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Twitch raids the charts edition.

Previous thread: >>8897313

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ccv + sc



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home sweet home

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home sweet home

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don't mind me, numberbros.
i just want to archive desperate attempts of clueless shitter to bait>>8927173. poor worm who failed miserably and deleted several of his posts in different threads as well as separate thread which he created when was bullied from numbers thread.
btw evidences>>8924689 >>8925652
2nd thread this poor soul created after deleting 1st one >>8929385

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At least there are enough people who, despite not posting in numbers, realize exactly how much of an idiot that shitter is.
Honestly it's kinda sad they seem to believe Cover is botting. Also, why the fuck is Froot in the chart so many times? Did she really do that many streams in one day or is scraping from Twitch a WIP?

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>why the fuck is Froot in the chart so many times?
No idea, sullygnome is only showing 1 stream for 8.4hrs, ave of 4087 and a peak of 5994
Maybe supposed to be other twitch streamers

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>Honestly it's kinda sad they seem to believe Cover is botting
It’s probably just one guy, but he seems incredibly tribal and motivated. He doesn’t seem to think Hololive can actually gets the views they currently do. Or he does, but thinks he can ruin their reputation by claiming it’s all bots. Not sure the motive entirely.

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It's a WIP so expect it to be clogging the charts, the way bots pick up Twitch stats is different than Youtube

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>Honestly it's kinda sad they seem to believe Cover is botting.
in the end of the day people will believe what they really want, no matter what evidences you will provide them. so it doesn't change anything.
unfortunately if you click on any of the streams it sends you to her main channel, but you can compare this 2 graphs

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to be honest i rl happy they added Vshojo in piyo.
kinda tired of hololive vs niji(kuzuha) dynamics

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only mouse and nyanners get 10k above numbers consistently. Don't expect the rankings to change at least in the top 20.

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>hastily add a different platform to your tracking site
>proceed to ruin your tracking features because your implementation is haphazard at best
Oh yeah, sure. I'm ecstatic for this...

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>to be honest i rl happy they added Vshojo in piyo.
>kinda tired of hololive vs niji(kuzuha) dynamics
That’s pretty funny.

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better then midget's fights(nijiEN vs stars; Full nijiEN collab vs Sana;...) we get the last days.

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I checked her twitch channel, there are many today’s streams. She actually broadcasted many times according to twitch

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NTA he is right>>8933439

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Holoshill janny deleted my posts, moron.

Keep coping. The evidence of Cover botting is too overwhelming to deny it at this point.

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I think one of the good perks of having twitch included is that we can now compare the watchalong numbers for pekora and miko (and maybe more). Ame does watchalong stream pretty often. It would be great if she would do that on twitch. I don't think people would raid watchalongs.

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You can disable raids as one of the options, and I'm 100% sure that Pekora, Miko and any future Holomem that want to use it will do so just to avoid any potential issues.

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Where are her views and likes holobros???

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Is this you: >>8932240

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>janny deleted my posts
cant help yourself, worm? i know what you wrote at those posts. there was no reasons for mods to delete them, especially from several threads.
btw if it is true, why those are still here>>8927173 >>8929385
but you can keep acting clueless, insignificant lonely shizo.

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>The evidence of Cover botting
There is zero evidence.

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You are retarded, you have been BTFO in multiple threads, and you are painfully painfully new. Live viewer graphs are posted nearly every single thread and no one ever calls them botted but because you have a hateboner for that girl you want to rile up other newfags who don't understand how viewers trickling in works. Continue to seethe, we will continue to laugh at you.

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For the sake of anyone stumbling into here, for some reason her VOD was reuploaded ( I don't know why) hence why her views are f'd on that vid.

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He somehow thinks it’s further proof of view bots.

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>VOD was reuploaded
she cutted out ~20 min of scuff
>sound problems
>live 2d interface

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you know it's bad when both niji and holo fans are shitting on you. just give up lmao

>> No.8934582

>it's completely normal to be extremely close to your peak in a loading screen even though there's not a single instance of this ever happening before
Cover botting was exposed beyond any doubts today, keep coping.

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Oh he's seething

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don't want to add me>>8933976
what a shame.

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Kek, you are even more embarrassing than the poster who did the NijiEN vs Irys number comparison.

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pretending to be retarded still makes you look like a retard to an outsider. everyone is laughing at you

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I have to say the is the place I least expected this sort of poster to pop up. Unironic schizos, the type that REALLY need meds and probably protective custody (and not just the meme type).
/pol/ gets lots of those from all political persuasions and for obvious reasons but this place?

This is too amusing!

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I watch more Nijisanji than Hololive and I come here to provide context to streams, and I am laughing at your retardation.

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Must defend brand
Must consoom

It's impossible to reason with you holodrones. Show me a single stream comparable to what happened with Sana today and I'll shut up.

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Sure thing falseflagbronybro

>> No.8934936

kek that one sana and finana ikioi pic I made triggered the schizos. amazing.

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oh pls dont stop, worm.
this is way too interesting.

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>Show me a single stream comparable to what happened with Sana today and I'll shut up.
Here anon

Rushia accidentally scheduled a stream, it went live at the scheduled time. A LITERAL BLANK SILENT SCREEN was up for 10, 12 minutes and people continuously joined in to see what was going on until a peak of about 9k people.

Chat was wild, Haachama was in the chat saying she tried to call Rushia, people were “PRAY TO THE VOID” and then management cut the stream because Rushia was sleeping tight.

People usually enter a stream and, if it still didn’t start, they wait until it resolves one way or another. They don’t just immediately bounce if it didn’t start.

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I wonder if theres a vtuber atlas like this. Im curious how isolated hololive is. https://stats.roki.sh/atlas

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What’s the methodology?

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Hey Anon how does it feel to be a gay retarded schizophrenic niggerfaggot? I've always wondered

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From the site:
"The site shows stats about the overlap of chatters from different channels. You can find who's community overlaps the most with your favorite streamer. You can also check which channels chat hoppers are going to. Currently tracks all channels over 1000 concurrent viewers. Data updates every 30 minutes."
So basically the same methodology as https://mipacd.github.io/chat-stats/excl-chat.html, except visualized looks like.

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just like this>>8935095

>> No.8935248

1. You said they shouldn’t keep getting viewers in the first 20 mins. Which is wrong.
2. You said that it was a loading screen the whole time, which is also wrong. Sana actually started the stream a few mins after the loading screen, talked with chat for a bit and left back to loading screen to fix tech difficulties. This repeated later again, within that same 20 mins.
3. Sana’s viewers only reached 11k without competing with other Holos, which is not very high, while on all her earlier streams she reached about 9k each time before that while competing with other Holos. This is all extremely normal. Almost bland any uninteresting.

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That's a normal increase alright, but Rushia's actual peak would've been much higher than that considering the numbers she usually gets. The issue with Sana was that her loading screen peak was very close to the peak when she started playing.

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Is that normie enough?

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>her loading screen peak was very close to the peak when she started playing.
That’s wrong. She appeared twice at different times within the first 20 mins, but had to go back each time do to tech difficulties.

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vshojo ironmouse

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What is Wendy's First Kitchen? Is that different from normal Wendy's?

>> No.8935417

And unlike Sana this does have people dropping out of the stream now that I analyzed it closely. There's no way Sana wouldn't have some drops like that too. Hers were straight as an arrow.

>> No.8935433

What web is that?

>> No.8935450

No, it's what they call Wendy's in Japan.

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>but Rushia's actual peak would've been much higher than that considering the numbers she usually gets
No it wouldn’t, not much higher. Her very next stream peaked at 10k and this accidental scheduled stream was live 4AM JST, way off her regular audience usual time.

What you are trying to explain as “bots” is just the size of the audience being notified of a new Hololive stream and checking it out. Whether they stay for the duration or leave is up to what the streamer does but the audience getting notified and checking what a stream is about is as huge as you observed.

Also: everybody loves a good trainwreck, that’s why Fubuki got as many people watching the “sleep stream” as she did back in 2020.
Right now that anon have a theory he’s desperately looking for evidence to confirm, to a point he’s making them up when he can’t find it.

>> No.8935520

did a quick research it's a wholly owned subsidiary under wendy's not sure if the menu are the same

>> No.8935623

The amazing part is thinking the lowest of all HoloEN Gen2 must be the one that is botted, rather than assuming it would be the ones with higher views. Making me think this is actually about something else? I mean the whole point of Sana is that her views are too low.

>> No.8935644

That's just a morning stream. The other one had a cryptic mysterious title, so no shit it would get more viewers. They thought she was going to do something special.

Also, >>8935417

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>And unlike Sana this does have people dropping out of the stream now that I analyzed it closely.
>unlike Sana
Except Sana's graph does show people dropping out. I'm afraid meds won't be enough. Take your cyanide.

>> No.8935741

To be specific, First Kitchen was a different chain that was acquired by Wendy's Japan and Wendy's First Kitchen is the resulting fusion of Wendy's menu with the First Kitchen one.
Normal Wendy's was pretty much dead in Japan prior to this according to this article:
https://www.ajc.com/business/wendy-will-leave-japan-year-end/FCTKm3KBPkTYZ3fvZsWTbP/ (2009)

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>> No.8935832

Both streams have people joining and leaving, what this chart does show ia the difference between people entering a streams and people leaving.

In Sana’s case, there were merely more people tuning in at any given moment than people dropping out.
Face it, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this case there is nothing even remotely close to be abnormal enough in a way the only explanation is bots

>> No.8935883

You see, Cover is botting her specifically to trigger that anon and make a fool out of him.

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>> No.8935953

>trigger that anon and make a fool out of him.
the hero we don't desire.

>> No.8935959

>more Asmongold watchers are watching Pekora than Vshoujo watchers

>> No.8935968

I like how chocolate pudding peaked more than a weed.

>> No.8935973

Nene recently created a twitch account, I think

>> No.8936050

>Nene (Kawaii)
damn i hope she succeed in a future. Nene is a great streamer.

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>> No.8936168

FPSfags dominating the overlap, then there's Veibae...

>> No.8936175

You sure? Veibae is high on both her and Miko's stats.

>> No.8936189

What is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

>> No.8936201

Yeah, basically that's the way the call Wendy's in Japan.

>> No.8936213

>FPSfags dominating
as usual. im so happy mobas arent popular across vtubers outside of bugland

>> No.8936375

miko shares 8% with jun, yet pekora only 5%. interesting

>> No.8936398

I can't believe Migo raped her AND cucked her

>> No.8936454

numberbros, QRD about Pizza-man's 3d debu, pls! how bad was it?

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from some anon.
Peak CCV (taken from HoloStats with the exception of Rikka's which isn't showing on the site)
1. Roberu - 17,039
2. Shien - 14,926
3. Oga - 11,283
4. Rikka - ~8.9k according to Playboard
5. Aruran - 8,617
>SC (Playboard)
1. Shien - $13,426
2. Roberu - $12,550
3. Oga - $9,100
4. Aruran - $6,784
5. Rikka - $5,699

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Numberwise it was tall for a midget, short for a regular sized person.

The 3D tech shown was good tho, and it was fun to watch

>> No.8936556

Oh no no no the Jun anti-Niji narratives

>> No.8936592

>all the Holos who streamed over him
>meanwhile even Kuzuha leaves the stage to let Furen do her thing

>> No.8936593

>Roberu - 17,039

>> No.8936640

>all the Holos who streamed over him
only Pegora streamed over him, but she is famouse numberfag

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For the most part there is no institutional relations between Hololive and Holostars despite both belonging to Hololive Productions.
There is a reason they call it an "All-Female VTuber Group “hololive”" in the official Press Releases

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Rushia pulling 15k on a basic bitch zatsudan that was not even scheduled in the first place.
That chick is too strong

>> No.8936715

>All-Female VTuber Group “hololive

>> No.8936737

>Rushia pulling 15k
not intrested. want to see SC number

>> No.8936742

His point is that some Hololive streaemrs overlapped with Aruran 3D. My point is that they don't coordinate their schedules because, for the most part, they're each their own thing

>> No.8936765

So far "only" 1.2k USD

>> No.8936772

Hal about to do RFA again. I can't believe he's whoring himself out, is this your king?

>> No.8936802
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>is this your king?
No, he's our emperor. Do your title reps anon.

>imagine doing that everyday, to an audience of 7 people
at least he (or she?) will get buffed!

>> No.8936807 [DELETED] 

>Hololive streaemrs overlapped with Aruran 3D
+mel said during her stream that there is no restrictions from streaming during 3d events.
just saying

>> No.8936839

>Hololive streaemrs overlapped with Aruran 3D
this>>8936640 (You)
+mel said during her stream that there is no restrictions from streaming during 3d events.
just saying

>> No.8936854

ty but
where d you check it?

>> No.8936872

link pls

>> No.8936880

I'm not saying there's restrictions I just find it funny. The guys also stream over the girls too.

>> No.8936881

I thought that was obvious since that treerat keep overlapping during special events.

>> No.8937192

>where d you check it?
https://playboard.co/en/video/t6Jmh1Aajts, considering this a one time only spoonfeeding because you seem nice but people are expected to do their reps in this thread to prevent laziness

She's at 2.2k USD now

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>State if the tutorial fight
ClockGirl is expected to beat the final boss today or tomorrow, with OwlGirl following her until the end of the week, most likely.
GreenLamy and RatGirl beat the secret boss during the weekend and are expected to beat the Trash mobs King between today and tomorrow.

Now GyaruGirl... she "rolled a 1" three times in a row last week and took a critical hit from a cursed sword and STILL didn't recover enough MP to fight even the regular trash mobs. I expect her to beat Choco Sub sometime in the start of 2022, at this pace.

>> No.8937330

ty, i ve no problems with doing my numbers reps, but i just wasn't sure which site shows SC live.
btw they add Vshojo to piyo

>> No.8937383

And all of Twitch too. Seems like the based nipbro is going above and beyond to make this the best numberfag site

>> No.8937400

interestingly enough her ccv are pretty good, but sub count is disappointed. today without competition she peaked 11k

>> No.8937409

And by "all of Twitch" I mean integrated with the Twitch API so he can add any vtuber from there

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File: 106 KB, 930x738, hal twitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WUT? The emperor simulcasts on Twitch? I wonder how long until Pekora figures that out and starts doing it for a sweet double dip

>> No.8937486

>best numberfag site
im not sure about that.
you can only check limited amount of recent streams

>> No.8937491


>> No.8937520

SASUGA Emperor of numbers

>> No.8937649

Isn't it against Twitch's ToS or something to do a simulcast with YT? If it was allowed, then we'd be seeing more of twitch streamers doing them onto YT.

>> No.8937669

they made an exception for shibuyaCHAD

>> No.8937691

>Isn't it against Twitch's ToS or something to do a simulcast
only for "partners"

>> No.8937703

Only if you're affiliate, otherwise it's free game. Partners can also also negotiate their contract, I assume this part too. But in general multistreaming isn't that good unless you already have a big enough community, when you're small it's just having one of the 2 completely dead as everyone settle for one to be in and chat.

>> No.8937705

>limited amount of recent streams
Yeah, sadly VNUMA never released a dump of their databse

>> No.8937850

is Nene 2nd most successful member of HoloGen5 (after Lamy) in summary (SC + ccv)

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File: 650 KB, 828x755, 5336FBC1-2622-4C1F-AC80-985904CD1BAE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RatGirl head to head with MiKorone collab, followed by Marine head to head with Aqua’s Minecraft.

If RatGirl gets and keeps 10k for the duration she’ll likely in the JP primetime for keeps.

>> No.8938109

>RatGirl head to head with MiKorone collab, followed by Marine head to head with Aqua’s Minecraft.
nothing new
>keeps 10k for the duration
she will not. she could peak high then 10k, but will have ccv under it.
i bet on stable ~8-9k

>> No.8938152

In more interesting things happening, Haneru is hosting a quiz show of vtubers vs RL people to the tune of 18k people.


>> No.8938155

>SC + ccv
If you mean that literally that's a retarded metric. If you just mean taking both into account, which I assume you do, you really need to be more precise to have any way to rank them. Nene is definitely strong in supacha, but Botan is considerably stronger than her in CCV.

>> No.8938245
File: 220 KB, 1611x357, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 11_52_25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nips gacha addiction is too strong. Kanata mogging the slot with HorseGirls. I don't get what she is even doing, how does it work?
I don't do gacha

>> No.8938252

I wonder when will there be a vtuber that could bring other EN vtubers to do quizzes or events like this for EOPs. I can see Ollie, but her english vocab isn't that large and she probably can't sustain a conversation. I can see ironmouse, but her network is still too small. Could the rrat girl be the chosen one?

>> No.8938311

>taking both into account
>Botan is considerably stronger than her in CCV
lately i star feeling this is not the case.
in term of normal streams they are pretty close on avarage , but Botan easily bit her with FPS games wich she plays rarely.

>> No.8938337

Froot had internet issues and had to restart her stream multiple times. That's why she's on the list so much.

>> No.8938420

unfortunately for eggs Kiara will be the person in holoEN to organize future event(as she said on her stream after MK tourny).
i don't know about this in particular.

>> No.8938429

With the dramatic increase of niji vs holo threads since EN2 debut, it just looks like disillusional cope.

>> No.8938497

UPDATE: Ratgirl pushed her stream one hour forward, to 9PM JST.

>> No.8938522


>> No.8938600
File: 43 KB, 500x607, angwy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"she is not a vtuber!"
are (you) happy?

>> No.8938669

you can watch this weekly series

>> No.8938739

I meant, the EN part. I would enjoy this nevertheless, but I'd like to watch an event organized by a group of EN vtubers from different companies. Say, an event led by Kiara and the guests are Ironmouse, Nyanners, Ame, Mori, Elira, Pomu and etc.

>> No.8938794

EN vtubers community is still small, unorganized and unconnected unlike JP or even ID and I don't know if there is EN vtuber that have enough experience and connection to organize big collab

>> No.8938834
File: 539 KB, 1920x1080, 1627354457305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Already a thing

>> No.8938877


>> No.8938930
File: 240 KB, 1847x511, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 12_29_16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I say RatGirl 12k, Aqua 16k, Marine 20k+

>> No.8938957

Why did you remind of this, this was a shit collab but still a collab fk

>> No.8938960

I agree for Marine, but take a couple thousand from the other two.

>> No.8938988

Marine 25k+
Aqua 10k+
Rat 8k+

>> No.8939007

Need better organizer

>> No.8939009

That was such a shitshow of a collab.
Vshojo didn’t stream it or even talk.
Pomu and Pika were made uncomfortable.
DMCA issues everywhere.
Selen ditched the collab since her genmates weren’t invited.

>> No.8939037

>rat debut buff should be starting to run out
>Aqua minecraft in a while
>Marine singing but EOPs will watch rat
8k, 22k, 18k

>> No.8939056
File: 230 KB, 1272x850, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 12_34_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Matsuri echi art review
I can see this ending in an hilarious fashion with Matsuri succeeding at where Haachama failed repeatedly
>getting the stream banned and the channel demonetized

>> No.8939088

>Aqua minecraft in a while
That buff only applies when they stream in the holo server. She's doing hardcore.

>> No.8939094


>> No.8939124

Because you should look at the amount of chatters and not %.
For Jun overlaps there are:
582 at Pekora (4.88%)
209 at Miko (8.10%)
87 at Rin (19.00%)

>> No.8939126

Betting on Matsuri not getting banned

>> No.8939147
File: 322 KB, 1172x883, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 12_37_47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aqua minecraft in a while
It's Hardcore Minecraft, day two for her even, with day 1 getting 13k.

She surely streamed less this summer. Still reeling from the APEX burnout?

>> No.8939153

>Selen ditched the collab since her genmates weren’t invited.
she said she ditched it because she knew it will not go well

>> No.8939174

ah shit didn't know, can't read moon runes. 12k seems good then.

>> No.8939179

dont forget about " Gura's prank" buff

>> No.8939201

i guess this is more about anits

>> No.8939204

Smart lassie. She said that like that, outright?

I don't really follow the ENVtuber scene, did that collab damaged their relations somehow? It was a shitshow but what was the fallover from it?

>> No.8939217

Idol reps. She's mentioned that she's pretty much done them and now just wants to become a hikki again.

>> No.8939222

She will probably never play Apex on stream again. Which is a good thing.
She’s been busy preparing for live concerts and events.

>> No.8939225

Not as interesting as it might look for those who are not familiar with state of things outside Hololive.
Those guys (QuizKnock) help Nijisanji to make their monthly quiz show and already appeared in one of episodes.

>> No.8939250

busy with idol activities, please understand

>> No.8939300

What was so bad about that collab anyway? I only saw the general reaction to it.

>> No.8939325

Selen did an Apex collab with Froot and Zen (TTS mf). Finana and Rosemi played LOL with light blue shark and weird Dino. Idk about others.

>> No.8939360

if its the one i remember then the people on twitch got all the youtube streams taken down by playing copyrightet music , the text to speach chuuba made talking akward and there were several problems with organisation so that several people had to sit around while others played

>> No.8939363

Indie Deer kept bringing up Pomu’s cancer.
The host kept playing the wrong game mode and sponges on maps (DMCA) resulting in the corpo vtubers not being able to stream those portions.

>> No.8939364

>She said that like that, outright?
yes she did. if i recall correctly she said:
>"too many ppl"
btw she is big fan of GM.
>did that collab damaged their relations somehow?
>Vshojo x nijiEN
no Selet later collabed with TTK and froot.
i dont know about Pika, but she is "small" vtuber so i guess she could join another smaller collab with them

>> No.8939371

They might not want to do a garry mod's collab again. Relations can be fixed, but I don't know what nijiEN members felt when they had to wait when everyone else was playing

>> No.8939567

I don't think that damaged their relations but I can see that we won't see another big collab in the near future

>> No.8939660
File: 7 KB, 96x56, 1630324848804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how much of bilibili score is a lot? how does it translate to actual live views?

>> No.8939663

>marine 5k
>rrat 5k
>onion 4k
Starting numbers point to Rat above Aqua.

>> No.8939713

You can’t infer anything out of Bilibili scores because they’re made up. They have some secret formula where some people are worth more than others.

>> No.8939770

>some people are worth more than others
social score?

>> No.8939815

>how does it translate to actual live views?
It’s more or less like Monopoly money when you’re playing against your young siblings and you’re the bank.
It’s worth how much you say it is.

Here is a very simple way to look at things:
>whenever something easily measurable is shown, instead on the unit of measurement, into some black box computation involving ratios and multiple factors, it is guaranteed to be bullshit

>> No.8939837

you cant never know with billi becasue the stupid point system varies between person.

>> No.8939934


>> No.8939947

oh right niji new gen is also doing a collab.
Only leo seems to go above 10k tough as expected.

>> No.8939949

They posted their formula somewhere.
Even though their basic numbers are simple and clear (3pt for every unique viewer iirc), other coefficients and multipliers are hidden from public.

>> No.8940013 [DELETED] 

poor girl has less then 3k

>> No.8940016
File: 713 KB, 620x652, 1610037738353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

30k people are just watching Miko suffer. Being Migo is suffering...

>> No.8940047

suffering kino is the best kind of content

>> No.8940058

I guess, rat will peak somewhere between her last chat stream and last game stream.

>> No.8940068
File: 656 KB, 828x1514, C0A1D3D5-83E4-444E-A557-C686BE8E9AE9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek, she can’t catch a break.

With the new slot coming alive they lost a tiny amount of viewers. I wonder where they’ll go from there after it ends.

>> No.8940081

Who fucking knows, the new VR debuts had more than this number sometimes and Aza and Roi are like the Chronoir of VR or whatever

>> No.8940086

Who are you talking about?

>> No.8940126

Ratgirl still on her opening momentum, may reach 10k if it doesn’t stall in a few minutes.

>> No.8940149 [DELETED] 

oh sry sir i miss clicked

>> No.8940163

looks like 10k is doable
which is impressive for this timeslot

>> No.8940180

What I do with bilibili numbers is I divide it by 20

>> No.8940182

>may reach 10k
>17min in
anon, she will for sure

>> No.8940257
File: 99 KB, 924x196, 9373548393.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>full gen collab on leos ch
Is this the future of holoEN2?

>> No.8940299

Oh shit pekkers is playing 12 minutes sasuga

>> No.8940305

Everyone else has their POVs on retard.

>> No.8940327
File: 367 KB, 513x1096, B3D2B266-11DF-4633-A583-2BFE0226AE0F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she will for sure
kek, I’ve seen this become “9.994” more than once.

>> No.8940347

Lmao, another day - another retard.

>> No.8940351

20 min in
RAT is Fucking strong!

>> No.8940413

not him, but still impressive

>> No.8940422

I have a feeling that Aqua will peak higher than rat .

>> No.8940450

they all have their own povs but most are just gonna watch leo since the other 4 reclined a lot.

>> No.8940470


>> No.8940479

is a HC MC she will eventually.

>> No.8940480

Wtf, as soon as I said that, Aquas growth plateaued

>> No.8940482

Pegora in 30 min, she will kill their momentum

>> No.8940540

>lain is now behind Oliver
such a weird turn of events

>> No.8940546
File: 498 KB, 653x1296, 7BA60265-3ECD-4165-8D50-68CC405DD13E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have a feeling that Aqua will peak higher than rat .
Minecraft Hardcore peak further down in the stream, considering she is going to the nether.

Now: RatGirl going for 11k on the 9PM JST slot, that’s strong as fuck and she may have found herself a new home there.

>> No.8940555

Friend get 10k. Singing buff is real!

>> No.8940570

Game looks okay on his side now, probably got a new pc or something. His stream was really bad, 15 fps bad, for their first collab. Gang beast or something?

12 minutes is a kusoge. She was blinded by Kronii's numbers. 20-25k

>> No.8940577

>most are just gonna watch leo
but others have a lot of viewers too
>4K (you can guess who)

>> No.8940616
File: 1014 KB, 828x1267, 3FEC8B15-ECAD-4668-8728-2D626F86973F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MiKorone ended, everybody got buffed, likely from the “autoplay next” from the algorithm

That “view funneling” anon will pop an aneurysm

>> No.8940632

>3K waiting 30minutes in
i think it will open and be higher than other kusoges like fast rpgs an such. i didnt even know this game had jp trasnlation.

>> No.8940660

>12 minutes is a kusoge.
1.Pegora can make any chaotic game fun
2.several tourists just use rat/auqa/marin as prestream.

>> No.8940664

RatGirl going for 11k on the 9PM JST slot
But wasn't she over 13k on the same slow with a game that's a less buff than current game?

>> No.8940669

Makes sense since he's the only good pick out of 4 eden gumi. Lain is the biggest let down out of all of them since at least lauren and axia have skills in fps, oliver can speak english, while lain have nothing but cute and she had to fuck it up by not having solid kayfabe.

>> No.8940704

Yes, but in one of her first stream and without this many heavy hitters as in this slot with solo Marine, MiKorone, Aqua and Fubuki

>> No.8940736

debut buff -> numbers unstable -> there is no true "buff game"
+different time slot

>> No.8940751

Kiara used to get good numbers in the JP time slots for the first couple of months too, let's see how it pans out in the long term.

>> No.8940784

>12k peak for rrat
good show
Anyway im surprised no more english-japanese vtubers try to get both userbases.

>> No.8940790

What happened, was there a boyfriend or something? I thought Nijis didn't really care about that sort of thing.

>> No.8940791

37min in
>12k (peaked for few sec)

>> No.8940853

>What happened

>> No.8940873

problem was kiara was jumping slots her first months.

>> No.8940911

Will Marine get close to her previous singing stream numbers (29k iirc) before Pekora starts?

>> No.8940946

Nothing big honestly. She just keep changing her voice, basically inconsistent in what she wanted to be thus people left in confusion.

>> No.8940950

Not really. She just doesn't have anything to offer, compared to her debutemates.

>> No.8940992

good guess anon

>> No.8941017

What about Leo? What made him special compared to the rest?

>> No.8941024

>Leos - 15k
>Lauren - 7k
>Axia - 6.5k
>Lain - 4k
I know Manjisanji is a meme but it's still pretty funny to see this play out.

>> No.8941056

>Marin 22k
>Will Marine get close to her previous singing stream numbers 29k?
99% no
she is 45 min in. for most streams this is point when ccv stabilize.

>> No.8941077

leo carved him a niche of pseudo gaming challnege and speedrun.
he also reclined but his ceiling is far higher than the rest.
Also autism is funny.

>> No.8941093

I haven't watched her since her debut, guess I'll check out a few streams to see what her new voice is like. It did feel like she was playing up a fake klutz character during the debut though.

>> No.8941094

Wasn’t her whole appeal at the start that she was “real”?

>> No.8941115

this aged well>>8940422

>> No.8941123

I didnt know Twelve Minutes had jp translation. Anyways, lets hope she has a few spoiler tips in case she gets stuck, from someone whos played it. Game is fun, but can get annoying with all the loops and bugs (kronii lowkey ragequitted a ssoon as she reached the first end)

>> No.8941245

Holoism in a Nijisanji culture. Thats why

>> No.8941262

>kronii lowkey ragequitted a ssoon as she reached the first end

>her first stream
>almost 3h

>> No.8941290

she has no kayfabe

>> No.8941318

Not really, they were pretty close and I just compared their growth graphs. Aqua's was steeper. That's all.

>> No.8941350
File: 76 KB, 277x179, chuuba detected.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8941407

On that stream she said she'd check fans' response if they really wanted her to continue it. Meaning if it was up to her, she probably wouldn't.

>> No.8941424

She did holo moves in the early days. She did a milestone stream after monetization stream then more SC reading streams full corn pandering.

>> No.8941433

Sultan vs Pirate
Gamer maid vs Scientist

>> No.8941438

1h mark
rat was strong and really stable.

>> No.8941439


>> No.8941495
File: 2.48 MB, 1305x729, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this VSpo incline. Crazy numbers for Sumire, amazing numbers for Beni.

>> No.8941497

Sultan -> Oil Prince

>> No.8941540

anon got a stroke while typing this

>> No.8941546 [DELETED] 
File: 335 KB, 463x453, Usada Pekora sips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>corn pandering.
21:00 JST
>new challenger appears your way

>> No.8941598


>> No.8941613

peko starting lets see how it fluctuates
i would mention matsuri since she is doing a hentai stream

>> No.8941625

Rrat is also playing some Kusoge that every Holo and their mothers have already played. These numbers are quite impressive.

>> No.8941637
File: 335 KB, 463x453, Usada Pekora sips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new challenger appears your way

>> No.8941738

not really
>debu buff - novelty - 1st stream of this game for her
>solid kayfabe
be she did good job

>> No.8941749

I'm not even shit posting but it is really interesting to see in action. Nijisanji males just outperform Nijisanji females by a huuuuge amount. Yet Hololive has multiple females that put up equal, and sometimes better, numbers than the top Nijimales. Is it just If people want to watch a female vtuber they just watch Hololive instead? Is it that the type that would watch a female over a male tends to be more otaku which Hololive caters to a lot more?

Its just weird to me since its not like Nijisanji doesn't have a lot of good female talent.

>> No.8941788


>> No.8941825

The popular males in Nijisanji are vastly more entertaining than the females so they end up taking their viewers.
You can get away with just being cute in Hololive because it’s all girls but there’s an expectation in Nijisanji that you’re entertaining.

>> No.8941829

>Is it just If people want to watch a female vtuber they just watch Hololive instead?
Just because they bring more viewers? What's the logic behind this, I don't understand.

>> No.8941867

>not really
I'll admit that it does seem better made than your usual "simulator" Kusoge, but its still Kusoge. Another thing I found interesting about it is that Bae seems to be playing the game seriously when most Holos who play it just throw shit around don't really try at all. Just found that funny since she is supposed to be the chaotic one yet she is playing it the most orderly out of anybody I've seen.

>> No.8941877
File: 144 KB, 780x1016, 95873457345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>51% male
>49% female

>> No.8941900

Ummm yeah, Hololive females get much better numbers than Nijisanji females.

>> No.8941962
File: 193 KB, 550x523, guraclap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not just being cute, it is being cute & funny, or cunny for short. Sora is cute and look where she's at

>> No.8941984

So tired of 5chmatometards mindlessly repeating the retarded narratives

>> No.8941998

But Lain has the most subs in her group, even more than Leos.

>> No.8942003

>you can get away with just being cute in Hololive
That isn't true at all or else Roboco, Mel, and Luna would be near the top. There is a reason the top talents in Hololive (Pekora, Marine, Miko) have a good variety of content, are super funny, and stream a ton of hours (well, maybe not Marine on this part). They are super entertaining.

I'm talking about JP by the way before some chumbud jumps down my throat for not including Gura as one of the top, lol.

>> No.8942007

males are naturally more entertaining than females. go and check the top of twitch.
niji has shibuya hajime and naruse naru. they stream daily yet struggle to break 100-200 viewers. naruse is 100% fujobait. gender is not a buff. pure talent is.

>> No.8942041

Very succesful with multiple sololives and full albums, the ambassador of cover for JP radio show and tv?

>> No.8942074

>Bae seems to be playing the game seriously
as i said
>solid kayfabe
Kusoge are good for 1 stream if you are streammer has a good balance between
>"appreciation to rules"
>messing around
Bae seems to know that, since every(!) game she play till this point was kusoge

>> No.8942081

Clock, rabbit, pirate...

>> No.8942110

For HoloEN when there's no overlap, yes. People clear their schedule to watch, they don't just wander in randomly.

>> No.8942111

Mirai Akari has all that, yet look at how pathetic she is now.

>> No.8942118

I said they could get by, not that they would be at the top. The ones you mentioned would probably be 200 view tier like some of the less popular female nijis.
Also Luna really shines in collabs, it’s just that her baby gimmick is a harder debuff than Kiaras voice.

>> No.8942132

Easy, Nijifemales doesn't have that overseas buff. SEAs, Taiwan and Koreans during this time are more inclined to watch Hololive than Nijisanji.

>> No.8942194

kys newfag.

>> No.8942318

Most schizos are obvious larpers (myself included, but I only come up with my own rrats that no one could possibly believe for the amusement of myself and occasionally others) but yeah, any major hobby - especially one influenced by anime which incorporates parasocial relationships - is going to eventually attract genuine mentalcases.

>> No.8942327
File: 80 KB, 529x288, 1619557261408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ohnonono rrat bros??
is this the true extent of the taste of EN vtubers fanbase?

>> No.8942340

Strong word. All of the Ai + 4 Kings who are still active are still doing very well when you consider the greater vtubers space. They just aren't putting up Holo/Niji numbers. Ai, Siro, and Akari still do well though.

>> No.8942468

>Pekkers 25k+
Well fuck

>> No.8942584

Kuzuha solo Apex? No tourney, no collabs, nothing?

>> No.8942614

Peko going over 25k
Marine hovering around 19-20k
Aqua maintaining over 12k
Matsuri hitting 11k
Rat keeping up with 9-10k

All at the same time and part 2 of MiKorone is in 25 minutes.

>> No.8942637

Will be interesting to see what kind of numbers Bae puts up for Bayonetta. Wasn't it a pretty big debuff game for Ina?

>> No.8942746

no way kuzuha's playing apex??? i can't believe he's finally trying the game i'm gonna check it out asap.

>> No.8942749

So good she even released a video about how she keeps sliding down on vtuber ranking by subscribers.

>> No.8942822

I just checked her channel and all of her recent videos are near 20k views with some peaking at 50k. 95% of active vtubers would kill for those views. Come on man, use some perspective.

>> No.8942833
File: 533 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20210830-103739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This week will not be good for Kronii, even Mumei's schedule is better

>only 4 streams on her channel
>3 streams are the 2nd part of what she played in the first week
>The only "new" game this week is a Collab with the worst gen2 member

>> No.8942849

Wonder if that 95% also have over 700k subscribers and a title of one of Heavenly Kings.

>> No.8942856

Her first stream of it it was a minor buff, she peaked at 13k with an average of 10k for the stream. The rest of the streams were down from that, 7-8k.
Her starting with Bayo 2 is an interesting choice though, I have no idea how her numbers will be, since she's going to be streaming it at 2pm PST, basically an hour after Ina's usual time slot.

>> No.8942881

he's playing with another eceleb

>> No.8942896

>worst gen 2 member
fuck off

>> No.8942952

as expected of nijinigger leech, just cant stop stucking that fat juicy eceleb cock
kuzushitty will never break past 20k on his own

>> No.8942980

Nah I meant, if he's playing alone, then it would be a good observation/measurement or something to see if he actually improved his ccv after all the buffed months

>> No.8942981

Seriously, its getting a little old at this point.

>> No.8943006

ok i laughed

>> No.8943008

>you can get away with just being cute in Hololive

There is alot more to Mel than just being cute, she just doesn't play it up to the point that its in your face like a barrage as some of the other talents do.

End of the day it comes down to a matter of personal taste, Pekora and Miko can be entertaining but they honestly exhaust me after awhile.

>> No.8943009
File: 247 KB, 1851x573, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 14_47_33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I say RatGirl 12k, Aqua 16k, Marine 20k+
Aqua a little lower but good predictions.

>> No.8943028

Second worst imo, worst is mumei

>> No.8943076

Oooooooh. Kuzuha just adores his Unity song.
It's amazing that he was actually able to collab with him after all this time.

>> No.8943134

hasn't been 30mn yet but he's currently at 25k, lower than vsaikyou scrims a bit closer to 2nd apex matsuri scrims (27k, first was 30k)

>> No.8943159

Her version of Pekora's laugh is too annoying for me

>> No.8943160

>>8943134 (Me)
...okay well i blinked and he's at 27k now nevermind

>> No.8943167

Worst and best only have meaning when attached to a number here. You can take your opinions and fuck off somewhere else if you want to talk about it so much.

>> No.8943172
File: 276 KB, 974x950, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 14_52_55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today was a stacked as fuck day as far as Hololive numbers go.
13 streams over 10k, with 7 of them over 15k.

This could be pointing out to a general incline but it remains to be seen if September will be this good.

>> No.8943218

His normal apex streams before the buffed month gets around 22-33k iirc. Just wanna see if he gets a higher number playing alone now.

>> No.8943304

come up with a counterargument to him instead

>> No.8943313

Ok nevermind that retard. This is a normal solo Apex and he just has a link to Unity in a description.

>> No.8943341

i thought it was obvious and we were all trolling... anonchama...?

>> No.8943348
File: 429 KB, 1463x984, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 14_56_59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>32,926 :: Princess Shrine Maiden
>28,472 :: Queen
>27,008 :: King
>23,824 :: Aspirant Queen
>22,933 :: Sultan
>22,717 :: Some angel chick
>19,911 :: Same rando dude
>19,628 :: Haneru
>18,438 :: Emperor (Indie)
>16,158 :: Subs Queen

King and Queen are still in position to rise and maybe the HoloEN will get numbers further down the day

>> No.8943362 [DELETED] 

I'm surprised Kronii is still so far ahead of Baelz in viewers. The rat is easily as entertaining and brings in the JOPs too.

>> No.8943399

>The rat is easily as entertaining and brings in the JOPs too.
Clock girl is streaming on Burger prime time, RatGirl is doing Japan-SEA-Australia primetime and going head to head with the established leaders of the slot

>> No.8943406

>those discrepancies between averages and peaks
Superchat readings are the bane of numbers. That's why I say peak is more representative than average for measuring audiences. Also, superchat reading viewership is a pretty good way to gauge the size of a chuuba's core fanbase.

>> No.8943418

She might be the next pekora. Pekora started humble too.

>Cat ASMR and Doggomaiden horror kusoge

>> No.8943468

Is it? It's not that unexpected after he played with Genburten and Chronoir play with different musicians/utaite quite often.

>> No.8943486

>That's why I say peak is more representative than average for measuring audiences
No it's not for one reason: hours watched = average CCV * hours streamed.

Also: if they split their streams into "regular stream" and "SC reading" the average would end up falling between them both anyway and so would the medan. Average is as good as peak for this reason too.

>> No.8943493

If I had to guess, Baelz is getting hit hard by timing debuff of her streams, her overseas audience is partially asleep or at work and JP fans are probably watching HoloJPs that overlap.

>> No.8943519

>19,911 :: Same rando dude
>19,628 :: Haneru
Double fail

>> No.8943531

I don't care about hours watched. I'm interested in how many eyes a chuuba is capable of turning towards them.

>> No.8943548

i guess you'd need to know that he's had that link in his description for months and unity is just a meme song he likes because he has the mental of a 10 year old with a ritalin prescription. maybe anon who called him a leech was serious, that's a little funny.

>> No.8943568

Wait, is 12 minutes a buff game? Peko got even higher numbers than her normal Minecraft stream. Has any other chuuba played this besides Kronii yet?

>> No.8943575
File: 61 KB, 607x303, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 15_08_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting 10k+ on JP hours
Anon, plz. RatGirl was able to outmuscle Fubuki head to head on the same slot.

>> No.8943613

> I'm interested in how many eyes a chuuba is capable of turning towards them.
Kuzuha managed to "funnel" some 20k eyes on his scrim partner on the APEX champ simply by virtue of starting his stream late.
Likewise he managed to funnel 50k people onto Hal's APEX stream merely by moving his stream to member only to avoid overlapping with a Niji 3D debut.

Peaks are fickle and definitely not representative of a streamer regular audience.

>> No.8943638

>Some rando dude
kek, I suddenly have more respect for you royalty autist. You realize that his numbers aren't real and aren't sustainable and he doesn't belong with the heavy hitters that we normally see.

>> No.8943639

he's reached 27k about three times so far, don't think he'll go past it but i'll just watch normally and wait for piyo/playboard graph

>> No.8943653

I mean in regards to being compared to Kronii #s; if Rat picked another time I'd imagine she would get 20k+ consistently.

>> No.8943660

>actually watching Apex
Wow, that is sad

>> No.8943668
File: 72 KB, 969x485, 934634634737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8943687

I do it for the lulz and for the seethe, every title in that list came from other anons shitposting and trying to grief partisan anons

>> No.8943692

nah i love funny FPS vampire i'm having fun

>> No.8943758

I only want to know his numbers, not sit through Apex. Am already having fun watching 7 supernatural adults investigating their dead dad and one trying to prevent an apocalypse.

>> No.8943778

literally no one thinks he's comparable to holos or kuzuha it's just a schizo using him to bait like he's used ibrahim and hal (and fucking bonnivier for some reason???)

>> No.8943799
File: 137 KB, 1121x706, medium pfff hahaha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>900k subs streamers vs. humble 260k subs streamer

>dead subs?

>> No.8943802

Bae got 10k streaming over the EN/ID/JP Mario kart tournament

>> No.8943806

Bon is inclining a lot recently thanks to Selen grooming him.

>> No.8943828

>like he's used ibrahim and hal
Anon, take your meds. This is an anonymous builletin board, you can't simple make a mashup of every anon trolling with numbers and pretend they're all the same anon.

>> No.8943838

oh nonononono kneelchads how do we save kuzuha channel

>> No.8943840

>medium pfff hahaha
You can't read apparently.

>> No.8943867

Yes I get that, I was giving a response to WHY Rat gets nerfed numbers in comparison to Kronii.

Does Rat hold up well for herself in a heavyweight timeframe? Absolutely.

Would Rat do alot better if she swapped times with Sana? ABSOLUTELY.

>> No.8943877

there's more than one person shitposting about hal and kuzuha but the ibrahim/fuwa guy had the same typing style and used the same images all the time come on man

>> No.8943920

>Would Rat do alot better if she swapped times with Sana? ABSOLUTELY.
That's true but EN2 clearly was chosen for one special assignment
>to fill hours with EN friendly content that wouldn't normally get them
She could get better numbers on Sana slot but she would just cannibalize Ina audience if early or Gura and Ame if late.

Doing so on Rushia slot or even Pekora/Marine/Miko slot creates a new audience in a slot that was JOP heavy, one that Haachama used to occupy during her Aus adventure before moving back to Japan.

>> No.8943964
File: 45 KB, 300x300, rrattalk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oddly enough Rrat actually did worse numbers when she streamed during EOP primetime. Granted that was just a chatting stream but still, its interesting.

>> No.8944055

so king gets more by playing solo rather than with hikakin (9 and 5 mil subs)

>> No.8944078

I think Baelz is also taking one for the team so to speak. Given various # issues since she started, tossing Sana into the JP primetime would risk relegating her an extended period as the EN Anya.

Rat is being a real bro taking on the toughest challenge.

>> No.8944152
File: 181 KB, 1604x707, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 15_24_55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Day is still not over but I've seen enough, time for the awards
award goes to
> Inaba Haneru
from Animare / 774 inc, for punching way above their weight and doing something different in the field today, with numbers to show for the effort.

Some other anon can fill the thread on what exactly they did in that stream but it is undeniable that it was above and beyond any expectation for that small hitter to hit that high number

>> No.8944287
File: 374 KB, 1078x964, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 15_30_18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

goes to: Kanata.
I don't know why the fuck nips are this drawn to gacha but Kanata pulled 20k+ viewers on a basic bitch Uma Musume stream. Nips, who the fuck understand them.
That was one of the the only stream on the top (other than Haneru) not coming from the named royalty or from some high profile collab.

>> No.8944318

>general incline
Despite all the doomposting re: susan's numberfuckups, I get the impression this happening more than people realize.

Kronii's got the entire reddit crew and the 4chan coomers onside for the time being, plus she potentially gets mentioned more by Holomyth than every other Gen2 member other than Sana put together. Rat has somehow managed to utilize the JP buff better than ID or Kiara thusfar - Peko mention after debut and similarities probably help - but outside of this thread (who seem to admire her more for going head to head in a prime JP slot and coming out strong than anything else), very few people here care about the rat.

>> No.8944464

hikakin's main audience only watches his vids, he doesn't get much on livestreams.

>> No.8944483

but how come hes a DEBUFF?

>> No.8944500

It's because the other four hasn't landed on the right moment yet. Kronii's 12 minute stream was entertaining from the get-go. It was a bad game, but she made all the glitch/bugs funny that it became a meme. Ceres is starting to come alive now that people knows she plays Moba, the slap/yandere thing and how she beats kids for breakfast. Sana and Rrat doesn't have their own meme/gimmick yet and Mumei streams too little. She's branded as cute sister.

>> No.8944602

> >general incline
> Despite all the doomposting re: susan's numberfuckups, I get the impression this happening more than people realize.

I would be real curious to see how overall numbers for the talents combined have fluctuated since the start of the year.

Still feel bad for Korone though, she has stabilized her viewer #s, but never really recovered from losing her overseas audience and is experiencing the worst sub growth since the Overseas Boom of last year. Since start of May, Towa and Watame have gained more subs than her.

>> No.8944633

It's not a buff game, but there is novelty since Pekora is the first HoloJP to play it. The game kinda sucks as a stream game so you won't peak again after the beginning.

>> No.8945049

>ut never really recovered from losing her overseas audience
She actually never had a firm grasp on the overseas audience on account on

1) most of the kaigai only knowing her from clips like "Eekum Bokum", "I die, thank you forever" and "have confidence / no confidence" and not having ever watched her streams, which are actually JOP heavy and focused on vintage gaming
2) her reluctance on playing Minecraft, a game where the action reduces the language barrier because it is all about cute anime girls doing cute things
3) her general shyness on collabing outside her comfort zone, making her a collab partner as rare as Aqua with anyone not in her usual circles

>> No.8945304

You guys are acting like 10k+ is a bad number, especially for ENs who are changing their timeslots constantly. Sana literally got her best numbers today.
I'm not going to say their debut buff is over, but we're getting to the point where they're no longer massively buffed (5-6th stream, except Mumei who doesn't stream) and if a few can keep these numbers, this gen is a big success.
Subcounts are a diff matter but that's pretty fucked.

>> No.8945397

I don't know about Watame, but Towa has been quietly inclining for a while. Her sub growth in the last few months for the sub-millionaires is only behind IRyS, Moona and Ollie and before Coco announced her graduation she was matching her in monthly sub growth. It's just harder to see in CCV since a lot of her streams are guerillas or Apex, which is her most played and lowest performing game.

>> No.8945491
File: 250 KB, 972x285, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surrounded by raging lesbians

>> No.8945587

On his left is an elite who rapes her way to the top, on his right is the resident groomer. How do save kuzuha bros?

>> No.8945638

Baelz pulling 10k+ in a hotly contested timeslot that means her primary audience is AUS/SEA EOP + JPs that are looking for someone new to watch ID impressive. Many people have stated as such, and I'm going to agree with that. Imo, if they sustain their numbers or dip even a little below, they'll be a success. Regaining lost watchers and grabbing watchers in timezones that previously had minimal Holo content for EOP, plus providing a bigger box-push for HoloEN as 11 HoloEN members increases the potential collab partners, especially for Gura and Ame who are very reluctant to collab outside of Hololive.

When the server merge for HoloJP+EN happens, we're going to see another big Minecraft surge, one that will make some real big numbers for any that are willing to put the time and effort to reach out to other members on the JP side especially.

>> No.8945739

All three have boyfriends

>> No.8945801
File: 498 KB, 864x2000, hal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All three have boyfriends
And it is Emperor Hal for the three of them

>> No.8945822

is that kirito sword?

>> No.8945861

>The evidence of Cover botting is too overwhelming to deny it at this point.
Look at the clipper view count as a mirror to the original hololive stream popularity. If the clip highlights gets 100k to 250k views within 48 hours it should tell you how relevant it was. Is hololive botting the clipper streams as well to pad the view count?

>> No.8945906

Anon, please stop necro'ing dead subjects

>> No.8946276

Miko is a lesbian and wouldn't date some fuckboy shota

>> No.8946486

Korone is an unmarried hag. So, only Kuzuha has boyfriends kek.

>> No.8946512
File: 335 KB, 1613x641, Screenshot - 2021-08-30 , 16_44_32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Barring some surprise this is the Top10 for today
>4 Holos
>4 Nijis
>2 Other

Emperor, as usual, represents indies

>> No.8946614

Rat did stream at same time as Gura before, but I think it only brought 8k.

>> No.8946696

It's clearly

>5 Holos
>3 Nijis
>1 774
>1 Indie

Get your eyes checked

>> No.8946711

It isn't over yet. Kronii comes up to finish the game 3 hours later. She'll totally get 20k minimum.

>> No.8946731

>4 Holos
>4 Nijis
try again

>> No.8946806

>Get your eyes checked
WTF, I even double checked it. Am I getting old?

>> No.8946834

does baelz have outsized VOD views? I'm curious if she has much of an audience outside her timeslot, because she doesn't seem that popular on this board.

>> No.8946908
File: 285 KB, 1337x851, CQpaIPl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's better to look at top 20 nowadays, since needing 18k to enter the top 10 is ridiculous and 10k is traditionally a good number.

>> No.8946967

is debut buff still present for new jp nijis

>> No.8946983
File: 435 KB, 311x696, newfag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's been doing big scale collabs since forever just like Tamaki. The only difference is that she has more of her own content compared to 95%-of-videos-are-collabs Tamaki.

>> No.8947102

Wow Matsuri is so creative. I swear I've never seen such an idea before.

>> No.8947194

where are numbers for last weeks hours streamed?

>> No.8947252

yes, at least compared to JPs, [and i couldnt find a good example from EN with close time and ccv]
Mio - 1:08 time; 10,944ccv, 96k vod views
Baelz -1:05 time; 8,385ccv; 135k vod views

>> No.8947391

I only noticed this from a tweet post just now. Is this a good collab for getting numbers like exceeding expectations on merch or just so-so? I don't know how big wendy or sanbaka is.

>> No.8947392
File: 24 KB, 181x106, 1630339798262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do chinks dislike kuzuha?

>> No.8947399

Ya I have been quite impressed with Towa's incline, she has gone from trailing Flare to neck and neck to now having quite a healthy margin on Flare.

Dunno why I picked Flare as the benchmark to judge Towa's growth but its what I've been following for months now.

>> No.8947473

The day (JST) has ended, anon.

>> No.8947512

Oh you meant the day, not the piyo rankings.

>> No.8947553

Yes, but Piyo tracks until 2pm PST to prevent spillovers on JP time from affecting the chart, so....

>> No.8947557

>baelz doesn't seem that popular on this board.
She was at first. I said before that the Rat would do well (I even promoted her as talented), but given that I’ve been slowly losing interest in her myself, it may be that others are as well, thereby explaining a decline. For me she seems too nice and orderly for the character of Chaos and almost appears like she is targeting a younger crowd, even with her design, while I have seen people say she speaks too much Japanese. So I don’t know. I still like her, just less now.

>> No.8947647

Baelz is literally a kid show without the uwu elements, so she won't get much schizo fan this early.

>> No.8947671

The good people in this thread requested PiyoNipMan to make teh cutting point 6AM JST to ensure any spillover would get counted in the same day

>> No.8947764

I was expecting her to be EN haachama, but it is hard to outdo Ame when it comes to weird random shit.

>> No.8947803

Nope, this is a full-gen collab with split POV tho.

>> No.8947862

Takes time for them to get out of their comfort zone. Enjoy Simulator games for now.

>> No.8947944

Problem that’s not what YouTube actually pays them for. Time watched has a huge effect on revenue and ads served. It would be like trying to value baseball players on batting average. There’s a correlation but that’s not what the talent, management, or the platform prioritizes so getting autistic about it makes no sense.

>> No.8948606

I was always curious what value the live stream viewer count meant for YouTube vs the archive streams. On the archive they can have an ad play before it starts and then ads inserted throughout based on duration of the stream. Where is the money in livestreaming, outside of superchat?

>> No.8948697

livestreaming more can get you more memberships, but that's it I guess

>> No.8948712

did they ever collab with someone outside their gen? one on one, not counting main channel shows.

>> No.8948884

there are ads that play when you join a livestream so there is some add money in there

>> No.8948948

Lain did with Ririmu. Also, not one on one, but Oliver was in an international Pico Park collab. Everyone’s visited Fuwa’s radio exercise. Lauren, Oliver and Lain will also be in the upcoming Pokémon Unite Collab.

>> No.8948999

She speaks more Japanese than Kiara on debut. I think she wishes she was Japanese. She also reminds me of Ollie.

>> No.8949071


>> No.8949184

Their decline is what happens when there is no collab ban after debut. They immediately start getting whored out on the big channel collabs and get completely overshadowed by the established talent. No chance to make a name for themselves and are forgotten.

>> No.8949191

Japanese gamer who is better at something than they are.

>> No.8949217

Kuzuha isn't exactly good at Apex

>> No.8949294

The Chinese aren’t exactly good at games without cheating.

>> No.8949330

Can I get a quick rundown? That was a rapidly edited slideshow of reaction faces and cringe bottom text memes and I closed YouTube in anger after 20 seconds. Presumably the voiceover guy was getting to a point?

>> No.8949335

>>8949071 (me)
YouTube Premium can pay more money than Adsense if you get a huge watch time of a video
For shorts videos that's impossible but when people are watching a long live stream (or the VOD) it can make huge money

>> No.8949362

I think Baelz's appeal will come out more when she does the thing she obviously really wants to do, which is collab with JP. If the rrats about her past life are true, being the avatar of chaos is a very different and new role for her. However, part of me wonders if she'll develop a Towa = angel type meme status (Chaos = Orderly) and incline as a result at some point, which might help on the EN side of things.

>> No.8949470

so only lain, i see. nijifags pride themselves on complete freedom and absence of any collab bans, yet 1 month in and new nijis still couldnot fit into the clique despite all pushing from the management

>> No.8949493

According to google, Apex isn't even officially available in China, and is therefore absoloutely rife with hackers. So yeah.

>> No.8949529

So YouTube premium is like a 4chan gold pass? People actually pay to block ads instead of blocking them normally?

>> No.8949577

I doubt that many people who watch vtubers have it, seems more like a boomer / normie thing. Which, hey, might be why Susan's unconcerned with number fuckery.

>> No.8949586

Don't know bout you, but premium feels like a better deal than spotify. You can ad free videos on top of music and videos that could be played on the background on mobile.

>> No.8949788

YouTube Premium also offers 1 free Tier 1 membership per month in some countries

>> No.8950291

Isn’t it because they collab a lot between each other, especially Axia and Lauren?
They seem really eager to promote themselves as a unit. So yes, they can freely choose who to collab with and they do.

>> No.8950385

You shouldn't respond to dishonest posts like that, they're usually bait. If not, that anon is fucking retarded anyways and not worthy of a response.

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