western stacy so it's not surprising

>> No.9219253

>all western girls can draw like this
This is now my favorite cope. Thanks.

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she's a master artist that can do all the art styles reeeeeeeeeeeeeee. No proof will ever be enough they want her to be HER either for shitpost potential or they're the autists that have a one sided vendeta against HER

>> No.9219338

there's still her loading screen rrat that has to be slayed for this to be over.
she said in her debut she drew that

>> No.9219348

Even Gura, the most hated VTuber on all of /vt/, never attracted this level of autism. What is going on with Mumei haters?

>> No.9219508

They got fooled by HER twice now

>> No.9219520

are you from /co/ by any chance. its so bizarre to see people talking about calarts outside of schizo posts from there

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I suppose nothing fills /vt/ with more rage than being completely unable to dox someone. The rrat army failed and it has broken them.

>> No.9220198

Dramaniggers thought they've found "le final yab" and then it turns out nobody gives a shit so they are now trying to force it through with the same ferocity as a teenage boy who got blueballed

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Yeah, CalArts is definitely an outlier, mostly due to its longstanding entertainment industry connections, so it tends towards teaching whatever homogeneous style is marketable at the time - "CalArts style" previously referred to thick line animation like Dexter's Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls, for example. The idea that CalArts being associated with shitty cartoons means no western art schools teach traditional art based on figure drawings is incredibly schizo though, I don't know what the fuck that one anon is talking about.

>> No.9220656

>Gura, the most hated VTuber on all of /vt/
Nah, that would be Kiara. Gura just has a couple of lazy schizos who occasionally try to start old ass rrat timeloops, Kiara has a whole dedicated hate discord raiding this board regularly.

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Good to see artstyle confirmation she’s not who /vt/ schizos thought she is.

>> No.9221059

Not to mention, if it was shachi she would have snapped at chat 2 or 3 streams ago.

>> No.9221078

>still in denial

>> No.9221231

For me, it's just funny they got it wrong again for the second time. But third time's the charm for sure.

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>open thread
>got this banner

despite knowing it's from teletubbies, gachimuchi always comes to mind first

>> No.9221324

>Not to mention, if it was shachi she would have snapped at chat 2 or 3 streams ago.
Oh god, are you so autistic that you can't understand that vtubers are playing characters? You think they're showing you their real selves? Jesus christ, Anon. I feel bad for you.

>> No.9221453

Have you ever watch a shachi stream? Not talking about "real self", but about deeply rooted anger issues which would have surfaced by now.

>> No.9221553

It's an actual concept in Dark Souls. Basically in their creation myth four lords find the first flame and create the current world with it, which is called an "age of fire". Out of those lords, there's the Furtive Pygmy that finds the dark soul. After some time the fire fades and the other lords start to lose their power. You kill them in Dark Souls one, and either launch an age of darkness, or rekindle the first flame and make the age of fire last a bit longer. It's one of those infinite cycle premise.

In Dark Souls 3, you find out that the pygmies were put in a city frozen in time at the edge of the world. Gael (>>9215502) goes there to find the "blood of the dark soul" to give that to a girl so she can paint a new world (she's already in a painted world that's dying too), since the world in Dark Souls can't die properly. Gael finds out that the blood of the pygmies is dry, so he eats them so his blood can become the blood of the dark soul, and then fights you. You kill him, bring back the blood to the painter, and she can start a new world.

>> No.9221630

Or she watched it when she was young, I know I did (though I have almost no memories)

>> No.9221672

Why are you pretending to be a psychiatrist? If you'll allow me to do some psychoanalyzing as well, I'd say your brain has been damaged in some way from inhaling too much copium.

>> No.9221727

You got me, brb, killing myself.

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I do believe that's what is called a "cope," potentially even a "dilate"

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She has a really good eye for composition

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Her feelings when she sees her beloved

>> No.9228033

new league of legends hero have a shadow with weird eyes

is she promoting Vex parhaps

>> No.9228080

She drew it like that specifically to mess with doxxniggers on this board

>> No.9228229

>copies HER style to leech the 1 million subs
>and prevent doxxfags from delving deeper into her true past life
Unironically Luthor-tier planning

>> No.9228936

she is a fan of HERs

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