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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>8092679

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The brain cells are firing! They’re doing it!

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I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!

>> No.8104512

Petra love!

>> No.8104532

dumb penguin

>> No.8104533

Pomu Dance

>> No.8104536

Abandon all hope.

>> No.8104540

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.8104542

Experiencing this much retardation is actually refreshing. I am rejuvinated. Thank you penguin.

>> No.8104547

Save the penguin!

>> No.8104548

Thank Kuzuha for his shenanigans in the draft stream.

>> No.8104566

My daughter has no sense of direction! I love her and I'm guiding her toh8gat a motel!

>> No.8104576

pengu PLEASE

>> No.8104590

I´m gonna marry that fairy

>> No.8104592

The spin at 55sec still hits me right in the kokoro

>> No.8104601

Elira kek

>> No.8104603

Yeah, it looks like an a....

>> No.8104608

Is no one going to say anything about the guy who keeps making early Elira OPs? Elira is cool and all but making early threads is cringe.

>> No.8104635

It is very rare for Elira to be the smart one in a collab, so thank you Petra for allowing her to feel what it's like!

>> No.8104657

Pomu should play Beat Saber

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>> No.8104700

wouldn't work with my pure daughterwife

>> No.8104712

Rosemi LOVE!

>> No.8104723

Shachou already had all 5 of his hand picked drafts on the lineup, it wouldn't have changed a thing.

>> No.8104725

she was cuter than usual this stream

>> No.8104731

You just did anon, congratulations

>> No.8104744

which one of these girls is the most unpopular, generally? i want to be a hipster

>> No.8104756

Back in my days threads didn't have subjects and would have a cheeky Hari hidden somewhere. I'd say we're doing much better.

>> No.8104760

is Petra legitimately autistic? like very very mild aspergers or something?

most jokes, references, and puns seem to fly directly over her head

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>> No.8104778

Pics like this is why I need to learn to draw.

>> No.8104782

The second symbol lookin pretty SUS

>> No.8104795

Petra or Rosemi

>> No.8104803

Rosemi but it should be Petra

>> No.8104805

Define unpopular, if you mean this thread then probably Petra, if you mean numbers then I don't care

>> No.8104814

Overall? Rosemi. In this thread? Petra.

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>> No.8104825

Petra and Rosemi

>> No.8104826

Rosemi in general, Petra in these threads

>> No.8104829

No, she's just Japanese

>> No.8104839

I wanna ride in Elira's back and fly

>> No.8104840

I could watch an entire stream of Pomu doing anime dances in VR minecraft

>> No.8104848

Here? Petra. In reality? Rosemi

>> No.8104859

I'd put money on it, also her lack of positive affect

>> No.8104861


>> No.8104865

Petra has a lot of dead subs from early hype so she seems more popular but both her and Rosemi are at the bottom in terms of CCV and engagement.

>> No.8104868

finana nut

>> No.8104878

How was Pomu's VR Minecraft?

>> No.8104879

For the love of god stop shitposting & do your VOD reps.





[Now Playing!]

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>> No.8104882

Kek Elira

>> No.8104883

Elira was tipping her head before figuring out you can move the book to make it more readable.

>> No.8104890

Petra is the worst unironically

>> No.8104893

Time to be an armchair psychiatrist.

>> No.8104903

Can you fuck off to the number thread?

>> No.8104910

I'm glad that Selen buried the narrative that Nijisanji EN actually likes vshojo. She pretty much said yesterday that they collab with them because they feel pressure to engage in collabs outside of their group frequently.
Kind of makes sense, in retrospect.

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>> No.8104926

Pretty good, lot of fun times that will get clipped just u wait

>> No.8104928

Kino, hopefully she makes another with friends

>> No.8104932

I love this sweet horny mermaid and her feet!

Elira Feet: https://mega.nz/folder/FB10mIyL#6zFjd_qpGiaQJQ7q1VRMpQ

>> No.8104948

Fuck off to your place holofag

>> No.8104978

I really love selen

>> No.8104989

Pretty kino, she got PTSD in a chicken coup, groped Elira, almost puked and danced Hare Hare Yukai

>> No.8105026

I unfortunately have to agree

>> No.8105027

Ah, yes, THIS part

>> No.8105040

I don't watch petra but is she super religious or something?

>> No.8105071

she just has a bitchy personality, it's as simple as that

>> No.8105072

She has the autism pls andastand

>> No.8105083

I'm going to find my own Finana in XIV. I know what I must do now.

I will encounter many MtFs along the way but I must perservere until I find the one pocket WHM for my heart.

>> No.8105085

She worships satan.

>> No.8105088

it was hilarious watching her get scared of shit and just fucking around in VR. Also had many cute Pomu noises

>> No.8105105

There's no indication of that

>> No.8105109

Shes never been dicked before so she acts like a prude, plus she has a bitchy side to her

>> No.8105119

>We did it, God bless
Based and Christ-pilled Penguin

>> No.8105121

Yes, as we know religious people swear a lot

>> No.8105126

This time it is Elira's fault. She is not paying attention at all to tell Petra what to do.

>> No.8105127

She is asian from Hong Kong, so no. Petra is just retarded

>> No.8105128

Godspeed anon. You may even find a Pomu on there

>> No.8105181

She's HORRIBLE with any kind of horror or scary atmosphere whatsoever

>> No.8105182

She literally has a boyfriend.

>> No.8105213

Eliras feet love!

>> No.8105215

This is only one Finana in XIV.

>> No.8105219

imagine having your life in petra's hands, might as well commit suicide

>> No.8105220

Doesnt mean theyve fucked

>> No.8105238


>> No.8105248

outside of like 30 min of rest/audio troubleshooting in the middle of the stream, it was amazing, funnier at the start, cuter at the end

>> No.8105271

Selen's problems actually remind me of when Mint talked about the limitations od corporate vtubing. IIRC it was this stream https://archive.ragtag.moe/watch?v=GTGYdEGXJvo after like the 30 minutes mark. She also talked about how Nijisanji is fucking up their expansion chances in the west, the IN/old EN fuckery and how HoloEN seems to only hire people that were already big before.

>> No.8105301

I think I love Pomu

>> No.8105321

Realistically Elira can't carry 100% of collab, only 95%.

>> No.8105343

Elira peeing her pants on stream!

>> No.8105348

That's a familiar voice...

>> No.8105353

I know I love Pomu

>> No.8105376

Right into my mouth please god

>> No.8105400

She... lives?

>> No.8105406


>> No.8105428

>I am going to pee my pants!
>Petra is silent
>I am going to pee my pants...
>Petra is stone faced silent
What a shitty collab partner. Where is Pomu? I want Pomulira kino.

>> No.8105437

There's no proof she has a boyfriend except for the fact that I am actually her boyfriend

>> No.8105441

>there's still time to save her
>decides to just watch Elira's stream
Petra may be in the midst of becoming an S

>> No.8105452

Petra is not amused.

>> No.8105457

Me too

>> No.8105488

I love this stinky sweaty dragon!

>> No.8105489

There was nothing for her to do without some sort of prompt from Elira's side. Elira spent the majority just standing there screaming, so...

>> No.8105493

>Elira closed her eyes

>> No.8105496

You can have her, friend.

>> No.8105500

Man, if Selen is doomposting this much in month 1, how bad is it going to be in six months?

>> No.8105511


>> No.8105513

Petra is so incompetent, jfc

>> No.8105517

Go back to hololive general faggot.

>> No.8105518

>no jumpscare?
One of those "give me back my emotions" scenarios

>> No.8105522

She’s so cute

>> No.8105531

She's going to realize that non-Niji collabs are retarded and overrated by then.

>> No.8105554

Kek faggot they all have bfs, fucking purity fags

>> No.8105555

Elira is simply amazing. I love her too!

>> No.8105577

I like future Selen more than past Selen

>> No.8105580

I'm afraid your news is outdated we're married now

>> No.8105584

I still can't believe Elira was that scared of the puppet, no way she could handle an Outlast game or even action horror like RE

>> No.8105586

Based, i also want Elira to pee her pants

>> No.8105595

Elira sees a dick, Petra sees a cherry and a pair of legs

>> No.8105602


>> No.8105605

She's exaggerating

>> No.8105606

What is wrong with Petrafags calling everyone a holofag? Petra is shit.

>> No.8105620

Reminder that she was terrified of the "horror" part in Superliminal. She could barely move forward.

>> No.8105637

Did you forget the Devourer collab where they were stuck at the entrance of the house's basement for over 10 minutes because Elira was so scared she refused to enter? kek

>> No.8105676

Look at how he recoils

>> No.8105689

Selen might play Age of Empires

>> No.8105697

Maybe because only holofags have the mentality that you should like everyone while actual nijisanji fans know they don't need to and only pick a few. Onl retards lose so much time with other vtuber like that, and that's how holofags go.

>> No.8105721

For some people, their high energy, enthusiasm and endurance actually makes it not only harder to calm down, but makes them feel certain scenarios more intensely. Of course just letting yourself get immersed is an option as well.

>> No.8105728

i will try to convince her to play Age of Mythology when membership hits
She will like the lore, I'm sure of it

>> No.8105735

I'd like her to play Lost in Vivo since SH3 is impossible to get the permissions for

>> No.8105745


>> No.8105758

Sounds like a good time after Star Craft

>> No.8105769

if Petra is religious, there's a chance she'll only engage in sex after marriage.
purity chads there's still a small amount of copium left in the tank.

>> No.8105774

She better plays AoE III fuck tryhards.

>> No.8105788

ogey zoomer

>> No.8105799

Ollie and a bunch of holos are streaming, no wonder their viewers are smaller.

>> No.8105816

If Selen actually plays AoM I will actually fucking kneel and make her my oshi

>> No.8105832

yes please, these games make me love her more

>> No.8105845

>holoEN gen 2 won't affect their numbers

>> No.8105863

Elira LOVE

>> No.8105866

For any newfreinds
>see schizo/bait post
>hide post
>hide replies
>don't mark stub
Now, you have a clean thread
Enjoy the guaranteed quality experience.

>> No.8105890

Elira dropping the ball again.

>> No.8105894

That's a good thing to me desu, more of them to me and less holofags!

>> No.8105931

Nobody's forcing you to like everyone. Just don't be an asshole towards those you don't like. Like, I don't care for Petra, but I'm not going to shit-talk her. Got better things to do, like watch Finana's GTA VOD.

>> No.8105959

The JP nijis seem to get Konami permissions fine so far. Maybe it might be different for Konami USA, but hopefully that should make it easier to get unfortunately Elira would probably have to play the HD collection version of SH3 just because of how ridiculously priced it was. glad i got a PS2 copy for cheap ages ago

>> No.8105984

That's what I'm saying anon.

>> No.8106007

Okay hugbox faggot

>> No.8106013

say that to Selen's mental health.

>> No.8106031

You can just hear the seething through the screen when she talks about how all of the holoEN past lives had a lot of followers. Massive cope.

>> No.8106147

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Mint archive is currently being seeded on Nyaa.

>> No.8106155

Give one example

>> No.8106158

Which NijiEN makes a good onee-chan?

>> No.8106161

I'm watching her GTA vod an she confirmed her pussy is not smooth??

>> No.8106174

What are Selen's problems? I've been watching Elira and the penguin.

>> No.8106186

I don't care for Petra.

>> No.8106187

If only I didn't need to sleep. It's been nice watching Elira and Petra play like an older sibling trying to get the younger through a game.

>> No.8106213

Ok time to watch Petra and Elira

>> No.8106240

When did this board get full of faggots? Fuck off if u dont like mean words retard

>> No.8106270

I see a 350 gig one with 1 seeder. Hope that's not the one you mean.

>> No.8106274

Give a mirror to this stream please, I don't have enough space to download the entire Mint archive.

>> No.8106287

Go back to hlgg

>> No.8106294


>> No.8106306


>> No.8106317

Cringe keyboard warrior.

>> No.8106334


>> No.8106339

if you keep that shitty attitude up i'm gonna fuck you in the ass anon

>> No.8106345

Aww, Elira acting like the older sister letting the little one 'win'

>> No.8106349

I will post whatever I want reddit tourist.
Petra is a boring peace of shit and if Elira collabed with anyone else from NijiEN, the stream would have been better.

>> No.8106356

I can't believe petra is the worst friend ever.

>> No.8106361


This penguin

>> No.8106363

Btw do you know which stream Mint talked about wanting to be in Nijisanji?

>> No.8106394

cope harder
keep seething

>> No.8106395

>I'm right behind you just keep going
>Oh okay

>> No.8106417


>> No.8106427


>> No.8106431

Yeah that seems to be the one. The tracker might be out of date.

>> No.8106435

The only piece of shit here is you.

>> No.8106439

Same stream, sometime after the 1hr mark

>> No.8106454

What a good senpai

>> No.8106460


>> No.8106466

The absolute state of /vt/ go back to r*ddit you dont belong here

>> No.8106475

Why is there so much Holo talk in a Niji thread?

>> No.8106481

Oh my god just fuck and make up

>> No.8106488

all me

>> No.8106498

Petra literally confirmed the worst

>> No.8106503


>> No.8106504

>criticizing Petra
Why are Petratards like this?

>> No.8106518

bend over anon i'm taking that ass

>> No.8106533

I still got a few (you)s so cope harder faggot

>> No.8106539

No, there are a few anons that do that no matter who you talk about. I almost feel like it's falseflagging at this point.

>> No.8106540

All the pingu bullying in here got me horny, so i made these


>> No.8106571

you are too obvious now faggot
also all me

>> No.8106580

Holofags are really really mad that their new designs suck, so they're lashing out.

>> No.8106582

Senpai thought she was being crafty, but it turns out she didn't need to be. How cute.

>> No.8106604

Elira is so unused to multipart collabs that she is overjoyed at the assumption from Petra that they were there for the longhaul.

>> No.8106615

What the fuck is going on with Selen recently?
Why is she so stressed out all the time?

>> No.8106626

that was a cute collab

>> No.8106627

>shit models
>bloom lighting
Why do you faggots keep posting this 3D shit? Do you actually think it looks good?

>> No.8106653

I'm not a footfag but goddamn....
Nice work, anon

>> No.8106656

But why are you talking about Hololive in a Nijisanji thread?

>> No.8106658

It started same day as HoloEN 2

>> No.8106665


>> No.8106669

Not enough dicking, I've been busy recently.

>> No.8106671

Where's our MREVtuber?

>> No.8106678

Could you post your Elira feet stuff please?
I need it...

>> No.8106681

>Dragonsisters arent streaming
what do I do now

>> No.8106685

i wrote this btw

>> No.8106687

It basically boils down to the pressure of hosting more collabs coupled with the fact that she feels like she doesn't do as much social media engagement as the other girls. She worries that she isn't keeping up to the expected standards.

>> No.8106690


>> No.8106711

She's too focused on where she can do better rather than where she's doing well. Whether she stays that way after venting the other day, we'll see. Star Craft Zerg campaign should be a good day for her. Childhood game, favorite faction.

>> No.8106714

Petra really fell off hard huh? Less than 1k viewers that stream.

>> No.8106717

Go do it yourself then, faggot

>> No.8106724

No it didn't, she talked about the problems she had during her chatting sections too

>> No.8106725

Petra x Elira is the next big thing

>> No.8106728

>I'm right behind you just keep going!

>Huh? What did it happen? Elira? Elira...?

>> No.8106734

what actually was the story of "pomu rainpuff jar"

>> No.8106736

Dork x dork collab.

>> No.8106744

If I merely talk about Steve, would that suffice?

>> No.8106747

She can get in line behind Pomu, Hada, Seffyna, Amymya, and me.

>> No.8106750

What went wrong?

>> No.8106756

Watch Levi's 24 hours countdown (12 hours to go) in these dead hours.
She's doing a totsumachi & Suha's on right now. Elira could be calling too since they were on that Bar Deras Koshien watchalong.

>> No.8106757

you know you can use a client that just downlaods specific files from it?

>> No.8106765

you could sleep, draw something sweet or play tadpole tales

>> No.8106768

she's low energy but in a collab i'll throw her a pity view

>> No.8106780

Doesn't she get enough positive reinforcement in chat and twitter already?
I hardly see any criticism on how she handles things unless she's digging deep for them...

>> No.8106783

Literally how???

>> No.8106792


Elira x Everyone is the next big thing

>> No.8106798

While it would be interesting for sure, you'd get an MRE stream once per month at best.

>> No.8106804

The japs will only watch if they think she'll speak japanese, so collabs with english vtubers is a guaranteed no show from them.
If she were to think in terms of numbers, she would stop pandering to them and focus on the english viewers, but she obviously enjoys their company, so it is what it is. As long as she is happy.

>> No.8106810

There's Nijisanji members streaming to 50-100 people. They're all going to be fine if other branches are alive to this day.

>> No.8106817

No. You need to eat an MRE on stream. It's like the spicy noodle challenge but instead it's the try to not get Botulism challenge.

>> No.8106824

There is a large number of people displeased for some reason or another. But mostly the people posting about it here are just shitposters. I know people will feel like they have go to holo threads to "pay them back", but these people will have moved on to posting some other garbage in a couple weeks, so you won't even be targeting the same people.

>> No.8106838

I watch every single one of her streams live completely.

>> No.8106852

I kneel.

>> No.8106869

KR would be dead by now if below 1k were "bad"

>> No.8106875

She numberfagged and noticed how much likes Finana cashes in and thinks that she should work a bit harder on it, I guess.
But about criticisms, it seems almost as if even the cheap bait that people throw at her has some effect as she joked about some of the complaints that people gave her over her Apex performance. I can't help but feel that even though she was joking and laughing about it, that it still bothers her at least a little bit.

>> No.8106878


>> No.8106883

Rosemi streams are so comfy bros..

>> No.8106892

Exactly, she wants to focus on both sides, which has a positive and negative. Doesn't seem like she cares about numbers but having a public from both so yeah, it's going to be like that.

>> No.8106921

Based. I curse my wagie life when I can’t make one live.

>> No.8106922

Yup. In fact, I would say Anycolor would consider NijiEN a success even if they had like 500 viewers.

>> No.8106930

That's impressive

>> No.8106944

Since we're in dead hours, I'll just mention that Elira's third wife Seffyna is playing Starcraft Remastered starting right now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9Ijt3m7vds

>> No.8106948

Reminder for Rosemi she needs to wage tomorrow and not to shitpost for too long.

>> No.8106955

Elira immediately letting Petra leave first while leaving her behind was cute.

>> No.8106962

Great Elirashizo, please tell me her favorite character in Hades. Thank you.
I'm currently playing through the game because of her and I find it a lot of fun. I'm grateful to her.

>> No.8106964

I had a dream about Selen!

>> No.8106973

I can't believe k-fairy is playing starcraft again

>> No.8106975

When memberships hit are you going to member every lazulite and every obsydia? What if theres a few that you don't care for that much?

>> No.8106986

She seethes about the shark more lately and openly doxxes her. Lol.

>> No.8106998


>> No.8107001

Selen should realize Fish fucking loves Twitter more than almost anything, and that she has more likes herself than the rest of NijiEN put together

>> No.8107008

Nijisanji starcraft tournament when?

>> No.8107013

>You need to eat an MRE on stream
Aruran from Holostars did

>> No.8107015

Anon, it's simple.
I'll member whoever has the most emojis.

>> No.8107027


>> No.8107028

Yes, I'm going to membership every single one of them at least for 1 month to see what kind of content they will release.

>> No.8107037

Bless you anon!

>> No.8107040

Originally, I had only thought Pomu. Now I have considered also membering Finana.

>> No.8107044

I bet she can't spread her legs that wide.

>> No.8107046

Can ryuguards guarantee that I will get at least one JOI, masturbation, or lewd ASMR stream once she gets membership so I can become a day 1 member?

>> No.8107047

But you get more emoji slots the more members you have. What a vicious cycle.

>> No.8107055

Only Lazulight+Selen

>> No.8107063

Pomu and Selen!

>> No.8107072

Seems to be that she lost part of her JP audience due to the new JP group debuting. Was kind of bad timing since the debuts were so close together, and Petra really didn't have a niche beyond being bilingual.

>> No.8107079

Elira is my oshi so she’s a lock. For the rest I’ll wait and see what kind of members stuff they do

>> No.8107082

Elira day 1 no matter what her content is
Likely Selen
Large chance of Finana and/or Pomu unless their content isn't anything special
Possibly Rosemi

>> No.8107088

No one cares about your no talent shark, come back when she starts drinking on stream again

>> No.8107098

what? what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.8107101

>> No.8107107

can't vtubers get stupid ass emotes and not be all cute chibi anime emotes.

>> No.8107115

>What are Selen's problems?
Primarily Apex people being cancer and imagined shit about not pulling her weight.

>> No.8107124

Pomu and Finana, maybe others depending on what kind of content they'll offer.

>> No.8107127

Petra and Selen

>> No.8107131


>> No.8107134

Go back to hlgg

>> No.8107149

None of them and hope anons reupload the content somewhere

>> No.8107150

Pomu and Rosemi day 1. I don't really care for membership content.

>> No.8107152

kr played a 3v3 few weeks ago, but it wasn't that interesting as the skill levels were too varied

>> No.8107169 [SPOILER] 

my numbers are better than yours

>> No.8107200

Actually not the same anon, i was the one with technical difficulties which did the Rosemi stepping on you. The anon you're talking about is this one >>8104932

>> No.8107205

Can't beat the best of the boys

>> No.8107208

i love when she streams bald she looks like she just got out of bed

>> No.8107221

Which one of you is auditioning for the NijiEn male cast

>> No.8107232

all of them except maybe Petra, havent really given her a real shot yet. Also I dont know if it is a joke or not but if Finana has a 100$ dollar tier I will never member her, I am petty and hate shit like that.

>> No.8107236

Levi looks so happy bros

>> No.8107242


>> No.8107270

there's a nice thought

>> No.8107275

Pomu day 1. And probably Rosemi and Elira but that will have to wait a bit

>> No.8107284


>> No.8107285

It's the same as someone donating one akasupa a month, if it doesn't have anything locked behind it then what's the problem?

>> No.8107290

Most likely gonna get hentai watchalongs and discussions, and she'll talk about sex toys
Maybe she'll decide to throw a bone if her chat talks her into it

>> No.8107298

No one here is getting in so does it matter

>> No.8107299

Since we are in dead hours, do you guys prefer if the future males get mixed in a wave or if they are all together?
Like for example, wave 3 being 2 males and 1 female or 2 females and 1 male and the same with wave 4, or wave 3 being 4 girls and wave 4 being 3-4 guys.

>> No.8107305


>> No.8107306

>apex people being cancer
Hasn't been a problem for the other 50 nijis who all play apex.

>> No.8107318

All for at least a month

>> No.8107331

>He hasn't seen Chihiro's likes/dislikes or comments

>> No.8107339

They're meme tiers, they're all basically the same except for the name and the EXCLUSIVE 8 second debut which is privated now

>> No.8107365


>> No.8107382

I was seeing some posts a while ago in the catalog talking about how their chuuba was going to be world wide famous with endorsement deals and people begging for her to make an appearance. It doesn't occur to them how niche the content it provides is, and how they can hardly even keep up with regular streamers sometimes.

Personal preference to mix them, since I think people are used to Holostars and their segregation from Hololive, and debuting all the males in one group might make it look like they are expected to be treated the same way.

>> No.8107385

All of Lazulight for me. I join memberships for streamers I watch frequently, and currently for me it's those three.

>> No.8107386

All I see is people hating on the game so it's more like everyone who isn't an apex fan is the problem

>> No.8107390

Tyler1 in wave 4 onegai

>> No.8107401

Damn, I can't argue against that.

>> No.8107402

I downloaded that and then immediately deleted it when the lesbian bomb dropped.

>> No.8107417


>> No.8107422

>he makes Hada and Rosemi goes mad in LoL collabs

>> No.8107430

People who have built a career off of using their real face should never, ever get into vtubing.

>> No.8107439

This doesn't seem like a liver role. Is this just for an official clips channel sort of deal?

>> No.8107443

Separate because I want the boys to have a stong all male unit from the start.

>> No.8107448

Do you get off the board? Apex fanboys are cancer incarnate, they're basically LoL fanboys

>> No.8107456


>> No.8107475


>> No.8107478

Rumao no, she constantly gets shit from Apexfags for not playing "correctly" despite being one of the best vtubers at the game, so much so she actually ended up crying once after receiving positive comments on Kuzuha's chat because it was so out of the norm for her

>> No.8107479

>Hasn't been a problem for the other 50 nijis who all play apex.
Those other 40 nijis aren't her.

Really just watch the zatsu. It's on a timer because it's not really supposed to be around.

>> No.8107480

I doubt they're gonna go the mixed route for wave 3 and 4 since they didn't frame them that way at all but I would prefer it being mixed because it's something new for the branch and I like male x female pairings

>> No.8107481

What do you mean? You mean her stream before hiatus? I got over that. It's alright anon, she likes himbos too as shown on Elira's catboy stream. Plus I believe the fact that Pomu is not with that girl today speaks for itself.

All else fails, you'd support her relationship with Elira if it came to it, right? I mean, who wouldn't fall for Elira?

>> No.8107497

Elira and Selen.

>> No.8107511

I don't know to be honest with you. I think maybe throwing a guy in there like what some of the ID/KR branches do could help, or maybe the opposite and just throw a girl in there like what happened with NijiJP's 2021 wave.
I just really wonder about the quality of EN male vtubers though. They found some good females, but you never see much if any discussion on males, I bet Niji's scouters would have to work overtime to find ones that can deliver the proper bro-tier experience.

>> No.8107536

I'm not usually a numberfag but I can always appreciate a good mogging. Imagine getting mogged into oblivion this badly by the person who cancelled their collab with you last minute.

>> No.8107569

Come watch Seffyna in this dead hours. https://youtu.be/E9Ijt3m7vds
I'll be liveTLing (KR->EN) and she speaks JP/KR about 60/40. She also speaks simple EN sometimes responding to chat.

>> No.8107577

Them hiring programmers might mean an app?
Imagine Nijisanji Gacha game

>> No.8107579

yeah no wonder Selen had a breakdown

>> No.8107585

Mix. Anycolor needs to stop being pussies like Cover.

>> No.8107598

The holy trinity: elira, pomu, rosemi

>> No.8107637

>Imagine Nijisanji Gacha game
No no no no no no no no. Which characters are high rarity and who are the trash commons?

>> No.8107643

I'd be surprised if waves 3 and 4 were mixed, but I do hope future waves are. Treating male vtubers as a particularly special thing is making mountains out of molehills, and puts pressure on the guys to perform well. I wouldn't want to be in their position.

>> No.8107650

Because I'm a weirdo/misogynist/sane person (take your pick) who believes that male friendships are ruined when women are forced into the same space as them.
Have a regular collab block on them, then gradually mix and match.

>> No.8107651

I didn't actually. I usually just press download without looking at what else's on screen. I got it now, thanks.

>> No.8107670

Gilzaren is an SSR for sure

>> No.8107679

It'll be one of those games where there are multiple rarities for each and every one of them, just different versions, like various costumes/scenario/etc.

>> No.8107691

I wasn't going to pay attention to chat but maybe I will, neat.

>> No.8107700

They'd be pressured regardless by virtue of being the first corpo EN males (of a relevant company).

>> No.8107729

From EN? I feel like Rosemi Selen and Finana would be low rarity and Selen and Pomu would be higher rarity with meta value while Petra is that trash unit for fanservice

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