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Sana and Kronii are the only two worth watching from -Council- ... which is totally fine. Two out of five is honestly pretty good.

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literally shit taste

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I find it interesting everyone can pretty much agree Kronii is the best one.
It wasn't this one sided with gen 1.

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That voice, man. That fucking voice.

Honestly she might turn out to be a boring, insufferable cunt in the coming months, but for right now that voice brings all the simps to the yard.

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With a brand like Hololive it's normal to expect better than just 2 good picks out of 5 anon.
Thousands of people would have killed to be in there spot. I don't know what happened in this gen but if it's new people in the scouting they need to change them ot just give all of it to Ina instead of just 2.

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>Sana and Kronii are the only two worth watching from -Council-

You are absolutely correct

Fauna's worth listening to while you're reading in another tab.

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That's a fair argument, but considering that most other companies that try "generations" usually get zero out of however many, I'd say two is damn good.

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I keep saying many people saying that she's "boring" somehow which I don't really get, same for Ina, maybe zoomers find anyone not constantly shouting to be boring. I didn't expect her to be popular since it's not usually a style that get numbers.

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Stop calling it council, this is EN gen 2.

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I like the rat

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No, it's -Council-. Don't forget the hyphens.

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Thanks for your opinion anon, it is so valuable.

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I will call them HoloMyth and HoloCouncil

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honestly I get the vibe that the others could be ok if it wasn't for a combination of nerves and having to do their horrible keyfabe instead of something more natural like idk a cute owl or rat

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>stop making discussion threads on the discussion board!

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I disliked the rrat debut but apparently she's getting much better already
Agree on the 2 others I don't remember their names

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I've seen less of that out of the rat recently.

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Every group starts out awkward as fuck. They had limited interaction beyond their debuts, probably exclusively discord and twitter. They'll become more natural as time goes on... unless one of them ends up like Anya, in which case they'll all begrudgingly pretend to like her.

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And she havent even show her true power. I have a feeling she has a very witty comedic side that will surprise everyone.

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>Picks the least and most popular
>Can't be accused of being a numberfag or saviourfag

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You obviously dont watch other companies for having such a wrong opinion.

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It's not even her voice for me, it's her oddly dark sense of humor and blase manner of speaking that does it for me.

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Anon, Kronii sounds three times more deadpan than Mori. Whether it's part of her act, or general disinterest doesn't really matter, I want to see people engaged on the stuff they do.

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Or I genuinely like them both, but I get that you're jaded from spending too much time on /vt/.

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Well I love deadpan and sarcasm, and I feel not many people manage to pull it of well, so I'm glad Gen2 got her.

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And I will call you stupid and retarded.

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I didn't imply it was the reason you picked them, just a consequence. If you assume the image was supposed to convey mockery, the jade's on your end.

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kronii is totally engaged on the games she played. She just doesnt have the autism streamer buff.

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Does Ina have 5 friends?

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Mori tried to imitate her oshi’s deadpan humor and fails horribly at it.
Kroni seems to do it a lot more naturally.

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Yes 3 on myth 2 on council

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Switch the nigger with the rrat
Also waste of quints

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As someone who literally can't emote for shit I emapthize with Kronii. Maybe it doesn't make for the best entertainer for some but there are plenty of girls in Hololive who act the exact opposite for those who want it. As of now we only have Mori, Kronii, and I guess like Anya for deadpan humor.

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Kronii has a naturally deep, dry voice, but she's hardly "deadpan". She laughs and makes stupid jokes all the time. In fact I'd argue she was the cutest of the five during their first collab, what with the whole "ping pong" thing.

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I think the difference is that Kronii says deadpan lines with a deadpan voice, whereas Mori says things that should be exciting/fun in a deadpan voice.

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what?? shes boring as hell and only carried by her voice and model. the only one with actual soul is Sana, the rest are alright

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I hope it burns, bitch.

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>having soul
roru rumao

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nronii is literally the worst and that's saying a lot. Haven't watched the sheboon but unless she huffs petroleum on stream she can't be worse.

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>hating SEX
Go back

>> No.8700074

Just open some booru and fap to a better character design

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>delicious caramel skin
>giant badonkahonkers
Your taste is shit anon. Be ashamed.

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OK virgin

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based 12 year old not knowing he can look at girls without having to sit through 4 hour streams.

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quads of truth, SpaceTime bros stay winning.

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He's talking about Kronii who is the embodiment of SEX not the nigra

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>>delicious caramel skin
>>giant badonkahonkers
Goddammit I hate holoreddit so fucking much.

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??? brown gal not SEX? Low T

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Do your comprehension reps SEAnig

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I get why. Reddit is relevant and has meaningful content.

/vt/... weeeeeeeeellllllllll...

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ok zoophile

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why are you people calling sana a nig? shes no more a nig than flare is. dark skin does not a porch monkey make

>> No.8700330

>heckin look guys i said "nigger" le ebin funny word XDXDXD
go back to r3ddit nigger

>> No.8700331

Then why not go back there?

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Just call them for what they are; zoophiles

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Low energy is a buff.
Why is up for speculation. The main viewing demographic is still young adult male, but older than typical zoomer streamers. Could be that they have a lot more stress in their lives and prefer calmer streams.

>> No.8700371

Learn how tabs work, ape.

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Imagine bragging about scrolling through reddit

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In USA there is only nigger and "white" (which is still 65% nigger). They literally don't know anything else

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Kronii is... boring

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Projecting Ledditor triggered rumao

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She doesn't fit my personal taste so I only watched her debut stream, and just assume she's the best of the gen because every anon here say so

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literally whiter than you muhammad

>> No.8700459

Quads said so, tourist. Go back.

>> No.8700551

Then why isn't Sana white, retard? It's the exact opposite, where 65% white is still considered a nigger.

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2-3 is a good number to pick up, you can't be expected to like them all. I like these 2 + Fauna cause of her soothing voice, I probably won't watch her asmr but I'll give it a try tomorrow.

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A whore, a nigger, and another whore. Three out of two is honestly pretty bad

>> No.8700577

You probably like the whores don't you cuck

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>I find it interesting everyone can pretty much agree Sana is the best one.

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>he doesn't know
bro shes a whore with a boyfriend do your archive reps

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>believing rrats in the gen with the rrat
Congrats. You played yourself.

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The rrat is unironically pure though, deer and owl are confirmed whores. Just do your reps, Redditor

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Confirmed according to /vt/? lol

I bet you believe the Ollie fingering rrat too.

>> No.8700890

>he's a zomcuck
rumao rumao

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Kronii reminds me of the soulless IRyS at her first weeks

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Called it. Way to out yourself.

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Except she's SEX, IRyS is just a talentless bitch who might as well be another Ame

>> No.8700992

kronies are the new teamates. these levels of falseflag shouldn't be possible

>> No.8701005

Yes I know I have shit taste and will never put them above "The best EN ever" ^^

>> No.8701006

>Way to out yourself
Look at yourself in a mirror, Zomcuck. I bet the Reddit goodboy points are headed your way rumao

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I like Sana, Bealz, and Fauna so far, other two are boring as shit to listen to and Mumei is terrible at games. I'm still on a hopium patch for Mumei's singing and some other fun content that isn't watching her be an awful gamer

>> No.8701056

>lumping us with teacucks
Anyone with a brain know's Deadchads and Kronies are hand in hand. Teacucks are the same thing as Owlphaggots, unwanted and desperate to shill their talentless whores.

>> No.8701070

case in point

>> No.8701074

Mumei is shockingly bad at video games, I have no idea how people watch her streams. I assume they just minimize the window and listen to the audio only.

>> No.8701106

Do your reps

>> No.8701156

Reddit likes her because MUH HECKIN CUTE BIRB, she's rightfully ignored or disliked in places that matter like here. Then she's also a whore if you've done your Shachi reps. But Owlphaggots will cope otherwise.

>> No.8701181

I'm sure your slavish devotion to the cult of /vt/ earns you many (yous) in the Nijisanji threads. Unfortunately here, in the real world, we know where the talent lies.

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Seethe Holobrony

>> No.8701247

>do you reps do your reps
Do you faggots ever consider the whole point of them is the character & fiction and that pulling back the curtain is only setting yourself up to be disappointed? Every faggot trying to normalize doxxing on this board is just proving that it never should have been made to begin with.

>> No.8701276

OK Zomcuck whatever you say Zomcuck

>> No.8701285

People mention the bf shit every time she's brought up, no reps needed and I couldn't care less. The fallenshadow stuff makes me laugh too, I wanna see her have a meltdown over fauna's success.

>> No.8701295

>watching dying chuubas from the company that has five plus graduations a year

How do you get attached to someone that will be dead soon? Sounds draining.

>> No.8701335

This is 4chan you fucking Redditor. If you don't like the truth, go back where you're force-fed illusions about muh pure idols. If you do your reps on LemonLeaf and Shachi you'll know I'm right.

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Stop trying so hard to fit in, touristchama.

>> No.8701372

lol the rrats /vt/ comes up with are not "truth". Repeating some bullshit over and over again only makes it the truth to YOU.

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>you'll know I'm right.
No one actually cares, that's why we're laughing at you every thread

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>the pinnacle of success

Fixed for you.

>> No.8701418

Based Eddychad

>> No.8701419

this isnt b or pol you fucking rigger

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>> No.8701454

Not an argument, cucks

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File: 75 KB, 850x850, __selen_tatsuki_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_pfffffffupple__sample-da726092462875f6672b057c01f15d52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't stop us

>> No.8701507

There is no argument to be made against unverifiable rumors you shitheel. The burden of proof is on you, but I know you don't have any.

>> No.8701529

>muh pol
YWNBAW bunkertranny

>> No.8701531

Has she dropped the laugh?

>> No.8701564

You haven't made an argument at all, Incel-kun

>> No.8701571

Just do your archive reps, no one is obliged to spoonfeed you here, cuck. If you don't understand the ettiquite of this board, then you're a tourist who needs to go back already.

>> No.8701576

>literally posted and talked about by the girl herself not long ago

>> No.8701606

I've dated more girls than you can ever dream of, whiteknight cuck

>> No.8701625

>Coward can't even prove himself right, just endlessly repeats "do your reps"
I'll take that as evidence these rrats are fake, not that I care anyway, I'm not a loser that needs gfe

>> No.8701631

Believing every stupid little thing you hear is not ettiquette. But even if it was, I have no problem rocking the /vt/ boat. Honestly this place is just the cast off dead skin of /a/ anyway.

>> No.8701643

Do your archive reps cuck

>> No.8701651

What now?

>> No.8701664

now that is a real cope post
I thought Fauna's Spore kino already surpassed Mumei's Journey, but it turns out Mumei's stream suddenly pulled ahead in views
I don't know how she does it but I hope she keeps doing it

>> No.8701702

Mumei is gen 2's Gura. I know Baelz was trying for that but she doesn't appeal to anyone.

>> No.8701703

Because no one here is obliged to spoonfeed you and you are required to do your archive reps if you want the truth. Otherwise, stay bluepilled to protokike lies.

>> No.8701745

Being a slut isn't admirable, its pathetic and means you can't handle a real relationship

>> No.8701760

Rrat is Gen 2's Gura and Owl is Gen 2's Ame. They literally attract the same people.

>> No.8701773

Gura is interesting and can somewhat play video games though, she's also a better singer

Mumei doesn't measure up to Gura at all

>> No.8701806

Who's the incel now, cuck?

>> No.8701818

2/5 is a better ratio than gen 1 at least

>> No.8701859

Yeah, I'm looking forward to Sana & Fauna's content.

>> No.8701871

They're the same in terms of /vt/ approved.

>> No.8701872

If this was truth you'd post it, but the fact that you can't even be arsed to ban evade despite screaming all day about rrats makes you a massive newfag and I see no reason to take you seriously.

>> No.8701892

Gen 1 has the same ratio: Calli and Ina.

>> No.8701934

The newfag's you, Redditor.

>> No.8701982

Forgetting Gura. It's 3/5.

>> No.8701991

Again, you haven't posted anything. You're flat-earther tier of "dude trust me the info is out there"

>> No.8701996

Ask me how I know you didn't watch the don't starve collab.

>> No.8702025

Do your archive reps.
>watching a collab made for cuckolds

>> No.8702043

The biggest difference between Calli and Kronii is that Calli was essentially a complete newcomer to streaming when she began while Kronii not only is more experienced, she's also played different characters during her streaming career so she can pull this off easily even though she slips quite a bit

>> No.8702051

HoloKR runs this place

>> No.8702067

I like the gap moe and Kronii doesn't have it
It's fun to see Mori quickly switching her voice between a sad, neutral, happy, moe and rage

>> No.8702069

I know you hate being told the truth, Redditor
But they're an archives rep away

>> No.8702088

Hahaha I knew it

>> No.8702104

Why can't you just get off to SEX?

>> No.8702105

She'll fall into character soon enough. It's hard to play a character fresh out the gate that has bizarrely in-depth lore.

>> No.8702112

I already know those names, what exactly are you meming about tourist?

>> No.8702123

The difference in Kronii and Mori's deadpan is
>a. competency
>b. one is genuine, the other is an imitation

>> No.8702150

I accept your concession, cuck

>> No.8702181

While people are doing those archive reps they should look at July 14th specifically, it makes the schizo ramblings much funnier

>> No.8702192

You already know who they are and the fact that they have boyfriends, so why keep supporting them other than just being a blind cuck?

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>Confirmed according to /vt/?
according to herself lol

>> No.8702228

>Nothing but name calling, making the board unusable for shitty up unrelated discussion
The tourist is you, 13 years old seanigger. I hand dug the sub 100 views archive out and this is a pathetic use of the knowledge

>> No.8702232

Is Calli trying to be deadpan? If she isn't screaming or being pissed off she's doing a cowboy accent. She's the opposite of deadpan.

>> No.8702295


>> No.8702305

>This is what's making that schizo spam the board for days
Lol, what a fucking moron

>> No.8702346

>this amount of cope
People like you are why this video exists kek

>> No.8702398

She LITERALLY says she has a boyfriend named Eddy can you not read?

>> No.8702409
File: 106 KB, 268x268, y59g8ef2iih61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine getting cucked by this guy.

>> No.8702461

Have you ever seen Mori telling a joke?

>> No.8702481

Nice job confirming yourself for being a tourist

>> No.8702523
File: 226 KB, 565x764, Eddy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8702573

Seethe cuck

>> No.8702641


>> No.8702654

Cuckold cope rumao

>> No.8702703

Mald and cope harder as you're cucked by Eddy in every stream you donate to, cuck

She will never fuck you and when you're all out of copium you will never be a real woman

>> No.8702734

I've heard Fauna is pretty good at keeping the chatter high and engaging a lot with her chatroom. I haven't personally watched her because I find ASMR kind of gross.
I thought so too at first but you should watch her most recent stream, she was really good in that.

>> No.8702764

ASMR is just a codeword for being a thot

>> No.8702811

She’s too retarded to have a boyfriend so it can’t be her

>> No.8702828

Bitch that applies to every single vtuber you simp for. I can guarantee she isn't a virgin, pretty sure she's not single, and know for a fucking fact you will never fuck her. Donations PERIOD are a cuck.

>> No.8702891

>thinking we actually simp/donate and aren't just free entertainment chads
roru rumao

>> No.8702896

ASMR is just a dressed up way of saying "phone sex hotline."

>> No.8702903

>I can guarantee she isn't a virgin, pretty sure she's not single
Should be easy to prove then, yeah? You've got indelible proof that every other VTuber in Hololive are all non-virgins in a relationship, right? Because otherwise, you wouldn't be making absolute statements like that.

>> No.8702925

It baffles me how unpopular Sana is compared to how little criticism she seems to get here. Is it just because 4chan is the land of contrarians? Or is Susan actually fucking her numbers up?

>> No.8702949
File: 140 KB, 973x1005, hisrelationshipwasparasocial.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It applies to any business. If you drive by a fast food place and order a burger and a woman is at the pay window, you're a KEK. If you own a business and you hire women, you're KEKED.

Or we could all just try not being so insecure and admit that people watching and donating to these streams to fuck or be in anything more than a parasocial relationship is unhealthy and stupid

>> No.8702965

Do your reps and you'll find out
Also Matthew 3:2, cuck

>> No.8703002
File: 880 KB, 297x277, 22.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>arguing that twenty/thirty-something females are virgins

>> No.8703016

She's a nigger what do you expect

>> No.8703046

Big number attract more cancer, both fans and haters. Sana has like two dedicated losers that just pop in and say "nigger" or "her model and voice and astrology are bad" without ever having watched her and are easily ignored. She's nothing but fun and charm and sexy, there's nothing to complain about really.

>> No.8703049

That's a no then, interesting.

>> No.8703102

I dislike astrology because it's for-profit pseudoscience, but Sana makes it worth it.

>> No.8703162

Duh, all women are whores until proven otherwise, Redditor.

>> No.8703190

Sana has the same debuff as Flare. It sucks but it's not a killer. I hear tell that Flare is one of the biggest akaspa earners in the company, even if her subs and views don't reflect that.

>> No.8703208

>two dedicated losers
More like two dedicated Chads who are tired of woke shit in their hobby

>> No.8703212

It helps that she talks at x.75 playback speed

>> No.8703236
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don't feel too bad, it's the perfect shitter filter

>> No.8703243

You realize that if something can't be known (yet), the most likely state of affairs is generally assumed to be true?
You don't know whether your car will break down tomorrow, but you plan your day assuming it won't.

>> No.8703245

It's easiest shitting on both the highest and the lowest numbers, see Kiara and Gura for EN1. Honestly I don't like Sanas model all that much and have only caught bits of her streams but she seems nice and fun

>> No.8703263


And here they are

>> No.8703294

>You don't know whether your car will break down tomorrow
You have never owned a car in your life if this is what you think.

>> No.8703326


>> No.8703342

Or, you know, OP likes big boobs

>> No.8703425

I'm not sure if joke or lacking English reps, but I'll assume the former because it seems more likely to me.

>> No.8703448
File: 349 KB, 2500x2000, 26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who doesn't?

>> No.8703514

Seethe kike

>> No.8703518

like a saviorfag except british?

>> No.8703565

No dumbass, if your car breaks down its because you're an imbecile who can't take care of it, it isn't some random occurrence that you assume won't happen, just like you don't stupidly assume that a post about a boyfriend automatically means a vtuber is dating and a whore

>> No.8703605

Except Deer and Owl are confirmed whores with boyfriends

>> No.8703747

And the self-confident dorkiness.
You can't forget that.

>> No.8703802

Deadpan does not mean they are not engaged.

>> No.8703809

Oh, so it is lacking English reps. Apologies.

>> No.8704050

I watched her, I think she's the 2nd best of the gen, but her model is indeed bad and I don't like her voice, I don't care about astrology tho that's just a personal taste, the rest is good, she does have a lot of energy without being annoying like say Ollie, she feels wholesome and motivated and charming in personality. Too bad about the voice and model tho.

>> No.8704121

Kronii is the most Reddit of the five, anonchama. By a wide margin.

>> No.8704155

In order of most to least Reddit
Owl > Deer > Nigger > Rrat > Time

>> No.8704157

If council was gen 1 and holomyth debuted afterward as gen 2 would the response have been better?

>> No.8704206

This is true!

>> No.8704380

Call me when any gen2 has a stream they are proud of months into the future. For me, it feels like all of them are still trying to find their place.

Kroni is literally female Critikal

t. Enma

>> No.8704532

I just wanted an EN version of Aqua, some autistic retard who is tryhard at games... guess I'll have to wait for HoloEN3

>> No.8704642

I'll add the rat as well, she's pretty cute and her body looks like pure mating press sex

I personally don't care for the owl because of the boring as fuck design and the Green Ranger Lamy since I hate ASMR focused voices

>> No.8704737
File: 572 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210826-124336_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sana and Baelz are fun to watch.
Ceres and Mumei are relaxing to listen to.
Kronii makes me down bad.

>> No.8704778


>> No.8704792

kronii is a Redditor’s wet dream
>dry, self-hating nerd
>”I don’t really care about you, but I know you’ll cum to me, anyway” detached psychological domination that Redditors love in their women
Look at their subreddit. They worship her.
Owl isn’t very Reddit at all.

>> No.8704853

>>dry, self-hating nerd
>>”I don’t really care about you, but I know you’ll cum to me, anyway” detached psychological domination that Redditors love in their women
That is literally a perfect description of most of this board.

>> No.8704927

Holy shit this state of delusion

>> No.8704938

Really makes you think.

>> No.8705010

Based and true
All I see is Owlphaggots worshipping their whore and Deercucks in between. They're filtered by Kronii
Fuck off, he's right.

>> No.8705213

The real reddt was /vt/ all along.

>> No.8705242

>printers need to convince themselves that mumei has a boyfriend in order to say she's shit

>> No.8705266

It's a hard truth to accept, but I don't think we're different enough to expect the most popular oshis will be completely different from here to there sadly.

>> No.8705311

But Sana is an autistic retard who's tryhard at games?
She's just lewd too.

>> No.8705325

Reddit literally worships the Owl, we hate the owl here. You don't know what you're talking about btw. So go back.

>> No.8705375

how do you know that?

>> No.8705389
File: 77 KB, 709x824, 1606025415759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, I...

>> No.8705392

The great catch-22

>> No.8705436

>without seeing the debut
Well this is worthless

>> No.8705465

>done pre-reps
Now do after debuts, Owlphaggot

>> No.8705486

It just tells us that redditors don't watch streams.

>> No.8705786

She's leans too retard and less autistic

>> No.8705820

You should probably let her have a week or two at least to find her grove.
I'm sure she will be as autistic and retarded as you want.

>> No.8706242

don't sleep on astrology, it's pretty much a tism hobby

>> No.8706337

Front page is 90% kronii.
You’re objectively wrong. Clock is Reddit’s darling.

>> No.8706387

I like that Mumei aint good at games, its fun to watch an inexperienced player as it lets me vicariously experience stuff for the first time again

>> No.8706505

Why are you on Reddit?

>> No.8706535

Reddit is full of clock AND owl.
Clock is everyone's darling.
But only reddit cares about owl

>> No.8706536

Clock is everyone's darling, reddit, 4chan, twitter, 5ch etc

>> No.8706569

You seem to know reddit very well anon

>> No.8707925
File: 2.10 MB, 1597x1150, __ouro_kronii_nanashi_mumei_hakos_baelz_tsukumo_sana_mr_squeaks_and_2_more_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_kukie_nyan__09904a6cbd460191477a111654c6611e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you should give them all a bit more time. It hasn't even two weeks yet. Seems like it takes a least 2-3 weeks for them to start getting comfortable, and then that's when the actual development starts. The Council you're watching currently may not be the same 2 months from now.

>> No.8710052

no one likes the nigger, look at the numbers

>> No.8710120

massive cope cuck

>> No.8710521

I’ll call you a faggot. They’re EN2.

>> No.8714676

Least *and* most?

>> No.8714821
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