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how do you feel about vtubers that are public with their real identity. Whether it be an established seiyuu, or some content creator that also has a vtuber version of themselves that they have a separate channel for, or a mangaka/artist that also has a virtual avatar?

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Artists streaming with avatars they make for themselves are some of the very best vtubers.

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dont care

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Caring about that would be like caring that an actor has a public identity

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I care

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don't care. when i watch a movie i don't think of them as "ACTOR" i think of them as their character.

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I prefer it more when I don't know who they are, the kayfabe is part of the appeal for me

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i prefer to not know, but its not a huge deal. I know my oshi's roommate and I still love her

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I don't know who Hirasaka Mei desuwa is in real life but I sometimes watch her for desuwas.... desuwa.

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I don't care if their identity gets leaked or becomes public knowledge. If they're breaking kayfabe on their own channel or doing sometimes irl cam/sometimes avatar they're kind of missing the point though.

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It kinda misses the original point of VTubers, but I guess in the long it doesn't really matter.

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Doesn't Norio treat Tamaki as a seperate character?

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The only difference that makes is you can openly talk about those roommates anywhere.
People will still play along with the established character because it's fun that way.


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Dont really care, its interesting to see what they have done in the past in a time capsule sorta way but id rather not know their actual real identities, just their past aliases.

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To many actors these days play themselves though

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well yeah, but you get what i meant.

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Desuwa links her roommate on her twitter desuwa. Her roommate retweets Desuwa desuwa

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200 IQ because they don't have to worry about doxxfags, I have never seen anyone bother to doxx Mei because she was smart to put herself out there. People try to ruin lives when they don't know but seem to let VTubers off a bit easier when it has been long common knowledge who the 中の人 is.

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Hate all these golden boys and "rising stars" crowd pleasers that are literally just themselves in every role. Its just a really expensive vlog.

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Mei started as an adult and doesn't seem to have NND haters so it's easy to give no fucks. It's different for others

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I don't like 3dpd. That is why I don't watch normal streamers.

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I don't mind knowing roomates or anything but to me it defeats the point of being a VTuber if you make no effort at pretending to be your character and it's just an anime avatar.

Like I want to see Hulk Hogan, not Terry Bollea.

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this is why I don't like certain holo idols who just gfe and do a lot of chitchat streams. Another reason why i really liked haachama going off the walls last month.

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Roommate rrat without being kicked by meido is welcoming one. I guess.

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Being public with your real identity defeats the purpose of being a VTuber since the concept itself is supposed to be signifying a departure from 3DPD and an ascension to 2D formats, which is lost if you treat it as some side-gimmick.

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I've been subscribed to this utaite called Mafumafu for like 2-3 years now. I'm only subscribed for songs. She also have other video with some of their faces with facemask so its not really a secret.

Recently, I'm getting recommendation of some of his stream. So apparently, he got a model now and he stream games occasionally with some other utaite dudes and that tokyo ghoul apex dude. Well, since he already had that character design ages ago, only difference is now it moves . . . I just feel the same way before.

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>She also have other video
my bad

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I think stuff like that is fine too. By playing a character I don't mean like Ina actually seriously acting like a priestess of an eldritch horror cult or something. I think talking about stuff that's happened to them in real life is fine but I don't want Ina to just start going on about her "real" identity and job and putting no separation between that and Ina.

Getting a peek behind the curtain is nice and makes for some good stuff but it should only ever be a peek.

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Will Mei-Roberu collab ever happen desu wa desu wa?

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Fucking stupid. If you're not going to keep your identity a secret then you are defeating the entire purpose of being a vtuber. Its just fucking lazy as well. If you cant keep up the persona and half ass the whole vtuber gig then you may as well just you a face came or better yet nothing at all. I watch vtubers because I hate having to look at real peoples mugs.

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I'm fine with it. It's quite different from anonymous Vtubing but still can be interesting, and make it less awkward when streamers spills out something that would make it obvious who they are. Tho i also enjoy stuff like what Mori's doing - she's not openly coming out about who she is but leave intentionally pretty obvious clues for fans of her other, still active project.

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don't really care

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you DO know Tamaki's roommate is public knowledge right?

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Those two could keep talking FOREVER
BAR ROBEL: 24+ Hours Endurance Edition

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minus 3 points

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The only ones that are shit are the ones that make their avatars look as their IRL self. That's cringe.

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What about roommates that are a bit too famous? should they just not go into vtubing just because a lot of people know who they are?

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Did you know that Kermit The Frog is actually a man with a mortgage and a family?

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You DO know I don't watch Tamaki, right? Plus I dont recall Tamaki going out of her way to casually show everyone who she actually is, just that it got out can she choses to ignore it. Correct me if I'm wrong

I guess its a case by case thing but for the most part I probably wouldn't watch them since they would still feel disingenuous to me due to them already building a fanbase with their IRL identities. I say this since I'm quite fine with vtubers that built themselves on previous vtuber personas. Just suddenly going from a big fanbase with your irl identity to using a vtuber model feels like you're just cashing in on the trend rather than sticking with what you already have

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There are several reasons why people have a virtual character. Some people just like to see a cute version of themselves and still act as themselves. Some loves to do role play and prefer to separate themselves from the character. They are all content creators, it's just a matter of whether or not the character they created is an extension of themselves or not. If Matsuri showed herself, I will not feel weird. If Pekora does, I would feel the cringe.

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I think they should keep the two channels separate, but other than that I don't give much of a fuck. It's not a big deal.

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You are wrong about Tamaki. She has streams where she shows herself.

Norio Sensei and Tamaki are different people. Norio has already explained that Tamaki is a character and she is quite different from her character so when she streams as Norio people are expected to treat her as Norio not as Tamaki. Everybody understand this. It's not cringe. You just have to understand the difference. It's not just cashing in the trend. Tamaki have always had really interesting streams and content.

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I personally like it better when I dont know anything about them. It makes the immersion a bit better in the long run and can help establish a bond between viewer and creator since they dont need to bring in or explain prior content/baggage. But I can see the appeal of a known person using an avatar but it just isnt for me personally

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Ah well, guess thats that then. Still can't say I like it too much. I guess I'm fine with something like kson and Coco where the two are kept as seperate as possible, even if its obvious as day. I guess its something more along the lines of Pokemane, Pewdiepie or Woolies attempts at becoming "Vtubers" by just slapping an anime avatar on themselves and calling a day. Theres just something so incredibly unauthentic about it all
>Expecting authenticity from vtubers
You know what I mean

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At first I thought you were an autistic faggot but when you bring up those cases, i.e. Pokimane and such, it becomes a bit more understandable. I don't particularly look into roommate stuff to often as I don't care, but I feel like when they blur the lines between their character and their RL stuff that strongly it can become distracting and can come across as disingenuous. Less like you're watching a Vtuber and more like you're just watching a regular person stream with an avatar, yeah? Though, I feel like an established seiyuu wouldn't be too bad, at least. I'd be more worried about stalker cases in the situation of them being very public with their identity, though.

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I get what you guys are saying. It's incredibly cringey if certain people just slap on an avatar and then just call it a day. If they just wanted to not show their faces they can just stream the game full screen. But there are people that would not feel weird because their personality matches an anime character like for example sykkuno. I honestly would feel less cringe if an anime avatar would act the way he does. Not hating on him though. The cringe is just a lot.

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