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Will any Hololive girl ever become as famous and influential as Kizuna AI?

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Faqing migo clone

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Probably Marine. The rest of them don't have the charisma that she has and don't make that many connections.

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Fuck off falseflagger

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Coco is trying, but even after graduating, she's just too famous and influential to downgrade to that level.

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Gura already surpassed her

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Respect Aifags

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Oh god annon, are you sitting down? You're probably not going to want o hear this...

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It's been confirmed that at least 1-1.5 million of her subs are bots or dead accounts.

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Your oshi aren't even on the big screens in Shibuya

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Your oshis aren't even on the big screens in Shibuya.

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That already happened

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Your oshis aren't even on the big screens in Shibuya.

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Mind showing them confirmation shitposter kun?

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Almost all of kizuna's subs are dead accounts

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>literal e-girl
you keep telling yourself that

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Kizuna Ai got famous and influential for being the first actually big vtuber. Without her Hololive wouldn't exist because they wouldn't have had her to copy from.
Hololive doesn't do anything unique enough to be influential.
They could be more famous but won't start anything new.

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Will any whore have as high of a body count as your mother?

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No, Pekora can't leave her comfort zone and Gura is too lazy.

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One of the JP Holos like Fubuki, Marine, or Pekora probably will.

I doubt any EN Holos will due to how much westerners still hate anime.

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Absolutely no way.

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>dead accounts
Kizuna Ai has the most dead subs
Gura has the most live subs

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No, AI is a pioneer and THE Vtuber icon, respected by everyone in the Vtubing sphere.
Gura on the other hand is a cancer to the industry and an insult for anyone that puts in the effort

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lmao she is not even the first

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>all that words for stale bait
schizochaama, sometimes less is more

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Gura is Kizuna's successor

Seethe harder JP bros

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Neck yourself, chumfaggot

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In Japan hololive is huge. They do all kinds of promo and brand deals and you'll see their faces on billboards, tv, and merch.
Ai is a total has been and fell into complete obscurity, she does nothing anymore promotion-wise and her videos struggle to even match hololive's lowest viewer counts.

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when an alien race explores the ruins of human civilization, they will find that Gura was the greatest vtuber of all time

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Go to any weeb-friendly online community and say "shark."

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But he was

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>an insult for anyone that puts in the effort
fuck i felt so bad for Friend and dog back then

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That's cause Japan has a large fujoshi population

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Bruh dog is fine, she got Okayu and that's all she needs

So long as Okayu goes with her, she can either go to nijisan or graudate and she wouldn't mind

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None of the vtubers would exist if not for Ai. None of these new generations of holo would exist if not for Sora. Hours long chatting streams won't be a thing if not for JKgumi. These newfags have absolute no respect for any older vtubers. Absolutely disgusting.

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>Okakoro number one!
>Guys they actually kisses and fucks each others off-stream
Go back

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That's cause its mostly because the people Kizuna worked with are scum

Not anyone's fault her legacy is shat on.

She should have left early like Kaguya Luna did.

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Bruh you know I am right. Dog is only in hololive because of cat

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keep telling yourself that

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What does that have to do with anything

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It means that Japan are sooner to let some no name be on their screens because of Fujoshi themes than someone of quality

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>literally saved Taco Bell from near extinction
>revived people’s interest in kaiju anime
>caused a global craze over french fries
anon people are literally attacking cashiers because Taco Bell can’t keep up with the demand, she literally called for a fucking crusade the other day, more blood has been spilled in Gura’s name the last few weeks than semen has been spilled for Kizuna her whole career

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Who is this washed up has-been?

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Based shark

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My wife? My wife!

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Is pickle rick influential too?

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if pickle rick screamed "all trannies and niggers must hang" on live television, AT&T would start chopping heads

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I miss her.

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They would have to create another cultural shift in vtubing like how Kizuna AI did. You could say Mito was influential in the style of vtubing that's nore popular now, but I feel like not a single person from hololive or Nijisanji are both influential and famous on their own as AI was. Basically until we have a single face of vtubing on the scale AI was, it won't happen.

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first that mattered

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Sasuga, Same-sama.

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Ina isnt even the biggest Holo and she was in Times Square

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Why is Gura so powerful...?

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>YWN take back the Holy Land under Guras banner
>Or will you?

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>that samefag

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Still wrong lol

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Extremely based

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Drop dead Amerimutt

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He isn't even trying anymore

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That's Akihabara, they have animu banners there all the time.

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What's with the uptick of Ai bait threads recently? Tired of people using my oshi for such a thing.

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get with the times

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>he does not know

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