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*thinking emoji*

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Why is Chaika beating up Dola's husband?

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The prophecy has to be completed

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So Lyrica going to pump and dump hololive id after being one the reason she popular and treating her as their own. To join the people who are trying to take her friends views.

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Really gets the noggin joggin

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Pikamee for wave 5

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So flips will no longer become tribalfags once she joins there?

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She's not fucking Indonesian. She couldn't join either way.

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No, there's no shortage of facebook pinoys to spread nijianti rrats.

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Is this even rrat? I don't think we even need a thread discussing this.
Everyone and their mothers knows she got in, there's no point in talking about it.

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she's friends with both of them you stupid tribalfag

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Risu is in NijiEN chats and Kuzuha's replies, you might wanna rethink your tribalism

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learn english, you mongoloid

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>people who are trying to take her friends views
Risu has been friendly with all the NijiENs, tribal schizo.

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She could have stayed an indie and this prove she full of shit about representing her country for her stream cause she joining a en branch. You also know she not going to talk to hololive ever again after she reincarnates nobody does that. The closer you are in the past the further apart you are when you reincarnate it always happened. Like polka and tamaki they were best friends in the past but now nothing. They got pump and dump hard.

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Holy meds.

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So risu is fucking helping nijisanji en sabotage hololive en no wonder she been phoning it in hololive lately with her streams. This bitch truly does not care about hololive at all and using it to help the enemy.

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>Join NijiEN
>Collab with friends in NijiEN
>Easily collab with indie friends too
>Have to jump through minor hoops for HoloID collabs, but still can
>Especially with Risu publicly making friends with them months before your debut
>Join HoloEN
>Have to get collabs with HoloID pre-approved
>Indie collabs require hounding management over it for months, might not work even then
>NijiEN collabs are basically impossible
>Have to deal with HoloEN management's other bullshit all the time too

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Is this girl in Canada tho? is she rich Pinoy?

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>You also know she not going to talk to hololive ever again after she reincarnates nobody does that.
Risu has talked to all 3 members of lazulight on twitter in the last 24 hours

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Meds now ESL. Lyrica joining Niji won't make her a traitor to her country or whatever you think. Hololive and Nijisanji aren't bitter enemies just because the EN branches haven't collabed yet

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Spoonfeed me please, what's the advantage of joining a corpo, especially Niji? She was the biggest indie PH chuuba and a lot of her boosts were pinoy-related i.e local inside jokes, slang that sounds hilarious as fuck when spoken by some anime girl, and occasional cluelessness of the happenings here since she's in Canada right now.

Once she becomes NijiEN the PH niche will get closed because there's no way she'll ever speak tagalog on stream ever again. The competition will now be against other ENtubers and all her debuffs (accent, literal zero gaming skills, can sing but chooses to do cringe "intentionally bad" singing during her karaoke streams) will be on full display.

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>Once she becomes NijiEN the PH niche will get closed because there's no way she'll ever speak tagalog on stream ever again
Literally no reason for her to stop speaking Tagalog whatsoever, if anything Flips will flock towards the first big corpo Flip, national pride and all that

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She is not joining everyone is just being retarded. Her niche is PH and joining a Japanese company to debut as an EN streamer would be stupid. But everyone is flooding the Niji general with her shit because they really think Anycolor will want someone with her accent to join

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Her accent isn't nearly as strong as Rosemi's.

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Petra is in Niji EN and speaks a bit of Japanese when ever there is a Japanese comment or super chat. I don't see why she can't speak another language outside of English here and there while being in NijiEN.

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Anyone else feel like she's kinda milking the countdown to her retirement or am I just being too cynical about this? And why hasn't she given a definite answer about if the channel is gonna be archived?

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Fwench uwu voice > flip voice
Nijisanji is a nip company not a flip company.

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Didn't she say it wouldn't be?
Rosemi's accent is not French lol. It's a weird fucked up mixture mixed with a tism lisp.

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>nijisanji promoting BLACKED
Dumped like a sack of bricks.

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They're not a Korean or an Indonesian company either, and yet people still speak the languages plenty. Lyrica's accent is fine, you're coping hard because you don't want her to join le evil company you dislike.

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It gives some more concrete structure, you have a team behind you sorting out official things for you, you get to have professionally produced content, and you get more money.
It's not like it needs to be everyone's goal but it's easy to see the appeal.

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Yes, in the fucking Korean and Indonesian branches, I don't hate her but her content just doesn't make sense to move to NijiEN. It's PH memes. For her PH audience.

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Anyone else chubas actually talked shit about the other company like in wrestling?
Like I wished someone like Calli or Pekora would just cut a promo shitting on Niji and their talent and management.
Or Pomu calling Kiara a leech or something.
I mean, they are competitors, why don't they talk shit about each other.

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NijiID and HoloID are friends
Now take your meds or rope yourself

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In the Indonesian branch they speak English and in the English branch they speak Chinese, there's not as strict rules regarding language usage as you seem to believe. It's only a positive for Nijisanji if she can garner both an English and Flip audience, whether she speaks the language often or not.

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Lyrica has a strong ESL accent which is a huge debuff to westoid ears. Since she immigrated pretty late her PH accent was already locked in. If she really did join NijiEN she would literally have less numbers than what she had as an indie.

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Leeches will be leeches

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Lyrica is retweeting Niji stuff because she's friends with past lives of some of their talent, that's literally it. She's quitting streaming and that's it. Instead you schizos take this as definitive proof that she's in NijiEN. All of you unironically need to go outside and touch grass after taking your meds.

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Doesn't change the fact that her content still isn't geared for EOP audiences, she'd be nerfing herself massively

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Why'd he do it bros?
What did my boy Yashiro do to deserve this treatment?

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>Lyrica has a strong ESL accent which is a huge debuff to westoid ears
So does Rosemi. It's fine.

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I think it could have appeal if it was a certain personality doing it z playing up being the "heel". But there's a reason it's an unspoken rule, and I think its because if viewership. Your average viewers doesn't want to hear about vtuber insider baseball, they just wanna watch funni qt girl play fun game

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Then the flips should enjoy her just fine.

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>If she really did join NijiEN she would literally have less numbers than what she had as an indie.
You're an actual retard. Even if she does SUBSTABTIALLY worse than all the other EN girls (which is ridiculous) she had 80k before she announced graduation and averages like 500 viewers. She'll hit the same sub count and double the viewers no problem, not to mention all the help from staff and shit.

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>EOP pandering in a EN branch
Actual retard.

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It's not as clear cut as "competitors". Vtuber industry is still largely very nepotistic and there are close networks and friends across companies (including people who never interact each other as vtubers). Also wrestling is about fighting, explicitly tribalfag chuubas is going to be hated by most people and hounded into quitting. Imagine them talking shit about close IRL friends of their coworkers just because they're from a different company.

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Niji would be taking a cut of her earnings if she joins.
I don’t doubt that she would be bringing in more superchats in Niji but realistically how much more?
Assuming she’s in wave 3 there will then be 10 female vtubers with at least 3 males on the way all competing for attention.
If she’s only making marginally more under Niji, wouldn’t it be better to just stay an indie and do whatever she wants?

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my rrat is that she regrets ever identfying as a PH chuuba when she realized how shit the community is and now wants to reincarnate without the PH tag

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>Imagine them talking shit about close IRL friends of their coworkers just because they're from a different company.
Happens all the time in wrestling, its part of the act, just like vtubers or YouTube channels that thrive in drama.

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There’s no way in hell either company would let their vtubers publicly talk shit about the others.

>> No.8740185

Wrestling is inherently a competition, anon. Streaming is not. That makes a big difference as to if things will be taken as kayfabe banter or regular shit-talking.

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>Quebec is ESL

>> No.8740377

Vtuber industry isn't big enough for that shit yet.

>> No.8740400

Again, why not? They are competitors trying to put each other out of business

>> No.8740414

>trying to put each other out of business
What? No

>> No.8740418

Always has been.

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>someone malding over literally who seanigger indie
>ESL level english
Name a more iconic duo

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>Anyone else chubas actually talked shit about the other company like in wrestling?
No because tribalfagging is looked down on everywhere except here and 5ch. Neither of the companies want to make huge tribalfags and turn it into a team sport because they enjoy the fact that viewers naturally migrate between the two. Even if they, themselves, sabotage one another in various less-obvious ways.

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Even if it was just kayfabe it would look really bad for PR.
Both companies struggle enough with protecting their talents, could you imagine how much worse it would get for anyone engaging in this.

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Holy shit did Anykara rape every pinoy's mother?

>> No.8742863

Holy fuck you Tagalog motherfucker shut the fuck up putangina

>> No.8742944

He wasn't even SEA...

>> No.8743034

just brotherly bonding, though Chaika is just more expressive about it.

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To be honest I fucking hae the idea of her to be in nijiEN, her accent is a huge turn off. But for some reason, the Pinoy in this board is pushing the idea she is aready in. I still doubt niji would hire a strong accent SEAnig, they know people in the NA hates India and SEAnig accent the most

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you can stop falseflagging now pinoy-kun

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It's always Pikamee around them.

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I love Mint!

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I would say you'd make way more money in Hololive but between Holo ID and Niji EN it's probably a wash.

>> No.8745199

Unfortunately for you burgers, it looks like 3 of the potential NijiEN3 candidates are ESL

>> No.8745335

unfortunate would be getting the holoEN2 "talents"

>> No.8745913

Thank god, Shachi isn't Petra, she is somehow boring than her and Petra is getting good lately

>> No.8745922

I will unironically be mad

>> No.8746292

Would rather have a talented ESL over a zero-talent native speaker

>> No.8746671

Get the gang back together again

>> No.8746680

By the way, while we are at it, what are Lyrica's good sides, not counting her singing and bond with some NijiEN members?

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>unironically liking no-talent vtubers
Only in America

>> No.8746797

depends on which part of quebec but yeah basically

>> No.8746815

I watch talented normal vtubers

>> No.8746831

even here its looked down on but this places general formatting makes it hard to curb that behavior like on other sites

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He is enjoying it

>> No.8746894

bro whats ESL

>> No.8746899

ESL deez nuts

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>anything that isn't like me = not normal
I can smell the stale hamburger through the screen.

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the strongest race in the world

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Supposedly part of the reason Aloe got Aloe'd was because of leaked comments disparaging nijisanji which attracted a lot of antis.

Also, like wrestling, you never know who you might end up working for in the future. After the MNW a lot of WCW talent ended up working for WWF/E and because of the rivalry built up between the companies several wrestlers never got a fair shake.

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This. Hololive got monkey pawed.

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>Assuming she’s in wave 3 there will then be 10 female vtubers with at least 3 males on the way all competing for attention.
I thought the cannibalization meme died when Obsydia debuted and elevated NijiEN as a whole.

There probably -is- a "critical amount" of vtubers beyond which a group's audience starts getting divided, but seeing how many dead hours they still have, NijiEN is nowhere near it.
They really need to stop hiring Canadians.

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I don't know Canada has so many cute weeb girls that made me gosling hard until I watch nijiEN. That's it, I will move to Canada to find my weeb gf

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What is even going on here?

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