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>He wouldn't fuck a snail

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i'll fuck anything that moves

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Previous >>8224403

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bros... im about to go evolve... FOR PURE SNAIL SEX...

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So, is she safe?

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Are you really asking if it is safe to fuck a snail?
Yes. Yes it is.

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She's in my basement as we speak.

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This kills the 5channer

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cute and funny snail

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I want to cum inside her.

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What's his appeal?

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Being cute and breedable.

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>Both threads is just anons taking the piss out of 5ch schizos
I love it you fags are alright sometimes
Forget about en2 THIS is the highlight of the month

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This rat was slayed already

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She was doxxed already anon, you can stop being scared for your fragile masculinity.

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Will we save her? I really like this stupid cute snail chuuba, plus the nips are seething over her which is funny as fuck.

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U... uoh...

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I would pump her little snail womb full of my oji-san seed if I could

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>under 30 posts....
I see, the fad is over already uh. Glad I didn't subscribe and gave this person fake hope

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She probably got some consistent viewers out of it

May not be as many as she'd hoped because of the JP/EN wall, but better than what she had before.

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So why is she cosplaying in the doxx pic

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You don't even watch Vtubers.

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You are wrong, don't assume things. retard

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She still got a lot of new subs and besides there's no stream today so theres not much to talk about other than hornypost unless something happens or someone makes OC.

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/vt/ doesn't watch Vtubers

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Go to 23:27 for cute snail scream

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idk what even is the appeal of this kusoge that every other chuuba keeps streaming it

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Here this one is her just seething, for the clipfags.

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It might be an algorithm thing?
Sometimes I get recommended a small chuuba playing the same as whoever I have on

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Will we get more guests from 5ch?

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They're probably done seething at /vt/.

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Pitiful. They need to entertain us more while snail is not streaming.

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Yep they seem to have left this thread alone. No more bumps from them looks like.
I would still like to commission snail being surrounded by anons with their recorder flutes pointed at her or something.

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I would though

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The final cum

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I still love the snailhag

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>most land gastropods, however, are hermaphrodites
first canonically futa chuuba?

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Hutatama has been around for almost 3 years now but she could be the first futalolibaba

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She must hate salty cum, eat fruit for snail.

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Tsukasa, the penis one...

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She paticipated in Reitaisai, a Touhou event like comiket. She sold some CD of Touhou songs arranged by her (and some other members of the group).
Some threats were written in 5ch thread by antis, but finally Japanese stalkers were cowardly chickens and couldn't do anything. It was the unique picture taken by chance.
Probably she will participate in the next one in October.
Her account for touhou event

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Not related, but it always kills me that japs still use CDs. Like, none of my PCs or laptops even had a CD drive for last 15 years.

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I'm personally glad they use CD and started using Blu-ray considering they still use fax machines and some companies program in DOS

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DVD and Bluray never really replaced CD for just audio so it's not surprising at all. Most anime releases in Japan are like 2 episodes on a Bluray/DVD then an audio CD with the voice actors doing additional skits or the op/ed

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>snail is a 2hufag
holy based, she just keeps getting better

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According to 5ch, Cookie member, so a toohoofag for sure. We should bully her to make NYN stuff.

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no one ever should make nyn stuff and nynfags should all die

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All I want is to impregnate her. That's all.

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>posts doxx
>few posts later "we should bully her"
How about a trip to 青木ヶ原, Takeshi

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I didn't know that the law of 4chan is so strict. I wonder if an url of a tweet of an innocent person would be deleted or not.

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Digging time

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Somehow the thread survived until the next stream and looks like we still got 5fags here
Do we still love snail? She is digging a mass grave for japan monarchy and the fat ass of her anti's moms

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You don't blend in gook I bet you had a few hammering downs for sticking out too in your fucked society.

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i'm gonna fuck this snail

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Why does snail uses a voice modifier when she's a (Cute) hag?

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I'm started watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q8d_Ivab7Q and I already feel bad for her. If she actually cries at the end of the video I might actually cry too.

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5ch schizos on her tail.

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Ganbare anon, do it for snail.

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Gosh that laugh was adorable

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What are the chances snail knows ねこねこ and sings 夏はマシンガン for a superchat?

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I miss the translation bro...

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But she doesn't tho? Voicemods aren't that good and it would slip with how she raises her voice.

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Then maybe she has a bad mic or something's fucked with how she balances her audio? Because it definitely sounds unnatural.

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I'm 100% sure it's a Daiso mic

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4chan schizos look for a reason why her voice is so gross.
In fact she even made soundproof room for delivery.

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damn you went to her house to check? nips are next level

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do nips really not like hags?

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Snail got pretty hot there for a while

They are low t

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How is her voice gross, it makes me harder than diamonds

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/vt/ sure is busy watching her stream

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I liked it far more when she was alone

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>she's afraid of chickens

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Snail is a chad that jumps off a house rather than use stairs
>just kills creeper with a block and walks off unscathed

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Well that's that, will /vt/ watch her play recorder tomorrow?
She might do it then

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I hope more 5channers come to here, its really fun interacting with them

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Sorry anon, there might be like 1 tired nipschizo still wasting his time here

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Maybe he'll call more people like in the first thread, having a 4ch+5ch merge thread would be pretty fun

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How's that still up? Janny likes to ban for less stupid shit, also keep being a tard and get the other gooks rangebanned

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Why she dressed like that

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It's Abe's plan to fix Japan's birthrates

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