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See You in Hell Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

For the first time in what feels like ages there was not a single stream today. Completely unexpected too, as there is normally at least one dedicated Monday streamer. For that reason if you want more general recent information then check out the OP of the previous thread!

And remember that in these uncertain times you should do your best to keep the thread comfy and civil by ignoring bait, and being excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan - https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous Thread: >>8964095

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Figured any overnight VShojo pals would appreciate having this up because the obvious point of discussion likely won't be cooling down anytime soon. I normally try to keep positive in the OP but I assume no one will mind me being a little shitty in this thread's edition lol.

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You're going to have to start posting her if you even want a chance, buddy.

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Just noticed this but yes that's part of why I wanted to make the thread myself instead of letting it fall to someone else.

Anyway looks like Zen wants to join Froot. Can't imagine why. https://twitter.com/zentreya/status/1432584925048446976

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The drinking stream of Froot's is starting to get better.

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Arcadum is a nigger and he tongues my anus

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Dibs on clone #714!

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Anon had the last laugh, even if he was a bit off

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Vei posted sad anime girl in arcs server.

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Momo loves drinking with these girls, as do Moose and Bunny. I have a hard time believing they are all going to go live during all this shitstorm, but I would love to hear Froot's melodious voice about now.

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>there was not a single stream today
Mel streamed though
It was fun

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i wonder if he diddled the cosplaying group when they were passed out drunk.

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This is normally where I would drop the schedule but I really don't see this thread surviving until too far tomorrow anyway. That and the only schedule we have right now is Mel so there's a Twitch stream scheduled tomorrow.

True I always forget about CB because I don't watch them lol

Anyway, I'm looking at Arcadum's Discord right now and it's pretty much entirely against him.

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For Arcadum as well. Momo probably doesn’t feel he’s entitled to choose when they effectively cancel him but he and his wife are already having a bad time for different reasons.

The YT link is gone because of copyright claims. Don’t know if anyone archived it though.

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Looking up "Myau" in the Discord didn't reveal anything. How are we supposed to find these things?

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it's on the supporter announcements channel and probably also dmca'd, she listened to music throughout the whole stream so this one might not be salvageable

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WAY off. He can laugh tho, he's earned at least a little bit of it.

Why are they even posting in there. I'm sure they're really sad but they really shouldn't have anything to do with him at all anymore. Showing him they're sad is, what, supposed to disappoint him? Just stay away girls.

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is that fucken Hime? that is a sexy doodle. I miss our scuffed queen, though i am probably the only one. She really wanted to stream while visiting the states recently but couldn't get it together.

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Zen is probably really pissed right now, because it's Zen's way of dealing with shit and they go way back.

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The link usually get stealth posted here. BTW, the vod got copyright struck so no point now.

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oh right. i forgot about that. last time she got DCMA'd she fixed the stream and it went back online the next day. this time she went wild with 80s pop and hiphop, including several choice cuts from Geto Boyz for several hours straight. probably no coming back from that.

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>Why are they even posting in there
Why shouldn't they if they haven't had any bad experiences with him?

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I don't have any negativity towards Hime. I like Syd and her content and I have been looking forward to what she can do with Hime once she decided to "do what she wanted" but that's been pretty sparse so far for a variety of reasons. Hime has some terrible luck with streaming when she does decide to do it, and the rest of time is too busy to.

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Not getting talked about a lot but yeah Zen seems to have really liked Arcadum too. I remember after his endgame stream that was like 8 fucking hours long she still went live at a time completely uncharacteristic of her just to talk about how much she loved it and how much she's going to miss DND.

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Everyone is sad posting and evacuatibg to other discord in there, a ton of streamers are in there saying their goodbye to the community. They're working out if they can save some of what they've built up and expecting him to delete tge entire discord soon

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probably getting the "grandkids when?" treatment

>> No.8989651

What would it accomplish?

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Yup it's Hime. Have the source. https://twitter.com/BackiieMigui/status/1429626163723390980

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Should it accomplish anything at all?

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Sorry for the blunt question but uh, which girl's TL has the IRL shit? These are very long and hard to get through...

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Yeah in the condition it's in if I were in his shoes (and I'd better not fucking ever be) the easiest solution would be to nuke the entire thing from orbit.

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People generally do things for a reason, anon. Maybe they're just sharing the pain with the other people there feeling betrayed, and if that's the case then fine. I just don't think it is appropriate that they try to show how disappointed they are with Arc in that environment. I don't want him to have the pleasure of their sadness.

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>hey we saw this and shit sucks
cure your autism

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It's just grieving. Faggot's career is dead. His community, that they were a part of, is dead. DND is dead etc.

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What IRL shit? If you're talking about the boob pic antis made a thread about earlier it's Silver. If it's something else then no fucking clue.

>> No.8989735

They all do to some extent. If you mean the sexual assault, https://twitter.com/folkona_/status/1432545784080343047 I think.

>> No.8989740

It's not for him, it's for everyone else.

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>I like Syd and her content
yup. i adore her. i really want this Hime experiment to work to an even modest degree, but it's just not happening. there's always tomorrow, though.

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Vei, Anny, Bunny all have their faces there

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Wtf happened btw? i'm interested in the drama.

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It's hard to overstate how much dnd meant to the girls, particularly Vei and the Moose. they were deeply invested in the story and must be devastated now

you could hear in their voices when they talked about Arc how much they trusted him and looked up to him.

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Arcadum, the VShojo DND DM, got MeToo'd

>> No.8989834

i dont know but i know a couple of them just noticed and replied to broccoli kitty's tweet.

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Putting a screenshot before the inevitable deletion of everything, but expect that to go as well as you might expect.

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What did he diddle something, is this on twitter or something?

>> No.8989858

Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

>> No.8989869

lol. just go to Momo's twitter and take a seat. it will take a while to read through it all.
in short, Arcadum has been a bad little boy.

>> No.8989880

>a place to set up
Did he get kicked out

>> No.8989883


and during that stream she mentioned how she couldnt see anyone else dm'ing for her. oh fuck.

>> No.8989884

Jesus. On stream? What the fuck is he thinking lmao

>> No.8989909


enjoy the read

>> No.8989924

>he's gonna try and bullshit his way out of this, live and with no prethought
oh wow, he is legit retarded

>> No.8989932

A Hime return stream is our only hope now.

I'm also guessing there was an emergency business call as soon as myau wrapped up. The rest of the week in streams are going to have a real dark cloud over them.

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this dude was married while i've never even had a gf and i've not ONCE dry humped a girl against her will

it's just not fair bros

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Shit hurts

>> No.8989961

>i've never even had a gf and i've not ONCE dry humped a girl against her will
you're young yet

>> No.8989974

sounds like he might be couch crashing for a while.

>> No.8989992

Jesus Christ what's going on. I only watch Mousey from time to time but what's been happening with everyone else plus this Arcadum debacle?

>> No.8989994

Good thing Nyan didn't make that DnD model.

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Not shutting the fuck up and talking to lawyers, which is the #1 rule of "So You have gotten a #MeToo accusation".

He (wrongly) believes that he can bullshit his way out of a dozen different Twitlongers. Aka yes, he's really that stupid.

>> No.8990009

>tfw same age as him and haven't even kissed anyone on the lips.

cmon elon give me those cat girls

>> No.8990014

He also had groups with big streamers like Soda, Ludwig and OfflineTV so LSF is going crazy

>> No.8990021

A lot of emotional abuse, gaslighting and manipulation with various girls he had been DMing for, including Momo.

>> No.8990027

Vei is so fucking eloquent when she wants to be. i'm furious at Acardum for letting her down. Vshofriends, please protect Vei at all costs.

>> No.8990028

Get your popcorn ready folks. Also, some good mucking boots because the bullshit is going to get thick.

>> No.8990033

I'm assuming it's been in progress for awhile though right? Shit so has Snuffy's I think.

>> No.8990043

wouldnt be surprised if all of vshojo, the extended circle and even those that were going to be in the 3tuber group were involved to circle the wagons and to find out what has been said to whom.

>> No.8990053

WTF i know this is obviously the wrong place for this but I actually looked up to Arcadum as an aspiring DM myself, what the fuck.

>> No.8990067

Goddamn the Zentretogether emote always makes me fucking emotional and I don't know why. I think it's because of Zen's birthday stream that it got associated with heavy emotions for me so seeing it next to that post is fucking with me.

What a shitty fucking night.

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Come back tomorrow... or in a few days..

>> No.8990106

Yeah that's probably the very first thing any of them did. Find out if he was involved with any of them considering Momo was.

>> No.8990111

im in the same boat. whats fucked up is i get called a creep or a stalker because of how i look, and ive never even been out on a date with anyone. this guy is married to a fucking wonderful woman and pulls this horseshit.

>> No.8990123

Anybody think he's going to an hero live on stream?

>> No.8990139


she's probably guilty on introducing the vshojo girls to him. can't wait for the drinking stream

>> No.8990147

He loves himself way to much to hurt himself

>> No.8990152

Did he actually do anything wrong or is this typical "he flirted with me wrong" cancel culture shit

>> No.8990153

Makes me feel a bit bad for her, but then I remember her rrat peddling about hololive and her doubling down on her retardation.

>> No.8990179

I had a drop of sympathy for him at first, because while this is bad, it does look like it's due to a lot of loneliness and insecurity
Then I realised how fucking retarded this is.
He's a well known public figure on the internet going around being a massive creep to a load of girls who also have their own following. How did he possibly expect this to never come to light?
He's fucked up his D&D career, lost countless friends and connections, and killed any hope of that TV show, all because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants

>> No.8990190

Emotion manipulation like making girls dependent on him and telling them that all their friends secretely hate them behind their backs, also using girls like his therapists and literal sexual assault at a girl's house. He's not exactly a gentleman.

>> No.8990192

God above, I really hope Haruka's recent brain goblins weren't related to this.

>> No.8990194

there's a shitton of sociopath-like emotional manipulation, and an accusation of sexual assault, for starters

>> No.8990201

I really hope girls find someone else to DM for them, although I wouldn't be suprised if they were completely done with DnD...

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Gonna lose it tonight.

>> No.8990224

glaslit and manipulated several girls including kelli and momo. apparently did some of it offline as well. tiff saw evidence and "cut ties" with the girls in hopes taht in a few months would bring them back in. then those that got cut loose started to compare notes.

>> No.8990230

well he touched someone everwhere but their breasts and vagina so i guess it's safe. /s

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>> No.8990254

She's okay, anon. They're all supporting each other right now and this is Mousey's way of doing so publicly.

>> No.8990265

so do i.

>> No.8990273

>I remember her rrat peddling about hololive and her doubling down on her retardation.
stfu you faggot, she was 100% right about hololive, and what does that have to do with anything?

>> No.8990275

Thankfully, I don't think any of the vsj girls were getting the same shit, otherwise they'd have coordinated with the girls from today.

And after so many of them were introduced and then obsessed with DnD after playing with him.

This night's just getting more depressing the more I think on it. I need to close off the faucet and go to bed.

>> No.8990281

>tfw this looks like the shit she regularly tweets anyways

>> No.8990289

sky williams flashbacks on this one
he could be 100% framed and this would still be a terrible idea, he might as well teach a class on digging holes deeper

>> No.8990290

i really hope this doesnt kill DnD or role playing games in general for the girls.

>> No.8990331

Please don't reply to bait.

There's more: https://twitter.com/jadezvr/status/1432581068289413127

>> No.8990344

looks like the wagons have been circled. though i do hope this i just the public support "i am there for the girls" type of response and not the "jackass tried to screw with my head too" type of response.

>> No.8990349

How about dropping the subject of Hololive which is something yet to be proven and not relevant and focus on the shit happening right now with the girls.

>> No.8990357

Every time I go to Twitter there's someone else with a tweet longer

>> No.8990367

Yeah no doubt the very first thing that came to any of them was "Did anything creepy ever happen with you?"

Doubt it. Her stuff seems like it was going on since she got back from her grandparent's house which was almost 2 weeks ago even if she only talked about it recently, while this stuff seems like it all just came out within the last day or so.

>> No.8990371

... The last sentence of this makes this jadez woman sound like a real bitch.

>> No.8990390

RIP Faggot. We barely knew thee

>> No.8990398

I love how the full stop makes it obvious what she's talking about

>> No.8990403

Well, with Mousey, remember she really needs her Precious Family sometimes and I am sure she is saddened by this but trying to be there for her friends. For her to make this public means she kind of needs her Family to be there for her, too. I'm sure she's feeling the weight of it and just needs support while she supports others.

>> No.8990407

I worry for Zen specifically in this case as she couldn't imagine having a different DM.

>> No.8990444

To be frank, Jadez is probably the least sympathetic in all this. She doesn't seem like she's that bothered by it, just irritated. She admits she was enjoying the give and take of it. Still, it is more evidence that he was doing this to a lot of people.

>> No.8990484

wow what a chad even got a fucking femboy as a side ho


>> No.8990490

I remember on one stream where he was talking about watching movies with them and how they are his friends making it sound like he's alone, the way he worded it was kind of weird but I brushed it off as him just being autistic, but that same type of conversation is how every tweet longer describes their first close interaction with him.

>> No.8990556

if any of you want to cause an episode, it looks like Nyan's discord doesn't know,

>> No.8990559

Oh it does.

>> No.8990571


>> No.8990572

it does, nyan's mods are eagles.

>> No.8990575

So who's going to be watching Arc's stream tomorrow? Also, Vei just posted a crying pepe https://twitter.com/Veibae/status/1432596750750072835

And perhaps most interesting of all, Froot just followed BrettUltimus on Twitter.

>> No.8990600

Sorry to bring in splitshittery, but here's a holofag with a salient point >>8990337
Can >we agree this shit should end? Looking at Connor in particular. I know absolutely nothing about the guy, he could be an angel for all I know, but I still don't want him to be associated and have direct private contact with my shojos.

>> No.8990625

>she was 100% right about hololive
She's completely off on the reality of Cover's incompetency and spinelessness, her entire rrat was a bunch of dumb misconceptions about how Cover works or how idols work, literally nothing to do with China or the antis or anything that had any actual bearing on Coco's graduation.
Just cause I see Jaundice on a patient of mine and pull shit about how it's definitively liver Cirrhosis and then try and get in the good graces of the person who has it (I'm trying to make an analogy about her trying to collab with Holos after shittalking the company and being a liar/two-faced in general), doesn't mean I'm still vindicated when the dude dies and turns out it was Lupus instead just cause I was "generally correct".
She's also unfunny, untalented, revolting, and incredibly irritating to listen to because of her retarded up-pitching of every sentence so even if she got everything on the money and wasn't duplicitous as fuck I still wouldn't like her, but you're right that this is off topic and I'll leave the vshojo thread now since I only came here for the d&d drama

>> No.8990626

nyan's rp discord channel is locked down and i am sure pink kitty knows and was in the "what the fuck is going on" call they all must have had after myan/sykkuno shenanigans tonight.

>> No.8990635

It's not a salient point, it's just another shitter being a shitter, and you brought it here for no reason.

>> No.8990646

death an debts introduced me to him, now that otikata is over too i don't really see why i would watch him anymore.

>> No.8990682

>Froot just followed BrettUltimus

hopefully that means they arent giving up on DnD as a whole.

>> No.8990684

Update: Also just followed JoeFudge who I've never heard of but his Twitter profile says he's also a DM. It seems to me like she wants to continue playing DND but wants to look through some options or something. I don't know. i'm not her. I'm just making assumptions.

>> No.8990715

Are you seriously not the slightest bit uneasy about males you don't really know having private contact with your favorite girls? Even after all this?

>> No.8990728


then i hope she also hits up jocat, montyglu, and edward bosco, hell even give puffin forest a shot.

>> No.8990740
File: 400 KB, 1000x994, 06a138da36bbdb6d6dbe89ba156133ff-alt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate being right about people.
The way he said "because of their inexperience" after ot ep5. REALLY tickled me off. But I did not want this to end like this.
I really liked his games, his worlds, his groups, they way girls opened up during and after the stream.
Fucking hell man, this is not funny. I do not drink but I think I might after this. And the worst thing is that girls are suffering even more than any of us in the thread.

>> No.8990758

If anybody wants to remix "Foolish Heart", here's the acapella. Inverted high-quality flac copies of the original & instrumental from bandcamp to make this. Tempo 108BPM, key Gm. Enjoy.


Pink cat good.

>> No.8990759

While I generally think keeping the girls in a bubble is bad and dictating who they can and can't interact feels like an overly controlling parent feels wrong it certainly does seem like the right choice to be very selective with collabs and keeping things within the general Vtuber sphere. Like it or not staying within the Vtuber niche has prevented shit like this from happening to the other big Vtuber groups.

>> No.8990764

Vei dm,Vei dm

>> No.8990781

>flailing and energetic spergery
our little raisin is 1 million times more successful and loved than you will ever be. your corporate chuubas will never love or appreciate you the way Vei loves us. You will never know joy or grasp the sublime.

>> No.8990787

>puffin forest

that guy has a lot problems son

>> No.8990793

lol there's creepers in vtuber circles too it won't stop shit. Quit being retarded.

>> No.8990813

Jocat is safe choice I think.

>> No.8990826


like what kind of problems. as in along this line or something else?

>> No.8990834

Elliot Rodger, please return to your tomb and stop bothering people online.

>> No.8990839

i was really hoping for more Wildermyth. i fucking love that scuff AI generated game.

>> No.8990850

Anon you're replying to here, I'll add I'm fine with male chuubas, the Bonniver collab for instance was great. I just don't know anything about these other e-celebs and what their intentions might be, and in light of these recent events I absolutely want none of this shit.

>> No.8990857

Well, this wasn't what I expected to wake up to on a tuesday.

I thought he acted a bit weird sometimes but I thought it was just autism or whatever, not this. Why is it so hard for some to keep it in their pants?

>> No.8990860

Just because theirs bad people in the Vtubing sphere doesn't mean it's a bad idea to be safe and prevent another avenue for shit like this to happen.

>> No.8990869

>this is the bar for sexism on fucking 4chan

>> No.8990890

He already likes them and they like him back. Honestly wouldn't be the worst choice and seems like a real standup guy. No idea on his DM'ing experience or ability or anything like that though. I mostly know him for his fun Monster Hunter videos.

>> No.8990918

no, my streamer has been groomed at least like 5 separate times during her more impressionable younger years, if that fat bitch nerd arcadum tried this shit on her she would've dragged his ass on the spot

>> No.8990920
File: 225 KB, 1920x1080, 1629679822942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't believe people ruin their lives with this stupid shit. Just go jerk off.

>> No.8990940

he apparently has dm'ed quite a bit. have you not seen his crap guide to dnd series?

>> No.8990993

Just on this shit general, which is a discordfag colony

>> No.8991012

Just cause you replied I'll deign to inform you that I much prefer having the distance between me and my chuubas. Much rather treat them as hostesses than as friend-surrogates.
Also liver spread pads etc. No thanks.
Don't bother replying, actually leaving now.

>> No.8991051

Thread is going to be garbage for awhile. More reason to hate Arcadum.

>> No.8991061

>the way Vei loves us
Didn't she use to even reply to discord dms from randos like you and then immediately stopped as soon as she found success?

>> No.8991101

Nyan's got shooters all over the world

>> No.8991139
File: 300 KB, 890x1280, 16261441636192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My father is actually a lot like this. Still messages my mom after more than ten years of divorce.
Fuck man, too real.

>> No.8991152

Not if people ignore the shitters and the bait like we always preach. There's plenty to discuss already without handing (you) farmers freebies.

>> No.8991155

Sounds pretty based to me

>> No.8991183

so is there a reason why everyone is indirectly responding to it instead of retweeting it so people know how much of a scumbag he is?

>> No.8991196

I think it's probably going to explode tomorrow during Arc's stream and then cool off after. All that can be said will likely have been said by then and most of the girls will probably want to return to normalcy.

>> No.8991202
File: 119 KB, 1200x675, EqXH7qKU8AEvNh2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't we go one thread without a fellow vsjfag revealing some terribly sad detail about their life...
Are >we cursed?

>> No.8991214

>prefer having the distance between me and my chuubas
"prefer". you have no choice but to accept distance when your chuuba is bland corporate piece of rapidly amortizing capital rather than a person.
>actually leaving now.
Keep telling yourself that.

>> No.8991239

Are you actually arguing in favor of parasocial relationships you twisted bootlicker?

>> No.8991258

A brotherhood of laughter and sorrow, semi-kek

>> No.8991262

Why would I bother her with DMs when she's extremely easy to talk to in her general discord chat and scrupulously reads and responds to her live twitch chat. She ain't that hard to get a hold of.

>> No.8991282

>Why would I bother her with DMs
GIGACOPE. Face it, your softcore internet prostitute found better clients than you

>> No.8991288

>in her general chat
Now I know you're trolling

>> No.8991289

the company owns their avatar dingus

>> No.8991302

Dnd is forever cancelled


>> No.8991324

Broken souls are drawn together, anon. It is not even that sad detail about my life.

>> No.8991326

so is froot gonna stream or what

>> No.8991328


>> No.8991357

No? She was setting up a drinking stream for later this week, not tonight.

>> No.8991374

She stopped because she could not reply to 1000s of dms a day, she was 1k stacy before vshojo and 100-200 andy before JP spotlight.

>> No.8991384

I kind of hope he did manage to gaslight vei, nyan, haruka, froot and snuffy. They've all been hit hard with depression lately and that would mean it's due to him and now resolved so they can move on instead of them just being depressed for random other reasons

>> No.8991403
File: 14 KB, 646x207, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8991405

not tonight

>> No.8991416


>> No.8991434

>I hope the reason the girls are depressed is because of being groomed and not the typical hardships of life

>> No.8991447
File: 952 KB, 858x678, 1624227621615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8991452

Yeah, I prefer the more intimate kind of streamers to the corporate idol type thing
This tribalism is fucking retarded though. Each to their own.

>> No.8991477

it's better to present them as trophies to entice more vulnerable women in my opinion.

hey girl i'm best friends with this famous people, sleep with me.

or something along those lines i don't know i'm a real life wizard.

>> No.8991487

>mid to late 20s grown-ass women
>"being groomed"
Either stop using twitter or stop using the internet altogether, your choice

>> No.8991502

>thinking mid to late 20s grown-ass women are mentally grown-up or are in any way adult

>> No.8991510

>more intimate
You will NEEEEEEEVER in a million years achieve anything even remotely similar to intimacy with this people

>> No.8991575

challenge accepted, who's your oshi?

>> No.8991599

and now news about it is starting to spread through DnD twitter.

>> No.8991660

I think you're confused about how prostitution works. she's doing extremely well in front of large audience, yet she's so good at what she does that she makes members of the audience special. she doesn't need to offer private affection at a premium rate, and no one but the most mentally ill amogus are asking her to do so.

If I go to a System of a Down concert and sit in the front row and the bass player plays his heart out and looks at me every now and and gives me a nod and cheerfully shakes my hand after the show, it doesn't mean I've formed some schizophrenic obsession with him or that i think that Shavo is literally my friend. i've watched enough SOAD concerts on YouTube to know he does this with all his fans. It just means that he's good at engaging with his audience and he sincerely appreciates the fan support.
I'm happy paying my $70 bucks to see the show, and he's happy to have performed for me. Doesn't mean anything untoward, unhealthy or creepy is going on. it just means he's a better performer than Hololive and he's nice to his fans.

>> No.8991666
File: 22 KB, 599x447, anothaone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8991675

Thread theme

>> No.8991741

See, your analogy would've worked great, except here
>cheerfully shakes my hand after the show
you forgot the part where you're also handing him 10 bucks

>> No.8991775

okay, but why did he have to interrupt Andy's droning monologue like that?

>> No.8991815

That's not for you or I or anyone but the girls to decide.

>> No.8991920

>he could be an angel for all I know,
He isn't

>> No.8991927

Alright maybe intimacy was the wrong word. I have no illusions about being close to any of these people.
It's just a different style of streaming, and I prefer it.

>> No.8991938
File: 33 KB, 502x552, Es-VQlDXEAYjHe7.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, I'm fucking off to dream about fucking Nyanners after a long summer evening of teasing and gaming again, cya fags

>> No.8991957

okay mister cadum

>> No.8991971

take me with you

>> No.8991972

If you mean Vshojo, then NO. The company does not.
But they do realize they represent said company, and will be discussing their public response instead of knee-jerk reacting.

>> No.8992006
File: 112 KB, 661x610, 1628195941085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He said dream.

>> No.8992008

You know, now I think about, the schedule she posted didn't have D&D listed on it. Maybe she knew.

>> No.8992040

hey wait a minute it's my time to fuck her in the dream world. oh well i'll settle for zen sunbathing in nude.

remember arcadum is a guy don't let him live rent free in your head. good night.

>> No.8992091

Doubt it. She had something scheduled early enough to be a decent length stream before DND began and since she's not actually streaming DND probably didn't bother to put it in.

I know a lot of people are looking for an easy answer to Haruka's depression but I don't think one exists. If by chance she was involved we'll likely find out but going by what we have now it seems like her issues were going on almost 2 weeks before this came to light which seems to have been basically over a single day.

>> No.8992122

intimacy is exactly the right word. A radio/podcast host or a comedian or a singer-songwriter can have a really "intimate" vibe with their audience. they can talk to you as if you are a trusted friend, or as if they are talking directly to you, and that is a big part of why you might enjoy that entertainer so much.
It doesn't mean that you LITERALLY THINK YOU HAVE AN EMOTIONIALLY INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM after the show ends, or that you are crazy and believe that they are beaming messages directly to your brain and only your brain. Just that the entertainer is good at connecting with their audience and does it in a caring way.
That's a big part of why I like the Vshojo girls. I'm just a fan of that style of entertaining.

>> No.8992128

I wonder how /tg/ is reacting to this

Then again maybe they don't even have a opinion on arcadum

>> No.8992165

They already dislike him so they're probably loving it.

>> No.8992180

Am I missing something? I read Momo's account, and I don't see anything damning in here. https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srq8vg

>> No.8992205

Read more. There's over 10 now. Momo's one of the more mild ones in comparison to the sexual assault and PTSD.

>> No.8992217

They hate him so much they dont care about him in the slightest.

>> No.8992221

they don't like him, guessing they're having a party somewhere

>> No.8992245

12 now a mute and a femboy joined

>> No.8992268

Well, this sucks to wake up too.

>> No.8992280

Any he billcosbyed?

>> No.8992284

not sure if this is bait, but read ALL the womens' statements. there are a lot more than just Momo. At least one of them accuses him of assaulting her physically IRL. and no one is saying this is incontrovertible proof that be he belongs in prison or something - but it is overwhelming evidence that he's a huge creep who sniffs out insecurities and weakness in well-meaning fans of his work and then manipulates them into gratifying him in all sorts of ways.

>> No.8992301
File: 172 KB, 1045x600, trauma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indie western female vtubers the kind of people to self-diagnose and tweet about "how hard it is"

>> No.8992312

She was hospitalized over it retard

>> No.8992355

(You) can literally hit your local looney bin right now and make up that you're having a manic episode or whatever and they'll lock you in for like 3 days retard

>> No.8992362

I will never forgive him for grooming Zen.

>> No.8992395

I don't think that's how it works anymore

>> No.8992419

There was a poor girl who he dry-humped in her own home and cried while doing so twice.
Does that count?

>> No.8992452

Seems that people there have been aware of his asshole behavior for a while, but they already removed that thread that was up about him

>> No.8992455

he said a mute and a femboy, not a mute femboy

>> No.8992485



>> No.8992490

>implying zen's a femboy

>> No.8992505

Didn't America shut down all the looney bins ages ago?

>> No.8992522

Well, uh, well.
I feel kinda guilty that I'm disappointed that the D&D game is likely over. It seems like everyone is pretty bummed which is understandable.

Since none of our guys have come out with anything about it I can guess he hadn't had the chance to work his uh, charms on them just yet.

>> No.8992527
File: 1.12 MB, 1161x1080, 1617795910797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8992536

Summer, Spats, Momo,... Holy fuck! Do you think he got to Vshojo?

>> No.8992543
File: 56 KB, 395x472, 1603192929565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyan replied. The serious cat icon makes it extra serious.

>> No.8992548

Officially yes but psychiatric hospitals/wards are very much still a thing, and they can 100% legally hold you for 72 hours against your will if they suspect you are suicidal or something

>> No.8992554

I went there minutes ago, they were mocking the women coming out seeing it as sob stories but they were also roasting Arcadum for ruining his career over ERP in DMs

>> No.8992624

I think he had temporarily cooled his jets once he realized his gf had gotten wise to his antics.

Also, a predator goes after the most isolated prey (thus most of the victims, except Momo are women most of us haven't heard of). creeping on the extremely visible, popular Vshojo girls directly would be like trying to groom a bunch of grizzly cubs in full view of their 9-foot claw-bearing mom. Not that he wouldn't try eventually - it would just require a lot more time and planning.

>> No.8992632

We will have to see when Silver and Nyaaners wakes up and reads the news

>> No.8992633

Okay, but will any of them retweet Momo's tweet?

>> No.8992663

>isolated prey
>most of us haven't heard of them
Those two statements are not mutually exclusive. Only a handful of them were isolated, plenty of them were relatively big names in their own sphere.

>> No.8992672

I was also just there and I didn't see anyone mocking the women, I saw people saying either"who" or saying that he his history of bad behavior goes way back to VR chat

>> No.8992687

>Nyaaners wakes up
Pink cat is aware. she quickly locked then soon deleted the dnd channel from her discord.

I think someone said Silver (who stays up all friggin night anyway) posted a sad emote in Arcadum's discord.

>> No.8992696

Because what, are they fucking required to?
What are you, twitter?

>> No.8992746

It's almost like Momo is at her most vulnerable after having her bridges burned by a fat sack of shit and desperately needs the acknowledge that her friends do in fact actually care about her, or something. It was only like the entire second half of her twitlonger.

>> No.8992754

They'll probably circle the wagons and decide what to say so that their response can't blow back on the company or their friends. (hopefully)
Then they'll most likely open fire from all barrels at once.

>> No.8992756

As sad as this is a good drama is always entertaining. Especially since it appears none of the girls are directly involved.

>> No.8992782

nice dubs but you will never be with a woman

>> No.8992789


>> No.8992791

I wonder if it'd be poor taste if Vei continued wildermyth this week.

>> No.8992795

>roasting Arcadum for ruining his career over ERP in DMs
i still can't get over the hamfisted way he set about editing his incriminating DMs so that they now say things like "whoa Nellie, those sexy noodz you just sent are totally inappropriate!" and "i value your platonic friendship". Comically inept stuff.

>> No.8992838

I unironically want Vei to try and be a DM, even if she is scuffed and cringe one.

>> No.8992852

It'd be pretty nice for them to show public support. I imagine we'll get that in the morning though.

>> No.8992994

no but seriously can we talk about how arcadum literally humped someones leg, like a literal dog, and CRIED while doing it?

like, you literally cannot make that shit up.

>> No.8993046


>> No.8993132

Isn't Vei good friends with Arcadum?

>> No.8993179

no, arcadum kept saying "we're good friends, we've known eachother forever" because they played overwatch a couple of times 5 years ago and never talked again. that was probably the first sign

>> No.8993187

Ah, you know, I do think D&D at least awoke the /tg/ side in Vei, more than the other girls, before you know it she'll be wanting to design her own board game.

>> No.8993278

She always was super into RPG and was the most entuhiastic one, she was the only one who knew which character she is gonna play before session 0.

>> No.8993524

But was she herself into roleplaying?
She's not exactly known for her fondness of keyfabe...

>> No.8993611

I feel like Froot might have been one of his targets. I always noticed how hyper-focused he was on her. I saw him in her Discord server (which is invite-only, I assumed he was looking for fanart there, but it was weird nonetheless), and he even made a character in D&D who was a goddamn love interest for her.
I hope she knew to keep her distance, Froot doesn't seem to be someone he could groom.

>> No.8993657

Nah, Froot has too much experience ERPing

>> No.8993681

I know this might be a little off topic, but MoonMoon ended his stream early sighting anxiety. That that as what you will.

>> No.8993686

Froot can find better dick than a crying dryhumper

>> No.8993725

That's why I'm saying he wouldn't be able to manipulate her. Froot acts innocent, but she knows how shit works online, so I doubt he would've been successful even if he tried.

>> No.8993740

a bunch of people found out mid stream and ended

>> No.8993745

well you could say zen is. goblins most probably invaded his/her brain while reading the #metoo

the thought that you introduce your sisters to arcadum is heavy.

>> No.8993814

Fuck Connor and fuck Connorfags.
That is all.

>> No.8993847

Based. He's next, just watch

>> No.8993875

please add me to the timestomp

>> No.8993911

Snuffy was talking about some new method for splitting the music track and microphone track so the chuuba can easily remove any DMCA stuff for the vod immediately after the stream with a minimum of effort.

Nyancoin is gonna continue to plummet if she keeps doing sekrit clubhouse streams and anyone who might incidentally discover her through Twitch just thinks she doesn't stream anymore, though. She's getting eaten alive by brain goblins.

>> No.8993931

there is literally no way Connor isn’t doing perverted stuff to young girls on Twitter

>> No.8993964

Ollie qualifies as a young girl.
It's already too late.

>> No.8993989

they're just waiting for him to blow off

>> No.8994002

Dude. Fucking DESTINY gets jailbait photos from girls on discord. Imagine what's happening to Connor

>> No.8994022

He collects them?
What a fine gentleman.

>> No.8994030

That's the definition of the word. It can apply to children or adults and can be used for different purposes. Anyone in a position of power can groom another person.

>> No.8994052

As in, the girls send him photos unprompted

>> No.8994099

what a chad

>> No.8994108

he's attractive and has a good voice, so he's pardoned and anything that happens won't be long lasting
he's already tried to creep his way into hololive through Ollie and seems too close to her, who is probably not even 20

>> No.8994126

Monke is good boi and would not harm girl

>> No.8994145

>he's attractive
He looks like shit, he's balding faster than Asmongold and he's a skinnyfat manlet

>> No.8994150

Hopefully, but I've seen this kind of thing before and a lot of insecurity and a little bit of charm goes a long way

>> No.8994237

Honestly if his down-badness-for-MILFs is real and not a cover story for heinous behind the scenes shit, it's a blessing for anyone in his position.

Also if Connor was discord mod groomer tier I think he would have tried to expand beyond mouse whom for obvious reasons he couldn't "exploit".

Maybe I'm naive but I get the impression the guy gets anything he wants offline and it's only people who don't or who have insecurities that turn into weird groomer types.

>> No.8994315

I've seen this happen in too many smaller communities. One guy or girl will roll through and in about a month start to monopolize all of one person's time. Then act insane but in a very sympathetic way. They'll talk about how people in the past have hurt them, maybe even speak about how they've been cheated on, or abused by their parents, or how all of their previous friends abuse them and it would help if person just did x, or talked someone into doing x, or would help them do x.

The person they target will usually do everything they can for the person until they say the wrong thing, or someone, anyone in the community, starts to get wise to how they're acting and they show even the slightest bit of distaste at their crazy behavior, or the person just gets bored of them and blocks them and moves on. Half the time taking part of the community with them while saying they were abusive to hide how crazily they behaved while knowing the person they talked to will be too polite or embarrassed to say anything. Sounds like it finally caught up to the guy.

>> No.8994545
File: 160 KB, 704x690, 1628974524830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am I emotionally manipulative?

>> No.8994552

I'm just waking up and absolutely having a fucking blast. I told you faggots these were his true colors. But noooo, I was crazy! Never Arcadum! You all ignored so many fucking red flags just because he was DMing for the girls. You cared more about the product than the people behind the product. And that's the true problem here. Those same people (non-Arcadum) are basically going to forever be estranged with the TTRPG hobby. They won't be able to get over the memories and try it out ever again. And that's sad.

>> No.8994595
File: 132 KB, 600x888, 1123159C-C679-4535-B1C7-BDCA782A85FB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8994612

Right, and i'm sure it's not a cheap semantic trick to attempt to villanize one party by assigning them power they don't actually have (we're not talking about fucking Jim Jones), while relieving the other of any responsibility by infantilizing them.

>> No.8994679

yes arcadum

>> No.8994685

>You all ignored so many fucking red flags
Such as (honest question, never looked into the dude)?

Classic tactic, run interference via virtue signaling. He's the picture of the kind of guy that gets caught with actual child porn on his computer

>> No.8994746

Why does shit like this keep happening once I get invested in a content creator? Am I cursed?
It happened to Zero when I tried to get into competitive Smash, then it happened to Mangs after I got into Fire Emblem, then it happened to Vinesauce who was my most watched streamer for a long time, now Arcadum after I got interested in his world after seeing Otikata's Curse.

>> No.8994751

Uh, how to put it.
Everybody can be, and does it, you might not even intend to be that way, but that monkey want monkey get bit in your brain makes you act that way at times. And you know sometimes it takes it blowing up in your face to make you realise how you're behaving towards other people.
So yeah, if you are in that monkey want mode... Just make sure your not going to be stupid and make things uncomfortable for yourself and other people.

>> No.8994810

Arcadum does not own Lucine, Nia, Mei, Tomoe and River, right?

Could the girls take the characters to another DM and do a campaign there or do their own inhouse thing with them?

>> No.8994813
File: 286 KB, 700x600, 1630292781479.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who is your oshi
need to know who not to get attached to

>> No.8994820

Wow, what a thing to wake up to. So for the next 6 months they gonna talk about Arcadum cancellation ? It's time to stop watching vtubers i guess ..

>> No.8994833

To name a few:
>Always gave female players extra special attention in terms of new mechanics, magical items, etc.
>Slut shamed Silver
>Gloated about being kicked from Adventurer's League
>Acted like he was THE authority on D&D on Twitch
>Designed brutal encounters for new players, then doubled down on the stupidity when called out on it
>Tried to hire 100(!) GMs to run his little MMO-lite nonsense without giving them proper financial/legal documentation
>Always ditching the girls (VShojo) for something or another, despite it being a "main game" that he made them commit to
>His general holier-than-thou NPCs that would always creep on the PCs

I could go on, but I won't because it serves no purpose at this point. The damage is done. I simply feel bad that so many people were duped by this faggot despite people like me trying to point out how bad he was. And to be honest? This is like the one time where "I told you so" isn't worth the gloating.

I hope the girls try out TTRPGs in the future but I won't hold my breath. They likely will never touch the hobby again because of this. As will many other larger streamers and their communities. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Matthew Mercer himself didn't comment on this shitshow.

>> No.8994836

He doesn't own them, but they're all using his homebrew races and shit.

>> No.8994837


>> No.8994842

Yes when you talk down to my other friend and say you are my only real friend.

>> No.8994847

I thought Vinesauce was a 4chan psyop.

>> No.8994848

You're damn right

Now their mothers is a whole different story

>> No.8994855

It's not infantalizing so much as assigning a contributing factor to a situation. Two twenty year olds have a falling out after a shitty relationship where one of them was an asshole? Not grooming.

One fifteen year old is asked by a thirty year old to send nudes in exchange for something and they don't know any better because of their age an inexperience over a long period of time and eventually submits after a ton of manipulation? Grooming.

One twenty year old and one forty year old that gets the twenty year old to send nudes or have sex with them saying they'll hurt themselves while knowing the twenty year old's a bit sheltered and would do it with enough pestering and framing it in a positive light based on their experiences getting other girls to do it? Also grooming.

It's about the manipulative nature of it and the balance of power. Hags can groom men too, just doesn't happen as often publicly.

>> No.8994857

won't last that long. they didn't play for that long really anyway.

>> No.8994868

I hope they will, I love nia and lucine. but woulds they want to continue with them being associated with all this?

>> No.8994886

They might honestly not want anything to do with those characters any more

>> No.8994925

i remember looking through the archives after he said he got 'flamed on /tg/' for advertising his games and finding a post from someone that knew him from another DnD site where he tried to get a group of all girls together
stuck out like a sore thumb in my mind for a while and now I feel very retarded to trying to dismiss it

>> No.8994957

I'd honestly enjoy it if one of them just picked up am off the shelf adventure and ran it. They have more or less said this hasn't killed their enjoyment of d&d I think.

>> No.8994960

Realizing why vtubers got special treatment from him feels so fucking gross now

>> No.8994969
File: 38 KB, 1136x640, bettercuckchuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But noooo, I was crazy! Never Arcadum!
but no really you were right

>> No.8994979

Pretty much this >>8994886
The characters have baggage now, it's best to just discard them.

>> No.8995009

So many interactions of him I wrote of as him being a social autist now look like gaslighting and concern trolling

>> No.8995083

i am reminded of all the forced familiars he self inserted in, especially stompy. flag was fucking vermillion and I just powered through it because I liked the players RP so much.

>> No.8995100

It seems that Vinesauce didn't actually do anything wrong, but all the shit he got on twitter still made him stop streaming.

>> No.8995110


If you're self-aware enough to care, probably not

>> No.8995146

Had some merch in the pipeline for that shit and everything. This shit is the absolute worst.

I guess if you're a vsho+ enjoyer anticipate some bummer fucking consolation collabs and somber solo streams this week. If much of anything this week at all period.

>> No.8995192

so from what I understand Arcadum got cancelled because he cheated on is wife and fucked one of his fans or something after she invited him to his place? God I hate post MeToo world if that's the case. Froot cheated on her husband and we still love her. Who cares.

>> No.8995213


Man, you can sense how pissed she is.

>> No.8995243

: D

>> No.8995278

Not the same thing at all. Read the shit. If most of it is true then Arcadum harassed several women and emotionally manipulated them. I'm still waiting until I hear Arcadum's side of the story, but right now this looks really bad for him.

>> No.8995287

i still cant figure out, is it wife or gf?

>> No.8995303

>I'm still waiting until I hear Arcadum's side of the story
It's not going to change anything. The only faggots that will stay on that massive fucking Titanic are people like >>8995192 who see good company in the sociopathic That DM.

>> No.8995313

if he harassed then sure it's bad.
emotional manipulation however is the term women created when they don't have any good way to get back at somebody.

>> No.8995337

Binyot didn't do anything wrong. He just got shit on by some trannies.
Sidenote: I would love gnorts to join vshojo. I wonder if he sent his application

>> No.8995345

he would mumble that she is his wife sometimes but would always be weirdly evasive about her existence and actual relationship
basically don't trust the fatman

>> No.8995379

This whole thing sounds like a giant nothingburger with some whos trying to get 5 minutes of spotlight. Happened ten times on Twitch already. remember when Vinny Vinesauce was being cancelled in the same manner and then it turned out to be all bs So I would wait and see.

>> No.8995405

It's not looking good. Really, especially after a big "personal crisis" this week, and his wife saying it's all her fault in her twitter.

>> No.8995412

You can stop whiteknighting for the fat fuck now. You're not a woman or a femboy, so he'll never DM an ERP rape session for you :^)

>> No.8995417

Mangs stuff was tame as fuck and he got over it quickly enough anyway.
All that changed is that he doesn't collab with leeches like Mekkah anymore

>> No.8995428

She's probably been on the horn with a lot of girls today trying to sus everything out. And getting back a ton of bad responses from who she's been talking to.

(Baseless psychoanalysis) She seems sweet on the surface level but probably has a scorched Earth policy she operates under.

>> No.8995447

Vinesauce actually didn't do anything retard, it was a fluke, don't jump the gun is the lesson you should learn

>> No.8995481

>wait and see.
its already over. the only thing he was ever useful for was his dnd, and everyone already cut ties with it. even if it all turns out to be fake and he did nothing wrong, its still over in every way I care about

>> No.8995488

I don't even watch Arcadum, this whole thing just sounds like another MeeToo bullshit only waman and defendwaman fags would fall for. Jumping the gun is the most retarded thing you could do.

>> No.8995524

shame if this turns out the case. But a good lesson for any entertainer. Don't associate with e-girls. Never thought Ninja would be right.

>> No.8995531

Ask me how I know you think horse dewormer cures anything. Return to >>>/pol/ where you belong.

>> No.8995535

Oh, I know. I still love Vinny, but the sad reality is that he doesn't do regular streams anymore because this shit happened, so the end result for me as a viewer is the same.

>> No.8995595

whats with this weird anti-ivermectin posting in vsj threads lately? are you just one guy that thinks his clever for thinking up a new insult?

>> No.8995598

Time to forget about indie vtubers and go back to corpo ones....

>> No.8995619

I don't know bros i think i'll have to rub another one out to Silver's fat milk bags holy shit

>> No.8995636

Guy spent 10 years building up a good reputation and someone saying he was too horny in DMs can erase all of that

>> No.8995649

I can't comb over all of the posts in the last thread I missed, plus this one.
I just want to thank the ladies that came forward.
I hate to think any of our gals got manipulated by this asshole, but thanks to them, the Otikata's Curse girls were freed from their curse a whole lot earlier than expected.
He ran a whole two seasons of campaigns for a lot of our other girls. Fuck this son of a bitch.
Fuck Arc for tugging on heartstrings.

>> No.8995654

Gee it's almost like actions have consequences!

>> No.8995669

Yeah, fuck due process! Listen and believe amirite?

>> No.8995689
File: 43 KB, 531x290, AF16DCA8-FF44-4A9E-82AB-ACF9DFF628BC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie, I hope your whores can get better soon, this must have been harsh
Get well everyone

>> No.8995694

Cope harder incel. Why so many "WEMEN BAD" types come into VShojo threads is beyond me.

>> No.8995697

>but thanks to them, the Otikata's Curse girls were freed from their curse

>> No.8995710

And why do so many MEN BAD tranny types infest the vshitshow fandom?

>> No.8995711

I'm obviously glad that our girls are no longer involved with him because I would absolutely hate it if he tried anything like that with any of the Vshojos, but I have to admit that I hate that Otikata's Curse is dead now.
I was enjoying it a lot and was really looking forward to an entire year of DnD fridays with you guys here in this thread.

>> No.8995713

Ah okay, act mad sloot.
Despite being no better.

>> No.8995735

Thanks, anon.

>> No.8995777

ok femanon, whatever you say.

>> No.8995778

I was too anon. It's been the highlight of my weeks to tune in to the stream on Friday and discuss with everyone else in this thread.
But I'm much more relieved that none of our girls are in danger of getting manipulated by this bastard

>> No.8995801
File: 46 KB, 711x868, 1610028639743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it could always be worse. you could be this guy.

>> No.8995810

I just hope the community of actually talented people making music and art surrounding Arcadum can find footing somewhere else. It was honestly the spice that made the whole thing work so well, imagine if all that effort they all put forward was backed by an actually good DM that didn't have a cripplingly huge ego.

>> No.8995819

If you want girls to pick the hobby up again, you'll need to find a new GM that isn't going to go full retard mode just because women are talking to him. Preferably running something besides D&D. Hell, if you want to get technical, there's a handful of VTubing GMs that would fit the bill. But none of that matters right now. The girls need time to process and decompress. Maybe a few months from now we can start trying to recommend them a new GM.

>> No.8995853

he's got an out at least, he just needs to pretend to be a huge MOBA fan now since Arcadum's avatar was literally just a MOBA character with horns pasted on

>> No.8995855

I hope Arcadum lawyers up and sues those whores into oblivion

>> No.8995866

you're in /vt/ and vsj+ at that. it's white knight alphabet soup galore here. What did you expect?
If Arcadum did it then fuck him. If this whole thing turns out to be a psyop to cancel another guy who got big then fuck the girls for being retards and believing shit they had no reason to.

>> No.8995910

I told you 85 sessions wasn't going to happen

>> No.8995924

thanks anon, you really nailed that one

>> No.8995927

Dude couldn't even get a proper lawyer for his living world GM nonsense. He's going to do one of two things in his statement:
>I'm very sorry. I fucked up. Will go to therapy and get better. (Narrator: He will not get better)
>Well, everything ruined now. I'd like you all to meet my friend Mr. 12 gauge.

>> No.8995965

or he will do what he should do in these situations (especially if it's all not true) and deny it all.

>> No.8995974

Out of the group I think Vei or Haruka could be the most likely to pick up GM duties.

Despite being more work they might want their next game to be more, uh, internal

>> No.8995999

Upside to option 2, might burn LSF to the ground. But yeah I have no idea how this is going to play out. There's going to be a lot of eyes on his stream tomorrow, for better or worse.

>> No.8996022

Yeah, Froot flamed and shitposted plenty in the /k/ommando Discord years ago. She can handle herself just fine.

>> No.8996025

I want to watch Haruka prep-playing with miniatures to get into character for her NPCs.

>> No.8996034

Haruka was into the world and RP, Vei was the only one who actually got into the mechanics so she should be the DM.
It would be better however if they got someone who actually DMs and stream their games.

>> No.8996045

As someone who has seen 'Pride of the Nightwolf'
Arcadum, how about you go find a yokai?

>> No.8996053

From a story telling perspective maybe, but it takes years to get comfortable enough with the rules to be a DM

>> No.8996088

Hmmm now that whole everyone fucks in heaven scene with River hits different....

>> No.8996117

If he does he might as well have done Option 2. It would make things 100x worse.
Dude inserted his magical realm into pretty much every part of every game.

>> No.8996136

I just thought all the subtle sexual harassment was banter

>> No.8996178

Zara was right all along, they really needed to do something about all that fucking.

>> No.8996211

I thought Monty was being a little unfair when she got mad at Arcadum for trying to force her to have a cute voiced familiar, but now I feel like she detected this shit early and was the driving force behind them not opting into the main campaigns.

>> No.8996296

We need a new meme to replace Mr. Dad in the soccer team for the /vt/ league.

Any ideas?

>> No.8996338

Mr Cosby

>> No.8996377

>they might want their next game to be more, uh, internal
Which was the obvious choice from the start. They need to get over their ego and inferiority complexes about niji/holo and use the blueprints they've got ahead of them. The idea of bringing in a nonvtuber male GM was retarded at the start and has proved everyone right who said so. And proved a lot of cucks here wrong who were slink away now.

>> No.8996380

Probably gunrun or mtd. Koe if you want to dig a little deeper for a reference.

>> No.8996420

Haruka 'my wife!' anon here
I'd normally make a sillier post, but I don't feel like it right now.
If Arcadum had anything to do with Haruka feeling terrible this past whole MONTH, or BEYOND, I hope he gets what he deserves.
The thought of him making unwanted advances and gaslighting any of the girls makes me genuinely sick.
I hate him

>> No.8996425

why should denying false allegations that will come out as being fake just like in all the other cases before him make things worse? Maybe in Twittersphere but who cares about that cesspool.

>> No.8996431

Justin.tv [he's (you)now)]

>> No.8996453

I wonder if they will try again with another DM

>> No.8996469

Because faggots like you would cling to his "I DINDU NOTHIN" bullshit and parrot it like gospel. Like a certain other faggot your kind worships.

>> No.8996481

It really is a day in history when I would happily accept NuxTaku for our team over someone else.
Don't do that, though.
Do what that other anon said

>> No.8996485

I can see it but not in the near future.

>> No.8996493

well as of right now. Nobody of the girls had this experience with him that we know of. They are all just reacting to the tide. For now it's some literal nobodies and 2 views coming out with these allegations. Which makes it pretty SUS. Like this famous farmer tale. "We'll see".

>> No.8996496

I wonder if other DM's let's vtubers play with them knowning that they bring trouble

>> No.8996503

I did have some crazy thoughts that maybe Arcadium was going to start his own vtuber agency and was manipulating Haruka into thinking she's not good enough for vshojo. Hopefully just a stray thought in my mind.>>8996420

>> No.8996506

Yeah, how DARES that man defend himself

>> No.8996519

lots of projecting there faggot

>> No.8996521
File: 123 KB, 1280x720, terminalligma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All your Shrigma male sleep affirmations are paying off anon.

>> No.8996547

it's only a matter of time till Nux comes out as an uber creep, anon. Better not.

>> No.8996571

We already have How to Car, but how about SCP-2845

>> No.8996575
File: 396 KB, 605x600, 1626633397626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's some literal nobodies and 2 views coming out with these allegations
Fuck you
I watch Red and I watched Shrine of Sin
I've read 5 of these twitlongers already
It's not some made up bullshit

>> No.8996604

>It's not some made up bullshit
it never is until it is
which as it turns out most of the time

>> No.8996672

He hasn't even said anything yet and you think he's in the right. How far in the hole is your inceldom that you instantly side with some guy who's caused pain and stress to the vshojo girls you have watched for years? Or is it your cuck fetish coming out that you can dream about his fat hands doing the things you'd never achieve in life?

>> No.8996725

>He hasn't even said anything yet and you think he's in the right
Nope, i think he's innocent until proven guilty. And no, a bunch angry, dry fuckholes kvetching on twitter are not proof of guilt. Cry harder tranny

>> No.8996737
File: 62 KB, 1200x490, E15P8JzVIAABnqc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the canceling thread? There is this one guy who is a total creep and I want like something bad to happen to him.
Would saying that he looked at me in a funny way be enough or should I gather a few simping coomers on my "Cool vtuber community" discord server first?

>> No.8996783

im just looking forward to a post-DnD thread

>> No.8996784

Forget (You)'s for actual illiterates

>> No.8996823

You are a literal cuckold who will let your little sister get raped by a pack of nogs because you're too scared of canceling them like 'my boy fed' kek

>> No.8996860

cope discordtranny

>> No.8996888

fuck off

>> No.8996890

Since when did 4ch turn into ResetEra?
Sorry, I had the pleasure of seeing 4 people being cancelled and then the whole thing to turn out to be bullshit so my bad for being sus about this whole thing, faggots.
I do wonder if Mouse won't get an Umi model anymore after this. Ultimately that's all I really care about to be honest.

>> No.8996919

Look at the people he was going after dude, they're not anything to be jealous over
One of them is a tranny

>> No.8996927

>Since when did 4ch turn into ResetEra?
What do you mean? You are in the vshojo thread you know?

>> No.8996929

You're an impotent, petty child with revenge fantasies that will never, ever, ever, ever come to reality. Ever

>> No.8996957

since it was about an asshole enough people here dislike

>> No.8996959

Retarded niggers would have a meltdown if a bad-intentioned male sneezed in Pekora or Kaede's direction.
Remember that

>> No.8996973

Why don't you trust mouse? she's given likes on twitters to the statements, her friends have made statements she wants read. Why would I give a fuck about your irrelevant, 40 view autist who you think was just a little creepy but not wanting to upset anyone with his behaviour?

>> No.8996975

Eh, first of all it is a cool mascot(and not arcadum himself) and secondly it is not like it is a swastika or something. Could be worse.

>> No.8997031


>> No.8997034

It's not looking good for the fat fuck you selfinsert into cuck. Looks like he's getting le canceled while you cry about twitter on 4chan :)

>> No.8997054

All this is doing is making me deathly afraid that some of the sexual back and forths I had with some of the vshojo girls back before they blew up is going to come back to bite me in the ass in the future

>> No.8997061

Did you dry hump them while crying?

>> No.8997087


>> No.8997107

most was erp and dick pics + asking for pics of them which i never got

>> No.8997113

how is Mouse liking tweets proves anything? Also after DeadMouse I'm not trusting Mouse with anything.
>Why would I give a fuck about your irrelevant, 40 view autist who you think was just a little creepy but not wanting to upset anyone with his behaviour?
what are you even talking about? Take meds., you're losing it grampa.

>> No.8997116

>Why would I give a fuck about your irrelevant, 40 view autist who you think was just a little creepy
yeah this. I'm on the vtuber board give me vtubers not some leaches I don't give a shit about

>> No.8997152

I was going to make his face into 'Tweetlonger" asset but I guess I swap him to "Fuck N*x".

>> No.8997155

Screencapped. After the stream i'm gonna repost it every day starting tomorrow until you join the 41%

>> No.8997203

I don't think you have anything to be worried about. She already called your dick small, what more punishment do you want?

>> No.8997207

If only there was a dm....who was a vtuber...and a girl...like vtuber girl dm....

>> No.8997214

>Any of the Vshojo allegedly does/done something shitty
Nooo it's all rrats reee holobronies
>Arcadum allegedly does something shitty
BELIEVE!! WHat a scumbag! It must be true!.
Every damn time lmao. Rules for thee but not for me.

>> No.8997223

Concession accepted cuck, feel free to add another part.This is why you'll always be poor and obsessed with trannies and twitter, having the one productive part of your day having you repost my words religiously.

>> No.8997246

>It must be true!.
Hard to dispute it given there's like 10 people talking shit about him now

>> No.8997252
File: 206 KB, 375x366, snuff-eek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>check to see if Leddit has a Snuffy board
>it has two, coomer and non-coomer
>check the non-coomer one
>it's full of porn

>> No.8997261
File: 8 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The DM stands for direct message! Heccin cheers!

>> No.8997290

The only thing i concede you is the benefit of the doubt, you sound actually delusional. Tick tock
>It all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down

>> No.8997291

Pretty weak bait, we're used to that. You'll have to try a bit harder than that.

>> No.8997309

you wanna know how many people talked shit about Vinesauce or ProJared or PeanutButterGamer ? And all that fell apart in less than a month

>> No.8997321

Two of Arcadum's sexual affairs I've read have been with trannies so far
lmao what's wrong with this dude, you're making millions and the best you can do is ERP with trannies in VR chat

>> No.8997331

typical cancel culture

>> No.8997339
File: 436 KB, 1000x994, 1627410789761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone actually read these receipts?
Jesus, you aspies can stop acting like he's some complete innocent

>> No.8997343

calling truth bait won't change a thing. At least you're safe inside your own mind.

>> No.8997353

I don't watch zoomer ecelebs, I don't know who they are

>> No.8997379

sounds like a coomer of culture

>> No.8997420

>calling Vinny a zoomer eceleb.
This boomer been around longer than your oldest hag, bitch. Also Vtubers are zoomer ecelebs.

>> No.8997422

Lorefag here. Sorry to all of you for spreading the fat retard's world. Sure won't happen again.

>> No.8997433

>I don't watch zoomer ecelebs
Then what are you doing in this thread?

>> No.8997435

Literally one person each.
People disowning them don't count

>> No.8997471

Vinnys allegations looked like obvious fakes from the start because GPM is retarded and everyone who watched him could see it and defended him. Arcadum's viewers aren't defending him like the Vinesauce community did.

>> No.8997475

you good homie, I shit up the thread too. kinda funny now that all this violet shit in his story telling surrounded a girl isn't it?

>> No.8997482

I did, reads like any other twitlonger statement. Would be fun to see how this plays out.

>> No.8997506

would you hit this?

>> No.8997508

It's okay, lorefriend. You couldn't have known
I was just watching a couple of the Verum campaigns.
I really enjoyed them.
Don't think I'll be watching anymore

>> No.8997539

ok now I know i's fake
Nobody would wanna hit that

>> No.8997591

Arcadum forced himself onto it in VR chat

>> No.8997641
File: 48 KB, 1280x720, DC409C0C-4413-4928-89B6-4E194D1F4587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. I've invested a lot of time into Verum. This fuckin sucks.

>> No.8997658

Froot really not handling the news well, coping with substance abuse is rough but not surprising

>> No.8997665

It really should be mentioned how shitty most streamer DMs are. Arcadum was good (at DMing, relatively). If they ,or OTV or any of his games, continue with a new DM, they can't get a streamer or it's dead.

>> No.8997684

> He asked me if I was okay with him masturbating while he was in a call with me and if I could help him.
>I agreed to "meet in the middle" and screen share a nsfw picture of myself
>Once he finished himself off he said he was tired and just kinda wrapped up our voice call.
>He also stopped talking to me pretty much entirely after this.

THis has to be a big publicity stunt by him and they all will come out and say it was fake

>> No.8997724

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction

>> No.8997746
File: 2.41 MB, 600x600, 1626542139083.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no.
She is using drugs again.

>> No.8997752
File: 32 KB, 471x356, 1529008741564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cheer up Scott, you'll always be the gigachad that defied the cringy anime boy demon in my heart

>> No.8997779

This is why smarter dudes, with a bit of scratch, just take a 2 week trip to South East Asia to get it out of their system.

>> No.8997810

smarter dudes can get a woman without having to resort to sex tourism or erping trannies on discord

>> No.8997841

Poor guy just confused an e-whore with a regular whore.

>> No.8997862

Momo sang this to make him feel better, and it's really beautiful, and I hate Arcadum

>> No.8997871

That is entirely true, but Arc isn't one of those dudes that can pull on clout alone. He can get in the room with those girls but that's where it starts and ends.

>> No.8997878

I can think of maybe 2 or 3 indie/low view GMs that are good. The rest are absolute trash as you say.

>> No.8997906

shit, kelli made the fucking song of the seven that he kept showing off for him free of any charge too
got all the players to sing a part in it

>> No.8997931

Women care more about status and personality than they do about looks

>> No.8997954

Well on the bright side the news wasn't a streamer committing suicide.

Arcadum will find his way into a new niche. Maybe you defenders can ask him to start a game or two to replace the ones he's about to lose.

>> No.8997998

>Well on the bright side the news wasn't a streamer committing suicide.
Could still happen with the fat boy. We won't know until the stream happens.

>> No.8997999

Even looks aren't that hard to fix. If you just exercise and do basic personal grooming you'll be better than half the population with ease

>> No.8998015

His wife might do the rounds to smooth things over and he'll be at it again in a few months. Depending if anyone will watch him.

>> No.8998022

>If you just exercise and do basic personal grooming you'll be better than half the population with ease
that's ugly people cope

>> No.8998070

Also true, but, I'm wondering if it's a Louie CK type situation. Where it's compulsive. Or now that the e-fame door has a crack open wide enough where he could open it to new possibilities, instead put his dick in.

>> No.8998089

Sorry man, it's trips of truth
>Depending if anyone will watch him
Depending if any streamer will play with him

>> No.8998112

"My looks are unfixable that's why I can't get women" is the real ugly people cope.

>> No.8998138

That's the opposite of cope

>> No.8998173

Vshojo+ Blackpilled edition

>> No.8998181

Nah. He's lost his entire base since other streamers will stop playing with him. His community is also historically really against weird creepy shit like this. Cant see him streaming ever again.

>> No.8998195

This was clearly the crisis that was being dealt with. But both Arcadium and his wife started acting normal and business s usual again up until it came out.

Wonder if he was dumb enough to break the camels back in the last 24 hours.

>> No.8998309

Yeah, the camel's back was broke when all of the women he harassed realized he was trying to sweep his sexual advances on them under the rug for the sake of his marriage by banning them from any servers he's involved in.
I'd post a big Twitter middle finger, too

>> No.8998442

So which girl was your favorite and how do you feel that she got groomed?

>> No.8998460

Never have any flirty or lewd interactions with groopies unless you're a rock star or a modern mumble rapper. Can't believe Arcadum fell for the 100 years old trap. No pun intended.

>> No.8998511

>the news wasn't a streamer committing suicide
The mans entire life's work and reputation is in tatters, and from the looks of it he has 0 people left in his corner, don't count it out yet. I'm almost a bit afraid to watch the stream.

>> No.8998523

rock stars are getting cancelled to you know

>> No.8998577

Welp, didn't know that part. Yebus.

>> No.8998597

Red, from Shrine of Sin. She has big ass tits, and is young
He kept talking about how sexy he found her and would try to block relationships she would try to have with other men
Plus gaslighting her, but after seeing everything else, that hardly needs to be said
Gaslighting is to Arcadum with women as martial checks are to players in Verum

>> No.8998625
File: 606 KB, 531x532, 1623275216641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really need to hug this caribou, now more than ever

>> No.8998629

>rock stars are getting cancelled unsuccessfully too you know

>> No.8998643

No, they're being successfully cancelled

>> No.8998669

>Gaslighting is to Arcadum with women as martial checks are to players in Verum
A convoluted mechanic designed to make the experience worse for everyone involved? I agree.

>> No.8998672

Sexbots can't get here fast enough. Humanity was a mistake.

>> No.8998699

examples please

>> No.8998701

Even fucking Louis CK came back

>> No.8998717

She just came back and now she's getting hit with this shit. Fuck.

>> No.8998745

Marilyn Manson

>> No.8998753
File: 338 KB, 1423x2048, haruGaze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really hope my wife takes the day off instead of trying to stick to her schedule.
Forcing herself to stream right now just seems like it will drain her more emotionally.
I just hope she does what she really wants to, today

>> No.8998757

In a greatly reduced capacity and to incredible scorn. But, yes he came back.

>> No.8998797

Her Tim Horton's bill isn't going to pay itself anon.

>> No.8998810

Since the tubers seemed to enjoy their dnd sessions, I wonder if they'll find someone else to DM for them (or even try it themselves)

>> No.8998811

lmao give it 2 weeks
the only people who can get cancelled are D-tier ecelebs

>> No.8998816

I've been gifting subs this month, though

>> No.8998823
File: 33 KB, 753x335, snip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

froot is injecting copium right now, please someone save her

>> No.8998836
File: 194 KB, 1218x1883, E5wRhYNXsAEeWz2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed. I just want the damn moose to be happy.

>> No.8998841

Louis also pioneered self-promotion in the modern comedy world by selling his own tickets and sets on his website in the early 2000s when nobody else was doing it. His success didn't and doesn't depend on others.
Arcadum's entire career is built around other streamers or else nobody would watch him.

>> No.8998874

>In a greatly reduced capacity
Bullshit, Sincerely Louis CK fucking killed
>and to incredible scorn
Hoes mad x infinity

>> No.8998894

He got cancelled 6 months ago, dropped by his record label, he's done

>> No.8998908

I was all ready to spoil her when she goes live but now even moreso. She was so invested in Verum as a whole and it was one of the few shining lights for her in the past months.
Be strong deer leader...

>> No.8998962

Um, Arc did not slut shame Silver. In fact, when she was getting shit on from folks, he was first in line to take a moment in his streams to tell the shitters off and defend Silver's role-playing decisions. Should he have pulled the "turns out you fucked Hitler" surprise on her? No, in retrospect, that was shitty. But he showed face.

It doesn't make up for him fucking around with other women, but that was one time he was a decent fucking person.

>> No.8999045

>Everything's okay because he yelled at some randos in chat
He wouldn't have needed to yell at them at all had he not even done the creepy shit of having "Hitler" there to seduce and fuck her. He is 100% in the wrong here.

>> No.8999054
File: 319 KB, 1158x1698, E4tbbg-VIAYLgXi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Six or so from the bottom; I'm too exhausted.
Just letting aspiring bakers know.

>> No.8999073

In retrospect all that does not matter since nothing of it came into play. Only thing that was gross are sexual diseases, SIlver killing her dog (involuntary) was much more fucked up imo.

>> No.8999090

oh wow yeah, got cancelled so hard he's recording with Kanye and raking in the cash. Nobody gets truly "cancelled" in real celebrity world.

>> No.8999094

Did anyone record yesterday's myau stream? I could use a comfy cat right about now.

>> No.8999139

The fact that our sweet girls called him Mr. Dad...

>> No.8999144

Can we pretend that Myau vods are her livestreams?
I could really use a comfy cat right now...

>> No.8999185

Compared to the trajectory he was on >greatly reduced. I don't wish Louie ill, but man, where he was going and where is now and will likely end up are two VERY different places.

>> No.8999220

Being cancelled doesn't mean you lose all your money
He got dropped by his manager, talent agency and record label
His career is essentially over, and making a cameo on someone else's album isn't gonna change that

>> No.8999233

I mean, you want red flags? Here's almost 2 hours worth of red flags.

>> No.8999243

And the dog didn't fucking die anyway, even Arcadum insisted on it. Do you just hate silver?

>> No.8999278

Almost watched this yesterday
This shit gonna hit different

>> No.8999291

I watched that, found it hard to relate when he talked about beating the shit out of everyone for no reason

>> No.8999298

You just know

>> No.8999324

I meant to say sacrificing. It was still fucked up even if he is not dead dead.

>> No.8999364

if arcanum is really so awful, how come more than half the posts in this thread exaggerate what happened or what he did? shouldnt what he actually did be enough?

>> No.8999423

His career been semi-dead for years but you're really delusional if you think he won't come back from this. If Ryan Adams and fucking Kevin Spacey and Mel Gibson of all people can come back then so can he.

>> No.8999630

>that clip where arcadum asked silvervale on her first dnd and silver teasing him
>he was actually smiling broadly under that shirt


>> No.8999638

There is a fundamental difference between a has-been rock star still putting out albums that aren't as popular as they used to be and someone who has been blacklisted by the music industry

>> No.8999645

>He told me he would bring River back if I sent him a picture of my tits

>> No.8999684

Idk if it's /mu/, idk if it's /tv/,
but fucking take it there

>> No.8999697
File: 673 KB, 694x1000, 162357239797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no one see's my wife's tits

>> No.8999719

If true, I will take a business trip to Fort Worth

>> No.8999929

holy shit, was he chatting to another side bitch while momo was pouring out her feelings at the start?

>> No.8999968

he was chatting to about 12 "side bitches" so far

>> No.8999981

No I think in their DMs, he left off mad at Momo, so he didn't want to show her too much affection.

>> No.9000036

>why are people shitposting on 4chan
I don't know you tell me

>> No.9000044

Or his cat died and she sang to cheer him up

>> No.9000139

New thread >>9000118

>> No.9000141

What's your source? I'm not seeing it on her twitter.

>> No.9000356
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>> No.9000500
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