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In a 12 hours some of you will have a new oshi, and some of you will become antis. You cannot fight it for it is simply the way things must be…

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Sana is cute. CUTE!

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Post chocolate tits

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I'm hoping the Rat is good, I really like her design. More than anything though I hope the gen isn't as autistic as gen 1 and can actually develop some chemistry with each other that makes them fun to watch. Seeing Mori and Gura trying to badly pretend to be enjoying Kiara screeching at them for an hour is physically painful.

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Get ready to kneel for days

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This is why Holo Gen 3 is my favorite group. They’ve always had good chemistry. Designs be damned if they get along well I’ll like them.

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Soon we'll find out who got the rhombus.

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it's the rrat, she hasn't shown her model unlike the rest, probably hiding something

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already liked and subcribed

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>rigs your oshi

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I find it insane that chuubas who have not even spoken yet and are basically PNGs have generated more discussion than like half of Nijisanji on this board

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Sadly no EN gen can be as tight as any JP one simply due to physical distance and the lack of offstream hangouts.

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She's the only one who follows Jujube though

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I'm here to kill chaos

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Soon Cat eats Rat

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they’re pretty boring

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icarly lore was a mistake

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Yeah a lot of these Nijisans look really bland

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Welcome to the world of hype culture.
This ride never stops.

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Thanks for the spamming on this board about her now I know which one I will hate.

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i don't like her either but you shouldn't let other people affect who you like or not

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No, I do. Therefore I will never watch an EN Hololiver.

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This idiot thinks Anonymous is all one guy

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Pease and hoep, anon

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This pic makes me laugh because all the visual descriptors for Holo are "lion" "cat" "dog" "horny pirate" with way too many words.

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newvtfag here, whats a oshi

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Of course, don't you read the news? The infamous hacker 4-chan?

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I will continue not giving a single fuck about the EN branch.

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newfag, since you asked nicely
"oshi" comes from "oshimem" in idol lingo,
oshi - to support
mem -member
oshi would mean your favorite chuuba

t. if google was a guy...guy

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12? Thought it was tomorrow

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Stop spoonfeeding the redditfags you fucking retard

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Same, but with Nijichuubas.

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Cover better deliver. These nijiEN girls are pretty fun.

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nah man i aint neva watchin no en whore

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>t. Mocca

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Thanks for explaining the joke.

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My body is ready.

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I feel ready to move on from Kiara. I've made my choice of new oshi and I'm excited to jump on board. As a KFP I'm tired of losing. I just need a win, you know?

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None of them are going to replace my oshi, but I'm most excited for Mumei and the rrat. I really like Fauna's design too. And while Sana and the helicopter are my least favorites, I wish them the best.

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I literally made this same exact thread but mods deleted for being off-topic.

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Final yab. This board wont be the same anymore

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I don't blame you anon. Who'd you pick? Sana?

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Will she have her own equivalent of a kawaiiope poster?

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Future best friends!

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Anyone abandoning their oshi after one stream of a new girl deserves the rope.

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>In a 12 hours some of you will have a new oshi, and some of you will become antis.
Jokes on you I already hate the rrat

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oh gay rat

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This just simple isn't their board

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Shut the fuck up. You don't watch them

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this aged poorly

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And just like in the game, destiny has been altered. We'll get to live to see another day without the new girls.

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well this aged horribly

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