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home sweet home

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Can Kroni beat Gura's again today?
Waiitng room 10k

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Kronii's stream in 9 min (supe hot)

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Time goddess is going to be the numbers queen of this gen.

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Gura is ending, so maybe

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She's going to break 30k again isn't she jeez that's a lot in the waiting room already.

>> No.8601184

today she has completely different slot, so hard to tell + Gura is still streaming.
btw if she finished her stream befor Kronii's i will be convinced she unironicly hates Sana

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Gura's "ending" but she'll hold 10k hostage for SC readings.
tfw Gura's SC readings is more than most of the HoloEN girls' stream peaks.

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15k waiting for Kronii

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It's actually kind of insane how many subs have been chopped by YT. What did Gen 2 do to piss off youtube so much? Usually they stop the chopping after debut but it just keeps going

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the WORST thing will happen if it affect algorithm

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THe real Gura killer

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>this voice
>this manner of speaking
she knows what she doing

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Kronii fished a huge crowd with her sex voice despite the weird slot

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>Kronii's stream in 9 min
It was nice of Sana to be aware of Kronii, and said for everyone to go watch her. I know Space and Time are connected in lore, but maybe they are friends too.

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oh my fucking god!
this girl is crazy!
she is already beated Gura and Mumei with 27k.
Numberbros, weve got new queen of HoloEN

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26k 10 mins in, Kronii passed Gura's peak despite it being 12am in EST.
Debut buff and all, but she's the one.

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>It was nice of Sana to be aware of Kronii
unfortunately Nature wasnt that sweet.

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This game is boring and she isn't talking

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you're an irrelevant chip of data

>> No.8602580

blue holos are always strong, maybe they should do a full blue gen

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fuck off and get the fuck out from numbers thread.
this girl is already 28k!

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Numbers say otherwise.

Kronii: 28k (Keep debut buff in mind ofc, but I think she's a solid 10k+ going forward)
Gura: 12k reading SC

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Ngl would happily see gura off, followed by that bitch bird and that shitty tomboyish pink haired slut who thinks she can rap for crap

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And yet she's getting good numbers. Looks like Kronii will be the numbers queen of EN2. Will be interesting to see which timeslot she picks, this or the earlier one.

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No one cares, post numbers and keep the opinions to a mininum.

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Kronii is great VA damn..

>> No.8603062

She will not be able to keep this number for 2 hours

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true. HoloJP no.1 is blue. NijiJP no.1 female is blue.

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Kronii is 30k!

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>playing this game for more than 2 hours
I dont think so

>> No.8603155

>36k on a glitched and boring game
>Already 29k on a weird schedule

All aboard on the Kronii hype helicopter!

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will you eat your shit otherwise? btw 30k

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I hope Gura concludes so we can see how many checks out on Kronii. She had minimal reduction effect on Sana

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Cumbud tell your oshi to not overlap with kroni, too strong i tell ya

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Ok, I was wrong but she needs to keep chatting like Gura usually does

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>newfags not knowing about debut buff
Leos got 55k on his first game and the APEX niggas were at 40k, fucks sake.

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cope nijinigger

>> No.8604100

Probably not much, Gura has a portion of Gura-only fans and that seems to fit the bill for people who will stay behind for her SC reading sessions. 1000 max imo.

>> No.8604209

small fish will run into another timeslot to not overlap with EN queen

>> No.8604269

How will you cope once Kronii falls below 10k? She won't get higher avg CCV than Leos.

>> No.8604289

>first game
this is her 2nd stream +this>>8604097

>> No.8604355

>Assuming people in numbers threads don't know about debut buff
Everyone knows, doesn't make it less impressive compared to her genmates. Also, Leos fell off hard after his first stream and the Apex bros fell off even harder. Kronii is around the same as her first stream.

No one is seriously thinking she's going to be 30k+ every night going forward.

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>even more cope
nijibros, why are you like this?

>> No.8604422

Leoss samaaaaaa peg meeeeeee

>> No.8604573

king Kuzuha reigns again.

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Hey, Kronii is doing awesome even when you factor in the debut buff, those are awesome numbers. However, before we start comparing her to Gura lets see if she is still putting up 25-30k after an entire year like Gura is. Come on man.

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She’s pull this during Gura’s stream. That’s ridiculous dude.

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we don't have Sana, though

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Funny how it all comes to Gura but not Peko or some JPs when it's about CCV

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>king Kuzuha
this is kinda cute after clames about potential ~100k yesterday
BTW kronii peaked 33k, Holy Shit!

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you are right nijicancer

>> No.8604815

How did Kronii completely slip under our radars? Everybody assumed the aces of the new gen would be Owl or Rrat but its clear that Kronii is the #1 so far. I'm still pretty high on Rrat though and I think she will do really well. I'm pretty down on Owl however, lets see how it goes.

>> No.8604852

Leos is 8k shitter now while kronii will avg 10k-13k after the debut buff

>> No.8604883

yeah you d not have streamer with 7.5k in EN branch

>> No.8604908

Irys declined a lot after debut buff too, decline is inevitable. You can't compare established people to those propped by a debut.

>> No.8604918

Well, Gura's reading sc rn so maybe some chumbud went to Kronii stream

>> No.8604925

Speaking of Kronii, her debut video is at 970k views. It'll be at 1 mil soon.

For comparison:
Sana: 886k
Fauna: 944k
Mumei: 928k
Baelz: 904k

For some other numbers: (take the time passed into account)
Irys: 1.2 mil
Leos: 1 mil
Lain: 718k
Axia: 789k
Lauren: 689k
Oliver: 597k

Pretty good numbers for HoloEN2 debuts

>> No.8604941

..during SC reading

>> No.8604958

Those predictions were based entirely on design and early sub numbers before we even heard their voices. People were already expecting better out of Kronii after her debut.

>> No.8604970

Honestly, Sana is becoming more and more liked now. She’s the best HoloEN gamer and an artist too. But if you meant for generating numbers, sure.

>> No.8605003

Gura didn't have any problem with with YouTube at the start
There's like over 100k people that couldn't get a notification because YouTube is unsubscribing people

>> No.8605031

Even with the debut buff though IRyS didn't come close to these numbers that Kronii is putting up. This isn't just debut buff, this is legit people flocking to her. Obviously she will recline a bit but she will continue to do very well I believe.

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KuzuStacys win again!

>> No.8605087

Get out cancer chan

>> No.8605122

yet no draw streams... why is she like this?

>> No.8605153

>Kuzuha 1 mil soon
if he announces Chronoir 3D live it will beat Coco, not even a meme.

>> No.8605166

Just ignore everyone directly comparing Kronii to Gura rn, they're just baiting.

Hella impressive numbers, but anyone with a brain knows she's being buffed rn. It does look like she'll be a 10k+ in the future at this rate, which is fantastic.

>> No.8605218


>> No.8605225

Why would she draw for free on stream while she can get paid drawing some fgo shit and chink gacha art

>> No.8605227

She wants to show her other abilities. I’m actually glad too, because I got to see some of her gaming ability. Was very surprising.

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LMAOOO yeah right nijinigger

>> No.8605289

kuzuha and kanae combined can take on anything, Kuzuha by himself doing Apex hit 144k. This would be a niji 3D + 2 hordes of fans tuning in.

>> No.8605337

oh wait, you were serious about it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>> No.8605345

>Kuzuha by himself doing Apex hit 144k
This is such obvious bait yet some people will bite. Don't bite people.

>> No.8605353

NTA, but I think he's saying Kronii will be 10-13k reading superchats in the future, implying she'll continue to be 25k+.

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Why is the KNEEL fag posting right now? Is Kuzuha even streaming? Suck on this KNEEL fag.

>> No.8605453

>thread is okay when SEAniggers are sleeping
>thread is shit when they are awake
pure coincidence

>> No.8605495

anon this one>>8605353

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at 1 mil you're gonna see some shit

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nijisanji koshien a whole corp collab cant even this guy LMAO

>> No.8605577

she could do both, like Ina

>> No.8605605

>He isn't at 1 million yet
Doesn't Hololive have like 20 that are over 1 million?

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Kronii vs Ame in 10 minutes

>> No.8605710

25* but stop responding to Kuzushitposter. He'll kill himself soon once we stop giving him attention.

>> No.8605738

Fuck this, I've been up since Mumei and have not missed a single HoloEN stream...

>> No.8605761

>Kuzuha 1 mil soon
nijishitters are one a hell of one trick ponies

>> No.8605896

Ame is like 6-7k peak playing Oblivion, so if anything, it'll be a stress test to see if we can handle this many HoloEN streams at once at this timeslot.

>> No.8605933

how dare she to overlap with holoEN queen?

>> No.8606012

SEAmonkeys really need to be rangebanned

>> No.8606029

Rat in another hour too

>> No.8606127

Is her most debuff series but also the most kino one.

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>> No.8606167

It's been an hour of SC reading and Gura is still at 10.5k, while overlapping debut-buffed Kronii.
God I wish Kronii keeps these numbers because HoloEN's dominance in the EN market will never end.

>> No.8606193

i bet as genmate she will finish her stream befor Rat's

>> No.8606266

Kronii is special. I can feel it in my balls.

>> No.8606302

you forgot about shitty gacha game

>> No.8606368

Bro she handled gura just fine now handling ame? Pffft

>> No.8606396

I don't think these 10k+ hardcore chumbuds will watch another chuuba if Gura ends her stream.

>> No.8606426

It's okay anon the clipfags will handle that side of thing. My reccomends just flooded with EN2 clips since their debut especially Mumei's clips

>> No.8606560

good point. ty to clipper comunity

>> No.8606617

Kronii is so smug. She's now pretending to be batman with full voice acting. She keeos negating everything about the game and doing meta commentary. She's really hilarious. This is really something many ENvtubers don't do. She's sustaining her numbers too.

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its the usual apex tournament month. January (vtuber apex season 2), March (cr cup), May (cr cup) was like that too. This month is very buffed cuz hes koshien participant.

>> No.8606651

>stand at 31k
Now seethe

>> No.8606711

Yet again Hololive doing magic to find these talents

>> No.8606817

Cover has done it again ladies and gentlemen. Another superstar. I love Gura but she needs some competition at the top so hopefully Kronii can provide that.

>> No.8606833

>She's sustaining her numbers too.
you was on the edge, offtopic bro

>> No.8606852

Thats the power of a god-tier voice. She can read a phonebook on stream and still get five figure views

>> No.8606913

It's not just the voice. Her kayfabe is top notch

>> No.8606943

blue chuba for blue company!!

>> No.8606954

>>8606651 -> >>8603971

>> No.8606955

Tbf, IRyS numbers are stupidly high for a vsinger.

>> No.8607032

Wow he's 5k now what happen? Tourist left him because he's boring? Not playing baseball? No apex? Not shilling gacha game?

>> No.8607064

Good. Drawing is already ina's niche, we dont need another one on the same branch.

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File: 1.30 MB, 1664x1747, Screenshot_20210825-021303_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8607189

Yep. Corpse husband inclined like this too

>> No.8607209

SEAniggers are too low IQ to understand this.

>> No.8607212

>Drawing is already ina's niche
different time slot

>> No.8607232

Ame will end up around 4-5k. She's going up slowly while Kronii and Gura are holding steady.

>> No.8607241

Kronii has lost 2k to Ame, from 33k to 31k

>> No.8607269

I want more

>> No.8607315

Gotta give it some to bottom feeder

>> No.8607395

Don’t think she wants to be known as the drawing chuuba like Ina.
She never brings up her art.

>> No.8607408

I cant wait for the other girls to keep up. I invest my coin on Sana. She is still very much confused atm as it seems she is new to streaming and this whole chuuba thing but i can see her improving hard in the future. Worried about mumei tho, she is giving that Gura low effort vibe

>> No.8607431

Gura still has 10k after an hour of super chats. That is kind of insane, lol.

>> No.8607489
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watochama... beyond saving
graduation is inevitable

>> No.8607515

Mumei gonna be ayame of this gen uploading bunch of cover songs and stream twice in four month

>> No.8607522

Chumbuds don't watch any vtubers except Gura

>> No.8607524

hal please, you've mogged the shark enough this month.

>> No.8607569

Sana has a lot of potential. She’s also a competent gamer and decent at chatting.
I think Covers decision to get 4 extroverts is going to really pay off once collab ban is over.

>> No.8607576

Godammit. The focken gen 2 curse

>> No.8607601

ayame has charisma tho when nanashi is the most bland boring shit imaginable

>> No.8607604

Now I wonder if Kronii will be recommended to those audience with relevant keyword, in particular "voice" etc.., both audio and text

We know how yt handed us those roommates videos

>> No.8607669

nah, ayame can get away with it cause she has an old contract, the new gens need to stream at least 3 times per week

>> No.8607686

Is cover paying you to shill this worst hololive member (excluding Artia) ever?

>> No.8607691

>four extroverts and one girl who goes deer-in-headlights then cries after a full-gen collab

why are they determined to torture some poor introvert

>> No.8607709

just for fun, pretend gen 2 had pomu, rosemi, and elira instead.

how does Cover miss out on EN indies? they did so well with JP (especially gen 3)

>> No.8607742

wasnt nijibros hyped about her in the past?

>> No.8607817

I'm actually interested to see how the EN roles fill out as they get more members. JP has 7 generations of talents (when you factor in Gen 0 and GAMERS) and obviously they have their stream grinders, infrequent streamers, low numbers streamers, niche streamers, superstar streamers. As EN gets more members I'm interested to see how those roles get filled out.

>> No.8607822

True. Here's how their line up will go
Bae : The singer/dancer and idol of the group, kinda like Aqua
Mumei : the fucking ayame of the group
Kronii : the heavy hitter
Sana : The one that'll make the most kino contents
Fauna : that one girl, the lammy, mel, choco, noel of the group

>> No.8607829

I don't remember Cover hiring indie "VTuber" in JP

Indie streamers, ye.

>> No.8607840


>> No.8607887

Peko was a NND streamer, was scouted: hell, all of gen 3 is top tier, yet EN2 is far from perfect with even more applicants, so why?

>> No.8607898

Don't call me out.
Kronii only controls my penis.
Gura holds my heart.

>> No.8607901

Ame reached 4k
Kronii still 30k
Gura still 10k reading superchats

>> No.8607906

The only really extrovert is Baelz

>> No.8607986

>Sana : The one that'll make the most kino contents
did you watch her streams
>Fauna : that one girl
heavy SC hitter

>> No.8607996

Seems like she will do it

>> No.8608057

Gura finished her stream

>> No.8608080

Ame's viewers increased a bit after Gura stopped, Kronii still the same.

>> No.8608086

>heavy SC hitter
yeah, I bet most of the gachis will go after her

>> No.8608091

Covers has this kinda weird tradition that "goes" like this : one experience streamer/content creator(yt/nnd), one asmr-esque voice, one complete newbie, and one former randos with potential(2views/noname)

>> No.8608119

Gura's stream is over

>> No.8608158

>Ame's viewers increased a bit after Gura stopped
kinda predicted this

>> No.8608184

Nijisanji was hiring their first EN branch and Cover wasnt looking for gen 2 at that time. (singer audition). Nijisanji audition was 2 weeks long and I assumed they finalized all of the applications by January. Cover opened gen 2 application on February. so my answer is time.

>> No.8608237

and? how is that related to my post?

>> No.8608247

She is the newbie of the bunch anon. Still has a lot of room to improve. Give her a chance, not everybody get good from the get go. But you can already see the hints of her creativity throughout the debut

>> No.8608261

She hit 4k right before Gura ended her stream, but yes she's at 4.3k now so she got a bit. Those 10k chumbuds who are willing to stay through Gura's SC reading probably aren't going to watch other chuubas.

>> No.8608320

>one asmr-esque voice
ah right, i was wondering why they recruited kiara

>> No.8608356


>> No.8608362

I don't know man, I'm looking at HoloEN Gen 2 and I see nothing but great hires. The only one I see being a dud is Owl. Sana will fill a great niche, Kronii has been a superstar so far, Rrat is super outgoing, and just wait until Ceres' ASMR. I have a feeling that will do massive numbers.

>> No.8608379

Just hope that she can be Marine of her gen
I'm curious which one in EN2 that is experienced streamer

>> No.8608398

Looks like the guy who predicted Ina, Ame, Mori and Kiara would get their numbers hurt by gen 2 and Gura would get a little boost from it was right.

>> No.8608471

That ina anon

>> No.8608479

Pekora was a dud and didnt incline till the end of 2019.

>> No.8608523

What's hilarious to me is that /vt/ has unanimously declared owl as a failure, and yet she seems to clearly be the second biggest name in this gen outside of this site.

Y'all are underestimating the power of the quiet shy Holo and their ability to attract saviorfags.

>> No.8608550

Ame increased a bit and kronii is decreasing slowly (29.6k)

>> No.8608555

Yeah it'll take time for sana to reach her final form

>> No.8608593

to be fair it could have been game choices for some too

>> No.8608604

Owl is currently high purely off design and sounding cute for now. Then again look at Ayame.
Korone was also a dud until she blew up in the west.

>> No.8608640

>Making long term predictions less than 48 hours after debuts
Please... Mori hasn't even overlapped with any of them yet and if you're going to cite the TTRPG stream today, know it was higher than last session's numbers despite them cancelling it into Gartic Phone.

>> No.8608656

>caring about /vt/'s opinion

>> No.8608659

Anon.. where have u been? Rrat and owl was the most hype predebut

>> No.8608679

Owl is generating a lot of clips

>> No.8608687

>quiet shy
Is there another vtuber with that traits?

>> No.8608728

nijiEN management just searched for streamers.
holo management has much more specific requirements. one of the reason they d not want to overwhelm their roster.
quality over quantity
funny but it is Cover's position even if it doesnt always work.
+niji needed to established their Main line of vtubers in the first place

>> No.8608801

I'm talking post-debut anon, pre-debut was just memes and shitposts.

>> No.8608842

just surprised how the turn tables in EN comunity since i knew about her in her in a first place

>> No.8608845

Baelz didn't meet the expectation so far. Owl was the same but her last stream was good, she recovered from a bad start

>> No.8608857

I remember lots of people doomposting about Ina being boring at the beginning too. Now look at her, second in her gen. Some people just don't understand the charm of the chill streamer.

>> No.8608920

Prediction on rats number today?

>> No.8608929

>the most kino contents
>She is the newbie
whatever floats your boat anon

>> No.8608963

because zoomers want an xqc holo or any toxic twitch streamers.

>> No.8609041

Kronii is doing so well because she is filling the role of the deep voice mommy that nobody else had. Yeah, Mori has a deep voice but she is also a crippling autist who can't fulfil the role properly. Don't mistake me though, I'm not trashing more. I consider her a top Holo based on her music alone and that is her niche. Nobody can compete with Mori when it comes to music other than Suisei.

>> No.8609079


>> No.8609090

To each of their own. Niji made a good decison on hiring established chuuba and not taking risk. Cant afford to fail again this time

>> No.8609103

>Gura killer
>Baelz didn't meet the expectation so far
i wonder why

>> No.8609131


>> No.8609149

I belib!

>> No.8609189

15k because of overlap with Kronii and Ame

If she can get 20-25k, there will be 50k people watching HoloEN at 11pm PST/ 2am EST. That's a bold prediction unless JOP folks check out the rat.

>> No.8609205

Rat will 20k at least, if Kronii finishes her stream in 15 min

>> No.8609244

I don't think Kronii will play for much longer.

>> No.8609262

Third and fourth gen will show how the future of the branch will look like I think.
Around their debut time (predicting October for wave 3) is when collab hype for EN2 will be in affect.

>> No.8609280

Rrat stock lowered a bit due to her streaming time. However she showed how entertaining she was in that first post debut stream and I expect her to do some very interesting things. She might be debuffed a bit by her streaming times but that is ok, perfectly ok. One of the great things about Gen 2 is that they seem to be filling time slots that were ignored by Gen 1. Rrat seems to mainly stream early morning, post midnight hours for EST burger time. Plenty of burgers stay up late and having an EN holo streaming during those hours is going to be a god send.

>> No.8609292

>Nobody can compete with Mori
there is no many OG musicians in holo to begin with

>> No.8609312

I know that this is a joke but Cover was expecting her to be the most popular, just like Mori was for gen 1

>> No.8609402

Yeah the success of the next wave and nijimale will determine it

>> No.8609411

The autistic Mori has to many friends to help her

>> No.8609439

/vt/ also thinks Sana is somehow going to blow up lmao.

>> No.8609480

My wife noah doing double her usual amount by collabing with two other high level girl players.

Despite having a large overlap in fans it seems like people have been waiting for this collab for a while. Both noah and mabo get 2-3k average solo streams but it seems like this collab should hit 6k.

>> No.8609498

>established chuuba
? wasnt they small indies?
holo2 btw have at least established chuuba + heavy hitters like Kronii and Rat

ps im not saying nijiEN is bad in quality of entertainment

>> No.8609500
File: 1.16 MB, 1600x900, bloods crips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vtuber gangs when
blue > red

>> No.8609513

Kronii will overlap with Baelz, she wants to end this game in this stream

>> No.8609599

The game is approx 2 and a half hours for the main story according to Google. Let's see how long it takes her.

>> No.8609630

I remember Noah was getting like 1-2k when she first scrimmed with Fubuki and Roboco for that one Apex tournament.
From that to getting 20k+ on her costume reveal is quite the incline.

>> No.8609652

>09/03 Ayame's debut anniversary
>09/04 Choco's debut anniversary
>09/07 Sora's debut anniversary
>09/08 Botan's bday
>09/12 Mori's debut anniversary, Kiara's debut anniversary
>09/13 Gura's debut anniversary, Ame's debut anniversary, Ina's debut anniversary
>09/16 Subaru's debut anniversary

>10/01 Korone's bday
>10/05 Fubuki's bday
>10/10 Luna's bday
>10/31 Mel's bday

I have a feeling Covers biggest debut this year would be in Late September/Early October. Before their Olympics style Minecraft(holo koshien equivalent).

I find it funny that they debuted gen5 before holoen last year and now holoen2 first.

>> No.8609661

>the most popular, just like Mori was for gen 1
Mori? she was preparing to become the least supported member. Cover originally didn't want to sign up her

>> No.8609706

>The autistic Mori has to many friends to help her
write songs

>> No.8609744

maybe gen 6?

>> No.8609775

1 year and 1-2months gap. now imagine the numbers.

>> No.8609777

>didn't you vote blue? are you a nijifag?

>> No.8609800

She finished the game

>> No.8609808

Those are alright but I think Hololive biggest event for the rest of this year would be the MC School Festival, especially now with if EN2 are released into the server.

>> No.8609812

HA. She's ending at a decent time, now people can head over to Hakoz if they're going to stick around watching chubbas.

>> No.8609894

wallets will bleed

>> No.8609943

>Hololive biggest event for the rest of this year
next big live concert

>> No.8609979

Keonii is doing an absolute based ending for the stream

>> No.8610002

I watched her in her 3rd month of being a vtuber. She had 200-300 average then her first apex tourney came and she inclined.

>> No.8610067

>Ayame bday
holy shit I wonder if she can beat Kanae's bday sc.

>> No.8610078

For viewership sure, for money it’s Holofes 3. They make millions off those concerts.

>> No.8610173

Watame and Suisei will have solo lives too

>> No.8610188

I think its safe to predict that the rank of average viewers in Gen 2 is going to be

1. Kronii
2. Rrat
3. Ceres
4. Mumei
5. Sana

>> No.8610270

Newfag detected. Gura's streams kept getting shadowbanned at the start, including Musedash which was her second stream after debut.

>> No.8610292

1 Mumei
2 Kronii
3 Baelz
4 Ceres
5 Sana

>> No.8610296

are we forgot about HoloEN 3D debu?
+ potential Mori's 3d live?

>> No.8610346

1. Kronii
2. Mumei
3. Rrat
4. Fauna
5. Sana

>> No.8610349


>> No.8610372

Not this year with how Japan fucked up covid. They’re still closed off.

>> No.8610391

i will switch Ceres and Mumei in term of viewers, but Ceres will be higher in term of SCs

>> No.8610454

this anon>>8610173

>> No.8610523

oh shit Kronii is fucking up Rat's stream

>> No.8610573

Shadowbanned while getting +40k

>> No.8610640

Watching Kronii play this part of the game is making me wonder what kind of numbers a vtuber would get playing legit Atari games and shit like that. I wonder what the permissions would be like for shit as old as that.

>> No.8610652

They are established as they have, although small, core fanbase, steady views, and sc/membership. But the most important i think is that they are well known and have a extensive connection with many chuuba that'll allow them to shill their new (current) self easily and everywhere

>> No.8610656

No, she isn't. Kronii is losing viewers while Baelz is gaining

>> No.8610682
File: 375 KB, 1882x1556, 1629757006566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh SHIT did you see this Amount of JPs in chat?!
Kiara is pissed, for sure

>> No.8610764

Ina is solid but the biggest streamers are never the chill or reserved types, in any market (JP or EN, vtuber or normal streamer).

>> No.8610818

No idea how owl is so high with the worst avatar and most boring personality. Must be saviorfags buff.
Rat filtered EOPs apparently.

>> No.8610853

those 20k would leave her till the end

>> No.8610966

And Azki, please dont forget about her

>> No.8610981

it is probably some measure of past life support

>> No.8610986

>most SC
btw do not bring Ina's SC number since she constantly debuffs herself by not reading them

>> No.8611019

So holotrannies are doxxers?

>> No.8611040

oh yeah sorry, although her concert will be stream only

>> No.8611075

I'm actually impressed that Cover adhered to what fans and obviously the talents wanted and slowed down on the new gens. From a corporate perspective it absolutely would have been better to keep going with new gens every six months since the partial cannibalization that would occur only hits the talents' bottom lines, not Cover's. I take that as evidence of Cover really just being an incompetent company rather than a black company.

>> No.8611102

Won't be as high as Edengumi because most of hololive's fanbase are EOP kids and they've been sated by holoEN 2 and iris

>> No.8611149

>holotrannies are doxxers?
ppl here knows about her from niji fans in a first place anon.

>> No.8611156

When suisex and watame's concerts? Cause Azki's next month was cancelled offline due to covid

>> No.8611242

Anon... holojp has their own massive fanbase. Botan already got 100k at her debut BEFORE the surge of EOP from holoEN

>> No.8611246

I'm actually impressed that people still believe that shitting out hordes of new vtubers to milk out debuts and early hype only to abandon them soon after is a good idea in the long run.

>> No.8611280


Also Baelz inclining, at 17k now. We're getting into real late night for NA now tho.

>> No.8611284

JP 6 is gonna be on October. No way are they gonna debut them on September when the last week is full of EN 1 & 2 Collabs.

>> No.8611291

I think people are underestimating how much the accents and fake voices filter people. Kronii and Mumei have the least accented, least fake voices of EN2.

>> No.8611295
File: 235 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20210825-031510_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably will peak at 25k

>> No.8611367

HoloJP's live watching audience is literally multiple times larger than HoloEN's in any timeslot.
If HoloEN can get 95k on debuts, higher than anyone in Edengumi, Hologen 6 debuts are going to get 120k if hyped properly.

>> No.8611369

EN2 would've been a lot more successful if they released it 6 months ago solely from holomyth hype, it's a wasted opportunity. They don't even seem serious about the EN vtubing market since they make their fans wait a year then release a bunch of shitty lore that turns everyone off, they're behaving like they're some indie outfit. Compare that to Ichikara's well-structured and planned releases without any stupid gimmicks.

>> No.8611375

>Botan already got 100k at her debut BEFORE the surge of EOP from holoEN
im EOP who started to watch holo because of gen5 debu

>> No.8611388

Rrat... you need 4.5k to beat Fauna's overlapped numbers

>> No.8611434

Kronii finished stream

>> No.8611437

Wrong, hololive was propped up by EOPs even before holoEN, why else do you think they overtook nijisanji in views and subs? even Pekora has 60% EOPs

>> No.8611516

>holoJP live watching audience > holoEN
>Gura's 194k costume stream

>> No.8611549

Fauna streamed during the middle of the day for NA. Baelz is streaming at almost midnight/middle of the night for NA.
The people watching her now are either NA night owls, JOPs, or early Euros.

>> No.8611573

Or Australians/New Zealanders

>> No.8611602

I think it's more like that Cover can't add more talents before they add their background personnel first

>> No.8611626

for sure I think it's gonna be before holofes

>> No.8611642

He's actually probably right if you take Mori's outfit stream and add up all the Holos that were overlapping her. And that isn't even getting into the non-Holo vtubers that overlap and partially share audiences.

>> No.8611661

>1 single stream > multiple months of tracked data for HoloJP and HoloEN
If that's the case, I can say Coco's graduation had 490k at 8:00 pm JST so I'm right anyways.

>> No.8611729

>Kronii was 30k+
>Rat is 18k+
number are number

>> No.8611740

Coco is holoEN gen 0, doesn't count as JP especially since most of her viewers are EOP and she started the EOP wave for hololive

>> No.8611753
File: 141 KB, 716x1057, Proof of Cbumkiddies Viewbotting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VOD views take a while to register, right? I refuse to believe Kronii only got this amount of views once stream ended

>> No.8611768

As much as i liked Nijisanji's July moves, they basically just threw everyone out there at once and got lucky that people were excited to finally get new things... and baseball.
They don't deserve much more credit than that.

>> No.8611806

>how does Cover miss out on EN indies?
They literally have two former literally-who-company (pretty much indies) in EN2 tho

>> No.8611847

let me rephrase that question. how does Cover miss out on EN indies that are well-known on /vt/?

>> No.8611932

yeah, the views clearly shows who was right

>> No.8611951

Can't answer your question since I don't keep up with midget EN vtuber companies

>> No.8611965

i will say nijiEN1.5 are lucky because of holoEN decided to debu 1 single vtuber(iRys) when ppl was hungry for new things

>> No.8611968

Yea it takes a while, but don't expect Kronii to get Gura's VOD numbers.

>> No.8612020

Coco's graduation was watched by everyone who enjoys VTubers and was able to catch the stream

>> No.8612024

what's the point to numberfag this dogshit website that unsubscribes nearly 50k people for no reason and clearly alters CCV with the unknown restrictions.

Fucking sick of this garbage website, subs aren't everything but they're important for new channels, Getting slashed about 4-5 times is ridiculous.

>> No.8612026

>she started the eop wave
lol. lmao even. hololive had eops for a long time thanks to clips. Coco did add a lot of new ones tho

>> No.8612045

are you fucking serious? no company would give a shit about this place

>> No.8612082

Yeah absolutely, they only wait like a whole fucking year before launching their real EN gen waiting for their fake EN gen to draws their last dying breath.

>> No.8612101

Who got unsubscribed?

>> No.8612103

They can only take in so much and are most likely inundated with applications, so they can and will miss out on some diamonds in the rough.
Also remember the absolute shitshow that happened in the months before Coco retired - people were put off from applying to Hololive because "shit company that won't support their talents".
Also, some indies would rather go for smaller companies where their friends are at.

>> No.8612120

this is the only place to get real and unfiltered opinions because everywhere else is a moderated hugbox, you'd be retarded if you don't think all the vtuber companies are keeping a close eye on what we think

>> No.8612138
File: 48 KB, 519x304, 1609760240370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all of them.

>> No.8612145

So chinks?

>> No.8612149

Everything got delayed because of graduation.

>> No.8612192

>only place to get real and unfiltered opinions
>half the "opinions" here are shitposts and bait
/vt/ is not a good place to survey for opinions

>> No.8612197

>Coco retired - people were put off
Shitty rats, the audion is fucking over by then you retard

>> No.8612209

VOD views right after the end are registering low numbers for all Gen 2 members, this isn't happening with gen 1

>> No.8612222

You can look at any night and see 50-70k people watching HoloJP nightly. It takes a special occasion for HoloEN to muster 50k viewers for multiple overlapping streams. Hopefully we can see HoloEN2 improve that.

>> No.8612268

sorry but if you actually think this then I can't take you seriously

>> No.8612281

No, what I meant was the "good indies" never auditioned citing the Coco-Chink spam incident.

>> No.8612296

I wouldn't worry about subs. There are nearly 26k people watching HoloEN at 2:30am EST which is insane. Nearly 20k for Rrat and 6k for Ame.

>> No.8612297

>an opinion I don't like is a shitpost or bait

>> No.8612298


>> No.8612350

desu I feel like this could have been prevented if we didn't have hundreds of thousands of people subbing to their channels before a single video was up. They're probably flagged now.

>> No.8612388

Proof? Do any of those "good indies" confess that?

>> No.8612421
File: 1008 KB, 2190x1906, 2ghrdnkwfii71.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's actually affecting other chuubas too

>> No.8612476

Just check out /wvt/ and /asp/, it's been known for a long time now that Cover had problems getting enough applicants for EN2 because of their terrible reputation with the Western indie vtubing scene.

>> No.8612482

>no good indies subscribing to Holo
Anon, I'm not going to do a roommate post but if you know who they are you would know that they were all pretty massive indie accounts, including IRyS.

>> No.8612485

TeamYT needs to be shown that EN 2 graph

>> No.8612487

That's why i came back here after Coco's graduation announcement but,
as >>8612192 said
It's mostly trolls, baiters and shitposts. Way too many of the rest are uninformed dumbasses.

>> No.8612496

>get slashed 5-10 subs
>HoloEN2 meanwhile loses 50-60k at a time
Yes, very comparable to other chuubas

>> No.8612526

Jesus, I'm talking to an idiot after all.

>> No.8612543

it's the same problem

>> No.8612548

You're finding about this only now??
>※2021年8月23日追記:Tsukumo Sanaの情報ありがとうございます。
>※2021年8月23日追記:Ceres Faunaの情報ありがとうございます。
>※2021年8月23日追記:Ouro Kroniiの情報ありがとうございます。
>※2021年8月24日追記:Hakos Baelzの情報ありがとうございます。
>※2021年8月24日追記:Nanashi Mumeiの情報ありがとうございます。

>> No.8612566

>Coco's graduation
this was the only place that actually knew the truth and freely talked about why she was graduating while every other place censored what Naruchadmi tried to tell us, is that supposed to make /vt/ look bad? because it isn't working, the opposite in fact

>> No.8612572

Yea, i heard Yagoo rapes the girls during auditions.

>> No.8612602

Ok now you're being delusional

>> No.8612606

Anybody who talks about NaruFAGmi in a positive light should be ridiculed and laughed at. Fuck you.

>> No.8612645
File: 98 KB, 902x640, 4A05A258-371C-40D6-995B-C295EE868680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hundreds of thousands of people subbing to their channels before a single video was up
Wasn’t a problem for any of the previous channels. It’s not related to, see >>8558325, >>8558164, >>8557773, >>8557325, >>8557171 and the punchline: >>8558526.

It’s not affecting only holos but 1000 subs small fish too, which grows some 10 subs only to have them removed.
It started with the Aug 10th update, complaints started pouring that day on their Twitter

>> No.8612669

Yes, I know who they are, and yes, are are pretty well known.
The anon I was responding to clearly meant indies-turned-corpo who are too good to be in their small companies like PriPro's Shiki, PhaseCon's Uruka and Pippa and Niji's Selen and Rosemi - indies who had solid fanbases yet weren't snatched up by Hololive.

>> No.8612675

Oh so you are trolling, gotcha

>> No.8612679

Ah alright, I wasn't aware of that. Just youtube being garbage then.

>> No.8612680

keep seething chink

>> No.8612736

I personally unsubbed from Ceres. Maybe other people do too.

>> No.8612793

Weird how it's not affecting Niji EN at all

>> No.8612799

Yeah, by the tens of thousands, in a 3 minutes time range.
Not even Logan Paul

>> No.8612844

Nijisanji gets sponsored by Google Play to promote games, they have a better relationship with Youtube and can get it fixed instantly if anything happens

>> No.8612858

in his dreams

>> No.8612862
File: 169 KB, 622x617, welcome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's with chinks now

>> No.8612895

Gen 2 has lost +200k, something similar would be she going from 1500 to 500 subscribers

>> No.8612920

And I'm talking about how it hasn't affected them so far

>> No.8612922
File: 65 KB, 837x798, 1627316131449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8612926

Few people ever unsub from anyone on YouTube. Twitter numbers are actually interesting in that regard since people are more likely unsubscribe there in order to avoid seeing tweets they don't like.

>> No.8612931

Only if you assume they’re supposed to happen on the same proportion.

>> No.8612973
File: 179 KB, 1080x1856, 01A3FDE4-06B4-4C93-ABC1-788CF1B5256D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back to numbers: soon there will be a new category to numberfag
>VOD superchat (super thanks)
I wonder if the usual players will continue at the top

>> No.8613021

It did, before their debuts. It's not affecting them now because they have enough content on their channels.

>> No.8613025

It did before they started, lost about 10k subs each. But now they're in the +1k per day range, less than 1% new subs, so it doesn't hit them in this wave.

>> No.8613069

How would this work exactly? Their VODs could display a list of names who made a super thanks?

>> No.8613084

Rrat can't break 20k. I don't understand general audience.

>> No.8613117

looks like Rat will not peaak 20k today, i cant blame ppl for this

>> No.8613150

Sorry I dedicated all my bots to Kronii

>> No.8613159

Look at the time in NA

>> No.8613197

>up or down, Sana is always on the verge of being lapped
Ironic racists please, she's only anime brown.

>> No.8613201

Annoying voice and laugh

>> No.8613230

>Look at the time
look at Kronii's stable 30k+ right befor rat. theres res of the world + her cht full of JPs

>> No.8613232

Fauna now beats Rrat in CCV
Rrat will still beat Fauna in VOD views

>> No.8613263
File: 1.41 MB, 1280x958, file01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pretty impressive how the collab between Suisei and Inoue is still there

>> No.8613274

Just like Pekora and Ollie. Doesn't make sense.

>> No.8613275
File: 85 KB, 828x486, BE0B78B8-1407-4A3F-82ED-2BBE4E6CD783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s 3AM in the east coast.

>> No.8613278

>*let's player sound*

>> No.8613286

Kronii was literally 2 hours before Baelz.
9 pm PST/ 12 pm EST vs 11 pm PST/ 2am EST.
Are you for real?

>> No.8613361

I just don't get it. She's got so much going for her but her CCV aren't even breaking 10k and her subs are lagging by an absurd margin. It can't just be explained by muh design or muh accent. There has to be some weird YT shit going on.

>> No.8613417

And yes I know she's been getting overlapped tremendously as well, I still feel like that doesn't explain more than maybe a few thousand when everyone else is pulling almost 20k.

>> No.8613446 [DELETED] 

Because she's fucking designed in a lab to get numbers and lacks SOUL.

>> No.8613462

Blackfacing? That's the only explanation I can come up with. Someone trained the AI to recognize if a streamer's face is dark skinned yet doesn't sound black, stereotypically or realistically by their vocal inflections and tics.

>> No.8613509

19k is good for rat simulator at this time...

>> No.8613510

Dude it's the skin color, that's it. There is no fuckery or conspiracy going on, people just prefer the anime disney inspired white characters. That doesn't change the fact that she can easily get more ccv and loyal gachis like flare but her appeal to common masses is definitely at the bottom of the gen.

>> No.8613528

Voice is more important for the western audience

>> No.8613556

>the AI to recognize if a streamer's face is dark skinned yet doesn't sound black
im sure you are from the US

>> No.8613598



>> No.8613599

>ID3 auditions
more competition for nijien

>> No.8613600

I don't mean a conspiracy I mean getting screwed by the algorithm. And yeah, I've already accepted that Sanallites will be a small but loyal community just from this, but it sucks to find a girl who is perfect for you and she doesn't get the recognition she deserves, even if she doesn't care about numbers.

>> No.8613615

What's this? Numbers of sales for vtuber-related songs?

>> No.8613620

She is killing her momentum.

>> No.8613635

Even Africans are recognizable. Their entire race does have certain traits to their voices that can be discerned no matter their accent.

Training the AI to detect and downboat blackfacing sounds exactly like something they'd do.

>> No.8613709

Who cares?

>> No.8613720

You bet there's gonna be australian gachikois though I haven't seen any AUD SCs

>> No.8613746

why so salty?

>> No.8613749

to be honest she doesnt have much to offer

>> No.8613751

Anon, all it would take would be one (1) false positive of hurting some legit black creator for this to become a massive PR nightmare for google. It’s a dumb idea to assume google would stake their wad on an AI with a massive potential for failure like that.

>> No.8613785

For no reason desu

>> No.8613791

seethe nijifag

>> No.8613792

they all lost subs again

>> No.8613797

Here anon

>> No.8613802

She's done two streams you fucking mental fuck tards.

>> No.8613854

Only if they bothered turning it on. Back when Super Thanks was Applause, Matsuri and Roboco were the first to have it on but Roboco turned hers off after a few days. Ame only enabled Super Thanks a few weeks ago.

>> No.8613855

She went from 1st to 4th retard.

>> No.8613879
File: 444 KB, 828x994, 9D0CFD11-C47A-4916-BD8C-B805AB19F63B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Superb choice of game. I always wondered why vtubers shied away from VRGames like this and Beat Saber

>> No.8613950

You're stupid, aren't you?

>> No.8613951

too expensive for japan and you don't watch twitchtubers

>> No.8613955
File: 10 KB, 273x184, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>to be honest she doesnt have much to offer
>She's done two streams
yes, i watched both, but i'm talking about this particular one. (wich im watching from the start)
so fuckoff

>> No.8614001

she didnt play it in VR

>> No.8614005

Isn't chat interaction a huge pain with VR?

>> No.8614029

I should use virtual youtubers instead of vtubers to avoid this same comment e try time.

>> No.8614067

Gen 2 lost 3k again

>> No.8614160
File: 64 KB, 616x347, 1623103714398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dogshit website, fuck Youtube and fuck this thread.

>> No.8614176

Uh oh nijien bros tick tock

>> No.8614216

>and fuck this thread.
kek, why?

>> No.8614402

the rat is literally losing 1k subs a minute while live.

>> No.8614479


>> No.8614489

They are all losing

>> No.8614513

Fuck you're right, Sana was at 103k. Now she's at 101k and going back before 100k.

>> No.8614560

>kronii's vod was taken down

>> No.8614561

Just do a quick comparison with Holostats

>> No.8614593

Sana also lost 3k. Probably the others will follow.

>> No.8614598

Privated? I mean, maybe she doesn't know the end song was copyrighted or something.

>> No.8614609


>> No.8614641

She is checking if the song has or not copyright

>> No.8614749

seems like it got unprivated really fast

>> No.8614876

debut week, they will be lucky to get 10k in 2 weeks.

>> No.8614913

have you ever considered that yes, there are many bots? this isn't organic growth.

>> No.8614918

10K at this timelsot is fucking great tough.

>> No.8614964

The only non shit ID is Moona and that's because of her interactions with Pekora. The rest are forgettable.

>> No.8615005
File: 685 KB, 459x1420, FE6BDDAE-FA7B-4DBC-9014-B98F2E83FF38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly. Here is the rest of the field right now

>> No.8615016

so holokids, have you learned that nepotism is bad and hiring actual talented chubas is the path to success?

compare JP gen 3 to EN gen 2.

>> No.8615058

19k on a debut week, they will be a 5k streamer if that.

>> No.8615063
File: 81 KB, 685x149, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

raccoon > rat

>> No.8615079

JP Membership numberfagging.

>> No.8615110

The rest of the field tonight isn't that relevant to what he's saying since those are JPs. This is a rough timeslot for a EN so 10k here is extremely good.

>> No.8615120
File: 91 KB, 800x707, EB3F161B-F48B-48FF-92CA-5D761AC2D3E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, have some capital letters to allow you to blend in better

Also have some numbers to make your opinion to be on topic

>> No.8615122
File: 136 KB, 1302x207, 1626134551944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pomu seems to make a lot despite "low" viewers

>> No.8615182

I’m agreeing with him that 10k is extremely good in this time slot

>> No.8615202

>12k for Kuzuha
>9k for Kanae
Good lord...
Can't read moonrunes so no idea what their methodology is tho.

>> No.8615223

Power of cancer

>> No.8615236

>they will be lucky to get 10k in 2 weeks.
this is so funny to read after stories about iRys's debut buff after during her3-4 weeks

>> No.8615251

Who knew health conditions are so profitable?

>> No.8615267

once she dies shell get a 0

>> No.8615273


>> No.8615283

She is actually dying so no surprise she got that much today
her usuals are 1/3 of that
what is that supposed to be?

>> No.8615309

10k is probably top 400 worldwide on Twitch or YouTube, is a great number

>> No.8615322

Can't tell if this is some multi-layered joke or not.
Pekora was a nepotism hire by Miko. I think Rushia was too.

>> No.8615387

dont be mean, anon
there will be vods

>> No.8615404

She doesn't have cancer

>> No.8615410

Unique members from Feb28 to Aug23 discounting unique chatters and members who have never chatted

>> No.8615437

Look at Baelz's chat, it is full of JPs!

>> No.8615444

how can you like the bitch stacy voice some of the EN have but not those

>> No.8615547

>bitch stacy voice
fuck off, offtopic tard

>> No.8615586

I see, I think only Gura (and post-graduation announcement Coco) might have more members than Kuzuha. Too bad there's no accurate numbers for Holomems IIRC, just rough estimates.

>> No.8615599
File: 330 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_20210825-044732_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's why Kronii's VOD got privated lol

>> No.8615624

Rat is pandering to Jn so much, it seems like she will be successful "Kiara"

>> No.8615649


>> No.8615688

>members than Kuzuha
number pls

>> No.8615807

It worked for nijisanji and real life idol companies like AKB48, as far as the company is concerned there's no difference between having 5 talents with 20k viewers and fifty talents with 2k viewers, on top of which having more talents means more redundancy so if one of the talents gets uppity or needs to be removed for whatever reason it won't have a huge impact on the company as a whole

>> No.8615959

>as far as the company is concerned there's no difference between having 5 talents with 20k viewers and fifty talents with 2k viewers
Uh... idk about that one, mate.
Even if we ignore popularity, managing 50 people requires much more manpower than 5.

>> No.8616076

They don't have a salary for that, and it's entirely the job of the manager

>> No.8616107

d they do much for vtubers with 500 viewers?

>> No.8616172

If you don't care that much about your talents and just want to milk them for as much money as they can provide then you can get away with having the same sized management team for five talents as fifty.

>> No.8616203

The views on Baelz last stream seem low

>> No.8616268

So you just hire people? What is the big deal? Cover is apparently a behemoth but now it's too weak to hire managers? Most Nijis have a personal manager JP side plus lots of staff who help them do irl shit

>> No.8616299

It freezes for a hour or two.

>> No.8616338

>Most Nijis have a personal manager JP side
How many managers for the 100+ talent pool?

>> No.8616344

We are talking about a profit maximizing standpoint, ie what cover should do if all they care about is padding the ceo's pockets. Hiring more managers runs counter to that

>> No.8616409

There is a chart for holos using the same metrics that video used for Nijisanji members

>> No.8616447

They don't have managers. The talents are most left to fend for themselves.
If anything, the Vtubers are just a means to an end - think of Nijisanji like Transformers or GI Joe, Anykara just pumps out more and more characters/Vtuber because they know merch sells. More Vtubers = more merch

>> No.8616498

>Most Nijis have a personal manager JP side
I'm going to call bullshit on that, even cover only recently moved to getting personal managers for all of their talents and their talent pool is a third the size of nijisanji. There is absolutely no way nijisanji can afford a hundred man management staff on top of all the other assorted staff unless they are making three times the money cover is making now back in 2020

>> No.8616607

They've always made multiple times what cover makes from merch and voice packs, newfag

>> No.8616691
File: 417 KB, 1266x1202, 1629241144694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last time a numbers autist attempted this, Gura had about 17k members

>> No.8616728

Ah yes the mythical "muh merch" nijisanji cope that mysteriously doesn't get reflected in anykara's financial reports

>> No.8617213
File: 38 KB, 477x328, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn susans out for blood

>> No.8617258

yeah.. Sana was under 100k during her stream

>> No.8617268

I was obviously talking about past August 10 that's considered a date when mass culling started.

>> No.8617330

if cover was using bots surely it would be affecting other holomembers

>> No.8617421
File: 284 KB, 662x1307, 3A4129B4-3F2C-4B5A-AC3A-8DF4598F59AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Choco Sub putting the hell of a fight

>> No.8617530

Don't reply to bait

>> No.8617538

The data might be outdated, but if we take this at face value, then even Polka, someone who gets mocked here a lot for bad SC numbers, would be 5th in Nijisanji's membership ranking.
That's pretty good.

>> No.8618289
File: 76 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot - 2021-08-25 , 10_00_13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TOP 10 Virtual Anime Youtubers

Gura BTFO!
Pekora BTFO!
Kuzuha BTFO!

Kidding aside, that video is a good time capsule of how the field changed from them to now

>> No.8618371

One interesting thing about this video is the flood of
>where's projekt melody
about one year ago.

Did Projekt Melody reclined hard from them to now or Twitch nerfed her?

>> No.8618401

It's not unless you're EOP who thinks that vtubing started in 2020.

>> No.8618473

Here's a better one

>> No.8618667


>> No.8618719
File: 1.48 MB, 1519x5634, april 2018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the one from April 2018

>1. 1,718,575: A.I.Channel
>2. 736,870: A.I.Games
>3. 613,421: Kaguya Luna Official
>4. 539,625: Mirai Akari Project
>5. 418,975: Siro Channel
>6. 268,183: けもみみおーこく国営放送
>7. 258,207: ひなたチャンネル (Hinata Channel)
>8. 162,828: 萌実 & ヨメミ - Eilene
>9. 147,519: 月ノ美兎
>10. 123,170: SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル

>> No.8618756

>people hated Niji back then
But muh narrative.

>> No.8618773

Why April 2018?

>> No.8618797

Oldest one in the archives

>> No.8618807

Aifag(s) still hate them to this day

>> No.8618817

So called golden age of vtubers.

>> No.8618851

Well yeah, that's what you got for shitting on AI-chan 3D just like they are doing now with Hololive.

>> No.8618858

You would think so but the date comes from the oldest page in the archive

>> No.8618947
File: 192 KB, 797x665, 1551872064738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8619057
File: 262 KB, 803x684, 1551808985027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wonder if any of those are still alive alomst 2.5 years later.

>> No.8619227
File: 1.16 MB, 1297x869, omg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8619270

Gotta be fucking professional to keep on doing for 5 people

>> No.8619435

Oh how the tables have turned

>> No.8619458

I'm gonna saviourfag this guy

>> No.8619613

>golden age
>every 2nd Ai-chan's video was advertisement for shity mobile game
ps her gaming channel was ok

>> No.8619648

Niji baseball exhibition match in 10 minutes.

Numbers? (17k waiting)

Also, which non-niji was picked for their teams?

>> No.8619649

is 2nd from the bottom budget shion?

>> No.8619693

No it is the actual garlic herself.

>> No.8619695
File: 38 KB, 494x268, 345678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>vod views
but yeah, thats why i like JPs, their dedication is amazing

>> No.8619795
File: 83 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've got another "victim" for you
her subs ~1k
viewers live ~17

>> No.8619818
File: 12 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh sorry my brain went brrrrrrrrrrr when i saw apex

>> No.8619951

40k already in 5 mins
But I'm confused, are they just playing for fun this time?

>> No.8619979

Might hit 60k at this point. I'm also confused to as to why they still want to play baseball long after the event is finished.

>> No.8620011

Maybe because they actually enjoy the game....?
I know, sounds absolutely crazy don't it.

>> No.8620015

Ever heard of exhibition matches before lmao

>> No.8620024

Apparently it's like an all-stars exhibition match? I'm gonna guess 90k+, considering the Group A and B matches easily broke 100k.

>> No.8620216

>"includes paid promotion"
+JPs really like baseball

>> No.8620218
File: 56 KB, 300x168, Myst32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you just made a fatal mistake

>> No.8620230

70k 15 minutes in

>> No.8620252

roberu is the only holoshit

>> No.8620304

oh tribalfag opened his mouth again

>> No.8620305

>includes paid promotion
Money, huh

>> No.8620306

Roberu is the only good holoshart so that’s good. He actually makes an effort to stream and network.

Funny guy too.

>> No.8620379

Subaru's doing her best to erase past from her mind and become more pure/idol-like so there's no hope for MaiSuba

>> No.8620417

Konami has been sponsoring Koshien streams fucking newfag

>> No.8620421

>Subaru's doing her best to erase past from her mind

>> No.8620455

you cant be newfag if you never watched them

>> No.8620474

Look up Miko's declaration to go full into idol. Pretty much this but Subaru.

>> No.8620598

d you mean collabs with males?

>> No.8620649
File: 100 KB, 800x450, pureidol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This too

>> No.8620692

im EOP anon sorry for bothering

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