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>hololive EN gen 2 has been indefinitely delayed due to unforeseen circumstances
what did cover mean by this??

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means you're a faget

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Everyone is dead and I've found a new job a organ seller. I'll keep you updated

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>final yab

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Prepare for unforeseen consequences.

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why does the peko look at me then look away and never look back? I thought gifs were supposed to loop??? HELP ME!!!!

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orcschizo finally made it but couldn't hide her powerlevel until debut

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They're waiting to bot them ton100k subs before debut so they delayed it

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Was the word indefinitely actually used OP or are you just being a fag right now?

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One of them was found to have a boyfriend

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Wake up and smell the ashes.

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It was, but they probably meant the literal meaning of the word, not "forever but we can't say forever because it sounds bad"

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>reads "postponed"
>repeats "indefinitely delayed"

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One of them.lives in new York. It's about to get hammered by a hurricane.

Rigging is fucked up. They're putting some bandaids on it before sending her off the school.

Ceres was orcschizo and she got shitcanned in favor of Lyrica, so they have to delay the entire gen so she can be onboarded and have time to prepare.

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what the fuck, the image scared me

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EN curse strikes again

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it means my entire day just got ruined. I want a refund.

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>actual tech issues (think Finana debut)
>one of them lives in the US storm area
>one of them lives in Haiti
>one of them lives in Afghanistan
Pick your rrat.

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I kinda get who orcschizo is but why the name?

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I fucked up my sleep schedule for THIS?

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One (or more) of them might be having account issues on Youtube serious enough to keep them from streaming. I know they've been having issues with both Youtube and Twitter on and off since making their accounts.

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It has been indefinitely delayed, by definition. Do you know what indefinite means?

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They didnt give a date so it is by definition indefinitely delayed

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"We will announce the new date as soon as it has been decided" is the exact words.

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>it's Sana who is not black, but Muslim, and is living in Kabul

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Fist one seems the most likely

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Sana is too busy fighting alongside her Taliban bretheren

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>One of them.lives in new York.
Great, Cover hired a jewess.

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>hololive EN gen 2 has been indefinitely delayed due to unforeseen circumstances
they opened a portal to Xen

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Somebody got the coof.

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Yagoo QC the model personally this time, and told rigger to fix it.

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So uhhh
Are they pushing it to tomorrow? Next week?

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Irl Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes stream when

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One of them had a massive panic attack to the point they made a multiple paragraph post and went offline on every piece of social media.

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I like it, we already know its nature

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My guess is they want it on a weekend with all of them debuting all on the same day. So next weekend probably..

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oh if only you knew

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they already have one...

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If one of them was in Afghanistan, wouldn't they have announced the delay sooner? It's not like the talibans took over Afghanistan today or anything, it happened two or three days ago.

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spacenigger lacked appeal
instead of geting SJW'd they just cancelled the whole gen

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>a maybe one day delay
>discussion has moved from blaming a design to blaming a hurricane to saying one is in afghanistan

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Welcome to /vt/

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JP tweet blames "system trouble".
If it's a tech trouble, that means they had no backup plans. They're not a small indie company anymore. This is just incompetence.

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I trust it will all make sense to you in the course of...
Well... I'm really not at liberty to say.

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My nigga..

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shut the fuck up cuck

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Gura realised they would steal her thunder and threatened to quit.

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For several hours now I have been told from credible sources the reason stream has been delayed. However, due to the importance and sensitivity around the subject, I have refrained from going on it. I don't feel comfortable with it currently.

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Well you're full of shit. The Japanese Hololive account is citing "technical difficulties" and the talents themselves are citing the EN curse (aka technical difficulties).

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Yes it is because they are fucking your mom.

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>JWU to catch the first debut

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>they fell for the pasta

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it means theyre graduating are you happy now

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That only means "when we are awake and at the office".

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They saw this goofy lookin' melon in the rehearsal

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Among EN Kiara is for sure in a relationship to the point of barely hiding it.

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remember that post about "im in gen 2"?

Cover found out. Aloe 2.0.

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>system trouble
just fucking open OBS and click start stream lmao it's not hard HAHAHAHAHA

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Is this shopped or is her neck actually that fucking long?

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shut the FUCK up selen

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shes a draaaaaaaaaaagon

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I have never seen a good post attached to an image of Selen

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She looks like this nigga

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I'm not kfp and I couldn't give less of a shit if she has a bf or not, but I genuinely believe she doesn't. She's very independence-focused, very busy, and also *extremely* aware of what it would mean as an idol figure to be discovered with a man. I just don't see her fitting a bf into all of that.

Ame could definitely have one though.

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cause you're a dumb fuck retard

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This is how rrats are made

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>his schedule isn't fucked up by default

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There is more issues to it than OBS trouble anon
Could also be that she cant access her youtube channel anymore

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how closely have you looked at the necks of any aother vtuber? they're all long. It's just the nature of live2d to have long necks

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Pekora also has it, but you don't notice cause of the scarf.

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now i can't stop imagining Pekora without the scarf

fuck you

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But she's the best, and everyone is like that.

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You already have her

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My rrat is that one of them wanted to watch SummerSlam

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Insider sources are saying the new date will be mid-late September. Probably more than just a tropical storm rrat.

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I mean we all know Cover is dogshit. Indies now regularly get much better designs and rigging than the garbage Cover shits out.

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Maybe one of them did get cold feet and quit or something.

Maybe whoever was Namie, if she was indeed supposed to be one of them, was so paranoid knowing that people already figured her out and also saw irrefutable bf proof, that she just didn't wanna come show herself and plunge the gen into drama.

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Maybe you should take your meds.

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Replacing one of the talents rrat?

>> No.8291581

>t. trust me dude

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>Lyrica is in

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Cover attempted to trade Sana for Pomu but negotiations failed.

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Post doesn't exist

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>Sana superchat reading
>hear this in the background with faint gunshots off in the distance https://youtu.be/_sM4yGEeK28

The true Muslim vtuber experience

>> No.8292409

>Send superchat to Sana.
>She pays profit tax to the Taliban.

>> No.8292616

>Beleebing corporate excuses
Remember when Sasaki graduated because she couldn't play Nintendo games and Ichikara said she's retiring "for personal difficulties"? You should always assume the opposite of PR

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I read that as circumcised, I don't know why

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It'd be unprecedented for sure, when aloe fucked up they didn't bother swapping out her roommate she was just axed. It makes more sense with council since their designs are interconnected but it'd still be jarring for the girls for one of them to be replaced after having prepared for debut together months out

>> No.8295073

Are you seriously this retarded? Why are you even remotely considering that this is a possibility?

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Source: it was revealed to me in a dream

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Have any of the Councils stopped posting on Twitter?

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>hololive EN gen 2 has been indefinitely delayed due to unforeskin circumcisions

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I've become used to automatically hiding selen threads and posts since they're always trash.

>> No.8297269

Yeah, it's definitely a good sperg filter

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doubt it but maybe ame

>> No.8298353

Did you bother to read the post? I said it's unlikely to happen seeing as how in aloe's case she got removed from Gen 5 and left them with 4

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RIP Sana's massive futacock, it will never be the same again

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A hurricane is hitting northeast US.

A member of gen2 is there and they'll likely be without power for a couple days.

>> No.8298887

storm starts almost the next day dude. It ain't a storm.

>> No.8298943

Imagine if they actually get injured or isekai'd.
oh im starting to concern

>> No.8298971

Is that a american thing? What the fuck lmao its just a storm how can your entire infrastructure collapse at a little rain

>> No.8299022

I take it you have never seen a storm

>> No.8299027

You lose all momentum as a channel if you can't stream for a week.
And the entire point is to debut them together, and generate mutual subs between them as much as possible.
It's 100% because of the hurricane

>> No.8299098

Northeast doesn't ever get hurricanes, doesn't build for hurricane protection, has a lot of old "quaint" architecture with very old trees.
It's an ongoing problem and cities usually end up clear-cutting a lot of woods around power lines every couple years

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>what did cover mean by this??
Probably they realized Mumei is orc schizo and will replace her with someone else

>> No.8299205

I got Sana pregnant by feetfucking her, sorry anon.

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funny how that guy completely dipped after trying to discredit the Doc

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The new york storm doesn’t make sense. It won’t hit until tomorrow. And its only a cat 1 hurricane. Nothing burger.

Meanwhile, mexico got hit by an actual cat 3 hurricane TODAY.

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The one who posted the thread here asked for a delay to find a better word than "sneed" to use to dogwhistle

>> No.8304180

>she was just axed.
What? The door was always open for her Aloe just chose not to come back, mostly because of her mental state

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>one of them has a boyfriend
Have we got an agency for that filthy unseiso whore!

>> No.8304402

Vshoujo girls don't have boyfriends, only fuckbuddies. Expect Ironmouse because she would just die.

>> No.8304470

Gooruh's jewish i'm her cousin, i pretty much only see her at passover, we say shalom, do a funny little dance and leave

>> No.8304876

The suddenness, lack of reason given, and indefinite timeframe really fucking suck after building up hype for it all week. I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore.

>> No.8308847

Get real.

>> No.8312751

oh man the eyes actually move, reminds me of that creepier image of the same concept.

>> No.8314775

She'd be decent if she just shut up.

>> No.8314821

If we're going rrat spinning and room-mate rumors, then the following have recently had/have BFs
Ina (This one is entirely from a 1-liner i spotted HERE and thus the most dubious)

>> No.8314912

My balls have been embeded indefinitely down your mum's throat. What happened?

>> No.8315021

Any EN speaking woman in her 20's that doesn't have/had a bf is near impossible, especially in the US.

>> No.8315127

Nice try, chicken.

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Please check the times (JST) below for the adjusted debut schedule of hololive English -Council-.

Sana: Monday, August 23, 2 AM
Fauna: Monday, August 23, 3:30 AM
Kronii: Monday, August 23, 5 AM
Mumei: Monday, August 23, 6:30 AM
Baelz: Monday, August 23, 8 AM

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they're waiting for you peko, in the test chambeeeer

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