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This is the cutest vtuber outfit so far

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I’m telling you right now, I don’t know why you posted outside your general, but if you want to have actual discussion, don’t reply to bait and drama posts

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Did she always have tits?

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>Hates loli, but still steams as one

Nyanners is a cunt, a hypocrite, and a sellout

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That's definitely not a loli.

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If she hates lolis so much, why has she always voice acted as one to memes such as "pomf =3"?

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she has a cunt yes
i agree
How come?

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>transforms her model so she looks indistinguishable from the rest of the vshojo whores

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anon I think you might have some sort of disorder
go get your eyes or brain checked please

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>changing appearance every couple months
this is why female vtubers should not be their own managers, the whole "ohhh I need to go shopping for a new outfit" thing girls love is on overdrive here.

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>Ironmouse changes to a completely different art style every few weeks
I hate it.

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she pads her bra

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>all anime girls are lolis
4chan truly has regressed to total norm territory by now, the model in the OP literally has honkers oozing out of the outfit

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still prefer this one

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Is a shame her voice is so ugly.

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It's cute. They're having fun with their OC. It's not their fault you have OCD and think every cartoon character should have a closet full of only 1 type of clothes.

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It's been this way since at least 2012.

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At least she stopped using that hyper slutty one and is now a tasteful slut.

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Changing clothes/hair rigs is a welcome break from the "200 streams and still in the same shirt" trend.
Mouse takes it too far by constantly swapping bodies, but it's a good long-term plan to see what works for her. Must be fuckin expensive though.

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It is. But when you're as sick as she is your only real expenses are medical and the rest you can do whatever you want on. She's also bought tons of super sentai toys https://twitter.com/ironmouse/status/1414315495327735811

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iirc If she covers all her medical it's 10K/month. and I'm betting she pumps a lot of cash into her family to make up for the time they spent working to pay for her meds.
Buying models will be out of spare cash and is also a business write-off for taxation.

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No, it's really not, even inside the context of nyanners
Her OG long hair model with the hat was cuter

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Also, you need to get your eyes checked if you think this is a loli.

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That one was special. She knew every aspect of it, both good and scuff, and could work that into her overall presentation.
imo she should have had that one re-rigged for the new tracking and then had outfits and hairstyles done for it, but I don't mind that she's enjoying the gacha method of model purchasing, at some point she'll pull a 5star.

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I also think that the fluffy winter outfit was Nyanners' best outfit, but this summer dress with twintails comes close. It's really good.

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Twintails Nyanners is for painal and cuddling

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>le poo poo pee pee retard
She's shit

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She sold out to Melody to remain relevant and join Vshitshow.

She clinged on to Melody and joined the vtuber fad because everything else she did failed.

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How is "joined the vtuber fad" valid criticism though? All vtubers except the ones that have been around from the start "joined the fad" and she has basically done vtuber content for many years, just without a model on screen.
And you still have to be entertaining to actually make it as a vtuber, there are thousands of failed 1-5 viewer vtubers.

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I love this cat and I love my station.

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>just without a model on screen
she did it for many years with a model on screen too

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ye but her recent model kinda aged her up so they're more noticeable
Looks better to me but it's all subjective.

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hyprocrite, yes
but she has more soul the every other soulless tuber out there

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I don't think that's a fair assessment of what happened.

Nyanners streamed with a PNG avatar for ages, then a default live2d model, her vtubing felt like a natural path from her old youtube avatar into streaming.
She was a vtuber a decade ago but the tech wasn't there.

And her working with/being friends with melody and the others seems legitimate and organic, I watched their first collab together and it was really fun.

I don't know what your agenda is. Pink cat cute.

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I don't really like nyanners but she has a very pretty design, I like this summer outfit more than the vast majority of the bikini alts most VTubers get

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The demon form is reserved for special occasions where she wants the titollies out, she's said so herself.

The new models etc keep things interesting, they wouldn't be dropping thousands of dollars on these if they weren't seeing the return on investment from people checking it out. Well mousey would because she's the biggest simp for vtubers as a concept but the point stands for Nyan/Mel/etc

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It's expensive but they have the income to support it. It's something other vtubers can't or aren't doing that lets them stand out, and let's them do more "event" streams for revealing new stuff. I don't think it's all cynical but it's a means of keeping the content fresh and they definitely see a return on that else they wouldn't bother.

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I love "everything else failed" as a criticism, surely most people capitalise on their first success and do something different when it's not working. Like, fuck me what is the expectation here?

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Yes, she just usually prefers models that lack cleavage and don't draw attention to the breasts because she doesn't think it's kawaii and doesn't like pandering to coomers. Her Halloween model from last year also had noticeable breasts.

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she's a tsundere; tells you you're shit for liking lolis and how wrong it is yet comes crawling back into the circles in her borderline loli form

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