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Go into pretty much any Nijisanji thread, and you'll see Holofags trying to start a fight and attacking the talents completely unprovoked. And then they're trying to constantly gaslight us too, acting like WE'RE the ones being assholes to others, when I've literally never seen a Nijisanji post in Global, while Nijisanji threads are flooded with them. Do I need to remind them of all the people who told Pomu to get cancer and die?

Mods aren't helping, either. There are constant Kuzuha flame war threads still up, while any post who dares to point out this hypocrisy gets deleted instantly.

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Just go back to /jp/

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That's a nice hand sign.

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Don't make threads then. There, problem solved.

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If you want a hug fest you should just go back.

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how come hlgg allowed to have hug fest but not me?

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Maybe your perspective is just warped because your brain automatically identifies your in-group versus the out-group? There are plenty of threads shitting on holos too and they use Nijis as leverage, but I bet you cognitive bias doesn't notice those. If anything, another making meta-thread about this only perpetuates the artificial conflicts faggots try to fan.

Just don't bite bait, silly.

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Older ones still can't get over the shit that happened a million years ago and most likely never will. Newer ones don't even know the reason they have to act this way but still do fit in.

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>All of the bait threads are Nijifaggot threads
>"WhY aRe HoLoNiGgErS oBsEsSeD wItH uS?

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You willfully fragmented yourselves. The NijiEn threads are specifically for NijiEN, while /hlgg/ might be HoloEN focused, but there is plenty of discussion of other holos, and have accepted HoloID wholeheartedly. NijiEN fans are also shockingly isolated from the rest of Nijisanji, and most of them are former holofans. Don't lie to me, I keep seeing the same names in the chats that were used to be in HoloEN.

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Never heard of Nijisanji before in my life

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>I've literally never seen a Nijisanji post in Global
how fucking new do you have to be to think that?

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You people should try getting along with your bros on /jp/. Learn a bit of 2434 history together yeah?

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As a holobroniy myself I've noticed it too
>Hololive threads shit on niji just for being niji
>Shitposters constantly use Selen
>Numberfags post holo numbers in off-topic threads
>Someone hates Finana and thinks she should be in vshojo
It's really embarassing to share a board with people so bored and insecure about their fandom that they think hating on another company is fun. I think all vtubers should collab and have fun together.

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I'm a Holofag but I like Finana. I would watch Petra too but she has a bf...

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>The NijiEn threads are specifically for NijiEN
Says nobody. JPs, IDs, and KRs are all allowed on NijiEN threads, it's just that, like you said, most NijiEN fans ONLY know NijiEN, and no other branch, so they don't talk about chuubas they don't watch. Which already makes them better than the majority of this board, that's for sure.

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>>Someone hates Finana and thinks she should be in vshojo
I mean, besides the "hate" part, it's true. Her entire schtick is peepee poopoo pussydick humor, and there's nothing wrong with that, but that's undeniably Vshoujo's main gimmick.

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>t. hasn't watched vshojo or finana

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It says NijiEN, not Niji Universalis or something. The subject of the thread implies a certain level of exclusion, or else you would've fused with Niji ID and KR. I tried convincing you guys to go for a united thread when you started popping up in /vt/, but you were too busy with strange wars about the name of the general. Unfortunately "NijiEN" won. I mostly watch holos and indies, but Layla from Niji ID has captured my interest lately.

The most civil united general in this entire board ironically goes to vshojo, and that's saying something.

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I want Nijisanji to do well. I don't want any of them to get cancer and die. I hope your threads improve in quality so that you can enjoy talking about your favorite talents.
Self moderation has helped me dramatically improve my enjoyment of threads. I don't want you to think it's rainbows and sunshine over on /hlgg/ either. Since Council came out we've had a lot of people talk about the true identities of talents and shit up threads constantly with cuckposting and doxxposting. Sometimes it's just generally unusable... Unless you filter out the posts you don't want to see.
There is power in not giving something a response. When someone posts something, chances are they are seeking a reaction because they want attention on this mongolian basket weaving forum. If you filter them out so they don't appear for you, it accomplishes 2 things: You don't see their bullshit and get upset, and they don't get attention and continue the conversation because nobody replied to it. If you have 4chanX you can just hide the post manually and any replies to it can also get hidden automatically, so you miss the entire reply chain and your day is improved because nothing of value was lost.
"Don't reply to bait" is the best thing anybody can ever tell you on dealing with poor quality posts that don't get deleted. I hope this helps you.

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I agree with this teamate, but I have one addendum;
Instead of using filters, just train your brain to mentally filter posts. This will help you in the long run if you plan to stay on this website. Protip: You're here forever.

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Don't lump me in there, bro. Personally, I wanted to call it "Nijisanji Global", but people there were autistic about "not wanting to copy /hlgg/". People here in general are autistic about not wanting to copy things, for some reason.

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Shut the fuck up bitch.

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>When someone posts something, chances are they are seeking a reaction because they want attention on this mongolian basket weaving forum.
I mean, this is advice as old as time when it comes to the internet, but is it REALLY true? I remember seeing a Mr Enter video where he talks about his trolls, and he brings up an interesting point about how "seeing the reaction" isn't really the point of trolling anymore.

When it's a really popular topic, where you KNOW your post will be seen no matter what, and you KNOW how people will react to it, you can just drop your falseflag anti comment and leave satisfied. Because you don't NEED to see the (Yous) to know you pissed people off; you already KNOW you pissed them off because you know exactly what they hate, so even if they never reply to you, you can already imagine how angry they are behind the screen, and the whole "just don't reply" shit doesn't work in current year.

It's like someone in a match chatting "u mad bro?". Do you think not replying is gonna make you look any less mad? Of course not, because they'd only say that if you were already losing.

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Well, I apologize.
>People here in general are autistic about not wanting to copy things, for some reason.
Many of them are former holofans and want to be as hipster as possible, they're probably the ones starting those bait threads too. Notice how many of them are also eggs aka Kiara antis? Yeah, I saw the shitstorm when Kiara interacted with Pomu. Either way, I wish you guys well and maybe someday in the future the fanbases /here/ are on better terms.

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I don't think about nijiniggers. I have seen a lot of retards posting with this image in the global though. Save yourself the trouble and kill yourself NOW. Ywnbaw.

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Oldie but goodie

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Knowing you'll get a bunch of (You)'s is one thing, and then having your shitpost actually catch fire and continue to spawn worthless discussions and shitposts in the future is a whole other satisfaction. Most of the dumb baiting and ironic but un-ironic retardation for Holo v.s. Niji on this board are just echoes of the majority ignorant newfags stuck in their bubble back when they took over /jp/.

Then there's also just the guys that enjoy de-railing threads, those have existed forever as well.

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They're the BTS fans of vtubing.

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what are you gonna just take it?
you should do what hapas do in /pol/ after being ridiculed and spam blacked threads to slide threads to troll the shit out of the haters.

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Kek its true you can expect atleast one holobronie post shitting on Niji on The same bait thread holobronies make its kinda funny

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*faggots of vtubing
you mean
idolfags are unironicly cuckholds, they literally donate to a female who will never meet them in person who will never date them irl and 99% of the time already has a boyfriend

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We can strike back NIJIFAGS! This is what we do, we kidnap Gura and Anya and forced them to stream for Nijisanji. Watch holofags implode from within and in-fighting tears them apart.

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Go back to /jp/

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"Nijisanji World" is a better name

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Cool, stop spamming the board with shitty pointless threads and stick to your general and I'll leave you Nijiniggers alone.

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I wish it was called Nijisanji Universe or World or anything but EN. Because no one in that general wants to move to the spoonfeed for JP events, or the split event threads for 3D or concerts, they simply spam in the EN thread which triggers 'purists', into continuing an argument until post limit EVERY SINGLE TIME
I don't get why it can't be called World. There is more JP, ID, KR, and even fucking VirtuaReal posting in the EN thread than every other general, I guess bar the male thread because no one in EN watches JP males every day save for special streams.
Feel free to laugh at the state of our retarded thread

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NijisanjiEN is the Petra of VTuber companies.

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Nijiniggers are obsessed with Hololive to the point of making victim complex threads like these

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*Deep mouth kisses you, with tongue*

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I've said before but Nijiniggers will never get over the fact that their big corporation, which has Sony and Zhang backing, was mogged and beaten by a bunch of autistic girls. It left a scar on their soul that will never heal.

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They are Seaniggers.

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It's more like the actual autism and retardation of /hlgg/ tainted even the word global and nobody in their right mind would want to associate with the name much less possibly create another one. If you aren't aware of why some people might feel that way then it's just because you're fresher than the 2020fags, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just is what it is.

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Are you going to post this again? >>9127813

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Global has been a net positive and kept everything relatively cohesive. /hlg/ is crabby and reclusive and does no effort in keeping things cordial between fanbases.

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I don't know shit about /vt/ global or even how it is anymore on /jp/ so I'll take your word for it but personally I've been lurking/posting around the vtuber thread(s) since 2017 and the complete and utter rampant faggotry that was late 2019-2020 on /jp/ was enough for me. I'm not saying that every poster from either general is like this but "global" for 4chan's vtuber discussions now has a very particular identity and stigma of inviting certain posters, whether the actual threads have changed for the better or not.

No one with any awareness should wonder why a Nijisanji thread would want to avoid the name especially on a board like this.

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That faggotry stayed mostly in /hlg/. It's just "global" is the nexus of this board, whether we like it or not, and of course, it invites all sorts of people to drop by there to start up shit. If anything late 2020 /hlgg/ was split off /hlg/ because the latter wanted HoloEN out of the discussion.

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>...obsessed with us...
Who's us? As far as I'm concerned most NijiEN fans are former holoEN fans. Infact I wouldn't even be surprised if nijifags are the one's larping and falsflagging as jealous holofags in every thread to try and nullify their guilt. The guilt of lacking any form of loyalty. The guilt of having no standards. The guilt that no matter how much you choose to larp as a nijiEN fan, (You) will always be shunned by your Superiors. And that being the nijiJP Enjoyer. Talk about downgrades.

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NijiEN fans don't even watch NijiJP members. It's laughable how isolated they are from the rest of Nijisanji.

>> No.9147464

>The guilt of lacking any form of loyalty.
Do people actually believe this

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>I've literally never seen a Nijisanji post in Global
yeaa lurk more..plus EVERY dedicated thread for particular holo livers, you cant find it just using search bar, but nijifags are pretty annoying there

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Can someone translate this seanigger schizo to human language?

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>He thinks EOPs watch HoloJP

>> No.9148033

Yes? Global watches them when HoloEN isn't streaming. Check the thread and there's always discussion, especially now EN2 and ID2 filling the gaps between eurohours and JP prime time.

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*brony of vtuber

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literally NPC kek

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I don't care about the global word, I just don't want a thread about 500 different things. I have no negative feelings towards IN or KR or whatever, I just couldn't care less about them and have no interest in hanging out in a thread in about them.

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