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are there any vtubers that browse 4chan?

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no, stop looking. thanks

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I do

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me :3

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yeah, me

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All of them. Say hi

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Hello everybody. I am /here/.

>> No.8326358

I'm Pomu!

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Many, but only the really shit ones actually post.

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post ur channel

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Mori Calliope

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Only one that is confirmed is Mori and RIsu, some others are very likely though.

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Ame for sure

This is the exact literal /v/ template:
*ting ting ting*
"I have an announcement"
"fuck jannies and fuck niggers"
"That's all"

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im a vtuber i just haven't debuted yet

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all of them. In fact, I am one.

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fuck off Koopa

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Hi Risu.

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Why are you faggots obsessed with this? Does it really mean that much to you? As if this place is some giant secret. Everyone uses everything, you're living in the past if you don't recognize that

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speak for yourself you faggot redditor

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I bet Gura does

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I get a feel she does

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I need to know which ones come here so I can hate them and send dick pics

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Come here love, look what they're talking about.

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Kiara and Ollie have egosearched here
Mori, Risu and Gura are femanons are and at least the first two have referenced this place and confirmed to browse here. Don’t forget the Risu tweet about /vt/
Nyanners and Ironmouse have mentioned criticism only seen here. I think Vei also browses the Vshojo+ thread
Pippa is open about being here, Snuffy too
Vienna mentioned trying to get our validation
Finana once ended looking at the archives of the Niji threads
Moona made tweets mentioning things posted here
Ame visited a thread and borrowed a screenshot she later used for a tweet
If it’s true, one of the HoloCouncil chuubas will say “sneed” on stream

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Everyone who posts here is a vtuber except you

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leaflit apparently

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isn't this girl a massive menhera?

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P0mu did

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look up her roomate name
Then look up Mocca

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Selen and IRyS both referred to "doing their reps" in a context only used here

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Pippa from Phase Connect often tweets in response to the phase connect general thread.

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wonder if any JPs cone here and are very confused

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Temako was browsing here on stream yesterday.
They likely get their "bilingual" discord simps to poorly translate what they see here.

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A bunch of them do. Just ask /wvt/

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I don't use reddit so you can fuck off back to there.

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Beatani, Koopa, Snuffy, Nyanners, Veibae, Selen, Risu, and HER

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me =3 watch my streams kthnxbye

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All of them, lmao

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whores like aqua and Matsuri get their fill from 5ch so they don't really need here

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i forgot link sorry

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A more interesting discussion would be who browses 5ch, posts on 5ch, doesn't even know 5ch and avoids 5ch like the plague.

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I honestly think Kiara has been ramping up the MEMEME recently just to piss people off here. Based if true.

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I would be surprised if anyone from HoloEN didn't occasionally browse here. This is the most active english language community surrounding vtubers, so it would be stupid to ignore it.

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risu's tweet?

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Snuffy browses /vt/ regularly, and even laughed at the jannies for banning her April Fools Pony model for being /mlp/

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Kiara, Gura and maybe Mori. Dunno about the rest.

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All of them. I come here just to shit on them like an middle eastern princeling does to his imported whores. Feels better than slogging through streams waiting for the funny haha moments.

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They want their rrats/shitposts to be considered relevant to more than the same couple dozen people

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ik risu is but what makes you say Mori?

>> No.8356703

some no-name en indie probably does

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she freezes her own shit to use as a dildo. You tell me

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regularly talks about shitposting on /vt/ just to rile you faggots up

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roommate directly references it in their songs

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rrats say Mori does because she has that weird self-deprecation thing.

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she what>>8356772

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mori 100%

she hates us but she can't get enough of our opinions of her

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I wonder how she felt about the start of brapposting

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Please don't. That shit is gonna be overused

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Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if she stopped browsing because of it lmao

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Ame is pretty much confirmed.

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rosemi has literally posted here and she replied to a tweet of the Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti

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when i have to remember someone's full name, i just kind avoid it because i might say a pornstar's name or something instead

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What, you don't like Nakadashi Suki/ENTuber?

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yeah yeah, when someone asks whos this girl or can't remember something I just pretend I don't even if I kinda do

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Hi pomu!

>> No.8366854

literally everyone from /wvt/

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I have good news for both of you
I'm Pomu Rainpuff


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pussy, pussy, pussy, can't you see
you bitches can't do it like me.

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smelling like the rose that somebody gave me on my

smelling like the rose
somebody gave me cause I'm

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This guy gets it.

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that's not a 4chan term you mong

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I think people have said Ina has referenced /a/ stuff but I'm not sure.

What else does it refer to then? She could have said watch the vod or literally anything else. Do your archive reps is pretty specific.

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that pinko that sounds like a man is shilling herself on her 24/7

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I wonder if any JPs browse here through gtl/deepl though. I'm fairly sure all of them frequent 5channel or other japanese boards to grab more menhera fuel, but I'd totally look up what foreigners have to say too, if I was in their place.

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She's lurked since the Mint days, doubt she ever left.

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I sure fucking hope not, have you SEEN this place?

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reps are a fitness thing dumbass

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Okay? No one says do your archive reps outside of /here/. It's not that far-fetched to assume selen has been here before lol.

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Do you have the screenshot?

>> No.8425047

Yes, and that carried over to shit like anki reps, archive reps, etc.

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yeah but only solo indies and those from outlaw mudshow feds. the big girls know better than to come to this schizo laden shithole.

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>Ame's Birthday
>Mori completly forgts about it
>her roommate is shitposting on /a/
>Some /a/non calls her out
>in seconds more tweets happy b-day to name

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I liked him better when he was keemstar for vtubers, streams are gay

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point is she didn't get it from here

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where did she get it from then

>> No.8431650

one of her many male friends talking about fitness

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Still waiting for proofs for any of the claims posted in this thread

>> No.8432540

the lady doth protest too much methinks

>> No.8433016

Probably most of them.

Hiroyuki most like knows a bunch of them IRL which is most likely the reason this board was created.

>> No.8433171

yeah, im sure she went from male friends talking about fitness to "archive reps"

>> No.8433577

Anon. You're retarded.

>> No.8438624

her roommate said multiple times that she browses /mu/

>> No.8440863

roommate said they hated /v/

>> No.8440958

That's bullshit but I believe it.

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is not HER beatani ? or were you unaware of this fact ?

>> No.8444226

Mori's roommate is one of the worst kept secrets in hololive, you can very well search for proof yourself

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