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Fuck the duck

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When will she collab with Maimoto again?

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Subaru go back to your ponkotsu GF

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Ayasuba collab...onegai...

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How many dudes did she fucked to pay her debt?

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ayame is busy licking her boyfriend's cockhole

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W-why is she naked?!

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until exploded

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Whats with the little packets of onions sauce on the bed

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She just got done fucking two studs

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Both me

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Your daily reminder that male ducks have a 9 foot long barbed penis that shoots out and corkscrews into the female duck's vagina, which corkscrews in the opposite direction and has false ends to capture unwanted sperm.

Ducks have turned the act of coitus into an evelutionary arms race of rape and rape deterrence. You never even stood a chance.

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I don't care what happens to my cum, I just want to rape

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I knew this, but it still baffles me why a species would evolve like this. Its like they're trying to make themselves extinct.

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Makes sense to me
>Male wants to fuck as much as possible to spread his seed as far and wide as he can
>Female wants to only bear the children of the best males to ensure her offspring have only the best genetic traits

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I'd love to but her voice gives me a reverse erection

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Shit tastes

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With pleasure

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I don't get the pic
is there an invisible fucker in it?

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>Fuck the duck

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What's with that sound effect? Is she farting?

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She hasn’t sucked my dick in like two days actually.

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It’s ‘fu’ interstate that however you like.

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Who do you think her boyfriend is

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Tell her to stop being a lazy whore and stream already faggot

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She's too busy bouncing right now

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The duck needs to be bred

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I volunteer to breed her

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cuck the duck

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Can I get sloppy seconds?

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I intend to make her my wife, so no

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Not fair

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I like her mom

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Life isn't fair, anon. I've heard that Ayame will let you fuck her for 50 yen though.

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fucking slut

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It gets worse
If the male is not big enough to completely manhandle the female into submission, 3 ducks will gangbang a female taking turns into fucking her
they all step on the female to ensure she is completely unable to escape, they also bite the shit of the back he the female's head to force her to cooperate
they will do this with ANY female, from as soon as she starts getting her final plumage change to the last few days on earth, if it walks the males will fuck it, so a lot of young female ducks get a limp or a bent wing from being destroyed intu submission

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