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Literally what the hell is this girl's problem?
Stage fright?

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She's too busy getting fucked by me to focus.

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At first she was just nervous, but then the bad thing happened to her. You know, the Matsuri thing?

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She's actually /here/. A non-virgin social retard. That's what (You) are.

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She has legitimate memory issues. Tell the unicorns to fuck off when they inevitably jump on this girl.

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I could save her bros...

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The doxxdrama isn't the end of the world. I don't see how that would cause her to sperg out this badly.

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She's too busy fantasizing about fucking her boyfriend to talk.

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Yeah, but it just happened. I hope an EN who had the same problems can cheer her up.

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She was doing perfectly fine and I was looking forward to watching her first stream when the BF bomb dropped and I had to unsub. Damn shame.

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Brain damage for being fucked silly by her bf.

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Missed the stream, how did she get doxxed?

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Imagine basing your opinions of an entertainer off their love life
couldn't be me

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people heard her voice, someone recognized the voice as a previous streamer/content creator, her past life's twitters were combed for drama juice

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Could someone fill me in real quick? Can't work and watch/listen at the same time

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She's a slut

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she was my favorite of the bunch, only one i could actually imagine myself watching on any given day

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Why can't it be both?

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She lurks here and saw all the posts talking about her boyfriend and had a panic attack live on air. She should prob graduate.

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Owls, despite being seen as symbols of wisdom, are actually really fucking dumb.

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>I don´t is funny anymore

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During the collab stream, Owl girl was super nervous and quiet most of the time. Any time she did try to speak she was talked over by someone else. Then near the end, she was getting technical issues. When the stream ended, their mics leaked and one of the other girls said "Mumei do you need a big hug?"

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she's deliberate trolling and sabotaging the collab

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autism but it only makes her cuter

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The chud tourists will move on soon, then we can have her all to ourselves anon-kun

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Thanks, I hope she can recover get over it.

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Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.
>mfw thinking of you hurting

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Despite being the most experienced streamer out of all of them with one million subs this fucking loser did nothing but go 'WHAT' and not say anything the whole fucking collab

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Bitch is to afraid of spilling her boyfriend's cum, so she keeps her mouth shut.

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Yeah, let's kill her fright by trying our best to use the chat, that's how it gets solved, literally no other option, also she had a 90k audience, it's a miracle she didn't faint.

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You guys know being nervous during your debut is actually normal, right?

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I really liked Mumei a lot. She really grew on me when I was expecting to like Fauna the most.

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i think mumei is gonna be pretty great, eventually

once she drops the 'forgetful' schtick and stops being so nervous

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It was cute how the others were comforting her after the stream

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Lmao. Ok. I love Mumei and that made me laugh my ass off.

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Because it's not her

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Owls are actually hardcore predators, the larger species fucking hunt other birds of prey.

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>then we can have her all to ourselves anon-kun
Already forgot that you're gonna have to share with her boyfriend?

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did she said she had a BF on stream!?

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Cover is getting a government subsidy by hiring a girl with mental disabilities

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So progressive!

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no. past life digging occurred

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>You can find out every preference she has and she won't even know this is the 20th time.

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Yeah, I just unsubbed too. Ruined. I had the most hope for her and I liked her, but then she went and deleted that bf tweet right after her debut. Could you be any more obvious? Wish these girls would just be upfront about these kinda things. How are you supposed to trust anything they say when they're deleting tweets trying to hide shit right after debut?

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ahh, then it's non-canon. I can still have her all to myself

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You'd think that cover would finally learn and teach these girls that they need to delete this shit beforehand, but lol nope.

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she actually deleted it despite it being from months ago?

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oh so its not cannon, doesnt matter

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4chan amber girl just got doxx and is afraid of being /here/ now

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anon, Kiara was a cock-sleeve for a few years trying to be an idol and she people still like her, she will be ok

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Honestly treating these girls like they're fictional is maybe the healthiest way you can watch vtubers, godspeed anon.

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She deleted it because several schizos started posting under it saying "RUINED BOYS"

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Dumb whore, if you're gonna debut with Hololive delete your old tweets or AT LEAST make them private.

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owlzheimer's disease, anon. owlzheimer's disease.

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ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep8mQpSLj8s

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she dumped her boyfriend before they'd even held hands - just for you, and you're not giving her a chance? anon, that's cold

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if her having a BF troubles you so much then don't watch her. It literally makes no difference, she's not going to talk about him on stream anyways.

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I don't get it...

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she's setting a precedent for holoEN. They shouldn't fear showing this kind of stuff if it's not in hololive itself.

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She hates printers. And to be honest, who doesn't?

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Or simply not caring about their personal lives.

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This. How can these sluts be so stupid and not even try to hide their past? I know ENcucks are more tolerant, but it's stupid to think it won't affect you in any way.

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2-3 more gens and they'll openly be talking about their sex lives while using games as a background noise.
Do you really want this to be the future?

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mumei was my least fav debut but doxxfags still get the rope without exception

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So, can we finally get some good sex ASMR?

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It'll never go that far. And that depends on the person's personalities, must people aren't comfortable openly talking about that kind of stuff.

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>slippery slope fallacy
nice try

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What do you think?

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Yes, she did. I saw the post before her debut was over and then went back and it was gone.

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>ITT: Doomposters and nothingburgers
Seriously, it's getting old.

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We don't even know if the dox is accurate

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This is what Yagoo gets for not hiring nuns.

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If /pol/ and how nations are slowly degenerating in morals in almost every single field has taught me, is that the people who predict a slippery slope are 100% correct

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And yet it always comes true...

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I dunno but she's top tier fap material

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It's not, the girl in question doesn't even watch anime.

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People here love to talk about how they hate IRL women and shit, but also act like fucking 14-yo girls gossiping. Why does /lolcow/ keeps leaking into here?

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the idea of the 'slippery slope' being a fallacy has been disproven. in fact, the vast majority of things - movie series, TV shows, video game franchises, band discographies - have deteriorated in quality over time. there are very, very few examples of the opposite. the slippery slope is real. deal with it.

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shes is the lesser Ame. they both have autism and can't interact well in groups.

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even worse, you get a bunch of retards sperging out on some completely unrelated persons socials

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>Forgets in 30FPS

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>get confused for a severely bad case of mistaken identity
>can't correct it, can't talk about it, have to just sit with it

>/vt/, which you may have hinted at that you're here, goes from gushing over you, getting the knives out
>then goes on to just shit on your actual content/performance as legit bad on top of it

>try to live up to the hopium against all odds. put in things no big corpo has ever done like history lectures. don't know GSG at all but fit in sims/rts to try to please.
>this gets acknowledged but mostly ignored by many in favor of the assumptions

I'd be... so sad, if I were her.

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She's cute and the most normal of the lot.

>> No.8440660

She's probably nervous because she's already being cyberstalked

>> No.8440664

It's not that, it's that "it" was just out there in the open and was the easiest thing in the world to try to bury months ago. Play dumb games win dumb prizes, etc. Could have all been completely avoided - imagine if that aspect just wasn't there. People would be like "she was a little dull but otherwise 1000/10 the girl we hoped she would be."

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Take your meds or go back to your cesspool

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I don't understand your reasoning. It's schizos on here digging up roommate information and talking about it, not the chuubas themselves. How does one thing lead to the other?

>> No.8440722

I still cant believe that she lived up to the hype. What a day!
Kroni is a pathetic hag, sadly.
Ceres is better than i thought.

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they all start fallen and must redeem themselves by actually being good

>> No.8440822

Touch some grass.

>> No.8440866

return to reddit

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Cali and Gura already vlog about themselvesIRL while using the cute anime girl avatar, so whats the problem?
Actually, they're the most famous from 1st gen. Wich is sad.

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>we don't even know if the dox is accurate
cope and seethe cuckhold

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Its fun to make fun of people who are guaranteed success and are receiving giant heaps of praise and fanart from every other online platform.

Its also ultimately better for this shit to come out on their debut rather than having schizos learn they were in relationships months in when they've become invested in the persona.
Let the crazies talk shit about you on /vt/, at least they don't care enough about you to do anything with real substance.

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You do realize the general population of /vt/ are women right? Usually when you see an anon say he hates women... it's actually a girl.

>> No.8440968

Return to your mother's womb.

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>try to live up to the hopium against all odds. put in things no big corpo has ever done like history lectures. don't know GSG at all but fit in sims/rts to try to please.
I personally look forward to history talk and rts/sim games. I'd watch the hell out of some RCT2 streams.

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imagine being this retarded

>> No.8441007

The problem is that this info was publically available in the first place.
There would be zero drama about this if they've hidden it all.
They could still have boyfriend, but nobody would have any idea, and they would know that there's a line they shouldn't cross, instead of learning it the hard way like Ame, Ollie, Matsuri, etc.

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You know me so well, anon.

>> No.8441075

>He doesn't know that /w/ banned VTuber threads there
>He hasn't seen the barrenness of /ot/'s art salt threads

>> No.8441079 [DELETED] 

You cuckolds always make me laugh. It's only downhill from here owlkeks.

>> No.8441104

So what they have a problem, whats wrong with you niggas
Wait you actually thought you had a chance to fuck a asian cartoon if she was single. NIGGA IS YOU RETARDED

>> No.8441108

>the general population of /vt/ are women
This is the most delusional post I have read on this board.

>> No.8441111 [SPOILER] 

Wait there are actual women here? Any redpilled ones? I need a wife.

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>> No.8441170

>He doesn't know that kiwifarms is also full of women

>> No.8441177

>@Obisa7 speaks Spanish
>writes "cuckhold" instead of "cuckold"


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I still can't believe strategy anon only ever got hyped over one vtuber and he was actually correct, this IS the sim/rts girl. he has a 100% winrate, how many other vtuber fans can say that

>> No.8441189

why would a redpilled woman want you

>> No.8441195

Holy shit, please tell me this ain't deleted yet

>> No.8441210

Making fun of "guaranteed success" people =! Going nuts because of someone having a bf and fucking up someone's (possibly unrelated) social page.
This is not an excuse to act like that.

>> No.8441230

I wouldn't say it's majority but it's some way-larger portion than many boards. Not as high as /cgl/ though which is probably like 90% (discounting horny lurkers who don't post).

>> No.8441251

Kek just admit that men gossip as much as women.

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>You do realize the general population of /vt/ are women right?

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Tits or GTFO

>> No.8441291

I'm sticking with Ina and Irys, fuck these new sjw whores

>> No.8441292

The point of the slippery slope fallacy is that you can't use it as the entire basis of your argument. It does not mean that there can literally never be a case of a slippery slope.
It's the difference between saying we shouldn't legalize heroin because... just because it's bad okay??? and saying we shouldn't legalize heroin because of statistics on how addictive it is.
If you can provide evidence it's totally valid to argue that an action might have negative consequences.

>> No.8441299

this. you fags have worse memory than her if you can't remember ame's nervousness on her debut and how much shit you gave her

>> No.8441301

You have missed the point

>> No.8441318

Why don't you fucks just ask him
>is shachi mumei
>are you still dating
etc if you care that much rather than just ogle it assuming your rrat is correct. He may very well be able to kill it (or confirm it 100%).

>> No.8441336

Nah, if you have a dick like me you'd be too horny to post about rrats and instead be masturbating.

>> No.8441337

Why the fuck do you have to trust anything they say? They’re fucking anime streamers not your girlfriend. Tired of all these no-life faggits cooming to their oshi all day.

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Muh pure untainted GF is RUINED


>> No.8441353

To have White children, if for anything just to spite the jews and their scheme of White genocide?
Pretty sure that's a lot more redpilled than becoming 30+ hopping from one cock to the other and then just settling with cats or w/e.

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File: 1.60 MB, 660x688, 1629668216711.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just boring personality and not witty enough to come with good comebacks

>> No.8441375

The most beloved EN on this board overcame these troubles.

>> No.8441379 [DELETED] 

What's the problem if she has a boyfriend? why whenever the word "boyfriend" pops up you faggots go on full cope mode, she is an entertainer not your virtual girlfriend.

>> No.8441384 [DELETED] 

Can you imagine it bros. The owl getting railed live on stream with us loyal kahoots sending in those supachas. Hearing the superior male take whats his in front of all of us. I can't wait!

>> No.8441391

How could he @ someone that didn't join until June of this year in a tweet from 2019?

>> No.8441406

Yeah it's not like Cover's entire income stream was set up around that or anything, and you are actually the odd-one-out for trying to discount the relevance of that. Owait.

>> No.8441408

Arguments are hard when you get all your talking points from a handbook, please understand

>> No.8441456

Only a woman would say that shit.

>> No.8441459

that'll be fauna though, asmr streams are prime for that shit.

>> No.8441471

Why can't you niggers just have the mindset of aiming to make her bf a cuck fucking Hell be a damn man

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>> No.8441482

Spoken like a true redditor

Edit: Omg thanks for the gold!

>> No.8441506

The population of women here is definitely larger than most other boards but saying that the general population here is made up of women is hilariously delusional

>> No.8441513


No job
Massive faggot

>A-at least I'm white

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File: 3.00 MB, 463x451, O G E Y.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys are all getting trolled.


Shuchi !== Mumei

Stop falling for it retards, we have the wrong person.

>> No.8441544 [DELETED] 
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preparing the condom budget for her as we speak

>> No.8441552

>Nenechi profile
Fuck this guy. Don't use my oshi for this

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Since you don't speak Japanese, you aren't aware several hololivers already do this.

>> No.8441574

chuumbuds aren't human.

>> No.8441580

>m-muh japanese waifu experience
>but Cover was always like that!!
Or some shit like that.

>> No.8441586

>get this
>what if I forgot that I told you guys that I forget things
>and do it again?

Kinda cute the first time, not the I dunno, 5th? 6th? 10th? It's not like she'll be able to really work that in as relevant for anything at all unless she totally misses a scheduled stream, in which case she can be like "t-teehee I told you guys I forget stuff."

>> No.8441606

oh just like Kiara? streaming with fresh old man jizz still all over her face and pussy.

>> No.8441610 [DELETED] 

kek all these cucks trying to justify themselves. Should've stopped having shit taste and oshi'd a failed ex-idol(prostitute) instead.

>> No.8441652

That's hot, desu.

>> No.8441661

Wow you're insecure

>> No.8441662

it's called foot-in-the-door phenomenon. By starting with small requests, you're much more likely to be able to get larger ones.

>> No.8441665

What's the logic behind this? The whole point of idols is to exploit lonely men.

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Fucking retards have created a huge hype from someone who hasn't even debuted.

Now they need to cope to feel that they haven't lied to themselves.

>> No.8441686

No on all counts, do I get a redpilled wife now?

>> No.8441702

lol this retards replying to the accounts are actually going against the narrative that she's this girl. mainly because we all know they started spamming her in the twitter account and she prolly just deleted it cuz of ppl trolling her out of nowhere,

>> No.8441710


>> No.8441711

Yes is normal but 80% of persons here, prefer to cope and think their fav vtuber were pro at debut.

>> No.8441718

Girls love to gossip. What do you think rrating is, fundamentally?

>> No.8441723 [DELETED] 
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I dont really care about bf but she is such a snoozefest. Would probably be interesting if idolfags force her to graduate. Now thats top tier entertainment.

>> No.8441730

I just want a fucking schedule from her so I know what to expect in the next week.

>> No.8441767


Why would someone who has standards settle with you?

>> No.8441768

Everyone ignoring this and THIS is the proof that she's not the owl. This board really likes drama.

>> No.8441773 [DELETED] 
File: 1.33 MB, 1200x1697, 1629671904583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wearing a condom!?
>whoops I forgot~

>> No.8441795 [DELETED] 

Seethe more retard

>> No.8441796

Didn't she post one? Or maybe she didn't, and I forgot..

>> No.8441819

I actually have a sexual life, so I don't really care about what does my oshi does, desu. Maybe if you work out, eat some vegetables and learn to talk to people, you'll get your dick wet sometimes instead of caring about the sexual life of random internet chicks. It's way better for you.

>> No.8441833

Too much cum inside her

>> No.8441844
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Yep, so far her personality revolves around being forgetful and HEY GUYS SORRY I FORGOT, WHAT, DID I TOLD YOU THAT I FORGET

Such a waste on her character too, because civilization theme could be pretty exploitable in the hands of a good VA. For example, what if she had a protective attitude and wanted to protect humans from the other cosmic forces that are the other members of the council. Specially Ceres/nature, who has a beef with civilization having destroyed yet?
tl;dr Good character idea wasted on a talentless hack

>> No.8441847


i don't get it

>> No.8441856

Of course, I dont condone shitposting anywhere outside of /vt/.
But it comes with the territory. Towa had to make a formal apology video because she streamed out male voices and fucked up explaining who it was.
Hell, this exact shit 1-to-1 happened with Ame.

The main audience of vtubers is lonely socially malajusted men.
If these vtubers really wanted to put an end to this shit right off the bat, they would mention upfront they have a boyfriend pre-debut or on-stream.

>> No.8441904


Marine and Matsuri come to mind as far as going over their sexual shit

>> No.8441918

Bro wtf i opened her twitter like 5 minutes ago and in that time since it's been privated
bros she knows we're watching

>> No.8441924

What animes did the Owl mentioned as her favorites?

>> No.8441944

Someone fill me in, im too busy to dig shit up.

>> No.8441949
File: 194 KB, 427x381, when the ogey is rrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe this is a concerted effort to sabotage. The voice, the likes, the tastes in anime, none of it matches. We're falling victim to some kind of raid.

>> No.8441950

Timestamp for that mic leak thing?

>> No.8441971


>> No.8441972

Being redpilled isn't about being a careerist, hedonist, or individualist, it's about recognizing that jews rule us and want to destroy our race.

>> No.8441993
File: 104 KB, 220x222, 1618594608644.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you mean I could have argued with an actual g-g-gi-girl here?!?!?!?

>> No.8442013 [DELETED] 
File: 785 KB, 625x496, haveyoumetthetemp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Expecting women in their 20s to be celibate just so they can pretend to be an anime girl on the internet
Never change you retards. I only come here to remind myself just how pathetic people who aren't me are. Thanks

>> No.8442016

The Caretaker discography appreciation stream when?

>> No.8442021

Are they actually talking about themselves having sex or is it innuendos and jokes

>> No.8442025
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Literally made for fellatio, with seed overflowing from her mouth, down her chin and dripping down into her cleavage window.

>> No.8442035

Exactly. Top tier fap NETORARE material.

>> No.8442046

well big oof for her then, no hope for owl is /here/chuuba though

>> No.8442056

It's protocol to hide your love life (or even have one) for JP idols. These EN idols on the other hand ...

>> No.8442060 [DELETED] 

Not the same as talking about real sexual lives you mongoloid.

>> No.8442077

Gee it's almost as if seething indie groups, vsh*jo faggots and and n*jisanji people are a significant chunk of the board and would gleefully take an opening to try to fuck over a new Holo gen.

After all, I'd bet a lot of people wouldn't have shown NijiEN mercy if a similar thing happened to them.

>> No.8442084

read a book dude they are fucking streamers

>> No.8442086

Really? That sounds cute as fuck

>> No.8442089
File: 440 KB, 714x750, Kiarastrueform.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who do you think would be the most in need to undermine her own kouhais just to not be forgotten? why only kfp's are the one raiding and commenting on twitter?

>Pic related

>> No.8442094

/vt/ has identified someone (who has a 1 million subscriber youtube channel and vtuber persona) as the Owl's past life, it is unclear if this is accurate however the circumstantial evidence is in favor of it being true.

/vt/ards then started replying to a tweet where her past life mentions her boyfriend and she deleted it, fueling the fire, her boyfriend was identified, and now she's locked her account

>> No.8442096
File: 371 KB, 2048x974, ExT9vblWgAILrnP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You say its the Jews that rule you, but as a card carrying Belgian I can say it is in fact us who are behind the world's problems as revenge for world war 1 and 2.

>> No.8442108

Eh, you don't need to be nervous. They're uglier than the traps that post here after some femanons posted their cunny in global.

>> No.8442114
File: 32 KB, 121x122, 1629683342592.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be mumei
>nervous about debut already
>get notification on your phone
>people are commenting on an old tweet that mentioned your ex-bf
>know how idol culture is and get hyper extremely nervous
>break down and cry at the end of baelz stream

>> No.8442121

There was a male in the room making lots of noise.

>> No.8442123

You ntr niggers and cuckposters are unironically the worst thing after the rrats

>> No.8442140
File: 253 KB, 510x508, 1627282572415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well you people certainly ACT like a bunch of women.

>> No.8442189

>literally Amegeddon again

>> No.8442192

Matsuri even talks about her fetishes and past sexual experiences.

>> No.8442202

I guess you really must be a woman because you don't know how hag-like men can be.

>> No.8442241

LMAO You guys are cancelling her because of a tweet she made on an alt account. You're literally SJW's. Just let it go, bros. It's water under the bridge.

>> No.8442244
File: 306 KB, 643x758, Chad Catholic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Half of this board unironically is ok with women sleeping around and saying its normal
Religious chads [email protected]?

>> No.8442245


>> No.8442246

Shachimu is not the owl you fucking idiots.

>> No.8442248

Not really any proof here

>> No.8442258

>this is the same as talking about the dick sizes of the guys they fucked last weekend

>> No.8442261

It makes Kiara better to know she was such a fuck up that she need to do compensated dating and whoring to make ends meet.
It gives me hope that if she can make it anyone can make it.

>> No.8442265

This is protocol because japs are fucking mental. This is not a "good pratice".

>> No.8442278
File: 72 KB, 305x387, neat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You called?

>> No.8442318

>Expecting women in their 20s to be celibate just so they can pretend to be an anime girl on the internet
I'd say that's a small price to pay for how much money they're making.
Or they could just delete those tweets before debuting, lock their doors, make sure that no guy can hop into their voicechat, etc. and then get railed as much as they want offstream.

>> No.8442331

Right here. Ina and Irys are the only girls for me.

>> No.8442333

Learn japanese and watch the vods.

>> No.8442345

>she literally locked her account after the info has already gotten out, thereby 100% confirming it

>> No.8442358

>implying she is not still getting fucked daily just to get stuff for her stream

>> No.8442375

If that's true why did Shuchi's twitter just go private?

>> No.8442393
File: 33 KB, 363x310, Bender Laugh Harder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8442402

oh no no no

>> No.8442429


don't know, wasn't paying attention. it doesn't matter anyway. a person can have different favorite animes at the beginning and end of a two year period. a person can also say whatever the fuck they want and contradict themselves later. you can't prove two people aren't actually the same person solely based on the fact that person A said their favorite color was blue two years ago and person B said today that their favorite color is green.

>> No.8442433


Because autists are climbing outside of the woodwork to raid her.

>> No.8442443

She probably privated it because retards where spamming her.

>> No.8442451

Because fags like you keep messaging her

>> No.8442460

It is good practice, actually. It works quite well for the audience.

Part of vtubing is escapism. That means idealizing the female personality. This means effectively NOT portraying to people that you are a fucking western feminist whore, which is the farthest thing from an idealized woman.

>> No.8442463
File: 1.24 MB, 1600x900, 1604112209767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry everything will be fine

>> No.8442490

So no actual proof outside of people talking about fetishes and "I'm horny"

I also doubt that the Japanese talents are doing that seeing how idols are taken in japan

>> No.8442514

Because anon they're women and they don't think things through.

>> No.8442516

it's normal behavior they're not help up by your faggot standards of being a boring fuck

>> No.8442524
File: 476 KB, 590x591, w1601172973964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's got 3

>> No.8442540

it sounds exactly like her
this copium is off the charts

>> No.8442551

Because she's getting spammed with the force of a thousand horny angry retards.

>> No.8442558 [DELETED] 


>> No.8442567

And several girlfriends

>> No.8442583

What if my escapism doesn't give a fuck about other people sexual life since I'm not a social inept shit?

>> No.8442588

maybe because she is getting harassed?? are you retarded????

>> No.8442602

>be some random chick on twitter
>enjoying regular passionate hetero sex with chad boyfriend
>post tweet about vibing and enjoying life
>move on a couple months
>suddenly thousands of retarded manchildren start spamming your DMs about some weird owl fetish
>wat is hologram live?
>they are swarming around the tweet where you talk about your chad bf
>delete tweet in hopes the retards will go away
>they frenzy after the tweet disappears
>creeped out now
>lock account and run to safety

>> No.8442622

Hololive shills are really bad at damage control

>> No.8442625

Seethe and Cope. Read http://editions-hache.com/essais/pdf/kaczynski2.pdf

>> No.8442631


>> No.8442658

can you elaborate. Im out of the loop

>> No.8442678

Bro, Ollie left me drained for weeks with the finger thing, I don't even want to imagine what is going to happen with my cute owl waifu.

>> No.8442689


>Marine talking about her sexual fetishes and past relationships

>Marine openly talking about how proud she is of her ass and other sexual features

>This is acceptable to my Taliban ass because she is Japanese and thus I cannot understand her and can fill in the gaps with my own delusions

>> No.8442691

anon they have the exact same voice you can't be serious ovnxm

>> No.8442703

Noel roommate.

>> No.8442709

Amegeddon was rock solid compared to this tbf. The curiouscat infodump of her personal life, the extremely unique and easily identifiable voice, tons of consistencies in game choice and taste in media to further corroborate that it's the same person, and finally shutting down her curiouscat and even leaving a "fuck you guys" kinda message for everyone who dug it up.

With Rumei/Shachi it's literally "they sound kinda similar". The taste in anime is completely off, we haven't seen Mumei draw anything that looks even remotely similar to what Shachi draws/drew, there's no indication that the two play similar games, etc. This is nowhere near the level that Amegeddon was on (yet).

>> No.8442719

Posting the unibomber's manifesto isn't going to help your case

>> No.8442731


>> No.8442732

We just have to wait until the owl draws on stream to know if she is really shachi or not

>> No.8442739

It's okay Mumei, just please try to be less of a retard in your future streams.

>> No.8442742

Nobody gives a shit about how well adapted you are anon, its all about the target demographic that pays the most, and that happens to be goslings.

>> No.8442775
File: 180 KB, 1722x1321, EwaW4IUVIAMXNQg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do your archive reps anon

>> No.8442799
File: 246 KB, 463x453, 1614110773171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll fucking chop some trees and spill oil in a river just to make you mad, treefucker.

>> No.8442803

Explain why she deleted the boyfriend tweet right after the owl's debut.

>> No.8442813 [DELETED] 

Ask me how I know you don't know a lick of Japanese

>> No.8442823

Coming from people who can't tell the difference between a british and aussie accent

>> No.8442825

no. spoon feed me please

>> No.8442840

it sounds exactly like her and her anime tastes align with the tastes of someone who doesn't watch anime anymore but likes the anime aesthetic and manga once in a while

>> No.8442858

And what do you believe she's saying

>> No.8442865

absolutely basado

>> No.8442878

Because shizos started posting on it? Are you retarded?

>> No.8442909

You people are beyond help. I'm sorry the system did this to you.

>> No.8442927

it literally doesn't schizo

>> No.8442950

Then you should look for something else because this medium was not made with you in mind
As much as it makes you uncomfortable, gachikoi are THE target audience

>> No.8442967

Sexual fetishes and a nice ass are fap bait material. Talking about current relationships is cuck shit and when it becomes a problem

>> No.8442978

Why are you even here if you hate technology? Shouldn't you be living in the woods making mail bombs?

>> No.8442985
File: 102 KB, 576x1024, EG4mE3PX4AE1LZW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she's White and Based
I don't care if she has a boyfriend, hope they make a dozen White children, kill yourselves SEAniggers

>> No.8442996

doxxfags get banned so no thanks, the info is out there if you want to see it

>> No.8443000

Dame Info ahora

>> No.8443014

Moron I believe that the Slippy slope is correct but posting the manifesto of a weirdo that attempted to blow people up doesn't help out at all

>> No.8443026

>If its not sachi she's pure
>if it is she's confirmed white
/pol/ can't stop winning

>> No.8443031

hadn't had sushi since precovid..

>> No.8443040

Kill yourself LEAF

>> No.8443044

I'm finishing my masters in electrical engeneering and I'll accelerate the progress of human technology just to spite you, anprim faggot.

>> No.8443060


If they were actually the pure talent, sure. But Marine is having coco put a fake buttplug in her ass in 3d and crawling on all fours.

She is an anime girl, not your wife because you're sharing her with literal millions

>> No.8443072

>her boyfriend is black
enjoy the used pussy

>> No.8443096

>Suddenly several weirdos start posting on tweet from 6 months ago with no context
>delete tweet and hope it stops

>> No.8443137

I’m not an anti but I’m pretty convinced that it’s Shachi.
Don’t care who she fucks though, still gonna watch her.

>> No.8443141

guide me in the right pat maybe?

>> No.8443158


Why do you think the unabomber, of all people, would have your back on liking virtual youtubers?

>> No.8443162

I'm not the one complaining about it. I'm asking the other guy if she is actively talking about fucking people IRL in her streams.

>> No.8443177

I'm sure it'll get there

>> No.8443193
File: 520 KB, 851x957, 1603160466340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rightoids worshipping uncle ted will never not be funny.

>> No.8443197

Mumei's intro looks really similar to how shachi draws, I thought.

I heard also shachi supposedly has a beefhouse PC, of which I'd like to see that irrefutably validated, as it's evident Mumei is on a 'tato that can hardly do 30fps. If Shachi cared about kayfabe so much, so as to change out the PC (something that actually takes effort/significant money to do) why the fuck would she not have just deleted those old tweets, if they mattered? Even if she decided to use an old laptop she already had sitting around instead of her main PC if she thought that was an opsec issue, it still would be mind-boggling to care about that and not incriminating relationship status in the open. You'd think that'd be the very-very first thing gone. This would practically a QED if someone can validate the PC specs for me (seems like a lot to dig through and I'm hoping someone just knows).

If mumei just isn't Shachi, then Shachi had no reason to bury that because she never was at-risk. The similar intro drawing though is bothersome however and the fact they both like to sing and have fucking pretty similar (but not always same-sounding) voices also gives pause. I mean mumei could just be talking a little different than natural speaking tone, or shachi was always higher pitched than normal and mumei is a different take on it.

>> No.8443199

>who cares if we're doxxing a random chick? it's the well-ajusted people who should just leave
Can't make that shit up.

>> No.8443210

you go girl, ugh fuck these incels even though they pay for basically everything

>> No.8443222

No tengo informacion Anon, probes Google. Wow I actually retained something I learned in school.

>> No.8443226


>> No.8443250

>it's the well-ajusted people who should just leave
Yes. Door's over there

>> No.8443290

>white power sign

>> No.8443335

Fuck off, subhuman. Go lift some weights.

>> No.8443340 [DELETED] 
File: 157 KB, 828x1028, Gumball2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spams her roommate account saying she's ruined and a whore
>heh that'll show her for having good parents who taught her how to have normal human relationships instead of my fuck up failure parents who sat me down infront of a TV with a video game console on
Have sex

Verification not required.

>> No.8443373

her boyfriend is a literal fujoshi that only retweets hot anime boys so that's pretty anti based if you ask me

>> No.8443394

thats actually quite good spanish, good job anon!

>> No.8443402

it's their choice to donate.

>> No.8443427
File: 13 KB, 158x318, 1628782652493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably because she has creepy retards like you breathing down her neck demanding answers. Get a grip on reality, fag.

>> No.8443445
File: 40 KB, 397x510, 1606822996720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could be better but not bad anon

>> No.8443456


Since when do Incels have the money to support anyone in their life?

>> No.8443470

>of being a boring fuck
Woah, you're such a progressive and fun cuck!

>> No.8443538
File: 136 KB, 2048x1586, eioyu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Caring about a vtuber's relationships in real life is the same as caring about an anime character's seiyuu relationships in real life. It's dumb. Disregard 3D, embrace 2D.

>> No.8443621

I thought this was /Ame/ board why would anyone care about that shit? Literally just tourists stirring up the board. It doesn't matter if you hate her she's still the cutest and the most loved outside of /vt/

>> No.8443649

>If Shachi cared about kayfabe so much, so as to change out the PC (something that actually takes effort/significant money to do) why the fuck would she not have just deleted those old tweets, if they mattered?
That in combination with the loose theory that she intentionally misdirected her taste in anime so as to obscure the connection between her and Shachi further gives me pause. Like you said, it seems like such an unusual detail to focus on while completely overlooking that you tweeted about your boyfriend several times. Hell, why would she not just protect her twitter's account just to be safe?

Seems silly to me that the inconsistencies between Rumei and Shachi were brilliantly planned out by her so as to prevent people realizing it's her, yet she overlooked the most basic possible shit in protecting/privating her roommate's socials. Amegeddon was Amegeddon because, in addition to nothing being privated, everything was totally consistent. She made no efforts to change her identity, tastes, etc. Not so with Rumei. Either she's a complete idiot, or it isn't her.

>> No.8443731

Fuck off redditcuck

>> No.8443733

This board blows ass.

>> No.8443741

>Either she's a complete idiot, or it isn't her.
> a complete idiot
This makes it impossible to tell

>> No.8443742

I wanna have white kids
I also don't want any deranged retard on here.

>> No.8443756

What else is new

>> No.8443757

No wonder you people are the laughingstock of the most other boards.

>> No.8443758

I honestly don't care if owl has a bf that nuts in her womb every night. Her main problem is the forgetfulness quirk. She's leaning into it so hard I'm worried she actually has some kind of neurological condition.

>> No.8443807


>> No.8443838
File: 16 KB, 245x255, 1593177583125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second this before going to sleep. Treat them like anime characters, not like e-celebs.

>> No.8443887
File: 457 KB, 1000x500, 1607994352485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i didn't like her debut at all but i do feel bad, her model is rigged badly, she got doxxed and spammed in her other acc during the middle of her debut, and she was barely holding herself together in her debut and collab stream, has any other EN debut holo had it this bad on their first day?

>> No.8443889

The slippery slope is real. It is only a fallacy when it is misapplied.
Liberals will always be self destructive existence because they cannot comprehend decline.

>> No.8443890

Since they still have jobs and donate?

>> No.8443904

I dont really give a shit about this whole ratt stuff but holy fuck that twitter guy is one pozzed individual.

>> No.8443911

>if I just cope it doesn't matter

>> No.8443915

Noooooooo my feelings noooooo

>> No.8443946

>If I'm a normal person who isn't detached from reality it doesn't matter

>> No.8443957

anon you've seen nothing if you think the forgetful gimmick is bad, go watch ame's or mori's debut stream and come back

>> No.8444006

>Other Half of this board is also against women sleeping around but they're not inventing random drama and thinking their oshi is sleeping around
Sane Chads [email protected]?

>> No.8444013

This. The book “Nudge” by prof Thaler, is guidebook to turn this phenomenon into policy making. It’s not a new concept but it offers a modern perspective.

>> No.8444049


Didn't Matsuri's gimmick last all of two streams.

>> No.8444052

Cope to what? Her having a bf? I couldn't give two shits to that. I'm not a malajusted manchildren to care about that. I'm not thinking that a random chick is my gf or some shit.

>> No.8444054

The whole "the slippery slope is actually real" talking point that has gotten popular in the past couple years is hilarious. Of course people never can come up with specific slippery slope predictions from the past that actually came true. Still waiting on bestiality and pedophilia to be legalized according to the slippery slope that 80s church ladies were whining about.

>> No.8444081 [DELETED] 

When you enter someone elses house you need to take off your shoes retard

>> No.8444106

>quoting an actual real life marxist

>> No.8444110

No, I don't want to. Those two were painful. My main concern is that the owl is actually brain broken and she won't drop it.

>> No.8444125

Kiara had it pretty bad since she also got doxxed immediately and her fucking her teacher for a place to live or whatever the rumors were was pretty easy to find

>> No.8444161

It really doesn't matter you fucking imbecile. Let them live their lives Jesus Christ.

>> No.8444198

>we just want to get married, we're not trying to turn your kids gay

>> No.8444206
File: 906 KB, 2169x1600, Talalala.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I don't care about her bf
Yes, I'll watch her with my cage on
No, I won't read your autistic incel screeching

>> No.8444216

Ted was always on the side of the right, because the slippery slope of the Right would take them down the path of Varg, the greatest vtuber of them all, which also happens to be in the same ballpark as Ted. Leftism fails because it’s weak to authoritarian liberalism, always doomed to hunger games styled societies.

>> No.8444248

Shachi graduated in may, long ago deleted all her twitch vods, it is not inconceivable that she had no idea she had some old tweet referencing her boyfriend and that schizos would dig it up

>> No.8444257

>Angry retard screams at the waves
You will change nothing by yelling anon. Let the gosling wave pass by and see what's left in its wake, chances are nothing happens.

>> No.8444341

anon they're entertainers. We pay them with our views. If they want to live their lives they can go get any other job they want. But if they want to be entertainers they should present themselves for their audience
In other words if they want to sell the girlfriend experience for a living they better actually sell it

>> No.8444348

damn i wasn't aware, i didn't watch kiara until after her debut

>> No.8444353

Not him but know thy enemy.

>> No.8444382

This would match up better if the end-point of watching anime was to give money directly to the seiyuu right our your wallet.

It's not though, and anime seiyuu aren't bound to any one gig and usually are paid up-front by studios - the concern is always about the studio's health with anime. Basically it's closer to if we cared about the love life of a rigger vs a talent. Part of the same thing but totally different framework.

The fact the end-point of this from Cover's intent is to build up strong membership bases and gachikoi and that they clearly bend over backwards to cultivate all that via general waifuism/GFE, should make it obvious that if there is something that people consider a big problem getting in the way of that mentally, that they'll speak their minds on the site where they can say quite a damn lot more about this whole vtuber thing openly. And the fact of the matter is deep down it DOES matter to a lot of people. Even people with GFs, people who are married etc, find it bothersome if Holo is stooping to exploitative e-girl with a fake cry for help that she doesn't actually need. This is a timeloop back from Amegeddon.

>> No.8444384

Why chance it though? Why not just private your twitter?

>> No.8444420

these "schizos" are the only ones keeping this community alive

>> No.8444452 [SPOILER] 
File: 41 KB, 564x820, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It didn't have to be like this.

>> No.8444483

On /vt/? Yeah. Vtubers in general? no

>> No.8444517

Because people are fallible and not perfect, lots of holos are active on their past life twitter accounts, it wouldn't necessarily be something to think of to do as precedent
i didn't use the term in a derogatory fashion, i'm enjoying the fruit of their efforts

>> No.8444656

So whats the takeaway from this?
Doesnt seem like a big YAB will happen based on what i've seen.

>> No.8444679
File: 329 KB, 1024x1024, 8em31chkgnh61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you considered not donating to them?

>> No.8444733

>Because people are fallible and not perfect, lots of holos are active on their past life twitter accounts, it wouldn't necessarily be something to think of to do as precedent
Imo, going out of your way to lie about your taste in anime so as to obscure any connection between you and your supposed roommate while somehow not realizing that leaving your twitter account up is probably a bad idea is far beyond the point where I can shrug and say "eh not everyone's perfect", that's borderline retardation.

The issue with this rrat isn't that a holo made the mistake of not nuking all of their roommate's shit, that happens all of the time. The issue is that the inconsistencies between Shachi and Rumei are being waved away as her being gigabrained enough to manufacture plausible deniability. This is a person who left up everything but her twitch channel, and I'm being led to believe she had the presence of mind to lie about her tastes to cover her tracks. It's just a big stretch to me.

Ultimately her art will be her big tell. Shachi's style is pretty distinct, you'll be able to tell at a glance if it's her.

>> No.8444736


You engage with marxists, you buy their books and buy into their philosophy and the next thing you know they are the ones running the country.

Might have to move to Afghanistan if this keeps happening, desu, I'm sure kabul will still have internet

>> No.8444738

Exactly, they're entertainers, not your girlfriends. They didn't take a job as a vtuber so that you can be delusional about meeting them it will NEVER happen, wake up. She's not your girlfriend in the same way that some other fucking youtuber is not your girlfriend, if that upsets you kill yourself, you'll do the world a favour.

>> No.8444778

The take away is that if you are going to sell the GFE and exploit lonely people to rake in a shit ton of money you better live like a nun or do a good job covering up your past life

>> No.8444837
File: 418 KB, 839x753, 1593615100495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even people with GFs, people who are married etc, find it bothersome if Holo is stooping to exploitative e-girl with a fake cry for help that she doesn't actually need
What the fuck am I reading? Am I supposed to donate to the "GFE" vtubers because I feel pity for them? Because they "need" it? Fucking hell, you need therapy.

>> No.8444868

This is true but also they are explicitly and knowingly exploiting that delusion in order to make a shit ton of money from said people, when you play with fire you get burned, this is just a product of that.

>> No.8444961

>explicitly and knowingly exploiting that delusion

>> No.8445009

Or else what?
Seems like she got caught red handed and nothing happened anyway.

>> No.8445111

Yeah, in fact I never do. However I still care about the issue for the notion that I only give a fuck about vtubers to begin with as an alternative to SoL/comedy anime, which is always in short supply season-to-season and volume-wise will never ever compete with vtubers' production output.

Purity is an endemic part of those characters, because they're fiction they can be made to whatever specs the creator wants. Most vtubers are crafted in that same anime-esque framework but Holos and many Nijis especially lean more towards the kinds of things you'd see in isekai/action shonen etc which often are pure characters if it's not directly detailed out in the lore that they're supposed to be with someone. None of these girls are stated as being with anyone so that's the subconscious expectation you carry over to consider them as doing a good job at this, to keep up the illusion. So it completely ruins the suspension of disbelief if they're more of just normal people in the background as you start to just see/hear it in everything they do instead of focus on the character. You can't unlearn what you've learned. Metaphorically it's like being told to just go back to believing in santa claus.

Factor in they specifically want that suspension of disbelief to sway your feelings enough to open up your wallet and it's 100x worse. You can take what I'm saying here as more an autopsy report / armchair psychoanalysis for why this is a fail than just me bitching. I'm not angry, I'm more of just trying to articulate something obvious to me that I'm not sure some people (read: redditors, casual clipfags, lurking women who don't understand dude mentality) etc.

>> No.8445201

You fail to understand, I'm not saying you have to donate to shit, I'm saying people who were fans of Ame considered a potential BF a huge issue even if they themselves have GFs or are married, i.e the typical "well you're just an incel schizo you don't matter" excuse doesn't apply to them, which is 99% of what people use to try to excuse this shit.

>> No.8445244

>lurking women who don't understand dude mentality
Nice try, woman.

>> No.8445246

Touch grass.

>> No.8445271

Do you think they don't read all the next level cringe messages that get sent to them through big donations? Do you think they are so stupid and brain dead that they are unaware of the fact that if they act in certain ways or do certain things that they will encourage more of that behavior from their fans/chat?

I'm not even saying it's a bad thing, they can do what they want, but when you cultivate a certain type of personality/brand you shouldn't be surprised when you get a certain type of fan/community

>> No.8445296

Nice projection I don't have a twitter account

>> No.8445300

also correction at the end
>I'm more of just trying to articulate something obvious to me, that I'm not sure some people (read: ...) etc realize or understand.

>> No.8445313

You need to lift some weight and touch grass.

>> No.8445314

Is this the fastest turn /vt/ had ever? rumao

She was called the hope of EN2 right up until the stream started and 1 minute in and she's the most hated.

>> No.8445322

Ask me how I know your teen years were spent chugging John Stewart's dick.

>> No.8445338

Coping isn't normal or healthy

>> No.8445379

The raid is obvious and so are the culprits.
Who created the authorization drama to hit the then rising Korone?
Who led the major charge against Aloe while their western side talked about how bad Hololive's idol culture was for hurting Aloe?
Who is trying to force the it's popular so it's bad on Hololive and presenting themselves as the counter culture?
Who is the ones who brag about strategy games and therefore were worried the owl would actually play them?

>> No.8445391

Coping to what, faggot?

>> No.8445393


>> No.8445427

Don't have twitter, die retard.

>> No.8445432

damage control. cover fucked up so hard here it's insane.

>> No.8445478

There is a pandemic you fucking chud

>> No.8445544

either Cover recluting skills were vastly overrated or the competition wasn't that high wich makes me fear the talent pool outside of Japan is very poor

>> No.8445548

With reality, dipshit

>> No.8445607
File: 740 KB, 999x757, Screenshot_20210406-025431-044~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8445663

Are the fags at 5ch up to speed? What are they saying?
Here as advance payment

>> No.8445678

>demonstrably observable phenomenon repeated throughout history
Pick one tankie

>> No.8445714
File: 323 KB, 547x550, ci02hg9dwn361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, this is all you guys faults for not having an oshi. Vtubers have been a thing for over 3 years now, Hololive for over 2 and EN for 1. Plenty of time to pick an oshi among the ocean of chubbas, i'm not having a meltdown about any of these bitches having a bf because their sole purpose is to be playmates to my oshi.

>> No.8445761
File: 458 KB, 711x510, 1623220119873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my oshi is dead

>> No.8445872

The accusations of anyone going against the rrat as being a shill are making me suspicious.
Projection perhaps? In the aloe drama era there was an official Niji translator going around Reddit saying she actually deserved it for telling lies.

>> No.8445927

people just want to spin drama, they don't care who or what it is.

>> No.8445969
File: 177 KB, 454x474, 1602496459675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would seem to be the case, only NijiEN got 6 of them through without anything like this AT ALL popping in, while Cover walked into several landmines all at once. They're fucking incompetent, there's no other explanation. We already knew that in many ways but this is just a tour-de-force of failure on their end.

Odds are EN1 only avoided these debacles because they scrubbed themselves clean / actively prodded things into rrat slaying like ame. You would think after that close call that it would be imperative that the EN2s would be ultra-clean right out the gate so it's actually shocking that they aren't. What's odd is you would think EN1 would be really fiercely insistent teaching incoming ENs to opsec hard, but apparently the advice was just discarded or EN2s had hubris and didn't fucking listen. Some of them like Sana you can tell actually did take it seriously and only got slipped up by a really careful / specific search (which now no longer even works) so I actually don't find it as bad that she did care and didn't want that to be a factor at all in how people judge her. Respectable, that's how this thing IS SUPPOSED to go.

Some of it is also like, like the talents can't be blamed for not being prophets knowing years down the line that those things would matter, thus people manage to find archived things dug up etc. Active shit though? Live and there? Wow, and I mean wow, that is a fail. Furthermore but the entire Mumei mask slips off if you look at shachi's stuff even a little - she don't give a shit about games/anime/history. I mean I wouldn't have expected history/RTS etc to be organic interests in a girl, but it's kind of bad to only pretend to like anime while playing an anime girl for an anime-loving audience.

The only recovery here would be for Mumei / Shachi to prove irrefutably they are not the same people.

>> No.8446011


>> No.8446033

Its just drama fags. They latch onto anything, when Ame dropped Nier they tried to make it a big deal lmao, but then Mori did her whole 5% thing around the same time and they jumped ship to that one.

If tomorrow Gura tweets at Nyanners they'd completely forget about the Owl.

>> No.8446051

During both the korone and aloe drama Nijifags literally had paid ads running on NND to spin the rats. Always be suspicious.

>> No.8446111

Except one of the NijiEN girls was accused of being exactly the same girl as the owl is being now.

>> No.8446150

kek really?

>> No.8446192

>Furthermore but the entire Mumei mask slips off if you look at shachi's stuff even a little - she don't give a shit about games/anime/history.

I mean Ame dropped the whole bri'ish thing during the debut lmao. Ina also played ONE Lovecraft game. These things are to be expected.

>> No.8446216

Yes but it was pretty quickly discarded, people hesitated for only like an hour but it became way too inconsistent to keep up. Mumei also has some inconsistencies but it's not as clear because the voices are even-similar and IMO it's the drawing technique that is a giveaway.

>> No.8446235

Say whatever you want about the dumb bird, but goddamn that background music is cute as fuck. The flute during the intermission is nostalgic for some reason.

>> No.8446270

That's rough buddy

>> No.8446307

You mean Smol Ame theme?

>> No.8446340

Has a nickname for viewers been cemented yet? Wingmen from the other thread(s) seems to be agreeable.

>> No.8446354

I mean ...

>> No.8446380

if you're actually resolute in your beliefs then you aren't going to suddenly become a pinko because you read some pinko shit.

>> No.8446383

Built for an ugly bastard chumbud to cuck her boyfriend

>> No.8446406

I don't think it's the same, but I could be retarded.

>> No.8446409

laughing or crying?

>> No.8446450

Its the nervous laugh you get when you're extremely anxious and not exactly "happy"

>> No.8446494

Panic attack

>> No.8446513


>> No.8446535

>it is not inconceivable that she had no idea she had some old tweet referencing her boyfriend
You're telling me that people just forget they had boyfriends?

>> No.8446557

There are inconsistencies in the drawing.
Fancy eyelashes are very characters of the other one while Mumei has a simple line.
We will see how this evolves as she shares more art and her voice.

>> No.8446586


>> No.8446623


>> No.8446640


>> No.8446672

What's wrong with Ina?

>> No.8446679


>> No.8446705

How do I tell you without getting banned? Archive reps

>> No.8446734

Crying because she is being harassed on twitter by /vt/ schizos on her irl account

>> No.8446837

It won't matter, the point of this campaign seems to be to try to convert the normies, right now they are bombarding 5ch with stuff about this to see if nips take the bait.

>> No.8446887

muh boyfriend rrats
No proof and I can't really complain since I've had sex with 2 women.

>> No.8446940

You fucking slut get out of my board

>> No.8446942

Good for you, but there's photos

>> No.8447020

they weren't even holding hands

>> No.8447068


>> No.8447071

I unironically regret it very much and have repented for it

>> No.8447133
File: 632 KB, 1024x768, 1595394899800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your image related is why it matters tho

>> No.8447141
File: 294 KB, 747x607, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reps, I don't want to get banned

>> No.8447162


>> No.8447236

>but why
Because it wasn't worth it at all. I just want a good loving Christian wife...

>> No.8447266

Can't even tell who's speaking

>> No.8447282

I understad, I wish you luck with that anon, it's hard nowadays to find a woman like that

>> No.8447332
File: 643 KB, 484x616, 15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8447462 [DELETED] 

she dropped her spaghetti

>> No.8447572


Yeah but you're parroting piinko shit by buying into their dum philosophy of incrementalism.

>> No.8447713

reading a book is not parroting shit retard.

>> No.8447771

Obviously a laugh

>> No.8447832

What if this "playmate" invites your oshi over for a 3some with her bf hmm? Or maybe a trip to the local clubs VIP room? hmmmm?

>> No.8448032


Follow the comment chain, someone is parroting this dumb pinko shit.

>> No.8450352
File: 23 KB, 567x221, Screenshot_20210823_134224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has boyfriend irl
What a waste of hopium

>> No.8451276
File: 54 KB, 400x400, 1629602950149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesas you guys really want her to be a GFE.

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