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WTF is her problem?

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too much based, not enough sheesh or pog

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She's a normalfag.

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She's too cute and not my wife yet

Don't comment if you haven't actually watched any streams.

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She's hiding her "tornado tiddy"

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You'll never be normal

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Her problem is she's not sitting in front of me right now with my face buried between her tits

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she's got two BIG problems...

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Criminal lack of lewds.

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i really liked this video, it was so cute i sent it to the boys

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She's a white supremacist. See that hand symbol? White supremacy.

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Being this cute should be criminal

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That she isn't sitting on my fucking FACE

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Oh fuck, what did she do?

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She went monke mode and laughed at you, I bet you feel silly now

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wdym? She's like the most normal girl of the bunch.

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Opinion discarded

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She's a shotacon, she likes catboys, she's borderline autistic, and she's a NEET who sleeps 12 hours a day, Petra is way more normal
>Not watching streams AND watching clips to get a quick dose of her giggles
You're ngmi

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She's not playing Minecraft with Pomu 24/7. I feel so bad for Pomu, she's just a fairy who needs a Minecraft fren

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>and she's a NEET
except she has a job? She's employed in a company called Nijisanji. Are you stupid or something?

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Women like cute things, no sign of autism, and all women SHOULD be neets. What's the problem here?

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Yes but consider this

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Damn. Now you reminded me of Pomu's mental breakdown.

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I will now watch your vtuber.

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Proud of being a basic bitch. You literally could have pulled some random 20s age girl out of the line in a supermarket and stuck her in front a a mic and get an Elira.

Her fans are equally fucking lame too in essence which validates her to continue being boring. However because there are so many boring normalfags out there she resonates with them. I am not even really talking about her fans here but like actual tiktok zoomers who find the sheesh thing endlessly amusing even though it is just gay ass lame kiddy talk to me and probably most people here.

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sheesh bruh no cap this ain't bussin chief

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Only if you consider THIS
*opens DEEZ NOOTZ*

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Pretty cringe post, anon

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Dragon deez nuts

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t. someone who has never watched Elira

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i hate fellow leaf

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Who's this bitch and why is she ripping her character design off from Selen!?

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Elira is cute and sweet and entertaining. Her banter with chat is top tier and her streams always give you this warm, comfy feeling. Her energy is infectious and her giggles and laughter are a blessing to the world. Her singing is great, especially for no vocal training, and her dorky personality is adorable. I have never fallen in love with a vtuber but I fell in love with her. She's something special. I fucking love this girl. Some call her "normie" or "basic" just because she doesn't watch "good enough anime" or whatever but she's wonderful as she is. She's a perfect combination of cute and hot and that's enough for me. I LOVE THIS DRAGON AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T, she's such a joy to watch, and makes hours and hours go by in a flash by being such a natural entertainer. I hope she finds more and more success.

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Also, she loves her fans so much to the point that she was depressed when her ISP was giving her shit to the point that she couldn't stream. She's such a genuinely nice, dorky girl and is 100% wife material. Such a great vtuber and I hope (You) give her a try even if you tend to be a tribalist or whatever your beef is. You'll fall in love with her.

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Elira is a cutie

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This girl is precious and must be lovingly cared for.

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She has two gigantic soft and sweaty problems on her chest and someone needs to do something about it.

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She has to constantly tard wrangle her two mates.

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>Calling Elira a normalfag
That bait's been dead for months, her saying she'd marry Len on stream was the finishing blow on it, and it wasn't exactly healthy before then..
The current bait is that she's a liar and hates [Finana/Pomu/NijiEN/Nijisanji/etc.]
Get with the times.

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Elira… my soul for karaoke… onegai…

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She's too much for me. I can never work up the courage to talk to girls like her.

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God she has the perfect voice and laugh

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Shhhh don’t give them more fuel. The normy bait is somewhat tolerable.

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Yeah, but when you hang out with menhera and schizos 24/7 there's something very refreshing about a basic bitch

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Yeah, but she's a normie as far as vtubers go. Petra doesn't count because she's just some random girl who only got in because her uncle works at Nijisanji.

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Another W for the White race

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sheesh, no ap this bruh'd my vibe no cap

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sheesh, no cap this bruh'd my vibe on god
big mood tho frfr

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