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So what happened with V Shojo and this guy?

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He raped your oshi.

Also really nigga... type this into Google next time....

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he assault irl vtubers 10-12 atleast confirm and went gone for 3-4days

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>you are guilty if you hire a lawyer
>you are guilty if you hire a crisis manager
Retarded children. These are the people that Ollie wants to build bridges with.

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Nah you are guilty when multiple people have DM's and recorded voice lines of him doing it that they are all willing to share with the public.....

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he was just sad and wanted to cum

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I've seen this shit too often. Has he been arrested and charged with a crime? If not there is no 'confirmed assault'.

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Who asked? Who cares? I want nothing to do with these retards and want a digital iron curtain to be put between Hololive and Twitch streamers.

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What are the chances he'll come back, and if he does, what are the chances he's gonna keep hearing this?

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>Who cares
Clearly you...

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with his ego probably in 2 months, yes.

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I fucking hate vshojo so much. Can't even enjoy my vtubers in peace anymore. Just wait until they start organizing vtuber "protests" for BLM and other retarded social movements.

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Insofar as Cover hasn't banned all Holos from interacting with Twitch streamers, yes.

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That autistic fatass sounded like a 13 year old that thinks they're some kind of anime villain in that discord call. How does anybody like that gain any popularity? Makes me feel like a normie when most of this shit is done through VR Chat ERP and DnD.

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>twitter interaction
>"Retarded children"
is this even a surprise?

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>"metoo" allegations
no matter what her will never come back

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Between him and Vshojo = nothing. I don't think anyone there has been involved in any accusations against him and they seemed entirely blindsided by the whole thing. The impression I got was that they all enjoyed the experience of him DMing and want to continue doing roleplaying streams...which are unlikely to include him due to him being #metoo'd.

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Apparently he was mean to some whore on Twitter? Noone associated with Vshojo even.
Anyone cares why?

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>Cover hasn't banned all Holos from interacting with Twitch streamers
fortunately enough Cover has a lot of members nowadays, to the point they dont need an outsiders to collab with. especially after holoEN gen 2 debu

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>"metoo" allegations
no matter what he will never come back

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I dont give a shit about the fat numale feminist dnd tard they are dragging through twiiter court but the fact yhst vshitshow is involved in this tells me that the concerns people had with them were not only warranted but getting worse after the homoenabling earlier this year.

Sell sell sell and gatekeep

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If you fan base is young and retarded enough while you threaten litigation towards anyone that so much as breathes in your direction you can. Projared made it back once adults stopped paying attention.

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>Projared made it back once adults stopped paying attention.
He made it back because he had receipts. Guy's a fag but he was smart

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>Sell sell sell and gatekeep

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Does Vshoujo not have a PR guy?

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His crimes don't add up to the current backwards legal definition of sexual assault.

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I think (you) need a crisis manager as well.

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isntt he from burgerland?

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Projared just cheating on his wife ? He didn't do sever thing like this guy is accused of (grooming, sexually assaulting).

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vtubers marching two by two

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Yes, he was accused of more

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His receipts were just "trust me guys, these four guys I won't name will also cover for me." Like I said once the adults cleared out and he was left with the kids and autists he was in the clear. His cover for one of the underage girls was literally "She had brain damage so she couldn't remember shit" which is a horrible argument, could be pushed in the other direction if anyone still gave half a shit and he wasn't throwing out litigation and threats over content featuring him in a negative light like confetti.

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I would not trust an eceleb who took pictures of himself in half nude sailor moon crossplay not to lie about his relationships. Online or otherwise.

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Grooming middle-aged women, truly the crime of the century only surpassed by that most heinous of acts which fall under the heading of 'sexual assault': hugging a women with her permission and maybe having an erection while doing so.

I think everyone involved is a flaming garbage person but having this be some kind of #metoo scandal while the Taliban is raping its way through Kabul makes it even more ridiculous.

e-thots having e-sex with a sperg for... better DnD rolls? We have reached peak internet.

And Melody's tweet was especially hilarious, "exploiting women's vulnerabilities"... she literally pays her rent with donations from lonely men.

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We're living in PEAK clown world, friend.
At this point, I stopped caring about most things and will gladly welcome the end of everything. Shit's fucked beyond repair

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exposing his antis as a bunch of mouth breathing dramafags was the most based thing that dude has ever done

>> No.9163034

welcome to the world anon.

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>she literally pays her rent with donations from lonely men
Doesn't every vtuber do that?

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The Taliban won, they get to do what the fuck they like, this guy is pathetic and weak so he is despised.

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yes, even the church.

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Of course, but the point he was making is Melody was crying about "exploiting women's vulnerabilities", which is peak irony. She and most other chuubas make their money by exploiting the vulnerabilities of lonely men

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Legal in my country

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The church makes its money for women with daddy issues looking for some sort of parental figure to guide them now. Congregations/donations are heavily gender skewed.

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>There have been many stories and feelings shared about some of my actions over the years within the D&D community.
Yeah, even as a degenerate v-tuber watching weeb, I'm not reading this shit.

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>peak irony
Hypocracy, it's not ironic it's hypocritical.

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I see. So he got metood by vshojo whores for nothing. Gotcha.

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What she is saying = hypocritical
the situation = ironic

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No one in V-Shojo is among his accusers. All the accusations are from Momo and 2views. They're also laughable, it's all him asking for VR pity sex and they felt obliged because they wanted better stats in DnD.

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Omega will be doing the same thing to Holowhores soon

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She's a chick you faggot!
She's been confirmed a french chick for a while now.
This is a video of the 6ft tall goddess' back playing violin.
Now stop you BlastphamousHD Nigglet

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Wtf is this?

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you forgot the pic anon

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vscrotum was a mistake

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holodrones are really desperate for vshojo drama

>> No.9164550

Yes, the new gen ones. Ai-chan and 4 Heavenly King would never

>> No.9164585

It's omega alpha apparently

>> No.9164616

>they wanted better stats in DnD
The boomers were right about DnD

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>what the "sexually assaulted" "girls" wrote down
>everything was consensual
>what arcadum wrotedown
>everything was consensual
What's the problem here again?

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>didn't actually understand anything

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>vshojo i-is not involved in the drama stop dragging them into this
>vshojo member dives straight into the drama
lmao your company is full of dramawhores

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Remember that Froot actually broke the law scamming people while this guy never broke any law.

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It's me. All I do is jack off and watch hololive. Easiest job I ever had.

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Lmao momo was one of the orbiters that’s was a front runners to get Into their group already. Now with this drama and pity shit there is no way she doesnt get in.

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And that's why Froot got prosecuted
Oh wait, she didn't, because she didn't break any laws

>> No.9164964

>scamming people
Oh no people didn't get their stuff and got refunded the horror

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His wife made him ban everyone from discord and when they saw they couldn't leech off him more then they decided to cancel him to take his viewers, at least that's the only logic explanation i could arrive to

>> No.9165006

Been no sign of her applying to join but if she did apply with or without this going on she would get in as she's one of the biggest indies on twitch

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Fuck vwhores
Fuck this who
Fuck OP

>> No.9165026

Clearly there is nothing bad going on if your wife is making you do that stuff.

>> No.9165035

>a small crime its nothing
Obvious nigger

>> No.9165070

If you were made to feel uncomfortable by one awkward horny guy saying/doing inappropriate things then why would you want to be part of a group that caters to an audience of them?

>> No.9165088

Because no one has extradition treaties for petty crimes on any will to attempt to. She stole like $5 each from half a dozen faggots in /k/.

>> No.9165143

>order food at a restaurant
>turns out they are out of it
>refund you the money you spent

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Guy's a creep. Got caught being a creep. vshojo have more liberty to t alk about this stuff than others.

They're not wrong, but I'm also not interested in vtubers talking about that shit. So he can get fucked and I'll stay off their lives for a couple months, just like in january.

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Lmao, her response was hardly a clapback.
All the "yass queen" comments are cringe.
Even Wyatt called her out on the hypocrisy.

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If you read the chats, it sounds like the guy acts like he's still in highschool. Not someone I would want to be friends with. But grooming and manipulation? Just hit the block button.
We're any of the accusers underage?

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>posting your own response

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Welcome to the ways of the world, where women throw male liabilities under the bus without a second thought or a pang of traitor's guilt.

>> No.9165361

why do incels always defend the rapists?? I thought they will be happy to see a chad brought down..........

>> No.9165385

I hate Vshoujo as much as the next guy, but it's still a pretty shitty situation for them.
>all the girls were pretty excited about their D&D adventures
>all that progress has to go in the trash now because he got #metoo'd
>have to disassociate from him completely, but all their clips and work put into their characters will be a constant reminder
>while there are other people capable of DMing a campaign for them, the whole experience will probably sour them on it, may never bother again
>this fag will probably come back in a few months, have to go through this shit all over again

>> No.9165462

Chads don't DM roleplay games.
Except Moririn of course.

>> No.9165484

>sour them on it, may never bother again
Multiple of them have said they want to do it again. Hell Vei drew up a new character design yesterday.

>> No.9165516

this is why you gatekeep your hobbies anons, guy just wanted to coom and commit adultery

>> No.9165578

>vwhores can't escape shitty drama and willingly engage in it.

>> No.9165594

Are you saying that if he didn't get his rocks off he'd make the rocks fall and everyone would die?

>> No.9165632

>cheat on your husband
Based if true.

>> No.9165648

Oh no, wont somebody please think of the sluts!

>> No.9165664

Of course they say that, that's what you're supposed to say. Imagine the reaction from the community if they straight up told them that they will probably never play again because of this. There's actually no alternative to "we love dnd even though our DM was a sex pest, cheer up guys!", that's literally the only thing that can be said here.

>> No.9165701

Fucking based.

>> No.9165730

>So what happened with V Shojo and this guy?
He refused to have sex with those cheap whores and they got triggered.

>> No.9165757

Literally who?

>> No.9165765

If you're not a complete fucking idiot you hire a lawyer who is also not a complete idiot, and that lawyer tells you not to make any public statements.

>> No.9165828

Some containment breaching ped eceleb

>> No.9165876

What a quick way to tell people you didn't watch the expose. His evidence is direct and not hearsay from some guys.

>> No.9165949

Why Californians are like that

>> No.9165962

Just ignore all the faggots. From my understanding is the guy did some creepy shit by talking in dms to a lot of fem tubers and hurt their "feelings" by saying manipulating stuff. I feel nothing for any of this because ALL of them even ones likely not involved or fudging the truth are all jumping in for drama/clout sake. They guy is a scum bag but all this bitches are grown fucking women. Handle your fucking shit bitches. If someone on the fucking internet of all places makes we feel/vibe a wrong way I cut contact all together.

>> No.9165985

>these* bitches
My mistake.

>> No.9165989

>She and most other chuubas make their money by exploiting the vulnerabilities of lonely men
If you are retarded enough to empty your paychecks into streamers you deserve your fate.
At this point it's not exploitation , it's just helping natural selection

>> No.9166003

Maybe you should dilated. You’re getting stale down there

>> No.9166007

We can say the same for the whores that got hurt by this guy.

>> No.9166064

This is Connors future

>> No.9166083

>Taliban is raping its way through Kabul
Why are you using Taliban as a negative example? Taliban oshis aren’t allowed to associate with men, or they get gang raped and stoned to death. I thought that was a good thing?

>> No.9166091

If true , based that a french woman hold the fate of holoanglos in her hands and dominate them.
If not , thanks for the based concerto

>> No.9166119

I can only wish.

>> No.9166120

You guys are late to the party.
Even reddit already forgot about this shit

>> No.9166124

>I feel nothing for any of this

>> No.9166196

You're so fucking retarded that I can't figure out if this is bait or not. Congrats, I guess.

>> No.9166218

The Taliban is solving the problem kek

>> No.9166238

You are such a retard spreading easily disprovable rrats. Momo would already be in VSHOJO If she wanted. She’s friendly to Vshojo and like she’s friendly to literally everyone (including this Jeremy fellow) and collaborates with them once in a blue moon. She has said publicly and repeatedly that she doesn’t want to join a company, and literally everyone is okay with that.

>> No.9166271 [DELETED] 

1:50 summary of Arcadum drama
The twitlongers are boring, just listen to the recordings.

>> No.9166316

>they say that
They’re not just “saying” that, you drooling nitwit, they are actually rolling up new characters onstream and already found a new DM - who could be just as bad as Arcadum for all I know, but the point is they’re not just claiming to still be interested.

>> No.9166352

Yeah and lawyers tell you to shut the fuck up

>> No.9166361

This (you) wasn't needed obvious /wvt/ whore. Go back.

>> No.9166396

If you say so man, I just hope they aren't doing it because they feel obligated to their fans who enjoyed the dnd and rather because they actually want to play

>> No.9166413

And yet you were enticed to respond, encouraging many more posts like it.

>> No.9166448

Idk what you think your getting out of this but it's funny asf that you actually think it matters.

>> No.9166497

At any point they could have told him to fuck himself when he vented his issues
Every single one of them let him cry on their shoulders
At any point they could get him to stop erp
They let him
At any point they coulda told his wife
She had to find out on her own
They could have gone public anytime, or quietly left dnd
Thry stuck with it for clout. Only when he had to cut ties and they couldnt leech off his success did they complain
And they coordinated the attack too.

Arcadum is a fag wit marriage problems trying to nut. These women are malicious. Theyre worse

>> No.9166503

Matters to whom? Am I diluting the quality of an entireless worthless thread that shouldn’t even exist? Am I “wasting your time” and mine? I feel so very badly about that.

>> No.9166534

>These women are malicious. Theyre worse
Cower and weep. These eeeevil slots are coming for everything you hold dear

>> No.9166569

>There's actually no alternative to "we love dnd even though our DM was a sex pest, cheer up guys!", that's literally the only thing that can be said here.
Not all Veibae said - "He's a piece of shit" "He can go fuck himself" Then she started making her new character and set up the replacement DM

>> No.9166621

This is the easiest (you)s I've ever gotten!

>> No.9166648

Taliban vtuber when?

>> No.9166662

>Underlying feeling of self importance

>> No.9166693

Yeah but don’t act like it was original in your part.

It is the perfect bait because it attracts the self righteous Vshofags as well as the aggrieved /pol/-MRA-incel crowd and makes them yell at each other, but not in a remotely entertaining or interesting way.

Well done.

>> No.9166733

I've just never baited or done rrats before. This is what it feels like? No wonder motherfuckers do this. It's fuckin fun.

>> No.9166736

Uhhhh if I were important or even thought I was important I would have something better to do and I wouldn’t be shitting up the shittiest of shitty threads on the shittiest website. Consult your insult wheel and spin again

>> No.9166754

Oh I'm loving this!

>> No.9166823

thanks god hololive didnt collab with them that much.

>> No.9166848

Who's side are we taking Nijibros?

>> No.9166905

The Taliban’s, for all we care.
Just don’t whiteknight for the crying leg humper. It isn’t a good look.

>> No.9166934

Just laughing at the whole thing really. In my case at least. Other Niji watchers don't even think about this stuff.

>> No.9167349

Being a huge asshole isn't illegal but you're still an asshole. Also cheating on your wife by guilt tripping 2 view streamers is just sad and pathetic. The guy is a disgusting rat that hides as soon as you shine a light on him and takes zero responsibility for his actions. I Hope his wife divorces him for every penny he's worth and he ends up homeless.

>> No.9167400

Yep just twice and there definitely won't be more in the next couple of months. It's totally not gonna happen. Nothing's already planned at all.

>> No.9167422

Meh I dont give a fuck as Connor is not involved

>> No.9167528


>> No.9167602

He clearly raped every female he's ever interacted with, by simply interacting with them.

>> No.9167826

but the act of hiring a lawyer implicates yourself - why would you need a lawyer if you truly were innocent, after all?

>> No.9167871

All this just to get better stats in a Dungeons & Dragons game? THAT of all things is what Vtuber "women" want?

>> No.9167900

Live in the real world you fucking tard. It's full of sociopaths that want to hurt you.

>> No.9167999

Stop whiteknighting. Or at least whiteknight for someone who has at least a small percentage of fucking you. I don’t think Arcadum is into you and even if he is, his depressed pp won’t be working very well for the next little while.

>> No.9168016 [DELETED] 

are people unironically defending this fat sjw guy?? please tell me just pretending...
this is not a feminism meme you fucking idiots they are literally all just making fun of and humiliating him for being a loser who tries creepy ways to get laid such as cryhumping. its really based that they can stand up for themselves without worrying about corpo junk, but you cannibalcels just want to be contrarian and claim he is a good guy....... wtf?? you do realise this will happen to connor one day too and then what? you do a 180 and suddenly agree with them when its connor?? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you ARE SO ANNOYING OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.9168064

Reported for ironic shitposting

>> No.9168113

reported for announcing reports retard

>> No.9168133

Reported you for reporting me

>> No.9168144

So who did that dude rape?

>> No.9168147

Imagine if Johnny Depp didn't hire a lawyer to fight off his sociopath whore ex.

>> No.9168216

Imagine comparing Arcadum to someone handsome and rich and not abjectly pathetic. Hi Arcadum.

>> No.9168255

He raped the quality of this thread

>> No.9168282

Nothing. They just had an ongoing campaign with him when he got busted for being a sex pest.

>> No.9168360

>You can't legally defend yourself unless you are an alcoholic milliionaire
This is about the stupidest thing I've read here in a while and I see about half a dozen Kiara SEAhizo threads whenever I visit.

>> No.9168367


He dared to erp with middle aged wahmen over the internet under consent.

>> No.9168448

Well, I'm sure he will be glad to know this place got his back.

>> No.9168457
File: 32 KB, 442x479, EtT-DWkWYAAFh3r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Femcel spotted

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File: 879 KB, 512x512, morifluster.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are all GMs abusive?

>> No.9168584


>> No.9168626

They're cancelling him so they can cut the middleman out of future DnD content. He's a creep and it's kinda easy (and profitable). He didn't commit any crime and they could've just ghost him, but they want his viewers too.

>> No.9168664

Well he's a fucking idiot and deserves it for being stupid

>> No.9168700

He did this to stupidly insecure and ''depressed'' women. They are an easy target, after all, could you imagine if he tried this bullshit on stacies like Veibae or Kiara?

Them bitches would've made him want to kill himself.

>> No.9168798

He literally has no money and his gf kicked him out. And it ain’t 1 crazy lady making accusations, nor does he have any assets for the accusers to go after. The situations are not remotely comparable

>> No.9168809

im not whiteknighting, just pointing out the fact that everybody seemed to be at least fine with him (and loved his d&d campaigns) until the twitter mobs came for him, and then they all adjusted their narratives accordingly

>> No.9168898

>im not whiteknighting
Only when you’re not posting.
>he was popular and well liked until they found out he was a piece of shit
Yes, that is generally how popularity works.

>> No.9168976

Every long twit or whatever it's called is from vtubers that have to at least be 25 years or older from my knowledge.

>> No.9169047

>He did this to stupidly insecure and ''depressed'' women
There’s only a sliver of truth to that. Yes many of his targets were traumatized and gullible, and shame on him for preying on them. Others were completely normal and sane, just like many of his fans and supporters were. Not sure if you heard the Naomi phone call but she is completely together and smart and normal.
A talented grifter doesn’t just have idiots as victims. That’s what makes him talented.

>> No.9169058

> they were fine with him before knowing he was a sad weirdo then they changed
That's not adjusting a narrative , that's just reacting like any normal person would.
I know people like to shit on Vshojo but why would they bother to do the effort of interacting with him while he's in the middle of a twitter shitstorm he caused himself

>> No.9169096

>long twit or whatever it's called is from vtubers
Wtf? Momo is a vTuber but all the others are just random artists and gamers and VRChat people

>> No.9169148

I bet you fucks absolutely love this. Some premium quality TWITTER DOT COM drama to get angry at. 240 characters is enough to really get a message across. It's not like you're addicted to being angry or anything, right? Definitely not.

>> No.9169370

>be a creep
>but a RESPECTFUL creep
>only ever creep with consent
you're still a creep and women will still instinctively want to punish you for your creepiness, whether it's by law or by public opinion
don't stick your dick in twitter

>> No.9169562
File: 381 KB, 1750x1650, 1630378171934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am unironically enjoying this drama. This is what Vwhores is all about.

>> No.9169694

Am GM, can confirm

>> No.9169769


I know absolutely nothing about this situation and I don't care about this dude at all, but I feel like if you're so easy that a fucking dungeon master can pressure you into sex, that's on you.

>> No.9170178

>duo 69 post
I agree.

>> No.9170182

>I know absolutely nothing
That is true
>I don’t care about this dude
That is false

>> No.9170218

>giving any creep consent
Damn. Are women this stupid?

>> No.9170339

After going over the logs and stuff, it doesn't even really look like manipulation. It's just him crying about being lonely and horny. It's insanely creepy and pathetic, but I don't see where the manipulation or assault comes in

>> No.9170442


That's just you being stupid. I literally don't know anything about this guy, and I don't doubt he's a creep, scumbug, loser, whatever.

I'm just saying, he's a fucking D&D dungeon master, at some point a certain level of self-respect is expected of human beings. It's like barely a step above "That damn hobo emotionally manipulated me into blowing him in Franklin Park, boo hoo hoo" as far as sob stories go.

>> No.9170513
File: 618 KB, 712x400, 1630542863989.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It makes me wonder how vapid friendship and popularity is. All you need to have friends, even famous ones, is just a skillset that people want to use. It's virtually never about your true personality or if you're a good person. I'm so utterly blackpilled on human relationships bros

>> No.9170514

He's not just any dungeon master, he's a level two manipulator. I've only met maybe three people with powers that rival his.

>> No.9170581
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>why yes, i do beg women for pity e-sex with sob stories and get mad if they dont. How could you tell?

>> No.9170616

I mean that’s only partially true. It’s good to have friends who are “useful” whether it’s to advance your career or just a strong back to help you move things, but that alone usually won’t make you popular. You have to be nice and have charisma and make people feel respected (even if it turns out later to be just an act), and Arcadum could do all those things when it benefitted him to do so.

>> No.9170629
File: 260 KB, 471x333, Burgerdad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So fellas what is it? Is he a creep or a sexual abuser? If he's just a creep why frame the narrative that he's a sexual abuser that needs to be corrected instead of just politely ignoring him? If he's a sexual abuser why refuse to call the police even when you have evidence that you collected showing his crimes? If you just want him to do better why drag him through public? Why is his adultery put on the back burner so much? Why isn't the fiance mad at the few girls who accepted going with his adultery? They knew he had a fiance. Also, why is he such a pityless faggot? Who the fuck asks for pity sex? I may be some retarded virgin, but even I know not to fucking stoop so low. Why is the situation blown so out of proportion? Finally, why is everyone so attached to this stupid shit? They're all dramawhoring, moralfagging, broken autists who all have been on some kind of high horse. Why are people giving this shit the time of day? Answer me, thread?

>> No.9170668

stay away from women, freak

>> No.9170697

he's living the dream of everyone who watches indies and successfully groomed several 2 views and attempted to groom many more

>> No.9170708

>Is he a creep or a sexual abuser
In case people have noticed, there can never be a super bright line between those two things, and that’s okay.

But whenever someone’s behavior falls into the grey area, there’s always someone going to be self righteously screaming that it’s obviously one or another and that everyone tho disagrees deserves to be shot.

>> No.9170737

>Why is the situation blown so out of proportion?
Because all parties involved are histrionic attention whores

>> No.9170764
File: 108 KB, 940x500, OK Nigger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Answer the question. Any of them is fine. Just make sure it's coherent.

>> No.9170771


>> No.9170850

>groomed vshoujo of all things
bros... he's the ultimate groomer, I'm scared. (at least if connor is outed as a groomer)

>> No.9170860

Join a book club if you want actual discussion. Now fuck off

>> No.9170880


>> No.9170899


>> No.9170906
File: 713 KB, 963x1226, 1620533097738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When are they going to lick her feet and beg for her to DM?

>> No.9171147

Fucking retard.

>> No.9171215

i havent read any of the allegations but this is more damning than if i saw him make a 2view suck his peen for a +5 on a roll

>> No.9171358

He's a fat loser nerd (not the epic kind) and he deserves to be dragged down for trying to escape the crab bucket.

>> No.9171382

Wait is this for real or roleplaying?

>> No.9171440


>> No.9171473


>> No.9171608


>> No.9172105

at least this guy gets it.

>> No.9172241

How the tables turn.

>> No.9172324
File: 275 KB, 797x718, Mah+drills+_97cc8d3ca70314106192abe1b3469492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


i say it boils down to call the police or shut the fuck up.
if you have to resort to cry rape over cybersexing a fat nerd you are the ultimate femcel legbeard.

>> No.9172455

retarded americans that’s old

>> No.9172468
File: 11 KB, 231x177, 1610103262237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They made one fatal mistake, anon.
Imagine having the clout and sway to showcase an RPG, and you pick the most basic fucking bitch system to ever exist.

>> No.9172728

The guy DM'd Vshojo's DnD campaign, turned out to be a massive asshole and got canceled (by other women, mostly irl streamers). Vshojo is sad because their DnD campaign is dead now, also he apparently tried to make the vshojos publicly say good things about him before the allegations got out, but the vshojos refused to be used like this. That's probably what Froot's post is about.

>> No.9173287

I have been avoiding this thread cause there's nothing to expect but the same song and dance of drama. But knowing that vshojo is literally knocking at the doors of hololive based on the recent tweets, this issue deserved to be looked into.
And lo and behold. Allegations? Evidences? Sympathy? These weapons, when used well and used in coordination, can cause downfall even to the mightiest. They have the connection. They have the support. They could even broadcast it anytime. Now imagine dipping in that venom filled pool.
These weapons are merely everyday tools for the rrat posters, but they at least have the decency to contain it in a thread for further discussion.

>> No.9173978

All this is because the people involved, frankly, aren't professional. Rules? Psh, who needs them, he seems totally safe, right?
If you want to invite someone like this to collab with you in front of your fans, don't bring him into your private life. If you do do that and shit occurs there, handle it privately and don't bring it back out into your public-facing persona. They couldn't do either and now shit hits the fan.

>> No.9174054

Maybe he should have just jacked off like a normal person then.

>> No.9174150

>However, he was having quite a few tough times keeping up with the VShojos and friends. That he had to look up the sexualized D&D stuff just because they wouldn't shut up about monster dicks and stuff proves he just was not ready.

>> No.9174192

>i say it boils down to call the police or shut the fuck up.
Free Cosby, free Epstein, free Weinstein, amirite?
Not comparing Arcadum to those turds, but I am reminding you that none of those chicks called the police. Actually one Weinstein starlet did call the police and the police told her to go fuck herself.

Imagine trusting cops to do their job.

>> No.9174253

And yes I realize that they literally did great Cosby but that was on a technicality and had nothing to do with whether the victim “called the police”

>> No.9174384

What did Cosby do again?

>> No.9174461
File: 809 KB, 498x280, archer-emiya.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cheats on her spouse and breaks her oath to god
>passive aggressively jabs at abracadabra as if she has any moral high ground to stand on
Imagine being such an awful person you make EDP look like a saint. This is what defines western vtubing. The gatekeeping has failed. There's nothing left to save. So as I pray...get deplatformed, bitch.

>> No.9174476

Western vtubers disgust me

>> No.9174496

Your own shadow disgusts you because you are a cringing, sobbing incel

>> No.9174504

they all sucked his cock or something and now they're angry

>> No.9174544

Jesas fucking christ. Why do the normalfags all show up on the board whenever some yab happens? Don't you guys have twitter and reddit?

>> No.9174581

Yes I'm sure she and all her friends were virtually raped by him through the internet. He is also the reason why Froot cheated on her husband years ago. Curse you Arch-adum!!

>> No.9174583

No I was banned from both. Slim pickings available now

>> No.9174592
File: 25 KB, 385x385, 1630482101361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do none of you niggers realize that the vshojo girls are just adjacent to this drama or are you actually aware of what happened and just self-hypnotized yourselves into believing that this revolves around them?

>> No.9174642

The moment they voiced out their opinion, they are part of the drama

>> No.9174713

someone has any clips of this?

>> No.9174736
File: 277 KB, 424x439, towa bat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the vshojo girls are just adjacent to this drama
>Ignores the posts in thread where Vei, Melody, and Froot directly weigh in to dogpile on the Pityless faggot.
Based retard trying to frame the narrative to his liking.

>> No.9174753

>clout chasing v-whores
I honestly don't know what they hope to get out of this. It's like they want to be famous, but the more their audience grows the more of their shit scheming ppl find out about.

>> No.9174755

How newfag are you? follow the trail

>> No.9174776

I hate fate fags but this is the most based thing to come from one.

>> No.9174877

on and off for the last 6 years

>> No.9175095

He listened to the rap
Which gave him the brain damage, y'see?
With the hippin' and the hoppin'

>> No.9175194

>DM of their 80+ session campaign planned over an entire year, which made some of the Vshojos shift their weekly schedules to accomodate the sessions and commission 2D avatars of their characters worth thousands of dollars gets #MeToo'd by other women because he couldn't stop himself from creeping on discord, dunking all that work into the garbage over night
>be rightfully pissed off at him
That's hardly being part of the drama. They just called him out for being a piece of shit after the fact. Honestly their reactions have been pretty tame considering how much of their time and efforts he's wasted, not too mention how he's been creeping on froot since day 1 too

>> No.9175332

Yeah they are rightfully pissed. But is it necessary to voice out their opinion considering that there are legal consequences at stake? Can't they just provide a company statement regarding the matter?

>> No.9175398
File: 184 KB, 312x556, 1621533434520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Drama happens
>Vshojo isn't apart of it they're only adjacent!!
>Vshojo starts calling the fat neckbeard out and publicly stand with the victims
>I-it's only fair that they can call them out!!
Why do vshojofags move goalposts and literally deny reality? Why are you people like this?

>> No.9175501

>Voice opinion
People look and then as it was vague leave you alone
>Stay silent
People keep asking you to say something.

>> No.9175574

Ask /k/ about BSApricot in the patches thread, you'll get the story

>> No.9175606

You forgot the part about releasing a company statement.

>> No.9175615

I see you've never had to talk to the police before

>> No.9175725
File: 184 KB, 1080x1080, 614FC34C-284B-4B21-BB95-EE819E28D594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah yes, the fat faggot retard known for getting triggered over anime and having a 500+ tweet bitchfest about people having different opinions than him

>> No.9175745

TLDR on fatass's response?? I cant use twitter right now

>> No.9176034

kek I knew I made the right call not watching momo, every time I tried there was a guy talking

>> No.9176148

don't use my wife for your utterly brainless posts please

>> No.9176332

/wvt/ are the most sensitive, defensive, white knighting little tapeworms out of any vtuber audience and i'm glad that whatever happened bothers them.

>> No.9176360

nothing. miss guilty concience is just bandwagoning in hopes you'll forget about her own misdeeds.
as for in general, some other egirls drank the koolaid and decided his inept attempts at picking up an e-date were the gravest sins ever.
>literal camwhore crying about vulnerabilities
my sides are in orbit.
so it's another random baseless rrat, then. >>>/trash/
there's no rapist here, faggo. find another tree to bark up.
if you're not pretending, you need to become An Hero. if you are, you still need to become An Hero. that's a level of retardation that one should not approach.
if only the cuck actually was a piece of shit instead of just a sad irrelevant cuck, you might have some ground there.
>literally "I hate this guy now because someone told me to"
cosby didn't do anything, though. he just got targetted for profiteering and character assassination due to being old and weak. the other two cunts did need to be slapped down. and indeed, none of them called the police. in the cosby case because there was nothing to call about, in the other two because they're the kinds of retards to buy into "AND NOBODY WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU IF YOU TELL ON ME".
exist, make loadsemoney, get old enough to be an easy mark for abusers of the legal system whom make all actual victims look bad.
I know, right?

>> No.9176487

didn't read any of this, you need to have sex.

>> No.9176548

Do you have a point or.....?

>> No.9176614

sex is overrated though

>> No.9176732
File: 216 KB, 1242x1344, 1623355329613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking kek

>> No.9176748

Melody confirmed she was one of his victims, Ironmouse has been oddly quiet about all this, she probably was one of his victims too and that's why her and connor didn't stream together for awhile as she pushed him away for this chad dungeon master.

>> No.9176801

He's alleged to have roofied women and raped them but most of the allegation were very flimsy. I don't think he's totally innocent but at least he's out now on a technicality.

>> No.9176812

Those people just don't want others to fall for his emotionally manipulative shit anymore, and apparently he acted that way with everyone, not just with women he wanted to hug in VR. It's understandable even if I don't think he sexually exploited people.

>a sad irrelevant cuck
Not for his dumb community

Fact is he was a piece of shit like any power trippy person in a position of power ever, even if he wasn't a criminal. You'd know, if you've dealt with that kind of person.

>> No.9177277

>emotionally manipulative shit
Try that but with a greater audience, you'll see better results
>You'd know,
Now I see where the problem started.

As >>9173978 pointed out, they should have handled this privately first.

>> No.9177394

>Try that but with a greater audience, you'll see better results
I think he had a pretty big audience.

>Now I see where the problem started.

> they should have handled this privately first.
I don't think they didn't, but like I said they don't want others to get into the same situation with the guy.

>> No.9177479

>I think he had a pretty big audience
Did he emotionally manipulate a whole crowd at once? Are we even at the same page in this discussion?

>> No.9177491

Just search BSApricot on desuarchive. You will find threads about it. Cucked husband while he was in military. Just another whore. You can see what she looks like irl if you are a coomer as well, or find her cybersex discord messages.

>> No.9177612

>Did he emotionally manipulate a whole crowd at once
Yes actually. He was the owner of a big discord community and apparently constantly emotionally manipulated everyone into taking his side.

Either way, if that's besides the point, I just didn't understand your point of "try that with a greater audience". What are you even referring to? Froot?

>> No.9177738

>constantly emotionally manipulated everyone into taking his side
Did you even read the twitlonger and googledocs presented as evidence?

>> No.9177838

I didn't read all of them. What's your point? How does it change what he was like in the past?

>> No.9177932

The point is if you based your opinions on rumors, then the only one you'll consider is the loudest.

>> No.9178233

There's even a video from 2019 where he's doing the same shit in a discord group, it's not just a rumor. It was linked in one of the docs. It was clear as day how he dealt with stuff was just like any other powertrippy popular guy.

>> No.9178392

If powertripping is your main concern, then he is a faggot no doubt. But to throw malicious accusations beside that, you should be pretty confident to call him on that.

>> No.9178466

>malicious accusations

>> No.9178476

too much free time , go watch a hololive stream or something

>> No.9178555

Oh god. You didn't even read the thread. My mistake. I assumed too much

>> No.9178643

im confused. did he actually fuck anyone or was it just e-sex

>> No.9178653

Okay fuck off then, retard. I didn't see anyone say they were raped by him, so which accusation is malicious? Every single accusation I've seen so far by the people who spoke out has been deserved. Do you just not understand emotional manipulation?

>> No.9178749

"e-sex" man I hate virgins

>> No.9178809

>didn't see anyone say they were raped by him
I'm so proud of you

>> No.9178815

that is to say, all he did was talk and didn't actually rape anyone. thanks for the info

>> No.9178868

Angry Joe got a lawyer to get this ugly lying bitch to fuck off ASAP. I hate that guy btw but he's smart when he almost get #metoo'd by a fake ass "Marine".

>> No.9178876

Good, retard.

>> No.9178937

Yet again, another case against #MeToo.
Day after day it keeps causing more harm than good and people will still pretend it's a good movement

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