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Snail is doing another endurance stream until she gets kokushi musou in Mahjong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUnG0SUMjXM

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>An error occurred
Welp, anyone else?

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Based mahjong stacy
Don't play mahjong but I'm there for her, how hard is to pull off that hand?
Yup same, was watching until it got scuffed

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It stopped for a bit and then started again.
I can't believe youtube is trying to kill my kamioshi.

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I shouldn''t have skipped my Mahjong reps

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She has a 1 in 10 billion chance of getting that hand

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I don't know much about Mahjong, but are snails strong in this game?

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Is mahjong a retarded chinese version of poker?

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This snail's stream actually make good ambient noise, like some Vtuber ASMR

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So who is she and why is she getting threads recently? Was she posted on the JP indie/small corp threads?

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A loli endurance streamer: like playing a recorder or writing Pi for 10+ hours.

5ch picked up on her and some doxxfag doxxed her and revealed she isn't a loli, but a Christmas cake. 5ch seethed and started bullying the snail. There were other accusations that I am not sure are real or not, hopefully a japanon would share.

An anti shared here in hopes to rally the bullying, but 4chan decided to adopt the snail and support her instead. Starting the legendary battle of Snail Hill.

A majority of 5ch and 4ch have moved on, Some people want to saviorfag her, some want to anti her. The snail still does endurance streams. Because the snail will keep moving forward until all subscribers are hers.

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we love her

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I want to taste her cute and funny

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Agree it's comfy, I'm a pretty big fan of mahjong in the background.

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>revealed she wasnt a loli
Well, all the VODs I checked seem to have this adult woman voice, am I missing something?
>hating on lolibaba so much you have to dox one

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The Vtuber is a loli snail, the actress is a different story/rrat
I'm copying this for other Cake vtubing as lolis.

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Didn't they get angry that she hated grolious emperor Hirohito?

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The term "Lolibaba" is pretty Old around here you know
Who knows, they were angery about a bunch of shit and you can't trust half of it because they keep making shit up

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Snail is my first Loli waifu. I'm more into the ara ara if you know what I'm sayin

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We're going to be here an absurd amount of hours if she really pulls through for that yakuman

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I will continue to support the snail

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She getting close I believe in snail!
She almost got it just now and was like a piece away but got foiled by nyagge- nevermind she just did it!

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G'night snail GG
You kinda cheated but against nyaggers it's ogey

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>The snail keeps moving forward until all her enemies are destroyed.
I can't wait to be a member of Snail

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I personally can't wait to be in the snail

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Japananon has kindly asked us to link to 5ch threads as a sign of peace and friendship of Snail fans so I'm just gonna post.

Who the hell is this nanoranger guy anyway? He's a one man army keeping snail threads active

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>Snail has cute Loli body
>Snail is confirmed of legal age
Although it's legal to sex the snail, this snail isn't for the lewds

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>stream until she gets kokushi musou
Retarded snail

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I wonder how do they cope with that site's design and the lack of images in the thread, I can't imagine being forced to use imgur every time I want to shitpost

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I WILL lewd the snail and there's absolutely NOTHING you can do about it

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I wish she played my flute.

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She did it though anon....

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But she cheated against the AI, I'd say that's worth like half a normal kokushi musou

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Be honest with me bros....

Is it male?

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Snail started crying at the end of the Pi stream. Crying "doushite! Doushite!" Like in one my Japanese animes [spoilers]relating to NTR[/spoilers]
I can say without a doubt it's a girl

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No she was doxxed already and confirmed to be a cute 2hu fan hag

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She does have a brother who also streams with her if you're hearing a male voice. Otherwise get your ears checked.

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>Starting the legendary battle of Snail Hill
Did snail start a site war? That hasn't happened since web 2.0....

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More of a skirmish, but it was pretty fun and a few snail threads hit bump limit

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Tune in to the next stream when snail powers her way to 3000 subs.

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>stream in 3 days
she's resting tomorrow and doing another endurance stream on smash the day after

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I don't know japanese...
I guess they're just used to it or don't know better but it must be awful, won't be so hard on the elevens now they already got it hard with that site.

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>she's resting tomorrow
I'm glad snail is taking care of herself. She's the most hard working vtuber in existence

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Snails have to work hard to get anything done at all. I can't imagine being a vtuber on top of regular snail things.

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Too many endurance streams, I legit can't get into her because of it.

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wtf just the other day the subs were around 900, already at 1.5k. That mahjong game helped a lot, should stop doing that shitty recorder completely.

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Counterpoint; it's a variety of endurance streams.

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the thing is, I want to enjoy her streams; listen and chat and comment and shit.
There is nothing to chat about during endurance streams - wtf am I gonna say in chat? "Oh that's a nice 2, but I like the previous one better".

Watching endurance streams feels like I'm enduring with her - and I really got no time for it. She should do more community friendly stuff

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I really can't stand the voice, don't know if it's male or female and missed the rrat on it, it feels grating to my ears and makes me want to punch something

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She just sounds like a really REALLY tired Utada Hikaru
It only sounds grating if you're used to high pitched female voices like most weebs

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It's not the weeb thing, I like Towa and Ange and Mito sounds, they're literally just speaking with their natural voices with some technical settings from the soundboard. It's something about the settings the snail is using to modulate/pitch shift the voice, it just sounds really unnatural.

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It's very natural and you're used to weeb shit.
To me her voice sounds very similar to my auntie who smoked a lot at a young age but is otherwise a based lady who married once and had a bunch of kids, she's always nice and upbeat to everyone despite sounding like a tired old smoker or a tranny. I've heard too similar voices in cartoons and animations in tomboyish girls or old/older ladies.
>makes me want to punch something
That'is some spastic underage faggy shit, were you raised by a single mother?

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The mahjong gave her like 100 or 200 subs, she hit 1.5k last week and we were even wondering if it was a prank by 5chan

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I want to impregnate her

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Today's Short Clip

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you guys need to get your ears checked if you can't recognize that it's a female voice

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She was doxxed and confirmed to be a cute hag, you can read the first thread to get the full story and laugh at 5ch antis

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I want to be IN this snail RIGHT NOW

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How'd she get popular so quick?

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hardwork and determination. The snail will rule them all

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We're doing it to spite some crazy Japs, as far as I can tell.

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Part natural growth, part troll attempt probably. She gained 800 followers after her Pi stream while she was sleeping.
I really hope it's not some Killswitch to bring her down during her endurance streams.

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She's hot and erotic and people want to fuck her

>> No.9017239

Don't think it's a killswitch, even the 5ch anti thread is mostly dead now

>> No.9020029

There's something fishy about it
>800 subs overnight while she wasn't streaming or anything
>There is no visible increase in viewership or ratings
>No visible activity in threads
The 5ch thread when it happened was also suspecting someone is trying to mob her again.

>> No.9023154

Let's just hope it's not and keep cheering for the sexy snail

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How many years has it been since she streamed?

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Too many, I want her to stream 24/7 and she probably wants to do it too

>> No.9031196

i'm going to fuck the snail

>> No.9032818

Better get in line bro, I'll fuck the snail first and you can do nothing about it

>> No.9038730

checking in to say that snail is pure sex

>> No.9042486

>during Q&A, snail said her goal is surpass her record and stream for 30+ hours.
Snail please get 8hrs of sleep, it's important for healthy snail functions

>> No.9044761

Smash stream

>> No.9045099

I want to smash snail

>> No.9045775

She's cute when she whines for losing

>> No.9046183

Fun stream

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But wait, there's more

>> No.9047854

What am i witnessing?

>> No.9049114

Snail is SEX?

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Huh went to bed thinking the stream would still be going she got it quick and has just been playing minecra

>> No.9056443

>Snail did a normal stream, albeit longer than average
Is snail, dare I say it, literally /here/

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I have no stake on the snail, just here to see if schizo antis produced any more lolcow material, but her voice has a feminine lilt. She's either a woman or a trap with a disturbingly accurate impression of subconscious feminine vocal traits.

>> No.9056668

She's a cute hag, you can check the archive for the info and doxx

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Pretty much the conclusion i came to without the roomate searching. I think the shitty mic throws people off thinking it's a voice changer.

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