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Your surrounding has been serene recently. The sunshine glistening through the whispering leaves of the trees. The softness of the grass where you lay as you look towards the clear blue sky. And right by your side, the Keeper of Nature watches over you. Her presence is an everlasting reminder of her love for you.


Youtube channel:

Bonus song for a wonderful world:

Previous thread:

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I wonder how deer milk tastes

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I'm pretty excited to see her join Hololive. I'll watch her ASMRs every week.

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Is this the cuck thread?

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Cuck thread?

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bro open your mouth im going to cum

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any reps on her yet?

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whore thread?

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It really is unfortunate that she's cuckbait, I thought I'd like her.

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NTR ASMR when?

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She is going to attract so many schizos.

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Yandere feet sex.

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Invite me to the discord pls

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All me

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Imagine getting trapped in a dark room and getting molested by her

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The Matsuri of EN2

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Sana+Fauna = Sauna
You heard it here first, folks.

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Gonna double akasupa as her boyfriends share, stay mad losers
got any NTR ASMR from her past?

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most boring one so far

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I want to stay in a sauna with fauna

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i know i heard that voice somewhere before but i cant put my finger on it

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I want her to abuse me while I am tied to a chair

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I hope this doesn't affect her uploads
Wait, what the fuck
Never heard of this shit

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Fauna bros.. We had comfy pre-debut threads. The absolute state.

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This is gonna be as annoying as takamori shilling isn't it?

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Look forward to a LOT of hot sauna jokes in the future, anon...

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If only it had been Hana...

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I want to cum on her antlers!!

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I will become a gachikoi if someone disproves the NTR!

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You guys are really going with /gaia/?

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Did she get a better ASMR setup for this one? Sounded very b ased

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hello yes, is this the cuck thread?

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anyone know who's her roommate?

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I don't want to end up hating sana but things aren't looking too good

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Where does she live? If she is not in Japan, how is she going to do an ASMR collab with Noel?

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How the fuck did this BF rrat even came to be? Not a long term fan of her roommate didn't even know she streamed on twitch but there was no indication she was dating someone whatsoever. She didn't even have antis back then...

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Anon, its only been posted all over this board for the last 2 hours..
The unicorns will pass, I'm excited for our new EN ASMR overlord. Nature is the best.

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i'll do my best to keep up with her streams
I'm not really into ASMR but maybe i'll drop by it
Most excited for her Spore stream though, i'm looking forward to see her unveil her personality
the initial post-debut era of a chuba is the my favourite because you slowly see them getting mroe confortable and reveal more of their personality

also abayo doxxfags, tell the egg i said hello

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She talked about it herself, so if you want to go full on cope you could always believe it was a lie to filter goslings or something.

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Hell yeah, I don't get why none of EN have at least 5 proper binaural ASMR streams
This is fucking based, I'm a fan of hers

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You're a fucking liar, it says right there in Google's preview. She can wipe everything all she wants, she can't wipe Google. Dumb bitch.

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It's not a rrat, retard. She herself couldn't ever shut up about her bf

>> No.8387050

nta, just curious, I dont take 4chan posts for facts, is there proof out there? suddenly every anon in the board was a long term fan of her.

>> No.8387359

Here ya go>>8386977
And it's not too crazy that someone here knows her past self, especially because she sounds exactly the same. Stop with this fucking cope. Either go with the usual normalfag reddit "lmao don't care incel" shtick or fuck off

>> No.8387396

I don't care enough to do that sort of digging myself but >>8386977 here you go I guess, I'm sure antis will find more if they search hard enough
But fair enough, I wouldn't be that inclined to believe it either if I hadn't seen it myself

>> No.8387511

https://piko.live/twitch/lemonleafasmr can't find the stuff in that screencap, I hate retarded chink sites

>> No.8387540

I bow to you rrat king. INB4 the gay ass mods ban you for posting a vtuber.

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You can't find it because that site updated to the most current profile, which is the hiatus notice she put up. Google's cached information doesn't update for much longer, hence why it's still there.

>> No.8387896

After planting some seeds with the help of her handlebars, right?

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Heh, well all I needed to know

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>not being a unicorn is reddit

>> No.8388068

He has to cope somehow.

>> No.8388071

>favorite game is 999
>loves uchikoshi games in general
I'm in

>> No.8388094

Fauna is for hand-holding and baby making sex only

>> No.8388099

Im Eddy btw

>> No.8388134

With Eddy!

>> No.8388284

Please @ me if mumei turns out to be her.

>> No.8388380

but i'm eddy

>> No.8388387

these threads are going to be insufferable aren't they
literally Kiara tier schizo doxxfags before even any yab

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If amegeddon went away this will too

>> No.8388596

Unfortunately, yes. And I don't understand why everyone suddenly forget about Sana having a bf and focused on Fauna. Some old antis?

>> No.8388694

She's the first proven with irrefutable proof holo in a relationship while selling GFE so its a new one, idk how it will play

>> No.8388803

I'd say people will start caring soon enough but this is /vt/ we're talking about

>> No.8388936

These debuts are already taking their toll

>> No.8388949

They're busy shitposting about her skin color

>> No.8388966

Because sana isn't selling GFE, also your rat lacks of proof

>> No.8389103

there's no real question is there? i recall it being pretty definitive.

>> No.8389219

as much proof as there is for fauna

>> No.8389492

wtf is gfe

>> No.8389564

Honestly this. I'm worried about the girl
>inb4 go back to r*ddit
Just trying to point out she's playing with fire if she's doing GFE while having a... you know... other guy

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yeah, here

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oh shes a racemixing whore

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>>8389219 lmao

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2/5 confirmed whores, what a shitty gen.

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Fauna is for holding you down and holding a knife to your throat while she rides you

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Lol, is this the cuck gen? Oh nononono.

>> No.8391861

It's not her, sadly.

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So a tumblr whore and a NTR enthusiast got in holoEN 2?

>> No.8392431

Well shit. Chaos? My last hopium dose

>> No.8393007

I doubt it. My hope left with Ceres' drama...

>> No.8393328

>this thread
yeah i'm sticking with indies holofaggots are schizos

>> No.8393449

All me

>> No.8393518

whelp, never had to drop a chuuba so fast

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Man, hope this discord raid ends soon, i want at least the spore thread to be comfy

>> No.8394685

I'm not leaving, I'm her dedicated anti

>> No.8395145

I watched her before and I will continue to do so

>> No.8396319

Am I talking to me?

>> No.8396724

I got too excited before debut thinking this would be someone else and got so dissapointed when I heard the voice.

>> No.8397080

Odd, I didn't care before debut thinking it would be someone else and got so excited when I heard the voice.

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girlfriend experience? Honestly I'm glad I'm not mentally defective enough to know

>> No.8402439

It's the thing where you're supposed to roleplay as being the chuba's lover
You know kind of what Rushia or Lamy do, or what Nene kinda does but since she's an autist it's just comedic
It's not supposed to be taken seriously of course, but knowing the average retard on this board they'll just find any fuel for the rrats
>oh it's hypocritical to be a GFE streamer if she's got a boyfriend irl
what if i have a girlfriend irl and want to watch her regardless? Am i cucking my gf?

regardless, ignore the retards

>> No.8404383

If you were sending red superchats, you think your gf wouldn't have a problem with that?

>> No.8404903

I think that would depend on the person. nta, but as a person, I consider superchats basically just someone supporting a chuuba I enjoy, with no implied feelings behind it other than what I put into the message itself.
Girlfriends might have a different mind about that, but that's up to the couple to communicate about it.

>> No.8405299

Remove yourself from this board immediately, you're too reasonable.

>> No.8413854

I'm gonna listen to her ASMR if it's good but I'm never gonna send her any money

>> No.8414201

so did sachiowo before they broke up

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>> No.8421188

Why does she make mentally ill discordfags so upset anyways?

>> No.8421424

Clearly they saw something in Fauna that they didn't in this dramawhore. Some self-reflection would do wonders for her.

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whats it mean???? why everyone saying?

>> No.8422754

All I wanted from gen 2 was a Lamy/Noel tier asmr chuuba, and fauna is going to deliver. I'm pretty happy.

>> No.8423793

god i fucking hate people. Fuck WW3 can't come soon enough

>> No.8424030

ASMR is shit and a stupid meme. Noel and Lamy are cute and cool though

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I really like her! I hope she'll play more visual novel games like 999 someday.

>> No.8424126

that's implying I have money to spend on akasupas
i'm a leech unfortunately

>> No.8424165

I don't get it, the worst interpretation of what happened is that fauna ghosted her, is that really worth slinging this shit out publicly

>> No.8424279

Attentionwhores will do anything to get their name out there

>> No.8424316

litterally all there is to it
we don't know practically anything about what happened between them, and at best we have some implications from one side
not worth getting into it and it's pathetic for this chick to bring it up

>> No.8424795

watching chuubas as anything but background noise is the real meme

>> No.8425670

Her boobs need to be rerigged

>> No.8426167

Shadow is an unstable menhera please andastand, Shes just doing her best. Theres a lot we don't know about what happened but it will pass, Shadow hasn't even mentioned the name of who shes talking about, even if its obvious.

>> No.8427431

It sure would be fun to have a thread where people talked about things other than gossip and drama.

>> No.8427525

I want to drink her special tea

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it'll come to pass

>> No.8427835

since Fauna likes animals shouldn't this general be called /cuckoos/ ?

>> No.8428082

Tell her to stop being a whore first

>> No.8428572

Stay strong anon. It will end eventually.

>> No.8428671

We are the new KFP get thick skin faggot

>> No.8428831

honestly, what was she thinking?

>> No.8429138

>liking her makes you a cuck because she has a boyfriend
...she wasn't going to be fucking you even if she didn't have a boyfriend? What does it matter? Literally no difference lmao

>> No.8429473

Did anyone else get actual tingles from her ASMR
I've listened to Mori and a couple other chuubas try ASMR a bit and I thought it was nice but Fauna's the first to really make me feel things like that

>> No.8429554

Unironically this.
But also this.
Logic? Here? Away!

>> No.8429912

It's not particularly about the thickness of my skin. This thread is just boring.

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having a boyfriend destroys the relationship between viewer and streamer
you wouldnt understand because you are normie redditor. but a streamer who already has all their social needs met has no need to interact with chat.
therefore all interactions with chat are just fake for moneys
however, if a streamer has no bf and is socially isolated, they will want to communicate with the chat and their audience.
it is simple but I know cucks like you too dumb to understand it....
but feel free to have a transactional parasocial relationship as oppose to a co-dependent one. I just simply wont watch her if she has a boyfriend!! simple as

>> No.8430525

you went out of your way to ruin the illusion for yourself retard

>> No.8430932

>but feel free to have a transactional parasocial relationship
I mean, I don't pay to watch them anyway so no. Also, the only way what you say works is if they literally have no friends or family or anything. In which case you have a lot more people to be angry at and stop watching

>> No.8434768

>cutest girl
>by far the most hated
How weird.

>> No.8435100

it appears her superiority has led to some controversy

>> No.8437631
File: 2.90 MB, 1543x2700, 1606360354309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her design is def the best, but asmr is a very iffy topic and all the drama with her hasn't helped

>> No.8438614

>but asmr is a very iffy topic
Isn't asmr a huge deal for holos? I always see people begging Gura for asmr.

>> No.8440175
File: 395 KB, 596x431, Need4Seed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will breed Ceres Fauna

>> No.8440288

It could be big but it could also fuck them over. Choco and Haato had to create back-up channels because their asmr content got them demonitized. Choco did a lot of asmr so her viewership reclined when it had to be privated. also what >>8440175

>> No.8440888

No, I saw a post here about it. If it wasn't a big deal she wouldn't try to hide it. If you try to hide something from people so you can keep getting money from them you're a shitbag.

>> No.8441021

She has never tried to hide it retard. She was open about it every time someone asked on her old streams, and even did a stream with him once.
Stop creating bullshit to make it seem like a yab, only unicorns care.

>> No.8441051
File: 1.58 MB, 1148x1000, 1629682477176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does nature upset you?

>> No.8441149

You can scream Unicorn and reddit all you want.
But a GFE asmr chubba with a bf is a major yab and people are going to react poorly and you have to accept that.

Don't shoot me just because im the messenger.

>> No.8441226

She removed references to it in order to keep people from knowing about it. That's hiding it.

>> No.8441470

Cap this she will be #1 subs or a close 2nd in her gen after a month is over.
She will be received very well, the sooner you bow the better.

>> No.8441709

Every akasupa she gets will be from someone that doesn't know. They wont know because she's hiding it to get money from them.

>> No.8442112

If they care, they'll probably go out of their way to find out.
Either way, I don't think she'll be at the top of subs, and supas are highly dependent on her attitude towards them.

>> No.8442355

>If they care, they'll probably go out of their way to find out.
Hopefully they will find it. It does not change that she is a dirtbag for trying to hide it from them.

>> No.8442419
File: 47 KB, 428x424, 1618948402518.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i hate this place. i was a normie once who was fine with my chuubas living their lives and having bfs. now i don't enjoy that. i kinda don't want them to have bfs. i believe they should hide that. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.8442576

Her outfit is very bland, Genshin Impact-tier in terms of how busy and yet how little it communicates about the character despite that. Some of the other EN2's are guilty of this which is strange because I thought almost all of EN1 had solid designs

Her voice and face are cute though

>> No.8442722

> i believe they should hide that.
0% chance she mentions it on stream. plenty of people still gosling for ame. either get over it or move on to rrat or kronii

>> No.8442773

They should hide it. No good can come from revealing their relationship status.

>> No.8442789 [DELETED] 
File: 613 KB, 1400x505, Hololive omen posted here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Genshin Impact-tier
This is why I think she's a /here/ chubba and doesn't sound like sachi


>> No.8443059

The only bad that comes of it is that people that do not like it wont watch them or give them money. They know that. They pretend those people are okay with it to trick them into getting their money. There are very few people that would give an akasupa if they knew.

>> No.8443126

i mean hide it *everywhere*. scrub that shit from every past life you've ever had. do not in any way let your relationship status out on the internet. feel free to have one, live your life, but hide it completely. ignorance is bliss

>> No.8443130
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>don't forget that you belong to me now
>but remember I get fucked daily by my boyfriend

what did she mean by this?

>> No.8443282

again, ame didn't do that either and she's completely fine and still has people who gosling for her

>> No.8443365

I'm her boyfriend

>> No.8443418

How sure is she that they know? If they only visit reddit and YouTube they would never find out.

>> No.8443618

are you talking about ame? she updated her roommates blog and referenced it on stream

>> No.8444123

She knows how much I want to be her cuck and was pandering to me specifically.
Coming soon: [ASMR] - Kirin mistress lets you out of chastity and makes you fap while talking about being bred by her boyfriend [JOI] [Countdown] [NTR]

Can't wait!

>> No.8444252

Most people would never go that far. Finding that is stalker behavior. There are people that will not stalk chuubas that are not okay with it. That's most fans. That's why they hide it. They know their fans will not like it.

>> No.8444433

well the same shit applies to fauna so what's the problem?

>> No.8444590

The problem is hiding it from people to get their money. They are scum for doing it. If they think it's okay because goslings could stalk them to find out before super chatting them then they're stupid too.

>> No.8444604

wtf dude, all hanging out here has done is fill me with a disgust for idol culture and the people who partake in it.

>> No.8444749

You can't even blame idol culture for this, half these schizo's cant name a group outside AKB48.
Its /vt/s own breed of retard.

>> No.8444779

so you're going to seethe about her regardless? Got it.

>> No.8444798

It's not /vt/. The JPs care even more about it.

>> No.8444823

it's just one of those rite of passage that every big-time vtuber with a good mic will have to go through.

Joke aside, sometimes the best ASMR's are done by those who don't do ASMR's.

>> No.8444861

Seethe? I just don't watch her. I still feel sorry for the people that get tricked.

>> No.8444866
File: 26 KB, 165x202, 230018845_1007195873423005_7045311326246754008_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are wrong there buddy, people can get so upset by learning their favourite vchuba has a boyfriend that they tend to insult either the bf or her, people want their idols to be literal virgins, and it's just retarded.

>> No.8444924

girl is pretty slept on, savage af

>> No.8444942

That only happens when they hide it and people find out later.

>> No.8444951

Become Fauna

>> No.8445371

Shut the fuck up nigger, you should be the one hiding that autism, because you are spilling it all over the thread.

>> No.8445471

Oh no. Not autism on 4chan.

>> No.8445581

Honestly only one dedicated anti in the thread just 6 hours after debut is a good sign.
The unicorns will give up and fuck off soon enough.

>> No.8445784

what the hell is all of this ntr talk around here? Does she have a bf or something? Or is it just schizoposting?

>> No.8445914

>She didn't even have antis back then
Cause she wasn't in hololive. Joining here is a guarantee to get antis

>> No.8446069

It's your choice to believe them or not. Just don't take it out there to harm Ceres. Any of this shit-flinging should be contained here.

>> No.8446131

yeah, figured it was all retarded gossip. How good is the actual vtuber then? Is she entertaining? Funny?

>> No.8446191

Perfect example of someone that doesn't know because she hides it.

>> No.8446305

Top tier RP ASMR channel in her past life.
Weekly ASMR streams, comfy vibe in general.
I can't stop buying personally.

>> No.8446375

>pretend to care about kayfabe while going apeshit over things that will never be a part of the character
ironic considering how often the word hypocrite gets thrown around here

>> No.8446410

Fauna bros

Is she green lamy or EN rushia?

>> No.8446474

Why not both?

>> No.8446501

Green Lamy. Not menhera enough to be Rushia.

>> No.8446508

Listened to some of them, she fucking sucks compared to half the JP girls.

>> No.8446518

Have fun buying condoms for her bf

>> No.8446554

Physically Lamy but I'd say she overlaps a little with rushia in terms of personality as well

>> No.8446564

Theres only 2 JP girls who can do ASMR worth a shit, and neither of them do RP asmr.
Strange comparison but suit yourself, more for me.

>> No.8446657

I got interested in her because I liked the way she combined horror and asmr.

>> No.8446704

More like green noel

>> No.8446766

>Fauna bros
How many Fauna bros are Holos on damage control?

>> No.8446915

None. They don't exist. Neither do the antis or even Fauna herself. I don't exist. Anon you have to wake up, the enemy is still alive and they are after

>> No.8447160

What are they after? Anon...?

>> No.8447620

I think most pre-debut fans jumped ship already.
Anybody stayed? People that were in the slow threads before.

>> No.8447743

Anyone know the song she was singing?

>> No.8447824

Sweet Parade

>> No.8447869

wasn't here pre-debut but isn't this considered dead hours?

>> No.8447911

Pre-debut was quiet and comfy.
Civilized ratting. And then the yab asmr came.

>> No.8448117

yep. most of her personal streams are starting around the afternoon/evening for burgerland. Collab times are different.

>> No.8448587

So she was previously a youtuber asmr persona?

>> No.8448694


>> No.8448723

Huh. Well, that explains alot. thanks for confirming.

>> No.8448826


Lamybros where you at

>> No.8448948

Was already mentioned in tha lamy thread.

>> No.8449117

So is she actually LemonLeaf? Their voices sound fairly similar but she was still uploading videos on that channel less than a month ago, wouldn't she have stopped earlier if she knew this was happening? Or does the audition process just go faster than I think it does

>> No.8449212

Personality wise she's nothing like either of them. I hate this comparison so much.

>> No.8449332

>EN Rushia
Why do people say this when Rushia does almost close to zero ASMR.

>> No.8449366

I think things will get comfy again eventually. Shitposters will get bored and move on.

>> No.8449389

Kiara still streams IRL
Mori for awhile still released stuff on her alt
Plenty of JP still stream on their alt. There is no rule saying she must stop.

>> No.8449487
File: 24 KB, 400x400, SIOecIDH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because the yandere vibes in that fake 'black out' sequence.

I mean let's be honest only Suisei and Rushia can yandere and Fauna is no Suisei

>> No.8449593

Rushia makes it natural and plays off it naturally and it is not like that is her main attraction. Calling her EN Rushia because she does 1 minute of yandere is kinda dumb.

>> No.8449627

ah, I see. Haven't seen anyone mention it here so far unless CTRL+F fails me. But heck yeah.

>> No.8449685

not often that is true, but she has done at least handful of them before for sure.

>> No.8449729

Yeah. I said close to zero. Not zero and they are all member streams.

>> No.8449736

desu she's combined.
Lamy demeanor, soft spoken.
Noel singing
Rushia yandere tendencies

>> No.8449763

Wait that sequence was fake? I was only half paying attention to that part.

>> No.8449825

>Takes the worst parts of Rushia and Noel

>> No.8449879

It's great, isn't it?

>> No.8449913

About as fake as Noel not wanting to burn things down


>> No.8449946

>Noel tier singing
Are all ASMRtist like this?
Not that I don't like it though.
Wish she would cover KING soon.

>> No.8450015

>cares about the lives of 3DPDs and gossips about them all day
>calls others "normie redditor"
Hahaha the cope of you social media zoomers.

>> No.8450038

Really? Even as a non-member, I could still watch her ASMR streams. Also going back to her channel, I can see 6 search results of 'ASMR' related videos. Anon, have you done your Rushia reps properly?

>> No.8450102

You mean like disingenuous? Also Noel isn't even in that video.

>> No.8450133
File: 84 KB, 275x264, 1619752156301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

twitter >
< is
that >
< way

>> No.8450165

Where do you see Noel in that clip? Its Flare, Miko and Polka.

>> No.8450190

Then go there if you know the way normalfag

>> No.8450204

I meant to say Flare but yeah blame for me for not wanting to act like I am Japanese

>> No.8450229

I want my Lemonleaf back, Holofags. Her model was better and I didn't have to listen to schizos gossip.

>> No.8450265

Are you sure that's lemonleaf?

>> No.8450282

>Her model was better
Factually wrong.

>> No.8450458

It's okay anon. We're all something we don't want to be.

>> No.8450504

Hanabros, where am I supposed to go now?

>> No.8450533


>> No.8450558

Yeah, I remember LL jerking off over Uchikoshi. Not exactly an ultra popular director/writer.

I kinda wish she wasn't in Hololive too. I only really watched her youtube vids sometimes and preferred to be blissfully unaware of any rrats.

>> No.8450688

It is a big deal because you and other faggots have made it a big deal with ur whining.

In fact it is such a big deal that this simple fact will affect her income.

>> No.8450699

don't worry fellow hanabro, sometimes there are battles that we will lose.

>> No.8450760

So aside from BF yab.
Any other more?
I don't really care much for IRL stuff.
I care more about how she will be with the community.
Streaming times and shit. I'd hate it if she was an ayame who randomly dips.

>> No.8450973

Her stream time is a few hours before Gura. This could work if the fanbases overalp.

>> No.8451003 [DELETED] 

I think that, though it is true that your personal life should be your own, you shouldn't play the "seiso" role if you aren't one in real life because you are trying to pander to the autism of "seiso"fags that delude themselves into thinking you're their gf.

That's how I feel about people like this. So, if any rrats are true, then that's partially her fault.

>> No.8451328


>> No.8451386

I need fanart of Lamy freezing Fauna

>> No.8451426

I need a fanart of an anon trying to /become/ but fails with colors and ended up being Fauna.

>> No.8451526
File: 880 KB, 297x277, 1625473499835.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

listen pal, here is the fact... and I will be honest!
yes, it is weird and menhera to ensure before I watch a chuuba I want to know if she is single. true!
maybe if I was completely stable normie with gf myself? of course I wont care.
but! im 26 year old NEET!!! I dont want it!
and to find the info out, that takes maybe 30 min TOPS, as for all these it took mere minutes.
and then I know and dont watch!
stop trying to act like im going to become a incel. I JUST DONT WANT TO WATCH VTUBERS WHO HAVE BOYFRIENDS!!!! simple as!!!
if they act like they dont have bf, get caught to have one (like matsuli) and lie about it??? I WILL BE ANGERY!!! will I go on incel rampage?? NO! I will just unsupscribe dislike their videos.
STOP acting like we're some kind of monster terrible persons just because we dont want to be cucked.
at the end of the day we all just watch vtubers, but this is a big problem here causing arguments. I hate it really. and wish we get along.

SOME PEOPLE!!! (cucks) think all vtuber should have bf no problem and they dont care. BUT!
many lonely people want their vtuber to have NO GF. because, it means that there is someone in their life more important than their audience!!!!
OF COURSE WE KNOW WE WILL NEVER FUCK!!!! but you cant pretend like vtuber with gf treats their audience as well as vtuber with no gf. ITS FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we should be allies in this not enemies. because I BET YOU WANT VTUBER GF TOO!!! DONT LIE!!!!!!! but that being said FUCK YOU for keep acting like you are better than unicornchamas.

>> No.8451623 [DELETED] 

This. But fuck off namefag

>> No.8451633

oops I meant to say bf instead of gf
>gf treats their audience as well as vtuber with no gf
I mean bf not gf!!!!

>> No.8451640

Didnt read

>> No.8451649

crazy if you think I'm reading that

>> No.8451657

I think you don't know what "seiso" means.

>> No.8451667

so those who defend vtuber having bf... also too stupid to read!!!!!!

>> No.8451685

Same, shits way too long. At least the other schizo kept his doomposting concise.

>> No.8451725 [DELETED] 

No, I think I do.
How the fuck is this different from how celebrities are treated if they pander to one group while completely doing something else?
Same with that vtuber that stole art and was a bitch in real life.
There are consequences to one's actions

>> No.8451730

you're only a cuck if you give her money

>> No.8451854

I seriously hope you're that bitch she cucked lmao this is fucking pathethic.

>> No.8451858

ohhhh ok so not only you dont read, but you dont support vtuber.... just defend them for no reason on 4chan vt????
meanwhile i akasupa many times.
all defenders of vtubers having bfs dont even donate??? hahahaha embarassing!!!! omg....

>> No.8451904

please don't give (you)s to obvious eslposters

>> No.8451911

I have no idea what you're talking about.
I think you need to take your pills (and take off the name).

>> No.8452003

I really can't tell if this is complex bait or just an esl, good job anonchama

>> No.8452031

I hope every chuuba gets into a relationship that makes them very happy

>> No.8452129

Just watched the collab.
Once she started speaking my balls got tickled.
Is this normal?

>> No.8452176

Her voice is really good.

>> No.8452179

Abandon civilization, return to monke.

>> No.8452332 [DELETED] 

>I have no idea what you're talking about.
Well, obviously because you refuse to understand.
If you act "pure" and "seiso" or whatever, you know EXACTLY what you're signing up for, the people and fans you attract. Obviously, having a relationship makes these people angry and mad. That's your fault, not the fans who had their hopes up. Thinking otherwise is in fact, "cuckold" thinking.

Look I don't care eitherway since I'm not that kind of fan, I just want entertaining vtubers like Ayame among others but I understand why these "seiso" vtubers get shitposted to death

>> No.8452368

>I just want entertaining vtubers like Ayame

>> No.8452411

>Liking a vtuber with a boyfriend makes you a cuck
>I want more vtubers like Ayame
You actually can't make this shit up, great bait anon. Or Nalich.

>> No.8452414

Lmao still pretending to like Ayame, never change Nalich. You are right for once though.

>> No.8452431 [DELETED] 
File: 113 KB, 1280x720, 1623807760035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, she is entertaining anon fuck you.

>> No.8452465

compensated dating

>> No.8452486

>ayame cuck preaching about seiso
>ayame cuck

>> No.8452597 [DELETED] 
File: 83 KB, 512x512, 1624443354789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like she compensates me, anon. I like Ayame for many reasons, but let me explain this aspect:
As a gambler, I associate unrelated shit to my success. Sometimes, you try to do the same shit or routine in the hopes that the luck will be the same.
When I watch Ayame, I make a lot of money. Really. Since I gamble a lot, I associate my earnings with Ayame.
I even gave her a total of 200 dollars because I'm so thankful.

As I said this is just ONE reason. I like Ayame because she is entertaining to watch overall. Also her design is perfect, the perfect body type.

>> No.8452667

Yeah but she only streams once a week and half of /vt/ despise her for having a relationship.

Her situation would be worse were it not for Kiara.

>> No.8452738

compensated dating

>> No.8452759

>If you act "pure" and "seiso" or whatever, you know EXACTLY what you're signing up for, the people and fans you attract.
Nah, that's stupid. There's plenty of non-unicorns who like seiso personalities. And she doesn't even seem that seiso, either.

>> No.8452762 [DELETED] 
File: 141 KB, 230x345, 1619388731641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>half of /vt/ despise her for having a relationship
Most of those are unsubstantiated rumors.
And anyways, is she did have any, why should I care? Let her be happy.

>> No.8452790

Guys, I know how popular Ayame is. But this is a Ceres thread.

>> No.8452944

>people bitching about how watching a vtuber with a gf makes you a cuck
>said people literally CANNOT stop thinking about other mens cocks and graphically describing how vtubers get fucked by said cock or coming up with elaborate schizo fantasies about how many other mens cocks theyve taken
who exactly are the cucks here?

>> No.8452973
File: 151 KB, 1132x1079, FAUNALOVE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait to fall asleep friday night in her arms.

>> No.8452989 [DELETED] 

>Nalich manages to derail another thread
seriously when this faggot posts he derails everything

>> No.8453081

What makes for good GFE?
>High interaction with viewers
>Low interaction with males
>Skinship streams such as ASMR or personal attention RP
Anything else? Can she still qualify after a hit like bf off-stream?

>> No.8453132

Do we know who she was prior to hololive yet?

>> No.8453263

oh my dear dear anon. have a read through this thread and the previous one if you're ever curious.

>> No.8453278

Good opsec

>> No.8453510

youd think that Ame, Kiara, or one of the managers would tell them what to get rid of and how
The shachi tweet was from literal months ago and nobody had replied to it in months, its the kind of tweet that can disappear and nobody will ever find it
Instead shes literally going down the same exact road of damage control as the shachi without the h did when they could have just talked to each other and prevented it

>> No.8453735

I don't sub to ENtubers very often but the design + ASMR sold me. NTR ASMR would be hot too after reading this thread.

>> No.8453751 [DELETED] 

I'm pretty sure a girl wrote this >>8364302

>> No.8453798

an attentionwhore from her past life is pissed off that fauna made it in, thats all you need to know

>> No.8453983 [DELETED] 

made fun of goslingfags, talked about her bf constantly, hates goslings, hated by people in her past life who she stabbed in the back to get to holoen2

>> No.8454604

I want her to kidnap me and then take care of me
>Catpcha: H D0MS

>> No.8454771

imagine her force-feeding you her sweet sap

>> No.8454818

Anon, don't tell me you forgot how she revived us... Nursing us back to health with her sweet sap, softly cooing to bring us back to life, physically and spiritually.

>> No.8454861

I thought she used the apple to do that?

>> No.8454864

Her special tea must taste really nice

>> No.8454892

The apple was to start with but surely we needed a whole feast to fully come back to life.

>> No.8454998

It's probably just a safer explanation for the round, sweet object that she uses to nurse you back to health

>> No.8455042

Fan arts where.
Fauna in yandere mode force feeding you her sweet viscous translucent sap

>> No.8455182

what is your fan name? Faunagators?

>> No.8455309

would've worked if it was a bayou that she lives in. but I don't remember her settling for a fan name yet. She took in some suggestions, some that were already mentioned here like naturist and saplings.

>> No.8455326

That's simple anon.
The managers are lazy and incompetent. They will do the least amount of work possible.
Ame hardly gave a shit about her own, so she probably forgot entirely.
Kiara is secretly happy it happened.

>> No.8455564

Deer milk or special sap, I just want some fanart of being fed some nutritious all natural Fauna produce while she's in full mommy mode

>> No.8455977

>that 21 year old cat has a pretty solid statistical chance of dying in the near future
I am not fucking ready for that stream, guys.
Holy fuck that's hillarious

>> No.8456005


>life started from the oceans
>therefore the oceans are her natural habitat and home
>she kidnaps you and drags you to the ocean
>forces you into a kiss before plunging you into the depths
>she breathes oxygen she generates via photosynthesis into your lungs via your mouth
>she also feeds you sweet sap secreted by her mouth
>can't break the kiss otherwise you'd drown
>her vitality sap keeps you alive and prevents you from aging
>stuck forever in a deep kiss at the bottom of the ocean; unable to even look away from her eyes

>> No.8456102

You guys said her schedule is euro friendly but all I see is she's streaming at Beatani o'clock.

>> No.8456114

>>she also feeds you sweet sap secreted by her mouth
Not from her special place.
I'm disappointed.

>> No.8456169 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 811x936, 無題-min-72[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This person has a boyfriend. Truly Sad...

>> No.8456210 [DELETED] 

It must be known that this "Idol" by the name of Ceres Fauna has a boyfriend.
It's kind of disgusting of Hololive to get an idol who has a boyfriend.

>> No.8456245

It's alright. Let it go.

>> No.8456330 [DELETED] 

Letting people know WHO to support!
People are honestly going to waste their money supporting Ceres Fauna. People should know what they're getting. She's an "idol" after all.

>> No.8456389

the only thing holding her from the best EN2 spot

>> No.8456536

not like you'll ever get to fuck her, so who cares?

>> No.8456600 [DELETED] 

I'm just informing people, so they don't have to waste their money on this.
Why support an idol with a boyfriend? Her boyfriend can support her, then. I just don't want people being deceived.

>> No.8456643

Another egg in the making. Lmao

>> No.8456655

>Mori for awhile still released stuff on her alt
Rrat, she only worked on other projects for her friends and those are all uploaded on her friends' channels, never hers

>> No.8456915 [DELETED] 

Ceres Fauna's boyfriend Vtuber account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx4CJ7jRbxjSbFT4Z-PCcUA

>> No.8457186

Is this what kfp feel like? Feels weird

>> No.8457219

did you pull this out of your asshole or is it true?

>> No.8457290 [DELETED] 

kiwifarms net/threads/virtual-youtubers.69525/page-2294#post-9812829
Thank Kiwifarms!

>> No.8457301

I could honestly give two shits if she has or had a bf so long as we never get an active and current confirmation of it while she's in hololive. But what I do care about is if she's a cunt about it. Several posters last night made the claims that she mocked, made fun of, and/or actively insulted her more invested fans/goslings on stream and/or on social media.

Is this true, and if so, can links and sources be provided for the claim? Having or having had a boyfriend is one thing, but being a cunt about it to her viewers is a bridge too far.

>> No.8457307

Yeah. Lmao.
It's actually funny.
I don't care anyway. Only retards can't separate IRL and online persona. It's a fucking job ffs.

>> No.8457450 [DELETED] 

Who would wanna waste their money on this after realizing the fact? I know I wouldn't. I'm just providing awareness.

>> No.8457477

Its a rrat, just a friend of hers.
Her bf has a maxed normie account on osrs, this aint the guy.

>> No.8457485

>Check the thread
>No one there gives a shit about them having boyfriends
I thought Kiwifarms was worse than /vt/, not the other way around...

>> No.8457510

Thanks. We are now aware.
Now go away and spread it more. Appreciate the effort.

>> No.8457557 [DELETED] 

LOL so salty over sharing information that Ceres Fauna has a boyfriend.

>> No.8457564

Who's this retard that keeps repeating himself like he's an evangelist?
What next? Going to every stream to spread she has a boyfriend?

Are these shadow fans or what. Total menhera meltdown happening.

>> No.8457591 [DELETED] 

The salt nigga

Ceres Fauna has a boyfriend lmfao

>> No.8457593

Nigger, I was one of the people in the threads when the rrat was either hana or leaf.
I pretty much know what to expect if either way goes. It's not new. You are late.

>> No.8457603

Shadow doesn't claim these retards. Even in her menhera meltdown she had the decency to not name her and wish her the best.
These people are unironically farther gone than Shadow.

>> No.8457619

Dramawhore discord raid. That bitch is desperate lmao.

>> No.8457647 [DELETED] 

So salty though
Ceres Fauna has a boyfriend lmfao
Discord is for fags
Don't use Discord retard!

>> No.8457649

She only did that to avoid responsibility. It was blatant who she was talking about.

>> No.8457650

Another incel got assblasted from the fact that girls have sex. Nothing new.

>> No.8457719

Being a girl on the internet be like that sometimes sadly.

>> No.8457734 [DELETED] 

Incel are clowns
Ceres Fauna has a boyfriend
Using Discord is retarded
Got more?

>> No.8457793

Lmao this retard going around spreading the boyfriend thing.
It was already discussed a day ago for this thread and the previous one iirc.
Hana-fags were even dosing on hopium just in case it's not hana.

>> No.8457806 [DELETED] 

Imagine defending a Vtuber who doesn't even know you exist lmfao
Btw, Ceres Fauna has a boyfriend. Seethe more, incel lol

>> No.8457877

Unicorns being delusional like usual. They are treating entertainment like a relationship. It's always extreme projection. Why chase a "relationship" with somebody that has an eternal "for sale" sign on them (aka any vtuber that is making money/selling stuff fits this perfectly).

>> No.8457938

lmao people in this thread going to the absolute of a woman having a boyfriend doing GFE ASMR is gonna be a big no no. meanwhile, there are six-digit subscriber Japanese v-tubers who does GFE asmr whose roommate is a JAV actress. One of them even went on a break saying she is on a break for dance lessons, but she is actually getting railed for her next JAV movie.

>> No.8457964

>but she is actually getting railed for her next JAV movie.
I'm interested. Care to drop codes?

>> No.8458010

Learn English

>> No.8458057

Yup, to add to that. Sana and Mumei also have boyfriends.

>> No.8458097
File: 255 KB, 615x687, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8458174

nope. i will write without using capitalisation whenever i want, faggot

>> No.8458180

Yes your cucking your GF. Please stop go back to RL

>> No.8458210

Fauna is cute and has a good voice!

>> No.8458232

Mother nature deserves respect!

>> No.8458250

Not after she doxxed irys as santa.
Hope hope hope => Ho ho ho.

>> No.8458301
File: 3.95 MB, 1816x2048, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8458347

I don’t think that’s what he was alluding to, based retardchama…

>> No.8458395
File: 726 KB, 2386x3162, E9dtlq2VgAAeE16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who gets the most fanart right now?
Is it Kronii or Fauna?
Fauna's design is beautiful not gonna lie.

>> No.8458550

More like green Noel to be honest

>> No.8458590

Clap Clap!

>> No.8458607

King cover when?

>> No.8458660

On pixiv they’re tied atm, rat has the most though
SFW only, phoneposting and too lazy to log in

>> No.8458858

don't forget mumel

>> No.8459025

How is Eddy's cum tasting, bros?

>> No.8459066


>> No.8459347

>literal Haachama posting baiter schizo gains all of these (you)s
what the fuck is your damage, it's literally some fags attempt at becoming a thread personality
stop replying to it

>> No.8460768

Is that FallenShadow?

>> No.8461129

Yes, if that wasn't already clear.

>> No.8461196

I don't follow meatbag drama

>> No.8461470

kek, I love this
now if only it was a gif

>> No.8462575

Soooo… are any of you guys planning on actually SCing her?

>> No.8462640

I never SC anyone.

>> No.8462691

So who's gonna be making the new thread?

>> No.8462720

No one, this is the last thread, sorry.

>> No.8462787

RIP. Let this be a reminder that you always do your opsec reps. Especially if your going to be a GFE chuuba in one of the most well known chuuba companies

>> No.8462846

please go and stay go

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