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Ame copied all her ideas from other vtubers. Ame has never done anything original.

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Nijisanji just copies Hololive. That's what they do. You should know that by now.

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Hey guys, Amelia Watson here.

I'm pomu

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This faggot comes to our thread and posts this, and we call him out for being a faggot; and he does exactly what we thought he would do. Teamates, why do you do this? >>8514788

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Pomu messed up revealing she's a lesbian and then trying to date her goslings

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How fucking new holonigger?

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The legs resting over tables thing was not ?

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They are Nijis what do you expect?

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Were you not here when she first did that? There was a huge thread and people were posting vtubers that did it before her. There was a JP vtuber that did the legs thing and even a furry western fag that did it before Ame. There's probably more but I'm too lazy to go into the archive. Ame's 3D shenanigans and dancing were stuff Coco and other jp vtubers were already doing months/years ago. She's really entertaining but people going 'O MY GOD SO INNOVATIVE' really expose themselves as being EOP normalfags who don't watch many chubas

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they opened EN branch to copy hololive, of course they gonna stole stream ideas as well

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>gets told off in the general
>anons laugh at the fact that he'll make a new thread to get his holo friends to agree with him
>the retard does it
>holo friends still shit on him aside from EOPs who have no idea what JPs are doing

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Not to mention that this stream that allegedly is copying Amelia was a dollhouse stream where we robbed a bank and got caught be Pomu.

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Wow, that's weaselly. Wants to milk spachas from her retarded goslings then get her ham munched by some butch dyke. Ironic that Finana turned out to be the best Lazulight after she was so despised pre-debut.

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I'm Pomu!

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And we have morons here who actually agree. fucking kek.

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>2.4k watching

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Markiplier date was better

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I wonder what happen to youtube choose your adventure feature. I went on a date with markiplier and my second time was on a heist. They look like they took a lot of effort. I don't see many people use them. The other form is a quiz.

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Why are holo fans such drooling newfag rratards?

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every time there are 2 girls with similar color schemes you people think one of them is copying the other, even if they do completely different things. is /vt/ mentally six? maybe you should be tested for object permanence next.

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Carykh's CYOA was way cooler.

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Ame and Pomu are the same
I'm Pomu

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>Doesn't watch the streams
>Assumes that HoloEN is totally original in their ideas
>"Why is she copying her?"

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heh. nothin personnel, ms. cancer tiddy

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it's not copying if she did it better than her

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You just sound like a jealous 2view

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why do nijiniggers take the bait every single time?

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everyone who doesn't exclusively watch hololive is a nijinigger to you tards

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We aren't, this faggot came to our general and posted this and we are just pointing out his faggotry.

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Civia did it first, date streams are copyrighted by the chinks
sorry I don't make the rules

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looks at those numbers, I am impressed pomu

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Was probably even higher

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That's some midget numbers. But then again I think she was going against Gura and the new black girl, so having ~2k loyal fans that'll not drop her to watch someone better isn't bad at all, for a midget size channel.

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To be fair, that's a lot better than the fish and rose's big LoL collab.

>> No.8520916

would have watched but
Niji thread became unusable as well because of league autists chatting about random league shit

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newfag bait is the most hilarious shit

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kek, that's so fuckin sad

>> No.8521339

her peak was 2.7k, pretty great since Gura and Sana (new EN2) was streaming.

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i didn't know it was possible for bait to be self-aware, enjoy your (you)

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(you) was bullied in numbers thread, so (you) decided to make original post? i see

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