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Idols are not trading card game.

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We can make the trade if you can get every Owlcuck to admit that Mumei is Shachi and not cling to the fact that she changed computers as a cope like a baby clings to it's pacifier.

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But I like all four of them?

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I hate all four of them

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What would this achieve? It's not like you have to choose one company to watch.

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I would trade HoloCN with Coco

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Yes please, gen 2 needs more soul and less forced wholesome personalities.

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Trading two of the most boring holos for two of the most fun NijiENs. Neck yourself.

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Not how it works. You can keep your awkward collabs to yourself.

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No way fag

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Is this a joke? NijiEN would gain nothing from this, only lose.

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if these girls are idols they're in big trouble lol

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yes, fuck nijiEN
good talents like pommer & selen deserve a better agency

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Why can't Holofags just watch NijiEN if they're so obsessed with them, does brand name really matter?

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Selen's too into outside collabs for Cover's autism and Pomu loves Nijisanji too much, sorry.

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NijiEN is the better agency https://streamable.com/8szf55

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But they are sports stars.

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Fuck you. You're never allowed to split up Elira and Pomu or Selen and Finana.

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>Niji loses 2 of it's best for 2 of Holo's worst

I didn't know Jerry Jones was into Vtubers

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it's not the brand name, it's the quality control
unlike niji, Hololive™ is a virtual idol agency, they still enforce some of the traditional value

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>Selen, but no collabs with male e-celebs
Yes, please!

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Mumei fucking wishes, unironically neck yourself

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I would trade holoCN for Coco

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Niji wants the Holoviewers, but not the Holothots. They can just graduate after the audience left them.

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Quality control as in having 2 idols with open boyfriends and Kiara and Mori on your team, the latter having 0 interest in idols before joining lol
Nice meme

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leave your midgets to yourself

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Sana for Fiana

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when tribalfags will learn the way to watch both?

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She'd do it in Hololive too, don't kid yourself.

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Weakest card, Rosemi, is worth at least Kiara on Mori

All of NijiEN know how to be social and actually have a good time. Don't know how people can back Mori, Ame or Mumei being shut ins

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No NijiEN rejects. Sorry.

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>Hating on Selen/Bono collab
You're a jap shit purity fag aren't you. I bet you were livid when Mori talked to TT too

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Ameila Watson for Petra and Elira.

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>implying that /vt/ards haven't already surpassed elevens in purityfaggotry

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They can have Fauna and not give us anything, BUT FUCK YOU, IM NOT TIVJNG UP MYMEI

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I'd take Selen but only for cash considerations

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Now, imagine them doing the morning news.

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Kiara for Selen. No negotiation

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Yes, the weakest links of hololive for the strongest niji's

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This is bad, you're trading the worst HoloENs for the best NijiENs

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worsts are Kiara and Ameila, but even then they can still bring their paypigs with them

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Nice falseflagging, KFP

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>She is Sachi she just changed computers, timezones, drawing styles, and acts like she never streamed before
ok Lex

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kill yourself faggot

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Fuck off holofag

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Where the fuck is the profit? Both Mumei and Fauna fucking suck, they're not worth Pomu and Selen

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I don't want selen to be a HoloEN because of just how restrictive and tight they are about control and managing what people say. It feels like all of the talents are walking on egg shells every time they open their mouth.

Selen is great being rapid fire and vaguely insulting/demeaning to those around her. Picture doing that in MenheraLive with someone like Kiara; she would break down for a week.

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She truly is the smartest holo

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im fine with the fauna swap, but youre not taking the owl. maybe we can decide on swapping with baelz or kronii instead?

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Tribalfags hitting new lows, I see
>admits hololive isn't perfect
>admits nijisanji has good talent
>"hololive should take them, and fire the bad ones!"

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She's moved in the past, there's a million reasons why her computer could've been changed (yes, even downgraded, remember she was out of a job before Hololive) and her behavior and art are exactly the same as her past life's. Cope harder.

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this is an awful trade, give us selen for mumei and i’ll consider it

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We'll take everyone and 1 future wavesfor Gura and Ina
t. deadbeat

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This isn't a fair trade as of right now. Let's see in 2 months if Mumei gets better but right now she's garbage and I would take Pomu any day of the week. Ceres might be a little better than Selen as her current streams have been really good while all of Selen's are just alright. Rat mogs both Nijis though.

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what the fuck is this

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idk anon, you tell me

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Give us Sana, it's a win-win for both parties seeing her struggle?

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It's not Lex Luthor behavior to move and change setups anon. If it is I'm Lex Luthor too and so are half of the anons on this board. But if it makes you feel better kee spamming this I guess.

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Is that the dragon?

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>swap the most entertain EN vtubers(nijis) for the most boring EN vtubers(holos)
do holobronies really? people smart like you get killed by Covid already

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something I didn't want to know

>> No.8927221

just send Ame straight into the trash

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Swap owls voice actress with literally anyone

>> No.8927317

It's over

>> No.8927326

Chubby dragonDEZZ NUTZ.

>> No.8927537

laugh dragon? more like fat dragon

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her behavior and art are exactly the same as her past life's
Holy mother of cope

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Wholeheartedly accept this trade offer

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Yeah, you're coping alright.

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Imagine marrying Selen Tatsuki and she tells you she wants a kid and that she'll be fine and she'll keep her gaming reps up while pregnant. When she finally gets two lines on her pregnancy test she'll jump and full body hug you crying about how happy she is after trying so hard. Everything is going great for a few months, Selen is glowing and her gamer activities are working out and her belly is quite small on her fridge body. Now imagine in a few months Selen has to stop her intense gaming because her feet hurt and her legs aren't used to holding up her new weight. Her belly extends almost a full foot in front of her and she's gained nearly 15 kilos. Imagine the look on Selen's face when her doctor tells her that she should take a break on her apex reps for a while because she's carrying triplets and the excessive toxicity is doing more harm than good. Imagine Selen reluctantly smiling at you and promising to stop pwning n00bs for now for the sake of preparing to take care of three kids at once. Imagine as the weeks go by and her womb fills up more and as her appetite and weight increase with it. Imagine finding your 7 month pregnant wife Selen Tatsuki raiding the fridge in the dark at 4:00 AM with a guilty look on her face when you find her, like a puppy and that gnawed holes into your pillow. Imagine Towering above her while she sits on the floor nervously wiping ice cream drips off of her massive belly and mumbling about how the kids made her do it. Imagine helping Selen up and princess carrying her back to bed and having her ask if she can lie on top of you because you're warm. Imagine Sniffing her hair as she lies facing upwards on top of your torso and guides your hands around her like a scarf. Imagine rubbing Selen's hard sensitive nipples and having her complain about how you might get milk everywhere and how she needs to save it for the kids. Imagine teasing Selen about how her breasts are too small to feed three kids and how she'll need to start saving it up early, leading to her not milking herself for weeks and accidentally turning her tiny supple breasts into overfilled perky veiny perky lumps that spurt succulent cream at the slightest touch. Imagine Selen being proud of her breast growth despite it being painful and unhealthy and imagine the look on her face when the doctor says she should just start milking herself and how her husband (you) would probably be willing to help. Imagine spending hours with Selen's now plump squishy body resting on your lap while you suck the milk out of her tits. Imagine the extra weight from her pregnancy making it difficult to walk for her and turning her partially immobile during the last month. Imagine Selen tryharding motherly charms like learning to cook and decorating the baby room and lactating. Imagine your comments having made her self concious about her milk production so she starts tryharding supplements and massages to increase her yield to nearly a quart of milk per day. Selen's competitiveness would overpower her small amount of reasoning and have her end up a dairy soaked mess for weeks because of her overstimulated mammaries. Imagine holding her cool dragon hand while she's in the maternity ward giving birth and in her half dazed state right after pushing out three beautiful children she says "my new gahaheheaamers aeeehahheheh" and she falls asleep and you wrap all your children in yellow blankets cause they're legendary and they fall asleep in her arms while you sit next to her and poke her flabby stomach.

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Oooh snap, anon! You really showed it to us. Now you can proceed to circlejerk with your other heckin' glorious brand loyalist friends in your private discord while praising the company that drove out it's highest earning talent by regulating her content and limiting her humor in the prospect of "there might be kids watching" yet still claim to be soulful, even though your only viewer engagement isn't watching the streams but touching yourself as the big number under their name tag increases!

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Don't take the bait Nijibros.

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based Selenposter
I always try to find you in every Selen threads

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Holy shit I found another one of HER accounts!

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Pseudo-intellectual babble . The TLDR of it is "her style is different". But Shachi changed her art style all the time, and the programs she drew in. You can't say "this one work she drew is different, so she could NEVER draw like the Mumei image".
Look at this! The eyes are far more detailed than Shachi would draw! No three tones or light brush strokes as in the aforementioned image? It can't be her art! Coping bullshit.

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Are you telling me that every single artist around the world is possibly shachi?
With that argument, you can't prove that someone is shachi because of similar artstyle, because she apparently can morph her style into anything. Strange cope though. Stick to the voice rrat, at least you can fool ESLs like that.

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This looks exactly the same though

>> No.8928588

I dont care for fauna or mumei but I still think you should fuck off.

>> No.8928621

I don't need to imagine.

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No, anon. I'm telling you that "the eye whites are different" (lol) level of cope aside the art is identical to Shachi's. The fact that Shachi changed her art style so frequently means that you can't use ONE of her art styles as an example of how she can't draw as another, but you CAN compare similarities and easily come to the conclusion that it's the same artist. There are similarities present in all of her art styles that are not present in the aforementioned link you gave as an attempt to mock and say "well I guess every chibi artist is Shachi then!"
The idea that Mumei's art is too "amateurish" to be Shachi's is a joke. Look at pic related. Shachi chose to simplify her art at different times and was even lazy at other times. This is a fact.
No it doesn't make her Lex Luthor. It makes her an artist.

>> No.8928722

Cope owlcuck, there’s more than just the art style

>> No.8928756

That's the point.

>> No.8928819

it'd spice things up in a bland gen that is council for one

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>in her half dazed state right after pushing out three beautiful children she says "my new gahaheheaamers aeeehahheheh" and she falls asleep and you wrap all your children in yellow blankets cause they're legendary and they fall asleep in her arms while you sit next to her and poke her flabby stomach.
oh my fucking god...

>> No.8928858

Are you retarded or what? Shachi mentioned in her draw streams that she doesn't really have a particular art style, so coping by saying "she draws exactly like her!" is cope of the highest order.

So tell me this: she did the greatest opsec of all, changing her voice, switching her computer, changing her mannerisms and erasing all her streaming experience... and she didn't change her art style to be more distinct than the previous? Really?
Which is? Please present the twitter argument, I always love that rrat.

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Fuck it. Put Shiki, Pippa and Ria in there too. Replace all of them shit ones we got.

>> No.8928932

wait, how the fuck are those two even good comparisons?
is this seriously the best example for "similarities" to the owl?
am I missing something here?

>> No.8928972

That's it. Welcome to SEAworld.

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don't want your 2 views

>> No.8929063

>Are you retarded or what? Shachi mentioned in her draw streams that she doesn't really have a particular art style
That's exactly what I'm saying. She doesn't have one particular art style. But there are similarities in all of the art she draws so that it's clearly identifiable as her art. You'd have to be blind not to see them. Just the eyes and hair are enough.
>so coping by saying "she draws exactly like her!" is cope of the highest order
No, it's a fact. The styles might change but the trademarks present in her art rarely do. Look, look with your special eyes.
>So tell me this: she did the greatest opsec of all, changing her voice,
Her voice is the same.
>switching her computer
Literally a million reasons why this could've happened. No reason why you jump to the conclusion it's an "opsec" thing. Changing your setup is not Lex Luthor tier conspiratory behavior.
>changing her mannerisms
Also didn't happen, she acts the same.
>and erasing all her streaming experience
She has nerves, but she clearly has streaming experience. Petra acted much the same when she debuted. People were shocked to find out she had a well-known past life. Cope.

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thanks for the offer, i'm afraid i'm gonna have to pass, though.

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You had your chance, holofags.

>> No.8929151

Selen out numbers the en’s constantly, even without the holobuff. Mumei and Fauna would be nowhere without the holobuff

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holobrony can't read kek

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>> No.8929192

Learn to count

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Holy shit. You don't even watch Mumei. Oh wait, why would a dramanigger even do something like that? Sorry for hoping that you at least had better arguments.
For everyone else, here, watch for yourselves.

>> No.8929265

Give Nijisanji EN the 2022 first round draft pick and 2023 second and third round picks and it'll be close to fair

>> No.8929269
File: 25 KB, 300x300, DMioR2FbM8w4u7Csz3znD2FRydUF0wojxX87NcJQwAQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plenty of chances, in fact.

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File: 1.11 MB, 1123x1296, 1630293560081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awful trade for Nijisanji.
In fact the only fair offer Hololive has for any EN transaction are Gura and Amelia since the rest of Hololive EN are all shitters that are carried by a combination of brand, design and lack of competition (at least of EN Gen 1)

>> No.8929297

I'm actually downloading Shachi's old Bilibili streams as we speak to make comparisons so as to spoonfeed to copers like (you) how they act alike. Sure was funny how they both have NGE as their favorite anime, huh? Nice try though.

>> No.8929321

damnit, not again

so the point of the comparison was that they weren't alike, and i'm retarded

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>Sure was funny how they both have NGE as their favorite anime, huh?
AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA copium levels off the charts. At least I had a laugh. Thanks SEAanon.

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They're in a better place together

>> No.8929406

What is even being traded? We literally have access to all of them.

>> No.8929419

Yeah, it's a really funny coincidence how they both love NGE and Tokyo Ghoul and sound the same and draw the same. But drats, people can't just change computers, you're right, that's impossible... you owned me good.

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>> No.8929433

anon mindbroken by KINGkuzuposters in numberthreads, can't see anything except for numbers now.

>> No.8929491

well, it's because there is no proper nijiEN at that time, otherwise, the fate were set. Sorry holobronies, Pomu is destined to be niji

>> No.8929514
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>both love NGE and Tokyo Ghoul
He's still going, I can't believe it. Holy shit. 10/10 anon, I'll fucking give you all the (You)s for your service. You're not just the clown, you're the entire circus.

>> No.8929566

Yeah, no I agree. It's really funny how their tastes in anime just happen to be the same. You know they both love owls too? Funny that. We can keep listing funny coincidences all day if you like. I love to make people laugh.

>> No.8929583

Bros? Am I going crazy? Why don't they sound the same?

>> No.8929602

It's all funny that they talking more about nijiEN's number in the number thread now because of dailies Kuzuha mogging

>> No.8929606

Damn my ears are so fucking bad. Sometimes they sound alike and sometimes they sound completely different, so I can't even tell.
Don't really care either way tho. If Mumei is Shachi, that's great. If she isn't, that's great too. Mumei is pretty great.

>> No.8929631

holofags cant enjoy fully selen and pomu because they dont see a big red number on the screen

>> No.8929646

>they both love owls
>did shachi love owls?
>y-yeah, she posted a video of an owl, along with many other animals because she likes nature photography. But yeah, she likes owls
Keep them coming anon, I'm here all day for your (You)s.

>> No.8929658

Congratulations. You have a grasp of the English language and aren't looking for patterns to fit your preestablished conclusion.

>> No.8929681

Tons of anons talk about Kuzuha's numbers in number threads already. NijiEN's numbers are just funny to laugh at when there are no streams going on.

>> No.8929694

This isn't a trade, this is Hololive outright trying to scam Nijisanji.

You'd need Gura to be one of the members in this trade offer.

>> No.8929747

But I like three of them. Uneven trade.

>> No.8929805

Yes, and she didn't love Orcas, she just whale watched... come on now anon. You can cope better than that.

>> No.8929871

Gura has more subs than half of Nijisanji combined. Nice try tho.

>> No.8929895
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>fuck, I can't disprove that, what now?
>i-i'll just move the goalpost, that'll show them
Oh come on, the wild theories were at least funny. At least try to come up with something as creative as the NGE rrat.

>> No.8929971

so holobronies still coping that Shachi is the owl? i thought they like Shachi? double the Gura, double the fun etc

>> No.8929975

>I can't disprove that
Sorry, what was I supposed to be disproving? Do tell. I'd love to know.
Did the NGE bit sound like a "rrat" to you? Sorry, you were talking big about having watched her streams so I thought you knew. I can provide proof if you'd like.

>> No.8930018

>can't get half of Kuzuha live view with triple of his sub
lol, dead subs

>> No.8930090

>my owl rrat got disproven AAAAAHHHHH
>Okay, back to NGE
There you go. That's better. Focus on that. Post proof that they both like NGE, and then it would be the ultimate proof that they're both the same person. Because no two people would like that shitshow of an anime beyond EoE.

>> No.8930108

Cope with the fact that so many people watch Kuzuha and actively decided not to sub to him.
Feels bad when you get the exposure but people still decide it's not worth it to press a red button or the like button.

>> No.8930111

Fuck off, i pray to god everyday so that all of the new nijiEN girls will have a boyfriends

>> No.8930160

God knows my heart would be ripped in half if they were separated

>> No.8930206

Inactive subs > no subs.
I bet PDP cries to sleep knowing only 15k people tune into his streams when he has 110M subs. Gura destroys Kuzuha in terms of members count anyways.

>> No.8930224

You were the one who brought up NGE again, anon. I asked you to explain what I was supposed to disprove. If you can't elaborate on that one might think you were just pulling things out of your ass.
Look at her debut on Bilibili. It's during her Curiouscat answering section, when somebody asks her about her favorite anime. Do your reps, "stream-watcher". Whatever you gleam from that is up to you.

>> No.8930270

>Mumei likes NGE
>I like NGE
I am Mumei now

>> No.8930280

Keep the owl design, do not waste it like Aloe's

>> No.8930296
File: 177 KB, 1030x904, 2E5ACEDA-45B4-4C8F-8EE3-746489492AC5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The amount of HoloCope in this thread

>> No.8930306
File: 211 KB, 550x474, 1614355358087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, you didn't actually put the effort to splice them. Didn't even put the effort to at least link the video. I thought I could fool you into doing that so I could laugh at you and show you the MAL page of all the people who likes NGE. Don't worry though SEAnig, I've watched all the shachi vids in bilibili, as well as all the Mumei vids, because I'm autistic about it. 2/10 you tried.

>> No.8930384
File: 473 KB, 420x558, 1623727625662.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's quite the thing, isn't it

>> No.8930438

That's me. I like NGE more than you. I'm more Mumei than you.

>> No.8930447

It's Pomu crushing her in super chat revenue though?

>> No.8930459

Superchat that to them as proof please.
PDP has also been around for ages. New always replaces old, the fact that oldies like PDP are still doing good is praiseworthy. If you want to trash people for inactive subs, then you can do so to those like Mirai Akari. Should've stuck with Eilene.
I can tell you don't actually watch Kuzuha because like most anons, the only time you mention him is for numbers.

>> No.8930483

absolutely delusional

>> No.8930498

Disprove it

>> No.8930499

that's why he want to trade you dumb fuck

>> No.8930517

>he fucking think that Nijichad is pathetic insecure beta like Holobronies.
If Niji Livers fuck her boyfriend live on stream, we will tell the boyfriend to fuck her harder and throw red superchat as encouragement.

>> No.8930560

Why would I need to splice anything? Shachi likes NGE. She said it herself. You should know this. I don't know what you're attempting to argue about at this point. A lot of other people like NGE, you're right. And Tokyo Ghoul. And Steins Gate. And worldbuilding games. And like to draw in the same style as Shachimu, and like to sound the same as Shachimu...

>> No.8930628

I think you're responding to the wrong anon. I used inactive subs on purpose because dead subs are a meme. You have to be successful enough to get those subs in the first place.

>> No.8930710

checked, also amen to that brother

>> No.8930744

yeah me is their bf

>> No.8930762

The beauty of this thread is that if you switch out Fauna for Sana, someone that's never watched a single stream from any Nijisanji or Hololiver girl could make this bait thread based solely on which girls are mentioned the most across the board.

>> No.8930786

ftfy and it'll be me, thanks bro for your prayer.

>> No.8930799
File: 152 KB, 1000x562, 1627847395752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they like these entry level anime, since these are the only anime I've watched as well
>different art style disproven? Nah, let's ignore that
>Yeah, they sound the same to my SEA ears, so they're exactly the same. All white girls speak the same.
>look at all these similarities she didn't even try to hide! But she did change everything else, like her pc, her experience and utter retardation with games. She's devious like that.
Anon, please don't let the cognitive dissonance hit you too hard. Here, a Lex Luthor for you posts.

>> No.8930826
File: 270 KB, 1434x1775, Selen and her Dragoons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, I'm Selen's boyfriend
i love her so much

>> No.8930844

nice flaseflag, holocuck
who's your oshi? mumei? fauna?

>> No.8930857
File: 19 KB, 606x326, fKvIbmB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No idea why you're dying on this hill when the data is so easily accessible.
Gura: https://playboard.co/en/channel/UCoSrY_IQQVpmIRZ9Xf-y93g/superchat
Pomu: https://playboard.co/en/channel/UCP4nMSTdwU1KqYWu3UH5DHQ/superchat

Maybe one day Pomu will get 51k on her birthday

>> No.8930868

Keep the retarded dragon, I'll keep the other 3 thanks

>> No.8930925
File: 485 KB, 1192x904, NbVHxC4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this guy is in this thread RIGHT NOW

>> No.8930979

They have the same art, anon. I won't say singular singular style as Shachi has no one singular style, but they have the same trademark characteristics found in both of their art. One man's overanalysis of various extremely minute differences like "eye white edges" that're found in other Shachi art does not debunk anything. Their voices are the same. And tell me, how entry level is Bokurano? Really, I'm not aware. Her streaming experience and behavior never changed. The only thing changed was her PC. And as we all know people can never change PCs.

>> No.8931089

that's... not what i expected. what a chonker

>> No.8931153

>but they have the same trademark characteristics found in both of their art
>what trademark? They both look cute so shut up and take my rrats
>that analysis on their difference? It's not real if I say it's not, so it's not going to debunk anything.
Here's a challenge. Point out shachi's distinct style other than "cute chibi drawing." I'll give you another (You) if you can do that.
>And tell me, how entry level is Bokurano? Really, I'm not aware
It's an unironic newfag. It's alright anon, just watch more anime.

>> No.8931191

>half of Nijisanji
If fact you can’t say all of Nijisanji is fucking hilarious it makes your whole argument pointless. “Uh goora as more subs than some of these people see” it’s like you guys are 12.

>> No.8931283

Hell no, I wouldn’t trade the HoloID’s for them either.

>> No.8931366

>Point out shachi's distinct style
I never said style. I said characteristics. As in characteristics found across Shachi's different styles. The small squareish eyelashes found in several Shachi illustrations, and the one Mumei image we assume she drew are a dead giveaway it's her. The tiny, tiny eyebrows she gives her characters that a more Tumblr-like artist might draw like Chima's. The blush that seeps into their eyes rather than below them. The colored inside lines, and the bubble-like hair shine. The three-colored eyes. All of these characteristics are found in multiple Shachi works, and Mumei's art as well.
So Bokurano is very entry-level, I assume you're saying? You'll have no problem listing several vtubers that have it as a favorite? NGE is a very common pick as it is entry-level. It shouldn't be an issue

>> No.8931389


>> No.8931513

Cope, kazuha sub is on the way getting 10k every week and going to be the first nijisanji to get 1 Millions without support from clip or translator channel over seas

>> No.8931606


>> No.8931674

switch all nijien with the new 6 holoens and we've got a deal

>> No.8931689

>I'll ignore your pseudo-intellectual babble for my own
Holy cope. You can analyze these two drawings and you'll find both similarities and differences. I've already pointed out how they're both inherently different art, but you'll just keep ignoring that so I'll do the same to you. But if you analyze their arts closely together, and if you watch Mumei's art characteristics during the gartic phone collab compared to shachi's art when she draws, it's definitely different. We'll get more examples tomorrow.
The only EN vtubers I watched before Mumei are Senzawa and Shachimu. But if you seriously think bokurano isn't entry level, you really have to watch more anime. It's one of the first recommended "anime that tricks you into thinking it's innocent."

>> No.8931768
File: 203 KB, 2455x773, 1621382658812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the shachi antis turned mumei anti because she tricked them from their le epic rrat

>> No.8931873

>You can analyze these two drawings and you'll find both similarities and differences
You can't find a single trait in Mumei's art that isn't present in another illustration of Shachi's. In fact I challenge you to do so. There are no "differences" in the Mumei image that are not easily accounted for in Shachi's other art - showing that she does draw in such a fashion, and often, and it is her art by nature of their being nothing BUT similarities to her art, as it IS her art.
>I've already pointed out how they're both inherently different art
Different art, sure. Same artist. You'll get nothing but more similarities and more cope as time goes on.
Anon, I don't actually care if Bokurano is entry-level or not. I know you don't either. The reason why you're saying that is because you're making the implicit argument that "any vtuber could have this anime as their favorite". I can find a ton of vtubers with NGE and Tokyo Ghoul as a favorite anime. But Bokurano is an outlier. I can only think of two - Shachimu and Mumei. You're asking me to write off, what is it now, 20 similarities between the two? As just coincidences. You sound like an Artiafag. I don't believe in that many coincidences.

>> No.8931936

I don't understand why you tards love your brands and corporations so much, lol. HoloEN is kind of disappointing aside from a few that I like a lot, NijiEN is pretty awesome all around. HoloJP is unbeatable and has many of the best chuubas ever, NijiJP is full of amazing talents as well. Lots of other agencies and independents to enjoy as well. I get that some people thought that PS3 vs. Xbox was fun but that was 15 years ago, grow up.

>> No.8932191

Because they don't actually watch streams. Only talk about numbers but don't even know if its a collab/event/tourney/etc. Its even worse here because its not /jp/ so they don't know Japanese shit either like the idol that Kuzuha played with.

>> No.8932228
File: 31 KB, 889x200, gura pomu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry for the delay, i didnt think youd actually seriously reply

>> No.8932252

Pretty impressive to rank in half as many superchats for someone who only has 1/30th of the subs.
Gura would be a bloated contract for two top prospects.

>> No.8932262

Stop throwing pseudo-intellectual babble, their art has subtle difference even if they look the same at first glace. Also, is this the hill you want to die on? Because establishing that Shachi, master of the thousand art styles, didn't even bother to change her cutesy art style and kept it despite doing everything else, like destroying her computer and being the a 2view tier streamer who clearly doesn't have experience in this field? And if you say she's acting, try watching the construction simulator and say that again. If you do, then all the nijiniggers are going to get blown the fuck out with her acting ability. Do you really believe she scuffed her stream on purpose for 20 fucking minutes, potentially ruining her audience's entertainment, to dodge the seaniggers who hate shachi with a vendetta?
>Anon, I don't actually care if Bokurano is entry-level or not. I know you don't either.
>But Bokurano is an outlier. I can only think of two - Shachimu and Mumei.
No anon. Coping's not going to help you here. Bokurano is a basic anime to watch. Accept you're a newfag and move on, so the cope doesn't hit too hard.

>> No.8932290

>Top subs
>Not even a million
>Ignoring Pomu's hiatus too
It's over

>> No.8932330

Honestly that's still extremely good for 3 months and a fraction of the viewers

>> No.8932429

what is the deal with SEA and shachi

>> No.8932491 [DELETED] 

SEAniggers made rrats about how shachi would be in NijiEN2 as the penguin, and then it turned out wrong. They felt humiliated and started hunting for her.

>> No.8932524

>their art has subtle difference even if they look the same at first glace
List them, then. List characteristics in Mumei's art that don't exist in Shachi's. Even experienced streamers have scuffed streams at times - just look at Mori. Says nothing. You're trying to push the idea that I'm saying she's doing everything to mislead her audience to try to make me look like a conspiracy theorist, but she's done nothing of the sort. You're the one ignoring obvious similarities for some inane reason, pride maybe? I don't care regardless.
Okay anon, let's say I'm a newfag. I'm a newfag. It doesn't change the fact that Mumei and Shachimu are the only vtubers with Bokurano as one of their favorite anime that I've seen. And I watch more EN vtubers than (you). NGE and Tokyo Ghoul are common favorited. Bokurano is not. It stands out. Too many coincidences.

>> No.8932539

> Beaten in both numbers.
M-muh napoleon complex.

>> No.8932732
File: 187 KB, 364x442, 1604722620847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>List them, then. List characteristics in Mumei's art that don't exist in Shachi's.
Here you go:
>noooo, that doesn't count because it doesn't fit my rrat!
>Even experienced streamers have scuffed streams at times
Anon, I know it's hard to do since it breaks your heart, but watch Mumei's streams. Maybe from the beginning, so you can actually see what I'm going on about. I watched hours of Shachi just for it, I'm sure you can too. You can't watch it and go, "Ah yes, this is the 1 million subs shachi, who's always been streaming apex for an audience." It's not just the usual "says nothing" scuff. But if you won't put the effort, it's fine. I'm just giving you (You)s because Mumei's streams are too far away.
>I'm a newfag
Then you don't have any opinion about what's entry level and what's not.

>> No.8932735

I also want to know what "horrible" things she did.
and when tried to find about it found how people though ame was shachi, what the fuck is wrong with people's ears, honestly

>> No.8932803

I was really hoping holoEN2 was going to have actual chemistry amongst them like NijiEN. Boy what a disappointment that was. I guess they're somewhat better than holomyth but that's not really saying much.

>> No.8932883

That's it. Do your archive reps and go read the shachi threads during the NijiEN 2 debut

>> No.8932966

you caught me, I'm a newfag and don't know how to search archives. just having a laugh about this rrats just like how this shachi girl laughed at the rrat peddlers she baited

>> No.8933059 [DELETED] 

She didn't really laugh, she just retweeted a lot of niji tweets and gave subtle signs she would be in NijiEN2, especially with the timing of her graduation. And SEAniggers fell for it, and peddled it everywhere. I doubt it was done maliciously, but I couldn't care less because it's funny.

>> No.8933224

It was annoying so I avoided debunking it, but I'll address that /ic/ wannabe's narrative.
It's all wrong.
To begin with, he makes the argument that Mumei must be using Gimp instead of CSP because the pen tool is shit. He red-circles the edges, so I assume he's using the edges as a point of reference.
But the truth is you can make both images have both type of edges in Sai or CSP OR Gimp. Pic related. It's just a matter of line thickness.
Then he goes on to say that the color choice is different from Shachi's choices. But the thing is, he's talking out of his ass. It's not at all. For the eyes this is especially notable. Dark shade at the top. Lighter shade in the middle. Lightest shade at the bottom. It's different because the characters have different color schemes (brown and white hair are different, duh) but the way their implement light and dark color choices are very much the same.
And for the eye white part, it's the most laughable - he's just talking out of his ass. Shachi has drawn eye whites that haven't blended into the blush plenty of times. A trait he claims only Mumei's "ameteurish" art has. Look at pic related. No "puffy" bullshit or whatever the hell he was trying to say.
It doesn't not count because it doesn't "fit my narrative", it doesn't count because it's just *wrong*. The fact that he uses Gimp to begin with should've clued you in that he had no idea what he was talking about.
Now that we've established I'm a newfag, can you explain why you believe it's irrelevant that Shachimu and Mumei have all of the same tastes in anime?

>> No.8933256
File: 155 KB, 765x605, ED292C14-7407-4BF9-A5C2-D6FFBF87A7B2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the image! Gomen~

>> No.8933674

>For the eyes this is especially notable. Dark shade at the top. Lighter shade in the middle. Lightest shade at the bottom
Are you blind? Shachi uses the same color for the top and bottom shades, only with a slight gradient. While Mumei uses different shades for each section.
>can you explain why you believe it's irrelevant that Shachimu and Mumei have all of the same tastes in anime?
They don't. You latched on the most entry level anime to fit your rrat. While ignoring they have completely different tastes in everything else, such as music. What, "she did that to throw everyone off. But not the anime." Ogey.

>> No.8933701

where does shachi lists her anime interests? please give a timestamp.

>> No.8933895

The Green Lamy say she never have make a ASMR stream, u believe too

>> No.8933919


>> No.8933920

selen and pomu are too good for holoen2

>> No.8933948

>Shachi uses the same color for the top and bottom shades
In that particular image. In other illustration she's drawn she uses 3 separate shades, just like Mumei, see
They have the same taste in anime and games. It's not everyday a vtuber specifically mentions like world-building games. She's also mentioned being interested in rhythm games in her past life, just like Mumei. And simulator games? She's played plenty of Animal Crossing as Shachi. So all of her game tastes as the same. Her tastes in anime is the same. And she's also mentioned liking Vocaloid in the past. So that leaves the only two differences I can think of her purported interested in folk music and pop punk... but really, is it such a stretch to think she started listening to them later? If everything's the same but 2 music genres I don't know if she's mentioned in the past, well..

>> No.8934030

>where does shachi lists her anime interests
It's from a variety of sources... you'll probably claim I'm bullshitting so I'll make a composite image later. It's a pain to make a ton of images for internet arguments. Search Tokyo Ghoul on her YouTube, search Steins Gate with her Twitter @ (she mentioned watching it when her Twitter was public), during her debut stream you can find on Bilibili you can see her mention that NGE is her FAVORITE anime just like Mumei's, and search @shachiimu Bokurano for proof of that.

>> No.8934124

But we're arguing for these two particular images? Bring up other shachi drawings and I'll bring up the gartic phone drawings.
>They have the same taste in anime and games. It's not everyday a vtuber specifically mentions like world-building games. She's also mentioned being interested in rhythm games in her past life, just like Mumei.
Okay, now you're just bullshiting. Holy fuck. Sasuga anon. Nice claims, though, Here's mine: Shachi likes orcas, while Mumei likes owls. So they're not the same. Try to refute that.
You tried your best, here's your last (You).

>> No.8934242
File: 583 KB, 795x997, counter offer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've spoken to the folks at the front office, and we would like to submit a counter offer.

>> No.8934262
File: 89 KB, 888x502, 7279F35E-99FB-4265-9F0F-7DA763A3624F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But we're arguing for these two particular images
This is what I initially said.
>List characteristics in Mumei's art that don't exist in Shachi's
And before that, I said:
>You can't find a single trait in Mumei's art that isn't present in another illustration of Shachi's
I was arguing that you can find no single characteristic in that illustration of Mumei that is not present in Shachi's other art. It was never about that image only. And I am correct.
>Okay, now you're just bullshiting
I am not. Pic related. And please, you'll keep giving me (you)s and you know it. You wanna get the last word in sooo bad. You won't be satisfied until you do. Shachi liked owls enough to include them in her video and nature watch for them for fun. They both like owls. Yet to be seen if Mumei likes orcas. But we will see.

>> No.8934286

the real question is: What keeps you from watching them despite their employment?
What kind of limited mind do you have to be to think they cant interact because of different companies.

>> No.8934310
File: 1.64 MB, 958x2048, 1626377695128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, we don't want them

>> No.8934364

Doubtful she will ever even say the word orca now.

>> No.8934485

>Nerfing Selen so she can no longer play good games or do good collabs
You can watch her even if she isn't a Holo you know.

>> No.8934620

Hey buddy, if you're still around, check it out: I found Shachi's steam account with a list of games she's played.
Check it out: Rhythm, Simulation, and World-building games.

>> No.8934942

>being able to play these games

>> No.8934969

Can someone even tell me why this rrat is such a big deal anyway? Doxxfags say everyone is everyone and their fans deny it by why is Mumei specifically getting so much drama about it? Did she shit in someone's oshi's cereal?

>> No.8935033 [DELETED] 

I'd take Pomu but Selen is APEX cancer with an awful laugh, no thanks. Change to Finana

>> No.8935047 [DELETED] 

SEAnigs hate shachi
Nijiniggers hate holo
Dramafags like drama
Indie 2view vtubers hate Mumei for being retarded but still being able to get into holo
Combine these all together

>> No.8935126

What'd shachi do to the SEAs? Draw Muhammed?

>> No.8935224

Because hentai games are so difficult, huh.

>> No.8935438

it seems to me like you're the one coping and grasping straws here, schizo-kun

>> No.8935504

I now want a Hololive TCG, thank you.

>> No.8935569

I mean they are making a hololive set for weiss schwarz...

>> No.8935600

eww no

>> No.8935603

Literally the only indiscrepencies are 2 listed music genres and the PC. The deer has less evidence tying her to her Hololive persona than Shachi, but only the Owl attracts the copers.

>> No.8935633

I think both Nijisanji and Hololive give up on the idol thing

>> No.8935652

Nijisanji was never an idol group. Just a group of entertainers.

>> No.8935733

No. But you can buy Nijisanji TCG.

>> No.8935825

How about we get all, niji gets none. Nobody deserves to be n*ji.

>> No.8935879

Yes, Mumei is able to play Hades for 31 hours, yes.

>> No.8935889

I don't care because I'm a unity bro

>> No.8935913

Nigger, where's apex? Don't fucking tell me shachi didn't play apex.

>> No.8935966

Elira played it for longer than that. Hardly a difficult game.

>> No.8935989

So was journey and see how that turned out

>> No.8936131

Nijisanji never considered themselves as idols. Because of hololive everyone in west thinks vtubers=idols because hololive=vtubing. Even niji EN stated multiple times that they are not idols

>> No.8936435

NTA but if I were to have to guess she probably has game installed on Origin. The Steam version of Apex came out around November of last year, probably didn't feel like reinstalling.

>> No.8936751

I mean come on, I don't even think Pomu or Selene are that good but you're giving the 2 worst HoloEN, at least get them off Petra or something as compensation.

>> No.8936790

even holofags disagree with you

>> No.8936801

If you really like your oshi you would want her to be in Hololive instead and get 10x the numbers and money.

>> No.8936813

Petra for Anya

>> No.8936813,1 [INTERNAL]  [DELETED] 

If the clashing tastes of vidya weren't obvious enough, the only video within the profile connects a channel under the name, Killerwhale - Gaming.

You've let me down anon.

>> No.8937515
File: 136 KB, 1280x720, unbelevable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kneel...

>> No.8939065

Trading gold for literal shit, you are retarded

>> No.8939557

I agree, hololive gains nothing.

>> No.8939888

funny, I hate the 4 of them

>> No.8940778

Don't worry anon, everyone hates you too

>> No.8941054

Underated comment kek
Me too dood
I agree. I think Hololive and Nijisanji both have different styles, and I don't see why there needs to be a competition around who has the better management style. Consolidating all the great idols in one company is a terrible idea anyways, since a bit of poor management can lead to the death of an industry

>> No.8941176

Selen doesn't outnumber any of EN1 or EN2. Her live stream gets 1500-3000 current watchers depending on whether she's playing apex or not. That's nowhere close to their numbers, and I say this as a frequent Selen waycher

>> No.8942681
File: 49 KB, 622x620, 7D4E8019-6798-4AFE-BED3-2D92BDD4443D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every time? You guys will do anything to force shitty drama

>> No.8942959

1. I like them all even though I tried to resist watching them
2. Selen would feel even more pressure (self-imposed though it may be) as a Holo considering when she feels as Niji

>> No.8943038
File: 448 KB, 686x595, 1626020820759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In your dreams nigger. I like to do a bit of banter now and then, but I wouldn't trade any of HoloEN. Especially not Mumei and Fauna.

>> No.8943096
File: 504 KB, 618x672, 1626999177662.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon, imagine, imagine writing all of that, imagine writing all of that mwhehehe, do you really think im going to read all of that, do you really believe that i'm going to YOU DUMBASS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.8943128

Still find it funny they use Steven A for that pic

>> No.8943215

but they should be
also >idols

>> No.8944362

Hololive hasn't given up on being an idol company at all.

>> No.8945092

Oh hell no. Selen is fine where she is. I have nothing against holo girls but fuck cover.

>> No.8945189
File: 797 KB, 1443x1019, 1630102481111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is not her account?
This is and its private: https://steamcommunity.com/id/shachimu
This is just a random person lol, another one to the list of randos accused of being HER
You were never able to find something beyond Tokyo Ghoul, the most basic girl anime out there. I noticed this when you said "search Bokurano yourself" and I checked it out and found no such thing.
Social Simulation = Simulator is a cope, nobody says they like Simulation Games because they like Animal Crossing
You didn't mention the majority of the games in the twitch account, the FPSs and whatnot that are nowhere to be seen by Mumei.
How the fuck can you say "yep, same taste" from this?
You are desperate and it shows, you are manipulating the info and hiding everything that is different between them.

>> No.8945487

Niji talents sound like they're having much more fun honestly. When they do a collab they're genuinely laughing and having a good time, they're not putting on a performance. And they generally play the games they want to play without caring about what will get them numbers. I think the talents would enjoy being Niji much moe.

>> No.8945704

>And they generally play the games they want to play without caring about what will get them numbers


>> No.8945885
File: 50 KB, 676x676, 1627003105664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pomu and Selen are too chaotic for Hololive, unless Cover decides to give up on the whole idol image thing, which I don't think they will.

>> No.8946033

Fuck no. The current NijiEn girls are highly entertaining (and, well, Petra is doing her best), much more than HoloCouncil.
It's only missing a male gen.

>> No.8946037
File: 412 KB, 420x532, your_med_time_chizo_kun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously med. Btw, if anything it's Cover fault for failed to get permission, which is essentially their most important job and refused to turn off superchat. Blame Cover for being lazy, greedy kike not some imaginary Nijifag.

>> No.8946084

Pomu, Elira, Finana, and Selen are all a group deal, and Anycolor would be nuts to give any of them up.

I could see trading Petra to Hololive making sense, since her introvertedness and Japanese pandering would be more appreciated over there while now she's clearly the odd one out. And then Nijisanji gets either Sana or Kiara in exchange since they'd fit in with Nijisanji more.

>> No.8946317

You could check the youtube users bullying her and all of them were subbed to Niji.
You could check the twitter users bullying her and all of them were following Nijis
>no don't blame us for the thing we did!!!!
I will blame you
You are not imaginary and I am not a schizo
You can check the Banjo's comment section or some tweets and find them
You can search the topic on NND and find them
>Its cover's fault for
Permissions weren't an issue at the start of the industry, it was more about what you couldn't play than what you could play
The event that changed this was Ichikara getting Nintendo permissions and the Nijifags going on the offensive about this

>> No.8946331
File: 111 KB, 1100x947, 1e0fa69b449ec990fac6f660ca8af0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course they have a fursona as their avatar.

>> No.8946340

I like both groups as is.

>> No.8946365

>2 words
>essay length replies

>> No.8946392

trade kiara for selen and we gucci

>> No.8946434

She literally said in the stream she had done ASMR before.

>> No.8946958

The true face of autism.

>> No.8947116

i think people end up where theyre supposed to

>> No.8947311

Damn, sorry for your loss bro. Life must be hard for you.

>> No.8947383

rent free

>> No.8947434

It's the mic quality

>> No.8947540

>mic quality changes the accents and tone of the speaker

>> No.8947690

Why focus on NGE? They both like "world building games" It's pretty uncommon to refer to games like roller coaster tycoon or zoo tycoon as "world building games". They're commonly referred to as tycoon games or simulation games..

>> No.8947807

They don't have any difference in accents.
Quality of mic do change the tone of the speaker.

>> No.8947912

>Holokeks begging
Can't wait 'til wave 3 mogs HoloEN even further

>> No.8948014

This shit sitting on Selen and Elira shoulders make me bit uncomfortable

>> No.8948065

>Hahaha the person who stole something from you lives rent free in your head.
I want classic Korone back and I will never have it. The only consolation I can have is in helping to cause as much damage to ichikara as it is possible

>> No.8948134


>> No.8948228

>trading 300k subs for 100k
Seems fair

>> No.8948253

>why focus on NGE
Because that's the only anime he's watched

>> No.8948306

>There's an actual people falling to jp holo narratives.
I sure hope you never visit the rest of 4chan if you believe anything being posted there.

>> No.8948359

First I ignored you but I started to realize every post is different and kinda want to read them all now. Fight on, Selenposter

>> No.8948441
File: 595 KB, 1851x1851, 1630225852679.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanting to get rid of Mumei
>wanting to get rid of Ceres
OP is made for the rope.

>> No.8948637

You need something of equal value to make a trade, the niji offer is worth more

>> No.8948845

Its like trading Gura for some nobody. We get it, you dont like Fauna or Mumei but we aint trading any of our girls for your shit.

>> No.8948871

The black delegation requests Elira Pendora you take Elira for Sana

>> No.8948938

Even selen is fucking annoyed by the permissions routine she has to do, she can't even stream other RE games now and RE4 is unarchived. Lulu left because of fucking death threats from stalkers. This isn't just some butthurt holobrony issue, this is an Anycolor issue.
Made your own bed, sleep in it.

>> No.8949072

>It's another Hololive vs Nijisanji tribal post
This is the same shit as console wars

>> No.8949483

If only vtuber would only play games for our entertainment without monetizing them. Then the whole permission bullshit won't happen. But Nooo they had to be part of a company, and they had to follow the rules created by game companies. How retarded.

>> No.8949589

dude fauna is like the best EN ASMR holo & mumei is the second best EN GFE holo,
and since nijicucks doesn't really mind wether their talents have a boyfriend or not, im thinking it's a good offer

>> No.8949926
File: 155 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tatsuki Selen sounds suspiciously like Projekt Melody and looks suspiciously like her. I'm convinced they're both the same person.

>> No.8950296

Nijisanji vs. Hololive threads suck ass and so does everyone who takes part in them. Find something better to talk about, fags.

>> No.8950376

I kind of want to see what Ceres and Mumei evolve into, and hate overpaying for Pomu, but I just want her that badly I'd pull the trigger on it. Selen isn't that bad herself, even though she's kind of a one-trick pony, she at least makes Apex semi-tolerable.

>> No.8950569

average nijifag

>> No.8950770

Free trash?

>> No.8951261

Sana is close friends with Ina, she fits in at Hololive just fine.

>> No.8951379

Just from voice alone Mumei and Ceres basically sound like some of the Niji EN girls.

>> No.8951512
File: 305 KB, 861x629, 1630346257508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We, of the Hololive federation, choose Yamiyono Moruru

>> No.8951555

Pomu would do fine in Hololive.
Selen would be way too restricted to be entertaining.

>> No.8951716

>Two quiet girls for two loudmouths.

>> No.8951813

No because I want Hololive to die already and leave space to other companies.

>> No.8952466

Gentlemen can't we all just get along. Your oshi would not want this endless fighting.

>> No.8952973

Pomu would mog most of holoEn except maybe the shark easily thanks to her personality + the hololive exposure.

>> No.8952996

Why do you people think only SEA hate sachi?
You realize most of the people here are idolfags, right? The first rule of idolfaggotry is idols can't have boyfriends. With sachi being extremely open about her boyfriend(s), any idiot would be able to understand why she isn't well received here.

>> No.8953025

I wish the Unity thread was a general I could always find

>> No.8953054


>> No.8953064

>2 worst HoloEN for 2 best NijiEN

>> No.8953080

Fuck, I meant shachi not sachi.

>> No.8953179

They seem happy where they are, why would a trade be offered?

>> No.8953197

I offer: Mori, Kiara, Ollie, Fauna
I receive: Pomu, Patra, Kitanya, Aria

>> No.8953938

People here think this guy's a schizo, and he is. But he's also correct. Most of you are clearly too new to remember what happened last year. I don't blame nijisanji for their shitty normalfag fan base as much as others since Cover's legal team should've been able to have prevented the holocaust. Ultimate blame rests on Cover, even though nijishits pulled the trigger.

>> No.8954186

the worst HoloENs are still 100x better than the best Nijis.
no deal.

>> No.8958071
File: 55 KB, 556x556, semenblobs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

semon demon is also with them

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