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Is she the worst Starcraft player of all time?

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Nah, but she's not great either. The streams have been fun though.

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Depends. If she's allowed to interact against her opponents physically then she could offer a blow job in exchange for them throwing the match. Basically 100% win rate if so.

Otherwise probably yeah.

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Also, I don't know who she is

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no that's me

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>Worse SC player
>Didn't even lose

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this desu, she's the only girl I've seen with a neck long enough to take my inhumanly long cock that can't fit halfway up the snatch of the loosest slut

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Shut the fuck Finana's boyfriend

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What the fuck. I didn't even realize how long her neck is??? What the fuck

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What do you mean?

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just wait until rosemi plays it

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I dunno, but I can tell you she's the cutest Starcraft player of all time!

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Wasn't she playing the campaign?

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>A-ah ah ha! Cha-chotto matte!
>Ahh, ya know?
>20 minutes later unpauses
>You can't triumph over the Rosemi sama!

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not really, none of Holo ens would know how to start the game/clear the tutorial so she's not even that bad compared to them.

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Dragon x Giraffe

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Place the accent lads. I can't tell.
Is this what a canadian sounds like?

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NA accents are too similar to distinguish, not to mention easy migration.
But... Kinda. My guess would be central Canada.

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I want to do filthy cannon rush against her.

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Is the oshi schitzophrenic? Why does she laugh randomly every 10 seconds?

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Since when do Starcraft faggots think fucking around in the campaign is the same as actually playing the meat of the game, the multiplayer? At least actually play the game and know what you're talking about before making threads retard.

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It's called having fun. I know this is a new concept for you.

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There is literally nothing going on.
She's not being engaged by anything.
She just talks. Pauses. Then bursts out into laughter.

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No. That would be me.

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This worries me too, rather strange.

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You guys have been making your girls play RTS? For shame.

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No, I knew a kid who only played money maps and never made anything but wraiths.

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>AAAAAA please Vtuber-chama play a RTS or GSG!
>>She plays a RTS/GSG.
>Nooooo! You're triggering my autism with this gameplay! You should play like ME!
Faggots playing this bore of a genre should never be pandered to, just like SJWs the more you cave in the more they won't be satisfied, might as well just play actual fun games then.

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Rule #57 of Chuuba-watching: Never focus on their neck

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She lives in a society

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No, that retard i beat online when i was 9 without building a unit was the worst of all time

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I like how every fucking day this board had threads with autists crying that chuubas only played minecraft and should play RTS and grand strategy instead to please their autist needs.
Fast forward to Selen actually playing an RTS and suddenly all these sperglords are assblasted that she's not playing the game optimally.
Pandering to these people is a mistake, they'll bitch and moan no matter what you do.

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I don't really understand how you playing a Blizz RTS's campaign optimally would be anywhere near entertaining.
>Set up hard wall
>Cap out upgrade
>Max out army
>Attack move deathball
>Rinse and repeat till you get the small handfull of dungeon crawl missions

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She's a fair RTS player, she just has no patience.
>Wait for mutas to mass
>Trickle send them to their deaths

>wait for economy to stabilize
>buy the most expensive things the moment something is available

>Put base defenses on the closest paths to the enemy base
>Put them shotgun-scatter around the base and be surprised when most of them don't encounter the enemy

these are just minor things. I think this is something you have to learn from every RTS game.

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theyre dragons and dragons have long necks [/lore]

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I accept
i would have lost anyway

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Do you think she would still laugh at random while giving the entire lan party under the table hjs and fjs?

>> No.8282244

Probably. There's nothing she doesn't laugh at. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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I mean. She's not good, or even ok.
She like a chess player who knows what moves the pieces can man.
Not that it's a bad thing she not good at the game.

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no me

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She thought her life was a tragedy, turns out it was a comedy all along

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this dude gets it. it's not about being a fucking scbw autist who's top 500, it's just about a chuuba revisiting a game she used to play when she was a kid and experiencing the nostalgia again

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The funniest thing - she's still better than 99% of people who criticizing her SC skills.

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I think she's deliberately handicapping herself. She knows how to use control groups, but stubbornly refuses to use a-move. She also just sits there laughing as her units die.

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She has the same condition as the Joker from Joker (2019)

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When will she shoot Pomu on stream?

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I’d say the “optimal” way would be clearing maps as quickly as possible, rather than deathballing everything. she’s doing fine just enjoying the game

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the real question is when will Selen have a big yab during a stream and what kind will it be

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It's a nervous tic. Her laughter is a coping mechanism to defuse her crippling anxiety that would otherwise put her in deer in headlights mode.

>> No.8293666

don't know about worst, but she is definitely up there in terms of annoying

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Isn't Starcraft one of those games that you have to play for like a decade to become slightly above average at, and even then you'll probably just get stomped by some Korean?

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RTS dweebs actually obsess over meta and things called 'build orders'

In Age of Empires 2 they always build in a specific way in the first 15 minutes of the game. it's pretty boring to watch.

>> No.8297948

Just seems like one of those games you have to dedicate your entire channel to.

>> No.8298076

>Isn't Starcraft one of those games that you have to play for like a decade to become slightly above average at
That's a big exaggeration.
>and even then you'll probably just get stomped by some Korean?
This part is correct though.

>> No.8298090

Yes, she would have to grind HARD to be competent. Making sure she has her macro down, using all the hot keys, grouping units, saving locations to hot key to, constantly building units, upping her APM to a minimum of triple digits, learn her races build orders, learn other races build orders to know how to interpret what she sees while scouting, getting good at micro, and so on.

It isn't worth getting good at ad a streamer unless that's all you'll stream.

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>Don't worry, we can make more, WE CAN MAKE MORE
>Time to make more men AHAHAHAHA

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isn't she just playing the campaign? or does she want to try ladder?

>> No.8298209

She won't touch ladder.

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I mean you can get halfway decent at an RTS by watching a video about setting up keybinds and how playing would work. You can do it in a couple hours. The meta and feeling of playing is what's hard and takes time.

>> No.8298299

You won't be good until you can macro well, and then when you throw an online component to it your opponent can easily throw you out of your typical build order loop.

>> No.8298329

Just imagine her saying NUMBER 15 BURGER KING FOOT LETTUCE

>> No.8298331

knowing the meta and orders aint that hard, its just homewo4rk, the hard part is raising your apm to a point where you can actually compete agfainst humans, but who cares only koreans, insane fedora wearing finnish people and Italian wunderkids do that

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I might be worse, since I never played it.

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