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>we're at the peak of gura content, she's finally hitting her stride and inclining hard, a golden age of gura
>already surpassed kizuna ai numbers wise
>nobody in /vt/ is talking about it

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do your achive reps

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she is the strongest idol

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>Please fellate my corporate chuuba more, she doesn't have enough attention!
Half or more of the global thread was shitposting about her while she streamed over the holocouncil collab. What more do you want?

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there's a whole dedicated general to talk about her. Are you trying to bait? it's a very weird way of doing it

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here's something else nobody's talking about

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>nobody in /vt/ is talking about it
wrong you just missed it

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so you're saying its all downhill from here?

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she peaked at "A"
that's why its still the only meme people bring up about her anymore

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The opposite actually

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Maybe if you bothered to go at least once to /ggg/ or even /hlgg/ you would find discussion about it
Even then, there have been noticeable moments where the board talks about Gura, like her Gawr stream or her connection to Shion. Also notice how the amount of bait threads surrounding her has decreased

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I really like her karaoke covers, really pleasant voice.

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She still hasn't vibrato'ed in an English language original song.

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She's an established chuba and she has her general. Other chubas only get additional threads if they yab or do something "controversial"

Besides a week and half ago there was tons of "Gura Killer" threads which are pretty much Gura threads.

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cumkiddies ain't welcome 'round these parts

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It's because the original voice of Gura commited suicide and has been replaced, so no one believes it is her anymore

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>cum jar
>peak content


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she knows her audience is pedophiles so she caters to it

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People only talk about golden ages once they are over.

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Everyone waiting on the real S*nzawa to debut.

Gura was clearly never HER.

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I completely unsubbed from holo EN and forgot I even did it.

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Can you fellate a woman?

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>notice how the amount of bait threads surrounding her has decreased
but we are literally posting in one

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She is PG-6 kana

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Another thread trying to bait negative Gura responses. She really does live rent free in the antis heads.

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