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Normalize telling the chuubas to sleep if they're streaming longer than usual and in very late hours.
No, they're not responsible adults who know what they're doing, they've been proven to be the opposite of that several times.
JP chat does this all the time but only EOPs chimp out and say "waaah don't police the chuuba"

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>Normalize telling the chuubas to sleep if they're streaming longer than usual and in very late hours.
>No, they're not responsible adults who know what they're doing, they've been proven to be the opposite of that several times.
>JP chat does this all the time but only EOPs chimp out and say "waaah don't police the chuuba"

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>No, they're not responsible adults who know what they're doing, they've been proven to be the opposite of that several times.
Agreed, women are basically large children with fuckable holes.

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My oshi is very responsible, except for sleep and finances.

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>retarded wagies think staying up late means they won't get sleep because the idea of waking up early in the morning is so ingrained to them
They can wake up whenever they want retard, they're still getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

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they wake up around 2p retard youre the cancer of this earth

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You should be up by 6am regardless of your schedule, barring emergencies or travelling.

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Shit thread.

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Normalize you shutting the fuck up

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No, let them fall asleep streaming if they want to.

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normalize going the fuck back to twitter faggot

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Some of them don't get enough sleep but it's not because they were up too late streaming and it's also not my problem

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Don't use Pomu to shitpost, fuckface.

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It really doesn't matter anyway, the majority of humans don't get enough sleep. It doesn't actually do anything to you besides make you feel like shit.

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Suisei gets tired from her idol training, not from streaming too long. Most of her streams are 1 hour.

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Based Suisei streaming whenever and how long she wants

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adults can do whatever the fuck they want faggot

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It's the only image I have for a vtuber falling asleep. Also that was at the start of a stream.

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Normalize not having "takes" on everything. Sometimes it's ok to shut the fuck up and not share your thoughts.

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Normalize deez nuts on your face

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Based chubas so dedicated they kill themselves for our amusement

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Why people treat vtubers like kids? Xqc streams almost 20 hours per day EVERYDAY and he's still alive

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You should be allowed to make the suggestion without getting dogpiled by wannabe mods, but also you're a faggot if you actually do, so I'm not terribly sympathetic

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I hope you suffer in immense agony you fucking sub-human

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Can you go back to r3dditt you fucking faggot, yikes

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>streamers are responsible adults that can take care of themselves
>that's why I need to protect them from getting their feelings hurt by a mean comment
Sleep-antis are the biggest joke.

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"I'm an adult and I can take care of myself"
>3 weeks later
"I need to take a break because I'm burning out and on the verge of a breakdown. I haven't been taking care of myself uwu"

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My oshi just got a deep vein thrombosis and died, let's go

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Why do women do this

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Is DVT really that much of a risk? I was under the impression that it required >10 hours of total immobility to develop. Even during an endurance stream, just getting up to get food or take a piss should protect them.

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>Start post with Normalize
>Image of Pomu
>Make a retarded post
Every time

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One of Tsunderia girls caught COVID and refused to stop streaming several times a day until she started vomiting blood, streamers are mentally ill

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what exactly do you think does spamming your garbage in chat achieve besides annoying anyone who enjoys a fun stream? exactly zero streamers in the history of streaming have seen a patronizing piece-of-shit comments like yours and said "yeah i'm going to sleep right now bye"
the worst thing is while you only bother others you probably think it's some just cause. just let the streamers do their thing and enjoy or leave ffs

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>You should be up by 6am regardless of your schedule, barring emergencies or travelling.

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Once you've had to be up at 4am for over a year, 6am is a luxury.

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Normalize my balls in your face.

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you have to be under the age of 55 to post on this website

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If I have to suffer, they can suffer too.

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I'm younger than 18 but older than 55

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>women streaming for more than 5 hours
>chat starts spamming 'you should take a break, you should rest, you should get more sleep'

>man streaming for more than 15 hours
>chat don't give a fuck

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Normalize my dick.

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Streamers are usually the kind of idiot who can't take care of themselves, so that's true, but also you aren't their friends and you're just going to annoy them. If they REALLY need sleep they have friends who will probably be watching, or even management if they're corporate and it's really bad.
>Capcha: TARD4

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Telling them to sleep is just gonna make them not want to sleep more. Just because you and the EOPs that act like you are so autistic they cannot grasp even the basics of human psychology in daily interactions doesn't mean you get to annoy everyone else who does. Learn to stfu and just enjoy

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Anyone who can pay their own bills and maintain their own place of living is an adult. Anyone who does not, is a child regardless of age.

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the viewers should be able to call the manager or some other adult supervisor.

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Getting to bed at a set time is more important for not feeling like shit than just raw hours spent sleeping (unless you're clinically sleep deprived).

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t. deadbeat

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Set time might be 6am to 2pm,whats your problem then?

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Do you like being told what to do with your life ?
Did you like being told to go to sleep when you were a child ?

They are streaming to have fun and entertain people, not to be babysitted so just throw your "plz sleep" akasupa and enjoy the content

If I was them, i'd rather be free to do whatever i want and burnout myself than listen to a random dude on internet and be frustrated because i can't enjoy what i'm doing anymore

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That's because Japanese do it respectfully and EOPS are retarded attention-seeking carefags

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>women are basically large children with fuckable holes.
Children are children with fuckable holes. I fail to understand the point you're making.

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I wish Pomu had to be told to go to sleep, she's too responsible and always rushes to end streams to sleep at a reasonable time for work.

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Just a few more months and she can escape the wagie cage

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Stop trying to babysit people like this, it's retarded. They choose when they sleep.

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I only keep a strict schedule because not having one causes me to spiral out of control. If they can manage it then it's fine.

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>Getting to bed at a set time is more important for not feeling like shit

This is a normie lie on par with "be yourself" and "exercise makes you feel good"

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>Normalize telling the chuubas to sleep
you mean sleep with their boyfriends? because that's what they are doing when they aren't streaming.

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My favorite will fall asleep on stream
It WILL be funny!


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Why is she sad?

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my rrat is that pomu posters follow THAT faggot, because their oshi is active on twitter, and post reddit tier bullshit for screencaps

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Yes, obviously it is fans of Pomu who are attaching Pomu images to obvious shitposts.

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Because EOP stronk independent wamen streamers don't like being told to do anything. So when they pull all nighters and are dead tired during a stream like Mori, we can't say get some sleep.

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She's still single/divorced and her mom is very ill. Not a rrat btw.

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>Because EOP stronk independent wamen streamers don't like being told to do anything.

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If you haven't noticed, Korone is like the antithesis of the traditional Japanese lady archetype. She's an admitted westaboo and somewhat of a misanthrope.

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It's like backseat gaming I guess. Maybe it can be called backseat living? 草

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explains why she's a... what's the japanese equivalent of a wine aunt? sake aunt? sapporo sister? fermented christmas cake?
(no offense to mr. koro, i mean that in the nicest way)

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I think there's a difference between trying to TELL someone to go to sleep, and merely expressing that you would be fine if she went to bed. The former is telling people what to do on their own time with their own life, which is really creepy and condescending. The latter is purely a business communication. You are saying "I am ok with you ending the stream now" just the same as "I am ok with the quality of this product." They of course are under no obligation to actually go to bed, but the essence is you won't hold anything against them.

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pbwease dwink wabter

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Vtuber just woke up voices are pure sex

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He quite literally, objectively, did nothing wrong

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Proper hydration is important.

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Having a messed up circadian rhythm is a bad thing anon.

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why are korone antis like this

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Normalize being normal you faggot

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As someone who was born with a messed up circadian rhythm that never """normalized""" and lives with it day by day, fuck off and stop telling people when they should and shouldn't sleep. You aren't their parent.

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no, faggot, your body adapts to whatever schedule you set for it, and if you change it all the time it wastes effort constantly trying to adapt.

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oh I dream of the day

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I just woke up today for a purpose, you can always go back to sleep when you want to.

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One of my favorite clips of one of my favorite holos

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She less wine aunt and more womanchild. She's said she was that edgy kind of person that didn't think anyone did something for others for genuine, selfless reasons and thought those people only did good things to look good to others. She basically describes a lot of anons here that don't have decent interpersonal skills yet are jaded at life.

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Many EN comments are ESL and they don't know how to use a passive writing style to express themselves. That and English speakers are simply more direct in their speak than Japs that always use tatemae.
Get some rest, anon. You're cranky.

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My oshi has insomnia.

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